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Economic woes solved in a mere fifteen minutes:

Mayor Bloomberg flew up to Martha’s Vineyard after this morning’s regular radio appearance to play a round of golf and talk about the economy with President Obama, we now hear…

Update from the White House pool reporter: “Potus is golfing with Mayor Bloomberg today, and they prefaced their game with a 15-minute discussion of the economy in the clubhouse at the Vineyard Golf Club.”

Lots of people have hammered Ogabe for his laser-like focus on golf to the exclusion of, well, damned near everything else, but not me. The more he goofs off on the links, the less time he spends making a hash of things in the Oval Office, so it’s a-okay with me.

(Via Hoft)

Update! Reality sits on supergenius regime’s head, refuses to get up and go away, confusing and annoying feckless commie hacks in charge:

The great American jobs machine has stalled. Whether it revives anytime soon or continues to flounder is the 7-millions-jobs question. What is certain is that the economy should be steadily strengthening. The basic forces of growth and prosperity remain in place, much as they have always been. But something is holding the economy back. That something is Washington.

The key factor that always escapes the economic models — and is now missing from the economy — is confidence. The inherent, pervasive optimism that traditionally propels investment and saving, hiring, and extra effort is simply missing. The federal government spent enormous sums to spur the economy. The American people were never comfortable with the associated buildup in the national debt, but they were willing to give the new president and his Congress the benefit of the doubt. They hoped; they were misled; it failed. Now hope has been replaced by worry, and Washington continues to give us reason to worry.

The tax hike itself is bad enough, falling as it will on a stuttering economy. But the bigger issue is still confidence. There is no economic policy rationale to justify raising taxes on a weak economy. None. Yet Obama and Congress are so desperate for revenues to pay for their massive spending surge that they’re willing to raise taxes. Yes, the tax hike is foolish and unjustifiable, but far more debilitating to the confidence the economy needs to grow is what Congress’s tax policies say about its willingness to accept sustained high levels of joblessness — or, alternatively, what it says about President Obama’s understanding of how our economy really functions and what it takes to prosper.

And what it says about how mulishly dedicated he is to his hard-Left ideology, and how arrogant he is not to even consider that said ideology has never produced anything but privation and misery, and never will do anything other than just that.


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