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If you want blood

More from the fount of all balls-out douchebaggery.

In his final New Rule of the season, Bill Maher calls on Americans to put aside their political differences.

And does so smarmily, sanctimoniously, and insincerely, as one would expect. In fact, he gets busy right away with a pluperfect illustration of exactly why rapprochement is neither possible nor desirable. To wit:

“Lately we’ve been hearing more and more about a second civil war which sounds impossible in this modern, affluent country. It is not,” Maher said. “We talk about Trump as an existential threat, but his side sees Democratic control of government the exact same way. When both sides believe the other guy taking over means the end of the world, yes, you can have a civil war.”

“Yes, I have said things like that but I’m going to try to stop because I have learned that the anti-intellectualism on the right doesn’t come primarily through stupidity it comes from hate. Telling people that you think they’re irredeemable is what makes them say ‘You know what, I’d rather side with Russia than you.'”

Okay, he’s right about the part I boldfaced; I admit, I DO hate his arrogant, egotistical ass.

Stand back in slack-jawed wonder, folks: the man claims he’s “going to try to stop…” and in the SAME FUCKING SENTENCE, insultingly dismisses us as “anti-intellectual,” “stupid,” and driven by irrational, unreasoning “hate.” Why? Because we voted for someone he doesn’t like…and we won. No other reason.

Stupefying, isn’t it? Can it really be possible that Maher has his head stuffed so far up his own ass that he can’t see a problem with such slanderous insults? Can he really be unaware that such derogation can only inspire the very hatred he claims to be concerned about? That it would take an insensate clod indeed not to react quite negatively to such taunting? That if this country does descend into civil war and chaos, HE—along with his fellow self-proclaimed “elite” Leftists and their flat refusal to abide by the results of the 2016 election—will be to blame for striking the spark that ignites the conflagration? Is it even remotely possible that ANYBODY is that stupid? That bereft of the slightest trace of self-awareness, of empathy, of tolerance, of a sense of proportion and human decency?

No; I can’t buy it, I just can’t. Seems more likely to me that this sorry excuse for a man isn’t worried that “there will be blood.” He’s worried that there WON’T be. Because from where I’m sitting, it sure looks like he’s actively trying to instigate it.

But wait, it gets even better yet:

“We are going to have to learn to live with each other or else there will be blood,” Maher said. “So don’t freak out if Ellen [DeGeneres] sits next to George Bush at a football game. Bush was not my idea of a good president but I never worried that he was going to lock up his political opponents or reporters or me.”

If you can’t see the difference between that and Donald Trump then Democrats are doomed,” he added.

Izzat so, Stable Genius? Tell ya what: get back to me when Trump actually, y’know, LOCKS SOME OF YOU PRICKS UP, whydon’tcha. Locks you up, that is, NOT for violent protest/riots, gang-assaulting elderly Trump supporters, driving them public spaces, or conspiring to spy on and overthrow the duly-elected President illegally. Because I have to tell you, you simpering pantywaists look mighty foolish bleating and weeping about Nazis and Hitler and such from OUTSIDE the walls of a concentration camp or gulag—especially after so vilely attacking him, his wife, his children, and his supporters non-stop, since before he even took office.

No, if Trump is actually a Nazi, a fascist, the second coming of Der Fuhrer his own self, he sure is a feeble and lousy one. Every day you mentally-deficient juveniles spend free, above ground, and physically whole is a stronger rebuke to your unhinged venom and exaggerated paranoia than any I can think of right offhand. You folks really need to dial it back a bit; you’re making abject fools of yourselves, and that’s the very least of the problems your asinine play-acting presents.

Which is NOT to say that, should you twerps carry on as you have been, things will never change. It is only the forebearance of the decent people you so hatefully defame that has spared you miserable tapeworms till now. Your ability to riot, destroy, and thuggishly assault without consequence is NOT irrevocable, nor is it permanent. Word from Bon Scott:


The main enemy

As I’ve said so many times: their argument isn’t with us. It’s with reality.

It’s hard to think of a major Democrat issue and proposed solution that is not a fake. It’s an emergency. What’s the emergency? Everything. The planet, white privilege, transgender rights, Nazi policies on the border, killer cops. A health care crisis so dire the government must ban private insurance, private doctors, and private hospitals.

Most of all President Trump is a walking emergency. His voters are hate-filled bigots who love his authoritarian tendencies.  They are a danger to our democracy.

Democrat fixes are a list of economic and physical impossibilities. Ban oil, gas, and coal; make health care and college “free”; hand out reparations for slavery. They promise they will raise all the money from billionaires’ spare change.

The Democrats running for president in 2020 don’t talk about normal issues—jobs and national security. They have nothing to say about opportunities for minorities. Instead, it is all fake investigations of fake scandals.

Democrats are running fake impeachment proceedings on a fake accusation of quid pro quo from a fake whistleblower, who is one more deep state operative leaking hearsay that libels the president.

Who are they kidding? Oddly enough, themselves—very successfully.

Fake is fine with their voters. “Fauxcahontas” is a leading candidate. Fake news is all the news they’ll read.

Something has gone terribly wrong with previously normal Democratic Party voters. They have abandoned common sense and reality testing. They even claim to believe human beings are not divided into male and female.

The question that haunts me is why aren’t Democrats revolted at this assault on their liberal values and love of America?

What happened to their ordinary sense of playing by the democratic and lawful rules?

It was abandoned long ago for the pursuit of raw, unchallenged, unlimited power. Assuming that it was ever anything more than a thin facade in the first place, that is.

Turn on the waterworks, pump up the drama update! Lest any of you think for one moment that it couldn’t POSSIBLY be all fakery, all contrivance, all shitshow all the time with these despicable frauds:

I guess Adam Schiff realized that Episode Two needed more of an emotional punch so he decided to force the issue with the Dramatic Reading of Trump’s tweet about Yavonovich, namely, that the Ukrainian foreign minister didn’t think that highly of her.

This turned the Ratings Faucet.

Which I think was the plan. I think she wasn’t crying earlier, which annoyed Pencil-Neck Schiff, but he knew she was very emotional (more emotional than one would want in an Ambassador, by the way), so he decided to push the Cry For Me Honey button with Trump’s tweet.

Oh: Jake Tapper was emotionally moved. As I assume he previously agreed he would be.

Bet on it. It’s falsity, all the way down, to turn a phrase.


Go away, kid, you bother me

Whatever happened to “children should be seen and not heard,” anyway?

An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg
You are not a moral leader. But I will tell you what you are.

And then he damned sure does.

First, we did not rob you of your childhood or of your dreams. You are the legatee of a magnificent technological civilization which my generation and the one before it and several others preceding it all the way to the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance, bequeathed to you. That growth-driven, capitalist technological civilization has created the conditions for you to harangue us over our betrayal. It is a civilization that eradicated diseases such as small pox from the word, and that lifted millions out of abject poverty in a universe you think is dying and decaying. It assured you a life expectancy that exceeded that of your ancestors. Most likely by focusing on economic growth which you demonize, and scientific advancement, that civilization will further enhance a robust quality of life and health for your descendants.

Here is a hard truth to ponder, Greta: if the great producers of this world whom you excoriate were to withdraw their productivity, wealth and talents—in short—their minds from the world today, your generation would simply perish. Why? Because as children you have done nothing as yet, with your lives besides being born. This is what we expect of children until such time as they can be producers by learning from their elders. You are understandably social and ecological ballast. You are not yet cognitively advanced to replicate the structures of survival of which you are the beneficiaries.

The truth, as one anonymous blogger aptly put it, is that your generation is unable to work up to forty hours per week without being chronically depressed and anxious. Its members cannot even decide if they want to be a boy or a girl, or both, or neither, or a “they.” They cannot eat meat without crying. I might add that your generation needs “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” as pre-conditions for learning in school. Its members have a pathological need to be coddled and protected from the challenging realities of life. Your generation is the biggest demander and consumer of carbon spewing technological gadgets and devices. An hour without any of them and too many of you succumb to paralyzing lethargy. Your generation is the least curious and most insular set of individuals one has ever encountered. Your hubris extends so far that you think you have nothing to learn from your elders.

Yes, we have betrayed you: by capitulating the world of leadership to bored, attention-deficit children who spout bromides, platitudes and slogans that a rudderless and morally relativistic culture accepts because a significant number of its denizens have become intellectually bankrupt and morally lazy.

She was betrayed far, far worse by parents who, shall we say, “spared the rod,” thereby spoiling a child that’s all too obviously in need of a good old-fashioned spanking.

The logical endpoint of your ecological vision would see us living in primeval conditions eking out an existence in jungle swamps in which we would regard poisonous snakes and man-eating tigers as our moral equals. We would have to adapt ourselves to nature rather than adapt nature to meet our needs, like all members of civilized civilizations do. Your vision would see us foraging for mushrooms and plants without knowing which were inimical to our digestive systems. Under your system we would swelter from heat, die from rampant plagues and starvation because there will be no air-conditioning units, no sophisticated plumbing and irrigations and sewer systems, no anti-bacterial soap made from animal matter, no pesticides and chemicals to sanitize our food and drinking supplies: just one primordial swamp of human putrefaction.

If civilization is left in the hands of your ecofascist supporters we will be living in grass huts, drinking animal feces infested water, and shrinking in fear from polar bears instead of killing them for food when they attack us.

Yeah, no thanks.



This psychotic Left-wing freak, too, would seem to be serious. Well, maybe. More on that anon.

Now, I’ve seen speculation here and there that this is another brilliant trolling of the Grauniad, which has been known to fall for such before. And sure enough, a highly cursory Duck Duck Go search—which was all I could bestir myself to undertake in the way of due diligence with this one—doesn’t turn up much about Mx O’Toole, nor any association she may or may not have with the always-execrable Grauniad. So take it how you will, I guess. But doesn’t it kind of say it all that one can’t really be certain enough to just dismiss something this preposterous out of hand in this sad, sorry day and age?

On a more positive note, though, it does give me an excuse to include this:

Ahh, the incomparable Ricky Medlock, now with whatever’s left of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now that there’s some REAL Blackfootin’, people.


Wait, WHAT?

The irony, it burns like FIRE.

Can Republicans relearn how to accept political outcomes they don’t like?

Note: this is NOT the Bee. Incredible as it seems, the guy appears to be serious.

One occasionally hears liberals muse that even if Trump were to lose next year, he might simply refuse to vacate the White House. This seems a highly unlikely scenario, especially since there may be nothing Trump fears more than public humiliation. Instead, what is far more likely is that Trump would not have to be physically removed from the Oval Office, but would — starting immediately after Election Day and continuing into his post-presidential life — undertake a campaign to discredit the results.

He might claim, as he did after the 2016 election, that millions of people voted illegally against him.

Which is, y’know, true.

He might allege that a foreign country hacked the voting machines (not Russia, of course — Vladimir Putin would never do such a thing).

And it only took you three years, millions of dollars, and the whole Mueller fraudulent waste of time to admit it.

He’ll certainly object that the media were biased against him.

Which is, y’know, true.

All of it would be, in Trumpian style, unburdened by facts but nevertheless convincing to his devoted supporters.

Every last one of whom are a damned sight more knowledgeable, well-informed, and just plain honest than you are, apparently. A lot more loony logorrhea follows this stinking pile of puerile projection, ending thusly:

If those Republicans send a message that the election’s outcome was unfortunate but not cause for a revolution, things could calm down quickly. But I fear they may not have it in them, that the way they tried to delegitimize Barack Obama will be not half as bad as what they have in store for the next Democratic president.

We can only hope.

Trump might not have the attention span to lead a revolution, but Republicans know how to spend years sabotaging a president. As depressing as it is to say, that might be the best outcome we can hope for.

After the outrageous gyrations we’ve all spent the past three years witnessing from these gibbering, delusional maniacs, one can only stand back and admire the sheer balls on this guy for attempting to fob his own side’s refusal to accept defeat onto us, however hamhandedly he does it. This, mind, after we stoically endured eight years of His Most Puissant Majesty, Barry Soetero, without trying to launch a revolution. Hell, we didn’t even bring up doing away with the Electoral College—not even once. Matt Margolis puts the cherry on top:

Has Waldman not been paying attention for the last two-and-a-half years? Heck, the last ten? You can’t criticize Barack Obama’s policies without being accused of racism. No barrage of facts is enough to sully their perception of Obama’s messianic status. Meanwhile, after eight years of deluding themselves into believing Obama’s infallibility, they’ve convinced themselves that Trump is the exact opposite, the embodiment of pure evil, who only got elected because Putin hacked our elections. To this day, despite all evidence to the contrary, the left still thinks Russia elected Trump, and have been obsessed with impeaching him from the start. Need I remind him that on January 20, 2017, the Washington Post, the same paper he wrote his piece for, published an article titled, “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”

Waldman says that Trump’s potential defeat, and the refusal to accept it, leaves a “genuine potential for violence.” Has he heard of Antifa? This goes to show you how true it is when the left accuses the right of doing something, it’s the left that is actually guilty of it.

Mike’s Iron Law of Liberalism holds true across the board—at all times, in all ways, each and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Are they ALL sick, child-molesting degenerates?

Sure is some mighty pretty company these true-blue Democrat-Socialist paragons of virtue keep, ain’t it?

Whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid’s YouTube channel liked young Disney girl videos
The Internet has a long memory. In fact, it’s eight years too long for the Ukraine whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid. That was the last time he had activity on his YouTube page, and the three videos he liked at the time are pretty creepy. It seems the lawyer really enjoyed watching videos about the “prettiest” Disney Channel stars, including a video that tracks Selena Gomez from childhood.

Ace has more—all too much more.

The videos he has chosen to leave a Like on are about… the prettiest — or “hottest” — Disney channel stars.

And Selena Gomez’s transformation from an infant into a woman.

I believe this is the first video linked. Note the title in the video says the top ten “hottest” Disney channel stars, not “prettiest.”

I imagine he’ll say “Oh, my daughter and/or niece were using my phone, obviously that wasn’t me liking those videos, I don’t even like Disney, I’m an old man.”


The disgusting perv also posted all manner of Tweets declaring how much he just LURRRVS him some Disney.

Mark Zaid also likes to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios….A LOT….and alone.

One does not need kids to be all the Disney one needs and wants to be
— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) February 11, 2018

Take the test. How many Disney films have you seen @sam_vinograd, @AshaRangappa_?
You can’t beat me. I’ve seen them all. Multiple times. 😁
— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) February 11, 2018

Zaid also once tweeted, “I would have joined the FBI just for the free Disney passes.”

Okay, so at best he’s a fucking obssessive weirdo with a bizarre fixation on Disney films, characters, and other related things, then. At worst? The Schitt-Pelosi coup is being promoted, steered, masterminded, and prodded along by a lying, despicable, treacherous Deep State stooge who keeps an abominable, kiddie-diddling monster as his attorney.

Tell me again all about how Trump is the one with poor character and ethics, whydon’tcha.


Another GREAT Democrat-Socialist idea

Somehow, I must have missed the general clamor for this wonderful Lieawatha proposal, sure to be popular with every American.

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren promised “super duper enforcement” to ensure the implementation of her proposed wealth tax.

Because, as anyone who ever endured one of their famous proctoscopic audits knows all too well, the IRS doesn’t have NEAR enough power already.

Warren made the comments during a New Hampshire Public Radio event hosted by Laura Knoy along with NHPR’s political reporter Casey McDermott.

Warren, in a move reminiscent of former President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remarks, made the case for her wealth tax in part by claiming that wealth gained in America was wealth that was necessarily built with the help of others.

“I guarantee, if you built that fortune here in America, you built it at least in part using workers all of us helped pay to educate,” she said. “You built it at least in part, getting your goods to market, on roads and bridges all of us helped pay to build. You built it at least in part protected by police, firefighters — all of us helped pay the salaries.”

Warren went on to say that those who made it big should be happy to give back and help others. “If you make it big, I mean really big, I mean super duper one-tenth of one percent big, pitch in two cents so everybody else has a chance to make it in this country,” she said.

Okay, who wants to be the one to tell her?

In 2016, the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers (those with AGI below $40,078) earned 11.6 percent of total AGI. This group of taxpayers paid $43.9 billion in taxes, or roughly 3 percent of all income taxes in 2016.

In contrast, the top 1 percent of all taxpayers (taxpayers with AGI of $480,804 and above), earned 19.7 percent of all AGI in 2016, and paid 37.3 percent of all federal income taxes.

In 2016, the top 1 percent of taxpayers accounted for more income taxes paid than the bottom 90 percent combined. 

Contrary to Progressivist class-war agitprop, those numbers hold up consistently, year after year after year. Any bets on when Lefty will begin issuing demands that the 90 Percenters start paying “their fair share”?

Via Fuzzy Slippers, who links to some hilarious responses to Warren’s gibbering juvenilia.


Friendly-fire fantasy-fisking

GVDL caught Fran’s attention with a link to this wishful bleat; Fran demurred, albeit briefly. I first thought to append my own objections to Francis’s post as an update, then realized that was gonna run a bit long. So I thought I’d just do a separate post here instead.

Anyone who thinks President Trump’s victory is inevitable in 2020 is not paying attention. The entire weight of America’s profiteering elites is arrayed against him.

But what if he wins anyway? What if enough voters realize they’re being conned by the Democrats? What if enough voters decide they don’t want to feel like unwanted usurpers in their own nation? What if men and women of all ethnicities realize that despite the unrelenting avalanche of lies coming from the Left, America is a welcoming and inclusive nation and that the only way a society can stay healthy is by rewarding personal initiative?

What if a critical mass of independent voters were to conclude that, despite his pugnacity, President Trump cares about all Americans, and actually holds moderate, compassionate, common-sense positions? If these things happen, and they very well might, not only will President Trump get reelected, but control of the House of Representatives will return once again to the GOP. And if these sentiments sweep across the land, then politicians of both parties will realize it is time to stop fighting and get back to serving the American people.

Ahh, but what eye-opening event would be required to cause this awakening to occur? How many of us can there possibly BE out there by now who don’t know all that already? And how likely is it that those who believe otherwise will change their minds this late in the game?

In the process of prioritizing America’s interests, Trump’s policies demolish two pieties currently deployed by the Left to sabotage virtually everything that might advance those interests. Those are identity politics and climate change alarmism. In both cases, Trump has reopened vigorous debate as to the legitimacy of these pieties. Identity politics, at the core, has a corrosive impact on character, by providing excuses for personal failure. Climate alarm, at its core, hands the instruments of progress and wealth creation over to a clerisy of self-serving profiteers and misguided fanatics.

True. Anybody want to try arguing that so-called “independents,” most of whom tend to lean Left and vote Democrat-Socialist, are prepared to abandon either of those pieties at Trump’s urging? Ring wanders off into explicit fantasy from there:

So how might we envision the next few decades in an America shaped by the vision and courage pioneered in this century by Donald Trump?

Trump’s Reelection Ushered in a Long Economic Boom
When Trump took office for another four years, presiding over a Republican-controlled Congress, sweeping, transformative legislation was passed, often with significant support from Democrats.

Follows, a long list of speculative achievements—not a single one of which any present-day Democrat-Socialist would ever actually support, “significantly” or otherwise, if only because it was Trump who proposed them. Alas, Ring then veers completely off the rails, from wistful daydream into daylight barking madness:

As the United States contained despotic, aspiring superpowers—China in particular—the nations of the world fitfully emulated America’s example. While America’s success and America’s culture was irresistible to most people around the world, tribalism and religious fanaticism did not disappear overnight. But America’s example emboldened moderates everywhere, most particularly in the reformations, often led by women, that swept the Islamic world in the late 2020s and 2030s.

So: the Islamic world, inspired by America’s success and irresistible culture, will abandon Islam, then. And only a mere decade or so hence, too. I dunno, seems like a pretty sudden about-face from over a thousand years of jihad to me. Just as they had thoroughly infiltrated the West and cowed our ruling “elites” into meekly acceeding to their every demand, too, and had us pretty much licked. The conclusion offers one last sad, desperate pitch for futility and starry-eyed tail-chasing:

One can hope Trump’s supporters will assert not only their allegiance to him as a political leader, and not only challenge the premises that Trump has dared to challenge. Here’s hoping, too, they will evangelize to all the skeptics and undecideds the wonderful future that could be had if the policies pursuant to patriotism, energy freedom, and individual initiative are given full expression.

Uh huh. Because decades of attempting to debate things rationally with them worked out so well for us before they became wild-eyed, gibbering, violent lunatics, right? Yes, I realize he’s referring specifically to the “skeptics and undecideds” here, but as I said before: how many of them can there possibly be by now? As for Democrat-Socialist officeholders or aspirants to same, next time somebody spots a true “moderate” amongst that sorry lot, be sure to send up a flare, willya? As Porretto pithily puts it:

I find it more likely that those at the tiller of the Democrat Party would “push the big red button.” That is, they would exclaim Alea iacta est and strive to gain by violence what they could not win through politics. They’re already partially mobilized, as the “AntiFa” and “Black Bloc” disturbances should have demonstrated to all. Moreover, those forces have succeeded in silencing and scattering their opponents as often as not. Combined with “deplatforming,” “doxxing,” and a campaign of slanders and libels promulgated through their media handmaidens, they might have an even chance of prevailing.

It’s important to win at the ballot box, but don’t neglect to keep the cartridge box full – and don’t let your skills lapse through desuetude.

The likelihood of people so fanatically determined to retain power—and so completely bereft of concern for propriety, legality, and public opinion—that they would go to the extremes they already have trying to overthrow the legitimately-elected President being at all amenable to “evangelizing” is so small as to be imperceptible without the aid of an electron microscope. The notion is patently absurd; giving it further serious consideration, after so many years of bootless attempts at honest discussion, is a waste of time.

You don’t “dialogue” or debate with a rabid dog. You put him down. Sorry, it’s too bad and all, but that’s the way it is.


That’s not funny!

Remember when I mentioned the next Scandal Of The Century Of The Week earlier, and how they seemed to be getting lamer and lamer each round?

Yeah, well. About that.

So wait: after their embarrassing lapse into the shivering fantods over the “Hero Dog” P-shop, these assclowns actually, seriously tried to, umm, fact check his ass? This, after having been humiliated by the swatting down they received when they questioned the MoH recipient from the original photo about how “offended” he must have been for the presumed insult to his dignity perpetrated by the thuggish, heartless Trumpazoids, and he literally laughed at their stupid fucking asses?

Even after all that, they’re still trying to polish this greasy turd of theirs? There’s only one sane, sensible response to that, and here it is:

Go f*** yourselves, maniacs.

More, from America’s only remaining non-Fake News source:

Media Scrambles To Fact-Check Image Of Trump Riding Hero Dog Into Massive Space Battle
U.S.—Trump recently shared a meme that showed him riding the “Hero Dog” into a space battle against several deadly threats from among the stars.

“AMERICAN HERO!” Trump tweeted when he posted the image, along with a winky face. The picture shows Trump fending off myriad threats, from Dune’s gigantic sandworm and the Beast from beloved 1983 classic Krull to a Cylon Basestar and a Xenomorph.

Trump thought the image would be taken in a light-hearted manner, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

A red light began blaring in the offices of The New York Times as soon as the image was posted. “Looks like we’ve got a live one, boys,” said one editor. “Err–I mean, non-gender-conforming persons. Let’s fact-check this puppy.” An army of fact-checkers then got to work, running the image through advanced fact-checking software. The Times recently had a huge supercomputer installed for this purpose, and they put it to work. 

Sure enough, many of the pixels seemed not to line up quite right, plus fact-checkers discovered that several elements of the image were entirely fictional.

Further historical research suggested that nearly every element of the picture was fake, from TIE fighters and the Death Star to the looming Borg Cube.

“This president is trying to mislead the people with this meme,” said a CNN spokesperson. “We are only OK with politicians who mislead people with regards to the effects of their healthcare policies or their Native American heritage, not presidents who tell jokes and have fun.”

I think it’s that “have fun” part that really drives these humorless, politics-obsessed twatwaffles around the bend. In the end, though, if there was still any doubt that these are NOT serious, mature people worthy of being entrusted with any role whatsoever in government or the dissemination of the news of the day, this farce oughta put paid to it for good. Bottom line:

Nailed it.


Looks like Granny’s been into the cough syrup again

Sick Hillary has finally gone all the way around the bend.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed “flashing videos” on the “dark web” for her 2016 presidential election loss last Friday during a radio interview.

“I think it’s going to be the same as 2016,” Clinton said. “I’m going to show you in these flashing videos that appear and then disappear and they’re on the dark web and nobody can find them, but you’re going to see them and you’re going to see that person doing these horrible things.”

My God, the poor woman is just out and out babbling now. I mean, c’mon; does any of that make sense to anybody out there?

Clinton’s appearance on the podcast made waves last week after she accused long-shot Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being groomed by the Russians for a third party run.

Clinton has repeatedly blamed Russian interference and internet trolls for her loss to Trump four years ago.

The inside of HILLARY’S!™ has to be a shrink’s nightmare. Just another Democrat-Socialist broken beyond repair by the Trumpenator.


Sodom, Gomorrha, Babylon, and…Texas?!?

God help us.

Anthropologists in the future will spend a lot of time discussing and debating the question of when, exactly, the once-great American civilization went insane, why it happened, and how. I can only imagine what conclusions they will draw. As an American citizen in the present day, actually bearing witness to the collapse of sanity and reason in real time, I’m not sure that I can even answer those questions. Perhaps hindsight will lend some clarity to the issue.

What I do know is that this case will be viewed as a seminal moment in our collective plunge into madness. It will be seen as, at least from a legal standpoint, the point of no return. The crossing of some kind of terrible Rubicon. I refer to the story of 7-year-old James Younger, whose father, Jeff Younger, has been trying to save him from a forced gender “transition.”

Jeff has been locked in a bitter court battle with his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas. Despite being a medical professional — a pediatrician, God help us — who presumably understands basic facts about human biology and child psychology, Georgulas got it into her apparently deranged head that her son James is really a girl.

As The Texan previously reported, the factors that convinced Georgulas that her son is really her daughter include his affinity for the movie “Frozen” and his request to get a “girl toy” from McDonald’s. She also says he started expressing a wish to dress in girl’s clothing. But Jeff Younger recently explained in an interview that if James ever had any desire to wear dresses, it’s only because his mother started putting him in dresses and painting his nails when he was just 3-years-old. He claims that she used several other methods of manipulation, including locking the boy in his room and telling him that “the monsters only eat boys.” Jeff speculates that Georgulas would withhold affection from James if he did not act like a girl.

Who even knows what might motivate this demented bitch (to refer to her as a “mom” is to debase the word unforgivably, and I ain’t gonna do it) to abuse an innocent, defenseless child in such a heinous fashion. But it doesn’t matter anyway; it’s irrelevant. The fact is that she ought to be locked up, under guard, and forever forbidden any contact of any sort with any child.

Sickening as all that is, though, this might well be worse:

A jury decided Monday that a Texas father cannot stop his seven-year-old son’s social gender transition to a girl.

A jury? In TEXAS?!? WTEffingF…? Guess the “purpling” of the Lone Star State is now just about complete.

The jury decided Monday that Georgulas should receive sole managing guardianship of the twins. A judge is expected to make a verdict Wednesday.

The father can appeal the jury’s decision, the publication adds, but this would be a long and expensive process for Younger. And Younger fears that during this time, James may begin puberty and Georgulas may initiate his medical transition.

She almost certainly will do just that—and the poor child will be scarred and broken for life, his dismal fate sealed. Back to Walsh for the bitter conclusion:

Virtually all control over James and his brother have now been handed to Georgulas. She is free to continue his “social transition” into a girl — a process already well under way, as he goes by “Luna” and poses as a girl at his mother’s house and at school. Eventually she can, and presumably will, start James on drugs to chemically castrate him. There is nothing his father can do to stop it, short of “kidnapping” the boy and fleeing the country (a move that would be not only morally justified, but heroic).

It should be noted that, according to Jeff, James “violently refuses” to wear girl clothes when he is at his father’s house. Free from the clutches of his mother, Jeff says, James is relieved to act like a boy, dress like a boy, and play like a boy. The mother claims the opposite, insisting that James is excited to return to his mother and his identity as “Luna.” I think both claims are probably true, in a sense. The poor boy realizes that it pleases his mother for him to be Luna, and so he “wants” to play that role for her sake.

But, in any case, the question of how he really identifies is irrelevant. The point is that James is a boy, plain and simple. Whatever confusion he is suffering from — confusion painstakingly planted in his head by a mother who, in my opinion, should be locked in prison for the rest of her life — could be alleviated through counseling and therapy. There is precisely zero chance that James is “really” a girl trapped in a boy’s body, because that concept is nonsensical. James is who he is. And he is a boy.

If there has ever been a more corrupt, depraved, and just plain sick society on the face of this Earth, I sure can’t think of which one it might have been right offhand.

I repeat: God help us. Or have mercy on us, at least.


When the going gets weird…

The weird go pro.

Meanwhile, back in what passes for the real world, from our old friends at The Sun:

Police Investigating ‘Hate Crime’ After Transgender Woman Turned Down for Porn Role ‘Because She Has a Penis’

Sorry, fellas, but I gotta say it again: if “she” has a penis, then “she” is a he.

The lady in question, Miss Ria Cooper, was contacted by a gentleman on the Internet who wished to film himself having sex with her and sell the resulting cinematic masterpiece. He subsequently found out she was packing a little more than he was up for, and reneged on the deal because she “has a c**k”. Miss Cooper took the matter to Humberside Police, who are now investigating. If you have difficulty keeping track of these useless northern English constabularies, West Yorkshire policemen are the ones who fail to investigate the grooming gangs for years on end; whereas Humberside policemen do their own grooming – or at least Barnaby Cooper of their “customer services crime team” does.

I’ve no idea what a “customer services crime team” is, but it accurately conjures the bureaucratized lethargy of a land where everything is policed except crime. So it was surely only a matter of time before the coppers started enforcing the human right of a transwoman to be shagged on camera by a heteronormative cismale.

I think it was Ann Coulter who observed, after their victory on same-sex marriage, that Big Gay had decided to go door to door shooting the survivors. So they hunted down every recalcitrant “homophobic” baker in the land and demanded: “Bake my cake!” The litigious alleged-transgender Jessica Yaniv took it to the next level, hunting down every Muslima waxologist in the land and demanding: “Wax my scrotum!”

Coulter was, of course, correct. But now we get down to the, ummm, nut-cuttin’:

I see Ria Cooper began transitioning when she was fifteen. At the age of eighteen she got cold feet and de-transitioned back to being a bloke. A couple of years after that, she felt ready to get back in the saddle and re-transitioned. One can see why she’d want to hold on to the meat and two veg lest the pendulum swing again. I was struck, though, by the way The Sun formulated her original “gender identity”: Miss Cooper, was, as the reporter puts it, “assigned male at birth”.

Oh, my.

I’da put “transitioning” in sneer quotes myself, maintaining as I still do that, until the doc makes with the ol’ chop-chop on the dangly bits, the only “trans”-prefixed appellation you’re entitled to claim is transvestite. But I’m fussy that way. No matter; Steyn goes on to have himself a real ball with this nonsense:

The Sun was the bestselling redtop that gave the doughty and beery masses daily knockers on Page Three, “Freddie Starr Ate My Lunchbox”, and a star columnist, Garry Bushell, whose solution to the Aids pandemic was to propose homosexuals be tattooed at the base of the spine with “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here”.

And all this for a paper whose answer to the question “Is it a boy or a girl?” is now to check what transient status has been “assigned”. Was Garry merely “assigned male at birth”? Is he still? If Ria Cooper files a complaint, will he have to eat her lunchbox?

Don’t let The Sun go down on me.

Heh. Good stuff, that. But now we go from weird to worse:

Oh, ferchrissake. They can’t even leave breakfast cereal alone without politicizing it now? Backstory:

Kellogg is partnering with Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to bring all of its iconic cereals together in one box for the very first time – and to take a stand against bullying.

Kellogg released a limited-edition variety pack that includes Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies in the same box to celebrate Spirit Day, the largest anti-bullying campaign in the world and to support a “more accepting world for LGBTQ youth.”

The package, which features all of the cereal mascots, from Tony the Tiger to Toucan Sam, runs for $19.99, with a promise from Kellogg to donate $50,000 to GLAAD.

20 bucks for a box of gay cereal? Seems a mite steep for an acoherent, ill-considered mishmash that might do just fine as virtue-signalling, but as breakfast is bound to taste like crap. Thankfully, the greatest breakfast cereal of all time remains unfettered by the surly bonds of political correctness and Alphabet Chic. Crunchatize me, Cap’n!


Tarnished brass

You peasants need to know your place.

Retired Admiral William McRaven devoted the bulk of a New York Times op-ed to appropriating for himself the moral and hence political authority of generations of soldiers and sailors (pointedly, especially the female ones) who have sacrificed for America, for “the good and the right.” Then he gratuitously stated—citing no specifics, as if everyone already knows—that “President Trump seems to believe that all these qualities are unimportant or show weakness.”

McRaven concludes, “it is time for a new person in the Oval Office—Republican, Democrat or independent—the sooner, the better.” At the very least, McRaven called for impeachment ahead of an election, or perhaps for a coup, and pretended to do so on the military’s behalf. In fact, his was just one more voice from an establishment that has squandered the public’s trust, senses that it can no longer win elections honestly, and is pulling out all the stops.

It pretends to be trying to take down Donald Trump. In fact, it is trying to do something much bigger: Invalidate the votes of the “deplorables” who oppose them.

I suggest that the just response from self-respecting Americans to McRaven and others like him is: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Even as McRaven brays for removing the president, he pretends solicitude for “the republic.” But remember: the American republic is founded on the will of the people, expressed by elections. The foremost thing to keep in mind about what is happening in Washington is that it is, above all, an attempt to subordinate the will of the people, expressed in elections, to the will of the ruling class, expressed through its control of social and political institutions.

The American people’s proper and just reaction should be to remind the ruling class that as Alexander Hamilton said, “here, the people rule,” and hence pointedly to ask our would-be rulers what they have done that we should follow them?

If we ask what they have done for us that we should have confidence in them, we realize that these people have lost every war they have waged since 1945. Accommodating themselves to our corrupt ruling class, they have been happy enough to wage endless no-win wars which have killed as many Americans as did World War I. The current military dictionary has no entry for “victory.”

Should they continue making war on us—figuratively or otherwise—for the dastardly crime of daring to vote in an unapproved fashion, on the assumption that We The People might be an easier mark for them, these Top Men are going to continue their long losing streak.


Wait, what?

You know a certain threshold for something or other has been reached when Piers Morgan is a voice of sanity and reason.

British T.V. host Piers Morgan called out a climate activist about her lifestyle choices, which are not helpful for the planet, as protesters are staging demonstrations across the United Kingdom.

The ongoing protests has been organized by Extinction Rebellion, who want the United Kingdom’s Parliament to take action on climate change. Demonstrations include clogging roads and blocking bridges with their bodies and other big objects. 

Morgan asked Extinction Rebellion’s co-leader Skeena Rathor how she arrived to their studio. Rathor said a car sent by the station had picked her up.

When Morgan then asked her if she had a T.V. at her home and if her children use computers, Rathor said she did not think it was relevant to “the planet emergency.”

“Do you see the problem with all this? You go on about ‘My kids can’t get out of bed because they’re all so terrified,’ I’m not surprised they’re terrified because your mum’s telling them everyday the planet’s about to end, and yet, I bet your own carbon footprint, for all the stuff I’ve just mentioned is terrible,” Morgan said.

“So why don’t you give your computer, give up your television, give up your air conditioning, walk your kids to school, get a bike to the studio. Why don’t you practice what you preach?” he added.

The shrike’s response is every bit as feeble, self-serving, and pathetic as you’d expect.

Reynolds laid out one of his good, pithy rips a week or two ago (I have no link for it, sorry) noting that most of the Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) tards were college kids, then going on to ask why, if the world is ending in ten or twelve years, they’d be staying in college at all.



Only HILLARY!™ can save us.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hillary Clinton has announced that after much debate she will seek reelection as president of the United States.

Pundits on MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News have long pondered whether Clinton would seek reelection or allow someone else to step in, and now she’s made a definitive declaration.

“After much deliberation, consultation, and prayer to Moloch, I have decided that I will seek a second term,” she said to a crowd gathered at a local Wendy’s restaurant. “I feel I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to in my first term, and I really need a full eight years to implement my final solution to all of America’s problems.”

Aides then gently ushered her back onto the bus to take her back to Bright Sunrise Home For Seniors.

Looks like deranged old Granny Grifter has been into her “tonic” again. On a very, very slightly more serious note:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump is about a “much more serious set of charges” than anything related to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

And that “serious set of charges” would be…WHAT, exactly? Making a phone call to a foreign leader in which investigation of the Democrat-Socialist attempt to rig the 2016 election was glancingly mentioned? Not being guilty of “collusion,” as directly and clearly stated by the failed Mueller witch-hunt’s report? Putting American interests first abroad, instead of selling them down the river as you did? Refusing to cooperate with a ginned-up, illegitimate “impeachment” fraud unconstitutionally launched as a purely partisan coup plot? Fighting back against the treasonous, anti-American Democrat-Socialist criminal organization and its myriad depredations?

Did I leave anything out of that list of spurious, contrived, fraudulent “crimes” there, Madame Secretary?

“And, as a former secretary of state, I just want Americans to stop and think, why are we allowing this president to, in effect, undermine our sovereignty, turning over foreign policy to foreign governments, what he just did with the Kurds, empowering Turkey and Russia against our staunchest allies in the Middle East?” she added.

Umm…Turkey is an actual American ally, Hills. Y’know, as guaranteed by their membership in NATO, the archaic, outdated alliance established by a seventy-year old treaty drawn up to defend Western Europe in the event of an invasion led by a nation that, y’know, no longer exists? The one you all were shrieking blue murder about Trump’s having suggested leaving or modifying it?

The Kurds, our “staunch allies”? Really? That ain’t what your side was saying back when you were demanding that we hightail it out of Bush’s “blood for oil” war in Iraq, as I recollect. No, according to y’all, we couldn’t abandon the Kurds fast enough in those days. But it gets even worse for you, I’m afraid: those Kurds you’re boo-hooing yourselves sick over Trump “abandoning”? Should Turkey cross into Syria and attack them, the NATO agreement arguably requires us not just to “abandon” them, but to actively assist Turkey in making war on them, should the request be made of us.

“This is the goal of the Trump strategy. It is to raise questions.”

Well, in fairness, I can easily see why somebody like you might have a real problem with that.

“There is no evidence that either one of them did anything wrong. Could there be a question of judgment about his son? Well, that’s fair game but there is absolutely no evidence, and there will not be any evidence, that Joe Biden did anything wrong,” she said.

Heh. You so funny. Once again, Democrat-Socialist projection comes into play.

“Enough with these wild, unfounded conspiracy theories, using the help of foreign governments to interfere in our elections and to undermine people who have been in the public eye for a long time and I hope that the American public rejects this, as they should,” she added.

Run again and find out what the American public rejects, you loathsome carbuncle.

Update! Birds of a feather.

One of the many news-making revelations in Ronan Farrow’s upcoming book, Catch and Kill, is that he received pressure from Hillary Clinton to back off his reporting on Harvey Weinstein.

But even without this reporting, what we also know is that Weinstein’s alleged misconduct and abuse were no secret in Hollywood and Washington, DC. Report after report after report confirm that “everyone knew,” but no one did anything because 1) Weinstein had the power to make or break your Hollywood career and 2) Weinstein raised a ton of money for Democrats — most especially, the Clintons; most especially, Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, this Hillary Clinton bombshell could not come at a worse time for the two-time presidential loser, a time when she appears to be seriously flirting with the idea of a 2020 rematch with President Trump. She might want to remember that during their 2016 battle, Trump was not afraid to remind voters that Hillary played a leading role to personally destroy the women who claimed to have been raped, abused, molested, and mistreated by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Gee, corrupt much there, Cankles?


End game

The only surprise here is that there’s been so few attempts on his life already.

Emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Russia collusion, the Mueller report, impeachment…The Left has played damn near every card in the deck against Donald Trump to no result whatsoever. Leftists are getting down to the bottom of the deck, and the final card: assassination.

This is not to say that the Democrats or even the denizens of the Deep State would directly involve themselves in an assassination attempt against the president. (Though I would go so far as to say that they would welcome it.) But let’s consider the landscape…

Follows, a brief recap of violent-Left assassination beat-off fantasies, threats, actual assaults against noncomfortists, mass-murder attempts, and so on, a familiar litany that I won’t transcribe here. Then:

There are, of course, many other incidents, but those will suffice: the opposition is no longer loyal or respectable. It has gone functionally insane. The Democrats have been transformed into the party of the fanatic, the messianic, the depraved, and the demented. The Left is obsessed with stopping Donald Trump at all costs and, as its slogan goes, “by any means necessary.” If these people can’t do it by legal or even the borderline means of the past three years, it is likely they will try to kill him.

Likely? It’s an all-but-certainty, seems to me. After all, “these people” are completely bereft of morals, perspective, or shame, and acknowledge no restraint or limitation whatever on their Divine Right to rule. After Trump wins 49 states next year, expect the number of assassination attempts against him to blow away all records as the Left reprobates are faced to confront the scale of their rejection by Real Americans, then pulls out all the stops to go full-on fascist in their neverending quest for power.

Trump would probably be shocked by this—as I’ve said, his greatest weakness is that he still believes in and loves this country, and has great faith in the essential decency of its people even those with whom no decency is not in evidence—but the rest of us shouldn’t be. We should also bear in mind that it isn’t really Trump they hate; it’s us. And if you think they wouldn’t be eager to widen the scope of any post-election campaign of assassination should they meet with any success in eliminating or incapacitating Trump, you’re just kidding yourself.



A righteous rip on Her Herness that stings like an enraged hornet.

With Bernie Sanders last seen in an ambulance and none of their other 2020 candidates looking like a proven national vote getter, it’s easy to imagine desperate Democrats turning to the former First Lady and two-time loser to save the party from a disaster she helped to create.

But when Hillary Clinton is the solution to your problems, your real problem might be problem solving itself.

If she does get in the race, Hillary will need a lot of money. At the moment that’s an issue, since many of the benefactors who were there for her in the past, are spread thin or—like Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein—sidelined by the #MeToo movement.

So until the field narrows and more funds are available Hillary’s working her blue-state base in community centers, churches, and lesbian bookstores while her publisher picks up the tab.

It has to feel a little like old times to the aging grifter. In 2000, she listened her way through every county in the state of New York before elbowing Caroline Kennedy aside to win a seat in the Senate. In 2008, she tried the same thing in her first run for the White House.

Even though Barack Obama proved to be the better con artist that year, Hillary was the first to cash in, turning her job as Obama’s secretary of state into the most lucrative pay-to-play operation Washington’s ever seen.

That’s one reason she lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump. Another was the fact that too many voters, for obvious reasons, found her “cold,” “aloof,” and “untrustworthy.”

This time things will be different, a familiar refrain whenever the Clintons are up to something.

And then it really gets vicious. And hilarious.


Let’s don’t and say we did

They appear to be serious.

In just over a year, American citizens will have a chance to cast their ballot for the next president. Except for the 75 million Americans barred by state and local laws from registering to vote, that is.

Are there really that many American citizens legally barred from voting? The answer is yes: our kids.

Around the world, almost every country bars people under 18 from voting. The reasons vary — they won’t be informed enough, they don’t pay taxes yet, they can’t serve in the militaryyet, they tend too liberal, they tend too rebellious — but the rule persists, even in the face of a generation of passionate, smart, and informed teenage activists, and even as it becomes obvious that our current political system is failing our children.

In the last year, there’ve been encouraging signs that we might rethink this. Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has argued for a voting age of 16, and a bill proposing a voting age of 16 died in the US House in March with a majority of Democratic representatives supporting it.

Well, let’s do them one better: The United States should consider eradicating the voting age entirely and letting every American citizen who can successfully fill out a ballot be counted in our local, state, and national elections (and yes, this goes for felons too).

How about this instead: NO. Not just NO; HELL NO. Also: FUCK YOU, for good measure.

Truth is, our real problem isn’t that we don’t have enough people voting, but that we have way too many unqualified, ignorant, tuned-out mouthbreathers casting ballots already. Judging by the number of votes the Democrat-Socialist Party still somehow manages to garner, fully half the damned electorate is completely clueless about the most fundamental, elementary aspects of our faltering system: the Electoral College and its purpose; the fact that the US is NOT a democracy, and why that’s a very good thing; the crucial Constitutional distinction between the House (representatives of the people) and Senate (representatives of the sovereign states) and the wanton destruction of those mandated roles by the heinous 17th Amendment; and the very concepts of self-government, unalienable rights, and limited government themselves.

Once again, just when you think Leftards couldn’t possibly make themselves any more ridiculous, here they come with ludicrous codswallop like this to prove you wrong. How any reasonably intelligent human could consider granting power to these chowderheads by voting for them is way beyond me. Think I’m kidding, or exaggerating, about how patently absurd Lefty nutjobs are? Think again.

A new ad campaign to fight cervical cancer is dominated by a transgender person who is a biological male and has no cervix. Look at the absurdity of the ad under the caption “Transwomen and Cervical Cancer Screening.”

The site goes onto claim that the risk of cervical cancer for a person with no cervix is very low. “If you’re a trans woman, you may not have given much thought to Pap tests and cervical cancer. And if you haven’t, that makes a fair amount of sense. After all, in order to get cervical cancer, you need to have a cervix.” But don’t be fooled by the seeming clarity of this statement. They go on to talk themselves out of it.

In England, the public health department includes biological men who pretend to be women in their cervical cancer screenings too if they identify as female. And if females identify as male, they will not be invited to be screened for cervical cancer despite having working cervixes. The Sun reported in 2017,

Women’s campaigner Laura Perrins told the Mail On Sunday: “We’ve now got to the point where state collusion with this transgender agenda is endangering the health of women.

“It’s a ludicrous use of NHS resources to invite men for a cervical smear test, while it’s immoral and dangerous not to invite women.”

The world is truly insane.

Well, part of it certainly is, yeah. But how is this story related to Vox’s drivel demanding children of all ages be allowed to vote, you ask? Like this: it’s but another front of the Left’s ever-escalating war on common sense.

Examples of the war on common sense are now everywhere in public life. How about the denial of the plain fact that humans are either male or female?

Not long ago, a boy in a tutu and a tiara who claimed he was a girl would still be regarded as a boy. Today, academic and cultural elites, as well as government officials, insist that “gender identity” is more real than biology. They say there are many genders, and one website tells me there are 63. Elites tell us we had better get with the many-gender program, or else. And while we are at it, we had better get politically correct about marriage. We are told that marriage no longer means one thing, a union between a man and a woman. How long will it be until we have 63 varieties of marriage?

The war on moral common sense has reached new heights of absurdity. If we point out a need for common-sense steps to protect ourselves from Islamic terrorists, we are said to suffer a psychological condition called “Islamophobia.” But unlike other phobias, such as claustrophobia, this condition is said to make us victimizers rather than victims. Similarly, if we say that America needs to secure its borders, we are met by cries that “walls are immoral.” Evidently, the common-sense wisdom that good walls make good neighbors has been taken down by the masters of political correctness.

Political correctness is quite simply a war on common sense. It is a war by the elites on the common people and on the shared understanding of basic realities of life that has made it possible for us to rule ourselves under the Constitution. Once this common-sense understanding of reality has been vanquished, it is “mission accomplished” for the Americans who reject America.

A brief visit with the founding father of the philosophy of common sense will help us get our bearings as we explore the fascinating subject of common sense.

“If there are certain principles, as I think there are, which the constitution of our nature leads us to believe, and which we are under a necessity to take for granted in the common concerns of life, without being able to give a reason for them; these are what we call the principles of common sense; and what is manifestly contrary to them, is what we call absurd.”

So wrote Thomas Reid, a professor of moral philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He referred to his philosophical method as “common sense realism” and he published his greatest work, An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense, in 1764. It is difficult to overstate Reid’s importance to the American Founding. Arthur Herman emphasizes this point, writing that “Common Sense Realism was virtually the official creed of the American Republic.”

As you know, the American Founders claimed they were guided by self-evident truths. They relied on self-evident truths because their deliberations were deeply informed by the thinking of Thomas Reid. And Reid continued to be at the center of American thought for more than a century. Generations of American academics were common-sense realists, and until the Civil War, every major American collegiate intellectual was a common-sense realist.

Reid is all but forgotten in America today.

And voilå! We find ourselves beset on all sides by absurdity, nonsense, and unreality: cervical-cancer screenings for men without cervixes; children incapable of tying their own shoes granted the franchise; white people insisting they’re black; a Baskin-Robbins menu of genders, and etc. All these afflictions and imbecilic inanities bestowed on us by the preposterous, insane Left.

We really do need to find a way to see that they’re properly thanked for it someday.


Plants ain’t meat

To corrupt my favorite old joke about tattoos: know what the difference is between vegans and meat-eaters? Meat-eaters don’t care if you don’t eat meat.

The latest “woke” take on vegan fast food, like the Impossible Whopper and Del Taco Beyond Meats tacos, is this: They’re not any healthier than the standard meat versions of those items. Outlets from NBC News to Fox Business to CNBC are all sounding the alarm that these menu items often contain roughly the same amount of calories than their beefy counterparts—and often pack in more sodium. But is health even the real reason customers are ordering these Impossible and Beyond options in the first place?

Maybe, maybe not. But the reason it’s being crammed down our throats via fact-free propaganda won’t surprise anybody:

The only one that might stick is the stated reason the founders of these companies have been telling us all along. They want to drive the livestock industry out of business and get rid of the cows to save the planet. And if they can make the sale to enough of this emerging fast-food market, we might be in trouble. But somehow I don’t think so. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I think people will tire of the novelty quickly enough and realize that they miss eating good old reliable beef, just as nature intended.

Also, I suspect that more information will eventually get out to the general public about the “heme” that’s used in the manufacturing process and the other substances they produce. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people eating these burgers are under the impression that “plant-based” just means it’s a new type of veggie burger. But that’s not what this is at all. These burgers are a mad scientist’s chemistry experiment running off the rails. And if all of you out there who are scarfing them down suddenly start growing tails in a couple of months, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

On the bright side, though, vegans tend not to live very long, with or without tails.

I’ve mentioned here before that I did the vegetarian thing myself for a year or so long ago, before deciding that life is way too short to spend one minute more of it than I had to foregoing fully-loaded cheeseburgers cooked on a Weber charcoal grill. And since the supergeniuses in charge of herding us into abiding by whatever their current idea of “healthy” food is seem prone to turning on a dime and completely reversing course with their fearmongering guidelines every twenty years or so, I intend to eat precisely whatever the hell I want, and to Perdition with the dietary “experts” and their “healthy” restrictions and recommendations.

The thing I find truly irritating about vegans/vegetarians—aside from their supercilious sanctimony, that is—is how they can’t seem to just eat their gloppy soy curds, tree bark, and lawn trimmings as they are without trying to make the stuff as close as possible to the horrible, horrible meat they’re far too moral to consume. I mean, come on: Not Dogs? Tofurkey? Bac’un? I’ve had all these products at one time or another, God knows why, and I’d rather gargle diarrhea than suffer that way again.

If you pasty, weak, sickly vegans crave bacon or a footlong Nathan’s, you should just go ahead and have some of the real deal. Because trust me: no matter how tightly close your eyes, hold your nose, and try to deceive yourself into believing otherwise, these fraudulent affronts to God His Own Self are NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

Nor are they good; in fact, they’re truly awful, and some of them are damned near inedible. When it comes to taste, texture, aroma, and appearance, these dubious triumphs of modern chem-lab experimentation and liberal self-deception fall far, far short of any civilized standard. Go check some of these pics out, and then come back and tell me you’d even consider putting such unappealing swill in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing it without a gun to your head.

In preference to a fat, sizzling ribeye or some grilled, marinated pork chops?

Yeah, gedoudda here with all that bushwa. Meanwhile, anybody want some sausage with them eggs? A little red-eye gravy over their grits and country ham, perhaps? Howzabout a nice bacon-wrapped filet for dinner, eh? Or a nice spaghetti Bolognese? Like the bumpersticker says: I love animals. They’re DELICIOUS.


How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Such a nasty woman.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat at a replica Resolute Desk to read her old emails for an hour as part of an Italian art exhibit.

Clinton traveled to the Venetian Teatro Italia in Venice on Tuesday to become a part of the exhibit created by artist Kenneth Goldsmith. Titled “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails,” the exhibit featured a mock Oval Office Resolute Desk with more than 60,000 pages of Clinton’s leaked emails printed, bound, and set out for anyone to leaf through.

“This exhibition is further proof that nothing wrong or controversial can be found on these emails. It makes them accessible to everyone and allows everyone to read them,” Clinton said in a statement. “They are just so boring.”

No word on whether Her Herness recited from memory any of the 30,000 emails (not “pages”) the old soak illegally deleted to cover her sickly, sodden ass.


No, the US government did NOT do it

Thou fools.

The film (Loose Change—M) is a rapid-fire collection of video clips set to techno music, attempting to prove that:

  1. No plane hit the Pentagon – it was a cruise missile;
  2. The hijacked planes didn’t bring down the World Trade Center, the buildings were wired with explosives ahead of time;
  3. Flight 93 didn’t crash in Pennsylvania and in fact landed safely elsewhere. The passengers were in on the conspiracy.

They’ve sold more than 100,000 copies of this thing on DVD. It’s been downloaded millions of times.

But is it bullshit?

It most certainly is; as arrant a stinking pile of it as can possibly be imagined. Since Item 2 seems to be the one with real staying power, the other two being patently absurd on their faces and in the main forgotten by now, I’ll just stick to Wong’s evisceration of that.

The entire 9/11 “Truth” movement rests on the idea that the World Trade Center towers were rigged with explosives, a “Controlled Demolition” like you see with old buildings. That’s the whole thing. They say the buildings couldn’t have come down otherwise.

Forget the fact that no experts on the subject agree with them. That’s not the point right now. We’re just trying to get inside these guys’ heads.

Now, maybe you could keep the plan itself a secret. A few dozen murderous black ops guys, demolitions experts with a grudge against the USA, maybe they’ve been brainwashed. Who knows. Maybe it could be done. People point out that the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb was kept a secret, so why not this?

But the cover-up. Holy s**t, guys. Covering this thing up after the fact would be like trying to keep the atomic bomb a secret after Hiroshima. Just wait ’till you hear this.

First, picture the demolitions teams wiring up the World Trade Center towers with explosives prior to the attack. Obviously you couldn’t do it during business hours, since it’d be kind of hard to explain to the 100,000 people who worked at or visited the WTC towers on any given day why you had a huge chunk of wall torn out and were wiring up a bomb on the steel beams there.

I mean, keep in mind, I don’t know how big of a job that would be (no one has ever demolished a building that size before) but a building just half the size of one WTC tower took 4,000 separate charges to bring down. Four thousand.

That job took seven months of prep work… and they had the run of an abandoned building, without having to hide their work from 100,000 people every day. Our demolition crew, on the other hand, can work only at night and has to spend the last bit of every shift carefully repairing the wall and hiding any evidence of charges or detonators as not to be discovered during the day.

Huge teams of demolitions experts, who had no problem wiring a building full of innocent New Yorkers to explode, hired in secret, worked every night for what had to be a year (and that’s only if they had a big enough crew) placing maybe 10,000 separate charges in each tower and another few thousand in WTC 7 (the smaller WTC tower that also collapsed, later in the day on 9/11).

And nobody notices.

That’s right. That’s the theory they’re putting out there. 100,000 DVDs they’ve sold with this.

Truckloads of bombs, dozens of mysterious workers, going in and out of the building, night after night. Security at the building doesn’t catch them, Port Authority Police don’t catch them, random eyewitnesses who stumble across the operation and call the cops don’t catch them, maintenance workers who stumble across wet paint and repaired walls and bits of strange wire don’t catch them, security cameras don’t catch them.

The bomb-sniffing dogs who were brought in from time to time (remember, these buildings were bombed by terrorists in 1993) who are trained to find even one bomb, fail to notice the 10,000 bombs lining their building.

If you’re saying that nothing could possibly be more retarded than that, you’re wrong.

No, they’re just getting started.

Ahh, but happily, so is Wong—and by the time he’s done, the conspiracy garbage ziggurat has been reduced to a ruin of smoking rubble comparable only to the Twin Towers themselves. For my money, the notion that the US government might be competent enough to successfully pull something as monumental and complex as this off is so laughable as to provide all the debunking anyone ought to ever need. Which ain’t to say that they wouldn’t, mind. Only that they couldn’t.


Eat moor Hate Chicken!

I ask you, how can you not absolutely love this?

There is something magical and quietly hilarious about the ability of a fast food chain peddling chicken to arouse deep outrage from the alienated few and yet record-setting patronage by the greater public. Chick-fil-A manages to do the seemingly impossible: it enjoys the largest per store sales of any fast food chain, despite being closed on Sundays. And that religious observance is related to the hatred directed at it from those who resent its support for causes related to promoting biblical constraints on sexuality.

Yesterday, Chick-fil-A ventured beyond the borders of the United States for the very first time, opening the first of 15 planned stores in the Greater Toronto Area, and militant homosexuals as well as animal righties attempted to obstruct customers, some of whom started lining up as early as 6:30 A.M., from entering the store. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, what the fuck ever. But then the hilarity kicks in.

The display of self-righteous anger backfired, as customers calmly stepped over and around the bodies attempting to block access and entered to enjoy delicious chicken sandwiches and nuggets.

Inexplicably, the attached photos do not include even one of a mildly-inconvenienced and annoyed customer planting a size-12 hobnailed jackboot squarely on one of the shrieking moonbats’ pallid, pimply faces and pressing down with vigor, instead of too-considerately stepping around the flabby wretch. Must have been an oversight on somebody or other’s part, I guess; next time, maybe. Funnier still:

Though most activists took issue with the chain’s reported anti-LGBTQ-stance at the Friday event,

Which, of course, is a complete damned fabrication.

others called out the chain’s alleged treatment of animals. Some staged a “die-in” to honor chickens slaughtered by the business, as per BlogTo.

The trouble with all these supposed “die-ins” is that we never get to enjoy seeing any of these useless ninnyhammers actually die in one.


Revisionism 101

The Old Grey Whore, at it again.

Last week, a little pamphlet of the working man called the New York Times announced a new initiative in moral enlightenment for the great mass of ignorant Americans. The “1619 Project,” as it’s called, “aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story.”

Those with questions about this exercise in revisionism are being cast as bigots who just hate that America’s “paper of record” is acknowledging our “real past.” Right. Because if there’s one thing Americans don’t hear enough about, it’s how evil and racist their country is.

The Times is asking for more than a “re-examination” of the country’s history. The editors are not really looking to “explore” anything in earnest: they’ve already reached their conclusions, assumed to be obvious and beyond dispute. Here is a declaration from the nation’s leading newspaper that the Founding as we understand it is illegitimate, that America needs to be fundamentally re-imagined and reconstructed.

Well, duh. They’ve only been screaming this very thing directly in our faces for years now—since at least “fundamental transformation” and “for the first time I’m proud of my country,” if not well before. So how many more times do we all need to hear it before we stop pretending to be shocked by it and take them at their word?

No serious person would disagree that American slavery was a disgraceful system, or that racial disparities persist today. But what, exactly, do the revisionists expect to keep the nation together once the ancien regime has been abolished?

Brute force, subjugation, and iron-fisted tyranny, natch. More from Steve Sailer:

How exactly retconning American history will get rid of Trump was left vague, but Baquet was confident that it was all part of the Times’ seamless plot.

By the way, that’s some hilariously shameless boasting about the power of The Narrative to warp minds.

As I’ve pointed out, The Narrative is pushed less by printing fake news or by completely censoring true news than by the power of the prestige press to pick out ideologically convenient items from the vast surfeit of events and declare them the news about which we are all supposed to have a “conversation.”

Did, say, a Catholic schoolboy “smirk” at a “tribal elder”?

Now, that’s national news!

In contrast, in the wake of the vaunted Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, did four Teens of Color in St. Louis, shouting “Kill the white people,” hammer a white man to death?

Why are you interested in a local police blotter detail?

And if there is a lot of news for powerful interests to pick and choose amongst, there’s even more history.

Lots, lots more from Sailer, who wanders pretty far afield in this nonetheless interesting analysis.


Pencil-neck gets primaried

What the hell, why not.

A drag queen is challenging Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff for his seat in Congress.

Maebe A. Girl became the first drag queen elected to local government, winning a seat in Silver Lake Neighborhood Council earlier this year.

Now the drag queen is attempting to win a seat in the House of Representatives and become the first congressional trans person and first drag queen, according to Route Fifty. Girl will face Schiff in an open primary. 

“While I appreciate his allyship, I think someone that is actually a part of the queer community, that understands the day-to-day struggles, would be a better representative than an ally,” Girl said of Schiff. “I want people to know that there are more progressive people on the ballot.”

The drag queen identifies as transgender and gender fluid, likening the name change to Lady Gaga and congressional struggles to that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cali could do worse, I guess. And has.


Burn in Hell

Hate on (((DEM JOOOOOZ!!!))) all you want. Just remember, though, your juvenile stupidity and paranoia is putting you squarely on the same team as these two terrorist-supporting, genocidal Muslim slimeballs.

Omar said she and Tlaib were “being denied the right to see for ourselves the reality on the ground in the West Bank” and the ban was “nothing less than an attempt by an ally of the United States to suppress our ability to do our jobs as elected officials.

Yeah, fuck you. You aren’t the slightest bit interested in any “reality on the ground,” bitch. You’re interested solely in propagandizing for the “drive the Jews into the sea” agenda of a bunch of murdering subhumans. Israel was right—and well within their rights—to keep you out, being under no obligation whatsoever to roll out the welcome mat for terrorist-supporting shitstirrers seeking only to undermine their security and sow discord. Would that the US still had the gumption and self-respect to turn your sorry ass back at its own border and deny you re-entry, too.

“We give Israel more than $3 million in aid every year,” she said. “This is predicated on they’re being an important ally in the region and the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East,” making air quotes with her fingers.

OOOOOOOOH, 3 million a year, is it? STAGGERING sum, that. Many of our own homegrown ((((JOOOOOO!!)))) haters like to bitch about that too, to bolster their argument against Israel’s existence. Only one little problem.

According to the US Consulate in Jerusalem’s website, the United States has been the largest donor of aid to the Palestinians since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1994. This aid has totaled around $600 million annually in recent years, and can be roughly divided into three categories.

The first is USAID, the conduit by which the State Department provides aid to countries across the world. The second is the economic support for law and order in the Palestinian Authority. These two categories were perhaps the aid that Trump had in mind in his tweet, though the president did not specify. The third is the US support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, as addressed by Haley.

So, let’s see then: 3 mill for support for the only functioning democracy in the ME, a nation which as far as I’m aware hasn’t seen a single incidence of anti-American protests featuring shouts of “Death to America,” burning and stomping of the US flag, placards with 3rd-grade-level artwork of troglodytic Muslim murderers slaughtering American soldiers, etc. In return for that relative pittance, we get reliable support of all kinds in every global forum or venue from Israel’s government; access to the uncountable medical, military, and technological innovations Israel provides the world; and a stable, prosperous, rational, and responsible state smack in the middle of one of the most violent, primordial, chaotic shitpits on the entire planet.

That’s in contrast to *6 FUCKING HUNDRED MILLION* US DOLLARS per year shoveled to a passel of useless swine, most of which is clandestinely misappropriated to provide support for a global terrorist network that has savagely murdered who even knows who many innocent civilians all over the world, including thousands upon thousands of Americans. The rest is simply stolen, lining the pockets of various kleptocratic Paleosimian “officials.”

I dunno, call me a dupe of the Interplanetary ((((JOOOOOOOO!)))) Conspiracy here (yes, they’re putting JEW COOTIES on the moon now, apparently), but if we’re going to complain about how much aid goes where, I know which beneficaries of US largesse I’d prefer to see cut off from Uncle Sugar Tit’s pursestrings, and which one we’re getting some kind of actual return on investment from. Back to our original article for more subversive whining from this rectal polyp.

“We must be asking, as Israel’s ally, the Netanyahu government stop the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land, and ensure full rights for Palestinians if we are to give them aid. These are not just my views. These are the views held by the range of experts, peace advocates on this issue.”

“Peace advocates.” “Experts.” *snort*

“We know Donald Trump would love nothing more than to use this issue to pit Muslims and Jewish Americans against each other. The Muslim community and the Jewish community are being othered and made into the bogeyman by this administration. But as we will hear today, people of all different faiths are coming together to speak up against the status quo in the region,” she continued.

Au contraire, Muzzrat scum; Trump doesn’t need to “use” this or any other issue to pit Muslims and civilized people against each other, nor does anybody else. Your own filthy little murder book, the Koran, already accomplished the task quite completely, filled cover to cover as it is with your pedophile prophet’s exhortations to slaughter, subjugation, and genocide, all at the behest of your false “God.” And it’s Pisslam’s stubborn, millenia-long campaign of war, terror, and conquest against Western civilization that long ago established your “people” as a very real “bogeyman,” “otherizing” you far more effectively than Trump ever could.

600 million a year to the Paleosimians. Not just one time, but per annum, for YEARS—adding up to a grand total of 5.2 BILLION since 1994. For absolutely nothing. Sorry to dwell on it and all, but I’m having a little trouble getting past that one, folks.


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