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The most AMAZING, SHOCKING, and TRULY UNEXPECTED story of the decade!

Better sit down for this one, folks. It’s nothing less than absolutely staggering.

After Barack Obama’s bizarre claim that he goes skeet shooting all the time, and sources confirmed he hardly ever did, the White House felt compelled for some reason to release a photo of the President shooting a shotgun in mid 2012.

Hard to believe, I know, but it does appear that–for probably the first time in his miserable existence–the Lying Douchebag in Chief has come fairly close to telling the truth. Fairly close–there’s a pretty wide gulf between claiming to do something “all the time” as opposed to “rarely” or “once or twice”–but still, we’ll be big about it and credit the putz with exaggeration rather than outright dishonesty just this once. Will wonders never cease?


5 thoughts on “The most AMAZING, SHOCKING, and TRULY UNEXPECTED story of the decade!

  1. I love one of the comments over at Bob’s place about the gun being horizontal. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. I have never held a gun. Never shot a gun. But I have seen skeet shooting in movies and on TV and aren’t they flung up into the air? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are. Maybe Obama is just a great shot with his keen mind and all. Hit the clay pigeon, or whatever it’s called, just a split second after it came out of whatever that machine it comes out of is called. Right. That must be it. I bet he hit it dead center, too. What a man.

  2. Reminds me of some of the photos we’ve seen of Vladimir Putin,,,,,,,,,barechested and wrestling tigers.

  3. That’s not the funny part. This is the funny part:
    The White House is officially warning people not to Photoshop the image.

  4. There is so much that is wrong with that pic. The horizontal aspect, the lack of recoil, and although it isn’t anything more than funny, the death grip/cheek weld!

    A bunch of people have picked up on that strange smoke. That is a LOT of smoke, and the second puff is too far back for a comp, and in the wrong direction. Somebody said the amount was the result of a blank, but that doesn’t wash. Blank loads have less powder than even light loads.

    I’ve been shooting a lot of everything for over 50 years, including pics of my friends at the range, and it seems like a photo was taken of somebody holding a shotgun, then the pic was ‘shopped to look as if it had fired! LMMFAO!

    Maybe that’s the new version of a Pyrodex Browning Citrori or high dollar Winchester? 😀

    I’m starting to think that Obongo is such a puss that he was afraid to fire the thing, therefore the weird pic?

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