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A French television network (France 2) broke the story and ran the footage. It shows a man and a boy in Gaza, taking shelter behind a “concrete barrel or culvert.” We have 55 seconds in which the man points toward an Israeli outpost; the camera pans to show it; then it returns and we see two gunshots hit a concrete-block wall far away from the man and boy.

The father shields the boy; they get down behind the abutment; then our view is obscured by a cloud of dust from more gunshots, and when the dust clears, the boy is stretched out at his father’s feet.

That’s what we see. The narration tells us what it means. The father and son were caught in a crossfire between Palestinians and Israelis – along with other bystanders. A round of gunfire kills the boy and grievously wounds the father.

Western journalists picked up the story and repeated it with all its growing details. The public relations damage to the Israeli government was terrible and nothing they said could make any difference.

…There was a real demonstration that day, near the Israeli position. But back around the corner, where the Israelis could not see – or shoot – there was a staging area for fakery. The cameras could pan from the faked scene to the real Israeli outpost, but what the viewer could not see was that the Israelis could not have seen what was going on.

In reality, in the area of the faked scene, civilian life was going on normally. It was a busy crossroads – traffic was unimpeded.

The footage of the real events indicates that Palestinians threw rocks and Molotov cocktails and even dropped burning tires down on the Israeli position (to no effect, because the position was well protected). And through all of this provocation, the Israelis did not react militarily at all. They did not fire. They did not use tear gas. They just watched.

But around the corner, behind an abandoned factory, Palestinians who worked for major networks as their stringers and cameramen were filming fake battle scenes. It was like a Hollywood set. UN and Red Crescent ambulances load up fake casualties and take them away. Talal Abu Rahmeh himself, the cameraman who testified about the murder of Muhammad al-Dura, can be seen in some of the footage, filming an event that, from the perspective of the other camera, was obviously fake.

The Reuters footage, for instance, also shows the man and boy crouched for shelter behind the culvert. During this time, several ambulances involved in “rescuing” victims of various staged scenes are quite close to the man and boy, and no one is preventing them from offering assistance. There is no gunfire, and people pass by quite closely without showing any sign of alarm or danger.

In fact, every detail of Talal Abu Rahmeh’s testimony is revealed in the other cameramen’s footage to be utterly false.

Not only that, but his own satellite feed includes a shot of the “dead” boy “shifting position, propping himself up on his elbow, shading his eyes with his hand, rolling over on his stomach, covering his eyes.” This footage was seen in France and edited out.

In fact, footage from the other cameramen at the faked scenes was used in various news reports – but only clips that concealed what was really going on. And the accompanying stories used them as proof of Israeli atrocities and of civilian casualties from Israeli fire – even though the outtakes made it obvious to anyone that none of the injuries were real; that there was no battle at all.

It is almost certain that later commentators had no idea that the incidents were all staged. But there were people at these networks who did know, and made no effort to correct the errors.

In fact, the real news story was the fact that Palestinian stringers for major Western networks were faking anti-Israeli news stories in order to whip up hatred for Israelis.

But have you heard this news story? Anywhere? From anyone? Even though there is genuine film showing that this is precisely what happened? You’re the public – didn’t you have a right to know?

Sure we do — we have a right to know everything the liberal, anti-Israel media thinks we need to, and not a jot or tittle more.

My point is this: Regardless of their motivation, news organizations around the world, some knowingly and the rest unquestioningly, accepted a lie as if it were truth – and people have died as a result of that lie.

And this from the folks who bring you breathless, admiring coverage of the “Bush lied, people died” crowd. Remember that next time some Lefty vermin tries to tell you there is no “liberal media.”

Oh, and for purposes of more clearly understanding certain other controversies that we won’t go into right now, one might note also whose cameras were originally used to perpetrate this sham, too. But Card is after bigger game than just some lying French terrorist supporters and the other “journalists” who aided and abetted their scam. He bags his quarry pretty nicely, too. Read it all.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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