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“We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock”

Yes. Yes, we surely must.

The news that Southern-fried rock/rapper Kid Rock will be running for some timeserving Dem hack’s Senate seat in Michigan should make every normal American smile and spill a 40 to his homies. The future Senator Rock deserves your eager support for two critical reasons: First, it will drive the liberals insane. Second, it will make George Will and the rest of Team Fredocon soil themselves.

Kid Rock? Oh, well I never!” You simpering sissies. I’ll take his nasty stringy mop and torn wife beater over your preferred weasels’ coiffed politician/newscaster hair and Gucci loafers.

No, he didn’t go to some Ivy League snob factory and all he’s got to rely on are attitude, common sense, and a love of actual Americans (especially our troops). But wait – you want “conservatism.” A fat lot of good your version of conservatism’s done us. It’s always waiting up there ahead, just after the next election cycle, and in the meantime, we’ll compromise and make some more excuses.

No, we’re past voting for the ideology. Now we’re ready to vote for the id.

Or, y’know, the Kid.

Yeah, I know; sorry, but I just couldn’t resist that one.

Seriously though, aside from the big fat thumb in the eye it would be to the Uniparty establishment (and just wait till Senator Al Franken starts complaining about the complete lack of “gravitas” a mere entertainer such as the Kid will bring to the stultified halls of Congress), I can state with complete confidence that the danger of Senator Rock suddenly turning up to a floor vote in a dress and declaring his gender to be “mixed or uncertain” is pretty close to nil. That alone is qualification aplenty for me.


6 thoughts on ““We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock”

  1. Oh hell yeah. Kid Rock would “rock” their world. If he does run I will donate as much as I can to his campaign even though I live in NC. This is how we take back our country from the political scum destroying it. Electing true Americans who still believe in God and Country. Go Kid, let’s see the Greatest Show On Earth for real‼️

  2. Don’t know a whole bunch about him, never listened to his “music” but understand he’s a stone-cold libertarian. If he is, he obviously understands “conservatism” is not an ideology but a philosophy. I am assuming it will take dozens of libertarians elected to Congress to make the Establishment understand that we, the goobers, are sick and tired of a single-party system with the Wimpy Repubs alway playing fall guy to the socialist/Nazi Dimwits. I’m not a libertarian, but I’m darned well not a Republican anymore, either. Time for CHANGE!!!!!

  3. Oh, hell, yes ! Go Kid Rock !

    I want to see at least 4 or 500 of our Self Appointed Betters replaced by carpenters, farmers, anyone whose daily work has been dealing with reality rather than paper and abstractions. Patriotic Americans, first and foremost. Kollidge edjumacation optional.

    I want President Trump to start setting up a second political party in this country along these lines.

  4. Another starting point would be to make it illegal for a lawyer to be a legislator, since there is an obvious conflict of interest in such a position for one who makes his supposed living from laws passed.

  5. Don’t like his music, thinks he’s awesome. He loves America, now what lefties could make it become.

    As for this

    danger of Senator Rock suddenly turning up to a floor vote in a dress and declaring his gender to be “mixed or uncertain” is pretty close to nil.

    I wouldn’t sell him short. That would be hilarious.
    As the media and the We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party freak out he could show clips of Dems on their Sleepover Against Guns or some idiot with a misspelled placard or just about anything Barbara Boxer has ever said as more examples of ridiculous people doing ridiculous things.

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