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Go, Obama, go!

And take Hillary!™ with you.

I would say Michelle and Barack Obama are back in the news, but they’ve never left the news since the 22nd Amendment mercifully exiled them from the Oval Office last year. When President Clinton took the oath of office in 1992, President George H.W. Bush went away. When President George W. Bush assumed power in 2000, President Clinton went away (until the prospect of being the first gentleman came a-knockin’). When President Obama placed his hand on President Lincoln’s Bible in 2008, President Bush went away.

When President Trump made his miraculous win constitutionally official last year, President Obama went away, back to Chicago, to administer the death and destruction left in the wake of 30,000 consecutive days of Democrat rule over the Windy City.

Just kidding: Obama moved into a $5-million D.C. mansion – but only after the wall surrounding the 8,000-square-foot mansion was completely erected. Oh, and Obama’s former senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, moved in with the Obamas, which is just bizarrely weird. It’s like House of Cards meets Three’s Company; rumor has it that Val makes a mean Belgian waffle with an Iranian secret touch.

Obama knows that the Democrats have no one on deck to challenge President Trump in 2020, and we’ll likely have Trump and Mike Pence as president for 12-16 years. (Republicans: Don’t you dare stay home on Election Day – red states no longer exist, and we cannot afford to lose the House of Representatives.) Knowing that Trump and Pence will likely occupy the White House for nearly two decades, Obama has comfortably assumed the role of the face of the “resistance” and will have carte blanche from the DMIC and sycophantic Democrat voters to undermine President Trump ad infinitum. Never mind the mountain of scandals accumulated in Obama’s 96 months as president, including an alleged spying scandal that’s shaping up to be an all-time Mother of All.

Democrats don’t care, just as they disdain our Constitution and Electoral College. Democrats believe they have the right to be right, and they will beat you into submitting to their will. No, Donald Trump isn’t a traditional president, but the American people don’t mind, just so long as President Trump keeps his promises (and kept promises he has). Too bad Tessio Republicans in Congress can’t seem to support the president for consecutive days.

Barack Obama promised a “fundamental transformation” when he took office in 2008, and he was true to his word. When google-eyed, Ludovico-induced Obamaites cheered “four more years!” at his farewell speech, Obama smilingly reminded them that our Constitution prohibits that. Prior presidents always bid adieu to the nation from the Oval Office, but Obama broke tradition and, predictably, was praised by the oh, so devout DMIC. Hell, even Canadians wanted another Obama term. Does that qualify as collusion?

He’s no class, all ego—a scrawny runt who fancies himself a colossus among men. The truly depressing thing is that, had he brazenly attempted a third run in defiance of the Constitution, he probably would have won. You just know the abominable git gave it some VERY serious consideration before deciding reluctantly against it. I’d bet fear and uncertainty over how the military would have reacted had a lot to do with that. Which makes it the wisest decision he ever made.


The God that failed

Harsanyi on the inevitable unraveling of the Cult of Obama:

Charles Fried, a professor at Harvard Law School, recently echoed Westen’s authoritarian sentiment in a Daily Beast piece, titled “Obama Is Too Good for Us,” wherein he disparaged a system that allows mere simpletons to transfer their free market absurdity to Washington through elections. Similarly, Jacob Weisberg of Slate wrote that because of “intellectual primitives” on the right, “compromise is dead” and “there’s no point trying to explain complicated matters to the American people. The president has tried reasonableness and he has failed.”

“Reasonableness,” you’ll remember, is shoving a wholly partisan, Byzantine restructuring of the health care system through Congress in the midst of an economic downturn. But chipping a few billion off a $3.7 trillion budget in exchange for raising the debt ceiling is an act of irrationality that has, apparently, sucked the very soul from the American project.

The sight of a crumbling Cult of Obama — and with it the end of the progressive presidency — has many on the left so frustrated that they simply dismiss the very idea of ideological debate. To challenge the morality and rationality of Obamanomics only means you’re bought, too stupid to know any better or, most likely, both. A slack-jawed hostage-taking saboteur.

Armed with this unearned intellectual and ethical superiority, it is not surprising to hear someone like John Kerry reprimand the media for even covering conservative viewpoints. It is predictable that the Senate would “investigate” a private entity like Standard & Poor’s for giving an opinion on American debt that conflicted with its own. (Remember when not listening to the Dixie Chicks was a “chilling of free speech”?)

Obama himself blamed the volatile stock market on the “prolonged debate over the debt ceiling … where the threat of default was used as a bargaining chip.” So it’s not the job-killing policy or another $4 trillion of debt in two years that’s problematic; it’s the insistence of elected officials to represent their constituents that’s really killing America.

Following the lead of the Environmental Protection Agency, Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently used this imagined “dysfunction” as an excuse to try to unilaterally implement comprehensive education “reform” by bypassing law and using a waiver system. Why? “Right now,” Duncan explained, “Congress is pretty dysfunctional. They’re not getting stuff done.”

Hate to break the news to you, Arne; for many Americans, stopping this administration from “getting stuff done” is getting stuff done.

As usual: shut up, the Left explained.


Apollo G. Creed: Don’t apologize to BP…or for America


Doctor Zero:

Even now, as oil begins fouling the coasts of our Gulf states, the federal government is entirely focused on shielding itself from blame, and taking advantage of the crisis to absorb more money. Out on the high-octane open waters, they’re shutting down oil-skimming barges over trivial bureaucratic issues. Bobby Jindal, the desperate governor of Louisiana, has taken to ignoring the comatose federal giant slumped across his coast, and getting things done on his own. Unable to think rationally or compare costs to benefits, the government panicked and shut down offshore drilling… just as previous generations threw hysterical fits, and killed nuclear power and DDT. We’re spending an awful lot of our children’s money on this government, and getting very little value in return.

No Presidential speech could obscure the fact that incalculable, perhaps irreversible damage has already been done, while union politics prompted the President to ignore valuable offers of assistance from foreign ships. Innovative strategies for dealing with the oil gather cobwebs while the Administration focuses on the really important task of securing a $20 billion down payment on a massive new slush fund. Of course Obama and the Democrats will steal much of this money, the same way they robbed the taxpayers for political cash and called it a “stimulus.” The reptilian Bart Stupak has already floated the idea of raiding the BP fund for health care money. I wonder if some of it would end up paying for abortions.


“I think that wins the award for the most politically stupid statement of the year. We can retire it right now, in June. You don’t express sympathy for a corporation that’s sort of soiled and destroyed, practically is destroying, the Gulf Coast. What you can do is say we don’t like the precedent of the federal government using its leverage and threats of prosecution to force companies into acting against what might be their own interests. It’s not a good precedent. We had to do it in this case because we want to protect the income of the people in the Gulf who’ve suffered. It’s a tradition which is a bad one now, and it ought to stop after this one.”

Hewitt & Steyn:

HH: Let me ask you about Republicans now, and let’s dish out some criticism. Today, Joe Barton, ranking Republican on House Energy, said an obvious thing, which is due process ought not to be suspended, even when the bad guy’s an oil company. And a lot of Republicans have round heels, and they are assaulting him for being indifferent, which he isn’t, to the devastation on the Gulf. What he’s saying is we have laws here, and we don’t let presidents berate and destroy companies, Mark Steyn. But I’m concerned Republicans are unwilling to fight on this idea that the rule of law is the rule of law, even for oil companies.

MS: No, this isn’t difficult, by the way. I mean, if there are legitimate claims against British Petroleum, there’s a mechanism for that, and it’s called the justice system.

HH: Yup.

MS: And I trust the courts. I don’t trust a government escrow fund, because I think it’s highly likely that what will happen is what happened with the stimulus money, which was supposed to go and help stimulate the economy, and instead went into a lot of various seedy rackets benefiting Democrat client groups. So the idea that this money is safer for the so-called victims of BP by being in the Obama-SEIU-ACORN escrow account, or whatever it is, than if it was being, than if it was being adjudicated under the courts, I think this is terrible. The United States, when I left that great land a few weeks ago to start my travels, at that point, it was not technically a banana republic. The fact that it can simply, that Obama’s enforcers can simply lean on BP and demand they stick $20 billion dollars in an Obama-controlled bank account, I think it is pretty close to banana republic status.

HH: I think we’re going to find out that much to my surprise, Chicago’s been deeply injured by the Gulf spill. Somehow, that money’s coming up to Illinois.

MS: Yeah, it’s going to be (laughing), it’s going to be washing up on Michigan Avenue, I think…

After 9/11, Congress created the 9/11 Fund, in part to save the airline industry. Courts have created similar victims’ funds.

The problem with this is that it is an extra-constitutional action done without constitutional mandate.

It was done by one man, caudillo-style–the very same man who is the executive in charge of regulating BP and criminally-investigating BP. That’s why this smells like a protection money racket.

And this executive has already strong-armed banks, insurance companies, car companies and so many other industries. Can you imagine if Bush had tried to single-handedly set up $20b-fund from the airlines under his own hand-picked administrator?

Congress should structure this fund and be accountable for their votes, and not leave it as a one-man slush fund.

Already, for example, the administration has asked BP to “contribute” to the losses that will accrue from the decision to shut down 33 other platforms for at least six months. The administration is obviously leery of taking the political heat for that call–that’s why they added in extra paragraphs to the order after the experts had already signed it, in an effort to hide behind others.

As Smitty noted here, Hillary just announced in Ecuador that Obama will sue Arizona.

“This is no way to treat the people of Arizona,” said Governor Brewer. “To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the Secretary of State is just outrageous. If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation.”

The thing is, Hillary and her crowd regard Arizona and the rest of Fly-Over America as the “foreign country”, not Ecuador.

She is essentially apologizing for America again, a habit with this administration.

We don’t owe the reckless operators at BP any apology, nor does America owe the rest of the world a Permanent Apology as Obama believes.

But we do owe it to ourselves to do this by the numbers–real numbers, not Chicago-style numbers.


Blame-America-First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, First, Last, Always and Forever

“They said that saving Grenada from terror and totalitarianism was the wrong thing to do – they didn’t blame Cuba or the communists for threatening American students and murdering Grenadians – they blamed the United States instead. But then, somehow, they always blame America first.

When our Marines, sent to Lebanon on a multinational peacekeeping mission with the consent of the United States Congress, were murdered in their sleep, the “blame America first crowd” didn’t blame the terrorists who murdered the Marines, they blamed the United States. But then, they always blame America first.

When the Soviet Union walked out of arms control negotiations, and refused even to discuss the issues, the San Francisco Democrats didn’t blame Soviet intransigence. They blamed the United States. But then, they always blame America first.

When Marxist dictators shoot their way to power in Central America, the San Francisco Democrats don’t blame the guerrillas and their Soviet allies, they blame United States policies of 100 years ago. But then, they always blame America first.

The American people know better.”–Democrat Jeane Kirkpatrick, 1984 Republican Convention

Jay Nordlinger:

You’ve Got to Be Kidding . . .

“[Assistant Secretary of State] Posner said in addition to talks on freedom of religion and expression, labor rights and rule of law, [our] officials also discussed Chinese complaints about problems with U.S. human rights, which have included crime, poverty, homelessness and racial discrimination.

He said U.S. officials did not whitewash the American record and in fact raised on [their] own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person’s immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally.”

I hope I have read that incorrectly, or am interpreting it incorrectly. Did we, the United States, talking to a government that maintains a gulag, that denies people their basic rights, that in all probability harvests organs, apologize for the new immigration law in Arizona? Really, really? …

Do you ever get the idea that our government is a bunch of left-wing undergraduates come to power?

Not only is Obama using the Arizona law to whip up racial strife like he was George Wallace on an Afro Sheen-and-nicotine bender, he’s even using it to abase America before the world, including foreign human rights violators, in effect telling them “We’re just as bad as you are–who are we to criticize you?”

Which is another way of saying “You’re just as good as America–don’t change a thing you are doing.”

Imagine yourself in the Lao Gai or an Iranian rape prison, and Obama hovering numinously overhead, bragging about himself at your– and America’s –expense.

Q: How you can tell those Chinese officials from Obama’s State Department officials in a crowded room?

A: The most pro-American officials are the Chinese ones.

And just for the record, some Chinese Immigration Law:

[Article 2] Foreigners entering, leaving and passing through China or residing in China are required to obtain permission from the competent authorities of the Chinese Government.

[Article 5] Foreigners in China are required to observe the laws of China and shall not be permitted to endanger Chinese national security, harm the social public interest, or violate the public order of the country.

[Article 13] Foreigners residing in China must hold an identity card or residence permit issued by the competent authorities of the Chinese Government. The period of validity of the identity card or residence permit shall be fixed according to the particulars of entry.

Foreigners residing in China shall, within the prescribed time, submit the documents to the local public security authorities for examination.

Chinese Nazis! Who knew?

I wonder if San Francisco Democrats will boycott China now–heh heh?

In “Barrio Boy” (1971), by Ernesto Galarza (1905-1984), Mr. Galarza writes of escaping the Mexican Revolution and coming to America, where he attends Lincoln School. His classmates were cowboys and Indians, black and Asian, new immigrants from all over the world. Of his teacher, he wrote:

“Miss Hopley…never let us forget why we were at Lincoln; for those who were alien, to become good Americans; for those who were so born to accept the rest of us.”

“Miss Hopley warmed knowledge into us, and racial hatreds out of us. …It was easy for me to feel that becoming a proud American, as she said we should, did not mean feeling ashamed of being a Mexican.”

That’s perfect. Mr. Galarza was proud of his heritage and as American as anyone.

And much more American than any two-bit, race-baiting, creased-pants Peronista demagogue, dividing Americans at home and bashing America abroad, all for his own sick personal ambition and twisted political ideology.

UPDATE: Support Arizona!

REUPDATE: America Under the Bus, Day 485:

“We brought it up early and often.”


Never Before in History: A Disuniter, Not Just a Divider


…before “knowing” is outlawed, taxed and regulated, too.

“This is a big f***ing deal!”–Joe Biden

No, it’s not.

Because if it were truly “big”, we would have done it together, just like we have always done, for better or worse, throughout our history:

The Income Tax:

By February 1913, 36 states had ratified the change to the Constitution. It was further ratified by 6 more states by March. Of the 48 states at the time, 42 ratified. Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Utah rejected the amendment; Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida didn’t take up the issue.

World War I:

On April 6, 1917, two days after the U.S. Senate votes 82 to 6 to declare war against Germany, the U.S. House of Representatives endorses the decision by a vote of 373 to 50, and the United States formally enters the First World War.

Men vote to give women the vote:

In May 1919 the House of Representatives again passed the federal woman suffrage amendment (304 to 89) and on 4th June 1919 the Senate finally gave in and passed it by 66 to 30. On 26th August 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment was certified by the Secretary of State, when Tennessee, the thirty-sixth and final state needed, signed for ratification.

Social Security:

The Ways & Means Committee Report on the Social Security Act was introduced in the House on April 4, 1935 and debate began on April 11th. After several days of debate, the bill was passed in the House on April 19, 1935 by a vote of 372 yeas, 33 nays, 2 present, and 25 not voting. (This vote took place immediately followed a vote to recommit the bill to the Committee, which failed on a vote of Yea: 149; Nay: 253; Present: 1; and Not Voting: 29.)

The bill was reported out by the Senate Finance Committee on May 13, 1935 and introduced in the Senate on June 12th. The debate lasted until June 19th, when the Social Security Act was passed by a vote of 77 yeas, 6 nays, and 12 not voting.

That means 3/4ths of Republicans voted for Social Security.

World War II:

One day after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt went to Congress to ask for a declaration of war against Japan. The Senate unanimously approved the resolution 82-0, while the House of Representatives vote was 388 to 1.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964:

Vote totals–
* The Senate version: 73-27 (73%-27%)
* the House: 289-126 (70%-30%)

By party–
The Senate:
* Democratic Party: 46-21 (69%-31%)
* Republican Party: 27-6 (82%-18%)

The House:
* Democratic Party: 153-91 (63%-37%)
* Republican Party: 136-35 (80%-20%)

81% of Republicans supported Civil Rights. Only 66% of Democrats did. Why, it’s almost as if we’ve been lied to!

Medicare and Medicaid:

In March 1965, Mills presented a draft of the bill to Congress. The bill went through more than five hundred amendments before being passed by majority vote in both the House (307-116) and Senate (70-24).


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, August 7, 1964: 88-2 Senate, 416-0 House

Roe v. Wade: Ooops–Americans ruled unfit to have any say in the matter.

Ronald Reagan’s Tax Cuts, starting decades of job growth and prosperity:

The House then completed the formality of giving final passage to the Administration bill by a vote of 323 to 107. Shortly before the House voted, the Reagan forces rolled to an 89-to-11 victory in the Senate. There, 37 Democrats voted with 52 Republicans for the bill.

Welfare Reform:

House Adopted: 328 – 101
Senate Adopted: 78 – 21

Iraq War:

297-133 House, 77-23 Senate

Including the Democratic senators who supported it 29-21 and now suffer from amnesia.

Bush Tax Cuts:

58-33 Senate, 240-154 House

Patriot Act:

Passed the House on October 24, 2001 (Yeas: 357; Nays: 66) Passed the Senate on October 25, 2001 (Yeas: 98; Nays: 1)

No Child Left at the Airport:

The House of Representatives passed the bill on May 23, 2001 (voting 384-45) and United States Senate passed it on June 14, 2001 (voting 91-8).

And now, ObamaCare, seizing one sixth our economy:

Senate: 60 Democrat votes, ZERO Republicans votes
House: 219 Democrat votes, ZERO Republican votes

It’s vitally important for younger Americans to know that Obama’s Way is not the way America is governed.

The only thing that comes even remotely close is Bill Clinton’s wasteful half-trillion dollar stimulus, passed with no Republican votes and an Al Gore tie-breaker vote in the Senate, and Obama’s super-wasteful trillion-dollar Stinkulus, passed with three Republican votes, one of whom immediately defected to the Democrats. But these weren’t even major transformative votes, just more wasted money.

We have never governed ourselves like this, in the manner of tin-horn autocracies and one-party banana republics. Why do we have to change all our rules and traditions for Junior to succeed?

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed–not from a well-creased pant-leg or a temporary majority bent on inflicting as much damage on society as possible before the voters eject them from the body politic like so much electoral projectile vomit.


Good News for Democrats

I’ve always thought the hard core left of the Democrat party was delusional. I mean like, full-on-in-need-of-medication-batshit-barking-at-the-moon crazy. Turns out I was right.

The president will refuse to make fund-raising visits during November elections to any district whose representative has not backed the bill.

Ummm….dude? That’s a feature, not a bug.


Maybe you could just set aside your unusually high self-regard for yourself, just for a moment mind you, and admit you’re poison right now. Well, don’t take it from me, just ask John Corzine, Martha Coakley, or Creigh Deeds.

Say what you want about George Bush (and I know you all will…) at least he knew when to stop digging when it came to elections. When his numbers were in the toilet, he stayed home and away from elections. Seems the current crop in the White House doesn’t know when to stop digging no matter what the issue – elections, cap and trade, Israel, Iran, health care – you name it.

I’m sooooooo looking forward to the electoral blow out in November. So is Michael Moore, come to think of it.

Oh, and in a related case of projection and delusion, Mr. Axelrod also entered his two cents.

David Axelrod, a senior adviser to the president, said that “the lobbyists for the insurance industry unions have landed on Capitol Hill like locusts, and they are going to be doing everything they can in the next week to try and muscle people into voting”.

(There, fixed that for you, David. I know what a stickler for accuracy you are.)

I mean, they just keep bringin’ da funny. I think these guys oficially entered SitCom status this week. I wonder if MSNBC will pick up the option on it.


White House: “Sure, he paid in cash for a one-way ticket and had no baggage, but in our defense, he had lots of emotional baggage.”


RUSH: Here. Just to show you that I wasn’t making it up, Tuesday night on MSNBC, Richard Wolffe — author of a book about Obama and his campaign who is working on another book with Obama, presumably with close access — goes on this network to talk about the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack, and he’s asked this question: “Mr. Wolffe, where is the focus right now?”

WOLFFE: Well, I was speaking to White House, uh, folks earlier today and — and it’s clear the President is still, uhhh, deeply concerned and troubled, ahh, even angry at — at the intelligence lapses. But they see this more as an intelligence lapse, ah, more than a situation of airport security faults. So the question here is: Why didn’t the centralized system of intelligence that was set up after 9/11…? Why didn’t it work? Is this conspiracy or cock up? The president is leaning very much towards thinking this was a systemic failure by individuals who maybe had an alternative agenda.

RUSH: … So it’s all about him. It’s all about him. That’s why he gets mad. He thinks somebody tried to make him look bad, The One, The Messiah.

This Cult of Personality narcissism is actually a step backwards for liberals. They’ve gone from the already-backwards “Why Do They Hate Us?” to “Why Do They Hate Him?”

It’s not about Leader and it’s not even about us. It’s about them. Short of converting to Islam and submitting, there is nothing we can do to appease them.

William Tate:

Apparently, even this White House realized they had taken liberals’ animus against the intelligence community too far. Wolffe, their unofficial spokesman, immediately began walking back the allegation. Wolffe had “just checked in” with his masters, and he told Maddow by phone that the storyline he and The Sportscaster had spun was, in reality, “ten steps ahead of where the White House is right now,” and that “this comes down to human error more than this is some willful withholding.” Granted, Wolffe added that the conspiracy “questions are being asked.”

In other words, this White House trial balloon went over about as well as the Balloon Boy stunt.

So let me get this straight:

First, Bush and the Evil Establishment blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon so they could build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan (which no one is building), and now, just to keep in practice, the Rogue Intel Establishment let Mr. FruitatheLooma get on that airplane just to make Obama look bad.

Makes sense to me.

Who are these shadowy “Establishment” guys, anyway? Are they pals of Bill Ayers, frustrated because they didn’t get to blow up enough stuff back in the ’70’s? Besides, I thought Democrats liked Rogue Intelligence Officers who make their own foreign policy, like Valerie and Joe Plame.

Maybe all these journalists who keep bringing up Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” were right, after all.


The Al Capone State: Thugknuckle, U.S.A.


Doc Zero again:

“Rush is rich, powerful, intelligent, and articulate, so he can take care of himself, and he’ll be just fine.”

I don’t mean to disparage the authors of these sentiments, but I must disagree. …We have become much too relaxed about laughing off vile slander, because the target can nurse his wounded soul from the plush accommodations of a West Palm Beach mansion. Honor is as valuable to the millionaire as to the pauper. …

Perhaps the President could direct one of his many czars to prepare a list of certified “divisive” positions, and which aspects of society are closed to offenders. It would save people like David Checketts, the investor seeking to purchase the Rams, the time he wasted inviting Limbaugh to join his consortium. Imagine how much more convenient it would have been for Checketts, if he could have pulled up a handy web page and learned Rush was too divisive to be minority owner of a football team! The Homeland Security spectrum of terrorist alert levels could be used to measure divisiveness ratings.

Limbaugh’s accusers want him burned at the stake for the crime of effective conservatism, not the racism they were so eager to lie about last week. The American public should think long and hard about which side of this ideological struggle should be on trial.

As I have consistently said (heh), if a guy has been talking on the radio for hours everyday for over twenty years and you still have to invent quotes to make him look bad, maybe it’s because you’re a damn liar.

Rush was told that he was too “divisive” to sit at the NFL’s Politically-Segregated Lunch Counter, even though soda- and all-round jerk Keith Olbermann is allowed to work the Sunday night-shift there. The Legendary Olbermann Inclusiveness:

“thanks to the total mindless, morally bankrupt, knee-jerk, fascistic hatred, without which Michelle Malkin would just be a big mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.” …”I’d spit on her if I saw her.”

So this is The Unifying Face Of The NFL?

Do we want a country where you have to produce a Democrat Party Membership Card to get a job? Or invest in a business? That’s what this is coming to. Democrat politicians denounced Rush in such harsh Soviet terms that I was waiting for one of them to command grocery clerks to refuse to sell him food.

Of course we defend Rush. He’s earned it a thousand times over. But even if he hadn’t, to defend Rush is to defend ourselves.

Yes, he’s wealthy and powerful–but conversely, if they can do this character assassination to him, what about ordinary people? What chance do they stand? What if you get in their way and you’re just a plumber? Oh, wait–we already saw that with Joe the Plumber. They ransacked his files in violation of every known privacy law. But what if his elevated profile hadn’t protected him?

When they call Rush a “racist”, they’re really calling you and me racists. When they say he should be banned from business, they’re saying you and I should be banned from business. Business, and every other aspect of American life–all shall bow to the State just because these Chicago grifters won an election.

Benjamin Zycher:

With the arrival of The One and absolute Democratic control of Congress, the groups that provide actual health care and insurance services — the doctors, the hospitals, the producers of drugs and devices, the insurers — knew that the thieves would view them, Willie Sutton–style, as the places where the money is to be found. And so they began to run around in circles like a guy whose mistress was in the bathroom when his wife came home a day early from a visit to her mother.

First they started cutting “deals” with the Beltway thieves, arrangements that from the very beginning were obviously unenforceable and that powerful interests had every incentive to violate. …

Will PhRMA’s “partnership” with Families USA induce Henry Waxman to back off his demands for far more than a mere $80 billion in “contributions” from the drug producers? In precisely what sense is Families USA “with” PhRMA? …

At some point the private sector is going to have to learn how to do ideological battle; it really is not that difficult, but it is a skill very different from those characterizing most businessmen and their “communications” offices. With that knowledge will come the larger wisdom that the Left cannot be mollified, it cannot be bought off, and that its ultimate goal is political power rather than protecting consumers or any of the other rhetorical props used in its endless masquerade.

Not to mention the assault on Fox. Why Fox?

In the Old Days(tm), government would send out operatives on risky missions with no written orders. “The Secretary will disavow any knowledge” went the ‘Mission: Impossible’ tape. The president didn’t want to know. It was called “plausible deniability”.

Today, the Forgery Free-for-All Press doesn’t want to know what this president is doing. They won’t investigate Van Jones’ communism. Or the Dragon Lady’s Mao fetish. Or ACORN. Or foreign contributions to Obama’s campaign. Or…

If you want to know about those things, you have to watch a real reporter: Glenn Beck. Or Andrew Breitbart. Sure; they’re doing opinion–but only because they first went out and dug up the facts themselves. The Lap Dog Press won’t. They want “plausible deniability”–and for themselves, not the president. THEY DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Think about it. Reporters who flee from facts, lest they be forced to share them with the likes of you.

Like everything else in Thugknuckle, USA, it’s upside down.

Except Al Capone. He rolled over in his grave, and he liked what he saw.

Welcome home, Al, welcome home. Cicero’s missed you. Cicero-on-the-Potomac.


Floundering Father


“Unhappy is the land that needs heroes.”–Bertolt Brecht

Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann:

European socialism cannot succeed without conquering the United States. If the European Union has high taxes and the US keeps its levies low, business and brains will flow to America. If the EU’s labor standards require long vacations, high benefits, and proscribe layoffs and ours’ do not, employers will migrate across the ocean to do their business in the States. If the Old World curbs ambition by taxation, regulation, and social opprobrium, the ambitious will flock to the New World as they have done for four hundred years.

So, Lenin was right. Socialism cannot exist in just one country – or one continent. It must dominate worldwide or wealth and power will flow to those who remain committed to the free market. Europe realizes this reality and it makes Obama’s election as president of the United States all the more welcome.

The Nobel Prize is really Obama’s payback for disciplining the unruly United States and taming it to be a member of the European family of nations. Europe wants to reverse the American Revolution and re-colonize us and it sees in Obama a kindred spirit willing to do its bidding.

I’ve often called him “Reagan-in-Reverse”, but he’s “Washington-in-Defeat”, too.

B. Hussein Columbus: “Hey, bitter-clinging Others; you remember all those nasty things I said about European Colonialism? Nevermind! For Queen and Country, baby!”

“He has been set apart high above all other men, and reverenced with the unquestioning veneration accorded only to the leaders of mankind and the founders of nations;

I wish Chris Matthews would give it a rest–oh, wait; that’s Henry Cabot Lodge, sending this warning to H.R. Puffshimself:

…”and in this very devotion lies one secret at least of the fact that, while all men have praised Washington, comparatively few have understood him. He has been lifted up high into a lonely greatness, and unconsciously put outside the range of human sympathy. He has been accepted as being nearly perfect as it is given to man to be but our warm personal interest has been reserved for other and lesser men who seemed to be nearer to us in their virtues and their errors alike. […]

Men who are loudly claimed to be faultless always excite a certain type of resentment. It is a dangerous eminence for anyone to occupy. The temples of Greece are in ruins, and her literature is little more than a collection of fragments, but the feelings of the citizens who exiled Aristides because they were weary of hearing him called “just,” exist still, unchanged and unchangeable. Washington has not only been called “just,” but he has had every other good quality attributed to him by countless biographers and eulogists with an almost painful iteration, and the natural result has followed. Many persons have felt the sense of fatigue which the Athenians expressed practically by their oyster shells and have been led to cast doubts on Washington’s perfection as the only consolation for their own sense of injury.”–“George Washington The Man” by Henry Cabot Lodge, 1889 & 1917, and released by Harvard in 1932 to commemorate Washington’s 200th birthday

Now if only Harvard would release that piece of fan-fiction on Soviet disarmament called “Obama’s thesis”.


They’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

What the hell took so long?

With only the steady breeze of favorable coverage of a typical Democratic president instead of the gale of positive press that once helped drive Obama to victory, it’s going to be a very long journey.

Oh, I highly doubt it. He’ll be just fine. Our moral betters are alwyas looking for a lefty to love. It’s just a bout of battered media syndrome. They’ll let him back in if he says he’s really, really sorry. It’s just Bush and this damn war!

But then again, when you’ve lost Paul Krugman – you’ve lost the Nutroots.


President Al Sharpton – The Early Years

I guess the most amusing aspect of His Most Royal Excellency, Lion of Hyde Park and Keeper of the Holy Cities of Chicago and Honolulu, is how amazingly thin-skinned he is. I mean, if you’re a politician, you quickly learn how to regenerate skin overnight. (I hear it’s an actual genetic modification common among politicians. But I digress…)

So imagine if you will, how Teh Won would react to a question from Jake Tapper or Major Garrett about this video.

The look on his face alone would be priceless. Why, the very impertinence to even ask about these statements is prima facie proof of the questioner’s racism, no?

Sigh. I can dream, can’t I?

I’ve said it before, the one guaranteed outcome of the Obama presidency will be to leach the word “racism” of absolutely all its meaning. Because when everything is racism – nothing is racism.

(H/T Hot Air)

UPDATE: Goldberg adds some value to the post above.


Outsourcing Astroturf

When you have to call in the SEIU to make an argument in favor of health care “reform” because your surrogates aren’t having so much luck, that’s one thing.

Outsourcing it to 11 year-olds places the Obama administration in a whole ‘nother league.

Hell, putting an 11 year-old up to this pretty much qualifies as child abuse. Imagine how pissed she’s gonna be when grows up, cuts the apron strings and learns how to think for herself. Man, that’s gonna be like, oh, decades of psychotherapy! She’s gonna be pissed. Anything for the cause, though, right?

What’s the matter libtards? Can’t come up with anything more compelling than a beat down or a brainwashed 11 year-old?

You guys are really losing your touch. You can do better than this. Remember – Saul Alinsky is counting on you. Now get back to work and see if you can find some Down’s Syndrome kid to make the argument for you. That’s compelling stuff, no?

Oh, I forgot, you would have aborted them instead, “because Down syndrome is just too cute to be reserved for one in 800 births.” You’re trying to get it down to zero in 800 births through eugenics. Sorry, there goes that idea.

Hey, I tried to help, you’re on your own now. For a while there, I really did think the Down’s Syndrome idea would be a winner for you. But just in case you didn’t notice – nothing you do is convincing people that the crap sandwich you’re trying to push through Congress is a winner. Nothing.

Onward, comrades! You can still win!

(…and be swept back into the wilderness in 2010….)


Move Over, Rev. Wright


There’s a new bus thumpin’ down the Autobahn, baby.

Powerline noticed that Obama’s politics don’t stop at the water’s edge. In fact, they start up even worse on the other side of the water:

Obama’s constant criticism of his predecessor is doubly reprehensible because it is false. Thus, in his Strasbourg speech Obama said:

“I don’t believe that there is a contradiction between our security and our values. And when you start sacrificing your values, when you lose yourself, then over the long term that will make you less secure. When we saw what happened in Abu Ghraib, that wasn’t good for our security — that was a recruitment tool for terrorism. Humiliating people is never a good strategy to battle terrorism.”

Obama thus repeats the slander that the pointless abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib by a handful of low-life Army Reservists was part of President Bush’s “strategy to battle terrorism.” This is an absurdity. The Reservists in question violated every known policy, which is why they went to jail when their crimes were discovered. For Obama to defame his own country in this way is contemptible.

Those guards were already being prosecuted long before the Mediocrity Media found out about it, too.

That sound you heard? That was Obama throwing the entire country under the bus.


Warren’s Piece


“If we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War.”–George Washington, who really did “step down into the presidency”. But, then, he was merely “the Father of our Country”, unlike the All Meaty, Almighty Telepromptulus I.

David Warren’s “It’s the policies”:

As I mentioned during the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama was seriously unqualified for the job of president. He had no practical experience in running anything, except political campaigns; but worse, his background was one-dimensional. …

His whole idea of where the middle might be, is well to the left of where the average American might think it is. To a man like Obama, as he has let slip on too many occasions when away from his teleprompter, “Middle America” is not something to be compromised with, but rather, something that must be manipulated, because it is stupid. And the proof that it can be manipulated, is that he is the president today. …

The video to Iran is the latest catastrophe. Mr. Obama simply does not understand how his “olive branch” will be received, not only by the mullahs in Iran itself, but wherever else on the surface of the planet the United States has enemies. It “reads” — to people who do not share anything like America’s aspirations — as an unambiguous confession of weakness.

Here are Junior’s Love Letters in the Sandbox.

If we are perceived as weak, we invite aggression. We must then either respond with force or submit to force. Either way, we will not have prevented conflict, but enabled it.

That’s what George Washington believed–but what did he know?

He’s never even been to Chicago.

(Hat-tip: Markie Mark from Syrup Lick, New Hamp-shah)


Zampolit Prezident


Camille Paglia asks…:

“[F]ree the president from his flacks, fixers and goons — his posse of smirky smart alecks and provincial rubes, who were shrewd enough to beat the slow, pompous Clintons in the mano-a-mano primaries but who seem like dazed lost lambs in the brave new world of federal legislation and global statesmanship. …

Case in point: The orchestrated attack on radio host Rush Limbaugh, which has made the White House look like an oafish bunch of drunken frat boys. … Has the administration gone mad? This entire fracas was set off by the president himself, who lowered his office by targeting a private citizen by name. Limbaugh had every right to counterattack, which he did with gusto. Why have so many Democrats abandoned the hallowed principle of free speech?…Every penny Rush has earned was the result of his rapport with a vast audience who felt shut out and silenced by the liberal monopoly of major media.

President Obama should yank the reins and get his staff’s noses out of slash-and-burn petty politics. His own dignity and prestige are on the line. If he wants a second term, he needs to project a calmer perspective about the eternal reality of vociferous opposition, which is built into our democratic system. Right now, the White House is starting to look like Raphael’s scathing portrait of a pampered, passive Pope Leo X and his materialistic cardinals — one of the first examples of an artist sending a secret, sardonic message to posterity. Do those shifty, beady-eyed guys needing a shave remind you of anyone? Yes, it’s bare-knuckles Chicago pugilism, transplanted to Washington.

and Rush answers:

When Barack Obama stands up there says, “The days of taking a corporate jet to Las Vegas, thoooooooose are ovah.” Where is the benefit of the doubt on this? They know exactly what they’re doing! This is class envy. This is showing the little guy — who’s going to get nothing — that the people they have been told to hate at the top of the ladder are gonna get creamed. So the little guys who are going to get nothing but 13 bucks a week are supposed to be satisfied that Joe Rich CEO can’t fly his jet to Vegas anymore. …

This is what bugs me. We’ve got so many people — big business people, supposed titans of industry — scared of people like Barney Frank! That tells me Barney Frank’s got way too much power and John Kerry’s got way too much power, that these people are wielding their power to intimidate citizens. This is not how the Constitution was set up; this is not how the Framers envisioned this country. Citizens were not supposed to write letters, sheepish letters begging — begging! — relief from the paymasters in Washington. This is not how we’re supposed to exist here.

“When’s Obama going to realize the policies are hurting the travel business? When’s Obama going to realize that he’s hurting the investor class? When’s Obama going to realize that he’s choking off an economic recovery by raising taxes? When’s Obama going to realize…?” People need to come to grips with the fact that long before Barack Obama announced his run for the presidency he had formulated plans to do exactly what the hell he is doing right now. …

I think a lot of Obama’s voters have made an emotional investment, not an intellectually based investment, and they have no clue when to dump him. You are giving whoever you are emotionally investing with part of yourself, and it’s hard to break up. Plus, the guy’s the president, it’s access to power. ‘The guy’s destroying the economy, but has a great-looking family, oh, he’s a guy who looks so good and has an occasional cigarette, but still, oh, he sounds so smart. He’s wrecking the economy, but I can’t let go because I love the guy.’ So they have to tiptoe around it, write these little pieces, “Gee, I hope the president realizes that, ahem, I hope the president can realize that we need to end this chaos. Gee, I hope some of the president’s advisors…” So whatever their charts are telling them, their personal wealth charts, their own portfolios, whatever their head’s telling them, their heart is saying, “I can’t let go of the guy. He’s the president. I supported him. I had high hopes. Gee, maybe he’ll change.”

He’s not going to change, Camille. You’re in denial. You’ve got O’Battered Voter Syndrome. It’s not his staff, either, honey–it’s him.

She’s kidding herself if she thinks the DNC’s anti-Rush billboard (heh heh) wasn’t approved by the president himself, just like he sent his little mini-me Jon Stewart out after Jim Cramer. (The Obama-supporter Cramer noticed that Barack A. Feller was destroying wealth with his policies–or lack thereof–and said so!)

This is the Comedy Central presidency. We’ve got an ad executive, not a chief executive.

The Human Teleprompter’s human teleprompter:

The president and I talked earlier in the day yesterday about watching it. I forgot to e-mail him to remind him it was on, so I don’t know if he’s seen it. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Despite, even as Mr. Stewart said, it may have been uncomfortable to conduct and uncomfortable to watch – I thought it was, I thought somebody asked a lot of tough questions and I am not surprised that the video of Mr. Cramer’s appearance doesn’t appear on CNBC’s Web site today.”

Obama hasn’t been asked one tough question since he became president–but we’re going to grill Jim Cramer? whatever. When Stewart charged Cramer with being “disingenuous at best and criminal at worst”, Stewart was conveying Eric Holder’s personal greetings. I’m sure Cramer got the message; “Don’t ever step off the reservation again, pal.”

You only wish they gave the same level of attention to their jobs as they do attacking critics. You get the unmistakable feeling that one day there will be an international crisis, but the president will be in his bunker scrawling an angry rebuttal to a letter to the editor he saw in the Beaver Valley Gazette. Obama reminds me of a Zampolit, the Soviet officer watching over everyone to enforce political compliance. Except the Soviets were at least grown-ups. This president would rather keep campaigning to BE president rather than grow up and act like one.

Camille Paglia and many others are still in denial about what we already know. We’ve had an empty suit foisted off on us by a One-Party Media.

Barack Obama is a miserable failure. The only question is how much damage he will do before he’s fired.


Obama Lied! Lobbyists Hired!

OK so it lacks the sing-song quality of so many lefty taunts.  But it’s still valuable – because it’s accurate.

Several former lobbyists are scattered throughout the Obama administration, despite the president’s efforts to slow the revolving door.

A review by The Hill of staff announcements for the White House and other departments in the administration found about two dozen people who have registered to lobby in the past, some as late as last year, according to lobbying disclosure records.

I think we need to revive Bob Kerrey’s assessment of Bill Clinton for our beloved President and just paraphrase slightly.

“Obama’s an unusually good liar. Unusually good. Do you realize that?”

 Were you somehow expecting different?


Barack Obama is a Miserable Failure.


This is not a criticism of the Democrat leader. Because the leader of the Democrats is TelePrompter. After all, TelePrompter can go anywhere without Obama, but Obama can’t go anywhere without TelePrompter.

When conservatives say we want Barack Obama to fail, we mean fail in imposing Socialism on America, not fail to bring back prosperity. We want Obama to fail so America can succeed.

Instead, we are getting the exact opposite; he is successful thus far in imposing his Socialist agenda, while being completely AWOL on fixing the economic debacle.

He has said he’s too tired to do his job properly. Perhaps it’s all those lavish parties he throws. Or maybe it’s because he’s never held a real job in his entire pampered life. We’ll be happy to send around the spry, young Gramps McCain to tuck in widdle Barky Warky if it helps.

Regardless of why he’s tired, the same old tired debate is over. The verdict is in;

Barack Obama is a Miserable Failure.


The Moronic Convergence

From Rich Lowry.

Perhaps Obama’s muddle-through approach to the banks will suffice until the natural resilience of the economy brings a recovery. Or perhaps, as Obama temporizes, the problem will get bigger and worse, discrediting his leadership and exposing the vision of his budget as, in the words of a headline in The Economist, “wishful, and dangerous, thinking.” Either way, Obama will be calm.

It’s a lot easier to be calm when you’re incompetent – because you have no idea what’s going on.

Remember, never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Word.


It CAN Happen Here

Remember the Geraghty Principle – All Obama promises have an expiration date.

All. Of. Them.

Remember this?

Government should be transparent. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing. Information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset. My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use. Executive departments and agencies should harness new technologies to put information about their operations and decisions online and readily available to the public. Executive departments and agencies should also solicit public feedback to identify information of greatest use to the public.

Yeah, don’t bet on it.

In the name of accountability and transparency, Congress has given the RAT Board the authority to ask “that an inspector general conduct or refrain from conducting an audit or investigation.” [emphasis added] If the inspector general doesn’t want to follow the wishes of the RAT Board, he’ll have to write a report explaining his decision to the board, as well as to the head of his agency (from whom he is supposedly independent) and to Congress. In the end, a determined inspector general can probably get his way, but only after jumping through bureaucratic hoops that will inevitably make him hesitate to go forward.

What this means is Obama intends to politicize investigation and oversight which was up to this point – often embarrassingly – apolitical.

Last Friday, when he learned the RAT Board was in the final bill, Grassley wanted to voice his objections on the Senate floor. But there was no time in the rush to a vote, so Grassley’s statement went unread. “It’s fitting that the acronym for this board is RAT,” he was prepared to tell the Senate, “because that’s what I smell here.”

Where’s the transparency? Where’s the love?

And dammit, where’s my unicorn!?!?!?!

I think we’re all going to need an official Obama-to-English dictionary for the next four years.

When he says, “We are experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis that has to be dealt with and dealt with rapidly”

He means, “We must rapidly hide any flaws in my Administration.”

When, while discussing the stimulus, he says, “What it does not contain, however, is a single pet project, not a single earmark, and it has been stripped of the projects members of both parties found most objectionable.”

He means, “There’s a whole boatload of pork and earmarks in there!”

How you likin’ one party rule now, bitches?


I Believe! I Believe! Praise Obama!

Barack saved my job!!!

The very fact that I am still working means the stimulus plan worked! Barack Obama is Da Man! He said he was going to create or save all these jobs and…He. Saved. My. Job. Take that all you non-believers!

An actual answer to the question “What metric?” could have taken the form: “If the unemployment rate on [insert date] is below [insert threshold], I will judge the plan to be a success.” Given the uncertainties inherent in the economy, however, no sensible politician would hold himself to such a measurable standard. But the President also wanted to avoid sounding like he was avoiding accountability. So he gave us a non-measurable metric. A clear and specific benchmark, without any way of ever knowing whether it has been reached.

Oh, that’s very different. Never mind.

Greg Mankiw, you’re such a buzz kill. Really.

I’ve spent so much time since January 20th rolling my eyes that I now feel like a slot machine.


We Do Not Exaggerate

The first word that comes to mind when I see this is not, “creepy,”  no, the word is “derranged.”  Check it.

It goes right along with this, and this, and this, and this, and this.   Of course, “derranged” seems to travel hand in hand with “obsequious.”

Reality-based community, indeed.  More like community-based realityWord.

But it’s conservatives who are mentally unstable.  Um, yeah.  Right.

UPDATE:  Oh yeah, I almost forgot this.


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