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Let’s get uppity

Lloyd Marcus has had enough, and so have I:

I am so sick of the Left being allowed to make the rules. Imagine the absurdity of a competition in which one side is allowed to set the rules against their opponent. The Left tells us what is racist. The Left tells us what we can and cannot say. The Left published a cartoon depicting former black Secretary of State Condolezza Rice as an Aunt Jemima; another depicted Rice as a huge-lipped parrot for her Massa Bush. Neither were considered racist by their creators or publishers, or even widely condemned on the Left.

In opposition to black Republican Michael Steele’s campaign to run for U.S. Senate, a liberal blogger published a doctored photo of Steele in black face and big red lips made to look like a minstrel. The caption read, “Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house”. Not one Democrat denounced these racist portrayals of black conservatives.

And yet, a sign seen at a tea party depicting Obama as a witch doctor is considered by the Left to be beyond the pale and obviously racist. Why is the Left, given their track record of bias, granted final authority to determine the intent of the sign? Why do we conservatives so quickly and easily allow ourselves to be put on the defensive?

Evidently, because some of us like to pat ourselves on the back for how much “better” we are, even as we sit back and watch them run the country into the ground. Some of us would rather have them beat us like a big bass drum at every turn than get their dainty little hands dirty tussling with the mangy curs. Thankfully, that’s beginning to change.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd called Congressman Joe Wilson a racist for saying, “You lie” to president Obama. Using her psychic powers, Dowd said Wilson was really saying in his mind, “You lie, BOY!” And yet, liberal commentator Julianne Malveaux, saying she hopes black conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife “feeds him a lot of fatty foods so he will die early from heart disease like many black men“, was not considered racist. I am a black conservative singer, songwriter, entertainer and columnist. Liberals have posted comments all over YouTube and C-SPAN freely using and calling me the “N” word. Because they are libs and I am an uppity, off the liberal plantation, run-away black, all tactics to restore me to my owners are acceptable.

Well, hey, there’s authentic black men, all of whom are content to stay on the Democrat Socialist plantation, and then there’s you Uncle Toms who insist on thinking for yourselves, and need to be put in your place by your liberal Massahs.

And if that all seems kind of upside-down to you, then it’s obvious that you’re a RACIST!


2 thoughts on “Let’s get uppity

  1. Here’s the counterstroke: Own it. A sample dialog follows:

    “You’re a racist!”
    “What? You admit it?”
    “Yep. I’ve noticed that there are differences among the races. I guess that makes me a racist.”
    “But –”
    “Their skins are all different colors, right?”
    “Well, yes, but –”
    “So there are differences among the races. And noticing that makes me a racist, right?”
    “Well, yes, but –”
    “And what does denying it make you?

    Of course, you can always embellish that a little with a few other facts about differences among the races, but I’ve found that one observation, coupled to a cheerful acceptance of the epithet, is usually sufficient.

  2. If someone says “They all look alike!”, that is taken as proof of racism. (Although Koreans…well, let’s just say Koreans probably can’t tell Burt Reynolds from Tom Selleck either.)

    But it seems a greater insult to say “They all think alike!” which is what Liberals assume.

    And even greater insult to further say “If they don’t all think alike, they must all be coerced until they do!”

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