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Query answered

We’ve all been wondering if it’s stupidity or incompetence that led Democrats to claim they were “misled” regarding the prewar intel, or if they’re just being dishonest about it all after the fact, or just what.

Well, now we know.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.), who is leading a spurious Democratic campaign that alleges President Bush misled the country into war, admitted last week that he did not read the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs that Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet prepared in 2002 at the request of Senate Democrats specifically so Congress would have up-to-date intelligence as it debated whether to authorize the Iraq war.

The NIE was delivered to Congress at the beginning of October 2002, and Reid voted on Oct. 11, 2002, in favor of authorizing the war.

The NIE concluded that Saddam Hussein’s regime was reconstituting its nuclear weapons program and possessed chemical and biological weapons (see story by Terence Jeffrey earlier this week).

Reid locked the Senate into a controversial closed session three weeks ago to demand accountability on prewar intelligence, but it turns out he did not bother in 2002 to thoroughly familiarize himself with what the U.S. Intelligence Community was saying about Iraq in the run-up to his own pro-war vote.

In an April 7, 2004, article by Dana Priest, the Washington Post reported that few members of Congress read the full 92-page October 2002 NIE. “No more than six senators and a handful of House members read beyond the five-page National Intelligence Estimate executive summary, according to several congressional aides responsible for safeguarding the classified material,” the Post said.

On the November 13 edition of “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D.-W.Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told host Chris Wallace, “There were only six people in the Senate who did [read the NIE], and I was one of them.” Rockefeller said he was “sure” that Intelligence Chairman Pat Roberts (R.-Kan.) had also read it.

Incompetent, irresponsible, and entirely pathetic. 92 pages. They couldn’t be bothered to peruse 92 friggin’ pages before voting on whether to go to war or not. And now they want to blame Bush for their nonchalance and inadequacy. I’d be willing to bet that better than half of them either slept through or skipped out entirely on any briefings on the material that might have been offered as well.

Just about every Democrat currently “serving” in Congress damned well ought to be impeached or recalled. And after this stunning revelation, they damned well ought to shut the hell up and stay the hell out of the way while the adults in charge go ahead with their plans to win this war.

You were “lied to,” Senator Reid? How could you possibly know when YOU WEREN’T EVEN PAYING ATTENTION, you bumbling, blithering idiot?

The sheer gall of these hypocritical mental and moral pygmies is staggering. And this, from the party of Harry “The buck stops here” Truman. It’s a disgrace.

(Tip o’ the chapeau to Ace and Xyba, who says: “Maybe if it was drawn out in cartoon form it might be interesting enough to catch their attention.” Yes, indeed.)


6 thoughts on “Query answered

  1. Scary harry reid just mnagaing to stick his foot in his mouth were was he when slick willie was selling our nation out to the chicoms?

  2. Working at her WMD desk, wouldn’t Double-Super-Secret-Bush-is-on-Probation-Agent Valerie P.* have contributed to this NIE’s conclusions?

    Just wonderin’.

    (initials only–no subpeonas, please.)

  3. Yep, it will take a nuke landing on their freaking heads before they even notice Iran.

    *how far away am I from DC? 350 miles huh. Yep, do some reading on the spread of nuke gas*

  4. Totally awesome “work” guys. No, I really mean it. Stellar. And you want power over defense and foreign policy again?

  5. Shoot, I went down the posts. In the “Sock Puppet” post I made a comment that it looked like they didn’t know they could have asked for more info. Heck, they didn’t need to ask – it was right there and they didn’t even read it! On the most important vote of the year! One that had been debated for months in the press and in Congress and – everywhere!

    And they didn’t bother to review the full brief!

    Pardon me, my mind is boggling right now.

  6. This isn’t sloth.
    It’s called “plausible deniability.”

    Imagine you’re a senator in late 2002. Unless your seat was as safe as Kennedy’s, voting against the war was political suicide.

    Let’s say you dig deep into the intel, and you learn something that undermines the rationale for this war, and still you vote for it. Later, you will be crucified: you _saw_the_dissenting_opinions_ on WMDs, and you voted for the war anyway.

    So, you “trust” the President, and vote for the war. Later, if things go wrong, you have an out; you can cover your *ss by blaming somebody else.

    Further, along the way, you can bash the President for every setback and screw-up during the war…

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