Fixing things for us real damn good

September 23rd, 2010

Leave it to Uncle Leviathan:

If not disposed of properly, CFL light bulbs, which Congress is pushing as a preferable and energy efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs, may poison you, contaminate your food and water supply, destroy the environment and kill your children.

If light bulbs were regulated like cigarettes, this is what it might say on the side of the box of “environmentally friendly” bulbs that you just picked up at Target.

If a light bulb breaks, as The Daily Caller reported last week, you basically have to call out the HAZMAT team.  Sometimes, light bulbs simply fizzle out and die. At which point you probably climb up on a ladder, unscrew the bulb, replace it with another one, and dump the old one in a trashcan.

No matter how careful you are, somewhere between your kitchen and the landfill, breakage is inevitable.  Says Rick Cochrane of Waste Management, “it’s going to break in an uncontrolled environment somewhere,” and that puts people in danger — the garbage man, the janitor, your dog who sticks its head in the trashcan looking for food — and it (mercury) also contaminates the environment. According to the EPA, “Even very small amounts … can accumulate and cause environmental problems. Such environmental contamination can linger for decades.”

As if there weren’t enough problems already, recycling CFLs is expensive, both for the consumer, who has to go out and find a recycling drop off, or shell out $16.95 for Waste Management’s Think Green Home Recycling Kit, and for the people who do the recycling. “There’s not enough value in the recovered materials,” says Cochrane. “In fact there’s a net cost.”

Lastly, there is simply no way to force people to recycle CFLs. Even if there’s a law requiring it, as in California, how can you make sure people comply, short of installing hidden cameras and picking through people’s trash?

Oh, fret not. You can be quite sure Uncle Lev is working on that little problem already. Now quit complaining and do as you’re told.

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  1. Derfel Cadarn
    September 23rd, 2010 at 10:28 | #1
    Think green?! I`m thinking red really really red. The hubris of our elitist masters is turning my heart black.
  2. September 23rd, 2010 at 10:29 | #2
    LEDs BABY!!!

    make the investment...they last 60 years & upwards...cost pennies to run...non-toxic...& the lighting is gorgeous...unlike the sickly green-yellow light of the mercury bomb bulbs!!... prolly why the bigboyzzzz don't like'em.
    too cost efficient
    too sensible
    too American

    PS...don't buy Chinese made LEDs.

  3. emdfl
    September 23rd, 2010 at 18:29 | #3
    banned -
    If you think the foolss in DC won't find/make-up a reason that LED replacement lamps for incandescents can't be built in this country, you are not paying attention.
    My solution for defective/burned out CFLs is to send them to the DC address of the EPA, the agency that is responcible for foisting off them on us in the first place.

    My personal solution is to stock up on incdst bulbs for the next couple of years...

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