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But…but…what if you don’t have a birth certificate, school records or employment history–you know, like the president?

Via Hoft:

“So just to be clear, it’s constitutional to penalize someone for not showing proof of health insurance but not request proof of citizenship?”

McCain, the Other-ed:

Immigration is now a win-win for Republicans, you see. As for the Arizona law, the GOP message is (a) that the citizens of Arizona have the right to do what they feel is necessary to preserve public safety, (b) that the federal courts will determine if the Arizona law is constitutional, and most of all (c) that the Arizona law wouldn’t be necessary if the Obama administration would get serious about protecting the border.

As for the MSM’s insinuation that Arizona is now a totalitarian dictatorship with genocidal ambitions, there’s this advice from Professor Glenn Reynolds:

Were I representing Arizona, I’d argue that the federal government is in default on its “protection against invasion” responsibility, and that this empowers the state to resort to self-help.

Sieg Heh.

If Arizona is now a Nazi “State of Hate”, then America is Nazi country.

That’s because the Arizona state identification requirement is a verbatim reproduction of the federal requirement. Indeed, it’s a Nazi world; almost all countries require me as an American to carry a passport or obtain a visa and produce it on demand. Some countries even require entry and exit permits. Others won’t even allow me in! Don’t they know who I am? Why–yes, yes they do–because they require i.d.!

And Mexico is one of the toughest.

Robert Rector:

Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman admonished the Wall Street Journal for its idée fixe on open-border immigration policy. “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state,” he warned.

And we’re getting more Welfarist and Statist by the minute.

The grant of citizenship is a transfer of political power. Access to the U.S. ballot box also provides access to the American taxpayer’s bank account. This is particularly problematic with regard to low-skill immigrants. Within an active redistributionist state, as Friedman understood, unlimited immigration can threaten limited government. …

Sen. Ted Kennedy [understood] that a steady stream of low-skill immigrants will help him build a much larger, tax-fueled government. It is a pity that so many foes of big government fail to appreciate this point.

As a corollary to Milton Friedman, you can’t have free immigration and race preferences, not to mention multi-cultural non-assimilation. Or corollaries to Milton Friedman.

We need legal immigrants. But we don’t need Leftism, which ruins everything it touches, foreign or domestic.


3 thoughts on “But…but…what if you don’t have a birth certificate, school records or employment history–you know, like the president?

  1. Like it or not, federal action and inaction have destroyed the American border as an objective fact. Today it has no significance in law; it’s just a line on a map.

    Though the Constitution doesn’t explicitly say so, the fact of nationhood confers the power and responsibility of border enforcement on the federal government; a nation cannot be a nation unless its national government possesses that power and that responsibility. Thus, the Arizona law will eventually be struck down as ultra vires on the part of that state’s legislature. But it will still serve a useful purpose: it will compel Washington to admit to its flaccidity in the present and its mistakes in the past.

    Perhaps Capitol Hill will finally act. Whether The Won would sign a border enforcement bill is another and more dubious proposition. And whether we’ll ever see Obama’s Constitutional qualifications for the office he holds — assuming they exist — is beyond anyone’s ability to say.

  2. Good post. I wrote this morning about the great contradiction of a government that doesn’t want you to have to prove legal status in the United States in order slurp up all the free services, but DOES mandate that US Citizens have to prove purchase of medical insurance!

  3. Good catch, P.–your brain works good!

    I don’t really see a bill on the horizon, Fran. Too much sand in the gears and a poor economy to boot. Democrats don’t want to card anybody–except for the race card.

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