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What desperation looks like

It’s wafting off them like a bad, bad funk.

The Democrats and their accomplices in the Republican Party have peddled the vast left-wing conspiracy that the president and Vladimir Putin “colluded” with one another in the months leading up to Election Day since late last summer.

Though I have already spilled exponentially more ink on this topic than it deserves, a few more syllables can’t hurt.  

Julian Assange insists that there was no “hacking” of DNC emails, that a Democratic Party insider (undoubtedly a discontented Bernie Sanders supporter) leaked them. Nevertheless, even assuming, for argument’s sake, that Russians are guilty on this score, the Russophobic war mongers in the Democrat and Republican parties want for us to think that by way of arranging for Wikileaks to make public their contents, Putin enabled Trump to win 30 of 50 states and more than 2,600 of America’s 3,100 counties—including 220 or so counties that voted for Obama in 2012.  

If only Putin hadn’t intervened, Clinton would be president right now and Trump would have lost by the 12 points or so that all of the “experts,” as recently as days before Election Day, assured us would be the outcome.

The vast left-wing conspiracists also want for us to overlook that if their insinuations are correct, this convicts Barack Obama and his party of gross incompetence. Given their expressions of certitude until the 11th hour that Clinton would clean Trump’s clock, they clearly had no clue that a hostile foreign power was “undermining” the integrity of our electoral process right under their collective nose.

How, on their watch, was Putin able to sabotage their electoral prospects and subvert the votes of the nearly 60 million or so Deplorables who, according to the (il)logic of the conspiracy theory, would otherwise have voted for Clinton?

Yet, somehow, Putin and the buffoon “colluded” so as to make all of this happen.

Second, even the most toxic among Trump’s nemeses, like the contemptible Maxine Waters, acknowledges that, to date, there is zero evidence of any “collusion” between the President and Putin.

If a despicable moron like Maxine Waters—who really ought to be cleaning hotel rooms somewhere or running a drive-thru window, although she’d barely be qualified to do even that—can’t even make your case for you, well, you ain’t got much of a case.

Ahh, but does it get even better, you ask? See for yourself:

And this brings us to our final point: Much more plausible than the conspiracy that Putin “colluded” with Trump is the theory that Putin and Obama had been colluding for years.

And he makes a damned fine case for that, too, although you may find his closer somewhat surprising. I’d submit that rather than colluding with Putin, Obama was played like a cheap fiddle by him instead. He had Putin run rings around his stupid, arrogant ass in the exact same way Trump is now running rings around his Democrat Socialist colleagues and their Republicrat co-conspirators. He was in over his empty head with Putin, and Putin was no doubt laughing at him the whole while he was in office, just as most every other world leader was…and just as we’re laughing at them now.

Either way, this is a truly enjoyable piece, there’s plenty more of it, and you’ll be glad you read every word.


1 thought on “What desperation looks like

  1. If only Putin hadn’t intervened, Clinton would be president right now and Trump would have lost by the 12 points or so that all of the “experts,” as recently as days before Election Day, assured us would be the outcome.

    If you really, really want to piss off a Leftist, point out to them that if the Putin Theory were actually true, then that means that Vladimir Putin is the greatest hero that not only the 21st Century but the entire history of all of Western Civilization has ever known.

    Vladimir Putin single handedly saved Western Civilization from Hillary Clinton.

    We are not worthy.

    We should be building shrines to the man that can see seen from high earth orbit.

    I pointed this out to a suburban Soccer Mom in Sherman-Denison who not only took exception to my Trump Mountain t-shirt, but who took it upon herself to have a “how could you!” attack of verbal diarrhea about it. (After first shutting her up with a bored looking shrug and a flat, “So?”)

    Left her completely speechless. She was still making guppy faces when I got into the carryall and left. 🙂

    I’m not forced to actually interact with Leftists in real life any more, so having the opportunity to do that in IRL was priceless. Here in Texoma, the Trump t-shirt usually gets a thumbs up or a chuckle rather than a harangue.

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