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Terrorist or not?

Is Hamas a terrorist organization? It really is a simple question, and one they can’t, or won’t, answer, at least not honestly:

It is a straightforward question that Islamists complicate with clever casuistry, carefully designed to ring all the right chimes for our opinion elites and their media pitchmen.

On Tuesday, I appeared on Scoreboard, a Fox Business Channel program, to debate the proposed mosque with Dawood Kringle, a prison imam who is a perfect fit for the correctional system in Michael Bloomberg’s New York City. Like the mayor, Imam Kringle knows and admires Imam Rauf, so it’s only natural that he supports the Ground Zero mosque. He reasons, in his best Rauf-speak, that it would be “a tangible manifestation and demonstration of the spiritual principles of Islam as applied to everyone’s lives.”

Exactly: The main problem with Islamists is that they want to apply the principles of Islam — which are far from limited to “spiritual principles” — to everyone’s lives. It never seems to register with Imam Rauf’s apologists that we already have thousands of mosques and Islamic centers in the United States, and no one is suggesting these should be shut down, even though many of them are hotbeds of rabidly anti-Western ideology that have not proved to be reassuring “tangible manifestations” of how Islam is lived.

Still, even Kringle’s desultory case for the mosque paled in comparison with his adamant refusal to answer the question, “Is Hamas a terrorist organization?” You can watch the short debate for yourself here. There are long pauses, shucks, jives, and gibberish — but no answer:

Asman: Do you believe Hamas is a terrorist organization?
Kringle: [Pause] I would, um — [pause]
McCarthy: That’s not a hard question.
Asman: [To McCarthy] Hold on a second.
Kringle:  No, no, no. I —
Asman:  Is Hamas a terrorist organization? A simple question.
Kringle: I believe that there’s people, uh, connected with Hamas that are, uh — advocate terrorism —
Asman: Is Hamas, though, a terrorist organization, as the State Department says it is?
Kringle: I believe that the people — that people that, uh, that, uh, exist on the fringe of there — Hamas is a political party that, uh, that grew out of, uh, out of, uh, what happened to, uh, Palestine. Obviously, there’s going to be people that are, uh, that are going to twist up, uh, the religion to serve their political agendas.

This is just counterfactual bunk. It is served up by the imam and many likeminded apologists as though Hamas did not have a richly documented history, and as though Islamists did not reject the very premise that religious and political agendas can be distinguished.

Anybody besides me reminded of the way liberal fascists always wiggle and squirm around whenever they’re confronted with the pure, undiluted facts about the totalitarian nature of Progressivism, how they just hate being openly confronted with what they really are? Of the innumerable lies they told, and the legalistic subterfuges they used, to ram the takeover of the health-care system through?

Not that liberal fascists are terrorists — well, besides a handful of Ogabe’s closest buddies like Ayers and Dohrn, that is. But it sure is funny how almost all of America’s enemies have to rely on distortions and deceit to get their points across and their agendas advanced. And that makes the bizarre Left-Islamist alliance, one that would otherwise seem to be wholly incomprehensible on its dubious merits, a lot easier to figure out.


1 thought on “Terrorist or not?

  1. Actually they(lib/fas) are terrorists; they just haven’t made their bones yet. No mass graves from them – YET – but they will when given the chance.

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