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Ann Althouse continues to be shocked and amazed at discovering what the rest of us have known all along.


5 thoughts on “STUNNER!

  1. Have Althouse, McArdle, Noonan or any other leftist-lite bloviators offered a public apology? Ever?

    I still see red when any of those POS’s talk about how rotten Obama has turned out to be.

    Well no shit. Thanks for helping to ram him down our throat.

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  3. guy, in some respects, Althouse, Noonan, McArdle, et. al, get under my skin more than outright leftists. I know people who lean pretty far left and simply don’t know things that we all know. I kind of understand why they back people like Obama – they really don’t know about his collectivist upbringing or his hard-left ideology. When you try to tell them, they conflate that with stuff about his birth certificate and just dismiss it as disinformation. They are clueless about reality, and so I get why they backed Obama in the first place, even though I lack respect for them because of their smug cluelessness.

    But the ones supposedly on the right who backed Obama have no such excuse. They were told, over and over again, exactly what Obama was, and they supported him anyway. That takes a special level of willful blindness and stupidity, and makes me suspect just about everything they say.

    If they came out and said “Hey, I was an idiot to be seduced by this smooth talking charlatan. Here’s what I learned from that experience, and I’m never going to be taken in again.” then I might listen to them. But they have not, to the best of my knowledge, ever owned up to their foolishness. Therefore I have no respect for them, and discount just about everything they say as being clueless or self-serving or both.

    I consider them essentially moles for the left, trying to build a cover as a “reasonable moderate” to get non-leftists to listen to them, so that when it really counts, they can swoon over authoritarians like Obama and convince others to back him.

  4. They’ve been metaphorically mugged and still did not become a true conservative.

  5. You are absolutely right Billy, Peggy and Glens two retarded stepdaughters McArdle and Althouse are worse than Holder in some ways

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