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The African crucible

Melting away liberal pieties, one after another.

You see, Africa is the example that counters everything our Progressive rulers believe about the world. If the blank slate is true, then Africans should have made great strides in closing the gap with the white world. If things like “institutional racism” were real things, Africa should be racing toward modernity now. If colonialism was the reason these places were so backward, a half century of freedom should have gone a long way toward curing the effects of the white man. Instead. everywhere Africa is worse than a half century ago.

The response from our Progressive rulers is to just ignore Africa. You see it in this National Review article on the end of Mugabe’s rule. The authoress is young, so she was poached in the warm liquids of multiculturalism her whole life. Her struggle to explain the decline of Rhodesia into Zimbabwe reads like a person trying to disarm a bomb while blindfolded. She not only avoids the elephant in the room, which is race, she leaves the reader with the impression that there is no such thing as elephants. Race does not exist.

That’s why Africa stopped being important to our Progressive rulers. It’s why the efforts of George Bush to do something about AIDS in Africa was largely ignored. You can’t talk about Africa without talking about race and race realism. Those are taboo subjects, so the whole continent may as well not exist. Bring up the subject in a room full of Progressives and watch their reaction. You won’t see fear. It will be confusion. The subject has been purged from the catechism, so it no longer exists. Africa is not cool anymore.

That’s why Africa should be a central topic on this side of the river. It is the easiest way for the normie on the other side to begin his journey. It’s a topic where the facts are so stark, it is easy to understand the basics of human bio-diversity, evolution and the cognitive differences between groups of humans. The group characteristics on display in Africa, also look like what Americans see on their televisions. There’s also the great divide between East and West. The Dark Continent is a living museum of human evolution.

Oh, I dunno about all that. It would certainly be so if weepy libtards had a shred of sense, integrity, humility, or shame to go along with their surfeit of compassion. But although I do admit to seeing a fair bit less discussion of that eternal pit now than in years past, I doubt it’s because of any sudden emergence of those other qualities. More likely, it’s just not Africa’s turn to be a prominent topic of liberal scolding. But that scolding is cyclical; Africa will no doubt come back to take its turn in the rotation eventually. And I’m quite sure that there are plenty of libs willing to seize any offered chance to hang Africa’s perpetual disaster around America’s neck still.

Africa is what it is, what it’s always been: a disease-ridden, poverty-stricken, war-torn hellhole: its more developed areas run by corrupt, vicious dictators; its remoter, wilder areas by murderous tribal chieftains interested mostly in subjugating and/or killing off rival tribes. There’s a wider variety of extremely unpleasant ways of dying to be found there than anyplace else on Earth. There’s a higher incidence of ignorance, illiteracy, child-like superstition, and general barbarism there than you’ll find in more advanced countries.

Contrary to what libtards would have you believe, this is NOT our fault.

Yes, there are some lovely natural scenic areas there, but who the hell cares? The outback areas are in the main unfit for civilized human habitation, other than A) daredevil tourists and explorers who are willing to hazard their health, comfort, and very existence for the “privilege” of seeing and experiencing things most of us would go pretty far out of our way to avoid, or B) intrepid souls doing scientific research work.

And despite Lefty’s howls of “oppression” and “usurping” and “rapacious greed” and the other usual bushwa, it is going to stay that way no matter how much money, food, or anything else we pour into the place. We’ve already dumped money and other aid in bucketloads there for decades, with the primary result being a steady increase of tearful Lefty complaints that it’s just “not enough.”

Sobbing Proglodytes’ annoying assertion that Africa’s misery is the “grim legacy of colonialism” better serves to highlight the too-obvious fact that, in blighted cesspools from Vietnam to Zimbabwe, the natives would have been much better off if they had remained under colonial administration. At least they could get penicillin and other medicines from the hated White Devil when he was still running things. Of course, they do get some of that still. Bt it’s also still being passed around primarily by white, if non-colonial, hands. The indigenous peoples certainly aren’t creating any on their own—being too busy foraging for food; enjoying another months-long bout of dysentery; taking daily dumps and bathing in the nearby stream which also provides their village’s supply of drinking water; plundering their neighbors; or running for their lives from one dangerous predator or another across the open veldt.

Africa, the “cradle of civilization”? If so, the rest of the world climbed out of the creche, learned to walk, and started managing their affairs and improving the circumstances with a quickness, while African states were content to remain swaddled and without hope of progress, or any real interest in it. The “Cradle of Civilization” is actually one of only a handful of places where civilization has yet to take root, develop, and flourish, to any helpful degree anyway. Yes, there has surely been some advancement: slow and fitful, a lot of it having been forced on the aboriginals via…ummm, colonization. As for evolution there, the most significant verity in that context is that in much of Africa, evolution seems to have come to a smoking, screeching halt very early on in the process.

All that is not to even go into the several chaotic Moslem “nations” in the north of the aptly named Dark Continent with whom we are Somewhat At War, having expended American blood, treasure, and ordnance on those dismal environs in a so far futile and half-heartedly fought conflict. I mean, sure, any terrorist we kill any way we can is just great and all. I’m for it, if hardly content to settle for that alone; unless and until we commit to achieving real victory, I would much prefer we either Go Big or Go Home.

Assuming we actually hope ever to see real constructive change in those places and amongst those people—or just keep the evil bastards off our necks at the very least—we’re going to have to kill a whole lot more of ’em a whole lot more rapidly. Otherwise, we’re just playing Whack A Mole in nightmarish places that will be even more thoroughly immune than most to any and all of our boneheaded efforts at “nation building,” after having decided to congratulate ourselves on having “won” and getting around to that.

Africa is by no means all jungle, mountain, and savannah, all undeveloped and primitive. There are in fact many cities scattered around the Dark Continent, more civilized and forward-thinking than the tribal regions. From what I’ve been told by friends who have visited there are a whole lot of very nice, intelligent, charming, and hospitable people living and working in them. They seriously strive to better their lot by any means at all, and hats off to ’em all.

Though I’ve never been to the horrible place myself (and never will, unless it’s in handcuffs with a gun to my head), I’m told by people who have that some of those cities are actually relatively nice—Johannesburg being foremost among ’em, by all reports. Which, having been established in the bad old apartheid days by the ruling whites, is just…ummm…well.

Those informal personal reports from South Africa, though, were from the era before the vicious commie swine Mandela seized power and had his mindlessly bloodthirsty mobs start necklacing, hanging, and burning alive every white person within reach, especially farmers—with the vocal support of the governing ANC terrorist organization. The intelligent and farsighted strategy of killing the people who grow your food, especially when you’re not competent to take on the job yourself, will eventually render the South African food supply inadequate to feed the hordes of gibbering, bestial brutes doing the torturing and murdering.

Good riddance to every last one of them anyhow. Self-inflicted starvation would serve the sadistic fools just about right, I figure. Nobody needs be thinking about throwing any spare sandwiches they may have on hand their way either, whether as a misguided act of charity or just to put an end to having to endure the annoying racket of their agonized mewling and groaning as their suicidally moronic atrocities are avenged by merciless Fate.

If libtards want to hector me about Africa, they’re welcome to try. But they’re wasting their breath. I categorically reject even the most minuscule portion of blame, either directly or in the abstract, for the plight of the stubbornly dysfunctional place. It would be nice if its occupants somehow found a way to drag themselves up from the cesspool they created and build functional nation-states out of the mess they’ve made instead. There would be many benefits to such a welcome development, not least for those wretched souls condemned by their own hapless fuckwittery to reside there.

For one thing, Africa’s eternal drain on the civilized world’s resources and energies would at last be stoppered, and in a positive, cheering way—one most likely to stick, too. Progtardia’s loss of one more thing to moan eternally about would be no small benefit, either. The boon of an African about-face from being a consumer of to a contributor to the world’s wealth would undoubtedly be tremendous, probably incalculable. The elimination of so much suffering and horror from the Earth could only be a joyous and inspiring thing for anyone possessed of an ounce of humanity.

I can’t say I expect it, and I have to admit to not caring all that much either way.

In the end, as Zman said a couple of weeks ago: Africa’s REAL problem, which everyone so scrupulously refuses to notice, is that it’s full of Africans. I don’t see much way of fixing that handicap ourselves, and no reason more compelling than simple pathos to try. I very much doubt there is one, especially considering that conditions there have changed but little since the rest of humanity abandoned the hunter-gatherer system for agriculture; learned to make and use tools more complex than a handy stick or rock; and arranged themselves socially into something a bit more organized and generally advantageous than small tribes of sickly, half-starved primitive warriors, their associated slave-women, and their doomed children, all “enjoying” an average life expectancy—ruthlessly enforced by dead-end traditions and lifestyles—of maybe around 40.

Ever the optimist, Z’s closer highlights the sole bright spot:

Africa is also a useful lever against Lefty. Most of what our Progressive rulers say is some sort of moral posturing. Talking about the most important graph in the world is a good way to turn that against them.  A good rule of life is to always focus on what Lefty is trying to ignore. It usually means they fear the topic. Africa is the biggest elephant in the room right now, in terms of demographics. Lefty wants you to believe there are no elephants, so it is a good time to fall in love with the elephants.

Amen to that. As everywhere else, the Left’s standard-issue policy “cure” for healing Africa—more spending, more spending, more SPENDING—has failed utterly, as has the endless cycle of more-of-the-same. Their way DOES NOT WORK. They ought to be confronted with that brick-hard fact unceasingly. It’s one of the deadliest of all weapons against them, one that they have no credible defense against. The crushing dead weight of their African failure ought to be hung around Proggy’s skinny neck, right along with all the others.


4 thoughts on “The African crucible

  1. Africa is nothing more than fourth world culture being fourth world culture. And Africa shares that with every Muslim nation as well. Just as Mexico shares its trait of third world culture being third world culture with every other Central and South American nation.

  2. I remember Kim du Toit’s essay “Let Africa Sink.” Absolutely apropos; perhaps it’s available somewhere.

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