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Passing for funny

Some typically mindless liberal idiot loves her some Wanda Sykes, the “comedienne” who gets the God Emperor guffawing while wishing death on the political opposition:

Watching Sykes, I was so pleased. I thought: My God, there’s never been a better match for Limbaugh.

I’d be willing to bet that anytime she felt she was ready to cross swords directly with Limbaugh, he’d be happy to accommodate her. I’d also bet that she’d never, ever be able to muster the guts to do it.

He’s an entertainer and a comedian – I despise him, but every once in a while he’s funny – and he’s regularly off color; Sykes is all those things while, in my opinion, funnier and less cruel. But let’s be honest: We had comedian and entertainer v. comedian and entertainer. She’s his match and his equal, and anyone who criticizes Sykes without sending the same criticism to Limbaugh is both a phony and a wuss.

And much of Obama’s routine shockingly crossed our dull political lines as well. He described Dick Cheney’s new book, “How to Shoot Friends and Interrogate People,” and welcomed John Boehner as a fellow “person of color,” although “not a color found in nature.” Obama actually cut a wider swath of comedic pain across the political landscape than Sykes did – but Sykes came down hard on He Who Cannot Be Criticized, Oxycontin Man! And she’s now in deep trouble.

I’m late to the faux outrage about Sykes’ edgy hilarious routine, but let’s let Jon Stewart get the last word. Like many of us on Monday he wondered how Sykes could provoke outrage while torture revelations provoke yawns and/or lame rationalizations.

Let this be the beginning of a beautiful new era of savaging Limbaugh freely and with delight – and please God, let the rumors of Olbermann’s disapproval be false!

The beginning of death threats and eternal bilious hatred for Limbaugh? You must be joking. And what could possibly be more “edgy” or iconoclastic than regurgitating State-sanctioned liberal cant that viciously advocates the painful death of pre-approved targets in front of a braying herd of groupthinking fascist jackasses, eh? The ten millionth time I heard this stuff is every bit as hilarious and powerful as the first million! BECAUSE OF TEH RAW COURAGE!!

Dan floats a riposte, for which he’d soon be hanging by his thumbs in a dingy Ogulag basement (which, by the way, would doubtless be ruled NOT torture and therefore perfectly acceptable by the Ministry of Malleable Morality) if open-minded, tolerant liberals had their way:

Really? You know what would be hilarious? If Janeane Garofalo died of hepatitis, hahahahahahaha!

Geez. Tough crowd.

Yeah. Also an überhypocritical, blockheaded, priggish, and mindlessly conformist one.

Speaking for myself, know what I find funniest of all? That liberals are so abjectly terrified of the influence wielded by someone they constantly remind us is “only an entertainer” that they simply can’t stop attacking him, in ever-direr and more darkly threatening terms — even as they nervously curl their lips at the very idea that they’re afraid of him.

Yeah. Sure you ain’t, Poindexter.

Update! Flea bites elephant, elephant disdains to notice. My guess as to the rationale for Rush’s radio silence: why bother? Sykes is a low-watt D-lister whose mega-hit “credits” include, as Ben Shapiro noted, “gems like CondomNation, Brother Bear 2, and Over the Hedge.” It’s just more of the same ankle-biting bullshit he’s put up with for years and years.


6 thoughts on “Passing for funny

  1. Ah, he’s “only an entertainer” and Teh King of Teh Rethuglican Party! This I know because Obama told me so.

  2. Y’know, if Garofalo died of hepatitis, that WOULD be hilarious. Hoof in Mouth would be funnier, and mad cow disease even funnier than that. They say politics is show biz for ugly people, which I guess is why Garofalo is so eager to get on the right side of the fence.

    Try the veal, I’ll be here all week.

  3. The end of the first paragraph trots out the ad hominem attacks – “…anyone who criticizes Sykes without sending the same criticism to Limbaugh is both a phony and a wuss…” These guys are just schoolyard bullies. It would appear they have never grown up. And the UOTUS/TOTUS just laughs.

    Thank g-d liberalism is self limiting.

  4. Garofalo doesn’t need to die of hepatitis….watching her age very ungracefully is payback enough.

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