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To dine with the devil

Don’t do it, Donald. Just don’t do it.

President-elect Donald Trump invited former failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to dinner as he is considering the former Massachusetts governor for a position in his administration.

The pair was joined by Trump’s chief of staff pick, Reince Priebus.

It remains unclear whether Romney will serve in Trump’s administration as Secretary of State, although he reportedly wants the job.

A case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, maybe? I’m willing to reserve judgment and wait and see—as I only just said, he isn’t even president yet—but dammit, I still don’t like it. Romney is the very walking, talking definition of an establishment RINO-cuck, and what Trump might imagine he brings to the table as a prospective SecState I’m sure I don’t know. Unless it would be complete puppyish obedience to the will of Da Boss, maybe.

In the end, here’s what it comes down to, seems to me: are we draining the swamp here? Or just topping it up?


When ciphers backfire

On Comey—and Her Herness:

Team Obama tabbed James Comey to the job of Director of the FBI primarily because he was harmless. Republicans had no problems with him and Democrats were not afraid of him. That’s not to say he is a crook. He’s just one of those careerists, who make a point of doing no more than the job requires. You run into these guys all over government because they never get curious and ask too many questions. Politicians love these guys because they look like Boy Scouts, but they never cause any trouble.

For most of what the FBI does, having a straitlaced guy like Comey at the top works just fine. He’s an able administrator, who will be respected by his staff for being fair and sticking to the rules. His lack of political ambition means he can get along with the rank and file. So much of what the FBI does is just process, they need process guys to make sure the processes are followed. The Bureau has not been the swashbuckling crime fighters we see in TV for generations. It’s mostly bureaucrats processing paper.

The decision to put him in the top job looked like a genius move until last week. Having a go-along-to-get-a-long guy handling the Clinton problem made it easy to push him into a favorable decision. The trouble is, he is an honest guy with a conscience and apparently his conscience finally got the better of him. The same qualities that made it easy for the politicians to push him around, made it easy for his subordinates to push him to take on the Clinton Crime Family in the most spectacular way imaginable.

My bet is more than a few people in the Obama White House are thinking they should have found a crook to put into that job. If not a crook, at least someone with ambition for a life in DC after his term at the Bureau was up. That’s the kind of guy who would look for a way to make everyone happy, because he wants friends in town, not enemies. Comey is looking a lot like a guy who will be happy to retire to some small college job teaching law, after he finishes up his public service at the Bureau.

Now the Democrats have the worst possible problem.

They surely do. They allowed one of the most corrupt humans on the planet, a woman nobody really likes (and a lot of people actively loathe, including Democrats)—someone who has fucked over and pissed off so many people (including Democrat Socialists) that even her impeccable Leftist credentials can’t buy her a living soul willing to go to the wall for her, excepting possibly Huma—to swindle her way into the nomination in an election year featuring a moribund economy, a disastrous foreign policy, and a terrorism problem she can’t even call by its proper name, trailing behind her more than three decades of corruption, misfeasance, tawdry grift, and utter cluelessness that will forever cling to her like a bad, bad stink.

As Z says, she is everything that’s wrong with politics, exacerbated by an ugly, hate-driven personality that no amount of phony can ever quite cover up. When Trump muttered “such a nasty woman” in the debate, a very large portion of the country was nodding their heads and thinking the exact same thing. And the Democrat Socialists willingly yoked themselves to her; no amount of this sort of wishful thinking is going to get that dead and stinking albatross from around their necks.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes, if you ask me.


The ever-shifting story

She “stumbled,” because she was “overheated.” Then “dehydrated”—because she refuses to drink water, except she said herself she loves the stuff and drinks it “all the time. Next up, she was “powering through,” because “that’s what women do.” And now it’s gonna be “the flu,” I guess.

Campaigning in Las Vegas, the former president said he was “glad” to sub in for the recuperating Democratic nominee and said she was “feeling great.”

“It’s a crazy time we live in where people think there’s something unusual about getting the flu,” Clinton then said. “Last time I checked, millions of people we’re getting it every year.”

A spokesman for the 42nd president quickly said Clinton misspoke.

“He clearly meant pneumonia,” Angel Urena clarified afterward.

Oh, I think we can all agree that at least there’s one thing that’s clear in all this: every single word out of the Clinton Crime Syndicate’s many mouths can be safely assumed to be a lie.

It just might be that highlighting their penchant—amounting almost to a compulsion, really—for lying about every last, least thing could do them more harm than Hillary’s incapacitating illness will in terms of acting as a disqualifying factor in the public mind. And that might even be due and proper, when all is said and done.

It’s going to be soooo nice to finally be done with these people at long, long last. Their time is indeed nigh—and it won’t be a moment too soon, either.

Update! Jeez.

As you can see from the two-page letter presented today by Hillary Clinton’s doctor, she has been diagnosed with “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia“. However, there’s a problem…

Of course there is.

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD), an ObamaCare standard, is designed code all medical diagnostics. According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as “non contagious bacterial pneumonia“.

Dr. Bardack apparently made it up.

Well, at least it did serve to defuse the notion of putting a small child at risk by exposing her sick self to her for a propaganda photo-op immediately after her latest collapse, among those gullible enough to believe such a transparent attempt at deception. Dr Milton Wolf hilariously points something else out:

When speaking of Clinton sleaze, skullduggery, and dishonesty, it simply is not possible to exaggerate.



Okay, I know I mentioned my personal favorite of the Hildebeest revelations yesterday and all. But that one has now been supplanted, by this:

9. Clinton feared her email had been hacked
Clinton was worried that someone was hacking into her email because she once received an email from an unknown person that contained a link to pornographic material. So yes, someone sent the secretary of state porn.

No mention of the particular genre involved, but I think we can all safely make certain assumptions here. Although the thought of Hillary! sitting at the computer in a darkened room late at night getting her perv on is not one that bears a whole lot of pondering.

(Via Insty)


I for one welcome our new Muslim overlords

Glenn says, “WHEN HISTORIANS WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA IN THE 21ST CENTURY, they should start here.” And, well, yeah.

After we published the review, we heard from Latinx readers who believe the portrayal of Salma Hayek’s taco was racist and that it reinforced harmful stereotypes. We heard from readers who were upset that we labeled the taco a lesbian when it seems more likely that she was bisexual. We heard from readers who questioned the consent of the sexual encounter between the taco and the hot dog bun. We heard from readers who found the taco to be a damaging portrayal of a predatory queer woman.

There are several reasons I should have listened to the alarm bells of unease I felt about the Sausage Party review. First and most damning: we allowed a non-Latina writer to cover a story about a caricature of a Latina, and while the review didn’t specifically mention the film’s stereotyping, by praising the film as a positive portrayal of a queer Latina, we allowed a white writer to, in effect, condone that stereotyping. Second, when I was looking for reviews, I trusted the opinion of mainstream newspapers and websites and didn’t specifically seek out reviews written by women of color, generally; or Latina women, specifically. Furthermore, if the review had been written by a staff writer we would’ve talked it out with the writer in Slack if we had concerns and asked them more questions. Since the writer was a freelancer, we chose not to reach out to ask follow up questions over email; instead, we plowed forward for the sake of a time-sensitive article. Third, we did not consult with our full team to see if anyone had heard anything positive or negative about the film’s portrayal of a queer Latina character. And finally, we put the burden on Yvonne of being the conscience and voice for all queer Latina women.

I want to personally apologize to every reader who was hurt by the Sausage Party review. I failed you as a senior editor of this website and I failed you as an ally. I am wholly sorry for the pain and anger I caused you. I offer you no justification. I was blinded by my own whiteness existing inside a system of white supremacy. I must do better. I will do better. 

And my stomach wasn’t strong enough to get any further. All I can really say is that sometimes I feel that the day the Muslims finally conquer us for good and take over can’t come soon enough. Being forced into a burkha and utterly subjugated in all respects would do these precious, twee PC idiots a world of good. Let the beheadings begin!


Rule of law?

In THIS third-rate oligarchy? Don’t make me laugh.

And so once again the leading crime family in America skates, thumbing its nose at the rule of law as an earnest but politically clueless FBI director stands before the nation to repeat the well-worn Clinton mantra of “insufficient evidence,” and to attribute to Hillary another shopworn cliche that the Clintons habitually use in their defense: sloppiness.

In other words, it was a judgment call by James Comey. After laying out clear proof that Mrs. Clinton violated both the letter and the spirit of the law, he essentially punted by saying this is not the kind of case a reasonable prosecutor would make. Of course it isn’t — not if that prosecutor wants to both keep his job and stay above ground. As a moral failure, Comey even surpassed the supine John Roberts, who twice turned down an opportunity to put a stake through Obamacare’s black heart thereby inflicting it upon the American people with the patina of “settled law.”

But Comey had a bigger task: to prevent the nomination of a woman manifestly unsuited to the highest office in the land; a woman of no accomplishment except her sham marriage to a former president (himself impeached, disgraced and disbarred); a woman of Saul Alinsky levels of malevolence toward the nation as founded; and a woman whose candidacy would shame a banana republic in its sheer effrontery.

Ummm…no. Comey’s task was to prevent the First Woman President from being indicted, and he knew that quite well, thanks. He knew his job, and he did it, to the complete satisfaction of his real bosses. Who, y’know, ain’t us, the “public” he supposedly “serves.”

Hence the setup campaign we all just witnessed. The “accidental” meeting on a Phoenix tarmac last week between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton — an outrageous moral violation of the legal system. Lynch’s bold words that she would “accept” the FBI’s recommendations. The FBI’s sudden “invitation” on Saturday to Mrs. Clinton to “voluntarily” submit to examination. Hillary and Obama, all smiles, outcampaigning together this very day. The events of the past week would give any rational person sufficient grounds to believe that the fix was in, and has been all along.

The fix WAS in, right from the start. Some of us knew it all along, because we understand full well what kind of country this really is, and what kind of government we’re subjects of. We expected no more than the slap in the face we just got, the arrogant and scornful insult to any reasonable concept of justice just delivered by “our” government. We’re not clinging to some sweet pipe dream of “democracy” and “liberty” and “the Constitution,” and have no illusions about what relationship those reassuring fantasies have to current reality.

In failing to find sufficient evidence of a crime big enough to derail Hillary’s candidacy, Comey missed the chance to take down the far larger racket that’s strangling America. Dewey succeeded because he was ruthless, euchring Lepke into an electric chair bounce by convincing him to surrender to J. Edgar Hoover personally on federal narcotics charges. But Hoover double-crossed the murderer and turned him over to New York State, which fried him in Old Sparky on a murder beef.

I’ll leave it to others to sort out the electoral ramifications of today’s news, but in the end it’s not going to make a whit of difference. Hillary now cruises to her nomination, taps into the Obama network, and flounces around the country shouting to her true believers that this was just another trumped-up indignity at the hands of the Rethuglican attack machine. She will say — a lie, but she will say it — that she’s now been cleared by the FBI. Who cares that Comey essentially said this woman should never be allowed near a security clearance again; after all, if and when she’s president, she won’t need one.

It doesn’t matter how hard the FBI worked, or how diligent their work was. It doesn’t matter that they sleuthed or sussed out hidden, fragmentary, lost or concealed Clinton emails. It doesn’t matter how they arrived at their conclusion to do nothing.  All that matters is that they did nothing.

All that REALLY matters—to them, anyway—is the maintenance of the status quo, and of the unquestioned and unchecked power of the ruling class. Comey knew this. He acted on it, for the preservation not of some fantasy concept of “the republic” or “justice,” but of the ongoing privilege of the people who write his checks. All of which renders Andrew McCarthy’s bafflement the more achingly ludicrous:

There is no way of getting around this: According to Director James Comey (disclosure: a former colleague and longtime friend of mine), Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation of Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust. Director Comey even conceded that former Secretary Clinton was “extremely careless” and strongly suggested that her recklessness very likely led to communications (her own and those she corresponded with) being intercepted by foreign intelligence services.

Yet, Director Comey recommended against prosecution of the law violations he clearly found on the ground that there was no intent to harm the United States.

I think highly of Jim Comey personally and professionally, but this makes no sense to me.

There’s a reason for that: it’s because you think highly of Jim Comey personally and professionally. If you saw Jim Comey for what he so clearly is—what his actions confirm him to be—there’d be no confusion on your part, and it would all make perfect sense. Jim Comey’s seemingly inexplicable actions to shield Hillary from justice demonstrate that he’s nothing more than a wholly corrupt agent of a wholly corrupt government—one that has no legitimacy, no Constitutional underpinning, and no just claim on the allegiance of a free and self-respecting people.

That may be a painful admission for a man of integrity to make, particularly one whose whole career has been spent supporting a debased and depraved system which at this point is little more than a diseased, scabrous parody of Constitutional government. But admit it you must…or remain “confused” about things that are incandescently obvious to everyone else. And sooner or later, admit it you will. All of us will in the end. We’ll be forced to; there’s simply no way to maintain a cognitive dissonance that deep, penetrating, and resonant forever. Not and remain sane, there isn’t.

For those of you who still don’t get it, I’ll let Zman give you the crip course:

Most everyone reading this is bright enough to know that America was never intended to be a democracy and it is not a democracy today. The Founders imagined a republic composed of sovereign states that would do the bulk of the governing. The Civil War obliterated the sovereignty of the states, thus allowing the Federal government to assume most of the governing. Our state governments perform administrative tasks on behalf of the Federal government, often financed by Federal tax dollars.

It’s tempting to think America is on a long path toward Caesarism, where the institutions of republican government are hollowed out as power is transferred into the hands of an authoritarian. The trouble with that is the modern nation state is too complicated for that sort of autocratic rule. The nation state is a vast bureaucracy today with a semi-permanent staff loyal only to the bureaucracy. They take direction from the executive, but the scope of the government is too massive to control in a fine detail way.

Consider some numbers from the US government. Health and Human Services has about 150 employees who report directly to the president. These are appointees usually brought in the by the Secretary of HHS. The department has 78,000 employees that are civil servants. Most of what HHS does on a daily basis is unknown to the White House staff. Most of it is unknown to bureaucracy itself. An organization of that scale and permanence takes on a life of its own. It’s a giant blob that absorbs what it touches.

This is why we have elections and not much changes. The rhetoric changes and maybe the way the bureaucracy is sold to the public changes a bit. Otherwise, the only thing that changes is the overall size of the state. It always gets bigger. 50 years ago the Feds spent about $4500 per citizen and today they spend close to three times that. This is in inflation adjusted dollars. That’s a lot of elections with nothing ever changing, suggesting something else determines the size and scope of the state.

A better way to think of the modern nation state is as a corporation. The modern publicly traded corporation is setup to profit the owners, who are the stockholders. The people running the corporation, the CEO, the CFO, the senior managers and so forth, are put in place to run the enterprise in the interests of the owners. You, as a stockholder in Apple, want to see the company make money so your stock goes up in value. You don’t get to set company policy, but you have a vote at a shareholder meeting.

Now, the major stock holders have some say in the management of the firm. These are the people who sit on the board and decide who is put in as a CEO or push for a shakeup of the management team when necessary.They are not running the daily operations, but they get to decide who is running the daily operations. Like the small stockholders, they want to see profit so presumably they have the same interests as those small shareholders.Sometimes they have other motives, which are at odds with the shareholders.

The voters of countries are the small shareholders. They have some say in things, but only at the fringes. When the board puts up two candidates for the CEO position, the voters get some input on which one gets the job, but usually both choices are offering the same thing. Whenever there is a shareholder revolt and an alternative option is presented, the members of the board close ranks to fight it. They do this to protect their prerogatives as major shareholders. Even if the people are right, they cannot be allowed to dictate policy to management, much less the board. After all, the corporation is not a democracy.

That’s the state of the West.

All of which makes this country the perfect embodiment of a certain ideal: not of democracy, not of government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” not of a representative republic. None of those. The word you’re looking for here, the ideal we have at long last achieved to the smallest detail and in every way that matters, is fascism.

Deal with it.


Enter the dragon!

Oh good Lord.

I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind and embracing my most natural self awareness as a mythical beast. As for pronouns I prefer to be called “it” and not be referred to as a she or a her. WELCOME TO OBLIVION!

Well, clearly, we need to get busy upending and transforming the entire society in deference to this poor, depraved sicko’s twisted dementia, then.

Yes, there are pictures.

Maybe somebody ought to enlighten PayPal and others as to how the Muslim (and commie) world they’re so eager to do business in would deal with this pathetic schmuck.


May he burn for a thousand years

And once again, my philosophical objection to the death penalty is, shall we say, severely tested.

A Michigan man has pleaded guilty to raping an 18-month-old girl and recording the act to sell to other child molesters, including his older brother, reports say.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Eric Devin Masters, 29, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Kent County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Masters is already in jail serving a 50-year sentence for a previous charge of exploiting children. Investigators learned of the rape of the toddler during that investigation.

In the previous trial, Masters was found guilty of exploiting, raping, and making still and video images of a number of children between 2010 and 2012. In particular was a video made of his rape of a small girl on Christmas Day in 2011, on Masters’s birthday.

My God. This isn’t anything resembling a man we’re talking about here; he’s a monster, plain and simple. Someone should have just cut his throat long ago, and to Hell with him. If the state of Michigan is seeking volunteers for the job, consider my hand as being in the air, and waving eagerly.


They’re not listening

Steyn, correct yet again.

According to exit polls, in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, two out of three GOP voters favor Trump’s proposed temporary ban on all Muslim immigration – despite the universal reaction from the massed ranks of the politico-media class that this time he’d really gone too far. In other words, as I said all those months ago, it’s the old Broadway saw: Nobody likes it but the public.

The only reason any pollster is even asking this question is because Donald Trump proposed it. As those numbers suggest, any of Trump’s rivals could have helped themselves by “stealing his issue”. And yet no other candidate has gone anywhere near it – or anything like it. Perhaps one reason why American elections have the lowest voter participation rate of almost any developed nation is because the political class mostly seems to be talking about its own peculiar preoccupations. Consider this astute observation by Steve Sailer:

American citizens have turned in large numbers to old-white-guy candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. For all their differences, both give the impression that they are running for president of the United States, not president of Davos.

I live in northern New Hampshire, where every town that isn’t a ski resort is dead. They were pleasant, sleepy places in genteel decline 20 years ago. Now they’re hollowed out by heroin and meth, and offering no economic opportunity beyond casual shifts at the KwikkiKrap. And when you listen to the Dems they’re worried about micro-aggressions and transphobia and when you listen to Congressional Republicans they’re talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The two-party one-party state has nothing to say to tens of millions of Americans.

What the hell, as long as the suckers keep on coughing up on Tax Day every year and don’t notice where it’s all going, the Ruling Class is fine with that. Meanwhile, on the Democrat Socialist side:

She was the first First Lady to be turned publicly into the First Doormat. And, because of that, Democrats felt sorry enough for her to give her a Senate seat in a state she’d never lived in. She accomplished nothing as senator but felt she was owed the presidency. This time Democrats felt that was a consolation prize too far and went for a more glamorous and seductive rival. This time the consolation prize was responsibility for America’s foreign relations. Again she accomplished nothing: She traveled while the world burned. Everywhere is worse than it was in 2008: Iraq, Libya, Syria… Afterwards, she joined her husband in massively enriching herself by giving six- and seven-figure speeches to those who understand that, while you can never really own a Clinton, you can put down a deposit for services to be rendered. She became a senator, a presidential candidate, a secretary of state because she was Mrs William Jefferson Clinton – and her sense of entitlement was such that she never felt obligated to make anything of the job other than using it as a springboard for personal enrichment.

And even then it need not have mattered had her campaign had a rationale other than her curious belief that somehow she’s entitled to be president.

By contrast, Bernie is all policy. Lunatic policy to be sure, but policy nevertheless. Hillary is nothing but “I’ll never stop fighting for you”. She has no platform. Nothing. Its vapidity is encapsulated by her pledge to the young voters who have abandoned her all but totally – that even though they aren’t there for her she will always be there for them. You can almost hear the snorts of derision in response.

She’ll always be there: That’s the problem.

It surely is. Apparently, they ALL will, Republicrat and Demican alike. Like cockroaches, you can’t get rid of them by negotiation or even threats; you have to fumigate the joint now and then, as Jefferson recommended. Even then, they’ll just come back again unless you keep your eyes peeled and stomp ’em whenever you see ’em. The Jefferson quote I’m thinking of? Oh, you know it already, but it’s always worth tossing out there again:

Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusetts? And can history produce an instance of rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, & always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independent 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

Oh, how far we’ve “progressed” since then. Can anyone even imagine such a rebellion a-fomenting in Massachusetts now, in the era of “Boston ‘Strong,'” no matter the severity and audaciousness of the provocation? If so, you’re a more fanciful and, umm, visionary person than I’ll ever be.

UNEXPECTED update! Peggy Noonan, of all people, for the most part getting it:

I have thought for some time that there’s a kind of soft French Revolution going on in America, with the angry and blocked beginning to push hard against an oblivious elite. It is not only political. Yes, it is about the Democratic National Committee, that house of hacks, and about a Republican establishment owned by the donor class. But establishment journalism, which for eight months has been simultaneously at Donald Trump’s feet (“Of course you can call us on your cell from the bathtub for your Sunday show interview!”) and at his throat (“Trump supporters, many of whom are nativists and nationalists . . .”) is being rebelled against too. Their old standing as guides and gatekeepers? Gone, and not only because of multiplying platforms. Gloria Steinem thought she owned feminism, thought she was feminism. She doesn’t and isn’t. The Clintons thought they owned the party—they don’t. Hedge-funders thought they owned the GOP. Too bad they forgot to buy the base!

All this goes hand in hand with the general decline of America’s faith in its institutions. We feel less respect for almost all of them—the church, the professions, the presidency, the Supreme Court. The only formal national institution that continues to score high in terms of public respect (72% in the most recent Gallup poll) is the military.

The mainstream journalistic mantra is that the GOP is succumbing to nativism, nationalism and the culture of celebrity. That allows them to avoid taking seriously Mr. Trump’s issues: illegal immigration and Washington’s 15-year, bipartisan refusal to stop it; political correctness and how it is strangling a free people; and trade policies that have left the American working class displaced, adrift and denigrated. Mr. Trump’s popularity is propelled by those issues and enabled by his celebrity.

In winning, Donald Trump threw over the GOP donor class. Political professionals don’t fully appreciate that, but normal Americans see it. They get that the guy with money just slapped silly the guys with money. Every hedge-fund billionaire donor should be blinking in pain. Some investment!

This leads me to Citizens United. Conservatives applauded that Supreme Court decision because it allowed Republicans to counter the effect of union money that goes to Democrats. But Citizens United gave the rich too much sway in the GOP. The party was better off when it relied on Main Street. It meant they had to talk to Main Street.

How ironic that, by refusing to listen, the Party establishment has now found that its dissatisfied but formerly docile base is no longer listening to them, either. As Noonan says:

Anyway, we are in some kind of moment. Congratulations to the establishments of both parties for getting us here. They are the authors of the rebellion; they are a prime thing being rebelled against.

Precisely so.


Begone, wretched shrew, and trouble us no more!

I’m pretty bored with the whole mess already, but this is absolutely delicious.

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Both Hillary and Bill Clinton knew she would lose here — but not by this much.

Now, after a drubbing so serious as to call into question every aspect of her campaign from her data operation to her message, the wounded front-runner and her allies are actively preparing to retool their campaign, according to Clinton allies.

Staffing and strategy will be reassessed. The message, which so spectacularly failed in New Hampshire where she was trailing by 21 points when she appeared before her supporters to concede to Sanders, is also going to be reworked – with race at the center of it.

Of course. All the same, the sight of this vile, vicious, power-grubbing harridan going down in the most ignominious of defeats is a delightful one. I’m sure there will be a place found for her in the Sanders administration, but the dream of the loathsome Clintons finally shuffling off to Buffalo for good is surely a sweet one for now. This desperate flailing is kind of amusing in its way, too:

In her concession speech, which she gave about 30 minutes after the polls closed with Chelsea and Bill Clinton standing behind her, Clinton began to preview that new message — framing her remarks around a call for human rights and an end to discrimination.

“Where people are held back by injustice anywhere in America, that demands action,” she said. “We also have to break through the barriers of bigotry.” She added that “immigrant families shouldn’t have to lie awake at night listening for a knock at the door.”

Well, immigrant families don’t, actually, or not any more than the rest of us. Just the illegal ones–and them, not very much. Nice try, though.

But the Clinton campaign chose to invest heavily here. They had more than 50 staffers on the ground for months, 11 field offices and eight “get out the vote” centers. The campaign said more than 10,000 volunteers took part in the campaign.

And as the days grew closer to the voting, with Clinton still trailing Sanders by large margins in the polls, friends tried to comfort themselves and the candidate by telling her she ran the best campaign she could have.

Well, actually, I’d have to say that’s true.

And Democrats criticized the Clinton campaign’s response to Sanders’ surge.

“Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright are not going to appeal to millennial women,” said Marist pollster Lee Miringoff, referring to two Clinton surrogates who appeared to try and shame young women who are supporting Sanders into backing Clinton while campaigning in New Hampshire. “Bill Clinton lacing into Bernie Sanders isn’t going to work, either. People want inspiration and Bernie Sanders makes the case that his campaign is about big ideas. If you want to talk to young voters, political revolution up against incremental change is a tough case to make.”

The simple truth is, I think, that after eight years’ worth of the pure, blushful Leftist hippocrene from Ogabe, nobody really needs or wants the sour old Clinton-triangulation pisswater anymore. As Left as she and Bill always were (but pretended not to be), she’s never gonna out-Left Sanders, any more than she could Obama. And given how far Left the country itself has lurched by now…well, I repeat: who needs her?

I hereby retract my prediction from long months ago that she’d be the next president. She just ain’t got it.

She got schlonged update! Hilarious.


Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t do anything…become our rulers

Feel the Bern, Bernie.

Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to run your life and your finances — “We will raise taxes;” he confirmed Monday, “yes, we will.”

Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail. “He was a shi**y carpenter,” a friend told Politico Magazine. “His carpentry was not going to support him, and didn’t.”

Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “masturbation and rape” and other crudities for $50 a story. He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was “always poor” and his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.

The only thing he was good at was talking…non-stop…about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off. “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,” the bitter layabout said. “I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

He finally wormed his way into the Senate in 2006, where he still ranks as one of the poorest members of Congress. Save for a municipal pension, Sanders lists no assets in his name. All the assets provided in his financial disclosure form are his second wife’s. He does, however, have as much as $65,000 in credit-card debt.

Sure, Sanders may not be a hypocrite, but this is nothing to brag about. His worthless background contrasts sharply with the successful careers of other “outsiders” in the race for the White House, including a billionaire developer, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and a Fortune 500 CEO.

The choice in this election is shaping up to be a very clear one. It will likely boil down to a battle between those who create and produce wealth, and those who take it and redistribute it.

Doesn’t it always, now that the Democratic Party has morphed into the antithesis of American ideals as the Democrat Socialist Party, flexing its grotesquely overdeveloped Left-side muscles while its Right ones wither away?

This is the quality of person in “leadership” you get when you allow the rise of a permanent career-politician class against the direct admonition of the Founders, feeding off the people who actually do useful things for a living like half-starved vampires. Sanders might be one of the more egregious examples–a man who has never created or accomplished a single worthwhile thing his entire life, like the slug-a-bed currently befouling the Oval Office when he’s not on the golf course–but he’s far from the only one.

Funny how fond he is of sniffing the rich bouquet of his own yammerhead bullshit about the rich “ripping us off,” when he’s made a career out of exactly that: eking out his living from doing nothing more than running his mouth and lecturing the rest of us on how we ought to manage our lives, and actually having the gall to attempt it from the very seat of government. For certain values of the word “funny,” that is. Balls the size of church bells, indeed.

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For certain definitions of the term. Specifically, the one that implies defeat, humiliation, and disgrace.

Within hours of releasing 10 U.S. sailors who apparently had drifted into their territorial waters, the Iranian government was using footage from the incident as a propaganda tool – including images of sailors on their knees with their hands behind their heads and a video showing a sailor apologizing.

“It was a mistake. That was our fault. And we apologize for our mistake,” the sailor said, in a brief state TV clip posted on Twitter by a journalist with Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

Secretary of State John Kerry and others have cited the peaceful resolution as a “testament” to diplomacy and the new U.S.-Iran relationship, as they welcome Iran into the “community of nations.”

Well, it’s a testament to something, all right.

In response, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Wednesday that the department would assess whether the video is authentic. He noted images of prisoners are not supposed to be shown under the terms of the Geneva Convention.

We’re going to have to apologize again for suggesting that.

Speaking with Fox News earlier Wednesday, a U.S. defense official could not completely rule out an apology at lower levels.

“If I say no and some iPhone video emerges from Iran with a 20-year-old sailor apologizing, I will look silly,” the official said.

And so you do.

However, a senior State Department official told Fox News that there was “no apology from Kerry” to the Iranians.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also said Wednesday that a formal apology never occurred, and he wasn’t aware that one was ever even discussed. 

Now that right there is a Profile In Courage, folks. Earnest knows full well that A) he’s lying, even as the falsehoods roll trippingly off his forked tongue, and B) our Iranian overlords will doubtless demand a reckoning for this outrageous attempt at diminishing their stunning victory over the Weakest Powerful Nation In The World. Possibly by “rescuing” more stranded American sailors and humiliating them with more internationally-disseminated surrender/apology video, possibly by removing Earnest’s head from his body and dragging his flayed corpse around the White House behind a rusty pickup truck, baying and yodeling the whole while. Either way, a lesser man wouldn’t have risked offending his bosses this way. Hats off to Earnest for his sheer unstinting boldness here. By Allah’s beard, he’s an example to us all.

According to a senior State Department official, the department first learned of the incident Tuesday at noon. Kerry spoke at least five times with his Iranian counterpart to secure beg for the release of the crew.

Fixed it for ya to reflect what really happened.

According to the official, Kerry told the foreign minister, “If we were able to do this, we will make this into a good story.”

And so they have, no matter how much they had to doctor the ugly truth: that a supine, cowardly, weak US now deals with nearly 40 years of provocation, murder, and outright acts of war against us by a hostile sovereign nation by begging, apologizing, and pleading from its trembling knees.

This is known as “Smart Power.”

What a pathetic joke. What an utter fucking disgrace.

Update! They’re too stupid to know how completely they–and we–were just humiliated by a pipsqueak dirtball of a nation.

The Iranian humiliation of Barack Obama is now complete. Operation Whatever-The-Farsi-Word-Is-For-BOHICA was a success. This was no friendly maritime assist from an American ally. It was a coordinated public relations coup from a violent regime that wished to humiliate the very president who in just days will bless the transfer of tens of billions of dollars to the terrorists in charge of Iran’s government.

The Obama administration told us it was just two friendly countries helping each other with a broken boat. The Obama administration told us there was no “hostile intent.” The Obama administration told us no apology was demanded.

None of it was true. Our military personnel were captured, forced to surrender on their knees, and photographed. Their images were then broadcast to the world on Wednesday morning by the Iranian regime, a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions. The American woman who was captured was forced to submit to Islamic law and don a hijab. State-run Iranian media announced that the whole affair was meant to be a “lesson” to “troublemakers” in the U.S. Congress.

And the presidential administration of Barack Obama went right along with the whole charade.

It wasn’t enough to make him bow down. Iran wanted Obama on his knees. Iran wanted him and the country he governs humiliated before a global audience.

Unfortunately, Iran got exactly what it wanted. The Iranian humiliation of Barack Obama is now complete.

Davis is being entirely too kind to the rest of us by insisting that it was Obama who was shamed here. America allowed this disgusting pissant to ever con his way into high office in the first place. Twice. This disgrace is by no means Obama’s alone. Millions of Americans share fully in it–millions–for allowing themselves to be taken in by such a miserable worm as he. No distinction should be made between the cringing cur and those who, even after as mortifying a spectacle as this, still support him. You can bet the Iranians won’t waste a second splitting hairs that finely–and nor will the rest of the world.

The upstarts just tweaked the nose of the giant yet again–hard–with absolutely no adverse consequences. They’ve been doing it for forty years. They’re going to go right on doing it. We’ll never respond appropriately, in a way that might actually put a stop to it, no matter how abjectly we end up debased by them. It’s now officially been declared open season on Americans, all over the world, and you needn’t kid yourselves that our enemies will hesitate to take full advantage of it.

Tell me again all about how we’re the “world’s lone superpower,” the “strongest nation on earth,” the “home of the brave.” Do it up right: put on a pair of big, floppy ears and a long swishy tail, prancing and braying like a jackass while you do it. Then get real busy forgetting it ever happened–why, in two weeks it’ll be almost as if it never did.


Overview update! Steyn sees the bigger picture:

There’s no point pretending the illegal seizure and release of America’s sailors is anything other a huge propaganda victory for Iran – and a humiliation for the United States. Insofar as there was a strategic calculation behind Obama’s outreach to the mullahs, it was that the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions would incentivize the Islamic Republic to start behaving like any other house-trained member of the community of nations. In other words, they’d stop pulling this stuff.

Secretary Kerry:

I’m appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the Iranian authorities… and I think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago.

We don’t have to imagine how a similar situation might have played out, you botoxicated buffoon, because it’s played out before, with mind-numbing regularity. This time round they seized ten US sailors. Nine years ago they seized 15 Royal Navy sailors and Royal Marines. One of the Brits was of the female persuasion. Here’s what I wrote in 2007:

The token gal was dressed up as an Islamic woman…

Does that sound familiar? Why, golly, here we are in 2016, and this time round the token US gal was also made to wear a hijab.

I wonder what other videos Iran took. With the British hostages, I recall they mocked one of the lads because he reminded them of Mister Bean. I’m not sure that’s specifically mentioned in the Geneva Conventions, but I reiterate my point: The ayatollahs can’t – yet – beat our tanks and planes, so they pick battlefields where they can win, very easily. We should know that by now, and train our guys to act accordingly.

In fact, the Iranians are doing exactly what they’ve always done. They got their nuclear deal, and it’s business as usual. The only difference is that, a decade ago, they did it to America’s allies but they never quite dared to do it to America itself.

Now they do.

And will go right on doing it.

None but a purblind masochist would serve in the armed forces under such feckless leadership as this, where loyalty only goes one way and honor is nothing but an empty word to be used in lying, propagandistic speeches–where you must expect to be abused and humiliated by enemies, or sent to die a coward’s meaningless death, never to be properly and honorably avenged, in a pointless conflict waged by civilian superiors who have no clue what victory will consist of, a deep distaste for what it will require, and no intention of pursuing it anyway. None but a delusional fool could see this as anything other than what it is: another in an incredibly long chain of resounding, disgraceful defeats whose consequences will be as far-reaching as they are devastating.

If you’re a soldier serving under the stained, washed-out colors of Amerika v2.0, you should expect sooner or later to spend a fair amount of time on your knees, your hands locked behind your head, begging for mercy from your barbarian vanquishers and apologizing to them on video so that the world will see just what kind of nation you’re fighting for. If you’re a female, you can expect to be forced into the degradation of wearing the hijab at the very least, very likely to be sexually assaulted into the bargain. I’m deeply sorry to have to say it–believe me, I am, and angry as hell about it too–but that’s the long and short of it. You may deserve better, but we don’t have any “better” left to offer. To restate and rephrase Davis’s assertion above, our humiliation is complete.

Devil in the details update! Bracken has ’em:

I rarely pull out my dusty old trident, but in this case, here goes. I was a Navy SEAL officer in the 1980s, and this kind of operation (transiting small boats in foreign waters) was our bread and butter. Today, these boats both not only had radar, but multiple GPS devices, including chart plotters that place your boat’s icon right on the chart. The claim by Iran that the USN boats “strayed into Iranian waters” is complete bull$#it.

For an open-water transit between nations, the course is studied and planned in advance by the leaders of the Riverine Squadron, with specific attention given to staying wide and clear of any hostile nation’s claimed territorial waters. The boats are given a complete mechanical check before departure, and they have sufficient fuel to accomplish their mission plus extra. If, for some unexplainable and rare circumstance one boat broke down, the other would tow it, that’s why two boats go on these trips and not one! It’s called “self-rescue” and it’s SOP.

This entire situation is in my area of expertise. I can state with complete confidence that both Iran and our own State Department are lying. The boats did not enter Iranian waters. They were overtaken in international waters by Iranian patrol boats that were so superior in both speed and firepower that it became a “hands up!” situation, with automatic cannons in the 40mm to 76mm range pointed at them point-blank. Surrender, hands up, or be blown out of the water. I assume that the Iranians had an English speaker on a loudspeaker to make the demand. This takedown was no accident or coincidence, it was a planned slap across America’s face.

Well, you know Obama, devout Christian that he is, was only too happy to turn the other cheek to ’em. And he’ll go right on doing it until he’s run out of cheeks. He only has 300-some-odd million pairs to go.


Own it

Assigning blame for Lena Dunham.

You look at this squirrelly self-satisfied jelly roll and her mediocre talent and her bold literary tales of fingering her little sister and wonder who the hell is backing her? It’s New York. In certain parts of the city, the parts that matter in terms of media influence, she is invoked like Jesus at a Huckabee family reunion. New Yorkers love to hype their multicultural international immigrant United Colors of Benetton We Pals PBS melting pot. It’s all bullshit. New York is a roughly assembled federation of disparate clans the whitest and most assuredly self-righteous among them adoring Lena Dunham as cutting edge and fresh. Smell her. That’s not fresh.

Rancid, more like, and well past its sell-by date. If you have a strong stomach, go scope the pic of the disgusting slob and contemplate for a moment that she is exactly what Peak Progressivism looks like.


Just sick

Wow. Just…wow.

Joe Biden has been making his 2016 deliberations all about his late son since August.

Aug. 1, to be exact — the day renowned Hillary Clinton-critic Maureen Dowd published a column that marked a turning point in the presidential speculation.

According to multiple sources, it was Biden himself who talked to her, painting a tragic portrait of a dying son, Beau’s face partially paralyzed, sitting his father down and trying to make him promise to run for president because “the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.”

It was no coincidence that the preliminary pieces around a prospective campaign started moving right after that column. People read Dowd and started reaching out, those around the vice president would say by way of defensive explanation. He was just answering the phone and listening.

But in truth, Biden had effectively placed an ad in The New York Times, asking them to call.

Before that moment and since, Biden has told the Beau story to others. Sometimes details change — the setting, the exact words. The version he gave Dowd delivered the strongest punch to the gut, making the clearest swipe at Clinton by enshrining the idea of a campaign against her in the words of a son so beloved nationally that his advice is now beyond politics. This campaign wouldn’t be about her or her email controversy, the story suggests, but connected to righteousness on some higher plane.

Biden has portrayed his decision about a 2016 run as purely emotional, a question of whether he and has family have the strength. That’s a big part of it. But it’s not all of it.

Now you guys know by now that I yield to just about no one when it comes to the depth of my cynicism about politics, and especially American politicians, and most especially Democrat Socialist ones. But I have to confess that even I’m stunned by this.

This goes way beyond creepy. It goes beyond calculating, crass, or sleazy. It goes far, far beyond ugly. It is hideous, and revolting. For Biden to even dream of crawling up on his dead son’s grave to use him as a springboard for his own personal ambition is grotesque. It is monstrous. It is despicable. If Biden’s son actually said it, he should have kept it to himself. But with Biden, there has to be substantial doubt that he ever even said it:

Biden’s “Uncle Joe” schtick is designed to camouflage the career politician inside who has no qualms about lying to further his own ambitions. You know, the man who plagiarized his law review comment and falsely claims that he played college football, graduated in the top half of his law school class (he was 76 out of 85), had a blue collar upbringing, that his first wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver (there is no evidence the driver was drunk), and that he was a skeptic of the Iran nuclear deal.

Biden has displayed, over a long period of time, a near-pathological propensity to lie in order to aggrandize himself. That he would “embellish” the story of his dying son’s last words–and plant the story himself with the New York Times–is just another example of this pattern.

Supporting links provided in Elizabeth’s post, if you were unaware of any of those past examples of Biden sleaze and raw, sordid dishonesty.

I’ve been calling him “Greasy Joe” for years now; looks like I’m going to have to find something a good bit stronger than that. With this revelation, it would seem that he goes far beyond the banal nastiness of ordinary politicians and stands unrivaled, in a class all his own. Which really is saying something. Those of us who were kind of surprised at Ogabe picking him as second banana in his ruling junta must now acknowledge that he just might have been the perfect choice after all.

“Biden values”? If this is an example of them, we’d be far better off purging ourselves of them, to the last man among us, by any means necessary. As quickly and completely as possible.

In a saner system, such all-consuming lust for power and self-aggrandizement would be an automatic disqualifier for high office. In ours, it seems to be more along the lines of a prerequisite. I don’t know if it says more about them or about us, but it says nothing good whatsoever. The odor of rot and corruption wafting up from around the Potomac–and Joe Biden’s vicinity especially–is now so powerful as to not only leave a noticeable funk, but an actual slimy film.



Barbaric mental disorder: it’s not just for Moslems anymore.

Two sisters who have been told they will be repeatedly gang-raped as a “punishment” for the crimes committed by their brother have pleaded with the Supreme Court to be protected.

The pair fled their village after an all-male council “ruled” that they should be raped, have their faces blackened and then be paraded naked because the brother eloped with a married woman from a higher caste.

The council called this an eye-for-eye form of justice.

Amnesty International, who are running a petition for the girls’ protection, said: “Unelected village councils such as this are widespread in parts of India. More often than not they are made up of older men from dominant castes, who prescribe rules for social behaviour and interaction in villages.”

I don’t care who you are, where you are, how economically successful your nation might be overall. If you live in a country where women are raped as punishment for “crimes” committed by others (which shouldn’t even be crimes in the first place) you are living in a nation of savages, barbaric by any meaningful definition of the term. Civilized nations are not bound in any way to respect your repellent, immoral, and inhuman culture, no matter how “beautiful” dumbass multiculti libtards might declare it to otherwise be. And you ought to be deeply, deeply ashamed of it.

Via Ace, who says: “What this proves to me is that Western civilization is corrupt and awful and that we have to learn to appreciate the cultural contributions of undocumented Americans living in remote Indian villages.” It would be a grim sort of poetic justice to see every spoiled Femileftist brat somehow forced to live at least one year under some of the regimes they side with against the Western culture that protects them from wet-brained troglodytism like this.


Oh, if only

I shan’t be a-holding my breath. But t’is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

It is time for Hillary Clinton to depart the political scene. She, her husband, and Princess Chelsea of Manhattan should go away, reappearing perhaps every twenty-five or thirty years in some “Where Are They Now?” piece.

Innocent until proven guilty, yes, yes, yes. That does not mean, however, that a reasonably intelligent and observant person and follower of things political and social cannot have a well-based opinion on Clinton. I, for one, am firmly convinced that Hillary Clinton is guilty of serious crimes of various types. There, furthermore, is no doubt, and no court verdict is needed, that we can certainly say she stands convicted of being a habitual liar. Her public record is strewn with her lies and embellishments. There, likewise, can be no doubt that she is severely ethically challenged, once again, as her public record shows. She is a woman of no achievements for America as Arkansas First Lady, as US First Lady, as Senator from New York, and, of course, as Secretary of State. As SecState, of course, she proved a monumental disaster. Throughout her adult life, she has surrounded herself with some of the most despicable toadies imaginable, people who care nothing about anything except how to use their Hillary connection to grab a slice of that money and power pie.

She is a divisive, hollow, incompetent, money-grubbing, political hack with nothing to offer this country. I am sure she can wrangle a pardon from His Most Exalted Emperor Barack to avoid prison time. She should use whatever influence she has with the Emperor to get such a deal and just go away.

Please, Mrs. Clinton, for once, do the decent thing: leave us be.

A Clinton–this one in particular–do the decent thing? Stop it, Dip, you’re killing me here; check this out to see just how likely that will EVER be. And in yet another Ace link, he reels off another of his ripping good lines:

Hillary seems to be as concerned with the safekeeping of classified US information as she is about the protection of US diplomatic and intelligence personnel.

Every bit as. And not one jot or tittle more. But hey: what difference, at this point, does it make?


True colors (Red)

They always come shining through eventually, try to hide them though they might.

Last week, the organizers of the Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner in Connecticut (Bailey was a local machine politician) voted to drop the two former presidents from the event’s name, on the grounds that they were slave owners and therefore unworthy of the honor. There was no debate, and the decision took all of two minutes. Two other states, Missouri and Georgia, have also decided to drop Jefferson and Jackson, and there is now speculation—I would call it an expectation—that local Democrats in the rest of the country will follow suit.

Democrats have been holding dinners named after Jefferson and Jackson for as long as anyone can remember. They were considered the twin pillars of the party’s identity. Andrew Jackson was the symbol of the party’s common-man populism—which already seems antique for the party of condescending college-educated elites. And this is quite a kick in the gut for Thomas Jefferson because he was the founder of the party—though when he started it, he called it the Republican Party.

The Democrats long ago rejected the essential legacy of both men. Andrew Jackson was an advocate of laissez-faire, and Thomas Jefferson was a Tea Party fanatic of the original vintage. Both men would have been appalled at the vast Leviathan state erected and guarded by today’s Democrats.

Not to worry, though, because the Democrats are “accepting suggestions for a new name” for their fund-raising dinners.

By these standards, one wonders who else among the party’s historical luminaries could possibly make the cut. Let’s consider the options.

Well, technically they weren’t actual card-carrying members of the Democrat Socialist Party as far as I know, but having as they do so many of the same goals and ideals in common with them, I’d suggest such “liberal” heroes as Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin, Mao, Kim Jong Il, and Pol Pot, for starters. But despite those omissions, it’s a good list, if thoroughly repellent to any real American. And it winds up exactly where you’d expect: kneeling supplicatively at the feet of the Lord their Tin God.


“Heroism” jumps the shark

I wasn’t going to post on this; it’s none of my business, it’s kind of sad and sick, and I really don’t give a damn anyway. But now, blast it, I gotta. My hand has been forced.

The Price of Caitlyn Jenner’s Heroism
A NEW goddess has emerged like Botticelli’s Venus rising from the sea. Caitlyn Jenner gazes out from Annie Leibovitz’s July Vanity Fair cover, bare save for a satin bodysuit. Her auburn curls tumble over alabaster shoulders. Can she really be the avatar of personal freedom and self-expression the media claims her to be?

Caitlyn Jenner’s transition is more than a private matter. It is a commercial spectacle on an enormous scale, revealing some disturbing truths about what we value and admire in women.

Inside the magazine, Ms. Jenner poses in skintight dresses, a cinched black lace corset and two different gold evening gowns — the kind of outfits favored by her voluptuous stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian. She lounges on a sofa, peers into mirrors or reclines with her head thrown back, eyes closed. In keeping with the classic iconography of female stardom, Ms. Jenner appears languid and glamorous, her body still and on display rather than performing any activity.

Ms. Jenner is 65 years old, but Caitlyn “codes” many decades younger. Her features are tiny and doll-like, her lips plumped, her skin lineless. Even her new chosen first name feels bizarrely girlish, conjuring more a college student, or maybe a sixth Kardashian sister, than a grandmother.

We have known for months that Bruce Jenner was becoming a woman, and we rejoice if this brings her happiness. But were we prepared for this woman?

“Caitlin” is many things–sad, wretched, pitiable, confused, pathetic–but a woman is definitely not one of them. I’ll let DC McAllister explain why:

Not every girl has such an embarrassing story, but each one remembers. They know what it’s like to grow up and become a woman, and those experiences are integral to shaping their feminine identity—and an identity that is rooted in their nature, in their genes, not in their fantasies. It’s something no transgender man can ever know. He might become an imitation of woman with artificial breasts and hormone injections, but he will never be a girl who became a woman—and that is all the difference in the world.

He’ll never know what it’s like to be a girl, to bravely face the realities, not the fantasies, of nature. He won’t know the joys, either. The comfort of a girl resting in her father’s strong arms. The sweetness a woman feels when her husband makes love to her and they create life together. The soft movements of a child as she or he grows inside her womb. The peace she feels as she feeds her baby at her breast, having given life and now sustaining it.

The celebration of Jenner “becoming a woman” is a fantasy. It’s artificial. It’s make-believe. It’s not authentic at all. It’s a mirage. Jenner has always fantasized that he’s a woman, dreaming of the possibilities of becoming what he imagines himself to be. But possibilities in life are only fantasies when they aren’t rooted in something real. You can’t become a woman without being a girl, complete with XX chromosomes that determine our sex. The man posing as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair is a delusional mockery of every woman who knows what it’s like to be a girl with all the pains, humiliations, and joys of actually growing up and becoming a woman—and each one of us, in different ways, has faced it bravely through every stage.

As always, the argument Progressivist nitwits–and that’s who it is out there cheerleading poor Bruce Jenner’s “transformation” from a sad, damaged man into a sad, damaged man who calls himself a woman and has had his willie chopped off, or expects to eventually–are having isn’t with any person or political party; it’s with reality. More not on Jenner specifically (the article is from 2014) but covering the whole gruesome mess here:

This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken—it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.

The transgendered suffer a disorder of “assumption” like those in other disorders familiar to psychiatrists. With the transgendered, the disordered assumption is that the individual differs from what seems given in nature—namely one’s maleness or femaleness. Other kinds of disordered assumptions are held by those who suffer from anorexia and bulimia nervosa, where the assumption that departs from physical reality is the belief by the dangerously thin that they are overweight.

You won’t hear it from those championing transgender equality, but controlled and follow-up studies reveal fundamental problems with this movement. When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic, 70%-80% of them spontaneously lost those feelings. Some 25% did have persisting feelings; what differentiates those individuals remains to be discerned.
We at Johns Hopkins University—which in the 1960s was the first American medical center to venture into “sex-reassignment surgery”—launched a study in the 1970s comparing the outcomes of transgendered people who had the surgery with the outcomes of those who did not. Most of the surgically treated patients described themselves as “satisfied” by the results, but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery. And so at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a “satisfied” but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs.

It now appears that our long-ago decision was a wise one. A 2011 study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden produced the most illuminating results yet regarding the transgendered, evidence that should give advocates pause. The long-term study—up to 30 years—followed 324 people who had sex-reassignment surgery. The study revealed that beginning about 10 years after having the surgery, the transgendered began to experience increasing mental difficulties. Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable nontransgender population. This disturbing result has as yet no explanation but probably reflects the growing sense of isolation reported by the aging transgendered after surgery. The high suicide rate certainly challenges the surgery prescription.

I wouldn’t be in favor of legislatively limiting anyone’s right to surgically mutilate himself because of a mental disorder, necessarily; I AM, however, all in favor of not lauding such piteous souls to the high heavens as “heroes.”

If ever there was a more overused word in the English language, I’d have a hard time coming up with it. And now it’s being tossed at people who are not only sick but so narcissistic as to go to such hideous extremes in indulgence of their underlying pathology. The liberal experiment in taking easily understood words (such as, say, “liberal”) and forcing a redefinition of them until they come to signify the opposite of their traditional meaning in public discourse continues apace, I guess.

He’s a unicorn–a beautiful, beautiful unicorn update! Or a Centaur.

Americans of all stripes have showered accolades upon the new Ms. Jenner, all the way up to the White House. “It takes courage to share your story,” Barack Obama’s Organizing for America Twitter account declared; White House fixture Valerie Jarrett echoed this praise. Countless media outlets heralded Jenner’s “bravery”; others thanked his/her “life-affirming” public transformation. Many naïve souls praised Caitlyn’s beauty, which led, somewhat hilariously, to an immediate leftist backlash, with various commentators bemoaning “female objectification” and the oppressive reinforcement of white, upper-class beauty standards. There are certain squares in this cosmic bingo match, friends, where you can’t win.

One can view Caitlyn’s positive, wall-to-wall, quasi-obsessive cultural reception as a welcome sign—an indicator that most Americans, despite our nails-on-the-chalkboard, marathon culture wars, just want to be kind, supportive, and accepting. For most people, this is certainly true. Why should anyone care about someone else’s personal decisions? What difference does it make? These questions, however, are based on the assumption that “live and let live” is a two-way street. Unfortunately, for most hard-core transgender supporters, that’s just not the case: In their world, we all must agree. Because of this, many people are simply too scared to say what they really think.

Caitlyn, of course, is not really a woman. Mr. Jenner has not even shed his essential lower male infrastructure, let alone his pesky, clinging XY chromosomes. In this sense, he’s actually more of a proverbial Gender Centaur, or even a proverbial Gender Mullet, than anything else. This might be uncomfortable, but it is the truth. It certainly doesn’t lessen Jenner’s worth as a human being or as a child of God. Yet, strangely, if you calmly note this simple scientific fact, certain people will get very, very upset. 

They don’t like facts; all facts ever do is get in their way, and make them feel bad.


Ask a silly question

Is the Britain—or America—of 2015 Capable of Producing Another Churchill?” No. I mean, look around; do you SEE any Churchills? Or, for the matter of it, Pattons, Eisenwhowers, or even De Gaulles? Nope. It’s Chamberlains–or worse–from sea to shining sea, everywhere you care to look.

We could probably find a good few Hitlers if we looked under enough DC rocks, though. And you couldn’t swing a dead cat around in the Capitol building (or the White House) without hitting a whole slew of would-be Stalins, more’s the pity.

Update! Further evidence supporting my position here. As if any were needed, and my conclusion not as obvious and inevitable as the sunrise.


The Free Shit Army

More locusts.

I have mixed feelings about this post. But I’m just going to report the facts as I observed them.

Every year, the local Kiwanis Clubs team together with the Salvation Army and Walmart to host a Back to School fair for underprivileged kids in the area. There’s snacks and bouncy houses, a vaccination booth (don’t get me started here), and each child receives a backpack, lunch box (don’t know why since they all get free lunches), and all the recommended supplies. This year, they prepared 5000 backpacks. 5000. Backpacks. Full of stuff. Free. And they ran out with a considerable number of kids still left. So they issued vouchers to Walmart for the same items that were being offered at the fair. One $10 backpack, one $5 lunch box, paper, pens, pencils, RoseArt markers and crayons, binders and notebooks. Probably about $70 total. Not a bad deal, especially when you consider most of the recipient families have two or more (many more) kids. Take my next door neighbors, four kids all anchor babies, mom and dad don’t speak English, would have received $280 worth of free school supplies.

Now, I’m extremely charitable, I’ll give the shirt off my back and the last buck in my pocket to someone who really needs it. And I don’t expect drippy gratitude, a “Hey, thanks!” is good enough. But when I give someone something, the last thing I expect is hostility. And that’s just a small fraction of what I witnessed at Walmart this morning.

Hostility she got plenty of, and a lot else besides. Read the rest of it, if you’re of strong enough stomach. Of course, if you’ve ever been to a Wal Mart in or near an urban area on a Saturday afternoon, you’ve already seen it all.

(Via Razorbacker)


The nature of the beast

The guy is this close to getting it. He still misses, alas, but maybe after a few more depredations, maybe he’ll see the light. As they say: sooner or later, they’ll get around to something you DO care about.

Rachel Canning is an honor student at a Catholic high school who plays sports and works part-time at TGI Friday’s.

She’s already won a $20,000 college scholarship, and she’s shooting for more. She is an ambitious 18-year-old who wants to be a biomedical engineer.

And she is now the walking horror story that haunts the dreams of terrified parents all across New Jersey.

That’s because she is in court asserting her right to reject every reasonable rule set by her parents, leave home to live with a friend, and then turn around and sue for college expenses and weekly child support.

“Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?” asked Peter Bogaard, the Family Division judge hearing the case. “A kid could move out and then sue for an Xbox, an iPhone or a 60-inch television.”

Is the law really that crazy?

Of course it is. In fact, it’s worse.

I am not a small-government guy. I don’t worry that Obama­care threatens my freedom.

But this is over the top.

No, it’s par for the course. When you grow up steeped in the idea that the Superstate is your first, last, and only recourse–the guarantor of your supposed “right” to freedom from all want, deprivation, discomfort, and inconvenience; your caretaker, provider, and protector; the final and just arbiter of what is “fair,” of your getting what you “deserve”–this whining little snot taking to the courts for an absurd distortion of “justice” is what you end up with. The bigger the government, the smaller the people, and this spoiled brat is about as small as they come. The endless replication of soulless, over-entitled drones like her is a feature, not a bug.

Obamacare doesn’t just threaten your freedom, it destroys it. And it is part and parcel of the whole problem, just one facet of a many-sided obelisk whose whole object is the crushing of true freedom and its replacement with something else entirely. The quicker people like you figure that out, the better chance we’re going to have of fixing it.


O Brave New World, that has such pissants in it

By now you’ve certainly all heard of the Pajama Pussy-boy, right? I was holding off on mentioning it, knowing what was coming. And sure enough, here it is:

Pajamacare boy is Ethan Krupp, an Organizing for Action employee and the subject of ridicule after OFA created a social ad encouraging everyone to sign up for Obamacare.

Krupp was featured in the first “Get Talking” video, which was released by Organizing for Action in November.

As perfect and typical an example of an Obamajugend Barrackorrhoid as you’ll find anywhere, and as twee a sissymary as is possible to imagine.

I mean it: if this is what young American manhood has become, we all deserve everything we’re getting or ever will get in Obama’s Worker’s Paradise v2.0.


That’s him, folks; that right there, Progressivism personified, that’s who’s stolen our country from us. That right there, as incredible as it may seem to anyone who has a micro-milligram of actual testosterone coursing through their veins. And if real Americans can’t take it back from limpwristed, slopeshouldered, pencil-necked, sans-a-ball, squirrel-dicked little skidmarks like him, again: we’ll deserve everything we get.

My God. Somewhere George S Patton is screaming in hellish agony. What I’d really like to know myself, though, is how American youth’s idea of raw, masculine cool went from this:


To this:
Worse still, Brando’s character Johnny was more than a bit of a whiner himself, and was certainly no John Wayne. But compared to DJ PJP-B here, he’s fucking Stonewall Jackson, Audie Murphy, and Sergeant Rock all rolled into one.

Weep for America That Was, folks. Because if weak-sister nimrods like this are our future, we surely have none.

Grim palate-cleanser update! On the brighter side, we can amuse ourselves with thoughts of what will happen when PJ Piss-Boy runs up against somebody like these guys. Which, if things continue the way they are and Piss-boy’s compadres remain in charge of whatever sad excuse for a “war” we’re still fighting against them, is bound to happen sooner or later. So, y’know, take heart, gang.


Just a reminder of who and what they really are

Scum, essentially. The kind you scrub out of a filthy, long-neglected toilet, and rush like hell to wash off if even the slightest bit splashes on you.

You may not remember who Steven Pagones is: He is the former assistant DA whom Sharpton accused of raping this young woman, Tawana Brawley.

…Sharpton has never apologized for his evil lies. He says proudly that he never will. He bills himself as a Christian minister, I think. People call him “Reverend” or “Rev.” The president of the United States comes to sit with him. As I say in my column, would the president ever sit with Steven Pagones? How about MSNBC? Have they had him on the air, to tell his story?

I hear Fox News reviled almost everywhere I go, but I’m fairly sure they don’t have a minister, as a regular commentator, who has falsely accused another man of rape and who is proud not to apologize for it.

This country has economic problems, as we well know. But as severe as those problems are now — a $17 trillion debt and all — I don’t believe our worst problems are economic. We seem to be living in a post-moral society, with the “Reverend” a smiling symbol of it. If you want to see him and our president smiling together, try Google images, and try to hold your lunch.

He ain’t MY president. Not any more than Sharpton is my minister. No such miserable, worthless, lying douchebags ever will be, or could be, as far as I’m concerned.


Lefty lookers

John Bolton drones on about the Benghazi atrocity, asking questions that will never be answered; the truth is that it’s a dead horse, and it’s pointless to continue beating it. What got my mental gears turning was the photo of the Hilldebeast that accompanied it:

Jesus. Not that ol’ Cankles ever was particularly easy on the eyes, but I never really thought she’d be grotesque enough to be in the running against this hideously disfigured freak for the Left’s fiercely competitive Most Beautiful Woman crown:

The reigning champ and all-time standard-setter, the Grimacin’ Gargoyle, Helen Thomas, ladies and germs. Lucky for Hillary (and Bill, especially) she still has a way to go before she’s ready to compete in Thomas’s league. Give it another year or two, I’d say, and then we’ll have a real battle royal on our hands.

And now I gotta go find something else to post about quick, so as to get this away from the top of the page and avoid ruining y’all’s breakfast. Because I’m a caring kind of guy, folks.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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