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Yes, yes, another fundraiser

Yes, I know it’s awfully close on the heels of my Ghetto Apartment fundraiser—for which, thanks once again to y’all for your help there, I am LOVING this place; in fact, it’s shaping up to be the best move I ever made in all sorts of ways, and I can never thank you guys enough for making it possible—but, well, yeah. Only, see, this one ain’t for me. It’s for my kid. Here’s how I put it on my Facebook page:

Okay folks, got a big favor to ask of ya. Suzie has enrolled Madeleine in a sort of summer-camp/seminar whose website can be found here:

Those of you who know my little girl personally know that A) she is BIG time into the video games, and B) she’s smart as all hell, just scary smart, really. So I think this might be a really cool thing for her to do, something that might just end up putting her on a solid future track; Madeleine is definitely VERY excited about it. Here’s the thing: Suzie arranged for five hundred bucks in financial aid for this; the camp itself costs a thousand bucks, and since it’s in Durham and lasts three weeks, there’s going to be hotel stays and other expenses involved. Suzie has set up a GoFundMe type fundraiser page to do all this; she says she figures it’s gonna end up taking about 2,500 bucks all told, and that sounds about right to me. So if any of you are feeling generous, go throw a little something in the GoFundMe tipjar. You’ll be helping out a most deserving little girl, and it will be very much appreciated by her loving parents. The fundraiser is here:

And so there you have it. The seminar gives the kids training in Photoshop, raw coding, and other things that could prove useful to Madeleine beyond any potential game-design career, and overall it sounds pretty good to me.

That said, there’s also this: I have actually bragged to the ex about how astoundingly generous my readership has always been, and it’s just the simple truth. So if you possibly can, go help a good little girl put her feet on a potentially highly remunerative career track at a ridiculously early age; as I also commented on Facebook: hey, if she becomes one of these super-billionaire game developers when she grows up, she’ll be able to afford a much nicer wheelchair to push Daddy around in, right? And what’s not to like about that, I ask you?

Sticky post, up top for the rest of the week, and as always, my humblest thanks in advance to all of you.




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