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Get out of the kitchen

Doc Zero turns up the heat:

There’s no question that Beck’s comment was provocative and rude. If you happen to be in a room with Glenn Beck at the moment, and you’re reading this to him out loud, he probably just shouted “Exactly!” Political and cultural debates always feature provocation and rude behavior. The American media occasionally becomes very prim about this. Strangely enough, these occasions always coincide with the election of a Democrat President. The same people puckering their lips over the heated tone of Beck’s assertions, Sarah Palin’s “death panel” commentary, or the behavior of town-hall protesters, thought the temperature was just peachy when liberals were openly fantasizing about assassinating President Bush. The average liberal couldn’t order a burger and fries at McDonald’s without informing the cashier that Bush was a subhuman cowboy moron.

Read it all, of course.

1 thought on “Get out of the kitchen

  1. Of course he was provocative! When you’re heading to the waterfall you raise your voice to get other people’s attention. The thing that bothers me is that there is nobody preaching about the need for POLICY to counteract this O bulge. The Constitution cannot defend itself! Politics is the art of the possible, I heard somewhere, and the reason the Republicans SUCK is because they are just the party of “NO” and are totally bereft of ideas (except to anything that might save their jobs!). EVERY person that is given a government benefit MUST receive an IRS Form 1099-gov! Period.

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