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What goes around….

From the “back atcha” files:

Worst Person In The World gets his: Righties line up to defend loathsome douchebag’s “freedom of speech,” decry “censorhip,” neither of which has anything to do with this. Malkin — and Ed — have the right of it. Although I must say I think we’re probably better off with this swinish oaf front and center, plumping for all things Democrat Socialist and providing a perfect, easily-assailable example of just what Progressivist “thinking” is really all about. On the other hand, one can only smile over the mental image of an unemployed Olberdouche wandering the streets of Manhattan in a tattered, crusty trench coat; glasses askew, pants full of yesterday’s watery, bloody dump, picking through curbside garbage, shrieking at passersby and howling at the moon. Be sure and toss the disheveled lunatic a few pennies when you see him sleeping off the day’s malt-liquor and strained-shoe-polish intake under the 59th Street bridge.

As for the pathetically ludicrous assertions excreted by MSDNC president Phil Griffin and the pig-ignorant puds at George Soros’s media cesspool, Johnny Dollar has all that covered, with a big fat raspberry on top. Peddle it someplace else, you pricks; prospective buyers are awful thin on the ground outside the squalid asylums you usually haunt.

AARP hit hard by health-care bill they pimped for: who says there ain’t no justice in this world?

DC Democrats to finally feel the sting of the unemployment monster they created: couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.

Not related at all, but just because it’s funny as hell, via Ace: Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report: your horrified host rendered speechless by rising gorge. Vomitous afterthought: if you’re so disgusting a pig as to need to use a knife for persuasion, you probably shouldn’t oughta be asking at all.


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  1. Didn’t Media Matters investigate and reported that over 60 Fox News personalities did the same thing?

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