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“The name’s Panetta…Leon Panetta.”


“I repeatedly asked for a speaker of Dari or Pashtun…to debrief the flood of refugees. …They were a goldmine of information. We could have recruited some and sent them back across the border to report on Afghanistan. I was told there were no Dari or Pashtun speakers anywhere. I was told the CIA no longer collected on Afghanistan, so those languages weren’t needed.

Headquarters instead offered to send out a four-person sexual-harrasment briefing team.”–former CIA Agent Robert Baer, ‘See No Evil’

In the aftermath of 9/11, a good portion of the Intelligence Community declared war on the Real Enemy: George W. Bush.

Rogue intelligence officers like Mr. and Mrs. Plame, though unelected, conducted their own foreign policy. Mr. Tamm decided he was authorized to warn our enemies and hand out security clearances to whomever he pleased. He may see his motives as pure, but if he were an enemy agent, how would his actions have been any different? Other rogue officers conducted Black Operations and Soviet-style Propaganda against the White House as if it were some Central American banana republic from the ’50’s. United Fruit Company–you were ahead of your time!

Here’s how one former CYA spy put it:

“1.) The CIA must get its clandestine-service officers out of the United States and spying in and on foreign countries. The great majority of CIA employees now live and work within the U.S.
2.) Its clandestine operations should move away from embassies because, unlike the old Soviet targets, terrorists and nuclear proliferators do not attend diplomatic cocktail parties. Congress has already funded this move, but the CIA has not complied.
3.) Ruthlessly streamline the bloat. Terrorists have flat chains of command and no bureaucratic turfs. The CIA has dozens of byzantine management layers which, octopus-like, loop back upon themselves. Human-source intelligence collection has been effectively strangled.
4.) The CIA must strictly account for the handling of taxpayers’ money, as the law already requires. Post-9/11, the CIA has become a place to get rich for contractors and former managers.

… The CIA may have difficulty running basic espionage operations, but when its way of life is at stake, it fights like a retrovirus regardless of the commander-in-chief’s political party. The CIA’s sophisticated system of press leaks has been a textbook covert-action operation, in which journalists are given leaked information in exchange for articles which support the CIA’s agenda. CIA-stoked controversies over terrorist interrogations, wiretapping, the Libby case, and Iraqi WMD kept President Bush off balance, and at times even threatened to put his people in jail.
… Obama’s choice of a loyalist shows he understands the threat he faces from a dysfunctional CIA. That the CIA served President Bush poorly doesn’t make it the Democrats’ ally.
… For six months after 9/11, CIA mandarins reeled, expecting heads to roll. When this didn’t happen, the window closed, and the bureaucracy roared back with full-throated confidence, strengthened with billions of dollars in additional funding.
… The CIA has never suffered the consequences of its failure to perform. No manager has ever been demoted, no change has occurred.

The CIA should be dismantled and its parts assigned to functioning organizations. The clandestine service should be placed under the control of the U.S. military. Because the military is subject to the consequences of its actions, it is an efficient and accountable organization. Domestic CIA activities should be placed under the FBI, and embassy and diplomatic functions should be placed under the State Department.

Morale will improve for the people who matter. The CIA’s patriotic and talented employees will welcome reform that leads to production of real intelligence. They are hungry for leadership and eager to defend America.

Morale will not improve, however, for top bureaucrats loyal only to the CIA’s way of life. Also unhappy will be the CIA’s press allies whose careers have benefited from illegal leaks. The intelligence-industrial complex of private companies which has grown wealthy on lucrative CIA contracts will also be disappointed.

Creation of the DNI position meant the addition of layers of management on top of the CIA, which was already strangled by too many layers of management. The DNI staff has now grown into the thousands, and like CIA managers, they squabble over turf and money but conduct no espionage. If just a few of these people were assigned as espionage officers to foreign countries, America would be a safer place.”

Democrats are so eaten up with Political Correctness that one CIA insider was already rejected for this job. Even though he opposed Bush’s alleged “””torture”””, he was tainted because he supported warrantless searches and renditions–nevermind that they were Bill Clinton’s Executive Order-warrantless searches and Al Gore’s “grab his ass!”-renditions. Defending your country is a disqualifier to these Democrats. They’ll spy on Joe the Plumber, but Joe the Terrorist is off limits!

Before the holidays, Dick Cheney noted that all the Democrat leadership were informed of our waterboarding and wiretapping–and all of them approved. Some were even concerned our methods did not go far enough. Not one Democrat spoke up to contradict the vice-president–they know he has the transcripts.

So if Bush and Cheney are “””war criminals”””, then so is the entire Democrat leadership–or are they just going to claim they were ‘good Germans,’ following orders? Nuremberg Nancy had better keep the grandstanding to a minimum.

And Leon Panetta is the guy to fix all this? Col. Peters is certainly not impressed.

Me, I don’t know. I’m just a guy who thinks all of our spies–and Democrats, too–should be on America’s side, not on their own.

It’s crazy, I know. Sorry, Chief.


2 thoughts on ““The name’s Panetta…Leon Panetta.”

  1. Why would you expect this new regime to install anything but a drip-dry empty suit or worse as CIA head? It’s not like the big bubble is surrounding himself with stellar competency. Just a froth of lesser bubbles.


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