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“Reality”-based versus reality, of course and as usual

Liberals have set the terms of the racial debate for years now, and the terms are…well, see for yourself:

The latest Bill Bennett kerfuffle leads us to think that the culture of political correctness that surrounds race in America may be in its final throes. Bennett and a caller to his radio show the other day were discussing a hypothesis in Steven Levitt’s book “Freakonomics” (available from the OpinionJournal bookstore): that the explosion of abortion after Roe v. Wade depleted the number of potential criminals and thus helped reduce the crime rate…

…although MediaMatters claims that Levitt’s argument has nothing to do with race, blogger Bob Krumm notes that in a 2001 paper in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Levitt and John Donohue expressly link black abortion to reduced crime:

Fertility declines for black women are three times greater than for whites (12 percent compared to 4 percent). Given that homicide rates of black youths are roughly nine times higher than those of white youths, racial differences in the fertility effects of abortion are likely to translate into greater homicide reductions.

In other words, whereas Bennett rejects the idea of reducing crime by aborting black babies, Levitt and Donohue argue that that is exactly what has happened over the past three decades, as a result of liberal policies. If they are right, there is, to say the least, a fundamental tension between blacks and pro-abortion feminists, two of the core components of the Democratic coalition. No wonder Bennett’s comments have caused such discomfort on the left.

So why do we see this as a sign of political correctness’s decline? Well, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we kept hearing from our liberal friends that what this country needs is an honest discussion of race. Of course, liberals who call for a discussion of race never actually want it to be honest. Rather, they want to engage in the old familiar ritual in which blacks air their grievances, white liberals trumpet their moral superiority, the rest of us shut up and listen, and dissenters are shamed and silenced (see John Conyers’s and Wade Henderson’s demands regarding Bennett, above).

Our sense, however, is that this old ritual no longer has the same power it once did, and that as a result, liberals actually are getting the honest discussion about race that they have long demanded. If so, their worst fears are coming true.

As is always the case when truth butts its way into the hermetically-sealed liberal mind. It’s an old story by now: the self-declared “reality”-based coalition is so terrified by actual reality they can’t even afford to honestly acknowledge it. Because once they have, the next sound they always hear is the dismaying crash of their ziggurat of soothing PC lies toppling to the ground.

Update! Wonder if right-wing extremist and hatemongering racist Nazi George W. Bush will get any credit from the idiot Left for his spineless denunciation of Bennett?

Why, of course not – because he’s a Rethugnican and so doesn’t really mean it, y’know! The real question here is why he ever bothered in the first place.

Honestly, how can anybody take these mindless drones seriously anymore?


2 thoughts on ““Reality”-based versus reality, of course and as usual

  1. Not so much spineless as knee-jerk, in the spirit of the article. Unfortunately, as the article noted, that old “Cry Racist! And let slip the dogs of Jesse!” is coming to an end as we are now forty years past the civil rights act. The media will still work itself into excitement, but it really doesn’t resonate anywhere else.
    President Bush reacted, and I didn’t expect anything more from him (would have liked to hear someone, for once, snoprt and say “Get Real!”). He has his own agenda and his own problems and isn’t taking anymore on than he has to. He touched the Third Rail, I don’t expect him to grab this one.
    It would be great, though to hear someone just laugh derisively at a charge like this.

  2. Unfortunately coming to an end for the left, that is. Fortunately for the rest of us.

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