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Jihad comes to GB

The “Religion of Peace” strikes again. But hey, it’s okay with progressivist Londoners, I’m sure; after all, all that wet-brained inchoate rage is perfectly justified, by those damned Jews and their inhuman insistence on not letting themselves continue to be blown up indefinitely. it’s “Jewstified”, one might say.

As Charles always says, let’s give ’em a state!

No need for us to feel too smug about things, though. We got problems of our own with those peace-loving Muslims and their Lefty useful idiots.

Update! What do liberals, Roseanne Barr, and Stormfront have in common? Go on, guess.


1 thought on “Jihad comes to GB

  1. Fucking appalling. I would expect this shit from skinhead neonazis and dumb-ass muzzle-ems. And random infected rectums, so we don’t include Roseanne and Mel Gibson out.

    Me, I stand foursquare with Israel and the Jews of the world–if for no other reason than we have common enemies and I like that Israel is where it is. I don’t give a rat’s bunghole what hell rains down on Gaza and the walking turds that live there–the more the merrier, truth be told. Harder and faster, Israel, hotter and louder.
    What a chickenshit country this is getting to be.

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