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The talentless, prospering

Tucker unleashes another good rip. This one is a long ‘un indeed—a thorough takedown of execrable NeverTrumpTard tough guys Max Boot and Bill Kristol—but it’s a delicious read nonetheless. From the Kristol portion:

Under ordinary circumstances, Bill Kristol would be famous for being wrong. Kristol still goes on television regularly, but it’s not to apologize for the many demonstrably untrue things he’s said about the Middle East, or even to talk about foreign policy. Instead, Kristol goes on TV to attack Donald Trump.

Trump’s election seemed to undo Bill Kristol entirely. He lost his job at The Weekly Standard after more than 20 years, forced out by owners who were panicked about declining readership. He seemed to spend most of his time on Twitter ranting about Trump.

Before long he was ranting about the people who elected Trump. At an American Enterprise Institute panel event in February 2017, Kristol made the case for why immigrants are more impressive than native-born Americans. “Basically if you are in free society, a capitalist society, after two, three, four generations of hard work, everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled, whatever.” Most Americans, Kristol said, “grew up as spoiled kids and so forth.”

In February 2018, Kristol tweeted that he would “take in a heartbeat a group of newly naturalized American citizens over the spoiled native-born know-nothings” who supported Trump.

Then, just to bookend Kristol’s Leftward transmogrification:

Once again, we go to Ace for the coup de grace: “True Conservatism never smelled so grifty.” And once again, I can only add: OUCH. Do tell us again all about exactly what Muh True Conservative Principles!™ might require from us, guys.


You lie down with Government…

You get up with fleas, a sore ass, and…obligations.

Trump’s threat (to cut GM’s subsidies) triggered the usual bout of shock and horror that we have come to love and expect from America’s “virtuous” conservatives—the sort of people who still prudishly read the Economist or think elitist lapdogs like Ben Shapiro are edgy.

This faux outrage is omnipresent: “How dare the President tell a private company how to manage its affairs. GM should be free to replace as many Americans with foreigners as they like!” This is more-or-less the argument made by Veronique de Rugy in her piece for National Review.

Her argument is flawed—and not only because it ignores the existence of moral and fiduciary obligations beyond the scope of mere profit, but because it is grounded in a number of false assumptions.

De Rugy opens her piece with the standard “virtuous” refrain:

[President Trump] seems to believe that because the government bailed out GM…that that company owes the U.S. jobs and factories. It doesn’t.

It does. GM filed for government-assisted Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on June 1, 2009. American taxpayers subsequently bailed-out GM to the tune of $11.2 billion—and this does not include the plethora of subsidies and kickbacks GM received over the past decade. GM only exists as a going concern because the U.S. government wanted it to exist. This is a cold, hard fact: a fact de Rugy cannot simply ignore because it offends her free-market dogma.

Uncle Sam doesn’t do charity. Uncle Sam is a gangster. If he gives you money you better believe he expects something in return. The moment GM accepted public money is the moment GM ceased to operate as a purely private company. GM owes Uncle Sam. GM owes us. GM cannot accept our money and then close down our factories. The company currently operates five plants in Mexico and four in Canada—those should be first up on the chopping-block. If not, then what do we pay them for?

Let me be clear: I’m not arguing that this is the ideal situation or that the bailout was a good idea. Not by a longshot. I’m merely observing that this is the situation.

In her article, de Rugy claims she opposes cronyism. And of course, Trump is engaging in cronyism by threatening a poor, helpless “private” corporation like GM. Get a grip. Cronyism is giving GM $11.2 billion with no strings attached. By demanding that GM protect American jobs and maintain our industrial base, our president is making sure we didn’t spend that money in vain. He’s making the best of a bad situation. That’s not cronyism, that’s leadership.

All part of the old “free market” wheeze, now being pimped by cucks polishing the NeverTrump knob.


“The Collapse of the Never-Trump Conservatives”

Collapse? More like suicide by self-beclownment. The subhed is hilarious too: “They’ll always have Twitter and MSNBC.” Which, they’re welcome to both of ’em for all me, and I’ll even throw in CBABNBCNN as a booby-prize bonus.

With the installation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and a yet-to-be-named reliable replacement for the unreliable Anthony Kennedy, Donald Trump will have confirmed himself as the most consequential conservative president of the modern era (or a close second to Reagan if you’re nostalgic). This will be complete vindication for Trump supporters, which means it’s really the end for the so-called Never Trump conservatives. Of course, there have been so many humiliating defeats for that crowd that we are spoiled for choice. What was your favorite blunder, or blown prediction, which marked their ignominious end?

You can tell already this is going to be one hell of a fun read.

For some, it must have been in March when Bill Kristol, longtime editor of the conservative magazine the Weekly Standard, showed up in New Hampshire telling people he would run against President Trump in 2020. Or in April when the conservative website RedState was taken over and purged of writers who were “insufficiently supportive” of the president. Some go back to October 2017 when a Twitter spat broke out between Stephen Hayes and Brit Hume of Fox News over the Weekly Standard’s anti-Trumpeditorials. With the death last week of Charles Krauthammer, the revered neocon commentator and prominent Trump skeptic, the eclipse of the neocon intellectuals is complete.

One thing’s for sure: it wasn’t really a war so much as a rout. The Never Trump intellectual crowd has no momentum and no popular following these days. Consider the trajectory of their would-be leader Kristol, who appears to be indulging in a personal fantasy by putting himself forward as a candidate, as his rapport with GOP voters includes trying to run Evan McMullin in Utah to throw the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton. When that stunt failed, Kristol personally insulted the pro-Trump writer Michael Anton for his influential essay “The Flight 93 election.” Then Kristol’s commentator gig with Fox was not renewed, and he was soon accusing Tucker Carlson of “ethno-nationalism” and “racism.” Overshadowing all of these breaks was Kristol’s personal history of being the conservative’s answer to Bob Shrum, a political “pro” who was always very wrong about politics.

Of course, Kristol was not alone in his contempt for Trump — he was only the most vocal and unhinged. 

My oh MY. Did I say “fun read” up there? That’s one hell of an understatement. But after a whole bunch of seriously stinging naming-and-shaming, Robinson goes on to do some fine analysis here too, and you definitely want to read it all.

Okay, okay, if the above excerpt wasn’t enough to send you flying thither, one more painful slam ought to do it:

What happened? If these intellectuals were so influential in the conservative movement, then why has their apostasy garnered so little attention? A Ramesh Ponnuru editorial in Bloomberg blurted out this truth: “In 2016 we found out that conservative elites didn’t speak for Republican voters.” This split between the party’s base and its donor class (as well as the donor-funded intellectuals) was years in the making, but it became obvious once Trump became the nominee. Then the truth became obvious and damning: the Never Trumpers represented no one but themselves.

Looking back, it now seems self-evident that conservative pundits were preposterously out of touch. (Who isn’t amused by the poindexter pretentiousness of George Will’s bow-ties or the pseudo-scholarly piffle of Jonah Goldberg’s byline as “the inaugural holder of the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty?”).

Trump’s base was fighting a war; these guys were sipping tea.

The ring of that slap was loud enough to echo all the way over here. He gets in another good one on Will (a “sterile hybrid”) a little further in, and then…oh, just go read it yourself already. You’ll be glad you did.

Update! Robinson also mentions an old TuCa piece, parts of which read like true clairvoyance now.

Trump is in part a reaction to the intellectual corruption of the Republican Party. That ought to be obvious to his critics, yet somehow it isn’t.

Pretty embarrassing. And yet they’re not embarrassed. Many of those same overpaid, underperforming tax-exempt sinecure-holders are now demanding that Trump be stopped. Why? Because, as his critics have noted in a rising chorus of hysteria, Trump represents “an existential threat to conservatism.”

Let that sink in. Conservative voters are being scolded for supporting a candidate they consider conservative because it would be bad for conservatism? And by the way, the people doing the scolding? They’re the ones who’ve been advocating for open borders, and nation-building in countries whose populations hate us, and trade deals that eliminated jobs while enriching their donors, all while implicitly mocking the base for its worries about abortion and gay marriage and the pace of demographic change. Now they’re telling their voters to shut up and obey, and if they don’t, they’re liberal.

It turns out the GOP wasn’t simply out of touch with its voters; the party had no idea who its voters were or what they believed. For decades, party leaders and intellectuals imagined that most Republicans were broadly libertarian on economics and basically neoconservative on foreign policy. That may sound absurd now, after Trump has attacked nearly the entire Republican catechism (he savaged the Iraq War and hedge fund managers in the same debate) and been greatly rewarded for it, but that was the assumption the GOP brain trust operated under. They had no way of knowing otherwise. The only Republicans they talked to read the Wall Street Journal too.

Even more amazing (and damning) is how many of them were willing not just to endure Hillary!™, but actually endorse her. Tucker’s article is another one you’re going to want to read if you missed it the first time ’round like I did. His closer is a real killer, too.


Same old song and dance

SE Cupp can’t see the forest for the Trump-hate. Because Muh Principles, I guess.

Earlier this week, S.E. Cupp wrote in the New York Daily News about how much she misses George W. Bush. Bush, she says, “looks better with each passing day,” and the reason, according to her, is Donald Trump.

Cupp noted that George W. Bush “left office with a 33% favorability rate, according to Gallup. By the time the [Miss Me Yet?] billboards were up in 2010, it had only recovered to the mid-40s. But in the years since, Bush has nearly doubled his popularity. A CNN poll from January 2018 has his approval at 61%. In just the two years since Trump became the Republican nominee for President, that number has climbed six points.” The public’s improved perception of Bush after leaving office was predictable, but, Cupp suggests throughout her piece that Trump is responsible for Bush’s favorability improving so dramatically.

Bush’s improved public image has less to do with Trump than it has to do with the fact that the current Republican president (or presidential nominee) will always be the devil incarnate to the left, and it’s politically expedient to vilify the titular head the of the GOP as the worst ever while also feigning nostalgia for “the good old days” when a more palatable Republican was president or was nominated by the party as their presidential nominee.

So why should we care that Democrats call Trump “Hitler” and “Not My President” and long for the days when Bush (whom they called “Hitler” and “Not My President”) was in office?

We shouldn’t care about a single damned word they say. Not one. Not now, not ever.

Does anyone believe this to be a genuine appreciation or just politically expedient reckoning? They don’t miss Bush now because Trump is Trump, they miss Bush now because he’s no longer in power and they got eight years of Obama.

Remember when liberal talk show host Bill Maher conceded that liberals had gone too far with their Hitler/Nazi/fascist rhetoric aimed at Bush, McCain, and Romney? “I know liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy Bush like he was the end of the world. And he wasn’t. And Mitt Romney we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars because I was so afraid of Mitt Romney.”

Wow. Seriously, dude, that’s pathetic.

“Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much or yours. Or John McCain.” Trump, of course, was different, according to Maher, because he’s the real “fascist.”

What Maher didn’t say was that after Donald Trump leaves office, the next Republican president will be the new “Hitler,” the new “fascist,” the new “Not My President” and all that rhetoric about Trump will one day be looked on with regret, because obviously, the next one has to be worse…otherwise, they’d be stuck debating policy.

And THAT, they cannot do.

Is the pattern clear yet? Have you figured out it doesn’t matter if Trump had won in 2016, or if it was Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or maybe even John Kasich…anyone who opposes the left is branded as the new Hitler, and whether it is George W. Bush or Donald Trump, the left will find reason to be nostalgic for them once they are no longer a threat.

And WOOT! There it is.


Breaking up is hard to do

Except when it ain’t.

The first political campaign I volunteered for was the Bush-Quayle race in 1992. I had graduated from college a few years earlier and had big dreams of someday being the White House press secretary (I’m still available!). I worked phone banks, registered voters, and put up yard signs in my very Republican suburban area of DuPage County, Illinois.

The loss that night to Bill Clinton was heartbreaking. The only post-election bright spot was the emergence of rising political star Bill Kristol, Dan Quayle’s chief of staff. Kristol caught my eye during the campaign and I developed a big crush on him; he was smart, measured, and policy-driven.

In January 1993, I flew to Washington DC to attend National Review’s first conservative summit. I had reached out to Kristol’s office and he graciously agreed to meet with me at the event. He was very polite and encouraging of my nascent political career. It was a brief meeting, but I was thrilled nonetheless. The next day, I saw him again and he literally walked over a coffee table or some type of decorative plant to avoid me. I’m pretty sure he thought I was a stalker—and he might have been right.

Actually, what he was was an elitist, unprincipled shitweasel who by his own admission would rather have seen the country turned over to Hillary Inc than take a chance on an outsider upending his DC-status-quo apple cart—a guy who was happy to give you a meaningless little pat on the head when it suited him, and then couldn’t even be polite about cutting you dead the first chance he got. As an establishment GOP sellout, he wasn’t even staunch enough to stand by his party the moment its rank and file dared to go over their masters’ heads and select someone he didn’t like, and sought to undermine the party in favor of electing one of the most corrupt, dishonest, and frankly dangerous Leftists ever to shit behind a pair of shoes.

One day into Trump’s administration, Kristol declared he would not get used to the “unprecedented vulgarization” of the presidency.

Pretty goddamned rich, coming from a guy determined to turn the White House over to the Clinton sleaze machine.

He’s mocked Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and Ivanka Trump. He referred to Trump’s immigration executive order as “Breitbart-like boob bait for the bubbas” and compared Trump’s presidency, less than one month old, to President Nixon’s second term. He made some odd comments about the lazy white working-class clipping coupons and how immigrants, not Americans, are really the hard workers.

But of course. He prefers illegal aliens to Americans, just like all too many GOPe turncoats do. If that’s “conservative,” then conservatism is fucked, and deserved its inglorious fate.

Then this shot a few days ago: “Honest Q for conservatives who aren’t just working with or around Trump, but rationalizing him: In your heart, don’t you know you’re wrong?” Wrong about what? Nominating an education secretary who supports school choice? Rolling back burdensome, costly federal regulations? Prioritizing national security? These are all things conservatives support.

It’s totally fair and necessary to hold President Trump accountable. Some of his comments and behavior are disconcerting and worthy of thoughtful criticism. But for someone like Kristol to openly advocate bureaucratic subversion—“Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state” as he tweeted on February 14—is inimical to everything conservatives believe.

It’s inimical to everything real Americans believe. Which just confirms Kristol as…something else entirely.

Maybe Kristol has some grand strategy I don’t see. Or maybe he is David Brooks 2.0. In one Twitter poll he initiated last month, Kristol asked which event, the inauguration, the March for Life, or the Women’s March, gave people the most hope for the future. After nearly 40,000 people voted, the Women’s March won with 63 percent of the vote. That should tell you who Kristol’s new fan base is.

And so it does. May he have joy of his traitorous choice, and enjoy the company of those new fans. But traitors usually end up being pretty lonely in the end. They’ve established their untrustworthiness for all to see, including the ersatz allies who find them temporarily useful, and will be abandoned once that usefulness ends to wind up on the sidelines—outside wistfully staring in for the rest of their irrelevant lives: despised as enemies by those they betrayed, scorned as useful idiots by those to whom they sold their integrity, and rightly distrusted by all.

Maybe Kristol should have consulted Kim Philby via Ouija board about all that before he cast his sorry lot with the foes of the Republic.


Ewan McMuffin soldiers on!

Courage. Or, y’know, something.

In case you have forgotten who McMullin is (though you and most other Americans might find it impossible to forget someone you never really knew), he worked for the CIA for 10 years overseas, followed by a stint at Goldman Sachs, and then spent a few years as a House staffer until earlier this summer. He was flattered into running for president by the same brain trust that hatched a failed scheme to recruit David French, a relatively obscure writer and lawyer at National Review, for the purpose of thwarting Trump and electing Hillary Clinton. French, however, was self-respecting enough to understand when he was being taken for a fool; McMullin, not so much.

To no one’s surprise, McMullin’s candidacy was largely a sideshow, aimed at providing cover for movement conservatism in the event of the “inevitable” loss these gurus were convinced was coming for Trump. His campaign was straight out of a Christopher Buckley novel; though he evidently wasn’t in on the joke. Self-awareness is not one of McMullin’s strong suits, to say the least.

McMullin ran on the platform that if only Americans would invoke the principles of the Declaration of Independence enough, and apply them to the whole world with verve, we could solve our national problems. Never mind the hard work of connecting principles to policies that serve the common good. Statesmanship is for chumps. Simple sophistry will suffice to bind our nation’s wounds. The rednecks in Appalachia just need to quit their incessant yapping about their trials and travails and read their trusty pocket Constitutions everyday. That’ll do the trick.

At this point, McMullin has resigned himself to being a Twitter warrior, calling out Trump for everything under the sun.

McMuffin is a shameless fool, and a perfect marker for absolutely everything that’s gone wrong in this country over the last, oh, sixty years or so. As Sabo says, it’s going to be hard for Americans to forget completely about somebody they never knew about in the first place. But I’m confident that we’re up to the challenge.

Read all of this one, too. The closing paragraphs are priceless.


What game is this?

Wow. I just…I don’t even know what to say about this.

Two Republicans intimately familiar with Bill Kristol’s efforts to recruit an independent presidential candidate to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have told Bloomberg Politics that the person Kristol has in mind is David French — whose name the editor of the Weekly Standard floated in the current issue of the magazine.

French is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. According to the website of National Review, where French is a staff writer, he is a constitutional lawyer, a recipient of the Bronze Star, and an author of several books who lives in Columbia, Tenn., with his wife Nancy and three children.

Reached in Israel late Tuesday afternoon, Kristol declined to comment on his efforts to induce French to run. The two Republicans confirmed that French is open to launching a bid, but that he has not made a final decision. One of the Republicans added that French has not lined up a vice-presidential running mate or significant financial support.

Ever since Kristol tweeted on Sunday that an “impressive” independent candidate “with a strong team and a real chance” is now prepared to enter the presidential fray, the political world has been engaged in a fevered guessing game over whom that person might be.

Um. Not the entire “political world,” no. The handful of delusional #NeverTrump diehards left by now, maybe. But if you polled the “political world,” I’d bet the overwhelming majority don’t even know who French is, and care very little if at all about Kristol’s supposedly earth-shattering Tweets, whatever delusions they may promote. It’s a lead-pipe cinch none but the most marginal fraction of the larger electorate does. Fevered? I’d say the “fevered” is all on the side of the #NeverTrumpers, actually. Hell, most of the populace probably doesn’t even know who Kristol is, much less French. Which says one hell of a lot about the egos on these #NeverTrumpTards.

According to one person deeply involved in the efforts to recruit an independent challenger, the search has focused on individuals who have one or more of the following three traits seen as vital for credibly launching such a bid: fame, vast wealth, and elective experience. Reached by phone Tuesday evening, French declined to answer questions about any possible run.

Yeah, I bet so. Don’t get me wrong, I like French a lot; hell, I’ve excerpted the hell out of him here ever since he started writing for NRO. But…I mean, really? Seriously?

God, how embarrassing—for everyone involved in this desperate ploy. Kristol can’t possibly believe this is going to lead anyplace at all. Can he? It makes me wonder just what in the hell he’s really playing at here. Which, frankly, is the most interesting facet of the whole maneuver. AP thinks it through, and it ain’t no way no how pretty:

Says Ed Morrissey, “Huge respect for both David French and Bill Kristol, but this is like picking George Will to pitch for your fantasy baseball team.” Yeah, it’s an especially rough spot for an unknown to be in too given how many other, much bigger names have been floated before him, from Romney to Ben Sasse to Adam Kinzinger. There’s a sense that, having exhausted everyone on the team’s depth chart, you’re now pulling fans out of the stands to play QB. I’m not sure either what the value is in picking a conservative challenger to Trump who’s even less well known than Gary Johnson is. With an independent as well-known as Romney, you wouldn’t have to worry about conservative anti-Trumpers splitting their votes among third-party candidates. They’d all go for Mitt while hardcore libertarians would stick with Johnson. Romney would probably grab enough Republicans to reach the 15 percent threshold needed to qualify for the fall debates (one recent poll had him at 22 percent early). With the unknown French, the dynamic is likely to reverse. Johnson, the better-known third-party candidate, will hold onto lots of anti-Trump Republicans on the theory that he’s the only independent who can make a dent in the fall. French will get votes here and there once conservative media starts touting him as the “true conservative” choice, but that’s not an altogether good thing: If he siphons off enough mainstream Republican votes from Johnson to push the libertarian below the 15 percent mark, they’ll both miss the debates in October. If there’s any goal that righties who oppose Trump and Clinton should be able to agree on for the fall, it’s getting at least one other candidate onstage. If 150 million people tune in to the first debate and it’s just Trump and Hillary there, the third-party figure will be marginalized on Election Day.

The third party figure will be marginalized anyway, no matter who it is. That’s the way it works in this country’s National Election Shows; I’ve often lamented that myself, and wished for a viable third party many times here, it’s true. But that’s all it amounts to: a wish. Our election process is as set in stone as our massive, bloated federal Leviathan is by now, and nothing short of a total catastrophe and the accompanying upheaval and chaos is going to change either of them.

Bad as things now are, we’re still a long way from any of that, and it may never come to pass at all. How long now have people been predicting the imminent—IMMINENT!—collapse of, for example, Greece? Ten years? More? Anybody remember all the talk a few years back about the dire straits the PIGS were in? Anybody remember what PIGS even stands for? Been a good while since I saw ’em mentioned at all, much less in the context of their immediate and inevitable descent into some sort of Mad Max horror show. Somehow they all still keep right on toodling along on the edge of disaster: their stagnant economies mired to the axles; their pygmy politicians squabbling over how much socialism is Just Right; absorbing the occasional random Muslim terrorist attack with candlelight vigils, tears, vapid pleas for “peace,” and the occasional impromptu piano performance of John Lennon’s Imagine. Sickening and pathetic as it all is, they all go staggering back to business as usual in a week or so, and nothing really changes at all. Their—our—trajectory is set, and it’s a circle, so you never really see the end of the road from wherever you are at any given time.

As has often been said, there’s a lot of ruin in a nation, and it ain’t something that happens overnight anyway. This country has been powerful and prosperous enough for so long now that I don’t really expect any such upheaval to happen in my lifetime, if at all. Although of course I could be wrong about that, and something like, say, an even halfway successful terrorist attack on the power grid could radically alter things overnight.

Barring that or some other such Black Swan nightmare, though—and accepting, if grudgingly, how things really are whether we like it or not—I can’t decide whether this is desperation, or silliness, or rampant ego, or just complete insanity. Maybe Kristol figures that since the whole campaign to date has been so unpredictable, unexpected, and out of the blue, has turned so much of the conventional wisdom on its head, that the time is now ripe for a bold and totally outlandish move to seize the initiative for “true conservatism” at last.

I dunno, more power to ’em, I guess. But it still kind of makes me a little bit sad to see otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people completely unmoored from any recognizable reality like this.

Via Ace, who says:

Eh. I’ll keep my eyes open.

The minute I think he could actually win, I’m on the #FrenchRiviera.

But I need to see that this isn’t just some protest candidacy by a miffed intellectual class with a pressing career interest in maintaining their #RespectabilityWithintheUpperMiddleClass.

But if it’s more than that — and if he has a dollop of charisma (I’ve never actually heard or seen him) — then yeah, hell yeah. I’m interested.

But really, this would have to be more than personal career protection for some discarded beltway intellectuals.

I’d also like to see him say something about immigration other than the Intellectual Establishment Class Approved Rubio Line (give full amnesty now, get some additional border security later… maybe. God willing.)

Yeah, well, you’re never gonna get it from people who have been shrieking hysterically—lying, in plain speech—about Trump’s call to re-establish our national borders and enforce our immigration laws, denouncing such basic common sense as “bigotry” and “racism” and “xenophobia.” Which has been pretty much everyone at NRO the last few months…including, sadly enough, one David French. As for the charisma bit—”I’ve never actually heard or seen him”— well, see that’s the problem: neither has anybody else, up to and including the handful of us who actually read and enjoy him.

Like I said: desperation, silliness, ego, lunacy, or something else. Nothing beyond that that I can see. None of those add up to either qualifications or electability—which makes the whole initiative kind of puzzling, seeing as how it’s being mounted by people who have been loudly objecting all along to Trump’s supposed lack of precisely those things. Throw in the amnesty/immigration nonsense, and you just might have the one thing that could possibly breathe some life into the Hillary! campaign at last.

Um. No. Thank you, but…no.


Not a…uhhh, prayer

Cruz has NO chance of being elected president. None.

Kevin Swanson: Yes, Romans Chapter 1 verse 32 the Apostle Paul does says that homosexuals are worthy of death. His words not mine! And I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God. And I am willing to go to jail…

…Now my friends let me introduce to you the next candidate for the office of President of the United States, folks please make welcome Senator Ted Cruz.

That seems a bit extreme. No?

Denunciation of Cruz from NRO and other TDS sources for pandering to and inciting frothing murderous haters for political purposes in 5…4…3…2…never. But wait, it gets even better:

A right wing pastor in the U.S. has blamed parents for allowing their children to read ‘homosexual’ Harry Potter books.

Kevin Swanson, a pastor at the Reformation Church of Elizabeth in Colorado attacked the series by JK Rowling as well as the recent animated children’s film How to Train Your Dragon.

He was speaking at the National Religious Liberties Conference, when he launched into a rant at the fact Harry Potter’s mentor Dumbledore was homosexual.

‘Repent that Dumbledore emerged as a homosexual mentor for Harry Potter.

‘Children are raised to be stumbled by the Dumbledores and Hiccups on How to Train Your Dragon.

‘My friends, America needs to repent.

‘For tens of millions of parents it would be better that a millstone be hung around their neck and they be drowned at the bottom of the sea.’

However, it is not the first time that Swanson has ranted against films and books aimed at children.

Last year he denounced Disney’s Frozen as a brainwashing tool for ‘indoctrinating children into the clutches of homosexuality.’

Good lord, man.

But yeah, go on and tell yourselves that a majority of Americans are going to vote for somebody who embraces this screaming whackadoodle. And that the Democrat Socialists would never, ever DREAM of running ads hanging him around Cruz’s neck like a, shall we say, millstone.

(First jawdropping link via Bill)


Jew-haters gotta hate Jews

One of the many reasons I have no time for isolationist muttonheads like Pat Buchanan.

Looking over the chaos that is the Middle East today, we see failed states in Libya, Yemen and Syria, with Iraq and Afghanistan perhaps next.

A strategic disaster, largely of our own making. But if al-Qaeda and ISIS are our real enemies now, Iran, Hezbollah, Assad and the Houthis are all de facto allies, fighting on the same side with us.

Alarmists may see a new Persian Empire threatening all mankind.

A closer look reveals a Shia minority in a Sunni-dominated world where Shia are despised heretics. And of all the terrorist organizations we have the most reason to fear and hate — al-Qaida, Islamic State, Ansar al-Sharia, Boko Haram — none is Shia, all are Sunni.

What about Iran’s drive to build a nuclear bomb?

Well, Israel has 100-300 atom bombs. America has thousands. Iran’s Muslim neighbor Pakistan has scores. And Iran? She has no bomb.

Iran has never tested a nuclear device. She has never produced weapons-grade uranium. Her Fordow underground plant now has IAEA inspectors and its 20-percent-enriched uranium is all being diluted. Construction of the heavy-water reactor at Arak has been halted. Half of Iran’s centrifuges are not operating. There are International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors and cameras blanketing Iran’s program.

The U.S. intelligence community has twice said Iran has no nuclear bomb program. And the most recent finding, 2011, has never been reversed by the Director of National Intelligence.

And just how credible a foreign leader has Boehner invited to undercut his own president’s credibility?

When your anti-Israel Jewhate leads you to deny Iran’s thousand-year ambitions; equate Israeli nukes with The Muslim Bomb (which will very shortly find its way into the hands of dedicated, relentless Muslim fanatics); dismiss concerns about those fanatics’ attaining said Bomb as paranoia and unjustified “panic” (the title of this mess is “The Persians are coming!”–as if there was absolutely nothing to fear from a lunatic regime that’s actively been making semi-clandestine war against us by any means it can for three decades now); blame American efforts at self-defense against jihadis (however poorly realized) for chaos in primitive backwater theocracies; and defend Obama’s nonexistent “credibility”–uhh, it might behoove you to spend just a wee mite of time reexamining things.


I Don’t Believe a Damn Word of It


…to stop throwing bricks through Democrats’ windows and blaming it on Tea Partiers. And stop shooting at Eric Cantor’s office, too.

Sorry, but you guys have staged too many fake hate crimes in the past for me to think otherwise. For example, just this week, Democrats staged their fake “Selma Forever!” “N-word” March Across the Capitol to discredit conservatives.

Breitbart puts up to shut-up those who want to silence us:

Let’s remember that Nancy Pelosi followed this procession with a “perp walk” of her own, as she carried the giant gavel that hammered down the passage of Medicare in 1965 to its rendezvous with destiny. Does any rational person seriously believe that the Capitol Police or her security people would have let the Speaker of the House — second in line of succession to the presidency, right after the Vice President — walk into danger as alleged by the Congressional Black Caucus? Please.

That’s how much the Democrats need a racist Tea Party moment. To stop it in its tracks. That’s why on Saturday they used the Congressional Black Caucus to try to manufacture the false appearance of one. And when they didn’t get it, they did what they always do: they lied.

Alinsky taught them well: the ends justify the means. And that’s how the Democrats play. … Haven’t we had enough? Are we going to allow the left to use its despicable acts of lies and intimidation to shut up legitimate dissent on a subject that has nothing to do with race? Are we going to allow the professional race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to continue their shakedown rackets?…

It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

If you provide verifiable video evidence showing that a single racist epithet was hurled as you walked among the tea partiers, or you pass a simple lie detector test, I will provide a $10K check to the United Negro College Fund.

You know, when Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were bombing police officers to death, these same liberals let them off the hook:

Today William Ayers is not merely an author favored by the New York Times, but a Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, Chicago. His Lady Macbeth is not merely a lawyer, but a member of the American Bar Association’s governing elite, as well as the director of Northwestern University’s Children and Family Justice Center.

Then they gave him the desk next to the president for a decade, cos’ it takes that long to ghost-write a couple of autobiographies.

Hot Air:

Rep. Eric Cantor announced that his office has received threats for his positions on issues as well as his Jewish heritage, and that one of his offices had a window shot out. He only spoke out about this to combat the unbalanced reporting of fringe threats against members of Congress. Cantor singled out DCCC chair Rep. Chris van Hollen for exploiting fringe threats for political gain, “fanning the flames” to “dangerous levels.” Cantor declared that “enough is enough,” and implored his colleagues from both parties to let law enforcement handle the threats from the political fringes.

Democrats will do anything to discredit the Tea Party Movement and conservatives. For example, when some Catholic grandmothers held a prayer vigil for the unborn, Democrat Russ Carnahan claimed the grannies were trying to stuff him in the prop coffin they used.

If, on the off-chance that I’m wrong, and these vandalisms were committed by some species of right-winger, I’ll say what I said about the Kentucky Census worker who we killed committed suicide for the insurance money: bring me the perp and I’ll horsewhip him myself.

For me, if it ever comes to violence, you won’t have to wonder why; elections will have been cancelled, the FEMA Camps opened and the “whup-whup-whup” of the black helicopters will be in the air, not just in Jesse Ventura’s head. We’ve already had a Revolution and a Civil War, pitting neighbors against neighbors; we don’t need any more civil wars. We need the Revolution we already had.

In the meantime, I write to convince my neighbors, not to kill them. I believe that conservatism is superior, and that the first ones to resort to violence, lose. The Left knows this; that’s why they’re trying so hard to pin this crap on the Tea Partiers.

You know; those folks who are so anti-social that they stayed behind after the protest to pick up the litter.

And I’m in no mood to be lectured by the people who invented the phrase “No Justice, No Peace”.

UPDATE: Rush nails it:

We’re going to get to this totally contrived Republicans causing all kinds of threats to Democrats story. I’ll tell you, it’s a total diversion. The Democrats are so losing the information war on the health care bill that they’re trying to do anything to distract everybody’s attention from it, and it’s as I said yesterday, this is all part of a plan to criminalize dissent. Let me just ask you a question. When is the last time you can recall a bunch of conservatives having a riot? When is the last time you can recall a bunch of conservatives disrupting a congressional hearing? When is the last time you can recall a bunch of conservatives coming out with books and movies on how to assassinate a president? The simple fact of the matter is that this kind of behavior that these people are running around scared to death of and accusing people of, they are the authors of this kind of behavior. These are the people that wrote the book on how to do this. Our side doesn’t do this kind of stuff. This is all made up, 95% of it’s made up and it’s being done to divert everybody’s attention. …

These were McCain campaign workers, maced at their own headquarters, October of 2008. Remember that? Do you remember the media wringing their hands over that, being all upset over that? Of course not. The way the liberals and the Democrats are treating the public, it’s no wonder we’re frustrated and upset and angry.

People don’t want their liberties diminished. They don’t want their way of life legislated out of existence. They don’t want their hard-earned property stolen from them. The liberals and the Democrats, the media are abusing this nation and its people, and the people do not like it. Let me ask you again: When is the last time there was a conservative riot in this country? You can’t recall one. Yet we see left-wing anarchist riot about once a year regarding the IMF or whenever there’s a WTO meeting anywhere. We see the hate speech when the Marxist left and the Palestinians march in this country against Israel. We see the anti-war left in the streets with their comparisons of Bush to Hitler. We see them attacking our troops.

What about the whole Democrat Party campaign to lose the war in Iraq, to demoralize the troops, to accuse them of rape and murder and terrorism? John Kerry, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, what was that if that wasn’t hate speech? …

The violence of taking an innocent life is now being paid for or will be by taxpayers, and we’re supposed to send Obama a thank-you Hallmark card and send one to Harry Reid and Pelosi? Yeah, we’ll head down to Hallmark and get our thank-you cards out. That’s it. We’re supposed to be happy. We’re supposed to bow down and be grateful. And again: How many of you know anybody in your close circle of friends who tried to blow up the Pentagon or a police station? So remember what this is all about. This is about changing the subject, which we’re not going to allow to happen. This is about making the Democrats appear as victims against an unruly mob. This is a huge sign of weakness. They have to frame themselves as offended victims. This is their total identity. They’re shaken. They are shaken. They know what they have done.


Three Thoughts on the Election

– The local TV coverage of a couple Dem rallies was instructive.  The interviews that made the news – all seven or eight of them – could have been written from the same script.  Pretty much every Dem interviewed was thrilled.  Why?  Well, the white women were saying “we’re going to get to vote for a woman for president!”  The blacks and white me were thrilled because “we’re going to get to vote for a black man for president.”  It could have been the way the news crew slanted things, or maybe that is what the Dem enthusiasm is all about.  I guess then the Dems who vote Obama are presumptively sexist and the ones who vote Hillary are presumptively racist, because if race and sex are the salient features of each candidate, and the central message is “We’re going to get to vote for a ______”. . .

– Mike Huckabee, who doesn’t do math in his (now Quixotic) quest for the presidency, says he is hoping for a miracle to help him overcome McCain’s insurmountable lead in the Republican nomination process.  From a comment like that, one is forced to conclude the Huckster is either insane, or hopelessly peevish.  Insane, because if he had any desire for the Vice Presidency or any other position of responsibility, he’d throw his support behind McCain and let McCain save his money and build up strength for the general election.  Hopelessly peevish because he knows that making McCain contest every primary up to the last day will only hurt Republicans, and to the extent conservative agenda items can piggy back, conservative causes.  Based on what I’ve seen of the Huckster, maybe it’s not an either-or proposition. Interestingly, I know a few Republican lawyer types who have met the Huckster and had professional contact with him.  They swear he’s the nicest, most generous guy in the world.  Yeah, I bet he is.  A lot of crazy people are nice.  Doesn’t make them any less crazy though.

– The final choice here is going to boil down to a liberal Nixon clone (Hillary), a conservative-ish Nixon clone (McCain), or a hard leftist Carter clone.  If there was such a thing as political malpractice, the two main parties in this country would be lawyering up as we speak.  Can we get a mulligan on this?

– Finally, it looks like Hillary may wind up losing the popular vote in the Dem primary to Obama, but winning the nomination based on “super electors,” party officials given extra extra votes in the Dem primaries.  If that goes down, the party that insists Al Gore has actually been president for 8 years on the virtue of narrowly winning the popular vote in 2000 is going to look kinda silly.  I’m *not* betting that it slows them down, however, or slakes their thirst for direction election of presidents.  Y’know, ‘cuz it’s democratic that way.


Flying pigs slap my face, weasels rip my flesh

Let’s see now:

1) Al’s agreeing (and rightfully so) with DailyKos. Thank you, DarkSyde, that’s exactly what supporting the troops means.  

2) Conservatives and Party über alles Republicans are at each other’s throats. Again. No link necessary.

3) The Demopublicans Party Machine is naturally coalescing around it’s two most damaged and easily defeated candidates. So, the easy prediction:

    Clinton Crime Machine 49%
    McCain Hero Express 48%
    Thompson Not Voting 3%

    Senate: 55 Dem – 45 Rep, minimum. 60/40 likely.
    House: Wholesale slaughter.

4) The Dems are motivated. The Reps are not. Goodbye, Republicans. Hello, Apocalypse.

Yep, The End Times Are Here! Buy guns, gold, and mountain land, which I just happen to have available for purchase. Or consider investing in some carbon credits to reduce global warming, which I also just happen to have available. Whichever one helps you sleep at night. Because I’m here for you, man!

What, me? How do I sleep? Ha.

My nation is bleeding. How do we conservatives staunch this suppurating wound of creeping socialism with nothing but an ignorant electorate?

Update! Scott Ott applies the soothing balm of … Team America?
h/t InstaGlenn

Updated update! Dan Riehl recognizes the situation:

After the coming debacle, the GOP will need substance, strength and leadership. If conservatives are smart, we’d be wise to avoid the bickering this year and be prepared to provide it going into 2010.

The substance, strength and leadership, he means. Not the bickering.


Budget busting … Republicans

While you’re munching that tasty shit sandwich, GOPers, here’s something else to chew over:

US Budget:                                   2001 (Clinton)     2009 (Bush)

Total Outlays                                   $1.863T               $3.107T

Entitlements as % budget                   64%                      65%
(“Human Resources”)

Budget as % of GDP                           18.5%                   20.7%

Isn’t it comforting that the federal government is now stealing over 20% from us at the point of a gun just so it can give 2/3 of that money to someone else? Wow. Limited government! Controlled spending! Vote Republican!

My aching, overtaxed ass. Explain to me again how much better the Reps are than the Dems, willya? But no thanks, I don’t need any bread – I’ve got plenty of shit on my plate already, and all that condescension left over, too.


Who is this douchebag, and why is he presuming to speak for me?

Kevin McCullough, douchebag, Exhibit One.

Kevin McCullough, douchebag, Exhibit Two.

Penny Arcade (run by what I think are a couple of dyed in the wool lefties, which doesn’t make them wrong in this particular instance) delivers the visual aid.

What I can’t understand is this: With all the real issues McCullough could have chosen (abortion, taxation, Constitutional malfeasance, to name but three) to take up with the Left or to look for in his candidate, why the fuck did he choose to pick an issue (for lack of a better word) that made him look like the unhinged soulmate of Tipper Gore? The things he decries aren’t even in the game, for the most part, and what is in the game is pretty damned ridiculous, given it’s NC-17 rating. If triple-X material were being marketed under E, T, or NC-17 ratings, then sure, bitch up a storm. But this?

What the hell is wrong with you, Kevin?



Ace cuts Ron Paul apologists long, wide, and deep:

You stupid twats. You’re all so taken with yourselves with being so clever and contrarian and free-thinking you just can’t admit you were punked by a half-crazy old bigot of a crank, forever nattering on about Trilateral Commissions and international bankers and Bildersbergers and the CFR and AIPAC and other front-groups for the International Zionist Conspiracy.

That about covers it, I’d say.


Ron Paul Has Gone Too Far!

Supporters of Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican Party nomination have secured a blimp.  It is claimed that the blimp is being used to advertise Ron Paul as a candidate.  This claim is supported by the words  “Who is Ron Paul?  Google Ron Paul.” written on the sides.  I know better.  This is just the first step in a nefarious plot for world domination.  First, a simple blimp is rented for advertisement.  The public has seen these small airships before, advertising tires and film, providing overhead shots of football games, and contributing to the richness of daily life.

The plot thickens when a second blimp is added to the fleet, providing a wing-man to cover for the first blimp.  The public ignores the implications until suddenly a massive Dirigible of Doom appears and a sinister madman demands obedience from all and promising instant destruction if it is not given.  If Ron Paul is elected president he will have the resources of the United States government at his command, and with the aid of his friends in big rubber and big helium an armada of airships can be created, ensuring that any resistance anywhere on the globe would be futile.  Do not scoff at such a plan, for it is true, and I know this because it is my plan for world domination and Ron Paul has stolen it!  Who knows what fiendish ends he will put this plan to!  My ends would have been beneficial to all humans, starting with the banning of all light beer and placing the upper Midwestern states – such as Michigan and Wisconsin – on a diet.

Now all lies in ruins!  Curse you Ron Paul!  We hates you, we hates you forever!

H/T: Instapundit


A Problem of Grammar, and a Problem of Graham-er

We are told that the White House and the Senate are not going to call the ‘comprehensive’ immigration deform bill what it really is, which is an amnesty program. Sure, I could get into some criticisms of it. For one thing, when all those illegals file back tax returns, they’ll probably find out that they’re eligible for substantial tax credits – so we’ll be paying them to file back taxes. It’s kind of the opposite of how it works for the rest of us, but hey, they’re just honest hard working future Republican voters, right? (Stop choking on your Pepsi, Bannion). I could go on about how the bill will almost certainly contain a hardship provision, permitting the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to waive payment of the $5,000 fine, where they determine it would pose a hardship on the illegal alien – an easy showing to make, when you’re receiving tax credits because your ass is poor, or underreporting your cash income over the last 5 years. No, I’m not going to criticize. I’m going to try to help the Administration out here.

If you listen, there have been some really clumsy descriptions of what the bill is, what it will do. Y’know, if they actually get around to drafting it before the Senate votes on it – but that’s another story. I simply can’t stand to hear them keep referring to this as the “it’s not an amnesty bill.”

This cringe-inducing phrase is not unique. In fact, that kind of phrasing has a history in surrealist art. “This is not an amnesty bill” is strikingly reminiscent of Michel Foucault’s famous book, titled after one of surrealist painter Rene Magritte’s seminal works, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“This is not a pipe.”)

Sometimes, a Pipe is Just a Pipe.

The joke of course, is that it isn’t a pipe, it’s a print of a pipe. But it’s a pipe too. Yet the treachery of this or any other image, something the surrealists explored and played with at great length, is that any image or label conveys the reality or true meaning of a thing portrayed only with great difficulty. For Magritte, the picture is only a picture of a pipe. We all know, however, the real underlying object is still a pipe, regardless of how it’s portrayed, and the picture is as near as we can come in representational methods, to depicting a pipe without producing a full scale model of it. Yet despite our knowledge about the situation, the cognitive dissonance is still quite irritating. And I think that’s why we’re all upset about the immigration deform bill. I think that if we could find a way to more accurately describe this bill, everybody would find it more palatable.

In keeping with the Surrealist spirit of Magritte, and the surreal thought modalities of the modern Republican Party, I’d like to help the Administration and its little buddies in Congress come up with a better label for this bill to reduce that painful cognitive dissonance (best illustrated by Arlen Spector’s comments that forgiving the lawbreakers will ‘restore the rule of law;’ try thinking about that in terms of clemency for murderers and rapists, and tell me how it non-enforcement works to restore the rule of law in the small beans crimes of illegal immigration and immigration document fraud.) Yes, we need to find a substitute for “This is not an amnesty bill,” or as it’s called in its native tongue, “Esto no es una cuenta de la amnistía.”

My immediate thought was that we should call it, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Amnesty!” But that would play into the hands of the Administration’s opponents. So we need some better terms, preferably a catchy one-word portmanteau describing what this thing is. Here are my suggestions – and I hope Captain Ed is reading this, since he seems to have piped the bill on board his ship with honors.

– Shamnesty

– Flim-flamnesty

– LindseyGrahamanesty

– Scamnesty

– Goddamnesty

– Electorate-Can-Go-Pound-Sandnesty

The sad truth of the matter is, no matter how witty I try to be, this bill really doesn’t need a portmanteau to distill its fundamental essence. There is one word that describes it well, and even though it sounds like a portmanteau, it is not. A mere simple noun completely encompasses what Congress is about to do to us in a very thoroughgoing manner. I suggest you use this term to describe the bill in the future and will email Tony Snow and suggest that it’s a good alternative word that he can use in place of the term “amnesty” in describing the bill. What is that word, you ask?


[Update: I note with admiration that George Borjas – pronounced “jorj,” I presume, not “whore,hey,” describes the bill as a travesty of a mockery of a sham. While this is excellent, he fails to use the description in the form of a noun to describe what the bill is. That’s right. It’s a Traveshamockery. Still, he gets points for raising the issue broadly.]


What a Webb we Weave

I’ll note only in passing that one of Jim Webb’s aides was apprehended carrying an unauthorized weapon into the Capitol or one of the Senate Office buildings. The pistol belonged to Webb, and the aide was carrying it as a favor to Webb, who was parking his car, but the law is the law.

What makes it noteworthy is not that a member of the ‘leet ruling class carries a pistol; I’d have been surprised if Webb wasn’t packing heat.

What shocks is his office apparently put out a press release describing Webb’s aide and friend as… well, you read it:

To our knowledge, this incident was an oversight by the Senator’s aide. Phillip Thompson is a former Marine, a long-term friend and trusted employee of the Senator. We are still awaiting facts.

Anything strike you as just plain wrong about that statement?

Answer below the break.

Continue reading “What a Webb we Weave”


Is it something in the water?

Several of the conservative sites I usually read are turning into whining, scolding harpies. Since when do real conservatives subscribe to the PC regimen demanding that no one be offended by anything, ever? So Ann Coulter told a lame joke. OMG! I hope that tender, sensitive flower Edwards recovers from the severe trauma of being called a faggot, I really do. I know that would be enough to shatter my fragile ego forever – well, at least make me cry and feel bad, and question my manhood. I’m already steeling myself for the inevitable onslaught of criticism for our occasional use of homo or faggot. I can just imagine how Ace will feel when y’all turn your wrath on him. Whattaya mean that’s different? How? Because his jokes are better?

No wonder Mike’s so sick of political blogging – with overblown, silly shit like this from our own side, I am too. The people we generally agree with are behaving as if they just bought stock in the liberal Kool-Aid plant and like Algore, the more carbony sweetness they drink, the more they make – so what’s not to like? It probably wouldn’t bug me so much if I wasn’t so certain that their outrage at Ann was due more to the attention she diverted from their favorite candidate (or from themselves *cough* Michelle Bryan *cough*) than any offensiveness of her remark. Though why “conservatives” are so concerned about some possible marginal fallout to a bunch of RINO candidates is beyond me.

What a pathetic, weak-kneed, finger-in-the-PC-breeze all you candy-asses turned out to be. You’re a freakin’ embarrassment to fine, upstanding homosexuals everywhere who know enough to laugh this off as the publicity stunt  you clowns have turned it into.

Enough with the self-righteous preening already, so I can go back to reading your blogs without feeling embarrassed for you.

Update!  As usual, Gerard says it better than anyone. A taste before you go see for yourself:

There. I think I’ve got the new speech code rule down. After all, it is important, DAMNED IMPORTANT!, to keep track of what you cannot say in America when exercising your right to (almost)Free Speech. By tracking which words are forbidden to all (except to those in the group to which they refer), it becomes ever easier to condemn and seek to destroy anyone who violates the Sacred Speech Codes of the New American First Universalist Secular Church of Agnostic Atheists.

For ever and ever, Amen. Or, uh, Awomyn. Whichever.


I did say that I’d rather vote for Satan than a Democrat.

Via SondraK, we discover that “someone”, and I use the term loosely, “thinks” (again, used loosely) that Aleister Crowley is the true father of Barbara Bush.

While y’all are trying to wrap your heads around that one, I leave you with this pearl of wisdom from my boss: “You people make me want to drink heavily!”


Let a Hundred Cacti Bloom

Somalia is not, of course, Iraq. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that the Baghdad Broadcasting Company reports on Somali pirate attacks

The Loony Right – anarcho-capitalists and other extremists who insist on their libertarian credentials – have long extolled Somalia as an example of a functioning society without a nasty government to beat down freedom. Unfortunately, as with their other, oft-quoted examples – pre-Norman Ireland and pre-Norwegian Iceland – they confuse freedom from government with actual freedom, overlooking the initiation of violence so long as that violence is not done in the name of a central government.


Not in my name

I can’t even begin to describe how revolted I am by this. I’ve scoffed all along whenever some Leftwit has attempted what I’ve always regarded as a particularly spurious and offensive comparison, namely, comparing Christian fundamentalists to the Taliban or Wahabbists or suchlike. But I am regretfully coming to the conclusion that they just may have a point.

Truly, truly disgusting. These people are as anti-American as any hard Left treasonous commie could ever be. That’s all there is to it. And thus a new category is born — one I hate like hell to have to fool with at all, and never thought I would. Thanks a pantload, you worthless scumbags.

(Via Ace)

Update! Related item here. Jay Tea says, “The only thing that would have made it even better was if those fine, noble horses were trained to crap on cue.” But personally, I’d happily settle for a good hard horse-kick in the mouth for these vile, twisted freaks — no bothersome training necessary.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

"To put it simply, the Left is the stupid and the insane, led by the evil. You can’t persuade the stupid or the insane and you had damn well better fight the evil." - Skeptic

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine." - Joseph Goebbels

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