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Lileks on bereavement

Just go read it. I won’t say anything more lest I spoil it. Except to note that it is very, very good. Now, go.


5 thoughts on “Lileks on bereavement

  1. Thank you for that beautiful post. I’m a Housecall vet and at home euthanasia is a big part of what I do. It stinks every single time I do it and I’m always in tears. I appreciate his perspective because the decision is anything but clear cut.

  2. I cried.I remembered.I cried again.It was hard and beautiful again.Thank you for sharing this my friend.

  3. I’m such a fucking sap, stupid tears-I’ve had to put down or lie with my dogs on their last night many many times. The 2 that I live with now are 6 & 7 and a couple of the best ever. I’ve walked the halls in their last few months with a lot of dogs but the love all of them have given me throughout their lives has been the tenderloin of my life.

    I can’t imagine living without a dog.

  4. One of my dogs suffered the same way. I cried reading this as it was my story too. You have to know a dog well to write such a touching story and if you know yours you will cry. God bless you James Lileks.

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