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Summary of the week’s big story

DEMOCRATS: The war is a quagmire!

REPUBLICANS: No it isn’t.

DEMOCRATS: The war is unwinnable!

REPUBLICANS: No it isn’t.

DEMOCRATS: Bush lied to get us into this unnecessary war!

REPUBLICANS: No he didn’t.

DEMOCRATS: By answering our charges, you are committing an unconscionable partisan smear campaign!

REPUBLICANS: No we aren’t.

DEMOCRATS: By accusing the Bush admin of high treason with no evidence other than our personal distaste for him combined with our own hubristic self-righteousness, we are merely engaging in legitimate dissent!

REPUBLICANS: No, you aren’t.

DEMOCRATS: We support the troops!

REPUBLICANS: No you don’t.

DEMOCRATS: By demanding their immediate return from this evil and illegal war, we are showing a genuine concern for the welfare of American military personnel!

REPUBLICANS: No you aren’t.


REPUBLICANS: All right, let’s vote on it then. Show us how strongly-held your principles are; put your money where your mouths are. Let’s have a vote, right here, right now.



REPUBLICANS: Thought so.

Update! Rick says:

Watching the debate has been fun. The Democrats are twisting, twisting, slowly in the wind as Republicans skewer them by reading emails from soldiers at the front pleading with their Congressman to allow them to finish the job.

Not too many military emails from Democrats. Just a lot of twisted, angry faces as Republicans are going to force them to tell their base of Kossacs, Moorites, and Moveoners that all their tough talk about getting out of Iraq is just that – talk.

And, from another post: “We’ve had so many “turning points” in this war that we’ve damn near gone around in a circle.” We have indeed; thanks to the Democrats’ “forward to the past” vision for the future (“We have to get back to where we were…” — one can almost see Kerry in sparkly red slippers and a flower-print dress, clicking his heels together and fervently chanting “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” in that patrician-Lurch voice of his), we’ve come all the way back around to arguing about whether we should have a war we’ve been in for four years already.

Yes, I do mean four.

Updated update! It would seem that some stock-taking on What It All Means might be in order here. The Dems have shown us a few aspects of both the nature of their “case” against the war and of their own character that they probably would rather have remained hidden. Consider:

  • The Dems contend that there was no legitimate basis for war with Iraq, that the whole enterprise is, as a certain someone recently said, “a flawed policy wrapped in illusion.”
  • The Dems contend that Bush lied to get us into the war, so that it not only is “flawed” and “wrapped in illusion,” but is an out-and-out con job, one that’s already cost a couple of thousand American lives
  • The Dems have repeatedly insisted how staunch their support for American servicemen and women is, how their support for this or any war is predicated first and foremost on their concern for how our men and women in uniform will be affected by it
  • The Dems contend that the war is worsening terrorism worldwide, providing a breeding ground for terrorists where one had not previously existed before, and providing an excuse for terrorists to attack Americans both in Iraq and elsewhere
  • The Dems contend that the war is enormously unpopular both here and in Iraq, and that the primary concern of most ordinary Americans and Iraqis alike is not winning the war but ending it


They refuse to vote to end the abominable thing when given the chance.

Now, what lessons do we take from this? Do we understand this to mean that the Democrats are low, mean, crawly things who lack the courage to vote their consciences even when it can’t possibly do them any political harm (which we must assume from the last bullet point above)?

Or do we take this to mean that most if not everything the Dems have said about this war is a lie, and that they know it quite well?

The vote yesterday, if you take the Democrats’ presentation of their views on the war at face value, was a no-lose proposition for them. They don’t have a majority in Congress, so it was never going to pass anyway. They could have voted to end this war immediately — taken the moral high road, according to their definition of it — without ever having to worry about facing any possible consequences at all. If the war takes a disastrous turn and ends up being an unequivocal mistake a few years down the road, well, hey, they tried to tell us. If things go well and end up proving them wrong, well, hey, no harm, no foul. Voting to cut and run immediately was a perfect way for the Dems to have their cake and eat it, too.

And they still couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Why not?

Could it be political considerations: that they know the antiwar position, despite all their MSM polls showing otherwise, remains an unpopular one in mainstream America? That ordinary Iraqis are happy and proud to be making the steps toward freedom and self-governance that the self-involved irresponsibility of Today’s Democrat would deny them? That the soldiers seeing this new nation develop take pride in their work, believe it to be going well, and that the families of these men and women see a very different war than the Dems and their MSM stooges have presented to the world?

Or is it just a late-breaking spasm of a faulty and little-used moral compass, the sure knowledge that cutting and running from Iraq would be a clear betrayal of the United States armed forces, one along the lines of the Vietnam knife in the back, and in the end such a thing was too heinous for even a Democrat raised on fairy tales of hippie heroism in the 60’s to contemplate?

Does their refusal to end the Iraq “quagmire” indicate that they know they’ve been hysterically and dishonestly exaggerating how badly things are going all along — really, every single last step of the way, since before the war even started?

Were the Democrats played for suckers by their more enthusiastically radical partners in Leftism in the mainstream press and other places, led by the nose into an impossible position, one that there was simply no honorable way out of — in much the same way as they’ve tried to lead the nation itself into dishonor and defeat?

Or has their near-pathological reverence for “nuance” and their vaunted ability to be empathetic, to see all sides of a given issue, left them incapable of making a decision on anything?

Are they incompetent, cowardly, indecisive, or just dishonest?

An interesting couple of days, that’s for sure.


13 thoughts on “Summary of the week’s big story

  1. “Are they incompetent, cowardly, indecisive, or just dishonest?”

    Yup! And add to that cynically manipulating public opinion while placing political power above national security.

  2. You’re being a little harsh. A lot of Dems – the rank and file party members – are on our side. The Congressional Dems, the activists, the primary voter base – they are the ones who arent. Henceforth in this comment “Dem” means congressvarmint and activist Dems.

    FYI, I do think the “marines don’t cut & run” thing was kind of stupid. I appreciate the sentiment but I wouldn’t have said that to Murtha. He’s a decorated vet, I don’t think there’s a cowardly bone in his body. A couple confused ones, a couple that are just plain wrong but I don’t detect cowardice. I’ll not that Rep. Pitts comments were relevant here – “I don’t dislike Murtha, but I recall as a young Air Force captain flying combat missions over VietNam…”

    The Dems’ over-reaction (“how dare you call that veteran a coward…”) is a bit overheated considering they are only too happy to compare our troops to Gauleiters and concentration camp guards, but it’s the start of a predictable Max Clelland countercampaign. Not a smart one maybe because Rep. Murtha’s comments on Iraq have been a bit random, but the Dems profoundly lack an understanding of how military people think, and the defense of Murtha’s position on the basis of his war record isn’t for vets anyhow, it’s a dog and pony show for the muddled middle, to blunt charges that the Dems are hurting the war effort and the troops.

  3. “…it’s a dog and pony show for the muddled middle, to blunt charges that the Dems are hurting the war effort and the troops.”

    It’s my opinion that that’s all any of this is, and all it has been all along. The Dems are in a bad spot, and some of them are smart enough to know it. As for Murtha, I should maybe make it more clear that when I’m speaking of cowardice, I’m A) not referring to him, and B) not exactly referring to physical cowardice anyway, but moral cowardice, which as you know are two different things. I think, as do you, that Murtha is being not cowardly here, but…well…dumb, honestly, or so it seems to me. Or he’s acting on bad information, anyway.

    But all that aside, there is cowardice involved on the Dems’ part generally in all this. If the Dems had any guts and believed their own pontification, they’d have put up yesterday. If they had any guts and at the same time know that they’re just overhyping their war views, they’d say so and then shut up now. They will do neither, and it’s because they lack the guts (and the honesty) to own up to what has really gotten them into their highly unenviable position here: their increasing reliance on an ever-more radicalized base that is simply not numerous enough to win national elections for them.

    It’s a death-roll the Dems are in; they can’t veer right because they don’t want to. They can’t veer any further left, because it’s polling-place poison. They’re doing their best to play both ends against the middle, and it’s working out to be about as successful for them as it usually does for anybody else.

  4. Exit Strategy:
    “Crush your enemies. Drive them before you and hear the lamentations of their women.”-Conan the Barbarian-

  5. Al, I’m a decorated veteran with a 30 year career. If, tomorrow, I run away from a dust up from enemies of the Constitution, foreign or domestic, what do you call me?

  6. It kind of depends on what I think your motivation is Airdale. I do have a couple friends who are otherwise decent people who have told me “if there was a draft and I was drafted I’d go to Canada… no way do I want to die. Good cause, let somebody else go fight it.” That’s cowardice.

    A lot of people, including some in the Dem party who know exactly what the stakes are but who aren’t willing to fight – I’d include the formerly pro- human rights wing – they are cowards. They have reason to know what kind of a fight has been inflicted on us, and they are supposedly the stated enemies of gay-crushers and women-oppressors and fascist tyrants generally, but they can’t find it in themselves to stand up and be counted against evil. I think Murtha is misguided or dumb, and if you start digging into his kind of random commentary over the last year or two, that diagnosis looks more reasonable. Dumb is really bad, don’t get me wrong; it’s near unforgiveable in somebody holding themself out as a leader, but it isn’t cowardice.

  7. I believe at this point that it really doesn’t matter anymore what anyone says. No matter what happens it was because of Bush. Any future attack on America, will be because of Bush. Bush created this enemy because of this war. Of course all of the attacks up to and including 9/11 will be conveniently ignored. The real illusion that the looney lefties have is that the only enemy is here. At least our side will see it coming.

    As far as Murtha; although people here are trying to be PC about him, the Marines on the ground in Iraq are really miffed. I would love to be a fly in Murtha’s email box right now.

  8. The House is in recess until Dec. 12. When the Dems get back, they will claim immediate pull-out was never what they wanted. They will start claiming what they really want is an 18 month time table.
    The Republicans can either call the bluff again or just ignore the new improved surrender by the leftist Dems.

  9. The Democrats have conducted themselves in a manner fit only for traitors. They continue to push the Bush lied meme yet they can present no reason why the intelligence they received was flawed or misleading. As we saw in Kerry’s conduct prior to the election the Democrats want it both ways. Now they have shown their true colors by doing all in their power to handicap the troops and the conduct of the war. In Vietnam they wanted protected communist sancturaies; restrictions on airpower and a timetable for withdrawal. Sound familiar with what they are doing today?

    They spread lies about treatment under the Geneva Convention; the rights of illegal combatants (I am especially sickened to see the comments of some bloggers who should know better and especially the actions of John McCain); the use of willie pete; and the conduct of our troops assisted by a media that wants to repeat the same role it played in the defeat in Vietnam.

    If they were honorable men they would seek to increase the effectiveness of our intelligence and national security rather than doing all they can to hamstring it.

    After their grandstanding for the farsical 9-11 commission I await their efforts to bring a badly needed investigation into Able Danger and why such methods are being used to cover this up and why the media continues to spike the story.

  10. Pingback: Don Surber
  11. I’ve gotta say, I was glad to see this vote. Puts the lie to the polls, don’t it. Even if they knew they couldn’t win, what would be the harm in voting against this super unpopular military action? Unless, of course, it ain’t so unpopular afterall.

  12. The truth generally bubbles to the top eventually. If this thing goes good in the next 6 months, and the troops start to draw down, which is probably in the cards anyway, I hope this prevents the Dims from taking too much credit. I also hope it bites em in the ass at the poles. Who’s base is likely to stay home now?

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