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Les Tuileries des Moonbats

Malkin nails it:

Critics will argue that these fine folks do not represent mainstream liberalism and that Republicans are just as bad.

But as I note in the book:

It’s not Republicans taking chainsaws to Democrat campaign signs and running down political opponents with their cars. It’s not conservatives burning Democrats in effigy, defacing war memorials, and supporting the fragging of American troops. And it’s not conservatives producing a bullet-riddled bumper crop of assassination-themed musicals, books and collectible stamps.

It’s not a Republican who invoked Pol Pot and Nazis and Soviet gulag operators when discussing American troops at Guantanamo Bay. That was Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, who kept his Senate Minority Whip position and who continues to blame an “orchestrated right-wing attack” for what came out of his mouth.

It’s not Republicans who suggested that President Bush had advance knowledge of the September 11th attacks or that Osama bin Laden has already been captured. Those notions were advanced by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and current Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean.

And it wasn’t a Republican who asserted that the war Iraq was “just as bad as six million Jews being killed.” That was Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel, who has refused to apologize and whom no Democrat leader has denounced.

The views of unhinged liberals are no longer relegated to the private remarks of a few Democrat politicians or the bloviations of a few fringe figures on the far Left. The syndrome is far more pervasive, intense, and sanctimoniously self-delusional than anything on the Right.

Now go check out her hilarious rogue’s gallery of deranged moonbats. And good luck in prison or the bin, whichever it may turn out to be, to all of them.


7 thoughts on “Les Tuileries des Moonbats

  1. Based on what she has on her blog, it’s not exactly a powerful indictment of modern neo-liberalism. It is a pretty strong slame on local yokel left wing idiots, to be sure. But just because there are some jackasses that adhere to liberalism, so-called, doesn’t necessarily disprove liberalism’s arguments. There are other ways to attack the arguments on their own terms. Simply pointing to some of the shitheads who espouse those arguments is sort of an irrelevance. I give you David Duke, alleged conservative Republican as exhibit one.

    Malkin’s book may be interesting and damning and at some level emotionally satisfying, but what does it matter if it doesn’t take on the bad ideology? I hope she does try and make some serious arguments, but she usually disappoints me, so i’m not holding my breath. Yes, I know Ted Kennedy is an odious old drunk, and I know Nancy Pelosi would take your kids away and send them all to federally sponsored Summer (re-education) Camp… but those ad hominem attacks don’t make the case for welfare reform or parental autonomy. Those arguments have to stand on their own two legs, rather than just sitting on top of a fat old passed out guy or riding in the back of a stretch limo.

    Besides, we’ve always known that lefties are basically the aggressive subspecies of smelly hippies. Malkin isn’t telling us anything new here.

  2. Did you mean Tuileries (palace or gardens) of moonbats? My French sucks as badly as your spelling. 😀

  3. Yup, sure did, Joe. Got a lot goin’ on in here today and wasn’t paying enough attention to my typing. Not that there’s anything new about that, mind. Hell, my next post will likely be downright incoherent – not that there’s anything new about that either, come to think of it. 😉

  4. I remember those incidents.
    Man, most of them have that “Hi, I’m a mutant!” look about them, don’t they?

    Al, you are right that there isn’t any argument there, and these are anecdotes, but it is fun. And drives the hippies aboslutely moonbat crazy without the full moon.

  5. I missed the USAF col who keyed about 20 cars that had Bush bumper stickers at some airport. He was caught and I’d like to see his picture and see if he was court martialed for conduct unbecoming. I’d hate to live near any of these trolls. Starngely enough the vilest one looks most normal, the one who vandalized the war momorial. He should be drawn and quartered or just air dropped in northern Pakistan with “Christian” tatooed on his forehead.

  6. You’re right, they’re pathetic. A guy who throws an pie at a bleach-blond right-wing anorexic skank has nothing on a guy who lets people in New Orleans drown because he doesn’t want his pricey steak dinner to be interrupted. That’s real chutzpah.

  7. So Mayor Nagin was eating a pricey steak dinner?

    Or did you mean guy in the generic sense and were refering to Gov. Blanco, you know, the one who kept the feds out? (And the Salvation Army and the Red Cross).

    And once again a tired debunked meme lumbers from its crypt and goes, “Boo!”

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