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Fool for the City: Do As I Say, Not As I Voo-Doo


So San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom just announced a ban on official city travel to Arizona, because he claims the state’s new immigration law is “unacceptable.”

Which leads me to explore what Newsom finds acceptable:

Exhibit A: Turning the world’s most beautiful city, San Francisco, into a sprawling toilet with a half-billion dollar deficit.

Also acceptable to San Francisco:

helping violent illegal aliens roam the streets, free to butcher families over a parking spot.

Daily Caller:

DENVER (AP) — The head of Denver’s public schools announced a ban Thursday on employees taking district-sponsored work trips to Arizona, saying the community was “outraged” by the state’s new immigration law.

“We fear this new law will encourage racial profiling and subject individuals to arbitrary stops and harassment based on ethnic or racial status,” Superintendent Tom Boasberg said.

State Senate Republicans released a statement from Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction, criticizing the ban. “Instead of imposing politically motivated travels bans, perhaps Mr. Boasberg ought to focus on improving a school system that fails far too many kids each and every day,” Penry said.

“The only way to get people’s attention who pass legislation that violates not only human rights but the Constitution is to hit them in their pocketbooks,” said former state Sen. Paul Sandoval, one of the leaders of Boasberg’s new advisory committee.

No, you can also get people’s attention by having one of the mayor’s illegal employees shoot a policeman. Sanctuary Cities:

On May 8, 2005, Denver Police officer Don Young was assassinated in cold blood by an illegal alien employed at Denver Mayor Hickenlooper’s restaurant. The horror is that Denver has an illegal alien sanctuary policy (Executive Order 116), implemented by former Mayor Webb in 1998, which:

Declares Denver’s strong opposition to federal distinctions between legal immigrants and commits city officials “to the delivery of services to all of its residents.”

Recently, City Attorney Finegan issued an opinion that Denver does not have a sanctuary policy…

Twin Cities:

(Saint Paul) – Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman took a stand today, ordering City departments to no longer travel to conferences in the State of Arizona. Coleman issued the order today in solidarity with other cities and organizations in boycotting the State of Arizona in protest of the recent signage of SB1070 by Governor Jan Brewer.

“This law sets a dangerous example for the rest of the country. It will create a culture where racial profiling is acceptable, and will create a dangerous wedge between police officers and the communities they serve. We’ve seen what can be done through partnering with immigrant communities and its effects on issues such as domestic violence rates, violent crime, and overall community safety.”

You mean “safety”…like this? V.O.I.A.C.:

On January 28, 2007 eleven year old Gladys Reyes was crossing Wentworth Avenue in West St Paul, Minnesota when she was struck by a minivan driven by Mauricio Sanchez, 33, an illegal alien from El Salvador. Reyes, a student at Heritage Middle School, was dragged nearly 500 yards leaving her severely injured, including her right arm needing to be amputated.

Another driver, David Carrera of South St. Paul, Minn., attempted to force Sanchez to the side of the road. “I saw the girl go down. His front wheel was locked up on the front part of her body,” Carrera said. The girl’s friend banged on the van’s window, but the driver kept going, he said.

They can’t fill their own potholes.
They can’t pay for their own pensions.
They can’t keep their parks outside or their prisoners inside…but they’re experts at what Arizona is doing wrong!

Aside from the fact that all of these jurisdictions are jumping on Arizona while unable to deal with their own illegal immigration issues, these cities have something else in common:


* “Virtually absent from Coleman’s speech was any discussion of [St. Paul’s] continuing budget shortfalls. Millions will likely need to be cut from the current year’s budget, and few predict growth in next year’s budget, raising the specter of library and recreation center closures. After the speech, Coleman declined to provide specifics about his vision for such cuts, saying it was premature.”

* San Francisco’s budget deficit could reach nearly $750 million in 2011

They’re all broke. They’ve all been run into the ground, bankrupted by Democrats. They don’t have a dime between them.

So how do these bankrupt cities have plenty of money to send city employees globe-trotting here and there on taxpayer-funded travel junkets?

“Travel ban”? None of them should be allowed to travel anywhere outside the city limits, let alone to Arizona. They–we–can’t afford it.

Say–aren’t “city limits” a “Human Rights violation”, too? Or just an oxymoron?


2 thoughts on “Fool for the City: Do As I Say, Not As I Voo-Doo

  1. Denver is officially against the Arizona law. Apparently it doesn’t make sense.

    By the way, the city of Denver may create a Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs. The office will be charged with formulating policy in the event citizens of Denver are contacted by beings Not Of This Earth. It’s on the August ballot.

    I am not making this up.

  2. Will they get sanctuary too?

    Besides, they already had contact when Obama gave his Zeus-on-the-Front-Range Greek Temple Coronation.

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