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Number of emails to/from Allah, Ed, The Anchoress, Jim Hoft, any representatives at Fox, or Andrew Breitbart to/fom Myself: Zero, until today, an hour ago, when The Anchoress emailed me this link about how we “coordinated.”

Last time I emailed anyone on that list was two days ago, when I emailed Ed to tell him his Gallup story was wrong (and he didn’t email back).

Before that? I wrote Andrew Breitbart on Sunday about getting me in touch with someone he might or might not know (it was a total flier) about non-political business (he didn’t email back).

Before that? Some point in the last month I emailed Allah some one-line observation, I think about a person, rather than politics (he didn’t email back).

Before that? I am pretty sure I have not contacted any of these people, nor been contacted by them, it at least three months. I have almost never emailed The Anchoress or Jim Hoft, ever, and nor they me; I used to email Allah every so often, but we sort of stopped doing that (or he stopped, then I did); and I have traded like two or three emails, all short tip-type things, with Ed Morrissey, in, like, my entire life.

By the way, since Media Matters is discussing “smearing” people with innuendos without fact-checking:

Number of calls or emails I received from anyone at Media Matters asking me if I had “coordinated” with anyone, or asking me for comment on their upcoming smear: Zero

But thanks for looking into the facts, Media Matters!

Truly, truly pathetic — but exactly the kind of misdirection you’d expect from these lying, amoral assholes.

And I’ll take this opportunity to point something out to every weak-kneed Righty who’s now eager to tiptoe away from Breitbart’s accusation of racism on the part of both Sherrod and the NAACP: the woman later backing off of her blatant racism and making things right does not in any way invalidate the original assertion. The simple fact is, she acted in a purely, egregiously racist fashion — she admitted it herself, on tape — and the NAA(L)CP creeps found it highly amusing. Two cheers, or maybe one, for her for eventually realizing the error of her ways in time to correct the damage done by her bigotry; it’s more than can be said at present for a lot of folks at the NAA(L)CP. If you’re wringing your hands over accusations of racism without any basis in fact, you needn’t waste any time throwing opprobrium Breitbart’s way.

You can be assured, though, that this supposed “malfeasance” on Andrew’s part will now be forever used by the Left as an excuse to refer to him as the “discredited” Andrew Breitbart, whose assertion of racism at the NAA(L)CP has been “debunked.” It isn’t true in the least degree, but when did that ever matter to this vicious pack of baying, lying jackals?

Meanwhile, back in reality, the actual collusion and conspiracy goes right to the top. And you needn’t think with the supposed disbanding of the original Juicebox Mafia that this is all over and done with, or that the Juicebox Mafia was the only instance of One Party Media conspiracy.

These people aren’t journalists; they’re propagandists, a fully bought and paid-for cog in the Democrat Socialist machine. Nobody should believe so much as a syllable any one of them may utter, nor should they be taken in by any protestation of innocent intentions. They are liars, proven unworthy of the smallest iota of trust by their own underhanded manipulations.

Update! Sherrod doubles down:

But when asked by CNN Chief National Correspondent John King what she would say to Breitbart, Sherrod did not dance around the question.

“I’d tell him he’s a liar. He knew exactly what effect that would have on not only – he knew what effect that would have on the conservative, racist people he’s dealing with.”

Emphasis, mine. Racism, hers. Screw the bitch; I feel nothing, to quote a famous non-racist.

Updated update! Just to be absolutely clear: this is exactly why spineless, gormless Righty milquetoasts need to wake up, nut up, and resolve once and for all not to pander to these people for any reason whatsoever. You will never, ever convince Leftards like this bigoted twit that you aren’t exactly what she assumes each and every one of us is: an atavistic, knuckledragging bigot. Never. Doesn’t matter how nice or fair or even-handed you try to play with them; if you’re white and conservative, you’re a racist, and you might as well be wearing a pointy white hat. If you’re black and conservative, you’re a deluded Uncle Tom, and you might as well be starring in an Amos and Andy revival on Broadway. They are unswervingly committed to liberal dogma and all the vile assumptions about you and me that come along with it, and toadying to them will get you absolutely nothing worth having.

Maybe we ought to come up with a name for this tendency on the part of self-loathing “conservatives” — the McCain Paradox, maybe, or Frum’s Dilemma.

Update to the updated update! Harsanyi on the lesson:

Let me suggest one lesson the nation might take from the Breitbart/Sherrod story: Let’s take a breather from any more national dialoguing on the issue of race. Please.

After all, can anyone recall the last productive conversation on the topic? Whenever we hear about race in politics these days, it’s typically being wielded as a weapon to smear entire political movements, de-legitimatize a genuine national debate, and ratchet up anger over imaginary slights.

He’s right on that, but wrong on this:

It must be noted that the majority of professional journalists — liberal or not — do not throw around irresponsible accusations.

Would that it were so, David. It ain’t. Then again, the people cited in those tip-of-the-iceberg examples aren’t anything remotely resembling journalists, either. If anything’s been irrefutably established by the above-mentioned incidents, that would have to be it.

Updates, forsooth! Perfect clarity from Andrew McCarthy:

So, in Sherrod World, mean-spririted, racist Republicans do nasty things that “we” would never do because we have a president who, being black, is above that stuff. Still, we have-nots need to band together for “change” because a cabal of haves, desperate to keep their power, is still imposing their centuries old capitalist system of institutionalized racism — the same racism that courses through the Republican Party and surfaces on “us versus them” issues like healthcare.
Pardon me, but I think I’ll stay off the Canonize Shirley bandwagon. To me, it seems like she’s still got plenty of racial baggage. What we’re seeing is not transcendence but transference. That’s why the NAACP crowd reacted so enthusiastically throughout her speech.
With an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy assuming overlord status in what used to be private industry and private matters, are we supposed to feel better that this particular bureaucrat’s disdain, though once directed at all white people, is now channeled only toward successful white people…most of whom — like successful black people — worked very hard to become successful? Are we supposed to take comfort in having our affairs managed by bureaucrats who see the country as a Manichean divide beset by institutionalized racism?

Precisely so. And there’s this, from one of Jonah G’s correspondents:

I’m generally a big fan, but I find your position sickening.

“That would lead to lots of Americans thinking conservatives are being mean and unfair (particularly among the squishy independents and swing voters the GOP needs for crushing victory this November).”

Are you kidding me? Most of the “squishy independents” think that anyhow! We’ve been saddled with that reputation precisely because the left is shameless in their attacks…

We continue to settle for asymmetrical warfare at a cost of struggling to reach 50% in every election. We do this so you can hold your head high. If we fought dirty, as the left does, we’d get 65%.  

This is a P.R. debacle, yes, but the reason is because our conservative defenders immediately fall to the turtle position.  

Guess what Jonah. The “squishy moderates” don’t listen to high minded discussions that you are so interested in having. They see a narrative, and that narrative is Democrat self righteous condemnation and conservatives like you standing by looking guilty, which simply confirms that you deserve to be punished.

Again: precisely so. As long as we let the Lying-Left swine set the terms of the debate, and agree to abide by those terms rather than refusing to accept their false premises from the outset, we have not the slightest prayer of winning it.



  1. Maybe we ought to come up with a name for this tendency on the part of self-loathing “conservatives” — the McCain Paradox, maybe, or Frum’s Dilemma.

    Call it “Wet Pants Republicanism”. Pissants wet themselves then bend over at the least attack from the Left. NRO is particularly adept at pi**ing themselves in horror at the thought that they might not be thought of as nice inside the Beltway. Sad little things.

  2. No one should believe a syllable, so that any one could tell a lot of innocent people should not be taking any intention to protest in.Sad little things.

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