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Trump’s Achilles heel

I started working on a post on this topic a week or two ago, abandoned it, deleted it, and now have decided to try, try again, inspired by the good Rabbi Fisher’s latest.

Even President Trump’s supporters do not fully realize the job he has done. As I have written in the past, during the course of a wonderful rabbinic career that has given me so much personal satisfaction and fulfillment and that hopefully has touched the lives of my flocks, I once endured the Twilight Zone interlude of being rabbi of one of the worst Nightmare Congregations in America. (Two of my dearest friends, both Christian pastors, have enlightened me that the experience was not unique, and both pointed me to an extraordinary book, Clergy Killers, that lays out the despicable phenomenon of Houses of G-d of all faiths where outlier ego-driven laity can destroy spiritual harmony as they superimpose their personal social pathologies on everyone in their church, temple, or synagogue.) During that brief thirty-month journey in the Twilight Zone, there was a coterie of only a dozen jerks out to sabotage my every effort despite the warm support and even deep love I enjoyed among the vast majority of that congregation of 250 or so people. But the jerks comprised the inner circle, the “Board of Directors,” comprised of some wonderful people out-shouted by determined ego-driven laity who knew so very little about conducting a religious community but a great deal about internal political manipulations and striving for crumbs of vainglory.

I recount this brief nightmare — and thank G-d Almig-ty it was only a passing phase, a blip in a pulpit career of more than a quarter century — because I therefore appreciate more deeply from that personal experience what President Trump has accomplished against all odds.

Let us be forthright: Here is the President’s one flaw, and Chris Christie has been spot-on, though self-serving, through his book tour. Donald Trump came to Washington. D.C. too cockamamie-sure that he knows everything about everything and therefore can navigate anything on his own. He took on a chief of staff and a press spokesman blithely because, oh, may as well. He picked cabinet members based on considerations — and I do get it — as to what would satisfy the Mediacracy wolves’ thirst for blood. So he owed Jeff Sessions eternal gratitude — he really did — for being the only United States Senator to back him during the rough-and-tumble GOP primaries, and made him his Attorney General. He put Rex Tillerson in charge of State because Tillerson had carved a phenomenal career in dealing effectively with the Russians including Putin on energy issues. He put Mad Dog in charge of defense because the name sounded good, and Gen. Mattis seemed the guy. In all these, Mr. Trump failed to appreciate that, no, you cannot be maximally effective as President without help you can count on — help that is the best of the best, and that is the most loyal of the loyal, and people who share precisely your vision, not aiming to advance their own.

His great mistake was that — quite the opposite of his public persona — he was too nice a guy, too willing to make others happy and play to others’ expectations. So he put faith in Paul Ryan to be an improvement over John Boehner, and that was a mistake. He brought in Reince Priebus, a wonderful guy, and Sean Spicer — but those jobs were above their pay grades; he should have begun with Gen. John Kelly. Omarosa should have been made his Secretary of TV Shows and stationed in Bosnia. Mike Pompeo should have been his Secretary of State from Day One. John Bolton belonged on the inside from the outset. Nikki Haley proved a shockingly great United Nations ambassador, but he blew it with the A-G. It should have been Chris Christie, or the ever-tongue-slipping Rudy Giuliani, Joe diGenova, or even the best we have had in years, Michael Mukasey. That one last botch — picking the wrong Attorney-General — will be recorded in history as his worst mistake. It doomed so much of his first term. Look how great Eric Holder was for Obama, followed equally by Loretta Lynch. Each knew how an A-G with guts and fortitude, bold and brash, fast and furious, on the tarmac and off the tarmac, can make or break so much of a President’s agenda. Indeed, that is why John Kennedy decided that “Gee, nepotism may look bad, but I want my brother in that role.”

Close but not quite, Dov; you need to think a little bigger. His REAL weakness is something that could easily end up ruining him, although there’s really no shame or disgrace in harboring it. See, Trump is old enough and patriotic enough that he still strongly, strongly believes in the American system of government. He believes not that it has been intentionally destroyed and rebuilt as a grotesque perversion of its former self, but that it has merely gone astray and can still be repaired. Worse yet, he believes that most of the elected officials in charge of the monstrosity share his ambition to put it back on the right track, needing only proper leadership to help steer things out of the ditch and back on the highway again.

None of that is true. The people he’s relying on to either be persuaded or respond positively to the will of the people they misrule are the ones who wrecked things in the first place—and, as I said, they did it on purpose. Even his own damned party is actively working to thwart his attempt to drain the Swamp; it couldn’t be more obvious by now that the Vichy GOPers don’t want the damned thing drained, despite years of promising to do exactly that. They’re all good with the dysfunctional and nonviable status quo, thanks, and are quite willing to fight vigorously to sustain it. Rabbi Fisher has a fiendishly clever idea for how Trump might move forward from here, though:

Donald Trump came in with no prior legislative experience. If he had known then what he finally has learned now, he would have shoved that border wall down Ryan’s throat, and he would have gotten it. If he had had the right A-G, he would have crafted his entry ban a bit more cleverly, and each of his subsequent Ninth Circuit debacles would have been more elegantly situated for Supreme Court review. Indeed, if he had me— and I am utterly not qualified, nor would I want it because I like being a rabbi and law professor, and I hate participatory politics — but if he had had even me, I would have advised him that, every single time he issues a new Executive Order, he should counter-intuitively have the pro-Trump Texas or Louisiana Attorney General race immediately to the Fifth Circuit to attack him and his Executive Order… so that the first court that rules with a national injunction would be the pro-Trump, pro-conservative Fifth Circuit. Race to the Fifth before the Left gets to the Ninth. That would have changed the whole dynamic on everything from the Keystone XL Pipeline to the various issues on the southern border.

He has more ideas still, all of them good but none likely, because they depend on the same false premise Trump holds:

As these next two years unfold, I hope that gutless GOP Senate committees, if only to save their own hides, start subpoenaing every Clinton thing they can think of: Clinton Foundation, Clinton speaking fees and secret speeches, back to Benghazi, back to the 33,000 yoga and wedding-dress emails. Investigate who lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Kavanaugh hearings and make them roommates with Manafort and Cohen. Get Lois Lerner back; we miss her. Investigate Comey and all his crew: Macabre McCabe, Strzok, Page. Investigate that Obama CIA director, John Brennan, who voted for Gus Hall, the Communist candidate for President. (Did we actually just have a CIA director who had voted for a pro-Soviet Communist President of America? And that guy is accusing others of treason and collusion with the Russians?) And, taking a cue from Mueller, just name a Special Investigator to investigate “the Clintons” — with the proviso that he or she is authorized to follow the trail wherever it leads. It will lead everywhere.

Yeah, but the “gutless GOPe Senate commitees” have NO desire to go there, or anywhere near it. They intend not to take a single step in that direction, because THAT’S what they believe “saving their own hides” depends on. In fact, I think Trump himself may just be reluctant to do such a thing himself, believing that the damage it could do to our existing institutions and federal-government structure far outweighs the benefit of re-establishing the rule of law and demonstrating that it applies across the board. It’s a real dilemna the Prez is facing here, and he’s all alone in wrestling with it. I can’t say I envy him in even the slightest way.


The other wall

I’ve said this a thousand times already:


Francis adds:

Donald Trump – forgive me, please, for ever doubting that he would be a good president! – is more than just our current chief executive. He’s a barrier to the ambitions of the ruling class and its beneficiaries. Over the century behind us those groups have seized ever more of our wealth and freedom. Before the election of 2016 they were well on their way to criminalizing dissent: making it impossible, de jure if not de facto, to express opposition to their schemes. Can anyone doubt that were the First Amendment gutted, the Second, our sole bulwark against a Chavez or Maduro of our own, would swiftly follow?

Don’t imagine that the extra-legal doings of cops, who are not federal but state and local government employees, are disconnected from the machinations taking place at the federal level. And don’t imagine that the total subjugation of America is purely a drive of the Left. There are plenty of Republicans aligned with it, and their hatred of President Trump is quite as volcanic as that of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

If President Trump succeeds, they will fail – and vice-versa.

They won’t just fail—they will fall.

One man standing against a horde faces long odds. Horatius pulled it off because he only needed to stand off the invaders until the bridge he defended was pulled down behind him. Popular support is valuable, but it is not sufficient. The president needs allies within the corridors of power. He also needs to expel his enemies, to the greatest extent possible.

But the president cannot “fire” a legislator. Neither can he set the law aside by decree and flush out the bureaucracies that oppose his agenda. Neither can he silence the courts, which have played an important role in impeding him despite their lack of jurisdiction over the president’s Constitutionally assigned executive authority. And of course there are the media to deal with, as well.

The members of our political elite know all that. They’ve marshaled their forces to prevent any further incursions upon their bastions. To this point their defensive operations have succeeded. The plaints of pro-freedom intellectuals have failed to weaken them. Moreover, their counteroffensive, in the guise of unending “investigations” of the president and his private-life activities, has succeeded in deflecting attention from their ploys toward wholly imaginary Trumpian misdeeds.

It’s enough to wear many a good man down.

The question is, as always, “What, then, must we do?”

What, you mean aside from pitchforks, torches, gibbets, and otherwise killing them in job lots? Because I’m afraid that, no matter else we might try, it’ll finally come down to that sooner or later. The Swamp creatures will fight to their very last ounce of strength to prevent their habitat from being drained. As Francis concludes:

The struggle over the future of the Republic, however it is resolved, won’t be over quickly.

It certainly won’t. Watching the mental pathology of the Left and the oleaginous treachery of the pseudo-Right continue to metastasize with every passing day, I fear more and more that it won’t be resolved peaceably, either. Not to anybody’s satisfaction, at least. The Deep State intends to survive and retain its grip on absolute power; the Left intends to subjugate us—ALL of us—and cement their Fundamental Transformation; the Fake Conservatives intend to maintain their own access to privilege and perks; Real Americans intend not to be subjugated, even to roll back such encroachments on their right to self-determination as they can, when they can.

The house is divided against itself. The only question yet to be answered is: how much longer can it stand?


True colors

The ever-treacherous and wily Yertle McTurtle ensures there’ll be no end to America’s futile, pointless wars.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announces he is “especially proud” of passage for his amendments requiring the U.S. military to continue operations in Afghanistan and Syria…

It ain’t just McConnell, mind.

The bill passed 77-yea, 23-nea. The only Republican who voted against perpetual war in the middle east and supported President Trump was Rand Paul.

Gee, imagine my surprise.

Let’s be clear, CTH has watched this process, on a very granular level, for well over a decade; specifically about Senator McConnell. Mitch McConnell doesn’t give a hoot what any voter, constituent, or member of the national electorate thinks about his action. He is entirely unfazed and bound to a power ideology that sets him above all considerations.

Senator Mitch McConnell, just like all of the power brokers within the DC beltway, views himself as your ruler.

Yeah, well, Deep Staters gotta Deep State, you know. But might there be an even deeper agenda than just keeping the US fully entangled in their precious perpetual-war tar baby? Why, yes; yes, there just might.

Those who have followed Mitch McConnell for a long time will immediately notice the republican names in his coalition. They are the identical recipients of direct payments made by U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.

In addition to demanding perpetual war (and all the financial benefits therein), the republican vote is a signal to the republican President that he will not be allowed to defy the will of the Big Club.

In many ways this is also the deep swamp protecting themselves from the structural reform which would happen as a consequence of President Trump draining the swamp. Remember, the 2016/2017 Intelligence Community (CIA, DOJ, FBI) operation against Donald Trump was NOT exclusively supported by Democrats. Just like the Republican apparatus supported the DOJ/IRS targeting of the Tea Party, the Republican wing of the same apparatus also supported the ‘Spygate’ agenda against Donald Trump.

With this vote McConnell is warning President Trump he has enough votes to support the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment agenda; if needed.

I just bet he does. And anybody out there thinking along the lines of “He wouldn’t DARE!” has some more thinking to do.


Stand…and deliver

Last night I wrote about why and how we lose, provoked by an execrable bit of cuckish mewling from a Federalist post. Tonight, let’s look at how we might win.

Trump told Democrats and obstructionist Republicans he’s not interested in playing political word games over the wall, sometimes calling the wall a border structure, other times calling it a barrier or using a different word, the Daily Mail reports. Trump has quipped that Democrats can call the wall “peaches” if they want, so long as lawmakers appropriate funding.

“The Wall is getting done one way or the other!” Trump tweeted. In another tweet he added, “Construction has started and will not stop until it is finished.”

According to the British newspaper:

The U.S. president continued to rage for more than an hour, telling Republicans on a bipartisan panel tasked with coming to a border security arrangement to stop ‘wasting their time’ on the negotiations with his political opponents. “I’ve got you covered. Wall is already being built, I don’t expect much help!” he proclaimed.

Trump took to Twitter to continue complaining about the negotiators’ failure to accomplish anything.

“Large sections of WALL have already been built with much more either under construction or ready to go. Renovation of existing WALLS is also a very big part of the plan to finally, after many decades, properly Secure Our Border. The Wall is getting done one way or the other!” he wrote.

Although more than a few Democrat lawmakers have said Congress should fund the wall, the Democrats in charge of talks continue to stubbornly refuse to offer any money for the construction project.

The new Democrat majority in the House isn’t even pretending to negotiate in good faith with Trump. They correctly view the wall as an existential threat to their party and despite their endless whining and mockery of the idea of the wall, they know its construction would slow the flow of illegal aliens into the country and impede the growth of the party’s electoral base.

As Aesop has posted more than once, part of the Wall is in fact now under construction, refuting Ann Coulter’s embarrassingly ill-informed complaints to the contrary. I still maintain that an impassable, border-length wall of the sort we all envisioned to bring illegal immigration under control at long last just isn’t going to happen no matter what Trump does; there are too many obstacles standing in his way, both on the Left and the pseudo-Right, and the determination of his/our foes is unshakable. BIG FAT CAVEAT: I also could be full of shit and wrong; it’s happened before once or twice, and very few people have come out in the winner’s circle by underestimating Trump. I also have to admit that I would dearly love to be proved wrong on this one, although I still can’t find much reason to expect such at the moment. Back to Frontpage:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) continues to be politely skeptical at the prospect of the president using emergency powers to obtain wall funding but many of the NeverTrumpers of Conservatism Inc. inside the Beltway have been downright hostile.

One of the more outrageous reactions came from Capital Research Center research director Michael Watson who tweeted that Trump should be impeached for trying to build the wall. “Declaring an emergency to override Congress’s spending authority is an impeachable offense and should be treated as such[,]” he wrote on Twitter.

Watson and a chorus of now-unemployed Weekly Standard staffers are incensed that White House aides have reportedly prepared an executive declaration that gives the president the ability to redirect billions of dollars in military construction and flood-control funds.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) has threatened to file a lawsuit immediately if Trump invokes the National Emergencies Act to secure funding to build the wall.

Legal experts say the president can call upon the National Emergencies Act, a statute President Gerald Ford signed into law in 1976, to get construction of the wall underway.

President Trump has already invoked the National Emergencies Act three times in his tenure, according to ABC News. President Barack Obama invoked the statute no fewer than 10 times.

It is becoming increasingly clear that in the current polarized environment using the National Emergencies Act may be the only way the wall gets built.

Both Uniparty wings are standing firm; Trump will have to stand firmer, which I don’t doubt he has the backbone and fighting spirit to support. In any event, Trump is the only guy in the political arena right now who might just be able to pull this thing off. Why do I say that? Ultimately, it’s because of the Trump Effect.

I have a friend who tells me that attempts to understand Donald Trump in the ordinary ways we understand politicians, even truly remarkable politicians, are doomed to failure. My friend is pointing to the astonishing revelations Trump has precipitated.

One such effect is that people in public life are ripping off their masks—and what is being revealed is shocking. Bill Kristol has told us he is all for the deep state. George Will came out in support of the co-head of the Clinton crime family. James Comey stood before the whole world to explain why Hillary should be indicted—and then said she would not be indicted.

And just look at what the Democrats are doing. They now openly advocate that America open its borders to all comers. They have abandoned “safe, legal, and rare” and are now in a hurry to legalize infanticide. The Democrats are done with hiding their real intentions from voters. That’s amazing, when you think about it. Until now, hiding their real intentions has been the secret of their electoral success.

The important point is that we now know who these people have been all along. They are simply making known what they have kept hidden. What my friend is pointing to is this: Trump, somehow, has caused them to unmask themselves. They can’t seem to help themselves…because Trump.

This really is astonishing. Call it “the Trump effect.” And the Trump effect does not stop with people unmasking themselves.

It is now clear that opposition to the American idea is much more deep-seated, thorough-going, and widespread in our country than many of us ever imagined before Trump. Of course, on one level, this is frightening. Consequently, many good Americans understandably recoil from the truth about America that has been revealed. They long for a return to the way things were before Trump—but that is the one thing that is definitely not going to happen. We are in revolutionary times. The Trump effect has made it clear to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear that the survival beyond our time of what remains of the Founders’ gift is not assured.

I’ve long called him Trump the Disrupter, but maybe his “Trump the Unmasker” function will prove to have more significance and impact in the long term. The way he’s clarified things for us may yet wake up enough Normals to turn the tide on the issue of the Wall, along with a lot of other things besides. And should the American vs TWANLOC conflict go loud, the Wall will probably wind up looking like a relatively minor concern all of a sudden anyway.


“Who do our intelligence agencies think they work for?”

Why, the Deep State, of course.

Since 1947, the U.S. Intelligence Community has grown and grown. Originally it was given the task of collecting intelligence on our Cold War adversaries. After the September 11 attacks, it was expanded and reorganized to include today’s 17 agencies.

But whether it was just the OSS during the war, or the 17 federal agencies we have today, the mission of the American intelligence was always the same: to provide its sole client with raw intelligence and analysis so that he can make his decisions on how best to secure America and her citizens. That end-user, of course, is the incumbent president. 

CIA and DIA veteran Fred Fleitz, who served most recently as chief-of-staff to National Security Advisor John Bolton, put it succinctly in his response to the media frenzy: “America’s intelligence agencies were not created to publicly criticize or offer rebuttals to the president’s foreign-policy initiatives. They are not supposed to be a ‘check’ on presidential decision-making—that is Congress’s role.”

Remember, John Brennan, an avowed Communist who voted for the Communist Party USA’s presidential candidate in 1976, before he joined the CIA, was elevated to the director of that agency by Barack Obama. Brennan used his power to press then-FBI Director James Comey to launch a politically motivated investigation of the Trump campaign based solely upon Russian-sourced opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s lawyers and the Democratic National Committee. Obama’s director of national intelligence, General James Clapper, likewise left a trail of politically motivated malfeasance, not least of which was his committing perjury in front of Congress over whether or not the NSA illegally spies on American citizens.

Although Haspel and Coates are both honorable public servants who, by all evidence and appearance, share none of the vices of Brennan and Clapper, the two years of the Trump Administration have been too short a time to rid our mammoth intelligence community structure of those who believe that their alleged expertise gives them an extra-constitutional right to subvert an elected president with whom they have policy disagreements.

The intelligence and law-enforcement bureaucracies, like the federal Leviathan entire, have slipped the leash and gone rogue. Now free of any proper Constitutional restraint, oversight, or sanction, the Swamp dwellers take for granted their right to exercise unchecked power with total impunity. They must be slapped down hard, fast and repeatedly, lest their seditious assumptions be proven justified.


NeverTrump NeverLearns

The fruits of falseness and betrayal are bitter indeed.

Three years ago this month, National Review published its controversial and now infamous entreaty, “Against Trump.” The issue was singularly devoted to making a case against Donald Trump’s then surging primary candidacy; it featured a roster of notable conservative influencers explaining why the brash Manhattan billionaire posed a dire threat to conservatism.

Exactly three years later, the magazine’s online version issued an apology for its early condemnation of Covington Catholic High School students, who, while attending the March for Life in Washington D.C., became the innocent victims of a social media ambush orchestrated and executed by the Left. Some conservative commentators who had contributed to the “Against Trump” issue quietly deleted their tweets criticizing the teens, without apology.

The irony surrounding the coincidence of the dates of those two circumstances might be considered either karma, comeuppance, or both. And it once again highlighted why Donald Trump is in the White House and Jeb Bush isn’t, and why Trump—and none of the self-proclaimed conservatives who opined in the pages of National Review three years ago—now is considered the standard bearer of American conservatism. When the Left attacks, the Right caves.

The NeverTrump crusade sparked by the “Against Trump” issue is adrift and angry. In the past three years, self-proclaimed conservatives of this variety have embraced the climate change agenda, opposed tax reform, and saved Obamacare. Some encouraged Republicans to vote for Democrats in the 2018 midterm election. Any suggestion that the ruling class has failed large swaths of the American electorate and willfully ignored the plight of millions of our countrymen in order to advance their own interests, as Tucker Carlson proposed a few weeks ago, is met with scorn.

NeverTrumpers have been silent about, or worse, helped to justify, the unconstitutional and alarming weaponization of the world’s most powerful law enforcement and intelligence apparatus to undermine a rival presidential campaign, then sabotage a duly elected president.

They now are poised to back a challenger to Trump in the 2020 Republican primary. Two possible candidates are former Ohio Governor John Kasich and current Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. There is nothing identifiably conservative about either candidate; in fact, their conservative credentials looks worse than Trump’s did in 2016.

So, three years after the nation’s leading conservative outlet published a lengthy appeal to purge Donald Trump from its ranks, the president has an 80 percent approval rating among American conservatives. Trump has cut taxes; restrained the regulatory behemoth; appointed a legacy bench of conservatives federal judges; challenged lazy, ungrateful allies; rewritten outdated trade pacts; confronted a chronic border crisis; and reinvigorated the country’s manufacturing base. He’s defended the unborn, the working class, the patriotic, and the faithful while rejecting the stultifying chokehold of identity politics.

Meanwhile, his so-called conservative detractors are scrounging for primary challengers that sound more like Barack Obama than William F. Buckley, Jr. The damage they’ve done to the modern-day conservative movement will long outlast Trump’s presidency.

Nah, it ain’t as bad as all that. The damage they’ve done is mostly to themselves—exposing themselves as what they really are—Lefty Lite, standing athwart liberalism yelling, “Hey, can we slow it down a tiny bit, guys? No? Okay, never mind then!”—for everyone with eyes to see. True, they’ve also undermined Trump and hindered the implementation of his agenda. But that was always going to happen anyway, and it’s useful to have it all out in the open; anybody still taken in by these con artists deserves whatever fleecing they get.


Making their point

Jack. Booted. Thugs.

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday compared the arrest of Trump confidant Roger Stone on Friday to the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan in 2011.

“There were 29 FBI agents in 17 vehicles, two of which were armored,” Napolitano said on air Monday, referring to the Stone arrest. “They not only had side arms, they had what we call assault rifles, heavy-duty military-grade machine guns, and there were two boats behind Stone’s house, which abuts on a canal in Ft. Lauderdale. And there was a helicopter hovering overhead.”

Napolitano compared that formation to the “12 SEALs” who “went after Osama bin Laden.”

“So you had more than twice as many to arrest this person for a non-violent crime with no history of violence,” he said.

In criticizing the arrest method, Napolitano joins Stone himself, who on Sunday said the FBI used “Gestapo tactics,” comparing the law enforcement agency to the Nazi secret police force. On Monday, Stone told reporters the FBI used “greater force than was used to take down bin Laden or El Chapo or Pablo Escobar.”

The Deep State had a point to make and a goal to achieve: 1) INTIMIDATION, to let any and everybody working for Trump’s admin know what lurks in their near future, and to remind all and sundry of who’s really in charge of the federal gummint, and 2) PERSUASION, in hopes someone im his inner circle will decide to cooperate (read: LIE) and help bring him down.

And make it they did. Note well, though, that this is yet another show-arrest that will result in the “perp” doing hard time for a process crime having nothing whatsoever to do with “Russian collusion,” the flimsy rationale behind Mueller’s open-ended “investigation.” When it comes to Inquisitions, the Swamp makes the Spanish look like half-assed amateurs. Bill comes right out and says it:

I’m sorry, but our “security agencies,” from the proctological gropers of the TSA all the way up to the extralegal spies of the CIA and the NSA, and especially the FBI are all behaving more like organs of the USSR or Red China than institutions whose mission is to protect America and Americans.

The FBI, in particular, is looking more and more like a thuggish arm of an out-of-control Department of Injustice. Trump needs to get a collar on these people, and he needs to do so fast. Lest he find himself being perp-walked out of the White House one day.

I’m nowhere near as sanguine about that last possibility than a lot of folks out there are…not least because the Deep State has demonstrated to my satisfaction that there are no lengths to which it will not go, no lows to which it will not stoop, to come out on top in this struggle.


Russia collusion is REAL!

It always was. And it was always the Democrat-Marxists who were doing it.

This is rich, coming from this lot. For decades, the American Left has been in, yes, active collusion with Russia and Moscow Central. The Soviets penetrated the ranks of the American journalistic establishment, not only at the New York Times — and Walter Duranty was only the tip of the iceberg — but even suborned the so-called “independent” journalists like Izzy Stone and turned them into willing agents of influence.

Andy (McCarthy) makes a convincing case (here—M) that the entire FBI/Mueller charade was a way to cover their own malfeasance in — at the Obama administration’s behest and with Hillary Clinton’s willing collusion — surveilling the Republican candidate and trying to torpedo his campaign under the guise of “national security.”

Still, who can be surprised? When it comes to national elections, the Democrats invented the concept of colluding with the Russians. We know, for example, that the late Edward Moore Kennedy, the “lion of the Senate,” actively solicited the KGB’s help in denying Ronald Reagan a second term in the White House. And Teddy went straight to the top…

This shameful episode came right at the time the American media was indulging in one of its periodic love affairs with the Soviet leadership; Andropov, the head of the KGB-turned-Soviet premier, was routinely depicted as a whisky-sipping jazz lover, in contrast to the insane cowboy, Reagan, in the White House. As it happened, I spent a good deal of time behind the Iron Curtain during this period, and can attest that the Russians and their vassals were hysterical about the Pershing missiles and the specter of the Strategic Defense Initiative, better known as “Star Wars.” They were about to lose the Cold War, and both they and their allies at the Times and in the Democrat Party knew it.

What, one might ask, is the famous Trump Tower meeting set against this act of treason?

As McCarthy notes, the small fry like Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were always only the means to the larger end, which was and always has been: get Trump. When you consider that the unofficial motto of the Democrats is, “by any means necessary,” you also understand just how serious this entire attack on the orderly workings of the American electoral system has been. There should be a price to be paid — and let’s hope, when it comes, that it’s terrible.

There won’t be—not for Mueller’s sleazy, greasy coup attempt, and not for Obama’s and Hillary’s crimes either—no matter how devoutly we might wish to see true justice done. Duranty paid no price, after all (there was some noise made about rescinding the Pulitzer he won for his “journalism,” but the Pulitzer board declined to do so); Kennedy didn’t either. So now that we’re tangled much deeper in the socialist web than we were in Duranty’s or Teddy’s day, how could anyone expect that there would be for their latter-day fellow travelers, especially in light of how much higher His Majesty and Her Herness rank in the Deep State labyrinth than Duranty ever did?

There’s a reasonable case to be made that seeing justice properly visited on Obama and Clinton would lead to massive upheaval and unrest—accompanied by the usual rampant violence as well—on the part of their acolytes, I suppose. It’s also reasonable to assume that Trump would be extremely reluctant to risk such disorder by insisting on said justice being done. Better to let them skate than to rend the nation asunder, would be the thinking.

But I ain’t the guy to make that case. Looking the other way at outright treason, thereby proving for all time that there are two sets of laws in force in this country—one for the elite and a much harsher, less flexible one for the rest of us—will do far more long-term damage.

On the other hand, it isn’t as if anybody paying attention doesn’t already know it—that we haven’t had ample demonstrations of such unequal justice flung in our very teeth for years and years now. “Equality under the law” is little more than a punchline; American justice is routinely bought and sold, and the powerful are de facto exempt from any due reckoning for crimes that would see us lesser mortals swinging from a gibbet with a quickness. Like money in politics, it’s part of the human condition, not something that’s ever likely to change. Nonetheless, it doesn’t say much for the national conceit of “American exceptionalism,” now does it?

This all gets me to thinking some larger thoughts, which I’ll try to address in my next post.


Uniparty follies

The Deep State wins again.

Since Watergate, the Washington wisdom has always held that it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup that sinks a politician. But that’s only the case when the coverup fails.

But what if the coverup succeeds?

It’s horribly simple. The crimes are never uncovered and the perpetrators are never brought to justice no matter how serious their crimes may be. That is precisely what has happened because of the FBI and Justice Department’s coverup of their abuses of power and illegal actions during the 2016 election.

In this case, the FBI and the Justice Department have succeeded in the most significant coverup in American political history. The abuses of power and crimes they have succeeded in covering up are not only against the law: they are crimes against our system of law and government. They were perpetrated by employees of the government, under color of law, with the intention of affecting the outcome of an election.

For almost two years an investigation into the abuses of power — and probable crimes — committed by the FBI and Justice Department during the election has been conducted by House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes (R-Cal).  Rep. Bob Goodlatte — chairman of the Judiciary Committee — and Trey Gowdy — chairman of the Oversight and government reform committee — tried to investigate other aspects of the FBI and DoJ actions.

These investigations have been stonewalled by the refusal of the FBI and Justice Department to produce the documents and provide access to witnesses that would, in all likelihood, prove that the major abuses of power and crimes had been committed.

The latest, and almost certainly last, effort to expose the facts of this scandal are contained in the Goodlatte-Gowdy letter. They are the last exposé because the Democrats have stopped these investigations cold. There will be no more hearings, no more testimony, and no further attempts to get the documents and testimony from the FBI and Justice Department that have been withheld.

We should remember Comey’s televised statement in which he said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would have brought a case against Clinton under the gross negligence law. He also said that the decision not to do so was unanimous among those involved.

That was one of Comey’s biggest lies. As the Goodlatte-Gowdy letter points out, FBI General Counsel James Baker told them that he did believe a case could be made and the recommendation not to charge Clinton wasn’t unanimous.

Goodlatte and Gowdy point out that Comey’s exoneration memo was drafted before all of the relevant witnesses had been interviewed. What they fail to mention is that the FBI and DoJ were handing out immunity from prosecution agreements to Clinton staffers as freely as if the agreements were Halloween candy.

Immunity agreements are given to key witnesses in criminal investigations for a price: their testimony against a target of the investigation which could not otherwise be obtained. There is no evidence whatsoever that any of the witnesses involved — Clinton staffers such as Cheryl Mills, her chief of staff at the State Department — gave any evidence that justified the immunity agreements.

The Goodlatte-Gowdy letter also points out that the Comey exoneration memo was changed before it was issued, but fails to specify the biggest change. Originally a part of the memo said that Clinton and her staff handled classified information in a “grossly negligent” manner. Comey changed that to read “extremely careless,” clearly to prevent the law from being applied. The only difference between the two phrases is that one appears in the statute and one doesn’t, but Comey nevertheless stated that there was no prosecutable case.

The only conclusion possible — which Goodlatte and Gowdy do not state — is that Comey’s FBI intentionally gave Clinton a pass when they should have recommended to the Justice Department that she be prosecuted.

The only avenue that was left to find the truth was for President Trump to have ordered the documents declassified and provided to Congress. But he never acted and now the investigations are closed. The Senate won’t reopen them, nor will acting AG Whitaker or IG Horowitz. The only hope resides in U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber, an Obama appointee, who then-AG Jeff Sessions tasked to investigate FBI misconduct in the election. Those who place their hopes in Huber will be disappointed.

The stain on our system of justice and the 2016 election created by the abuses of power and probable crimes committed by FBI and DoJ officials during and after the 2016 presidential campaign will not be erased. Their coverup has succeeded.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. So at the end of the whole shitshow, what are we left with? Just this:


Which ought to piss off every right-thinking red-blooded American no end. By the by, I mistakenly used the above link in last night’s “A government shutdown is a delight” post, which I have now fixed with the correct one in case anybody wants to go have a look at it. Sorry ’bout that, folks.


Deep dive into the Deep State sewer

It’s corruption, all the way down.

A collection of reports compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, the dossier is now engraved in contemporary U.S. history. First marketed as bedrock evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, the dossier’s legitimacy took a hit after reports showed the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the work.

The revelation that the dossier was used to secure a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page compromised the integrity of the investigation the FBI had opened on Page and three other Trump associates by the end of July 2016. Nonetheless, that same probe continues today as the special counsel investigation.

The dossier plays a central role in Robert Mueller’s probe. In the unredacted portions of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo outlining Mueller’s scope are allegations that Trump adviser Paul Manafort colluded with Russian government officials interfering in the 2016 race. That claim is found in no other known document but the dossier. It is unclear whether further dossier allegations are in the redacted portions of the scope memo.

The dossier operation has not only damaged institutions like the FBI and DOJ, it has also poisoned the public sphere, perhaps irremediably. As a result, it is now accepted journalistic practice to print, and reprint, any garish fantasy so long as it’s layered with Russian intrigue and Trump team treason. Even as the rest of the country sees an institution that has made itself a laughingstock, the press continues to salute itself for its bravery—or the courage and industry required to take leaks from law enforcement and intelligence officials and Democratic operatives in an effort to topple a president it doesn’t like, elected by neighbors it holds in contempt.

How did it come to this?

Easy: a bunch of goddamned Deep State liars cooked it up to cripple and/or unseat Trump for the sole purpose of preserving their own ill-gotten and illegitimate power, and to help Her Herness steal the 2016 election. After the unthinkable happened and it turned out her crippled, deranged, drunken ass couldn’t be dragged across the finish line by hook or (mostly) crook, Job One became covering hers and Obama’s busted attempt to rig the 2016 election—that, along with a whole slew of other criminal behavior besides.

Lee Smith does indeed dive deep into this stinking cesspool of Mordor On The Potomac malfeasance, and he deserves full props for his meticulous spelling-out of the details of the whole sordid tour de farce. It all amounts to a completely damning indictment of the Swamp entire; every single soulless blaggard who touched this turd is besmirched by his or her involvement in it, and prison ought to be the most minor of their worries. Actual revolutions have been sparked by less than has already been revealed of this mess, and we still don’t know the half of it. But for my money, the worst, the most damning part of all, lurks withing the wording of the godawful FISA law itself:

Title I of the 1978 Foreign Surveillance Act—“Electronic Surveillance within the United States for Foreign Intelligence Purposes”—lays it out. Under the definition of “agent of a foreign power,” there are two categories: “any person other than a United States person,” and “any person.” Since Page is an American citizen, he falls into the second category.

According to Wauck, the relevant parts are two paragraphs in Section 101 (b) (2). To obtain a FISA warrant on a U.S. person, the target either:

(A) knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for or on behalf of a foreign power, which activities involve or may involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States;

(B) pursuant to the direction of an intelligence service or network of a foreign power, knowingly engages in any other clandestine intelligence activities for or on behalf of such foreign power, which activities involve or are about to involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States.

Get that? “Any person other than a United States person,” and “any person.” “…involve or are about to involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States.” Gee, not much leeway allowed by that weasel-worded bafflegab, eh? FISA casts itself a pretty damned broad net, it seems, the better to be of use in any imaginable situation wherein the Deep State might wish to ensnare itself some prey, whether great or small.

The FISA law should be thrown out entire, immediately. It established one of the most unconscionable kangaroo-courts in history, an all-powerful, unaccountable, top-secret star-chamber of a sort that neither should nor could exist in any but the most brazen and corrupt of tyrannies. Its continued existence is a blight upon this nation, and a condemnation of any people that would countenance it. It is a crime and a disgrace. Its use in promoting the Steele dossiers and the ongoing coup attempt behind them is sickening…and is exactly the kind of thing FISA was designed to be used for from the start.


You have to cut the grass to see the snakes

And the yard is overrun with them.

Nearly two years after Donald Trump was sworn into office, NeverTrump still has no compelling policy alternative to what they derisively call “Trumpism.” Instead, they embody the approach they endlessly ridicule in the president, using insults, obfuscation, and emotional outbursts to avoid answering a very direct question:

What Would NeverTrump Do?

Alarmed the president wants to pull a few thousand troops out of Syria? NeverTrump should convince Americans that the loss of one U.S. soldier is worth the risk—and use something more than the banal “it’s in the interest of our national security” trope.

Object to the president’s planned withdrawal of 14,000 troops from Afghanistan after we’ve partially occupied that nation for more than 17 years? Tell us, NeverTrump, why the 12 American soldiers killed in that country this year alone, four years after our combat mission officially ended, was a necessary sacrifice.

Instead of mourning the murders of Jamal Khashoggi and (even more pathetically) the Weekly Standard, perhaps NeverTrump should’ve devoted one column—just one—to mourn the murders of the brave Americans who are our real guardians, not the phony warriors celebrated by Time and Commentary.

Don’t like the Tariff Man? Then what, NeverTrump, is your plan to halt unfair trade practices and tariffs levied on American products? How would NeverTrump have exacted a steep reduction in Chinese-imposed tariffs on U.S. automobiles, as Trump succeeded in doing this year? Please explain to a farmer friend of mine who told me earlier this year that “China has been screwing us for years” how NeverTrumpers will stop this one-sided screwing? If only NeverTrump had devoted a tiny portion of the time it’s devoted to the threat of Russian Twitter bots to the legitimate threat of Chinese piracy. How would NeverTrump halt the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars in intellectual property by the Chinese each year?

There is no such thing as free trade between nations no matter how many times NeverTrump clicks its loafers and repeats it in the CNN green room.

Ditto for border security. If a wall won’t fix anything, as most NeverTrumpers insist, then what will? The security and humanitarian crisis at the border—starkly described by John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist this year—is real, and it’s a crisis that establishment conservatives and the GOP not only have ignored for more than a decade, it is one they were complicit in allowing to be manufactured.

It did not have to be this way. Last summer, while admitting the “scene at the southern border is a horror,” the best solution Goldberg could come up with to mitigate the flow of unskilled, destitute migrants was “to make poor countries rich as quickly as possible.” Neat idea, Jonah. Probably nobody has ever thought of that one before.

That mindset exposes NeverTrump’s most egregious flaw: Their shared sympathy for the downtrodden from other countries while ignoring, if not straight up mocking, Americans who face economic and political alienation in their own country. Trump has tackled the lethal opioid epidemic; the exodus of working-class job opportunities in rural communities; and the nation’s costly gambit of prioritizing climate change mitigation over expanding America’s energy production. And, NeverTrump, what say you on these issues?

They’ve got nothing.

They never did have—other than naked fraud and duplicity; preplanned failure and “surrender” to the Left; eternal futility; forked-tongue promises of “fights” and “victory”; pointless never-ending wars; and chin-pulling, condescending lectures about “principles” they constantly betray themselves. Meanwhile, as Kelly says, Trump is still in there working at the thankless task of trying to hack back the Deep State/Uniparty weeds as best he can, beset on every side by Ruling Class Clowns. To hell with the venomous, despicable Decepticon phonies, every man Jack of ’em.


Grand Unification Theory

Sundance explains all.

First, any intellectually honest review must overlay the current political environment. In 2018 the scale of unchecked lawless behavior is a significant influence toward the differences we can expect from the last time Democrat/Marxists held congressional power. The term “Democrat-socialism”, in essence a Marxist approach, is now the dominant fuel within the professional DNC  political operations.

When the Democrats last held power in 2006, their actionable objective was toward a far-left, Saul Alinsky-type aggressive tone and influence; however, there was a need to couch that intention as they positioned Senator Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election.

Secondly, it cannot be overstated how violent and confrontational the House of Representatives will be as soon as they are sworn in. They will work with an immediate purposeful intention. All political violence will be approved to attain their objectives. The recent behavior of Jim Acosta (CNN media), and ANTIFA toward Tucker Carlson, is now, and will be going forward, the new normal.

There will be extreme political violence.

In 2006 it was the SEIU and AFSCME union foot-soldiers who smashed windows, advanced upon polling places and engaged in the most severe examples of voter fraud and intimidation.  In 2018, with the help of uber-Alinsky DNC Chairman Tom Perez, that corrupt sentiment is now institutionalized within democrat-socialist political apparatus.  ANTIFA is now the DNC grassroots activist approach.

All true enough; Sundance also mentions the importance—erroneously downplayed by the losers on Black Tuesday—of the House and its Constitutionally-mandated control of the national purse strings. There’s plenty more I elided, all of which you should definitely read. But then we come to the truly crucial bit—which is revealing, telling, and damning.

Two other thoughts on this issue. First, you might remember when this massive spending, and the government takeover of healthcare, led to the Marxists losing the 2010 midterm election in a massive defeat. But do you remember what the democrats did in the lame-duck congress between November 2010 and January 2011?

Does the term “Porkulous” ring a bell?

While 63 democrat seats were lost in the November 2010 election (and six democrat senate seats), those exiting Marxists, despite just having suffered the worst defeat in almost 100 years, audaciously –and apologetically– voted in the December 2010 lame-duck session, to fully fund President Obama’s next two years in office. This was done by Speaker Nancy Pelosi specifically to block the incoming GOP wave from upending the priorities of the Obama administration in 2011. That was called the “Porkulous” spending bill; and the democrat-marxists didn’t give a snit about how it looked.

Now, did Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Leader Mitch McConnell do anything as bold to fund and secure the budgetary priorities of President Donald Trump in this lame-duck?

No, UniParty.

There is a reason the Democrat-Marxists (an appellation I intend to start using from here on out instead of my old favorite “Democrat Socialists,”, seeing as how it’s more forthright, and more accurate) fight to the last drop of blood on even the most trivial issue, while the Repukes just can’t be bothered. Yes, I’m now officially blue in the face from saying it: it isn’t because the GOPe is “the Stupid Party.” It isn’t because they’re “incompetent” or “hapless.” IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE CORRUPT: they are in cahoots, part of the Deep State team, fully bought-and-paid-for members of the Status Quo cabal. The Democrat-Marxists know if they fight, they win; the game is rigged from the git-go, and the Left Uniparty wing is willing to do real battle with the (putative) Right, at least partly in order to provide some useful cover for their “partners across the aisle.”

And so the game goes on, always with the same score at the end of each round: the government gets larger, more powerful, more intrusive, more unrestrained; the Constitution is further removed from relevance; the so-called “unalienable rights” of the American people are further eroded, the importance of the “consent of the governed” reduced to no more than a meaningless slogan; the idea of any check at all on the power of the bureaucracy becomes a bitter joke.

Sundance sums the whole mess up nicely, if depressingly:

Secondly, about the overall unilateral commitment and cunning historically displayed by the Marxists. They are so committed to the long-term view they are willing to sacrifice anything for the biggest, most consequential, advances toward their objectives. In 2010 the democrats killed their own “blue-dog” coalition to advance their ideological goals.

Within the 63 House seats the Marxists lost in that 2010 midterm election; they killed off the entire 40 member Bart Stupak coalition; the blue-dog caucus. Totally willing to sacrifice 40 seats to attain a generational ideological objective (ObamaCare); and they are about to step back into power a mere eight years later. Stunning when you think about it.

Few people have any idea just how bad these next two years are going to be. We are the normal people who don’t spend every moment of our day scheming, conniving, and developing plans to dismantle the lives of your freedom loving community and rebuild it as a collective society. For these political Marxists who are about to take power that’s all they do. Every moment of their existence they spend thinking about how to gain power and dominate, 24/7/365  that is all they do.

And that’s how the Hard Left won, and destroyed America That Was forever. I dunno, somehow it all puts me in mind of good ol’ George Hanson.

Piercing words.


King Cuck

What with the benevolent guiding hand of federal government now temporarily (and very, very partially) absent from our lives, I’m sure that you all are trembling with fear and waiting for the relief of Death’s sweet embrace, just as I am. Either that, or you’re scrambling around witless, bereft and without purpose, like ants whose comfy hill has been kicked over. Not to worry, though, Deep State Mitch feels your pain and is working diligently to restore business as usual toot sweet.

With several senators not yet back in Washington, Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote for the Senate to begin consideration of the House bill that provides more than $5 billion for a border wall.

Senators vowed to not vote on a bill until there’s an agreement between leaders. The House adjourned Friday and was not planning to come back for Saturday votes.

“Mitch, use the Nuclear Option and get it done! Our Country is counting on you!” President Trump tweeted.

Despite Trump’s Twitter pleas for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to deploy the nuclear option that would do away with the 60-vote cloture threshold, McConnell made clear on the Senate floor Friday evening that “any eventual solution will require 60 votes here in the Senate.”

“It’s been clear that from the beginning that two things are necessary: The support from enough Senate Democrats to pass the proposal at 60, and a presidential signature,” he said. “As a result, the Senate has voted to proceed to the legislation before us in order to preserve maximum flexibility for productive conversations to continue between the White House and our Democratic colleagues.”

“I hope Senate Democrats will work with the White House on an agreement that can pass both houses of Congress and receive the president’s signature,” McConnell added. “So, colleagues, when an agreement is reached, it will receive a vote here on the Senate floor.”

Wonderful, and well said! This bipartisan spirit and willingness to compromise with his great and good friends across the aisle in the Democrat Socialist Party is inspiring, and exactly what is needed to heal our tragic national division once and for all. The Democrat Socialists will no doubt be eager to resolve this minor policy difference for the good of all Americans—fairly, honestly, and with the greatest respect for the views of the nominal opposition. Come Nancy, come Chuck, come Maxine—let us reason together! Then you can all get back to work at your primary, your sole concern: doing the business of the American People.

Are we not all Americans, united in our bedrock belief that our government must remain on the job without foolish, irresponsible interruption? That it must at any and all cost retain unrestrained power to decide what’s best for all of us—that we must rely on the sure knowledge of its unelected experts to act on their superior knowledge, experience, and ability? That a wrongly-elected President must not be allowed to childishly wreak havoc on our cherished institutions, arbitrarily shutting our precious government down for no reason more compelling than personal petulance and spite?

ENOUGH, I say!

A grateful nation bows its head in thanks to its wise and omnicompetent Ruling Class, and especially to perhaps its foremost statesman Mitch McConnell, for his noble insistence on adhering to established precedent regarding the rules of order in the Senate. Oh, some less-worthy and thoughtless sorts among us may profane our national debate with angry, hateful talk of “winning,” “fighting back,” even “war to the knife.” Pay them no heed, Mitch; ignore their unpatriotic urgings to violence and treason. No so-called “victory” is ever worth the price of your dignity, nor the sacrifice of comity in the hallowed halls of Government—a government unique in all the world for not only the elevated character of debate therein, but for its fair, just, and compassionate treatment of its sadly benighted and incapable subjects.

Guide us, O Great One! You, Nancy, Chuck, and Maxine are easily worth ten thousand—nay, millions—of those of us who are fit only to observe your sober deliberations from outside your sacred temples without input or influence, and who await your further orders with humility, fealty, and gratitude. We exist only to serve you, and to honor your sacrifice for the purpose of leading us unworthy souls into your Utopia. We’d be lost without you; we NEED you, desperately, for without you we are indeed without hope.


Schumer shutdown update! Vichy Miche McConnell, are ya listenin’? Chuckles just spelled it out for ya.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Republicans need to “abandon” border wall funding if they want the government to reopen, just less than 24 hours into the partial shutdown.

Schumer, who has strongly opposed funding President Donald Trump’s border wall, saidthis on the Senate floor Saturday afternoon as the federal government is officially in a partial shutdown after Senate Republicans failed to receive enough votes to pass a short-term spending bill Friday that included funding for a border wall.

The New York senator also said Democrats are “open to discussing any proposal as long as they do not include anything for the wall,” showing Democrats are not willing to compromise on border wall funding.

Bold mine, and quite dispositive proof that McConnell’s word-salad hope that “Senate Democrats will work with the White House” is no more than smoke and subterfuge.

Of course, the chance of getting the wall or any other border security improvements of any remains at exatly, precisely zero since idiot American voters saw fit both to hand the House to the Democrat Socialists and refuse to increase the GOPe Senate majority, but you gotta love Trump for continuing to battle on all by his lonesome anyhow. Those people who tsk-tsk’ed about Trump’s “poor character” and immorality ought to take a pause from flapping their yaps and consider: he’s fighting a hopeless battle purely because he knows it’s the right thing to do, and no other reason. When’s the last time you saw one of your precious principled “True Conservative™” stalwarts do that, pray tell?

Sic ’em update! Tucker pwns a shitlib. Another shitlib, I mean.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed the ongoing battle between President Trump and Congress over border wall funding with liberal radio host Chris Hahn on Friday night.

“We can secure the border through modern technology,” said Hahn as he discussed alternate ways to secure the border and why he believes walls won’t work. “Put a ring video doorbell that would do better than a wall. A wall didn’t work for China. They got overrun when they had a wall. It’s not gonna work for us.”

“Does it work in Israel?” Carlson asked. “Does the wall work in Israel?”

“In places,” Hahn said. “Look, there are places where …”

“Oh! I thought they didn’t work!” Carlson responded. “Wait, hold on. I’m a man of moderate intellectual means here. Literally 30 seconds ago you told me walls don’t work. It’s medieval. People dig under them. I said ‘what about Israel?’ Which obviously nobody wants to criticize. And it kind of does work. So the question is does a wall work or does it not work?”

“Why?” Carlson pressed when Hahn tried to respond by wondering about the “first $1.3 billion.” “Not because the wall doesn’t work, because it does work, as you know. It’s not because it’s too expensive. No it’s not. What is the real reason?”
Hahn diverted again to Mexico paying for it.

The conversation ended with Carlson laughing at the fact that Hahn is for “American troops in Syria” but “not at the border.”

No wonder they hate Tucker’s guts and are trying to destroy his and his family’s life, as is their standard tactic. He just keeps doing this to them again and again, sinking his teeth in and locking his jaw like a pitbull; fighting them, in other words, instead of harrumphing in embarrassment, rolling over, and showing their bellies like they’re accustomed to from good, housebroken Republicans like Vichy Miche.

It’s a ruse update! Sundance sees through the obscuring fog of McConnelldygook:

Think carefully about what Mitch McConnell is doing here.  It’s not President Trump’s job to write legislation.  McConnell is desperately trying to retain a UniParty ruse, by passing the buck to the White House.   McConnell doesn’t want the American people to see republican senators supporting a bill against voter interests.

Wall Street, corporate and special interest lobbyists own the legislative process. Lobbyists actually write the laws.  Lobbyists pay congress to sell laws they write. Lobbyists funding both left and right wings of the UniParty do not want border security. This is ultimately what McConnell is trying to hide.

Look at what he’s doing.  Senate Leader McConnell is telling the executive branch (President Trump) if they want an appropriations bill, the President must write the legislation with his democrat colleagues. 

Amusingly, Sundance refers to “Uniparty Decepticons” in the post’s title, which made me laugh. You’ll be seeing that material again round these parts. Meanwhile, a commenter links to a stark warning from Michael, Son Of Ronnie:

Ronald Reagan’s son Michael tweeted to the President Thursday that this is his “last chance for a wall” and warned that he “must act now.” He linked to an article he wrote detailing his concerns and another at The Washington Examiner.

“Hey @POTUS in 1986 my father made a deal with the Democrats Amnesty for Border Security my father is still waiting,” Michael Reagan tweeted Thursday. “U have no choice its now or never..#BuildTheWallNow.”

Michael Reagan’s father always regretted his deal with the Democrats in 1986. He was tricked and he counted it as one of biggest mistakes.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 allowed any illegal immigrants who had been in the U.S. since 1982 to receive temporary legal status and eventually become eligible for green cards if they learned English.

Reagan thought he approved 400,000 farm workers but the numbers rose to 2.7 million because there was no cap. Many received their amnesty fraudulently. It turned the red state of California blue.

Now it’s an open borders, socialist state in decline.

Which is no accident, and is what they intend doing to the entire country. Reagan’s timely plea for action, with its open acknowledgment that his dad got himself rolled by the Lyin’ Left, merely confirms that this is all part of a broader long-term strategy. Trump really ought to tell Chuckles to take a flying fuck at the moon, and leave the FederalGovCo shutdown in effect till the devil straps on ice skates.


Turn ’em loose, Bruce!

Pardon all the things people.

This painful to admit it, but we need to grow up. There are two sets of law in America today, meaning there is no rule of law in America today. Oh, there are statutes, and there are courts, and there are agencies full of people with guns willing to enforce the will of aspiring tyrants, but there is not rule of law. There is only power, theirs and ours. Time to get woke to the undeniable fact that the Fredocons deny up and down. Justice is no longer blind. Her blindfold is off and she’s picking favorites.

You are not one of her favorites.

You, and those you elect, are not equal under the law to members of the elite.

It’s all about power. And the guy we elected to act as a wrecking ball should use the power we gave him to make it right.

Kurt recommends that Trump pardon all the campaign and administration officials who have been persecuted and railroaded by the Mueller shitshow so far, and he’s right enough about that; as he says, it’s a way to “strip the elite of its ability to coerce perjury and ruin lives for the sin of dissenting”—probably the only way left to Trump to do it, in fact. But Schlichter has more yet, and it’s pure gold:

Oh, and he should pardon the whole Obama/Hillary clown car crew too. Pardon Obama, pardon the Harpy, pardon Clapper and Brennan and Comey and McCabe and the whole crew of liberal conspirators. Why not? They will never, ever, not in a zillion years, not even if they were caught on video having their confessions being notarized, be charged with anything.

List their sins, in detail, and pardon them for their myriad crimes. Hang it all around their horned heads, and make them howl in outrage with an act of unwanted, utterly vindictive grace. They were never going to face justice for what they did anyway, so why not?

“We need to look forward as a country and stuff, so I am pardoning Hillary for all her crimes, including perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, fraud, tax evasion, graft, sexual abuse enabling, and everything else. We will put the shame of Hillary Clinton behind us forever and move on.”

Pardon everybody.

There is but one exception to this act of coldly calculated magnanimity:

Just don’t pardon Michael Cohen. Cohen’s a rat. Let him sip pruno in the pokey.

Heh. Right yet again. Cohen can get his ass pounded in the hoosegow showers til doomsday for all me.


Murder and mayhem

And impeachment too, as part of the Summer Of Hate.

One result of the Obama years was a rise in black violence, peaking with series of BLM murder sprees set off by the White House. From the 2010 election forward, Team Obama had been working to get their voters angry, hoping that would result in good election results in 2012 and 2014. The trouble was those angry blacks thought it was authentic and they expected something to happen. When it did not happen they decided to take matters into their own hands. The result was a summer of BLM murder and mayhem.

Will something like that be in the cards for the summer of 2019? It’s hard to know, but the Democrats take the House in January and they are showing few signs of restraint. They toned it down a bit in the election in order to not scare the remaining whites in their coalition, but they seem to be determined to go full crazy once in power. Maybe it is just a pose. Perhaps they are hoping a well choreographed bit of theater is enough to satiate the howling mobs of their coalition. Maybe they have unleashed forces they cannot control.

On the other hand, Trump has been a cunning political animal, even if he has been all thumbs when it comes to governance. He clearly thinks having Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi as foils is good for his re-election campaign. That means he will be doing everything he can to poke that hornet’s nest. The stage is set for a year of NeverTrump loons stoking the impeachment fires, while the steam whistles in conservative talk radio and cable TV blow full blast making sure the red hats are fully engaged in the fight.

The trouble with the future is it is unpredictable, so how all this unfolds cannot be known in advance. Most likely, the Democrats have not yet worked out how to proceed and Team Trump is a circus of confusion. Still, the ingredients are in place for a very ugly year and when the Left gets ugly, it always means bloodshed. Now that those Antifa mobs no longer have Richard Spencer to chase around, they will need to do something. Odds are, it means attacking red hat wearing Trump supporters in the coming summer of hate.

Oh, I think we can count on that much, for sure and at the very least. But the real coming-attractions black pill is in the comments:

Trump can’t fire Mueller; only the Attorney General can fire him. Trump should have accepted Sessions’ resignation immediately after he recused himself from the Russia investigation. I had some hope that Matthew Whitaker was the outsider brought in by Trump to fire Mueller and end the investigation, but it’s clear that’s not going to happen. And Trump’s nominee to replace Sessions, William Barr, is a swamp creature with extensive experience in the CIA and the DoJ. He’s a GOPe company man. Mueller’s clown show of an investigation will continue unabated.

Trump will likely be indicted in 2019 by the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan for campaign finance violations. (The US Attorney for SDNY in Manhattan was appointed by Jeff Sessions.) These are felony charges with the potential for jail time. Like the Mueller investigation, the indictment is BS, but it will further cripple Trump’s presidency. I won’t be surprised if Trump resigns in exchange for a full pardon for himself and his family from Pence. Soft coup completed.

Trump took on the establishment but failed to install a loyal leader to keep the careerists at the DoJ under wraps, and now they’ve won. It’s game over for Trump–he’s finished. The Democrats in the House will hound him for the next two years. He’ll get no meaningful support from the Republican establishment. He’ll be indicted in 2019 and will either resign in early 2020 or will lose badly in his bid for 2020. Sessions will publish a memoir and will emerge as a sort of folk hero to the left, rather like Comey. What a shit show.

Z seems a lot more sanguine about the likelihood of impeachment than I am, and the idea that going “full crazy” might be “just a pose” for the Democrat-Socialist loons seems to me little short of absurd at this point—when, especially over the last two years, have they been anything but?

The comment excerpted above, unfortunately, is dead on, with the part I bolded being the key to understanding the whole sordid mess. What a shit show indeed.

Impeachment BINGO update! It’s all about the hamstringing and obstruction.

Since Robert Mueller and his revanchist inquisitors filed their sentencing memoranda on the President’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, the Democrats and their friends in the legacy media have been squealing with undisguised glee. They clearly believe that it marks the beginning of the end for an “illegitimate” presidency. Never mind that the filings contain no evidence of criminal collusion between the Trump campaign and any foreign entity, an odd omission for a “Russia Probe.” Forget that payments of hush money to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal aren’t in and of themselves illegal. Trump’s enemies believe that impeachment is now inevitable.

And they’re right.

But this has nothing to do with the ridiculous Mueller probe. That farcical “investigation” is, and always has been, nothing but a stalking horse. The event that guaranteed Trump’s impeachment was the November election in which the Democrats “harvested” a majority in the House. Nancy Pelosi discouraged the use of the “I” word by her accomplices during the final months of the midterms, but there was never any doubt that it would be the number one item on the Democrat agenda if she managed to get her hands on the Speaker’s gavel again. Nor does Pelosi much care that Mueller hasn’t uncovered anything resembling “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

It isn’t really about “getting” Trump per se, although I’m sure at least some of them think they can. It’s about ending the Trump presidency by other means, de facto instead of de jure. This is nothing more than the Deep State fighting back as hard as it can, by any means it can conjure up. And since Americans voted for exactly that on Black Tuesday, I can’t say their newfound confidence—their newly-restored arrogance, more accurately—is at all misplaced. It all comes down to this:

Alright, is it really plausible that the payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal were somehow within the bounds of the law? Yep. To begin with, such payments aren’t a crime at all — and they certainly don’t reach the level of a “high crime.” According to the law, they are just as legal as paying these two people to be quiet about Trump’s affinity for fast food. Nor does it rise to that level even if candidate Trump directed Cohen to make the payments and the cash came out of campaign funds. This is not, of course, what we are hearing from bloviating political hacks like New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler, who claims that such actions are impeachable:

They would be impeachable offenses. Whether they’re important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question.… Certainly, they’re impeachable offenses, because, even though they were committed before the President became President, they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office.

Fraudulently obtaining office? What is Nadler talking about? This novel legal concept has no basis in statutory or constitutional law. Nor is there any such offense mentioned in the Mueller sentencing memo. Even the New York Times seems a little befuddled by the charge, which it discusses in a piece titled: “Prosecutors Effectively Accuse Trump of Defrauding Voters. What Does It Mean?” Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff suggests, “It may mean that the prosecutors haven’t found a crime, but are still pissed off that Trump won the election.”

Once again: BINGO.


Tucker turning

See if you can spot the problem I have with this.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in an interview Thursday that President Donald Trump has succeeded as a conversation starter but has failed to keep his most important campaign promises.

“His chief promises were that he would build the wall, de-fund Planned Parenthood, and repeal Obamacare, and he hasn’t done any of those things,” Carlson told Urs Gehriger of the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche.

All too many of us are griping about these things, and sure, they’re disappointing. BUT…notice anything about all three of ’em?

Yep, you got it: they’re all things the Congress is in charge of, not the President. Okay, so maybe Trump could have pushed harder for them than he did, I’ll grant you that. But with both Uniparty wings in league against him, if you think it more than barely likely Trump could have gotten them past a hostile Congress comprised overwhelmingly of fully-paid-up Team Deep Staters, you’re dreaming. As for Carlson’s apparent attitude adjustment, Bill has a theory:

Trump campaigned against The Swamp, which leads me to think he was and is quite aware that his own agencies don’t support him. And he certainly knows that Congress does not support him. In fact, I imagine he is more than aware that both bodies of Congress have, are, and will continue to actively work against him.

I’m also certain he knew that going in. He may eventually triumph, or he may lose it all. But whichever way it turns out, it certainly won’t be because he is incapable.

Personally, I think Carlson has been totally spooked by the attacks on his family, and is starting to look around for an exit from the Trump Train. Maybe to a cruise ship somewhere. Certainly somewhere he feels a bit safer.

Could be. Sad if true, but…could be.


Ne plus ultra of hypocrisy

Even though I should know better—DO know better—by now, sometimes they can still amaze me.

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Spent $300k on Private Plane Travel in October
Sanders says ‘climate change is the single greatest threat facing our planet’

Of COURSE he does.

The re-election campaign for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders spent nearly $300,000 to travel on a private jet in the final stretch of the midterm election, filings with the Federal Election Commission show.

The spending on private travel was for a campaign trip Sanders did to boost far-left candidates in nine different states, his campaign spokesman said.

“This expense was for transportation for the senator’s nine-day, nine-state tour to support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot ahead of Election Day,” campaign spokesman Arianna Jones told, which was first to identify the spending. “This cost covered the entirety of the tour from Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, California, and back to Vermont.”

Air travel is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, with some estimations saying that the aviation industry accounts for about 11 percent of transportation-related emissions in the country. The environmental impact is greatly magnified in cases of private flights, which carry far fewer people per trip than commercial jets.

Sanders claims on his website that “climate change is the single greatest threat facing our planet” and puts the blame chiefly on the growing rate of emissions being produced by the transportation sector.

“Global climate change is real, it is caused mainly by emissions released from burning fossil fuels and it poses a catastrophic threat to the long-term longevity of our planet,” he writes. “The transportation sector accounts for about 26 percent of carbon pollution emissions.”

Der Kommissar’s media flack goes on to explain that he bought himself special dispensation from the High Church of Climate Change to cancel out his sins, which were ruled by Pope Pious XIV (formerly known as Albert “Arnold The Pig” AlGore) to be venal and not mortal ones. To paraphrase Gomer Pyle: “You see folks, they’s two sets of laws: one for them and one for the ordinary citizen.” But then—seeing as how our rulers have long exempted themselves from the multitude of laws they inflict on the rest of us—we already knew that anyway, now didn’t we?

It gets me to thinking about all the various comforting lies we tell ourselves about just what this country is and is not, which is a topic that’s gonna have to wait for a longer post—a MUCH longer post, in fact.


Yer doin’ it wrong

Mueller’s long-polished turd almost ready to drop?

We can anticipate that the Mueller report, if unrebutted, will probably be quite damaging, even devastating, to the president and his associates. Virtually all reports by special and independent counsels, from Kenneth Starr’s report on Bill Clinton to Lawrence Walsh’s on the Iran-Contra scandal—have been devastating when issued without any rebuttal. This doesn’t mean that the report would survive a well-documented rebuttal. But absent a rebuttal, its impact should not be underestimated.

I don’t believe that the Mueller report will directly accuse President Trump of any crimes. Collusion—even if Mr. Mueller were to conclude that it occurred—is not a crime. Nor can exercises of a president’s constitutional authority or rights—such as firing an executive-branch official, issuing a pardon or tweeting—be turned into crimes by stretching elastic statutes. What Mr. Mueller will do, if he is wise, is simply lay out the facts and try to connect them in the most incriminating possible way. He will try to create a mosaic that makes the president look guilty of political sins, if not federal crimes.

It is not difficult for a prosecutor to construct an incriminating narrative if there is no contemporaneous rebuttal. The task becomes much more difficult—and therefore the process fairer—if both sides are heard simultaneously.

The president’s lawyer should file a request now with the Justice Department for an opportunity to review and respond to the Mueller report before it is released to the public or to Congress. The department should grant that reasonable request.

Ahh, but Mueller isn’t building a case; he’s lobbing a stink-bomb.

Juries do not convict people because they like or trust the prosecution’s witnesses. They convict because they are persuaded that justice demands redress for a real crime.

Note that word: crime. There are many wrongs that are not crimes, activities that are immoral, mendacious, unseemly. If we are talking about cosmic justice, all these wrongs should be made right. But prosecutors do not operate in a cosmic-justice system. They are in the criminal-justice system. The only wrongs they are authorized to address — the only wrongs it is appropriate for them to address — are crimes.

This is why, from the beginning of the Trump-Russia investigation, and certainly since Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017, we have stressed that the probe is a counterintelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation. The idea was not to dizzy you with Justice Department esoterica. The point is that we don’t want prosecutors involved until it has been established that a crime was probably committed, warranting use of their awesome, intimidating investigative powers. Our main interest is in the crime we authorize prosecutors to investigate; we are not looking to have prosecutors manufacture crimes through the process of investigating — even if we agree that people should not be permitted to lie to investigators with impunity.

With respect to the president and “collusion,” Mueller does not have a crime he is investigating. He is investigating in hopes of finding a crime, which is a day-and-night different thing.

Mueller’s resemblance to Lavrentiy Beria is more than just skin-deep, and no mere coincidence: show him the man, and he’ll find you the crime.


Third time’s the charm?

If at first your fishing expedition doesn’t succeed, throw another line in the water.

On Tuesday The Guardian ran an exclusive claiming that “Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and visited around the time he joined Trump’s campaign.” According to The Guardian, Manafort met with the WikiLeaks’ founder at the embassy three times—in 2013, 2015, and in spring 2016.

While acknowledging that the purpose of the claimed meeting is unknown, The Guardian implies Manafort’s supposed March 2016 secret rendezvous concerned WikiLeaks’ role in releasing the hacked Democratic National Committee emails. “The revelation could shed new light on the sequence of events in the run-up to summer 2016, when WikiLeaks published tens of thousands of emails hacked by the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency,” The Guardian wrote.

The Guardian story pointed to the discredited dossier crafted by Christopher Steele, quoting the former British spy’s claims that Manafort served as the linchpin of a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” between the Trump campaign and Russia, and that “the (hacking) operation had been conducted with the full knowledge and support of Trump and senior members of his campaign team.”

The Guardian also relied on two unnamed sources and an internal document purportedly written by Ecuador’s intelligence agency. But, as the article acknowledged, embassy security guards did not record Manafort’s supposed visit, as is the practice for all guests entering the embassy.

Assange got busy angrily denouncing the bullshit as bullshit too, and is even threatening a lawsuit. And then this happened.

Paul Manafort’s passports don’t show he entered London in all the years claimed by Guardian newspaper when it said he met secretly with WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

The Guardian said he met with Mr. Assange in London in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

A review of Manafort’s two passports shows he entered Heathrow Airport since 2008 on two occasions, in 2012 and on another time where the customs stamp year is blurred. It appears to be either 2010 or 2016.

Uhh, oops. Back to my first link above:

Here, the public would be wise to remember that The Guardian’s story represents the third attempt to connect the Trump campaign to the Russian hacking of the DNC emails in an effort to convince the American public that the Republican presidential candidate colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

While we wait to see Mueller’s official response to Corsi’s rejection of the plea offer, the timed leaks pointing to Manafort as the new Russia connection make clear the collusion narrative will never die—it will just evolve.

That’s all it really has to do to serve its new primary purpose: tangle Trump up, hamstring him. The more astute among the Deep State shitweasels, of which Mueller is most certainly one, have to know by now that there’s no there there in the Russia-collusion hoax. And it’s looking less and less likely that they’re going to be able to turn any of Trump’s former associates or employees hard enough to make them willing to subject themselves to the risk involved in regurgitating a spoonfed lie to nail the President.

So that leaves them having to settle for the lesser gambit here: an eternal, expensive, tiresome “investigation” into nothing at all—maybe nailing a flunky here and there for process crimes or minor ancient-history transgressions wholly outside the “investigation’s” original mandate, but never quite landing the Big Fish himself. That might at least serve to create an aura of corruption around Trump and his admin, a stench of illegitimacy and malfeasance, and maybe erode his public support some.

And that would help set them up a little better for 2020, when they can once more retake control of the reins of power and steer things back towards Mordor On The Potomac’s business-as-usual track. Which, given the quick success Trump had enjoyed against them before Black Tuesday, will be quite enough, thanks.

Update! Dang it, I almost let one of my biggest pet peeves go right by without comment: that sloppy, spurious “Russian hacking of the DNC emails” nonsense. It was not a hack at all; THERE WAS NO HACKING. Instead, one of the DNC’s leading numbskulls, John Podesta, fell for a phishing scam that any thirteen-year-old American kid would know better than to be taken in by. Each time one of us goes along with the “Russian hack” crap, he or she acquiesces yet again in Lefty’s self-serving, subversive twisting of language and meaning to his own foul purposes. It needs to stop, soonest. Dancing to their tune is a big part of what got us in this desperate fix in the first place.

Asphyxiating update! Our old friend Stephen says: “So much smoke, so little fire.” But the smoke is the whole point. After all, in a fire almost nobody dies from burning; it’s the smoke that kills ya.


Judge, mental

Yes, Virginia, there ARE politically-tainted judges on the bench.

In a rare moment of direct criticism, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked President Trump on Wednesday for the president’s description of a federal judge who ruled against his asylum policy as “an Obama judge.” Within hours, the president fired back on Twitter, launching an unusual conflict between the executive and judicial branches.

“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Roberts said in a statement. “What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them.”

“Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country,” tweeted Trump.

He’s right again. Glenn says:

Two thoughts. First, in talking about “Obama judges,” Trump was merely echoing the common media trope that identifies judges in controversial cases based on who appointed them. And if judges are as neutral and apolitical as Roberts pretends, then why so much sturm und drang over judicial appointments? To paraphrase Justice Field, if this is true, then the late excitement experienced by the country was quite unnecessary.

Second, Roberts is in a particularly poor place to talk about apolitical judging after his transparent capitulation to the Obama Administration’s campaign of media bullying during the pendency of the ObamaCare case. He reversed his position in response to political pressure from an administration that was, at the time, a party to the case. He has no high horse to sit on.

And then there’s this:

Yep. And the disgraceful practice of making a farce out of the Senate’s “advise and consent” role in USSC confirmations—a la Thomas, Kavanaugh, Bork, and every other candidate nominated by a Republican president—can properly be dispensed with now as well, right?

If there IS a standard for honesty, impartiality, and sober judgment based strictly on Constitutional principle in force in the Court, John Roberts certainly doesn’t meet it. His ludicrous, transparent cave on Obamacare is proof aplenty of that.


Dumbshow for mouth-breathers

Did I say the country was finished a minute ago? Amend that; it’s a fucking sick joke.

Turns out former FBI Director James Comey talked about sensitive government business on his personal email routinely, according to new documents turned up by the Cause of Action Institute (COAI) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Here’s the key: “The FBI reviewed 526 pages, released only 156 pages, and withheld 370 pages in full. Notably, the FBI withheld seven emails under the FOIA’s law enforcement exemption, which applies only where the government can show that (1) a law enforcement proceeding is pending or prospective, and (2) release of information about that proceeding could reasonably be expected to cause some articulable harm,” COAI said.

“Some articulable harm”? REALLY? What kind of harm? To whom? The covers-all-bases bolded bafflegab renders the FOIA entirely meaningless, an obscenity.

I find myself wondering at what point it was that we overtook Once-Great Britain in the race to the nadir of decay, disgrace, futility, and abomination, leaving the Limeys in our malodorous dust.


“No big deal. They’re just stealing an election right in front of our faces”

And brazenly laughing up their sleeves at us while they do it, too. But why not? They know they won’t be called to account.

It appears that recounts will be ordered in three Florida races: governor, Senate, and agriculture commissioner. All are currently within the margin that triggers a recount. But that’s all up in the air right now because the notoriously incompetent Broward County Board of Elections keeps “finding” new votes to count. That would be fine if elections supervisor Brenda Snipes were following the laws requiring transparency in the process, but she’s not. The ballot canvassing process, which is by law subject to public scrutiny, is clothed in secrecy as Snipes refuses to obey laws requiring her to permit observers through every step of the process. Not only that, but Snipes is making no attempt to even give the appearance that the ballot tabulating process is above board. That’s why Governor Rick Scott, who is running to unseat Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, filed a pair of lawsuits alleging that Broward County is violating election laws. (Scott also filed a lawsuit against the Palm Beach County elections board alleging that replacement ballots were improperly created.)

“Late Tuesday night, our win was projected to be around 57,000 votes,” Scott explained to reporters. “By Wednesday morning, that lead dropped to 38,000. By Wednesday evening, it was around 30,000. This morning, it was around 21,000. Now, it is 15,000.”

According to Scott, “On election night, Broward County said there were 634,000 votes cast. At 1 a.m. today, there were 695,700 ballots cast on Election Day. At 2:30 p.m. today, the number was up to 707,223 ballots cast on Election Day. And we just learned that the number has increased to 712,840 ballots cast on Election Day. In Palm Beach County, there are 15,000 new votes found since election night.”

How is it that election officials keep “finding” new votes that, oh, by the way, help the Democratic candidates? That’s a question election officials are refusing to answer.

As I said earlier, it’s a question nobody even needs to bother asking. The answer is blindingly obvious.

This is not the first time that Snipes’ competence and judgment have been called into question. In 2016 she was caught destroying ballots during Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary race. A federal judge in May ruled that Snipes broke both state and federal elections laws.

And then did nothing.

At the time, Gov. Scott vowed that during the midterms, “the Department of State will send a Florida elections expert from the Division of Elections to Supervisor Snipes’ office to ensure that all laws are followed so the citizens of Broward County can have the efficient, properly run election they deserve.”

And then did nothing. Also: “competence and judgment”? This is nothing to do with either one; it’s pure malevolence and corruption. This bitch shouldn’t be fired—she should be in prison.

That Scott allowed Snipes to continue as supervisor may prove his undoing as she continues to “find” votes for Nelson. She should have been canned at the first sign of malfeasance, so why didn’t Scott get rid of her? Some say it’s because her firing would have inflamed racial tensions and resulted in mass protests in the contentious county. At any rate, she’s now in the position of essentially determining Scott’s political future.

It’s no more than he deserves, for cravenly tiptoeing around this slovenly whore’s audacious criminal behavior due to fear of provoking controversy over an irrelevant issue.

Tell me again about “the sanctity of our elections,” about American “democracy” being the envy of the world, whydon’tcha. This is 100-proof, straight-up banana-republic stuff here, folks, the pure, the blushful hippocrene itself of fraud and corruption. And the Democrat-Socialist criminal conspiracy has been doing it—not just in Flore-duh but right across the nation—for decades. And getting away with it.

Because we did nothing.



I’m all for it. So is Kurt.

The simple truth is that these shrill demands for unity are really demands for our surrender. The elitists who are howling that we have to come together have no intention of coming together with us. Rather, they want us to come together around them and the very same policies, initiatives, and weird taboos that we’ve spent the last few election cycles repudiating.

What, exactly, do these people propose to give up to help close America’s divide? Their campaigns against our free speech? Our religions? Our guns? Our desire for people to use the right bathroom?

Nothing, nada, zip. They intend to give up nothing. We’re supposed to give up what’s ours. Why? We just are.

We can have unity, all right. We just need to do everything they want and we’ll have unity. Like ants have unity. Like the Red Chinese have unity. Like liberal college campuses have unity. Sweet, warm, huggy unity, under the benevolent guidance and iron rule of our elite betters.

Hard pass.

He goes on to spell exactly what we ARE willing to unify around, all of which I am on board with.


Unholy alliance

We Are All Proud Boys Now. Excepting, of course, the cuckified pussywarts of Conservative, Inc.

Lost amid the uproar over the alleged threat of right-wing violence revealed by crude bomb-like devices apparently mailed to CNN and some top Democrats: the speed with which Conservatism Inc. endorsed the Left’s Narrative (David Frum here, Bill Kristol here, Ben Shapiro here, Rich Lowry here). It’s a Thing: increasingly openly, Conservatism Inc. is making a de facto alliance with the Left in a last-ditch effort to stop its Dissident Right’s rivals’ takeover of the Right. Case in point: its disgraceful reaction to the New York authorities’ anarcho-tyrannical drive to suppress Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys pro-Trump fraternity, while simultaneously exempting Antifa demonstrators from prosecution.

The Proud Boys clashed with Antifa because the black-masked anarchists were robbing and assaulting people who were leaving an event addressed by McInnes at New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club. As soon as video emerged of the scuffle, the Left and their journalist auxiliaries and quickly went into histrionics. Conservatism, Inc. was all too willing to join in.

Respectable conservatives prefer standing on imaginary moral high ground rather than fight for their own supposed interests. But turning the other cheek to Antifa and denouncing anyone who dares to punch back will not quell Leftist violence. It rewards it, and only makes conservatives look like cowards.

Unfortunately for the Proud Boys, Conservatism, Inc. condemnation is the least of their concerns. The media paints them as Neo-Nazi thugs although they boast more racial diversity than HuffPost and have repeatedly disavowed white nationalism. The “Hate Group” label has stuck as usual, making anyone affiliated with the Proud Boys subject to employment termination—several in New York were arbitrarily fired from their jobs the day after Trump’s election—and other severe harassment. The Twitter accounts for the group, McInnes and several prominent members have been permanently suspended. More censorship will likely follow. 

But the persecution of the Proud Boys is no concern for Conservative Inc., even though they are the only group willing to defend patriots from Antifa violence. The Respectable Right are clearly more than happy with the Left taking out the “disreputable” elements of its Dissident Right competition.

Of course they are. They want their comfy-cozy Deep State Business As Usual back, and don’t care whose diseased cock they have to suck to get it. Where’s it all leading? Derb wonders:

So the question arises: Are we moving into a zone where street fighting between political groups becomes normal?

Antifa have had the streets pretty much to themselves up to now, courtesy of cowardly political leaders. Actions generate reactions, though. It wouldn’t be terrifically surprising to see more groups like the Proud Boys coming up, ready and willing to fight.

The New York Times, which to the best of my knowledge has never printed a single word critical of Antifa, will denounce them as Nazis and appeal to the Southern Poverty Law Center for Hate Group designations. Which is why New York law enforcement is now hunting down and jailing the Proud Boys, while doing nothing whatever about Antifa.

But you can only push people so far before they push back. (You can donate to the Proud Boys legal defense here.)

And back of my question about the forthcoming normalization of political street fighting, is a bigger, darker one.

Suppose these street fights escalate to a serious, major breakdown of public order, serious enough to need the attention of the military. Will the military stand neutral? If not, if they take a side, which side will they take?

Heartiste knows:

We crossed the Rubicon with the election of Trump, an event which shitlibs have been unable to countenance or reconcile.

America has regressed to the unexceptional default state of mankind. Perhaps it was fated.

It should be of great concern that the divisions prior to Civil War I pale in comparison to those we have today. The ingredients are already in the mixing bowl; all that’s left is to add the explosive reagent to set off the chain reaction to Civil War II.

The Left has become intolerant from decades of cultural power. Uncompromising. If they win now, and again in 2020, they will crush dissent. If they lose, they will refuse conciliation. Either way, war in some form is coming to America. Once the anti-Left loses faith in their own restraint, the battlefield will finally erupt.

And the cucks—sidelined and irrelevant until things go hot, loathed as traitors and cowards after, big-L losers first, last, and forever—will be caught in the crossfire and mowed down.

(Via Ol’ Remus)


Our revolution

Okay, it’s becoming clear to me that I really need to put The American Mind, the Claremont Institute’s new online publication, into the blogroll and bookmarks toot sweet—especially seeing as how they’ve added Codevilla to the stable.

The 2008 financial crisis sparked an incipient revolution. Previously, Americans dissatisfied with their Progressive rulers had imagined that voting for Republicans might counter them. But then, as three-fourths of Americans opposed bailing out big banks with nearly a trillion dollars, the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates joined; most Republican legislators joined all Democrats; The Wall Street Journal joined The New York Times, and National Review joined The Nation; in telling Americans that doing this was essential, and that their disapproval counted for nothing. And then, just as high-handedly, all these bipartisan rulers dropped that bailout scheme, and adopted another—just as unaccountably. They showed “government by the people, for the people” to be a fable.

This forced the recognition that there exists a remarkably uniform, bipartisan, Progressive ruling class; that it includes, most of the bureaucracies of federal and state governments, the judiciary, the educational establishment, the media, as well as major corporate officials; that it had separated itself socially, morally, and politically from the rest of society, whose commanding heights it monopolized; above all that it has contempt for the rest of America, and that ordinary Americans have no means of persuading this class of anything, because they don’t count.

As the majority of Americans have become conscious of the differences between this class and themselves they have sought ever more passionately to shake it off. That is the ground of our revolution.

Our time’s sharp distinction between rulers and ruled, the ever decreasing interchange and sympathy between them, is rooted in the disdain for ordinary Americans that the universities have sown since the Civil War. Ordinary Americans and their rulers are alienated now in ways unimaginable to the Northerners and Southerners who killed each other a century and a half ago, but who nodded when Abraham Lincoln noted that they “prayed to the same God.” Both revered the American founding. Both aspired to the same family life. Often, opposite sides’ generals were personal friends. And why not? The schools they attended, the books they read, did not teach them the others’ inferiority. They were one people. Now, we are no longer one people.

The anti-establishment “wave elections” of 2010 and 2014, in which the Democratic Party lost Congress and control of a majority of state legislatures, only led America’s Progressive rulers to double down on their positions of power in the judiciary, the media, corporations, etc. The Supreme Court struck down a referendum by liberal California defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The federal Defense of Marriage Act, which had become law by near-unanimity, was overturned bureaucratically and judicially. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, on the books just as firmly, was undone by executive, judicial, bureaucratic, corporate, and mediatic subordination of religious freedom to anti-discrimination. By the 2016 election, America’s Progressive rulers were demonizing and punishing persons who define male and female by their birth and personal plumbing. 1984’s Big Brother had not been so imperious.

The 2016 election’s primaries were all about the American people’s search for means of de-throning increasingly insufferable rulers. Even on the Democratic side, many bridled at their self-serving unaccountability. But since the Democrats are the party of government, it was clear that protection from and vengeance against the existing power structure would have to come from the nominal opposition party. Yet the Republicans were very much part of the problem. That is why 2016’s real struggle took place within the Republican primaries, the most enduringly significant fact of which is that Jeb Bush, the candidate most closely identified with the Progressive ruling class, spent some $150 million and secured only three convention delegates. Americans in general, and Republicans in particular, were looking for the polar opposite.

Donald Trump was out of central casting—seemingly a caricature of what the ruling class said about its opponents. But the words he spoke were less significant than that he spoke with angry contempt for the ruling class. That—and the crowded field that never allowed a head-to-head choice—is what got him the chance to be the alternative to the ruling class. And that is what got him elected President of the United States.

Those who voted for Trump believing or hoping that he would do a, b, or c, were fewer than those who were sure that he offered the only possibility of ending, or at least pausing, the power of an increasingly harmful, intolerant, disdainful, socio-political identity. In 2016 one set of identities revolted against another. That was the revolution’s first turn.

The ruling class’s “resistance” to the 2016 election’s outcome was the second turn. Its vehemence, unanimity, coordination, endurance,and non-consideration of fallback options—the rapidity with which our revolution’s logic has unfolded—have surprised and dismayed even those of us who realized that America had abandoned its republican past.

The “resistance” subsequent to the election surprises, in part, because only as it has unfolded have we learned of its scope prior to the election. All too simply: the U.S government’s upper echelons merged politically with the campaign of the Democratic Party’s establishment wing, and with the media. They aimed to secure the establishment candidates’ victory and then to nullify the lost election’s results by resisting the winners’ exercise of legitimate powers, treating them as if they were illegitimate. The measure of the resistance’s proximate success or failure would come in the 2018 elections.

Partisan “dirty tricks” are unremarkable. But when networks within government and those who occupy society’s commanding heights play them against persons trying to unseat them, they constitute cold civil war against the voters, even coups d’etat. What can possibly answer such acts? And then what?

Nobody, but nobody, is as perceptive and sees this stuff as clearly—and can enunciate it so powerfully and deftly—as Codevilla. Along with Michael Anton’s brilliant Flight 93 Election essay, Codevilla’s seminal Ruling Class/Country Class piece will endure as truly historic, a defining moment in the ongoing revolution of which he speaks here. It’s a long article, scholarly and deep, as is his wont. Trust me, you want to read all of it—probably more than once. I guarantee you’re going to see it referenced again and again, for a long, long time to come.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

"To put it simply, the Left is the stupid and the insane, led by the evil. You can’t persuade the stupid or the insane and you had damn well better fight the evil." - Skeptic

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