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Well, that’s it. They’ve finally convinced me, and I’m done with Trump. He has to go; this is a bridge too far for even me.

The waiters know well Trump’s personal preferences. As he settles down, they bring him a Diet Coke, while the rest of us are served water, with the Vice President sitting at one end of the table. With the salad course, Trump is served what appears to be Thousand Island dressing instead of the creamy vinaigrette for his guests. When the chicken arrives, he is the only one given an extra dish of sauce. At the dessert course, he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, instead of the single scoop for everyone else. The tastes of Pence are also tended to. Instead of the pie, he gets a fruit plate.

Follows, a truly pathetic freak-out which not only includes the usual deranged and butt-hurt liberal sore losers, but also the neo-“conservative” likes of David Frum and the execrable Jennifer Rubin, who characterizes Trump based on this latest hairball yakked up by the Insane Left as “a man unable to restrain his urges.” I’ll let Bre Payton handle the obvious response to such dementia:

This brings me to the obvious question: WHO CARES? Who cares if the president’s waitstaff are able to anticipate his preferences and have a Diet Coke or a second scoop of ice cream ready? That’s called good customer service! The White House waitstaff serve Trump nearly every day, so of course they know what kind of dressing he likes on his salad or what his beverage of choice is. And why are we all assuming that the other dinner guests couldn’t just ask for another scoop of ice cream if they wanted it? I have a hard time imagining the White House kitchen staff denying someone more dessert.

But that’s not how the inside-the-Beltway folk see it.

Well, naturally not. They’re incapable of seeing anything other than a curtain of purest blood-red when it comes to anything Trump says, does, or attempts.

And that’s the beauty of it, see. He’s got the Beltway cattle in full stampede now, and in true bovine fashion they’re lowing and bawling in confusion and fear as they run they know not where just as hard and fast as their spindly legs will carry them. May their hysteria continue to blind them to the reality that they’re being carefully driven…right off a cliff.

May they continue to find themselves unable to contain their raving madness, and may the sane population see it unleashed in all its repellent pathos. And may that stupid, ignorant, stupid, incompetent, stupidstupidSTUPID swine Trump continue to run rings around their asses, until their options are reduced, literally, to: A) shit, or B) go blind.

Two scoops of ice cream, instead of just one. My God, it’s like Watergate, or the Holocaust, or something. Clearly, the man is unfit to be President.

Heh. I’ll say it again: Most. Fun. Presidency. EVER.

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Trump fires liberal hate-object Comey, just as they’ve been demanding for months; liberals OUTRAGED!

Okay, now it’s just becoming funny.


Ace has captured all the frothing hilarity, including this bit, wherein noted BirkenstockCon David Frum chokes on his own, umm, cuck:

Uhh, well, no, actually, it isn’t. Trump being the duly elected head of state and all, it’s pretty much impossible by definition for him to launch any sort of coup. Well, unless you consider his exercising his right to fire an underling a “coup”—or, more to the point, unless you consider the Deep State inviolable, untouchable, and beyond the exercise of any influence or supervision at all by a mere elected representative of the American people. Thanks for playing and all, but you might want to brush up a little on exactly what kind of country this is supposed to be. Yeah, we’re pretty far removed from it at this point, but some of us still cling to the old ideals, and hope to see at least some of them restored someday. Trump’s letter notifying the blithering incompetent Comey tells the story:

Dear Director Comey:

I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately.

While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.

It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Donald J. Trump

Comey, let’s not forget, is the guy who introduced the idea that a crime committed without evident “intent” to commit a crime is somehow no longer a crime; I’d like to see how that works out for me next time I get a speeding ticket because I was idling along not paying close enough attention to how fast I was driving, or am caught breaking some law I never even knew existed. I’ll be sure to use the Comey Argument when the arresting officer reminds me that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

I’m guessing I already know how far that will get me.

But the best part of all is the shrieking outrage from everydamned Leftard in the nation over this. Last week they were calling for Comey’s head for costing Her Herness the election; now giving him his pink slip is high treason, an atrocity, a “coup.”

Which just makes it all the more clear that no matter what Trump does, they’re going to lapse into full-on hysterical screaming fantods. If he unilaterally repealed the Constitution, seized all private business and industry for the government, instituted full-bore single-payer healthcare, and declared us the Socialist Republic of Amerikastan, they’d suddenly discover a new affection for the benefits of free-market capitalism and Constitutionally-protected liberty.

And that’s the beauty of all this, see. Trump has them so discombobulated, so blinded by their mindless hatred of him, that they’re no longer capable of maintaining their focus on their long-time goal of dragging the country as far as possible into the Leftist morass. All they can manage at this point is a reflexive opposition to Trump himself. He’s kind of like freedom’s lightning rod now; as long as they’re so fanatically focused on him, maybe they’ll leave everything else they’re usually fucking with alone, for at least a little while.

Yeah, I know, I know, wishful thinking. I mean, they can’t possibly maintain this extreme level of freaked-out insanity for much longer, can they?

Can they?

Update! Just a reminder for President Trump: No time like the present to get busy on cleaning the rest of Obama’s rats out of the nest, sir. May Comey wind up being merely a good start; there’s no compelling reason to leave even one Obama appointee drawing a federal paycheck for any longer than you absolutely must. Drain that damned swamp, Donald.

Updated update! Adams analyzes:

The news coverage of Comey’s firing has become excellent entertainment. This is the biggest cognitive dissonance cluster bomb we’ve seen since election night. This one has everything.

President Trump’s official reason for the Comey firing has to do with a loss of confidence over his handling of the Clinton email investigation. The beauty of that official explanation (true or not) is that it is making heads explode with Democrats and the Opposition Media. How dare President Trump fire the person we publicly demanded he fire!

These loons are like a dog spinning around and around trying to catch his tail; when he finally gets a good bite at it, he yelps, because it hurts. The Left is so unhinged by being upbraided by the body politic and having their grip on power loosened they can’t help but throw tantrum after tantrum in response, revealing their hateful dementia to all and sundry in a way that can be neither denied nor ignored—at last plunging on past madness into pure self-contradictory comedy. The main distinction between them and the dog is that the dog at least has sense enough to let go when he realizes what his folly is costing him.

Cognitive dissonance was always the stock in trade of a passel of cretins who: A) hate the cops but insist they should be the only ones with guns; B) despise and disparage all religions except the very one that would put them to death in job lots without hesitation; C) have spent decades undermining marriage, but insist on it for a group of approved victims who are in the main uninterested in it; D) have spent decades demanding tolerance for, dialogue with, concessions to, and emulation of Russia, but who all of a sudden hate, distrust, and fear the Evil Empire more than Tailgunner Joe ever did.

All in all a good piece by Scott, possibly excepting this bit:

My opinion of Comey’s handling of the Clinton email issue remains the same. I believe he sacrificed his career and reputation to avoid taking from the American voters their option of having the leader of their choice. If Comey had pushed for Clinton’s indictment, the country would have ended up with a President Trump without a “fair” election. That was the worst-case scenario for the country and the world. Comey prevented that disaster while still making it clear to the American public that Clinton was not guilt-free with her email server. He let the voters decide how much weight to assign all of that. In my opinion, Comey handled the Clinton email situation like a patriot. The media is spinning the situation as “making it all about himself.” That’s true in the same sense that a Medal of Honor winner who jumped on a grenade to save his buddies is “making it all about himself.” I don’t disagree with the characterization that Comey was trying to be the “hero” because that’s how it looks to me too.

Umm, okay, maybe, I guess. Perhaps I’m doing Comey an injustice, but I can’t see him as being that smart. He’s looked all along to me like a career bureaucrat who got nailed at last by the Peter Principle; he never looked to me like he was anything other than a typical mid-to-lower-high level DC plodder who suddenly found himself in way over his head. I could be wrong, of course, and we’ll most likely never really know. But all his hapless floundering around all this time—along with Occam’s Razor—would seem to support it.



At last.

Feb. 22 (UPI) — A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday indicted more than 200 people arrested during the presidential inauguration on felony rioting charges, spotlighting their intent to sabotage peaceful protests with violence and destruction.

Called out for individual acts of vandalism, violence and destruction, prosecutors alleged Tuesday that 214 protesters engaged in “black bloc” tactics on Jan. 20 during President Donald Trump’s swearing-in, causing damage to vehicles and property. Six police officers were also hurt during the riots as they exchanged flash-bang explosives with protesters hurling rocks and firecrackers at them.

If convicted, felony rioting carries a maximum jail sentence up to 10 years, and a fine of up to $25,000.

Give ’em all ten years worth of three hots and a cot, and all the sex they can stomach. I’d bet that after seeing this, these “mostly peaceful” protests will suddenly become a lot more civilized and less destructive, if they don’t fade away altogether. The shape of things to come, now that the grownups are back in charge:

A couple commenters say this looks to be a fake, but I ain’t so sure myself. It smacks of perfect Leftard illogic, spoiled-brat whining, and snowflake OUTRAGE! to me. Consider: how is this at all different from the hysteria, lunacy, witlessness, and self-absorption they’ve been so pleased to display all along? Does anybody really think that any of the 200 twerps now facing the music for the first time aren’t thinking these very things, and bleating them at anyone willing to listen? Even if this particular instance is fake, it remains perfectly accurate.

Regardless, as the old-school bikers always used to say: if you can’t do the time, don’t the crime, cupcake.


Gauntlet: THROWN

Ohhh, you’re gonna LOVE this one. I sure did.

I know you don’t know me. I know you don’t even think about me and when you do, it’s probably not anything nice. I’m the evil hegemonically masculine patriarchal oppressor to you feminists. I’m the jackbooted statist thug to you dope smokin’ long-haired hippies. I’m “The Man” to you racial activists. I’m the idiot who joined the military because I “wasn’t smart enough” to go get a liberal arts degree like you know-it-all 20-year-old college dipshits; and for some reason you hate me for that. I’m that guy with the rifle who signed on the dotted line for $24K a year so that you budding Marxist fucksticks could have the freedom to complain about me and the manner in which I provide it. I have a little message for you.

I see you there, in Portland… In Chicago…In San Francisco…In Bumfuck Directional School Liberal Arts College…You’re having your temper tantrums because ever since mommy dropped you off at Daycare 20 years ago you’ve been throwing them to get your way. Now you’re super pissed about the results of a presidential election where the other guy (and the only guy in the race for that matter) won.

I’m not here to talk politics, or explain the Electoral College, or to tell you what hypocritical douchebags you are for doing the things you’re doing. No. I have a much simpler conversation to have with you. See, I read what you post on Twitter, Facebook, and your various internet blogs. I see you on the news breaking things, setting fires, and assaulting people of the opposite political belief. I see you there with your fat ugly unshaven feminist women and black power slogan screaming race baiters, throwing rocks and bottles at the lines of police officers trying to keep order in your own cities. I know your rhetoric. I know all your identity politics stems from the Marxist activists and ‘intellectuals’ who have pushed the American left farther left than ever before. I know you believe your “progressive” views are the supreme moral authority on every single issue and somehow this perception allows you to justify your totalitarian social views and hypocritical violent outbursts. You profess to hate half this country for their alleged bigotry while carrying signs that say “Love Wins!”

I also know you’re a coward.

And he damned sure does know it, too. He goes on to explain just how; savor every perfect fucking word.

It puts me in mind of those stupid #(Only)Black(Criminal)LivesMatter riots here a few months back, which began over the righteous shooting of yet another worthless, gun-toting gibmedat thug with a rap sheet as long as an orc’s arm—and were smack-dab OVER the moment the governor sent the National Guard in to the midst of the mayhem. All of a sudden those angry, oh-so-fucking-courageous Social Justice “Warrior” (spit!) twerps were all smiles and friendliness, going down the line of troops just back from the Sandbox with their M16s and ARs and shaking hands with them, or trying to…and then marching their worthless asses straight the fuck back home to mama.

Like Iron Mike says: shit or get off the pot, pussies. And stop crying already, ferchrissakes.

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Bonus post update! Another good ‘un from Gruntworks, which is heading straight for Ye Olde Blogroll: “A message of thanks to the outgoing president.



So why isn’t he hiring us, or consulting with us?

Shorter version: WAAAAH!

Their transgression was signing one or both of two public “Never Trump” letters during the campaign, declaring they would not vote for Trump and calling his candidacy a danger to the nation.

One letter, with 122 names, was published by War on the Rocks, a website devoted to national security commentary, during the primary season in March. The other, with 50 names, including some repeat signatories, was published by the New York Times during the general-election campaign in August.

Now, just days before Trump is sworn in as the nation’s 45th president, the letter signers fear they have been added to another document, this one private — a purported blacklist compiled by Trump’s political advisers.

“Before he won, the conversation was, ‘We really would love for you to change your mind and join us,’ ” Peter Feaver, a National Security Council special adviser under President George W. Bush, said of informal talks with Trump aides. Feaver, who signed both letters, added that, “Since he won…the conversation is, ‘There likely will be a blacklist of people who signed the letters who won’t themselves be eligible for a post.’ ”

Trump transition aides did not respond to a request for comment for this article.

Good. Fuck you, every last one of you. Why the hell would Trump invite a bunch of backstabbing losers into his Administration, knowing full well (as any rational person would) that these self-same people will be the source of endless leaks to enemies both foreign and domestic, and will work diligently to undermine his goals and intentions every step of the way?

Moreover: you go-along-get-along, status-quo GOP perennial losers were exactly what Trump was running against. When he talked about “draining the DC swamp,” YOU were the people he was talking about. It’s a measure of the arrogance and sense of entitlement of these Beltway bandits, and of the depth and unshakability of their assumption that business as usual will continue forever in the FedGovCo Sargasso, that they have the balls to whine now about how Trump might not be interested in listening to them or working with them…or to even express surprise over that in the first place.

You rolled the dice. You lost. Tough shit for you. Shut the fuck up, and get the hell out of the way. You people are the architects of failure after folly after disaster after defeat in foreign policy, one piled upon another, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran to ISIS to…you name it, it’s a long damned list. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, ‘kay? And lose Trump’s number, in the unlikely event you have it; I assure you he won’t be needing to hear from you. Along those same lines:

Comedian DL Hughley had some harsh words for Donald Trump in a twitter video he posted last weekend.

After accusing Trump of “stoking racist fears” about Obama, Hughley stated: “I ain’t gon’ never forget what you said about this man and how you got where you are… F—k you now and f—k you forever.”

Right back atcha, loser. With bells on.

Earlier in the video, the comedian disparaged Trump’s recent attempts to connect with black people by meeting with celebrities such as Kanye West and Steve Harvey.

“You know why you have a comedian, a rapper and a football player out to talk about the concerns of the community?” Hughley questioned. “’Cause that’s the position you’re used to seeing us in…You’d rather see us run the ball than run the country.”

Damned skippy we would. Not because of your skin color, but because you’re a whining liberal bitch who’s been wrong about absolutely everything; as I mentioned above, the disastrous results from the efforts of people who “think” like you speak for themselves. You’d turn the whole country into Detroit if you could, and actually did make a damned good start at it. Again: why on earth would Trump, or any other Republican not a crawling, mewling, perennial-loser RINO wish to hear from you at all, after this:

CNN host D.L. Hughley turned to the standard left-wing tactic of playing the Nazi card against Republicans on his program on Saturday evening: “The tenets of the Republican Party are amazing and they seem warm and welcome. But when I watch it be applied — like you didn’t have to go much further than the Republican National Convention….It literally look[s] like Nazi Germany.” He went on to say that blacks weren’t welcome in the party: “It just does not seem — like not only are we not welcome — not only are we not welcome, but they don’t even care what we think.”

Well, whaddya know, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. “You’re racist bigoted homophobic NAZIs, you guys, and I hate you! Hey, why aren’t you listening to me?!? YOU BETTER LISTEN TO…Guys? GUYS…?!?”

I repeat: go fuck yourselves, libtards and #NeverTrump RINOs. We WON. You LOST. And for once, that’s going to mean something; we’re not going to bend over and follow up our victory this time by pretending you won and letting you have your way anyhow. Now pucker up, kiss our asses, and get the hell out of our way.

But by all means, do go right on throwing your little tantrums and calling us Nazis every chance you get. You’ll fix things so that you’ll never get so much as a single vote from anyplace other than decaying, coastal urban shitholes for the next century or so. And that will be just fine by me. As Ed sums up: “And the left still is shaking their head pondering how Trump became president.” Hint to the morons: it ain’t because you’re smarter than everybody else.

Keep whining. Meanwhile, get out of the way…or get steamrolled. Your choice, dimwits. At this point, we don’t much care which. You kept pushing for a fight, and now you got one—by awakening a sleeping giant, as someone else once said. Here’s hoping you enjoy the ride every bit as much as he did. To the very last mile, bitches.

Update! Bonus quote from Steyn, from the post quoted above:

Donald Trump took out America’s two most powerful political dynasties of the last 30 years: the Bushes and the Clintons. If you didn’t see that coming, there’s no reason anyone should pay any heed to anything you say about Trump from now on.

Yes indeed. They won’t remember it, of course, much less learn from it. But we’ll be reminding them, every single chance we get and forcefully as all hell.


How you got Trump Part the Umpty-bazillionth

Via Glenn: “I love America. It’s Americans I hate.” Yeah, well, see, we knew that already; quite well, thanks. It’s not as if you’ve ever shown us the respect or consideration of going to any trouble trying to hide it. Quite the opposite; with every breath, every ignorant declaration, every dismissive statement, you’ve made it clear as crystal.

And we’ve had a bellyful of it. For a long time, our principles of tolerance, freedom of speech and dissenting political opinion, and the right to be left alone overrode our sense of self-preservation and demanded otherwise, but truth to tell, at this point, we hate you right back, sweetums.

All you ever had to do was just leave us the hell alone, and we would have been content to return the courtesy. Unfortunately, that is the one thing you just couldn’t do; your totalitarian ideology demands otherwise. As such, it was always going to end this way; big-government socialism and freedom are by definition fundamentally incompatible.

And long as we’re being honest, this needs to be said too: no, you do NOT “love” America. You love a fantasy that has never been real and bears little—actually, no, none at all, except as its directly conflicting opposite—relation to America as it was intended to be: an ersatz-utopian version of America, where capitalism is spurned, freedom is strictly curtailed, and an iron-fisted, top-down, meddlesome government is not something the Founders loathed and worked extremely hard to forestall, but the only legitimate form of government, “for our own good.” Yours is the falsest of false-flag “patriotism,” hiding your loathing for America as founded behind a thin scrim of self-serving twaddle and shallow opportunism, mostly for purely political purposes.

The Constitution to you is not the cornerstone of our governance, a brilliant, precious document that, if respected, guarantees more benefit to more citizens than any other form of government on earth. To you, it is something to be scorned and ignored when it is inconvenient to your desire for despotism, a document of purely historical interest, and precious little even of that.

Well, except for the First Amendment. But that, only as it relates to burning the flag. You big ol’ America-loving patriot, you.

Ahh, but does it get better, you ask? Why, yes. Yes, it does. Via that same Insty-link, I bring you the most pathetic thing you’ll probably read all year:

A visit from a plumber left ThinkProgress senior editor Ned Resnikoff “rattled” due to fear that the plumber may have voted for Donald Trump.

The plumbing visit, which came four days after the 2016 election, became a harrowing experience for Resnikoff even though the plumber was “a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional.”

“He was a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional,” Resnikoff shared. “But he was also a middle-aged white man with a southern accent who seemed unperturbed by this week’s news.”

Resnikoff said his fear was rooted in the chance that the plumber knew he was Jewish.

“While I had him in the apartment, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether he had voted for Trump, whether he knew my last name is Jewish, and how that knowledge might change the interaction we were having inside my own home,” he said.

The “uncertainty” of the situation left Resnikoff “rattled for some time.”

“I have no real reason to believe he was a Trump supporter or an anti-Semite, but in my uncertainty I couldn’t shake the sense of potential danger,” he wrote. “I was rattled for some time after he left.”

Well, see, that’s more because you’re a feeble, gutless, pathetic pussy—a trembling paranoiac with some truly major psychopathologies rattling around in that otherwise-empty skull— than any other reason, and really has nothing at all to do with the plumber, or even Trump himself. I mean, for God’s sake, you admit yourself that he was a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional, and that you don’t even know whether the guy voted for Trump or not—not that it would matter a damn to a normal, sane human being, as opposed to someone who isn’t fit to tie his own shoes and probably ought to be locked up in some sort of home for his own protection. No, not locked up because you’re Jewish, you wretched little chihuahua; because you’re certifiably bug-fuck nuts, that’s why.

But no, he just knows, he dead solid knows, that this poor guy is a BAD MAN because he’s, and I quote: “a middle-aged white man with a southern accent” who ain’t pissing himself because an election didn’t go his way like some of the lesser sorts among us. Gee, bigoted much there, Poindexter?

I swear, if I was this pitiful I’d just be damned if I woulda told it. I wouldn’t want it generally known of me what a sorry excuse for a man I was. But then, since he works for Think Progress, he’s probably trapped in an office with some of the meanest, grouchiest, scariest, man-hatingest bull-daggers ever to shit behind a pair of steel-toed Timberlands; having one’s withered gonads surgically removed with a flint adz is probably Job Requirement One in such environs. Any semblance of masculinity was stomped out of his ass a long time ago.

But y’know, it DOES make me wonder how many of these sobbing sad-sacks are so TEWWIBLY, TEWWIBLY FWIGHTENED of what might be done to them in Trump’s America because deep down, it’s merely projection—a direct and clear reflection of what they secretly desire and intend to do to us someday. To which notion I can only say: bring it, pusscake. Any time you feel froggy. Better get help. And pack a lunch. Failing all that, get over yourselves already, whydon’tcha. We’re all just embarrassed for you at this point, and it’s getting tiresome. You hear less whining in a fucking nursery right before naptime. At least the tired little tykes have got a reasonable excuse.


“If you thought 2016 was full of liberal stupidity, just wait until you get a load of 2017”

I’d say Schlichter, resistant at first, is now fully on board with The Trumpening. Good for him.

Let’s step back and think about who Trump has shown himself to be. Sure, he’s vulgar, and his knowledge of traditional conservatism is … limited. But he’s a competitor, and if he’s stupid like the liberals say then what does that make the liberals who Trump keeps beating as enthusiastically as Josh Marshall tweeting past midnight? Look, the guy is a property developer. If he does not deliver what he promises, the buyer won’t take occupancy and he loses money. Trump knows from his own experience – and the painful experience of the follow-through-free GOP – that the way to win is to deliver on his promises. It may ruffle our conservafeathers, but Trump promised to keep Carrier in the USA and he did it. As promised, the market is in the stratosphere and consumer confidence exists again. Trump promised to nominate conservatives and he did – do you think that whiny puffball Jeb Bush would have put up a cabinet full of Mad Dogs and activists aching to burn their own useless agencies to the ground?

Sure, I think the Russians’ truthful revelations of true stuff that showed the true depth of Democratic corruption in a true way hurt Hillary. I just think that the left is deluding itself when it tells normal people that they were somehow suckered by the Russians’ truthful revelations of true stuff that showed the true depth of Democratic corruption. “You flyover rubes are so stupid that you can be manipulated by the facts that we were too incompetent to effectively hide from you!” is probably not a great way to win hearts and minds, but hey progs, feel free to go with it.

That Trump laughs at how a creaky ex-superpower is so relentlessly trolling the feckless Obama – President Faily McWorsethancarter even makes acting butch seem super femme – draws cries of “Treason!” and “Traitor!” from the same set who never saw a flag they didn’t want to burn, mourned Castro, and who know damn well it isn’t them or their gender indeterminate children who would get to fight and die in the war they seem so eager to provoke to close out Obama’s pathetic reign.

We can expect more nonsense along these lines. Everything Trump does will draw howls of anguish. Courageous hashtags like #TheResistance will spread across Twitter. The traditional media will whine all the way down as it falls towards irrelevance. And Trump will march on, heedless of his critics. 2017 has the potential to be awesome.

It surely does. And along those lines, the ubiquitous “2016 was just a godawful mess of a year” meme—a whine promulgated by the Left and the NeverTrumpTards alike to brush over their ludicrous failure to understand when a righteous revolution was a-brewing and rumbling the earth beneath their very feet—never fails to amuse the hell out of me. Truth is, in the political arena at least, 2016 was one of the best years we’ve had in a long damned time; it set the stage for the all-American comeback we’re already beginning to see taking shape before Trump has even been sworn in, among other highly salutary developments…such as this one (via Vox):

That creature, who has somehow managed, like the execrable Lena Dunham, to avoid being harpooned and processed for oil, ivory, and blubber by rogue Japanese whalers, is Cora Gales, better known to the world as “Trigglypuff.”

Now, I don’t want you to think of Trigglypuff as merely another Social Justice Warrior who needs a diaper change. Oh, no, she’s much more – much more valuable – than that. Indeed, the whole country’s population of SJWs has become a resource for us. What? You doubt this? Read on.

Ordinarily, which is to say ordinarily when dealing with a sane enemy, it would be considered unwise to do him a small injury, or to motivate him to greater efforts. And, were we still dealing with the old mainstream Democratic Party, especially the party as it was before the Dixiecrats became Republicans, it would be a mistake to provoke them in minor and non-ruinous ways. Happily or unhappily, that party is deader than chivalry. What’s left are mostly the Trigglypuffs, along with the genocidal lunatics – like the aforementioned incestuous child molester, Lena Dunham – who want straight white men extinct, reinforced by the left-wing professorial freakshow, and egged on by myriad self-righteous and unutterably stupid assholes, molesting innocent women and their families, on public conveyances, when said women have had the bad judgment to be fathered by men the assholes don’t like.

Oh, yes, yes, there are, no doubt, some sane men and women hovering around the top echelons of the Democratic Party. But if they’re sane they’re equally corrupt, venomous spiders, dripping with poison, at the center of left wing insanity. However, those spiders aren’t really in control of the movement anymore. Nobody is. Instead, the left is largely a bunch of self-willed, albeit unintelligent, bombs, just like Trigglypuff, waiting to go off at the slightest emotional jar.

And we – yes, we right wing knuckle-draggers – control those bombs because we can emotionally jar them.

And they’re going to go right on doing the very things that caused us to rise up against them and elect Trump in the first place, thereby cementing their own laughable irrelevance for years and years to come. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle, and they can’t break it without making serious changes in their own outlook, insufferable personalities, and core identities. To mix a couple of useful metaphors: trying to herd, corral, and shear the vast majority of the country from their coastal-urban highchairs and then shrieking hysterically and throwing their sippy cups when they meet the slightest resistance is all they know, it’s all they have.

Unfortunately for them, another of those highly salutary developments we can credit to 2016’s account is that the majority of decent, reasonable, patriotic Americans, by dint of Trump’s overwhelming and (supposedly) stunning, UNEXPECTED! victory, have realized at long last that they ARE the electoral majority and, fed up with being tormented and tyrannically misruled by their inferiors, no longer see any need to act as if they were mere sheep to be overmanaged by spoiled-rotten brats. That majority intends to go right on giving them plenty of reasons for throwing more and more lunatic tantrums. That, of course, will start the cycle anew. Lather, rinse, repeat, until a 2016-vintage Democrat Socialist couldn’t get xirself elected dog-catcher. In Vermont.

After eight long years of misery and destruction, it’s a truly beautiful thing, and every tear, every shriek, every empty threat from these horrid wretches is purest comedy gold. The thankless children have had their serpent’s tooth pulled at last, for no more reason than that we figured out that they weren’t anything like as sharp as Shakespeare said.

2016, a “horrible” year? May God grant that we have many, many more of them.

Update! Walsh on yet another highly salutary development:

In movies, it’s called the “cheer moment” — that wonderfully satisfying part of the motion picture when the bully/bad guy finally gets his richly deserved comeuppance: Rocky flooring Apollo Creed in the first Rocky; John McClane sending Hans Gruber to hell off a high floor of Nakatomi Plaza. And in 2016, nobody’s demise was cheered more vociferously than the mainstream media’s.

But there’s more bad news for the MSM: The flagship Times just announced it’s selling off eight floors of its still new headquarters in midtown Manhattan. Elsewhere, magazines have folded and surviving newspaper have drastically cut back on space and staff.

When you get right down to it, all the media — from the Times to the humblest local weekly — have going for them is credibility, and when that is shot, so is everything else.

Turns out abandoning real journalism to turn themselves into hectoring, lecturing liberal schoolmarms might not have been the brightest idea after all. Too damned bad for them, too damned sweet for the rest of us. Moar like 2016, please.

Too damned sweet update! Oh, and by the way, Hillary Clinton will NEVER be president. 2016 says: “you’re welcome.”

Moar WINNING update! Gavin McInnes has a great alt-American Year In Review:

If 2015 was the year of the tranny, 2016 was the year of the cuck. Comedy became a venue for social justice whiners and sex became rape. While castigating white men for letting Trump happen, blacks rioted in the streets based on Facebook memes and Muslims murdered Americans in the name of Islam. It was a topsy-turvy year of hate-crime hoaxes where white people could do no good and brown people could do no wrong. Ultimately, Obama’s last year will go down as the year alt-left fanaticism led to the death of the left. It also begat Trump.

This bullshit used to work. We used to consider the possibility it’s all our fault. We elected a black president and begged him to fix the mess we’re told we created. When it got worse, liberals had to fabricate prejudice and hatred out of thin air. That didn’t work and so Trump won. It’s still going to take a while for these mentally ill zealots to realize the jig is up. Their entire existence was predicated on the lie that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist, xenophobic hellhole. That’s a lot of unraveling to do. Until then, we’ll be right here making America great again.

Sandwiched in between those two slices are some interesting stories you never saw in any of the more conventional, “2016 sucked!” YIR’s.

First in update! Our good friend Ironbear reminds me in the comments that he already covered this ground, and lots more besides, over at Bill’s place: “99 Reasons Why 2016 Didn’t Suck (Even Remotely as Badly as the Popular Meme Would Have It.)” And as he says, he only went back a few months doing it.

The thing that stands out to me, and I’m sure Ironbear too, is this: the “2016 was HORRIBLE” nonsense is ultimately another example of the Cuck Right just knuckling under and going along with the Left’s take on things, rather than fighting back right out of the gate. As with their usual supine response to ridiculous assertions of “racism” as a shutting-down-debate tactic—i.e., spending the first four paragraphs of a seven-graph article kneeling down and bleating “I’m not a racist, and here’s why…” and then getting bogged down in a morass of pedantic minutiae for the last four—it leads nowhere, gains nothing, and is an acceptance of the Left’s misbegotten premises. It is a formula not for victory, but capitulation.

And in the end, THAT is what put Trump where he is. I care very little whether Trump is as polished as he might be on Constitutional scholarship; I am not terribly bothered that his having arm-wrestled Carrier, Ford, and et frigging al into keeping jobs in America rather than shipping them overseas, or that he used typical crony-capitalist tax bribery to do it, is not what the Founders would have prescribed.

What I DO care about is just these two things: 1) he clearly loves his country, and will approach all negotiations with American interests first in mind, and 2) he will NOT take the usual Mark 1-Mod 0 Leftard slanders lying down, but will immediately slap back at them just as hard as he can. Complain about his obnoxious buffoonery all you like; I have no ear for it myself. When you’re battling against a wholly committed foe that has no compunctions whatsoever against dishonest, sleazy, ad-hominem attacks, obnoxious is the very least of the weapons you’ll need in your arsenal if you have any hope of prevailing.



Hey, anybody remember when we were all pointing out that Hillary’s pathetic, manifestly insecure home-brew server was not only illegal according to State Department rules but amounted to a stupidly open invitation to EXACTLY the kind of hacking the Democrat Socialists are now using as an excuse to undermine Trump’s clear mandate—and the self-same people who just loved them some Russia back when it was the Soviet Union were pooh-poohing it as no big deal?

Nah, me neither. Forget I brought it up. Quick.


To all the screaming garbage babies

You lost. Get over it.

A few days after Trump’s victory, an actress friend of mine received an angry email from a semi-famous filmmaker with whom she’d worked. The filmmaker told her that she was now dead to him; they’d never work together again. His reason? “You liked a Facebook comment telling people to get over protesting the outcome of the election.” I emailed the filmmaker, curious to understand why he would ban an actress with whom he’d enjoyed a mutually profitable relationship, all because she “liked” a Facebook comment that wasn’t even really pro-Trump. His reply?

I’m really in a dark place right now. I actually feel like throwing up. I normally do not get affected by politics but this man, I think because his base represent the vilest people in the country, has gotten to me. Women and Gays rights are friends of mine, my heart goes out to them, I am actually crushed by their hurt and fear and it’s made it hard for me to even do my job. I am regrouping and have de-friended half the people I know.

Oh, get the fuck over yourself. No one cares. Stop making it all about you (a lesson I myself had to learn last week).

Indeed, one of the most satisfying things about the election’s outcome is the fact that the single most self-absorbed, self-important, and self-indulgent group of ninnies in American society—Hollywood celebrities—discovered that their endorsements were as ineffective as the Hitler slur. If you think I received a splash of cold water in the face on election night, imagine being Kanye, Beyoncé, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and the rest of the preening dolts who learned that even with all their money and fame, they were completely impotent against Trump. These cretins are only as happy as their egos are satisfied, so the humiliating loss they encountered is probably hitting them harder than anyone else. And such misery couldn’t be visited upon a worse group of people.

Everyone who tried to make the election about themselves, be they leftists whose lives are centered around identity politics, Hollywood celebrities who somehow think they matter, or me and my self-righteous bitterness, ended up surprised by the outcome. And it’s obvious why. We were blindsided because we were blind to the larger issues, and to the concerns of Americans who don’t exist in our neat little echo chambers. Speaking of that, I’ll cop to one more thing: I really didn’t think the old girl still had it in her. I didn’t think America could surprise me like that. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that the electorate still had enough gumption to flip off the “legitimate” press, the Dem and GOP party establishments, the actors, the singers, the comedians, the professional pundits, the pollsters, the race hustlers, the guilt-trippers, the labor unions, and the “international community.” I thought voters were no longer capable of demonstrating that level of independence.

I was surprised, and happily so.

A lot of people were, happily or otherwise. Sadly, a huge percentage of those who are unhappy about it have proved themselves to be so mentally deficient and unstable as to be pathologically unable to cope. Perhaps they should all be put into some kind of home, as Wodehouse used to say.


Cry wolf!

And let slip the, uhh, dogs of, ummm….oh hell, never mind.

This, I think, is the first level of crying wolf. What if, one day, there is a candidate who hates black people so much that he doesn’t go on a campaign stop to a traditionally black church in Detroit, talk about all of the contributions black people have made to America, promise to fight for black people, and say that his campaign is about opposing racism in all its forms? What if there’s a candidate who does something more like, say, go to a KKK meeting and say that black people are inferior and only whites are real Americans?

We might want to use words like “openly racist” or “openly white supremacist” to describe him. And at that point, nobody will listen, because we wasted “openly white supremacist” on the guy who tweets pictures of himself eating a taco on Cinco de Mayo while saying “I love Hispanics!”

The KKK is really small. They could all stay in the same hotel with a bunch of free rooms left over. Or put another way: the entire membership of the KKK is less than the daily readership of this blog.

If you Google “trump KKK”, you get 14.8 million results. I know that Google’s list of results numbers isn’t very accurate. Yet even if they’re inflating the numbers by 1000x, and there were only about 14,000 news articles about the supposed Trump-KKK connection this election, there are still two to three articles about a Trump-KKK connection for every single Klansman in the world.

I don’t see any sign that there are other official white supremacy movements that are larger than the Klan, or even enough other small ones to substantially raise the estimate of people involved. David Duke called a big pan-white-supremacist meeting in New Orleans in 2005, and despite getting groups from across North America and Europe he was only able to muster 300 attendees (by comparison, NAACP conventions routinely get 10,000).

My guess is that the number of organized white supremacists in the country is in the very low five digits.

So the mainstream narrative is that Trump is okay with alienating minorities (= 118 million people), whites who abhor racism and would never vote for a racist (if even 20% of whites, = 40 million people), most of the media, most business, and most foreign countries – in order to win the support of about 50,000 poorly organized and generally dysfunctional people, many of whom are too young to vote anyway.

Caring about who the KKK or the alt-right supports is a lot like caring about who Satanists support. It’s not something you would do if you wanted to understand real political forces. It’s only something you would do if you want to connect an opposing candidate to the most outrageous caricature of evil you can find on short notice.

Annnnd bingo: Occam’s razor, plain logic, and observed history all indicate that we have a winner. And all the shrieking, crying, and hysteria over an election that didn’t go their way—along with establishment media attempts to delegitimize the incoming President and render him incapable of governing—is where those wolf-dogs of war come in (via Ironbear):

You have every right we can think of to PEACEABLY assemble to wear your ignorant signs demonstrating your illiteracy as much as you like. Men and women better than you can ever aspire to be have given their lives to protect that right and you won’t find a single one among our brotherhood trying to limit that right, because that’s what we’re all about.

What you DON’T have the right to is to commit crimes against others because they have differing opinions from you, but you don’t seem to worry about that and your Chocolate Führer doesn’t seem too eager to remind you. Then again, he IS “literally Hitler”, to use your own illiterate term, so we’re not surprised.

You SHOULD worry.

Because we can kill every last motherfucking one of you in less time than it would take for the majority of us to finish reading the front page of the newspaper while taking a shit.

Ah, but think of all the wonderful things we’d lose, such as…well…like, say…

Okay, I admit, the only downside I can think of is that somebody would have to clean up the mess.

Update! The proper response: FUCK. YOU.

As a 46 year old white male, I’d like to give my perspective for the various liberals and leftists who comment here (and I’m truly glad you are here).

By your definition, I’m a racist, and I just don’t care anymore. I don’t believe I’m actually a racist, but you’re going to label me that way anyway, so I’ll just accept it. I’m a racist based on your definition. Fine. I won’t argue, I’ll just acknowledge you are right. I’m guilty of racism. Frankly, I’ve given up trying to prove you’re wrong. Hell, you’ll call me a racist for thinking algebra should be taught in school, and gifted programs should be kept even if they “lack diversity.”

And so now, if I can be so bold, here’s my response: “So what? I get it. I’m a racist. Do you have anything else to say? Now that you’ve defined me as a racist, should I just disappear? Should I just admit that you are right, and come around to your way of thinking? What, exactly, do you want me to do? Because I still think about the issues affecting this country in the exact same way.”

Someone above mentioned the Willie Horton ad. Such a racist ad. Here is the name of Willie Horton’s first victim: Joseph Fournier. Mr. Fournier was 17 years old when Horton stabbed him to death. Horton then stuffed Fournier into a trash can, where he bled out from his wounds. After Gov. Dukakis granted Horton a furlough from prison, Horton raped a woman twice, in front of her fiance (who he beat up and knifed). Do liberals care about Mr. Fournier, or his family? Do they care about the woman and her fiance that were traumatized? I don’t see any evidence that they do. You know what they care about? You know what will make them angry? If I use the word “thug” to describe Mr. Horton. Well that’s just not acceptable in polite society. It’s a racist code-word.

My question for all you dear liberals and progressives: Is there a way people like myself can talk about Willie Horton honestly without being accused of racism? Would there have been any way for Bush Sr.’s campaign to discuss the issue of weekend furloughs, and their innocent victims, without being written off as racist? “There goes the GOP again, stirring up white voters.” The Horton ad is considered prima facie evidence that Republicans are racists. But what about Mr. Fournier? How many Democrats know his name?

Dear Liberals, Democrats, progressives, leftists: Your use of the word “racist” doesn’t work anymore. We get it. You’re superior. You’re enlightened and we’re not. You care about diversity and we don’t. We only listen to dog whistles. We have given up trying to talk you out of your presumptions, or trying to earn your approval. We no longer consider it worth our while to reassure you that we’re not “that kind” of Republican.

But the fact is, we’re not as stupid as you think we are, and we see right through you. And if there’s one thing Trump has done, he’s given us some backbone to make our voices heard. Of course, that means “expressions of racism” will increase. (OMG!) And every child who behaves like a bully will be blamed on Trump. The fact is, we just won’t care about your freak-outs. Go ahead and caterwaul. You lost, and you deserved to lose.

I cast my vote for Trump reluctantly. Now, I couldn’t be prouder.

Now go ahead and double down again, idiots. Scream even louder, get in our faces and punch back even harder. See what it gets ya. I promise you won’t like it. Because despite your being too stupid and self-absorbed to notice, our punching-bag days are OVER. We are now “fully woke,” and have decided to emancipate ourselves at last.

You want a fight? Well, now you got yourselves one. Careful what you wish for, fascist douchebags, lest it get a lot worse.


New day dawning

Wherein I will attempt to explain a few things to the whining, crying, sorely butthurt Trump-haters out there, many of whom are currently rioting, looting, and viciously assaulting passersby because for the first time in the last eight years, they didn’t get their way.

Here’s the deal: for a long, long time, but really getting cranked into high gear eight years ago, you people have been picking the pockets of the people who do the actual work in this country—as George Bailey had it, “the people who do most of the working and the paying and the living and the dying in this community”—to pay for liberal-fascist social-engineering projects they were neither asked their opinion about nor approved of. You did this as though you assumed it was your God-given right, a fundamental assertion of your supposedly superior intellect, morality, and sensitivity. They were neither consulted about nor agreed with that assertion either, and you brooked absolutely no examination of it.

You fleeced them for a huge percentage of their income, itself steadily dwindling because of those self-same socialist policies you advocated for and implemented—policies that any fool can see have never worked, that have failed every time and everywhere they’ve been tried. You made it impossible for them to eke out a living with your meddlesome, intrusive government and its regulatory overreach, which stifled the creation of new small business, the lifeblood of the American economy.

They were supposed to sit back quietly and watch without complaint as you stole freedom after freedom from them, until they were surrounded by no-smoking zones, no-free-speech zones, gun-free zones, no-liberty zones. You surveilled them with cameras on every street corner and bugs in their personal computers at home; you tracked their whereabouts via their cell phones and the GPS units in their cars, all of which was ostensibly put there to defend against an Islamist terrorism you won’t even call by its name, much less fight, because of an “Islamophobia” that is not only undefined, but which doesn’t even demonstrably exist.

Everything that was not mandatory was forbidden, according exclusively to you, in consultation with absolutely no one else, with no other input either sought or accepted.

You inhabit cities that are festering cesspools of crime, lawlessness, and disease, then start sniping our police as a direct result of the riots you ginned up in response to a handful of violent thugs being justly taken down in the process of assaults against the cops committed with deadly intent. You sit idly in a squalor, muck, and rot with which the rest of us have no desire to surround ourselves, busily trying to export it to people who don’t want it, acting as if it conferred some sort of regal, high-minded, man-bunned eminence instead of just making you look foolish for willingly sitting in a pile of shit you claim doesn’t stink.

A mere handful of years ago, you yourselves were opposed to the idea of gay marriage; both Hillary and Obama explicitly stated their opposition to it, and Bill Clinton signed into law the Defense Of Marriage Act, which you now present as an evil anathema to everything right and good about America since its founding. The idea of upending an entire civilization to accommodate a minuscule, statistically insignificant class of mentally-disturbed individuals tragically confused about their actual gender wasn’t even on anybody’s radar at all. Suddenly, with a quickness that seems absolutely incredible in hindsight, those things were a cause celebre with you, and they were quickly rammed down American throats because who we (including most of you) once were is now deemed—by you, and you alone—to be “not who we are.”

Because as you have always demonstrated so forcefully to us: “you will be made to care.” And not just care, either; no, you (meaning “we,” of course) will be made not just to tolerate (which we’re just fine with, actually) but to celebrate and exalt these aberrations and perversions, no matter how direly that may conflict with whatever traditional morality Americans may hold dear and live by ourselves.

You took what was once the most exemplary, innovative, and advanced health care system in the entire world and turned it into just another plodding, inflexible, unworkable, dysfunctional big-government bureaucracy—again, as every time, against the clearly-expressed will of the people you run roughshod over…and again, the people you expect to be forced to pay for it.

When called on any of this, you scream hysterically about a “racism, bigotry, and xenophobia” that exists only in the empty space between your ears. You sneer about trailer parks and a lack of college credentials on the part of those you so clearly hold in contempt—i.e., anybody possessing the outrageous temerity to disagree with you—who also just happen to be the ones footing the bill and taking the responsibility for every bit of your stupidity, your arrogance, your wrong-headedness, your inability to be objective or realistic. You harshly enforce absolute limits on their speech, their actions, and their very thoughts, while accepting none whatsoever on your own.

You have been arrogant, obnoxious, over-entitled, smug, supercilious, dismissive, insulting, and ultimately, insufferable. And you have been proven to be dead wrong about every last bit of nonsense you so hatefully spew at us, every ass-backwards idea you promulgate. In the end, what you really are is inadequate, incompetent, intolerable, unnecessary, and entirely dispensable.

You’ve done all these things, and more, dragging us by force of government edict in directions we strongly desired not to go, while denouncing us in the strongest, most hateful, and most offensive and contemptuous imaginable of terms. Did you really think we were so stupidly bovine as to go on taking this abuse forever? That your cause was truly so righteous and morally correct that we would never, ever rise up in opposition to it? That we would just go on forever and ever humbly accepting the unsupported and unjustified assertion of your own natural authority over the very people who set up and carefully, laboriously maintain the system that pays for every least aspect of your inane folly—a system without which your childish self-indulgence would immediately cease to exist, like smoke in a high wind?

Well, sorry, snowflakes. Reality just came a-knocking on your door. And your sobbing, petulant, spoiled-brat reaction to it just demonstrates again that we were right to put a stop to it. As with a child throwing a kicking and screaming tantrum on Christmas morning because he didn’t find a pony under the tree, the indulgence of your foolishness—which was itself foolish on our part—has proved to be a terrible mistake, and was all along. And now the grownups are going to have to stop your squalling and thrashing around before you knock the tree over and do any more damage to the rest of the house.

Deal with it, ya punks. Or else we’ll deal even more harshly with you than we’re already going to have to. You’ve made a deplorable mess of the place, for the simple reason that you were allowed to. Now it’s time to clean it up. And cry all you want, we intend to.



Much ado about…well.

A Florida prosecutor has decided not to prosecute Donald Trump’s campaign manager for battery after a March run-in with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, sources with knowledge of the situation told POLITICO.

The decision not to press charges against Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to be announced on Thursday afternoon by Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg.

Fields may still pursue a defamation case against Lewandowski, a source said.

Fields filed a police report last month after Lewandowski grabbed her by the arm and moved her out of Trump’s way following a press conference at Trump National Gold Club in Jupiter. She said he left bruises on her arm. Police later charged Lewandowski with simple battery, releasing video from surveillance cameras that shows Lewandowski reaching for and grabbing Fields.

Aronberg would not comment, but in a POLITICO interview last week, he pointed out that Jupiter police had a low “probable cause” standard to cite Lewandowski for battery. But the responsibility for moving forward with a full-blown prosecution rested with Aronberg’s office, which had to consider whether a crime occurred and whether they believed a jury of Floridians would prosecute.

“We have a higher standard to go forward with a prosecution,” he said.

But…but…but…Trump is a vicious thug who thuggishly surrounds himself with thugs who exhibit all kinds of thuggish behavior, which is unacceptably thug-like! Plus, he appeals strictly to bigoted, racist thugs who want to commit genocide (thugicide?) against brown people by thuggishly advocating re-establishing a US border! WAKE UP, AMERICA!! BECAUSE THUGS!!!

Best line? This one:

“Not every minor interaction needs to go to court. Time for everyone to chill out,” he said. “Jeb Bush has a better claim for battery against Trump after those debates than this reporter does against Lewandowski.”

Ouch. Somewhere, ¡Yeb! is smarting from that slap.

(Via Bill)



Looks like Tracinski needs to find himself a Safe Space; the Trump campaign’s microaggression is just too upsetting to be borne.

Everything awful about Donald Trump’s campaign for president has just been summed up in one tweet from his son, Eric Trump. The younger Trump responded to presidential contender Ted Cruz’s trip to the Bronx, and the less-than-friendly reception he got, with a meme taken from “The Sopranos.” He has deleted the tweet, but the Internet is forever, so there’s a screen cap.

There they are, the Soprano crime family, offering to teach Sen. Cruz about “New York values” with their knuckles.

Here we see in one place all the main pathologies of the Trump campaign. Where to start?

And then start he does, crying and weeping over this silly little joke as if it were The New Holocaust for an entire column. His second reason?

2) It plays around with thuggishness.
The whole premise of this Sopranos meme is to play around with the idea of Trump supporters as a bunch of tough guys who are going to beat up Cruz. It could be brushed off as a joke except for the history of Trump supporters brawling with protesters and his campaign staff roughing up reporters.

Well, hey, at least Tracinski’s piteous plaint has the virtue of honesty, right? For certain values of honesty, that is. Y’know, just so long as you neither mind nor notice that it’s Leftists who are bringing the violence to Trump rallies, and you define “roughing up reporters” as touching them in any way while they’re aggressively confronting–and touching!–your candidate. On to number three:

3) It asks voters to live down to their stereotypes.
Hey, let’s appeal to blue-collar guys in the New York City area by promoting caricatures of them as Italian-American mobsters!

There was a time when people would have found this kind of stereotyping offensive.

Yeah. And almost all of those people were liberal shitwits.

That’s the root of what’s awful about Donald Trump’s campaign: instead of offering voters a better version of themselves, he wants them to be the worst version of themselves. He wants to rise to highest office by dragging everybody else down.

Everybody ought to find that offensive, New Yorkers most of all.

If you say so. But then, not everybody is as fragile and delicate a little flower as Robert seems to be. Sad to see a smart guy like Tracinski driven so far off the rails by his hatred for Trump as to be reduced to indulging in this sort of pathetic bellyaching over nothing.

Know what I consider “the root of what’s awful” about Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers? How quickly they’re willing to stoop to exactly the sort of dishonesty, hypocrisy, and contrived hysteria that were previously the exclusive province of the Left. Apparently, they’ll grasp at any straw imaginable in hopes of discrediting Trump. This particular straw is about as wispy and feeble as any I’ve seen yet, and no amount of desperate fluffing and primping is going to make it look any more substantial, try as Tracinski might. In the end, one can only be embarrassed for the poor guy.


The Hard (un)Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates

A perfect storm of bigoted lying-liberal idiocy.

Coates’s recent memoir, Between the World and Me, an instant No. 1 bestseller dubbed “immense” by Publishers Weekly and deemed “essential, like water or air,” by A.O. Scott, will not only win every prize in sight, they’ll have to invent some new prizes for it. Perhaps Coates will be tapped to be our first Public Intellectual Laureate. Not only is the book selling by the boatload, but as it is very angry, very left-wing, very topical, and very short, it also seems certain to be ushered into the exclusive club where the real money of publishing is: college and high-school reading syllabi. Between the World and Me stands ready to be a central influence in the way young people are taught to see race in America.

And that is disheartening. Coates’s book is bitter, and it is embittering. It’s angry about things we should be angry about—only the straw man Coates frequently invokes would claim the race problem is solved in America—but it also displays an inchoate generalized contempt for America, especially white America. Coates simply assumes that the country is as poisoned by race obsessions as he is. The book is 176 pages of question-begging.

Here’s a little news flash for Coates and other idiots: the race problem will NEVER be solved, in America or anywhere else. A preference for one’s own peer group is hard-wired into the human psyche; there always has been and always will be a tendency on the part of at least some of us to let that preference slip and slide down the greasy slope of xenophobia and fear into outright antipathy, whether open or not, towards those of a different tribe. Always. And no amount of smarmy lecturing, hectoring, or even legislation is going to change that.

Hey, it’s a mean old world. Deal with it. Or whine incessantly about it, as Coates and nearly every other “liberal” does–IT’S NOT FAIR!!!–and let it rob you of any chance for whatever happiness might be possible for you out there, and then blame everybody else for your self-inflicted misery. Your choice. You’ll no doubt be surprised at how little most of us care about which way you wind up jumping, and how little patience we’ll have for your self-righteous attempts to blame us for what is essentially and by definition your problem.

To Coates, history is a maze in which every path leads back to the dragon in the center, which is slavery. So blame the white racist superstructure even if a black cop working for a black county run by black politicians kills a black suspect—that would be Coates’s college acquaintance Prince Jones, who died when an undercover cop in Prince George’s County, Maryland, mistook the young man for another suspect and Jones responded by ramming his car at the officer, who shot him.

When Coates isn’t ignoring facts, as in the Martin and Brown cases, he shamelessly misrepresents them, as in the case of Jordan Davis, a black Florida youth who was fatally shot by a white man after a dispute over loud music. “The killer was convicted not of the boy’s murder,” Coates writes, “but of firing repeatedly as the boy’s friends tried to retreat. Destroying the black body was permissible—but it would be better to do it efficiently.” This is an outrageously false recounting. In no sense were the actions of Michael Dunn, the shooter, deemed “permissible.” A jury initially deadlocked on the most serious charge, but after a second trial, Dunn was indeed convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole, in addition to a 90-year-sentence for conviction at the first trial of three counts of attempted murder and firing into an occupied vehicle.

The case wrapped up last October, well before Coates’s book went into production. But Coates, purposefully vague, omits names when referring to the case on page 112, even though the details are clearly those of the Davis murder. By specifically mentioning Davis 18 pages later, he shows that this is the incident he was referring to. (Coates has been consistently irresponsible on the matter: He began a February 15, 2014, Atlantic piece, published after the first trial but before the second, “I wish I had something more to say about the fact that Michael Dunn was not convicted for killing a black boy.” The piece was grossly misleading at the time and remains uncorrected on the Atlantic’s website.)

Ordinary journalistic standards don’t apply to Coates. His aggrandizement is the predictable outcome when a self-flagellating elite class, having spent 30 years propagating notions of group rights and group guilt while dismissing individual agency, concludes that victim classes should be encouraged to bear witness to “my truth,” the better to advance an extreme vision. New York magazine detected no irony in titling its recent cover story “The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates.” Coates is both an effect and a cause of the cultural leadership’s resistance to the precise and the rigorous, the rational and the logical. The book won’t be questioned by the cultural mandarins—can’t be questioned, can’t be treated as anything less authoritative than holy writ—because they share Coates’s feelings, and that is the only reality that matters.

Coates’s detachment from fact is nothing compared with his moral detachment, however. He says, “my heart was cold” when he watched the Twin Towers burn and collapse. The cops present on September 11 deserved to die because they all shot Prince Jones; firefighters had to go because they are kind of like cops, though if Coates has any examples of firefighters killing black men, he does not supply them. Those office workers guilty of believing themselves to be white obviously had it coming to them. And everyone else who died? Black office workers? Foreigners? Shrug.

This is not a man possessed of hard truths, but rather a hard heart. To praise Coates is to condone mass hatred.

Yeah, well, to be a “liberal” is to be a hater, y’know. Their whole existence is organized around this kind of unreasoning narcissistic hostility–which is basically the hostility of the child towards the parent who won’t allow him to eat nothing but candy and ice cream for every meal. BECAUSE TEH INJUSTICE™!!

Read on for more examples of the kind of juvenile, dull-witted but self-satisfied “thinking” that is running the Western world now, and will in the end be the downfall of it.

Update! I just gotta include this, which amounts to the bottom line: “Does that sound like a man who holds the moral compass of America in the palm of his hand, or someone in urgent need of therapy?” And that reminds me of this great old Seinfeld scene:

Although in Coates’ case, I’m not sure even “a team” would be enough. Wretched neurosis as consuming as his might require a whole new field of study, with its own universities, research labs, and an entire body of literature dedicated to figuring it out and coping with it.

Or, alternatively, we could all shrug our shoulders, say “meh,” and leave him to go right on wallowing in it while we go out and have a beer or something. I can’t speak for all of y’all, but I know which way I’m leaning.



Y’know, I liked it a lot better when tattoos were the mark of the true rebel or outcast rather than the rite-of-passage status symbol of the mindless bleating conformist they are now. But this minor snit from a disgruntled Social Justice Warriorette (“disgruntled” being the only answer to the first question on the Social Justice Warriorette entrance exam) did beget a great headline from Ed, at least:

Moonbat Tat Spat Falls Flat
The Left’s cycle of victimhood appears to be in freefall and accelerating towards the abyss rapidly these days, doesn’t it? Let’s review: The Rolling Stone campus rape case that wasn’t. Oppressed Mattress Girl who doubles down by releasing a sex tape. Rachel Dolezal reliving James Whitmore’s Black Like Me B-movie.

Finally, it’s come to this: Far Left Socialist Justice Warrior at Jezebel demands a neck tattoo for one of her first tats and throws a fit screaming — but of course! — sexism and oppression when the tattoo artist very sensibly refuses. Or as Ace writes today, linking to this post at InstaPundit, “Jezebel Blogger: Don’t Tell Me What Tattoos I Can and Cannot Get, Dad.. I’m an Adult Now, Dad. And I’ve Got Ideas, Dad. Good Ideas! You’ll See When I Run Off to Rome to Become a Gritty Fashion Photog, Dad!”

I won’t bother quoting too extensively from the Brat Princess’s online tantrum; it’s too self-consciously cute by half, including as it does such phrases as these:

As soon as we arrived and told the woman at the counter what we’d like, she said, “You can discuss it with the artist’s assistant but I’m not sure they’ll let you get a neck tattoo.”

Let me!

Yes, let you. Tattoo shops ain’t Bloomingdales, honey, nor are they Burger King; you don’t get to flash some cash, treat the help like dirt, and walk out with whatever your pretty little heart might desire. Tattooing at its best is an intelligent collaboration between a willing artist and an informed client. Antagonizing your tattooist is every bit as bad an idea as bargain-shopping for one is.

Moreover, even if most of the rest of the entire world had been conceived of and created for the express and sole purpose of granting your every least wish as you seem to assume (hint: it wasn’t), tattoo artists–operating as they do in a pretty unique space between traditional capital-A art, part-time triage psychiatry, and run-of-the-mill commerce–are under no real obligation to put up with a single small ounce of shit from you or anyone else, no matter how much you may whine about it online later. No, really, it’s true, as incredible as that must seem to someone as entitled and self-regarding as you. Might I suggest that you, uhh, Check Your Privilege just a wee mite? No, I thought not. Never mind.

Okay, here’s where I admit that this response didn’t entirely surprise me. This was the third time I’d been told that: once at a parlor where I just immediately walked out—granted, I’d had a few wines, so I don’t feel like putting them entirely on blast for that one—and once by my cousin Josh, but it was more of a hypothetical refusal since we were just sitting in my yard and not in his tattoo parlor. But the folks at New York Adorned did some next level shit, which is why I’m telling you about it. It is my job.

Ever consider seeking out meaningful work someplace? Useful work? You should. And…”on blast”? Gee, that’s precious. Did you make it up yourself on the spot there, darlin’?

See, that’s the very cutesiness I mentioned before, which makes it all–along with most of the rest of such tripe at too-hip trendypit websites like Jizzybelle–such tedious reading. But hey, it establishes the bint as One Tough Hombre (Hombrette?), not to be trifled with by some burly, inked-up knuckledragger: don’t mess with me, Poindexter, or I’ll PUT YOU ON BLAST in a withering, pointless screed in some self-important webazine! Y’know, just so’s nobody mistakes Princess Pantywad for the type of hypersensitive girlie-girlish hothouse flower that’s liable to fold up and cry over any instance of not getting her way, as some of you have been…uh…might have…uhh…ummm….

Then he asked if we were ready to get started on the other tattoos, and I was so infuriated I cannot remember exactly what I said but it was something to the effect of, “Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not going to give you money after that, let alone have you touch me or put art on my body!” And then we walked out.

Sasha, to his credit, remained calm and let me handle it myself, although I’m sure if I’d just broken down sobbing he would’ve verbally skewered the dude. I did break down once we got outside.

There there, dear. Of course you did. Believe me, nobody who has any experience with your type was expecting otherwise.

You DID catch all that, right? Not only that this Fighty-Fight-Fighter Against Injustice eventually burst into churlish, girlish tears and waved her chubby little fists around over the horrible, horrible insolence of a guy who makes his living at this stuff making a judgment call based on long experience (once she was well and safely away from the scene of the confrontation, as modern-day liberal “courage” requires), but that her first thought was of whipping up some tears and letting The Man handle it for her? As if she was deserving of some sort of Major Award for NOT doing that?

I only wish I could say I was at all surprised by such stark, have-it-both-ways hypocrisy from one of these Warriorettes. But at this point, I feel I should mention the place where Ed drops the ball himself:

Other than possibly invitations to Lawrence Welk revival concerts, I doubt there are many things a tattooist will say no to. When he comes across as the calm, reasoned grownup in your story, it just might be time (to) reevaluate your worldview.

Spoken like someone who truly has no experience with tattoo artists whatever, which I imagine is something Ed neither denies nor regrets. Which of course is perfectly fine (know the difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people? Tattooed people don’t care if you’re not tattooed). The truth is, all reputable tattoo artists (NOT an oxymoron, trust me) have pretty exacting standards for what they will or will not do for a prospective client, the circumstances under which they will or will not do it, and even who may or may not end up being a client in the first place. Those standards are serious, personal, and pretty much graven in stone for the person who establishes and enforces them, although they may vary from individual to individual–tattooists being in the main sturdy, fiercely independent sorts, and not usually at all susceptible to wheedling or manipulation on the part of their clientele. After all, a goodly number of those people came up in the trade in a time when they could and would have been jailed in many states for plying it at all. They’re serious about their work, and don’t suffer fools gladly, or otherwise.

Which explains the Jezebel twit’s problem pretty concisely, I’d say. As for that calm, reasoned grownup bit, well, umm, yeah.

I was targeted by a blogger via who would like to see me out of business. The reason? I refused to tattoo her neck, as I regularly do when asked by a sparsely tattooed or un-tattooed customer. Where she really got it wrong is assuming that I refused her service for sexist reasons, even after I informed her that I refuse neck tattoos on men and women weekly. Her misguided attempt to make this a feminist issue is a disservice to true feminism. It trivializes it in a wolf cry and makes slanderous assumptions of my character (just ask my mother, three big sisters, three beautiful nieces, and all of my wonderful female friends). I am a far cry from a misogynist. Although I appreciate all of the support I have received from the tattoo community, I would also like to ask that all the harsh name-calling directed at “SeeJaneMarie” stop now. We strongly disagree with her opinion, but I also strongly disagree with calling women “b***hes” or “c**ts” for having strong opinions, even if those opinions are misguided.

As all tattooers know, a neck or hand tattoo is a big commitment, and traditionally are reserved for those heavily covered and ready to confront society on a daily basis as a heavily tattooed person. Although tattoos are more accepted now than ever, we are still judged daily for our appearance. A hand or neck tattoo may mean the difference between that next job or promotion, and also may spur daily judgmental looks and harassing comments from strangers as many of my friends have experienced. It’s not a thing to be taken lightly and I long ago drew an ethical line in the sand for myself as professional tattooer to turn down “job stoppers” on those who are not already committed to living as a heavily tattooed person. If I was to make the decision again today, I would still say no. I hope for her sake she does not get judged as harshly for her new neck tattoo as she judged myself and the staff of New York Adorned upon walking into our shop.

Calm, reasoned, intelligent, and way more polite and compassionate to the pig-ignorant, over-entitled bint than I’d ever be. Perhaps a full-disclosure disclaimer would be appropriate here: not only am I what some people might consider to be heavily tattooed, but I worked for several years for a publisher that put out several well-regarded tattoo periodicals. When I got my forearms tattooed for the first time–not my neck, my forearms, both on the same day–by a tattooist who also happened to be the first Hells Angel to establish a beachhead from Ohio into North Carolina, it was only after a couple of hours’ worth of counseling on whether that’s what I really wanted to do, to establish that I really did understand the commitment I was making. Ditto with my neck, years later; ditto with my knuckles, a few years after that.

Not that any of that matters much: a whiny dumbass is a whiny dumbass, is easily recognizable as such, and deserves to be called out for said whiny dumbassery any time they have the temerity to inflict it on the public at large. Hats off to Dan all the same for refusing to get down into the Jezebel mud and wallow in it, and choosing instead to cast his pearls before swine by way of providing an object lesson in what class, maturity, wisdom, and intelligence really are to people who possess precious little of any of those qualities.


“Facebook Doesn’t Want You To Read This Article”

Oh, but trust me, you want to. You really, really do. It’s one for the ages.

I’ve reviewed these reports of “trauma”, and have reached a conclusion about them. I’m going to make a brief statement summarizing my conclusion. While I mean this in the nicest way possible, I don’t want victims of microaggressions or supporters of trigger warnings to doubt my sincerity.

F*** your trauma.

Yes, f*** your trauma. My sympathy for your suffering, whether that suffering was real or imaginary, ended when you demanded I change my life to avoid bringing up your bad memories. You don’t seem to have figured this out, but there is no “I must never be reminded of a negative experience” expectation in any culture anywhere on earth.

If your psyche is so fragile you fall apart when someone inadvertently reminds you of “trauma,” especially if that trauma consisted of you overreacting to a self-interpreted racial slur, you need therapy. You belong on a psychiatrist’s couch, not in college dictating what the rest of society can’t do, say, or think. Get your own head right before you try to run other people’s lives. If you expect everyone around you to cater to your neurosis, forever, you’re what I’d call a “failure at life,” doomed to perpetual disappointment.

Oh, I should add: f** my trauma, too. I must be old-fashioned, but I always thought coming to terms with pain was part of growing up. I’ve never expected anyone to not knock on my door because it reminds me of that terrifying morning decades ago. I’ve never blown up at anyone for startling me with a camera flash (I’ve never even mentioned it to anyone who did). I’ve never expected anyone to not talk about Iraq or Afghanistan around me, even though some memories still hurt. I don’t need trigger warnings because a book might remind me of a murder victim I’ve seen.

And before anyone says it; being Hispanic doesn’t make me any more sympathetic to people who experience nonexistent, discriminatory “trauma.” Discrimination didn’t break me (or my parents or grandparents). I’ve been discriminated against by whites for being Hispanic. I’ve been threatened by blacks for being white. I’ve been insulted by Hispanics for not being Hispanic enough. Big deal. None of that stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. It wasn’t “trauma.” It was life.

And life–hard knocks, unfairness, difficulty and struggle and setbacks and all the rest of it–is what these sissified, pathetic, contemptible, overgrown children are fearful of more than anything else. Read all of it, of course.


Punk punked

You know Romney wiped the floor pretty badly with the stupid sonofabitch when you’re getting the kind of wailing, excuse-making, corrupt manipulation, and balls-out lying from the Enemy Media we’re seeing today. But the real telltale is when the Onion jumps on your skinny neck with both boots:

DENVER—Following last night’s nationally televised presidential debate, President Barack Obama’s 11-year-old daughter Sasha reportedly asked her father why he was “acting like such a goddamned pussy up there.” “Daddy, how come you were being such a little bitch?” asked the sixth-grader, who told the president she was “genuinely worried” that maybe somebody had “cut Daddy’s balls off” right before he took the stage. “What happened, Dad? Were you on your period or something? Maybe the next time you’re in front of the entire country for an hour and a half you should try not letting another man spank you on the ass like that.” Sources added that Obama’s youngest daughter then offered to help the president go “look for [his] dick, because apparently it’s gone missing.”

Better bring a magnifying glass for that snipe hunt, kid. And tweezers.

Incidentally, that “Enemy Media” bit I swiped from here, via here; I like it, and since I’ve been casting about for a while now for something more accurately descriptive than the standard appellations for Obama’s house propaganda, umm…organs (hey, see what I did there?), I’m a-gonna keep it.

Truly pathetic update! Did somebody say “desperation“?

Some people suggest that Obama is luring Romney like the Russians lured Napoleon, getting him in too deep and out of his element. Maybe…
— Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) October 4, 2012

Sorry Charlie, but it’s your guy who’s out of his depth here. He pretty much has been since he left high school, in fact.


The wall

I never have entirely understood the antipathy on the part of some of us towards the idea of separation of church and state. Here’s a pretty good discussion of all that:

Social conservatives across the religious spectrum tend to downplay the concept of the separation of church and state, and many dismiss it entirely. They are fond of pointing out that the Constitution does not contain the phrase “separation of church and state,” and that the terminology about a “wall of separation” originated first in America in Thomas Jefferson’s 1802 Letter to the Danbury Baptists. Conservatives generally like to think that this proves that the Constitution contained no such idea and, consequently, the American political tradition does not.

This is a mistaken notion. Certain concepts are in the Constitution even if the phraseology we use to sum up these ideas is not. Religious Americans (of all stripes) ought to embrace the concept of church-state separation, for as John Carroll understood, it works to protect the church from the state, and in keeping the church out of state affairs, it keeps the church from being corrupted.

Santorum seems to understand half of this equation, as he is rightly sounding the alarm about the federal government’s Health and Human Service mandate, requiring Catholic organizations to provide contraceptive coverage in their employee health plans. But he often seems too eager to use the government to promote religious ends. “The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state,” he said this past Sunday, “is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our country.” In the final Republican presidential debate, Santorum tried to explain his vote for an omnibus bill that included funding for Planned Parenthood by bragging that he simultaneously promoted federally-funded abstinence programs aimed at young people. Like the idea of faith-based initiatives, Santorum needs to see that government involvement in a program not only guarantees inefficiency, inequity, and unintended consequences, but also threatens the independence and freedom of action of any institution with which it works.


On his Thursday radio show, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh defended the controversial comments he made Wednesday calling Georgetown student and so-called contraception activist Sandra Fluke “a slut” and “a prostitute.”

He suggested that certain requirements be applied before doling out taxpayer-funded contraceptives.

“If we’re going to have to pay for this — then we want something in return, Ms. Fluke,” Limbaugh said. “And that would be the videos of all this sex posted online so we can see what we’re getting for our money.”

It would seem that some conservatives (Santorum, for one), as well as most liberals, don’t realize that every dime of dole-money comes with strings attached to it. And when you seek to nestle under the wing of a too-powerful State, you’re gonna be required to put the collar on first. For your own good, of course.

And speaking for myself, I’m gonna wanna see more pictures of this brain-dead bimbette before I go demanding any sex tapes. The one or two I’ve seen so far aren’t, shall we say, encouraging. More from Rush:

If Fluke is gonna ask the government to force anybody to foot the bill for her friends’ birth control, shouldn’t it be these guys? Who pays for the abortions? Oops! We already know that, too. So that’s where this all started, that story. That’s where it all started. A woman who goes to law school at Georgetown goes to a congressional hearing where Pelosi is (crying), “I’m going broke having sex! I need…I need the government to provide me condoms and contraception. It’s not fair.” Okay, so this is a law student at a congressional committee asking for us…to…pay…for…the…things…that…make…it…possible…for…her…to…have…sex.

Therefore we are paying her to have sex.

Therefore we are paying her for having sex.

We are getting screwed even though we don’t meet her personally!

All things considered, and looking at those pictures again, I’d say we’re better off.

You’d think we’re hearing about a killer disease here! You’d think we’re listening to testimony about some horrible crime that’s being committed! “[T]he faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage”? Let me ask you people. When you walk down the street and you see a woman and you look at her face, can you determine whether or not she’s had a birth control pill or not? Do you know whether or not she’s suffering and in pain and miserable because she can’t find any birth control pills? Who knows this? How do you look at the face of a woman and know that?

Oh, it can be done. They have that pinched, constipated, sour expression when they’re not getting laid often enough–that tightness around the eyes and the usually-downturned corners of the mouth. Think Pelosi or Maxine Waters. Or, God help us, the late and entirely unlamented Andrea Dworkin. Add in their whining, snotty disposition and it becomes dead obvious.

The takeaway, though, has to be this: if the government isn’t giving you something for “free,” it has been outlawed, not just effectively but literally. And really, who can be surprised if that’s what these perpetual and willing Wards O’ The State really believe? When you raise an entire generation to be properly subservient to government power, and to believe themselves children incapable of providing for themselves without federal assistance, you can’t be too shocked when they resort to childish sniveling in order to get their way. The bigger the state, the smaller the people, as Steyn always says.

What’s really baffling is why religious folks would want to invite such a destructive and insidious influence into their sanctuaries at all, even if they hope to influence it in their favor in some way. Whatever minor influence they may gain will be more than offset by the liberty they’ll have to surrender–as we’ve seen over and over again, in way more contexts than just this one. Hell, if I could somehow erect a similar “wall of separation” between myself and Leviathan, I’d damned sure do it.

And once again: we’re arguing about precisely the wrong thing here. It’s a depressing tacit admission that with Obamacare the law of the land, and no realistic hope of doing away with it, tinkering around the edges of The Wall is about all we have left.


Cry me a river

A yellow one. A scandal, an atrocity, a war crime? Horseshit; I could not possibly care less. Our guys could piss over the heads of living Taliban and I’d be just fine with it, much less room-temperature ones who only moments before were trying to shoot our troops or blow them up. Get back to me when they start sawing their heads off with dull kitchen knives and yodeling “Allahu Akhbar!” instead.

They shoulda wrapped the dirtbags in bacon first and let the bomb-sniffing dogs eat their feet, as far as I’m concerned. Ultimate, bone-crushing irony: “We strongly condemn the inhuman act of wild American soldiers, as ever, and consider this act in contradiction with all human and ethical norms,’ the statement said.” Blow me, troglodyte. But I guess I’d better be careful about saying that: if I was a twelve year old boy, they probably would.


It ain’t just the GOP, dipshit.

I’m a registered Independent, and I hope you fail, too.

I hope you fail to transform this, the greatest country that has ever existed, into the Socialist Hellhole you well meaning ninnies always end up with.

I hope you fail in your unending quest to turn us into the biggest pussies on earth.

I hope you fail so bad the Democrats are a minority party for the next 100 years.

I know you’re going to fail in your attempt to help your party of losers keep the House and the Senate this year, and it fills me with joy.

I hope you and Slow Joe Biden realize what utter failures you are and resign sometime in 2011, but I don’t think you’ve got the brains to manage it.

I hope some good (see minority party statement above) comes of it.

Lord knows the country could use some good news.


“You kids get off my White House Lawn–and get back in the Oval Office!”


“I’m even beginning to think that yelling at Obama for failing to protect America is like yelling at a six-year old for failing to make a dentist appointment, open a 401k and install vinyl siding on the house.”–Me, as I have consistently said.

Noted child psychologist Dr. Mark Spock-Steyn:

My radio pal Hugh Hewitt said to me on the air the other day that Barack Obama “doesn’t know how to be president.

You know who that helps? Mitt Romney. heh.

Actually, for once, it really does help Mitt Romney, come to think of it.

It was a low but effective crack, and I didn’t pay it much heed. But, after musing on it over the past week or so, it seems to me frighteningly literally true.

To me, too.

Let’s just face it; we elected a little kid to be Leader of the Free World.

He’s such a kid that he doesn’t even believe there is such a thing as a “Free World”–only a giant world birthday present wrapped up in a bow and given to him, in honor of him, to open on this, his special, special day.

When he spends trillions of dollars we don’t have, that’s just a version of eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He thinks that no one else in history ever thought of the idea–“Hey–I know; we’ll just spend money! And spend and spend and spend! How can we be broke? We’ve still got printing presses!”

If you disagree, you’re just a big mean person who won’t let me get a puppy. And a pony. And an elephant–I’ve always wanted an elephant. Can I? Can I? CanICanICanICanICanICanICanICanI???

It was by playing Milton Bradley’s “Operation!” that he first learned that greedy doctors are stealing children’s tonsils for money. He passes legislation by keeping the other kids up all night and bribing them with cookies. His approach to statecraft is like a four-year game of RISK played with the Kids Your Parents Warned You About.

Fred Barnes:

Has a president ever been less successful on a trip overseas than President Obama has on his eight-day excursion to Asia? I’ve been covering presidents since Gerald Ford and I can’t think of one.

Obama struck out on his entire agenda in China and he acquiesced as the Chinese subjected him to the humiliation of a choreographed town hall meeting with student members of the Young Communist League. And he suffered through a 30-minute news conference with Chinese President Hu Jintao in which no questions from the media were allowed. Presidents normally come away on visits to foreign countries with “deliverables”–that is, tangible signs of progress like a treaty signing. All Obama got was a list of things the United States and China would do in the future.

But, hey, he also got this:

And out of the Seoul sky, President Lee Myung-bak hands over to the American leader a tae kwon do outfit. And then Lee, who practices tae kwon do himself, presents Obama with a coveted black belt.

After zero long years of study.


When I was a kid(tm), one popular theme of the Youth Revolution was what it would be like if kids took over the world. Now we know.

“I’m the First Pacific president!” We elected the Fifth Beach Boy, and now We’re Sittin’ On Top of the World.

What can we do for our troubled adolescent, Dr. Spock-Steyn?

Not being George W. Bush may be enough to impress the 2009 Nobush Peace Prize committee in Oslo, but it’s old news everywhere else. America’s enemies have figured out that the Superbower is their best opportunity since their Seventies, and for America’s friends the short version of the hopeychangey era to date is last week’s cover story at the London Spectator showing an empty suit in the Oval Office over the headline “The Worst Kind Of Ally.”

Hang on, wasn’t that title retired with Bush? Well, no. Apparently, he routinely called up prime ministers hither and yon and kept them in the picture and up to speed. Obama doesn’t have time for any of that: When he stiffed Poland on missile defense, he got Hillary to phone it in. The Poles, bless ’em, declined to take her call. In Delhi, meanwhile, they’re horrified by Obama’s performance in China. America’s enemies smell weakness, and our allies feel only the vacuum of U.S. leadership. About himself, the president speaks loudly. For America, he carries a small twig.

Our Lord of the Fly-Swatter.

I’ve left the real humor and heartbreak there, so read it all. Don’t make me stop this car.


Quivering WaPo propagandist: free speech=”terrorism”

Also, truth=lies, lies=truth, exorbitant spending=cost-cutting, and ideas “to reduce the amount of health care people consume”≠rationing.

The recent attacks by Republican leaders and their ideological fellow-travelers on the effort to reform the health-care system have been so misleading, so disingenuous, that they could only spring from a cynical effort to gain partisan political advantage. By poisoning the political well, they’ve given up any pretense of being the loyal opposition. They’ve become political terrorists, willing to say or do anything to prevent the country from reaching a consensus on one of its most serious domestic problems.

Y’know, plenty of big, bad, unreasonable right-wing-extremist bogeymen have called for restraint in our protests against the Obama regime, saying that shouting the other side down serves no good purpose and makes us look bad. That might be so, but it begs a question: how they hell are we supposed to respond to people like this WaPo handwringer, who is so steeped in dishonesty that his arguments don’t proceed from anything remotely resembling reality?

I won’t go into too much depth with this, but take this absurd statement:

But there is no credible way to look at what has been proposed by the president or any congressional committee and conclude that these will result in a government takeover of the health-care system. That is a flat-out lie whose only purpose is to scare the public and stop political conversation.

See? The guy offers a flat-out lie to make his case that opponents of government health care are, uhh, lying. We’ve all seen the videos and read the reports of Democrat Socialists, up to and including the God-Emperor himself, making statement after statement calling for a single-payer system, which is by definition — ta-daaa! — a “government takeover of the health-care system.” We’ve also seen the proposals, listened to the self-serving and misleading statements puked up by DemSoc legislators and their media enablers, and pored over various analyses of their proposals, all of which add up to: an eventual, gradual government takeover of the health care system. Another example:

So the probability that a public-run insurance plan is about to drive every private insurer out of business — the Republican nightmare scenario — is approximately zero.

Again: a lie used to contend that the other side is lying. Again: Obama and other liberals have said over and over again that the “reforms” currently offered amount to a Trojan horse to eventually effect the Big Takeover. I won’t bother transcribing links I’ve offered in previous posts to support these indisputable, captured-on-video facts; scroll through even just the last couple of days’ posts, not to mention the last eight years’ worth of archives, and you’ll find them easily enough.

So how do you answer charges of dishonesty and ill intent that are themselves dishonest and made in anything but good faith? For that matter, how are you supposed to engage representatives who don’t respond to those they’re supposed to represent with anything but regurgitated talking points that are themselves lies, and who think public forums for discussion ought not be open to that part of the public that disagrees with them?

Seems to me that shouting them down might be the least worrisome (to them) means of confronting them. You don’t get very far trying to talk reasonably to people who aren’t listening; trying to get at the truth with people who are determined to conceal it; and trying to promote liberty and Constitutional government to people whose words and deeds make clear that they oppose them.

They’re being shouted at now because they’ve spent years ignoring a significant portion of their constituency, and now exclusively represent a hard-Left cabal that can’t possibly make a case for their agenda as anything other than nakedly un-American, because that agenda is demonstrably and undeniably antithetical to American ideals. And that sad fact is now being spun as being all our fault, and evidence of our supposed “extremism” and unreasonableness.

Put simply, we wouldn’t be shouting if talking had ever shown the slightest promise of getting through to them. Instead of worrying about being shouted down, maybe they ought to be thinking about finally paying attention — and about what might come next if they don’t.

“Political terrorists?” Yeah, I suppose so — at least to those present-day Tories who would’ve regarded the original American revolutionaries as terrorists too, and who view their ideas on the creation and governance of a free nation not as timeless ideals to be scrupulously lived up to, but as temporary obstacles to be circumvented and discarded. If shouting those ideals from the rooftops and getting in the faces of those who are contemptuous of them is “political terrorism,” you can count me in, Poindexter.

(Via Gabes)



Panic looks good on liberals:

The new Obama poster has two basic thrusts. Obama is a socialist, or a crypto-socialist. And Obama is somehow like the Joker, unpredictable and dangerous. But joining these two messages together yields more questions and contradictions than good poster art can sustain. The Joker is violent and dangerous, but a socialist? And didn’t we see George W. Bush depicted as the Joker not so long ago?

Yes, in an image by Drew Friedman published online by Vanity Fair on July 29, 2008. That drawing at least played into a view of Bush popular among his detractors, that the former president was unpredictable and fast on the draw when it came to geopolitics. But the danger many of Obama’s detractors detect is more of calculating, long-standing deception, that he is quietly and secretly marshaling a socialist agenda, a view that would be better served by imagery that recalled “The Manchurian Candidate.”

Good posters lead on the viewer and tease us with hints about the unseen hand that has crafted the image. The Obama Joker poster leaves you with the sense that it has said everything it has to say, and waits only for the media to endorse the message through the legitimizing process peculiar to our new age of rapid-response journalism: that we are talking about it because you are talking about it, which means it must be worth talking about.

Au contraire, sniveling liberal “journalist.” The O-Joker poster is effective as hell, as evidenced by the fact that you whining punks are so predictably OUTRAGED!™ by it. And sure enough, just like clockwork…well, you know what’s coming next, right?

So why the anonymity? Perhaps because the poster is ultimately a racially charged image. By using the “urban” makeup of the Heath Ledger Joker, instead of the urbane makeup of the Jack Nicholson character, the poster connects Obama to something many of his detractors fear but can’t openly discuss. He is black and he is identified with the inner city, a source of political instability in the 1960s and ’70s, and a lingering bogeyman in political consciousness despite falling crime rates.

The Joker’s makeup in “Dark Knight” — the latest film in a long franchise that dramatizes fear of the urban world — emphasized the wounded nature of the villain, the sense that he was both a product and source of violence. Although Ledger was white, and the Joker is white, this equation of the wounded and the wounding mirrors basic racial typology in America. Urban blacks — the thinking goes — don’t just live in dangerous neighborhoods, they carry that danger with them like a virus. Scientific studies, which demonstrate the social consequences of living in neighborhoods with high rates of crime, get processed and misinterpreted in the popular unconscious, underscoring the idea. Violence breeds violence.

Obama, like the Joker and like the racial stereotype of the black man, carries within him an unknowable, volatile and dangerous marker of urban violence, which could erupt at any time. The charge of socialism is secondary to the basic message that Obama can’t be trusted, not because he is a politician, but because he’s black.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it already; racist, violent, rightwingextremistNaziblah blah blah.

Know what, genius? The only people bothering to listen to your stale smears any more are your fellow cringing idiots, who can be counted on to bark and clap like trained seals at every clichéd slander you mindlessly toss out like dead fish from the bottom of the stinking liberal barrel. You’re too terrified by actual freedom-loving Americans to bother even trying to understand them, or to cope rationally with the ideals of liberty and Constitutional government they espouse. Instead of making a good-faith argument against those ideals — which happen to be the very ideals this nation was founded on, since y’all seem to have forgotten — your brain-dead response is to reflexively squeak “Racist! Hatemonger! Nazi!” and then go have a good cry every time someone disagrees with you, or challenges your beloved Savior. Because of your apparent inability to formulate an honest argument in favor of remaking this nation into something it was never intended to be, we’ve found it necessary to adopt your own hyperbolic, sloganeering shorthand in order to dumb things down enough to be sure you get the point — hence, things like the O-Joker poster that currently has your panties all bunched up. Which just makes you blubber even more piteously.

In short: you, sir, are pathetic. But I must say, I find you and your wet-brained confrères’ increasingly evident desperation quite amusing.

Frankly, I don’t think too many of us give a good goddamn anymore if every last one of you squeaking weaklings think we’re racist or not. You’ve worn that one out pretty completely, and thereby stripped it of all meaning. Your diseased, ignorant opinions about us don’t amount to a hill of shit anymore. Whimper all you want, but we won’t be shutting up and going away so you can go back to picking our pockets to finance transforming this country from the last, best hope of earth into just another failed socialist hellhole.

Better get used to strong opposition from here on out, cupcake; the GOP failed us, so we’re taking matters into our own hands and making damned sure our voices are heard. We’re going to continue getting in your faces, as somebody or other once said, every chance we get.

Sure, we’re racists, an unruly mob, fascists, violent, gun-toting extremists, anything you like. Whatevs. We’ll never knuckle under to the likes of you, and you know it, so feel free to call us whatever pops into your empty little heads. We’re too busy laughing at you to care.

New category, for posts wherein I revel in seeing these whining losers fudge their Underoos.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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