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If not now, when?

Count me in. Count me definitely, vociferously in.

Update! Jon Henke notes:

The entry of Congressman John Shadegg into the race for Majority Leader is, I think, a notable moment. Notable, because, as Below the Beltway notes, Shadegg is a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus. [RLC]

The RLC is, essentially, the group of libertarians who choose to work within the Republican Party to “to elect pro-liberty individuals to office”. More information about the RLC can be found here, and you can join the RLC here.

It seems to me that the ascension of a Republican Liberty Caucus member to the leadership of the House of Representatives — combined with the good work being done by Rep. Mike Pence in the Republican Study Committee — would mark a remarkable shift in the balance of power within the Republican Party away from the religious right and toward the limited government faction.

He’s right. From the RLC website:

The RLC Supports:

  1. Lower and fewer taxes
  2. The right to privacy
  3. The right to keep and bear arms
  4. Balanced budgets through spending cuts
  5. Educational choice
  6. Freedom of speech
  7. Protection of property rights
  8. Market-based health care
  9. Alternatives to the drug war
  10. All-volunteer armed forces
  11. Term Limits
  12. Sound monetary policies
  13. Deregulation
  14. Phase-out of foreign aid
  15. Ending federal welfare
  16. Private options to Social Security
  17. Free trade Privatization of government functions

With the fast-approaching collapse of the socialist Democratic Party, the vanguard MSM, and their combined ability to guilefully sneak more collectivist hogwash past us — along with the noticeable decline in tolerance on the part of the Republican rank and file for sellouts, frauds, and other RINOs — I must say I’ve never felt more positive about the possibility of remaking this country in the image of what it was originally supposed to be than I do right now.

If the libs want government health care, gun control, and cradle-to-grave nanny-statism, there are plenty of places they can go to get it — and planes, trains, buses, and ships leaving every day. But this country is the only hope for those of us for whom liberty and respect for individual freedom and responsibility is paramount. It’s time we reminded them of that. We might not be quite on the right track just yet, but we’re definitely at the station and heading for the ticket window.

Updated update! Related, via Reynolds: “You work for us, you sons of bitches, and don’t forget it.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.


2 thoughts on “If not now, when?

  1. Republican Liberty Council? Doing what I’ve advocated ever since 2002? Getting smart, moving the Republicans closer to the small government/big liberty party they claim to be but always manage to fall short of?


    Things are looking up, by which I mean, we’re going to see an awful lot of “liberals” cry like little girls in the coming years.

    More than usual, I mean.

  2. The RLC are a good bunch generally. I am glad to see they got a runner in the race for Majority Leader. Let’s hope he wins and manages some influence on the lumbering yacht that is the Republican Party in DC.

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