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The real Barky

Despite the best efforts of the now-weeping liberal press, he was finally right out in the open.

This was the first real debate Obama ever had with someone who dared to defend himself and to question not just Obama’s ideas, but also his dismal economic record — the worst of any president in the postwar era.

The media have instead focused on distorting Romney’s beliefs and record as a leader and successful businessman. Any wonder that Obama leads in the polls?

So the 60 million TV viewers tuning in to the debate were no doubt surprised at what they saw: A thin-skinned, ill-prepared, smirking, at times bored president, who stumbled over his own words and didn’t seem to have answers for Romney’s laserlike ripostes.

For the first time, Americans saw the real Barack Obama — not the one the media invented, elevated and subsequently protected from all scrutiny.

And who is this real Barack Obama?

A man with a murky, leftist past who never ran anything in his life, and whose lackluster state and U.S. senatorial career is characterized by “voted present.”

A man who distrusts business, the backbone of job creation, and seems to believe higher taxes and more government spending lead to greater economic growth — something no legitimate economist would agree with.

Romney took advantage of this to punch big holes in the myth of Obama as a successful president.

And in the process, just might have put the final nail in the coffin the Enemy Media’s credibility will now be buried in.

Update! Oh, fuck you, asshole. Just…fuck you. Racistracistracistracist. Fuck. You. But by all means, keep saying it. Let everybody get a good look at the disgusting true nature of modern “liberalism.”

Who would have thought that Barack Obama would come off as the candidate with a hollow core?

Anybody who’s been paying attention and has a lick of fucking sense, that’s who. Because that’s exactly what he is, and what he’s always been.

Yet there he was, giving a presentation devoid of substance, vision, principle, or even basic coherence. He didn’t show a spark of anger, even when Romney slyly found a way to call him a boy, comparing Obama’s statements to the sorts of childish lies his “five boys” used to tell.

How the right’s hard-core racists must have howled at that! Mitt, at long last, has secured his base.

Jeff has a lot more to say in response to this diseased twat, but I’m sticking with: FUCK. YOU. And the spavined nag you rode in on, too.

Updated update! Some of the usual astute analysis from Sen Blutarsky:

The upside, from Obama’s perspective, of his performance on Wednesday night, was that it kept his natural churlishness in check. He smirked, and offered other tells, but mostly you had to be looking for them in order to notice. In going after Mitt Romney aggressively, Obama risks showing Americans a side of his personality that he’d be better off hiding.

Simply put, Barack Obama is a smug prick. He is not used to being challenged, and is prone to react badly when it happens. The more effectively he conceals this, the better off he’ll be, but he is now under pressure to adopt a debate posture that risks highlighting it.

In this way, the town hall format of the second debate may work to his disadvantage. Obama may be disciplined enough to refrain from ad hominem attacks on Romney directly. But will he be able to resist inserting them into answers to the voters’ town hall questions? And once he goes on the attack, will he remain sufficiently self-disciplined to avoid revealing his inner Marxist?

In the first debate, Romney took the battle to Obama with great success. In the second debate, Romney needs to adapt to Obama’s heightened aggression and be prepared not only to parry more attacks, but to invite certain lines of attack that can be used to make Obama seem angry, extreme, or just generally less presidential.

I predict that this is just what will happen.

Seems like a pretty fair bet to me, too. I mean, what’s his alternative? To be more moderate and milquetoast-bland? To gaze even more longingly at his shoes whenever Romney calls him out on another lie? He just about has to go nasty, and that’s one thing–probably the only thing–he’s really good at. But all those nitwits out there who keep his numbers high in the “likeability” indexes (assuming they even exist–which, given the mug’s game the polls have become, is a pretty broad leap) ain’t gonna like it much.

I almost forgot to include this gem:

The Vice-Presidential debate may never take place, as the prospect of debating Paul Ryan may well cause Joe Biden to rationally decide instead to commit seppuku. And of the debate does take place, the end result is likely to be about the same as if he had: Biden’s entrails scattered across the floor.

Either way, we all win.

Been saying it for years update! The Diplomad weighs in:

President Obama got demolished by Governor Romney. He came off as an inept, ideological, lazy second-rate tenured university professor who has no need for concern about his employment.

He also came off as a coward. Yes, a coward. He is used to having others do his hit jobs for him; used to hurling insults and slanders from a distance, and then retreating behind his “charm,” smile, and silky voice. He is not used to face-to-face confrontation. He is not used to having the man he has insulted and lied about standing a few feet away. He was clearly intimidated by Romney, and let himself be dominated.

I think, my two cents, this is why he did not use the “47%” issue: he feared raising it directly with Romney and having to endure Romney’s counterattack. He is a coward. He couldn’t look Romney in the eye.

I kept wondering, what if instead of the genteel and civilized Romney standing a few feet away it had been the steely-eyed gangster Putin or the Iranian madman Ahmadinejad?

What I keep wondering, in a saddened, what-might-have-been kind of way, is what if instead of Romney it had been Gingrich? Love Gingrich or hate him, there wouldn’t have been enough of Ogabe left to bother vacuuming up. And how much more delicious would it have been to have “liberals” weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth because of a guy they hate as bad as they do ol’ Newt?


Four more years…of this?

No, thanks.

America is an interesting strategic situation. A large ground force is in a landlocked country where it can only be supplied through Pakistan, Russia, or Iran. It has withdrawn from Iraq. It’s energy policy has just refused a Canadian oil pipeline which is now purposed for China. Its defense expenditures are sequestered. It is going to share missile defense information with Russia. It is working to dismantle its nuclear weapons. It’s foreign policy has arguably lost the Middle East and is adding Syria to the list of Jihadi controlled countries. It has broken openly with Israel. It has refused to enforce its immigration laws. And it may re-elect the President responsible for all of this.

They may re-elect him in the name of “cool”. In the name of sophistication and enlightment. Under the banner of “it’s for the unions” or “it’s for the children”.

They very well may. And if they do, they deserve every last thing they’re going to get.


pResident Pissypants drops the ball

You knew McCarthy would have plenty to say about the God Emperor’s latest fiasco. You weren’t wrong.

Defense against foreign enemies is the primary job of the president of the United States. The rationale for the office’s creation is national defense — not green venture capitalism, not rationing medical care, not improving the self-image of the “Muslim world,” not leaving no child behind, not blowing out the Treasury’s credit line. Yet, though we are entering the late innings, foreign policy and national defense have not been factors in the 2012 campaign.

That is worth bearing in mind when we hear the laugh-out-loud narrative of Obama as foreign-affairs chess master. The president badly wants to win reelection. If there were anything to his alleged prowess, we’d not have heard the end of it. What we’ve heard, instead, is a bumper-sticker: “Obama killed Osama.” The Left hoped to paste it over the president’s generally dreary record. Even with the Obamedia in coordinated overdrive, the plan can work only if Mitt Romney lets it work — and, thankfully, it looks like he won’t.

The game never goes according to plan. The batted ball always manages to find the suspect fielder, no matter how hard the coach, or the campaign, tries to hide him. On the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities, the world and its affairs found the Obama administration — intruding on the president’s effort to win reelection by a brand of domestic class warfare that gives new meaning to the word “small.”

When it came, Obama’s moment was entirely predictable. It was, after all, self-inflicted: the inevitable fallout of policy crafted by the faculty-lounge pinhead, whose ideas are so saccharine smug there’s never a thought of anything so jejune as their consequences. Obama being Obama, when the consequences came, he crawled under his desk — before escaping to a Vegas fundraiser.

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” So declared the Obama State Department in a statement issued on the website of its Egyptian embassy. At the time, it was clear that another episode of Muslim mayhem was imminent.

The statement is a disgrace, just as Mitt Romney said it was. It elevated over the U.S. Constitution (you know, the thing Obama took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend”) the claimed right of sharia supremacists (you know, “Religion of Peace” adherents) to riot over nonsense. Further, it dignified the ludicrous pretext that an obscure, moronic 14-minute video was the actual reason for the oncoming jihad.

Here is the important part, however, the part not to be missed, no matter how determined the president’s media shysters are to cover it up: The disgraceful embassy statement was a completely accurate articulation of longstanding Obama policy.

In point of fact, the embassy’s statement perfectly reflects the views of the United States government under Obama’s stewardship. It is anathema to most Americans, but it has been Obama’s position from the start.

McCarthy, never one to pull his punches, is using a pretty large bat to take whacks at Ogabe’s empty head, and he’s swinging for the fences with this one.


Crafting a Messiah

Why can’t liberals just endorse whatever corrupt liberal-fascist politician they prefer and let it go at that? Must they always tack on all the creepy trappings of a Kim Jong Il-ish cult of personality too?

Guess we already know the answer to that one.

(CNN) — As Bill Clinton walked out onto the stage of the Democratic National Convention last night, there was love in the air. Television cameras scanned the faces in the crowd and it was as if each man and each woman, regardless of their ages or where they came from, was seeing again the person who first stole their hearts. But however deep their affections, however dizzying their passion, it was clear that it was at least equaled by the love of the speaker for the crowd he faced, for the role he was playing and for the limelight he once again commanded.

Throughout Clinton’s 49-minute address, at turns both masterful and meandering, the intensity of the love affair grew. At times, it was almost too much to watch. One woman on whom the cameras lingered for a moment was so close to a swoon that I thought she would topple over at any minute and that, in any event, she would never again look at her husband or lover again in the same away. They would always be second best.

Jesus. It might be true, but I’m damned if I’d ever want it known about myself if I were them. It’s as if the writer doesn’t even realize how uncomfortable, how absolutely mortifying that insane passage is. They’ve replaced religion with politics, and this ugly, debilitating, trifling hero-worship is the inevitable result.

But remember, they’re the SMART ones, the ones most dedicated to the idea of logic and objectivity and SCIENCE!™ guiding their philosophy–the ones who’ve advanced beyond silly superstition and unworkably atavistic principles into a New Era of human enlightenment.

They’re also the forward-thinkers, the innovators, the unconventional iconoclasts ready to lead us all into Teh Future, whether we like it or not. And these Visionaries!™ are absolutely creaming themselves giddy over a tired old hack (who, admittedly, still knows how to manipulate a crowd of adoring worshipers) trotted out to pluck their fallen Tin God from the mire of the inevitable disaster wrought by his hundred-year-old ideas and policy preferences.

It is to laugh. Or weep, I can’t decide which. But I’m kinda leaning towards “laugh.” Or I would be, if they weren’t so goddamned determined to force us all into donning the stinking loincloth, squatting in the cave, and grunting fearfully at the light with them.

(Via Ace)


“Living by the principle that we are our brother’s keeper. Caring for the poor and those in need…(these values are) the ones that have defined my own faith journey”

Filthy, despicable liar.

A few days ago I received a call from a man I recently met named George.  He was a bit flustered, and soon informed me that his young son was sick with a chest condition.  He pleaded with me to send him $1,000 to cover the medical bills.  Since George was at the hospital I asked him to let me speak to a nurse, and she confirmed that George’s son was indeed ill.  So I agreed to send George the money through Western Union.  He was profusely grateful.  But before I hung up I asked George, “Why are you coming to me?”  He said, “I have no one else to ask.”  Then he said something that astounded me, “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

Actually, George has a real life brother who just happens to be the president of the United States.  (George Obama is the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr.)  George’s brother is a multimillionaire and the most powerful man in the world.  Moreover, George’s brother has framed his re-election campaign around the “fair share” theme that we owe obligations to those who are less fortunate.
One of Obama’s favorite phrases comes right out of the Bible: “We are our brother’s keeper.”  Yet he has not contributed a penny to help his own brother. And evidently George does not believe, even in times of emergency, that he can turn to his brother in the White House for help.  

Before I hung up I asked George, “Why are you coming to me?”  He said, “I have no one else to ask.”  Then he said something that astounded me, “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

So much for spreading the wealth around.

Well, see, as with all socialists, it’s not HIS wealth he wants to spread around. It’s YOURS.

A couple of years ago, George teamed up with a British journalist Damien Lewis and the two of them published George’s story in a book called “Homeland.” Yet according to Lewis, shortly before the book’s publication in America, the publisher Simon & Schuster decided to shred the entire print run, more than 20,000 copies.  Lewis tried unsuccessfully to get an explanation from Simon & Schuster but to no avail.  He now suspects that the White House convinced Simon & Schuster that George’s story might prove embarrassing to the president.

In 2010, George also applied for a visa to come to the United States and was refused.   While George confesses that in his younger years he was a delinquent, he has never been convicted of any crime.  Moreover, he has a very good reason to visit the United States: his mother Jael Otieno lives in Atlanta.  So why would the U. S. embassy in Nairobi refuse a tourist visa to the brother of the president who just wants to spend time with his mother?

In the past few days, an article has been circulating on the web that depicts George as a social undesirable.  First published in the London Daily Mail, the article portrays George as a habitual drunk and philanderer.  I spent a day with George this past February while interviewing him for my documentary film 2016: Obama’s America.  I can attest that George is not an innocent.  If he had been, he would not have survived life in the Huruma slum.  Yes, George is street smart and cunning and I did smell alcohol on his breath.

But so what?  George may be a drinker and a skirt-chaser but, as becomes clear from his book, he is also a survivor.  He has overcome his past as a gang-member and petty thief and now works as the organizer of a slum soccer league.  He is trying to uplift himself, and he is trying to help slum kids aspire to a better life.   On balance, Lewis assures me, “George is not a bad guy.  He is on the side of the angels.”

But even if Lewis is wrong, and George exhibits some harmful cultural pathologies, the liberal argument—one that Obama himself makes in his book “The Audacity of Hope” — is that the cultural pathologies of the poor are themselves the product of social disadvantage.

Barack Obama Jr. first met George in 1987, when George was five years old.  He met George again in 2006 when he visited Kenya as a U.S. Senator from Illinois; George was then in his early twenties.  Had Obama helped George along the way, perhaps this young man would not have ended up dirt-poor and living such a degraded life.

So what’s the real story here?  Where’s George Obama’s “fair share”?  George’s tragic situation exposes President Obama as a hypocrite.

Oh, it exposes him as a lot more, and a lot worse, than just that. And his “fair share” is in one-percenter Ogabe’s pocket…right where it will be staying, thanks.

The title quote I swiped from the esteemed Maetenloch. I’ve been sitting on this story without mentioning it for a few days now, figuring I’d have plenty to say about it when I got some time to write it up. But really, what is there to say? Ogabe is pretty typical of Progressivists, and that’s about all there is to it.


“Gutsy call” by a gutless pussy

President Crawly Thing is a punk-ass bitch.

Barack Obama cancelled three operations to kill Osama bin Laden before finally going ahead with the mission at the insistence of Hillary Clinton, according to a new book.

Miniter portrays Clinton as the main force behind killing bin Laden and contends that the prevaricating Obama has been in thrall to a number of dominant women – Clinton, top adviser Valerie Jarrett and his wife Michelle.

It was Jarrett, a long-time Chicago ally, he reports, who urged Obama to cancel the first three operations to kill bin Laden.

At the start of his presidency, Miniter writes, Obama was ‘studiously undecided’ about whether to kill the mastermind of 9/11.

‘He refused to weigh in or commit himself on even small matters related to a possible strike on bin Laden.’

He continues: ‘Obama was often disengaged as the bin Laden operation took shape; he left critical decisions to the then-CIA Director Leon Panetta, then-Secretary of Defence Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

‘Obama feared taking responsibility for a risky raid that might go tragically wrong.’

Call it voting “present,” which is all he’s ever done his entire useless life. Besides stealing credit for his glorious self after someone else does something worthwhile, that is.

Has there ever been a “man” more narcissistic for less cause?

(Via JWF)


If you think he’s “likable,” you’re an idiot

Or, at best, quite ill- or under-informed.

One cannot help noticing the struggle between Barack Obama’s natural instincts and the serene and benevolent persona he projects to the world. Beneath the visage of a cosmetically populist, post-racial, post-partisan reformer who wants to “perfect” America and to have “millionaires and billionaires” “pay their fair share” is just another condescending, self-important, sarcastic, academic liberal Democrat, who believes in false consciousness and in scholastic theories that success in life can be attributed to birth or luck or community but not to individual effort and grit. Obama may be talented at self-fashioning, but he cannot maintain his public face constantly. The mask sometimes slips.

The real Obama emerges. He lets loose in the self-consciously ironic and pretentiously omniscient argot of the American ruling class, lecturing audiences in what he, Elizabeth Warren, and the segment producers at MSNBC treat as the new catechism. The reaction to these gaffes is always the same. His remarks spark justified criticism. There is a frenetic effort to paper over his comments and restore the impression that he is just another dad who wants to take care of one big American family. He and his lieutenants and other members of the “truth” posse indulge in mock outrage. They say the president’s words have been distorted, that he did not really say what he said, that he meant something else entirely. The activity is convulsive and furious because David Axelrod and David Plouffe understand that an unplugged Obama will damage his brand. He is not actually likable at all. And he is liable to wreck years of hard work and mythmaking the moment he goes off script.

That is the “context” behind the president’s July 13 outburst in Roanoke, Virginia.

Indeed it is. The Leftymedia/Democrat Socialist lie-machine has tried so hard to sell the tyrant as “likable” because deep down, they know what he truly is–one of their own, root, branch, and bough–and that too many people don’t like him…and them. Follows, a long litany of “blunders” wherein Ogabe lets the mask slip and accidentally tells the truth about himself–an inevitable result of the ever-increasing scrutiny of a man who lies so continuously and reflexively he probably has trouble distinguishing the truth himself anymore, and so narcissistic that he can’t possibly keep as quiet as he needs to to maintain the illusion. For him, the need for aggrandizement and acknowledgment for his bogus “achievements” outweighs the necessity for discretion too often for his handlers’ comfort.

“Likable”? Pardon me while I laugh in your silly face. He’s a bully and a thug; a conceited, supercilious ignoramus wrongly convinced of his own innate superiority; a thin-skinned, whiny bitch whose self-styled Chicago “toughness” collapses into blubbering, excuse-making, and buck-passing at the first hint of dissent or failure; a vengeful, spiteful wretch who seeks not only to defeat but to destroy his opposition; a petulant child who expects everything to be given him without real effort on his part, merely on the basis of his obvious righteousness alone; a man convinced of his own shining genius whose intellectual “gifts” are actually very, very modest–to be kinder to him than he deserves.

He’s a sorry excuse for a man; he was a lazy, irresponsible fraud as a student; an arrogant, duplicitous goniff as a “professor” and “scholar”; an entitled, timid, over-ambitious zero as a Senator; and is an unmitigated disaster as a President. Everything else is subterfuge, smoke, and mirrors. Bill nutshells it:

Barack Obama is an empty head atop an empty suit, a creation entirely of the handlers, boodlers, bundlers, criminal political gangsters, and basic Chicago thugs who control him.

In other words, an attractive hand puppet eminently suitable for willing manipulation.

The only problem with this arrangement is that you can’t trust the stupid sonofabitch not to stick a loaded microphone into his gob and blow what few brains he has out his big, flapping ears.

Which, as Bill says himself, is a silver lining of sorts. The truly sad and shameful thing is that such a despicable near-nullity could have hoodooed and hoodwinked his way into disgracing the Presidency–an office which was once reserved for true statesmen of a quality Ogabe can’t even remotely aspire to, the like of which we seem unable to produce any more of in our sorry decline–and that so many of us are still being fooled by him, or fooling themselves about him, to this very late day.


Him talks good!

More empty words from an empty suit.

Does anyone really believe a second-term Obama administration is going to build anything? Yes, you, madam, the gullible sap at the back in the faded hope’n’change T-shirt. You seriously think your guy is going to put up another Hoover Dam? Let me quote one Deanna Archuleta, Obama’s deputy assistant secretary of the interior, in a speech to Democrat environmentalists in Nevada:

“You will never see another federal dam.”


That seems pretty straightforward. America is out of the dam business. Just as the late Roman Empire no longer built aqueducts, so we no longer build dams. In fairness to the Romans, they left it to the barbarians to sweep in and destroy the existing aqueducts, whereas in America the government destroys the dams (some 200 this century) as an act of environmental virtue hailed by the deputy assistant secretary of the interior.

Obama can urge us all he wants to band together because when we dream big dreams there’s no limit to what Big Government can accomplish. But these days we can’t build a new Hoover Dam, only an attractive new corner office for the assistant deputy assistant deputy assistant secretary to the secretary of deputy assistants at the Department of Bureaucratic Sclerosis, and she’ll be happy to issue a compliance order that the Hoover Dam’s mandatory fish ladders are non-wheelchair-accessible, and so the whole joint needs to close. That we can do! If only we dare to dream Big Dreams!! Together!!!

There’s no hiding this decline. Personally, I blame Bush.


President SuperGenius not so super

And not a genius, either.

Barack Obama is the smartest man with the highest IQ ever to be elected to the presidency, historian Michael Beschloss told radio talk show host Don Imus in November of 2008.

“So what is his IQ?” Mr. Imus asked. Mr. Beschloss didn’t know. He was just assuming.

Many shared that assumption. Adjectives frequently applied to Mr. Obama are “smart” (278 million hits on Google), “intelligent” (62 million) and “brilliant” (24 million).

There is little evidence to support it. Mr. Obama went to Harvard, but so did George W. Bush, who some liberals consider dumber than dirt. The president won’t release his transcripts, so we can’t judge by his grades. Mr. Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, but when he was selected, popularity mattered more than scholarship.

Mr. Obama joined an undistinguished law firm, where he tried no cases. So no help there.

Mr. Obama has said a lot of unsmart things: there are 57 states; Canada has a president; “Austrian” is a language; America is “20 centuries” old; Arabic is spoken in Afghanistan. He’s called the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) the Maldives, and declared it would be “unprecedented” for the Supreme Court to invalidate a law passed by Congress.

President Obama’s stimulus bill didn’t stimulate. His subsidies to “green” firms have produced neither the jobs nor the energy he promised. Unemployment on his watch peaked at 10 percent, one of the highest rates since the Great Depression. Deficits are out of control.

Could it be that Mr. Obama’s “superior intellect” is a myth created by journalists to mask what may be the thinnest resume of anyone ever elected president?

Could be–and is. What he actually is is a fucking hard-Left dimwit who couldn’t find his ass with both hands, a roadmap, and a compass…because he’s too stupid to read a map or use a compass. And he has more than his quota of the arrogance and stubbornness that so often go along with the aforementioned “qualities” as well, which ain’t helping any. I mean, come on: when you mulishly cling to an outdated ideology that has proven to be a failure (except at enslavement, impoverishment, mass murder, the crippling of entire economies, and the crushing of the human spirit) each and every time it’s been tried, how smart can you really be?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “cunning” does not necessarily mean “smart.” Obama is undeniably cunning. There is no real evidence to suggest he’s smart, and plenty to suggest otherwise.

Update! Why Barky won’t release the transcripts:

President Barack Obama is hailed by his supporters and the mainstream media as one of the most brilliant men ever to hold the office. However, his refusal to release his academic records, his admitted deficiencies as a student, and his frequent factual errors–even in his chosen field of constitutional law–have cast doubt upon his supposed genius. Now, Breitbart News has established that Obama’s grades and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores may have been even lower than those of his supposedly less capable predecessor, George W. Bush.

He’s a garden-variety, Mark 1-Mod 0 dumbass, that’s why.



Via Glenn and the Anchoress: who says the Liar In Thief never accomplished a single worthwhile thing in his life?

The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper tweeted that Obama had casually dropped his own name into Ronald Reagan’s official biography on, claiming credit for taking up the mantle of Reagan’s tax reform advocacy with his “Buffett Rule” gimmick. My first thought was, he must be joking. But he wasn’t—it turns out Obama has added bullet points bragging about his own accomplishments to the biographical sketches of every single U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge (except, for some reason, Gerald Ford). Here are a few examples:

  • On Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge became the first president to make a public radio address to the American people. President Coolidge later helped create the Federal Radio Commission, which has now evolved to become the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). President Obama became the first president to hold virtual gatherings and town halls using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  • In a 1946 letter to the National Urban League, President Truman wrote that the government has “an obligation to see that the civil rights of every citizen are fully and equally protected.” He ended racial segregation in civil service and the armed forces in 1948. Today the Obama administration continues to strive toward upholding the civil rights of its citizens, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, allowing people of all sexual orientations to serve openly in our armed forces.
  • President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare signed (sic) into law in 1965—providing millions of elderly healthcare stability. President Obama’s historic health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, strengthens Medicare, offers eligible seniors a range of preventive services with no cost-sharing, and provides discounts on drugs when in the coverage gap known as the “donut hole.”
  • On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Today the Obama administration continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.

Pretty amazing, even for this useless empty suit. But I did some digging, and it turns out my previous assessment of our Dear Leader was all wrong. Turns out, he’s done some pretty amazing things in his relatively short life. For example:

Official records reportedly show that Obama learned to walk at the age of three weeks, and was talking at eight weeks. While at Barry Soetero University, he apparently wrote 1,500 books over a period of three years, along with six full operas. According to his official biography, all of his operas are “better than any in the history of music.” Then there’s his sporting prowess. In 1994, “American” State Media reported that the first time Obama picked up a golf club, he shot a 38-under par round on Indonesia’s only golf course, including 11 holes-in-one. Reports say each of his 17 bodyguards verified the record-breaking feat. He then decided to retire from the sport forever.

Well, I’m pretty sure that last isn’t true.

Update! The most glorious Dear Leader the USSSA has ever had, or ever will have:

“In the 12th Century B.C., Moses the Lawgiver delivered the Ten Commandments to the Israelites. President Obama the Lawgiver has added significantly to them, overseeing the enactment of a record number of new regulations.”

“In the Late Neolithic, the wheel was invented. President Obama has made historic use of wheels for his many campaign trips to Ohio.”

“During the Cambrian period, the first vertebrates appeared. President Obama showed historic signs of a primitive backbone himself when he boldly announced that “at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.””

“About three billion years ago, the first aerobic organisms appeared. President Obama has made historic use of oxygen in his detailed answers to press conference questions.”

Not too shabby for an oxygen thief.


Small man, big mouth

VDH strips the God-Emperor all naked.

The president will take credit for all the successes on his watch, without ever acknowledging reliance on the policies put in place during the eight years before he took office, much less admitting that he once did his best to undermine all of those inheritances that he eventually found so useful. And in matters concerning his predecessor, Obama will damn Bush for the bad economy that he left to his successor and yet ignore Bush for the successful anti-terrorism protocols that he passed on.

Unfortunately, the latest triumphalism is a continuance of a long line of self-adulation that we have grown accustomed to in Barack Obama since he came to the public’s attention — the professor’s two memoirs without a single commensurate scholarly publication; the Latinate motto; the faux-Greek columns; the biblical quelling of the rising seas and cooling of the planet; the fallback retreat to the Victory Column when questions were raised about the appropriateness of the Brandenburg Gate as a venue for his speech; and so on. The common characteristics in Obama’s I/me/my career have been such rhetorical, visual, and symbolic efforts to mask an absence of accomplishment (e.g., why not even one Harvard Law Review article, or perhaps a single publication as a University of Chicago lecturer, or a successful program as a Chicago community organizer, or a signature piece of legislation as an Illinois legislator, or an acknowledged legislative record as a U.S. senator?).

Why not? Because…why should he? Achievement was never once required of him. Not once. He merely rose to meet expectations.

So what is the problem with a charismatic, narcissistic president? After all, most presidents by definition must be somewhat self-absorbed. Yet the rub is that the world has tuned Obama out. All his prime-time rhetoric from Afghanistan, the cool multicultural accentuation of Pakîstan and the Talîban, the photo-op reminders that it was Obama who ordered the mission that took out bin Laden — all this meant nothing to the Taliban, who will now patiently wait us out, unleash a North Vietnamese–like offensive very soon, and remind us that just because we don’t believe there are still things like victory and defeat in our messy wars, that does not mean there are not.

In other words, I worry that Vladimir Putin, the Iranian theocrats, the North Korean apparat, the Chinese central committee, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the others who detest the United States have sized up Barack Obama. For 40 months they have acknowledged that his postracial image and his youthful charisma, as David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs rightly insisted, threw them for a loop — for a while. And that “for a while” is now ending, replaced with a new belief abroad that the more Obama talks about himself and his team, and the more emphatic he becomes with his “Make no mistake about it” and “Let me be perfectly clear” vacuities, the more he can at first safely be ignored, and then, quite soon, safely be taken advantage of.

That was always going to be the end result. It’s a natural, inevitable consequence of Ogabe not being nearly so smart as he thinks he is, and of being incapable of perceiving any enemies or adversaries other than his American ones.



Looks like Dear Leader has finally calculated that there’s no longer any political advantage to continuing with the kabuki. Allahpundit says it best, I think:

Breaking: Noted gay-marriage supporter finally drops cynical charade
Via Mediaite, 16 years after going on the record in support of gay marriage, The One finally decides it’s safe to reclaim his old position.

Another gutsy call from the most courageous man in American political history. Read on for a ringing defense of federalism and states’ rights from the nation’s foremost Constitutional scholar, as he still finds a way to hedge his bets.

Update! The Prof notices something the charlatan would rather you didn’t:

Everyone knew the “evolving” meme was BS, Obama was just waiting for the right moment, preferably after re-election.

Everyone knew that Obama was under intense pressure from pro-gay marriage fundraisers and bundlers, and that his campaign was way behind the goal of reaching $1 billion as the general election just got started.

So Obama rolls out a half-measure that he “personally” thinks gay marriage should be legal, but that it should be up to the states to decide … um, isn’t that how it is now?

That is the status quo gay marriage supporters detest, yet they are cheering Obama’s endorsement of the status quo as if it were a watershed moment.

Don’t you get it by now? It’s all about him.

When is it not?


“In new biography, Obama asks: Am I an American?”

Not in any way that really matters, no. Next question.

Next month the beginnings of an Obama biography will be published, by former Washington Post reporter David Maraniss. Readers wanting to learn about Obama’s entire life will be disappointed to discover that Maraniss stops when Obama is age 27, as he finishes work as a community organizer in Chicago and heads to Harvard Law School. Obama’s law school years, his practice of law in Chicago, his campaigns and career as an Illinois state senator, U.S. senator, presidential candidate — none of that will be covered.

Still, an excerpt of the Maraniss book published last week in Vanity Fair reveals a portrait of Obama that might have enriched the voters’ understanding of him in the 2008 campaign, when many Americans were eager to learn about this new, fresh face in politics.

The excerpt focuses on Obama’s brief time in New York after his graduation from Columbia University. The son of a Kenyan father and an American expatriate mother, Obama emerges as a man questioning whether he viewed himself, or wanted to be viewed by others, as an American. Not in a citizenship sense — Obama was born in the United States and that was that — but in the sense of how he saw the world and wanted to be seen by it.

Obama had a lot of Pakistani friends; Maraniss writes that if Obama and his girlfriend socialized as a couple, “it was almost always with the Pakistanis.” Obama appeared to identify with his friends as fellow non-Americans. “For years when Barack was around them, he seemed to share their attitudes as sophisticated outsiders who looked at politics from an international perspective,” Maraniss writes. “He was one of them, in that sense.”

Years later, the picture of Obama as a young adult wondering whether or not he was really an American was precisely the image that the Hillary Clinton campaign wanted to impose on the middle-aged Obama. In internal memos, top Clinton strategist Mark Penn questioned Obama’s “lack of American roots,” writing that “Obama’s roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and in his values.”

He certainly isn’t, and I can’t see that he’s done all that much to hide the fact. His media acolytes, sure, but he’s far too arrogant to feel it necessary himself, seeing as how all of us are bound to recognize his innate superiority as a matter of course. Note how petulant he gets when we pee-ons have the temerity to attempt to thwart his divine will, his repeated expressions of how disappointed he is in us for not humbly following his lead–he seems shocked that anyone would question his judgment, his intentions, his knowledge, his intellect, his grasp of basic facts, and his essential rightness every time it happens.

But the simple truth is, it hasn’t happened nearly often enough; as the first affirmative action pResident, mollycoddled and kowtowed to every step of his long, ugly journey to the White House, he’s spent way too much time in the warm cocoon of the Leftard echo chamber to see things any other way. If his actual abilities and achievements had had any bearing on his career progress, he wouldn’t be where he is. He got there instead by skullduggery, manipulation, dishonesty, and an indulgence granted him by his peers and handlers based not on his character but on his skin color. He’s a living, breathing example of the Peter Principle in action; that he doesn’t grasp this either is an irony so blunt as to be downright vulgar.


Credit where due

A reminder: Barky didn’t get bin Laden. We got bin Laden despite Barky’s vociferous opposition to every method, plan, operation, and policy that allowed us to gather the intelligence that led us to him.

A. Guantanamo and CIA Detention Centers

What we know, based on what’s been made public, is that bin Laden was located primarily by means of following a trail of intelligence that revealed that he was communicating with the outside world mainly via a single faithful courier, Ibrahim Saeed Ahmed, who went by the nom de guerre of Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. And the leads that gave us that knowledge came from the interrogation of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and CIA “black site” detention centers. Those detainees included 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Al Qaeda operational chief Abu Faraj al-Libi, “20th hijacker” Muhammad Mani al-Qahtani, and Hassan Ghul, an associate of Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

None of this would have been possible if these detainees were treated as ordinary prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions, to be asked only the proverbial name, rank and serial number. Barack Obama campaigned against these detention and interrogation sites, closed the CIA “black sites” his first week in office, and is still promising (albeit in increasingly empty fashion) to close Guantanamo. The killing of bin Laden is an unambiguous victory for the detention and interrogation policies of the Bush Administration. And with those sites not accepting new detainees and the Administration switching emphasis to killing rather than capturing and interrogating enemy combatants, it is questionable whether that success can be replicated in the future, with terrorist leaders like Ayman al-Zawahiri and Mullah Omar still at large.

B. Iraq

Of the detainees questioned on the path to tracking al-Kuwaiti, the one that investigators have described as the “linchpin” of the whole investigation is Hassan Ghul. And where did we capture Hassan Ghul? In Iraq in 2004, reportedly by a Kurdish security checkpoint on the Iranian border carrying a message from Zarqawi to bin Laden asking for bin Laden’s support in the insurgency. Of course, none of this would have happened had Iraq remained a Saddam Hussein-run police state hostile to the United States. If we hadn’t invaded Iraq, we would not have captured Ghul, and bin Laden would still be alive. Does that, all by itself, justify the Iraq War? I wouldn’t go that far – there are a whole battery of considerations that we’ve all exhaustively beaten to death in that debate. But yet again: Barack Obama opposed the war, and without it, he wouldn’t have had the intelligence to get bin Laden.

C. NSA Surveillance

Electronic surveillance also played a key part in locating al-Kuwaiti: at some point between when the CIA pieced together his identity around 2007 and when he was located in 2009, the NSA surveillance net – the subject of much criticism back in the 2005-08 period – was set out to track calls between al-Kuwaiti’s his family members and associates and anyone in Pakistan. I’ve seen no reference anywhere to a warrant ever having been obtained for this eavesdropping, and it worked exactly as defenders of warrantless eavesdropping predicted it might. As I argued back in 2005, there was never a policy reason to object to this sort of thing, as long as it was targeted as described (which it was here: to known associates and relatives of al-Kuwaiti).

As a legal matter, was a warrant needed, under the theory of the critics? It’s not clear one was, as most of the public sources indicate that al-Kuwaiti’s relatives (at least the ones he was caught communicating with) were in the Persian Gulf, not inside the United States. But it’s clear that the very same tool at issue in the FISA controversy was crucial to locating al-Kuwaiti and therefore bin Laden.

D. Coercive Interrogation

The three points above have barely even been contested by the once-noisy critics of Bush Administration policies; they have circled all their wagons around denying that coercive interrogation produced any returns, in line with their longstanding insistence that such interrogation has never, ever worked in any situation and never, ever conceivably could in any possible situation.

But the facts are more complex.

They almost always are.


Punch back twice as hard–and for these guys, that’s pretty damned hard

President Gutsy ought to be cowering in a White House closet right about now. He’s pissed off the wrong bunch, and they’re calling him on it.

Serving and former US Navy SEALs have slammed President Barack Obama for taking the credit for killing Osama bin Laden and accused him of using Special Forces operators as ‘ammunition’ for his re-election campaign.

The SEALs spoke out to MailOnline after the Obama campaign released an ad entitled ‘One Chance’.

Besides the ad, the White House is marking the first anniversary of the SEAL Team Six raid that killed bin Laden inside his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan with a series of briefings and an NBC interview in the Situation Room designed to highlight the ‘gutsy call’ made by the President.

Ryan Zinke, a former Commander in the US Navy who spent 23 years as a SEAL and led a SEAL Team 6 assault unit, said: ‘The decision was a no brainer. I applaud him for making it but I would not overly pat myself on the back for making the right call.

‘I think every president would have done the same. He is justified in saying it was his decision but the preparation, the sacrifice – it was a broader team effort.’

Mr Zinke, who is now a Republican state senator in Montana, added that MR Obama was exploiting bin Laden’s death for his re-election bid. ‘The President and his administration are positioning him as a war president using the SEALs as ammunition. It was predictable.’

It sure was. Here’s the truly sad part:

Chris Kyle, a former SEAL sniper with 160 confirmed and another 95 unconfirmed kills to his credit, said: ‘The operation itself was great and the nation felt immense pride. It was great that we did it.

‘But bin Laden was just a figurehead. The war on terror continues. Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot.

‘In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe.’

And the Miserable Worm In Chief knows that quite well, and is counting on it, in his usual dishonest, self-serving way. Sick-making, that’s what it is, and more so with every preening victory lap he takes on the shoulders of far better men than he’ll ever be.

(Via Insty)


Obama is, without a doubt, the most brilliant pretend pResident the Left has ever produced

SUPERgenius, I tells ya.

In Kansas, Obama lamented that millions “are now forced to take their children to food banks.” You have to admire the audacity. That’s the kind of damning observation the opposition brings up when you’ve been in office three years.

Well, yeah–if they’re smart. And you, y’know, aren’t.


Remember: stupidity does not preclude cunning

And Ogabe is a stupid, stupid man.

Supposedly, this White House has just made a furious attempt to sink a book, “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President” by Ron Suskind, which came out Sept. 20. Jay Carney, theWhite House spinmeister, spoke ill of it. Numerous former White Housestaffers spoke ill of it. Mr. Carney said “one passage seems to be lifted almost entirely from Wikipedia.” Why would a respected writer want to do that? I suspect that the White House is going to be as effective in sinkingMr. Suskind as it has been in keeping President Obama’s poll numbers lofty.

The book tells us what we Obama critics have all been saying since early on. This president is the most incompetent and ideologically rigid president in American history. For my part, I began the refrain in July 2009 with a comparison to Andrew Johnson, who at least had the excuse that he was drunk most of the time that he was in the White House. I continued it in August 2010 when I complimented Jimmy Carter by saying he was no longer the worst president of modern times (a compliment that has as yet gone unacknowledged, I might add). And I have continued with monotonous regularity, hazarding the prospect of becoming a bore. Yet I suppose one is never a bore when one calls a liberal hansdoodle a hansdoodle even when he sits in the White House and has been called all manner of genius by our liberal intelligentsia. Remember when the “historian” Michael Beschloss said Mr. Obama’s “IQ is off the charts”? There will come a day when Mr. Beschloss explains that he was saying Mr. Obama registered “off the charts” at the opposite end of genius.

How are all the liberal sages going to get out of their absurd exaggerations of Mr. Obama’s modest gifts?

Easy: they’ll just bury them, and never bring them up again. Those that don’t cling mulishly to them and continue to maintain that their vapid, worshipful pronouncements were correct, that is.


On “soft”

Saturday Steyn on Sunday, dealing a rap to the chops of Pee-resident Softy McPissypants:

He has a point. This is a great, great country that got so soft that 53 percent of electors voted for a ludicrously unqualified chief executive who would be regarded as a joke candidate in any serious nation. One should not begrudge a man who seizes his opportunity. But one should certainly hold in contempt those who allow him to seize it on the basis of such flaccid generalities as “hope” and “change”: That’s more than “a little” soft. “He’s probably the smartest guy ever to become president,” declared presidential historian Michael Beschloss the day after the 2008 election. But you don’t have to be that smart to put one over on all the smart guys. “I’m a sap, a specific kind of sap. I’m an Obama Sap,” admits David Brooks, the softest touch at the New York Times. Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek, now says of the president: “He wasn’t ready, it turns out, really.”

If you’re a tenured columnist at the New York Times, you can just about afford the consequences of your sappiness. But out there among the hundreds of thousands of your readers who didn’t know you were a sap until you told them three years later, soft choices have hard consequences. If you’re one of Obama’s core constituencies, the ones who looked so photogenic at all the hopeychangey rallies, things are really hard: “Young Becoming ‘Lost Generation’ Amid Recession” (CBS News). Tough luck, rubes. You got a bumper sticker; he got to make things worse.

But don’t worry, it’s not much better at the other end of the spectrum: “Obama’s Wall Street Donors Look Elsewhere” (UPI). Gee, aren’t you the fellows who, when you buy a company, do something called “due diligence”? But you sunk everything into stock in Obamania Inc. on the basis of his “perfectly creased pant leg” or whatever David Brooks was drooling about that day? You handed a multi-trillion-dollar economy to a community organizer and you’re surprised that it led to more taxes, more bureaucracy, more regulation, more barnacles on an already rusting hulk?

Hard statism is usually murmured in soft, soothing, beguiling terms: Regulation is about cleaner air, healthier restaurants, safer children’s toys. Sounds so nice. But federal regulation alone sucks up 10 percent of GDP. That’s to say, Americans take the equivalent of the Canadian economy and toss it down the toilet just in complying with federal paperwork. Obama and the great toxic alphabet soup of federal regulation — EPA, OSHA, SEC, DHSS — want to take that 10 percent and crank it up to 12, 14, 15 percent.

Who could have foreseen that?

Oh, anybody paying proper attention. Which would not include all those soft (headed) “liberal” shits who would rather the government make the tough calls for them, and insulate them from any consequences. Byron York, too, gets a kick in to the Naked Emperor’s empty head:

There’s another way to read what the president said. Look at Obama’s speeches in the last couple of months, and he has repeatedly scolded audiences for not working hard enough and for not sacrificing enough to achieve the goals he has set for his administration. He’s done it with both supporters and with adversaries. With friends, his message has been: Nobody told you this would be easy, and you’ve got to work harder to enact my agenda. With adversaries, his message is: You’ve had it too easy, and you’ve got to make sacrifices to enact my agenda. Obama’s “gotten a little soft” remark fits into that theme: A soft America is one that is insufficiently willing to work and sacrifice to enact the Obama agenda.

Quit complaining. Stop grumbling. Get to work. Sacrifice. Obama is constantly telling Americans they need to shape up and snap to it, all for the purpose of making the Obama agenda a reality. Lately, with the economy worsening and his approval ratings falling, he’s been having a hard time bending Washington, and the country, to his will. Is it any surprise that he’s now telling Americans they’ve gotten soft?

We as a nation have failed His Holy Highness, clearly, and now must suffer His righteous wrath. You won’t like him when he’s angry, America. Then again, some of us didn’t like his useless, lying, narcissistic ass from the start.


Stutterin’ Barry trips over his forked tongue again

Andrew Malcolm slices, dices, and purees the blithering idiot:

“We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad,” Barack Obama.

That’s what the president of the United States flat-out said Thursday during what was supposed to be a photo op to sell his jobs plan next to an allegedly deteriorating highway bridge.

A railroad between continents? A railroad from, say, New York City all the way across the Atlantic to France? Now, THAT would be a bridge!

It’s yet another humorous gaffe by the Harvard graduate, overlooked by most media for whatever reason. Like Obama saying Abraham-Come-Lately Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party. Or Navy corpseman. Or the Austrian language. Fifty-seven states. The president of Canada. Etc.

If you talk as much as this guy likes to talk instead of governing, if you believe you are a Real Good Talker as much as this guy does, you’re gonna blow a few lines. But this many?

To the resounding silence of a liberal-media establishment that howled like the jackals they are every time Bush said “nucular.”

Ahh, but Malcolm ain’t done taking the piss out of the miserable boob:

The Democrat had traveled to Ohio on Thursday to tout his American Jobs Act, the $447-billion boondoggle he proposed to a joint session of Congress this month because his previous $787-billion boondoggle didn’t create anywhere near as many jobs as Joe Biden had promised.

This president is in a jam. The economy sucks. Unemployment sucks. His job approval sucks and his economic approval sucks worse. Independents have abandoned the flailing White House occupant, so are some Jews, liberals and even blacks. His Hollywood bundlers had trouble selling out the POTUS fundraisers in L.A. next week.

Obama’s own Democratic Party controls the Senate and won’t put their leader’s jobs bill on the schedule because more wild spending like this doomed bill could also doom some Dem senators next year.

So here’s how the ex-state senator from the Chicago machine reacts: At an operating cost of $181,000 per hour, he flies Air Force One nearly four hours roundtrip for 17 minutes of remarks touting infrastructure repairs by a bridge that doesn’t need them.

The real reason he’s at the Brent Spence Bridge is because it links the home states of both congressional Republican leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. So Obama can cutely blame Republicans for holding up his jobs bill, even though it’s Nevada Democrat Harry Reid.

Remember yesterday when I asked if Ogabe was even capable of telling the truth? Some questions just answer themselves, if you wait around long enough.

Update! Just had a thought regarding Ogabe’s Bridge Boondoggle: gee, some of that half-billion Barky wasted on his Solyndra cronies might have done some good there, no? Or that near-trillion he threw down various union ratholes as part of his “stimulus” scam? And wasn’t that “stimulus” money supposed to go for infrastructure in the first place?


“Prove Obama’s a bad pResident”

Okay; done, and done. And Wehner doesn’t even touch on a foreign policy that systematically punishes our allies and emboldens our enemies, either. Or the intentional divisiveness; or the extra-Constitutional power grabs; or the all-out war against American business; or the incessant, brazen dishonesty and hypocrisy; or the refusal to countenance developing and exploiting our own resources while paying other nations to do so, throwing tons of cash at hopeless, useless “green” scams, and braying about the importance of “energy independence”; or the refusal to take responsibility for anything at all, instead blaming his predecessor or his political opponents every time another one of his delusional policies blows up in his face; or the ongoing tactic of “legislating” by imperial decree. But then again, he didn’t really have to.


Explaining pResident Zero

I’ve referred to him myself several times as the “affirmative action pResident,” not because I’m some kind of bigoted sheet-wearing Klansman, but because that’s just what he is.

Unfortunately, minorities often suffer so that whites can pat themselves on the back. Liberals routinely admit minorities to schools for which they are not qualified, yet take no responsibility for the inevitable poor performance and high drop-out rates which follow. Liberals don’t care if these minority students fail; liberals aren’t around to witness the emotional devastation and deflated self esteem resulting from the racist policy that is affirmative action. Yes, racist. Holding someone to a separate standard merely because of the color of his skin — that’s affirmative action in a nutshell, and if that isn’t racism, then nothing is. And that is what America did to Obama.

True, Obama himself was never troubled by his lack of achievements, but why would he be? As many have noted, Obama was told he was good enough for Columbia despite undistinguished grades at Occidental; he was told he was good enough for the US Senate despite a mediocre record in Illinois; he was told he was good enough to be president despite no record at all in the Senate. All his life, every step of the way, Obama was told he was good enough for the next step, in spite of ample evidence to the contrary. What could this breed if not the sort of empty  narcissism on display every time Obama speaks?

In 2008, many who agreed that he lacked executive qualifications nonetheless raved about Obama’s oratory skills, intellect, and cool character. Those people — conservatives included — ought now to be deeply embarrassed. The man thinks and speaks in the hoariest of clichés, and that’s when he has his teleprompter in front of him; when the prompter is absent he can barely think or speak at all. Not one original idea has ever issued from his mouth — it’s all warmed-over Marxism of the kind that has failed over and over again for 100 years.

And what about his character? Obama is constantly blaming anything and everything else for his troubles. Bush did it; it was bad luck; I inherited this mess. It is embarrassing to see a president so willing to advertise his own powerlessness, so comfortable with his own incompetence. But really, what were we to expect? The man has never been responsible for anything, so how do we expect him to act responsibly?

“Progressives” aren’t going to like hearing that much…because it’s the plain, unlovely truth. The Obama regime represents possibly their biggest, certainly their most visible, failure to date. They’re way too heavily invested in him — and especially in what he represents — to ever confront the facts. It’s another of several reasons why these bitter clingers try so desperately to either ignore or explain away depredations and raw, extra-Constitutional power-grabs on his part that would have them rioting in the streets if any other President committed them.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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