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I, predator

Of course the Gorebot did it. He’s a career politician whose monstrous ego is exceeded only by his sense of entitlement, with a conception of “duty” to his lowly subjects no more sophisticated, empathetic, or virtuous than making sure they clearly understand how they may best serve his regal needs. Beyond that, I doubt I’ll have much else to say, since the mere thought of that fat wad of oafish stupidity achieving anything like a happy ending makes my lunch hover dangerously near my tonsils. I’ll let Doug Powers take it from there:

Here’s the masseuse-in-question, Molly Hagerty, who is claiming Al Gore/Mr. Stone tried to force her to climb the south face of Mt. Moonbat. She’s holding a sackful of what she says contains the crazed sex poodle’s “second chakra” droppings.

I can’t go on — getting ill…Enquiring minds no longer want to know.

Yep, that about covers it. Ugh.

Sure makes that sloppy, contrived convention grope back in 2000 — and the ensuing media swoon over the Passion Of The Gores — look even more like the propaganda dumbshow it was all along, don’t it?

Update! Inspired by Ace and Big Journalism’s Emily Miller, a question for the liberal media: when will you guys get tired enough of being scooped and made to look like blind, partisan schmucks by the likes of the National Enquirer (!) to start covering Democrat Socialist sex scandals?

Yeah, I know. Silly question.


1 thought on “I, predator

  1. “He’s a career politician whose monstrous ego is exceeded only by his…”

    Whew! You had me scared for a minute there. But seriously, many a politician is a philanderer. It takes an outsized ego to believe oneself morally worthy of ruling others. In the case of Gore, a left-liberal from a politically elite family who’s been lionized even for his deceits, his self-regard is so swollen that he believes himself fit to make all our choices for us…regardless of the current state of his “chakras.”

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