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War of words

Schlichter hits–and misses a little, too.

When I saw the compromise news, I thought it odd that Trump had agreed with the Democrats about something, but I wondered what the collective freakout was all about. Perhaps I didn’t understand the GOP’s clever play. So I asked on Twitter, “I’m just curious about what the GOPe’s plan for victory on the debt ceiling was. Their track record is so good that I’m sure it was awesome.” Maybe I was missing something. Maybe there was some great plan that the Republicans had created that somehow Trump truncated. Turns out I was not missing anything. There was no plan. This supernova of fake outrage was just another inept ploy to undercut the president as part of the establishment’s never-ending campaign to regain the power we voters stripped from it in retaliation for its failure.

 By the way, I have yet to get an answer to my question, and gosh, I’m thinking that might be because there was no great plan for victory in the debt ceiling fight. Get a hold of yourself – I know it’s shocking to hear that the Congressional GOP might blindly stumble into a debt ceiling fight and end up in a humiliating defeat, but that’s the kind of wacky, out-of-the-box thinking I’m all about.

After all, it’s not like the Republicans have a long and proud tradition of botching every single debt ceiling fight they ever wandered into, but it was definitely going to be different this time somehow, according to informed sources within the unicorn community.

Note that the Congressional GOP was so upset about this compromise that it passed it in a day. Remember that when you’re being encouraged to tear your hair out because Trump funded our own red state voters and avoided the headlines like “Republicans hold hurricane victims hostage in debt ceiling government shutdown Armageddon!” Yeah, we would have totally won that argument.

But uh oh! It turns out some GOP congressjerks have a big case of the sad feelz because of Trump’s utter TOTAL COMPLETE TREASON BETRAYAL by extending the debt ceiling three months. It’s clear he’s a total liberal because the True Conservative fallback position was to extend it six months, and those extra three months WERE EVERYTHING SOMEHOW FOR SOME REASON UNICORNS UNICORNS UNICORNS!

 I guess the True Conservatives are still mad about how Trump forced them not to repeal Obamacare, a mantra they had spent seven years repeating like they were Rainman, except without the “savant” part.

Do Trump’s supporters care about these arcane D.C. manhood measuring games? No. Normals want stuff to get done, and if the GOP can’t do it and dealing with the Dems can, then guess what? No one outside the Beltway cares if the Smarmy Dope and Elderly Mutant Establishment Turtle got disrespected. We avoided was a fight right now that would have taken up the 12 whole days of legislative work that Ryan and McConnell somehow stuffed into the 30 days of September after taking August off. Now the Congressional GOP is free to focus its entire attention on failing at tax reform.

Trump isn’t “betraying” the base. He’s treating the Congressional GOP like the hacks they are. They have done nearly nothing except posture, pose and issue passive aggressive proclamations about how Trump offends their tender sensibilities. Trump doesn’t respect them because they haven’t earned any respect; this week, he saved them from making fools of themselves once again, at least until the holidays.

We’re winning, not in huge, sweeping moves, but in inches. Grant, not Patton, people. Trump nominated a bunch of new conservative judges this week(though the president has yet to win a yuge victory by nominating the great Don Willett). Did you hear about that from the Tru Cons? Remember ISIS? Soon, no one will. DACA is going to die, maybe not as fast as we’d like but the unconstitutional executive order is gone. And gee – that six months phase out ends right after the debt ceiling fight comes back. “Republicans hold up hurricane relief” is a bad headline. “Democrats want to shut down government unless illegals get amnesty” is a good headline – though we can all feel the throbbing, aching longing of the GOPe to rollover on immigration, and its capacity to blow the communications piece is limitless. Finally, the fascist kollege kangaroo kourt rules Obama imposed are going away – the very thing the Tru Cons have been (justifiably) crying about for years in intermittently-read cruise brochures like The Weekly Standard.

Ahh, but that “good headline” isn’t one anyone will ever see, which is where Schlichter misses. One giveaway that such a headline will never, ever run anywhere but in Shclichter’s column is the way the propaganda division of Leftard Inc has now pulled yet another one of their famous nomenclature switcheroos, from “undocumented immigrants” (itself substituted for “illegal aliens,” which at least had the twin virtues of being both honest and direct—characteristics that are to “liberals” as garlic is to vampires) to…wait for it…

“Undocumented CITIZENS.”

No, really. I’m not joking. Seriously, you guys.

The Associated Press (AP), against the dictates of its own style guide, employed a new and unprecedentedly inaccurate euphemism for illegal aliens Thursday, referring to them in an article as “undocumented citizens.”

Previously, the AP instructed journalists not to refer to illegal aliens as “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants,” instead asking that each case be taken with specificity, telling the Washington Post in 2013, “Specify wherever possible how someone entered the country illegally and from where. Crossed the border? Overstayed a visa? What nationality?”

The AP had yet to use the “undocumented citizens” term–until now. The term incorrectly cites that illegal alien DACA recipients are undocumented, despite their documented status by the federal government. The term also incorrectly gives U.S. citizenship to illegal alien DACA recipients, despite none of the program’s recipients holding citizenship.

Aww, who cares about such picking of nits? Long as they all get to vote, right, guys?

Such Orwellian fiddling about with language and meaning is a tried-and-true Leftard stratagem going back to at least Stalin, if not further. Hey, how do ya think Progressivists became “liberals”—and what we now acquiesce in referring to as “classical liberals” became “conservatives”—in the first place?

But Schlichter certainly seems to understand well enough that the struggle is no longer between “liberals” and “conservatives,” or even between Republicrats and Demicans. It’s between Statists and…well, what the heck ARE we going to call ourselves now, anyway? I’ve been trying out Alt-American here and there, but I don’t know if that one really works either. Suggestions are welcome in comments, of course, so have at it, if y’all are so inclined.


12 thoughts on “War of words

  1. What do we call ourselves?


    Plain and simple.

    Those of us who value liberty, hard work, faith in God, and every other quality that has made this nation what it is–or at least used to be–are AMERICANS. It’s that simple. “alt-” nothing…you either live by the principles that made this country great, or you are un-American. It ain’t hard to understand.

  2. The GOP has no plan/strategy for the debt ceiling. Kinda like observing that water is wet. Check. My question: why doesn’t Trump have a plan? He’s the freaking POTUS & leader of his party. McConnel & Ryan each came out in favor of a clean Harvey relief bill with no strings attached, or relief with enough pork to get the GOP past the midterms. Instead of supporting the Ben Sasse clean bill and using his fabled negotiating abilities on Ryno/McDipshit, he goes sucking up to the worst of the worst and opens the floodgates of business as usual. What am I missing? I’m not buying into the “he’s Mr. Spock playing 3 dimensional chess” jive. From where I sit, he’s not draining the swamp. He is the swamp.

  3. I have been calling myself ‘founder faithful’. I don’t know if that works, but I strongly identify with the core thoughts, plans, sacrifice and insight of our founders; and STRONGLY oppose any modern day attempt to project upon them with the inherently illogical dogma of liberals.

    I used to be a diehard lib and so there is not one thought or action that they have that I cannot immediately recognize as deranged, delusional, damaging and self-deifying.

    You and have been my goto the last week. He’s been on the ground helping with Florida and you have been digging into the meat of the swamp problem.

    I do believe that Trump is allowing us to be anxious because draining a 60+ year swamp is simply something that most in our immediate gratification culture cannot stomach with patience.

    MOre importantly though you DO grasp that the founders message of the government being of, by and for the people means that the armchair quarterbacking and the reflexive desire to sign petitions, invest in elections and wait for crooked judicial process is not gonna cut it.

    Our founders, alive today, would rip the PC/globalist/elite to shreds and they would uncover the fact that these people cannot even tear a fingernail and not have a meltdown.

    We are talking about soft bellied and soft brained ignoramuses who have crowned themselves because we’ve decided that money/sex and political power are the new founding principles upon which their new world will be based.. .and they erroneously believe that because they tapped into the modern day golden calf of technology/special interest, their wealth validates their right to oversee our lives to the point of a Nero like thumbs up or thumbs down about our continued existence.

    They are the tools of…wait for it, because it’s politically correct in this culture of relativism….evil. It DOES exist and if you are deciding the universe must conform to your ‘gut feeling’…you are serving evil. You are a pawn of the guy who laughs at the modern day dismissal of diabolical influence.

    And yes, I fully recognize that if face to face I’d have you certain in a minute that my sanity and my reality base are fully functional, mentioning this exposes me to calls of ‘cray cray’.

    Who cares? I’ve seen patterns for years, seen how we are going and am validated. In my corner of the world I talk to young people and recognize how many of them want out of this hellhole culture and stupidity. I believe we have more than the 1% who were the founders fighting for our freedom. I have seen heroes and I have seen young faces hungry to know and to BE heroes.

    It’s not ‘let’s roll’..

    It’s keep them doggies rolling…cuz we HAVE made the real sense of what that word means. There IS momentum and Trump is not tweeting at every hour. He’s had 40 years of seeing how all of these who are against him work and he recognizes their cowardice, their ignorance, their indolence and their irresponsibility

    He also expects us to be a little better than the conservatives of the last 20 years who fell off the support bandwagon when the going got murky. He expects us to start coming to his back and to let him know that we are WITH him, not waiting FOR him to do it alone.

    As you or Sundance said, this is not about Trump and this is not going to be ended if Trump is somehow taken out.

    1st and 2nd amendment are our right and our power.

  4. and…well, what the heck ARE we going to call ourselves now, anyway? I’ve been trying out Alt-American here and there, but I don’t know if that one really works either. Suggestions are welcome in comments, of course, so have at it, if y’all are so inclined.

    Z-Man over at the Z-Blog tends to use the phrase “the Dissident Right” a lot, and it fits, even if it doesn’t quite roll trippingly off the tongue.

    I like Wraith’s suggestion up above: “What do we call ourselves? ‘AMERICANS.’ Plain and simple.”

    I personally tend to stick with, “I’m a Texican. What’s it to ya?”

  5. Regarding the non-Statist/Statist nomenclature issue, how’s about we be Patriots and the other guys Redcoats?

  6. what the heck ARE we going to call ourselves now, anyway?

    The way things are going, “historical footnotes” seems appropriate.

  7. Any name we call ourselves is PC and defensive by nature. So first response would be “I’m not that”, their question “well, then what are you?”, second response “your worst fuckin’ nightmare”. Appropriate for many occasions.

  8. @FaCubeItches
    I DO love that our side still can retain a sense of humor. It’s telling. We’re grownups and our founders would own us gladly, while shaking their heads at the left.

  9. @Slant Eyed Polack

    He’ll be first president to run for reelection from a different party. And his supporters will be become Lefttards, Lefties, or whatever the current buzzwords are folks who can’t defend him and resort to the stupid.

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