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Teachers’ Unions $ux0r$ Much…

…And just when I was beginning to think Steve Jobs is a pee-stained tool:

AUSTIN — Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions today, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers.

Jobs compared schools to businesses with principals serving as CEOs.

“What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good?” he asked to loud applause during an education reform conference.

“Not really great ones because if you’re really smart you go, ‘I can’t win.'”

In a rare joint appearance, Jobs shared the stage with competitor Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Inc. Both spoke to the gathering about the potential for bringing technological advances to classrooms.

“I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way,” Jobs said.

“This unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy.”

At various pauses, the audience applauded enthusiastically. Dell sat quietly with his hands folded in his lap.

“Apple just lost some business in this state, I’m sure,” Jobs said.

Fer sure, dude…those hippy creative types don’t like it when you criticize the teet on the breast of society from which they gnaw upon…

(Shamelessly stolen from Dan Collins via Protein Wisdom)


Cats and dogs, living together

Now y’all know by now that I do like to bash me some Windoze now and then (and by the way, you’ve seen this one by now, right?). But it being Friday and all, I decided to post a link to something a little different. And having had a brief e-mail correspondence once a long time ago with someone in the MacBU, I know they’re decent folks over there. So…enjoy.

(Via Tiemann)


Calling all Monkeys

Hey, who farted? Oh. Never mind.


(Via Bill — and don’t miss this sad tale of envy, frustration, and woe either, via Tiemann)

Update! You can practically smell the excre…uhh, excitement. Yeah, that’s it. Excitement.

“In my view, we lost our way,” Vista’s manager, Jim Allchin, wrote in an e-mail (later posted online) to Microsoft founder Bill Gates and chief executive Steve Ballmer. “I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft.”

And nobody would much blame ya, Jim.

Updated update! On the other hand


Hell still hot

It is with somewhat rueful pleasure that I direct your attention to the current Vizu poll at left. What kinda surprised me about it is that 36.5 percent voted the same as me: Never.

Update! Well, it looks like they’ve done gone and scooped the world again.

Updated update! You might want to wait on clicking that link; apparently, the site is swamped. It’s certainly running at a crawl right now, anyway.


Liberals: Pre-Fab Dhimmis

You’ve probably read about the call to jihad inadvertantly spawned by the glass cube constructed by Apple in New York. Turns out when it was under construction, the glass was covered with black sheathing.

This in turn led leftwing numbnut Mark Morford to state that it would be called Apple Mecca, and it would be a good place to offload porn cookies from the laptop, get booze, and buy Apple equipment. Morford’s commentary may have spawned the call for Jihad, according to Tim Blair. Charles Johnson notes that it actually is just a glass cube, no black sides which would make it resemble the kabaa. That didn’t stop an Islamist group from calling for an attack on it yesterday.

All that is nice, but the real news in this story isn’t the outraged Muslims (some Muslim somewhere is gravely offended that I’ve noted his being gravely offended, even as I write this…) but the story is the reaction of the Dhimmis commenting on Morford’s blog at the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Muslims who would like to slit their throats some day who are also commenting. Check out the reactions – here’s a highlight of them.

What are they doing?! This is like practically ASKING for an other terrorist attack! It saying “hey, Islamic extremists! BOMB HERE!” Its a stupid move provoking trouble like that. I am all for creative freedom, but when it comes to national security and the lives of innocent people, terrorist attacks, something like this should not be taken lightly. Why did they not call it the ‘Apple Borg’ or something? You have to go and offend Muslims and provoke Extremists?!

Shhhhhh… don’t wear that short dress. It’s practically asking to get raped…

Americans can not get enough of offending Muslims, can they? Imagine them(Muslims) building a gas station in the shape of a church or a public restroom! And yeah, dont mind new bombings as a result of ticking off the extresmists, ya guys had it coming all the way!

Yes, just imagine what would happen if the Muslims built a gas station in the shape of a church or a public restroom. The Christians would riot, and those who frequent public restrooms – Mark Foley, perhaps – would be… I dunno. Restless?

Oh, be real. If a Muslim did something that was scatalogically anti-Christian, he’d win a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and culture critic Mark Morford would be lionizing him.

This is really asking for trouble! Muslim extremists can see a very good reason for moving in now. You are really provoking and offending Muslims all over the world and hurting their feelings. You are also putting innocent peoples lives at risk. Why not have a different design say like a huge apple?! why does it have to be something to do with Muslims and Islam?
May Allah Guide you to the right path.
Best Wihes
– Abu Ahmed

I agree. It should be a different shape… perhaps a glass fucking cube like it actually is. If that still pisses ya off, how bout building it in the shape of an enormous pig cock that spurts vodka and bacon grease on passers by?

This place approve that the American don’t respect other cultures or even don’t accept the differences. The west usually talk about liberity. I am sorry YOU ARE NOT HONEST.
The Muslims respect all others. Please respect them.

Yeah. The Muslims respect all others. Now respect the Muslims, or the Muslims will make jihad on New York.

To the enemy of islam you just jelous because we are always good pepole but you an animal

Well, you may be better people than us, but at least we can spell, fuckstick.

u can never ask people to treat u good if u didn’t do the same for them, it is not about bombing or terrisom, it is about respect muslims believes & getting to understand their views…what they did was totally inrespectful & must be corrected

Yeah, it was totally inrespectful. Now that I think about it, the two black fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror in my truck look just like two Kabaas. That is doubly inrespectful, U kno?

When I first read about the new 5th avenue Apple store, the whole thing didn’t appear offensive at all. It was actually cool to have a transparent building in the middle of the way; it’s just a shape for god’s sake. But then I read, “All kneel before the holy holy”. Am sorry to say that it’s a stupid resemblance and lol you seem to like to have some attention eh?
What the hell is all this talk about Mecca and making pilgrimage and stuff? Are you aware that this will bring lots of trouble in the Islamic world as soon as it spreads? I don’t believe that Apple are aware of what’s happening right here, but hey, cut this out before it gets big. There are some Muslims who wouldn’t take jokes like this, there are narrow-minded who are willing to do stupid shit just for the name of a belief of theirs. Don’t provoke it bro, and stay cool.

And hey! If they ever band Apple here in Kuwait … I don’t want to even think of it. Hope it wont get big.

Holy shit. Really. Holy shit.

Jews are behind any bad idea or trouble in the world, and unfortunately America just the hand of Jews, and building such place it is definitely an idea of Jews but executed by the ridiculous americans and they don’t know what will happen after that. Hopefully americans people just realize that Jews want to provoke a problem between Christianity and Islam. America should be aware of these things and stop provoking muslims and respect their feelings.

Oh, thanks for clearing that up. I knew those Jew Pig Dogs were behind it somewhere. Hey, y’know what, my truck is having a little radiator problem. I bet those fucking Jews put a hole in the radiator. And come to think of it, my neighbor’s dog keeps crapping on the lawn. I bet that little fucker is a Jew. They keep saying he’s a “Schnauzer.” Schnauzer’s a Jew monkey name, right?

what`s wrong with u people? u r out of ur minds, u r saying musilims are terrorits , but the the truth is u r the terrorits ,what apple does is really unacceptable by all religions , u r not even a christians or jews, because if u know ur obligations towards the other religions ,u will be shy and feel shame when u do such a thing ,but shamfully u r unsense and don`t have a consious. shame on u people.

Yeah, I agree. Apple putting up a square glass store on 5th Ave is terrorism. Shame on us. Any buildings that aren’t rhomboid, from now on, are terrorism. Anybody who enters a building with square corners (because, U kno, the k’baa gots square corners) is a territs.

If they get attack this tiMe I don’t blaMe the MUsliMs I blaMe the AMericans they are the one who’s asking for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life IslaM is a peace religion

Who says the Muslim world is medieval? That is a self-deconstructing paragraph. It’s like a more advanced version of Derrida. They are wayyyyy ahead of us. I think you fuckin’ Jew pig infidel dogs had better convert to the religion of peace, before the religion of peace kills you.

Islam is a religion protected by god himself,and you ll see that by your own eyes if u continue in ur project… wait for the consequences,and remember that was ur choice,to offend muslims and islam….whatever u do,the ka’baa will always be sacred and proteceted by god and muslims all over the world,may god show us his miracles in u who offend islam

Oh, just great, Apple. It’s not enough you got the Muslims pissed, you stinkin’ Jews. Now God’s pissed at us. You fuckers.

All i can say after reading about what they call “Mecca Apple”. that american people want to insult islam and muslims, and why???? just because they can’t live in peace!!!!!
some people say it is freedom, so why some people went jail because they not beleive in “Holocost”???!!!

Yeah, we’ve been sending a lot of people to jail lately for denying the holocaust.

Again there is no freedom, people who talk about USA freedom must think little about Septemper 11, when american army striked Afganistan without any evidence or let say secret evidences!!!!!!!

Yeah, well, you know, except for the videotaped confessions of the guys who did it, and all. Same guy:

I beleive it is time for American Citizens to do some action againest jewsh that trying to make hate relation between muslims and American Nation. I beleive choosing the shape and the name of this building is not by accident as some people trying to say, but having ONLY one meaning : WE WILL INSULT YOU MUSLIMS, SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO??? YOU ARE CROWED TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!

You know, I hadn’t considered that those steeeeenking Jews were behind this. It makes sense though… New York, Jew York… coincidence? I think not. And “The Apple Store” is an offense to decent people everywhere. That name… why… PC platform fans, not to mention Linux Phreaks everywhere just reel at the sound of it. Same guy:

Finaly, US Army or Apple Security team can’t protect all American places or American citizens from being attached all over the world, so stop insult others or make them hate you because you need them to stay alive!!!!!!

I suppose he means this in the warmest possible sense, that some religion of peace adherent somewhere will kill some Americans because a bunch of jackholes are too fucking stupid to tell the difference between Mark Morford’s insane rambling, satire of religion, and an attempt to insult Muslims.

Fair enough. I’m going to urge President Bush to haul out the big guns in Iraq, and deploy Apple Security Team to fix the joint. If they have trouble, we can always deploy the Boys from MacAfee. That’ll fix ’em.
Okay, that’s all I can handle of this. You all ask where are the moderate Muslims. Fcuking hiding under their beds, if this is the shit they have to put up with. This isn’t even the really radical stuff, these jackholes are ready to declare war and go kill some Americans because Mark Morford makes some dumbass joke, and none of the jackholes are smart enough to research the matter before they go issuing thinly veiled death threats. Can you imagine how they treat apostates? It’s sheer venom.

Yeah, the liberal Dhimasses and the Islamacists leaving comments on that blog are pretty fucking depressing. They deserve each other.

On the plus side of the coin, the commentary towards the end, when the LGF readers show up, is pretty freaking funny. My sentiments on the whole matter are best summed up by one of those commenters:

It’s a cube. A fucking cube.
“Hey! their cube looks like our cube! Jihad!”
Jesus-buttfucking-Christ people.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up in a nut.

[Update: I should make it clear. Mark Morford’s comments and the stellar Dhimassery and corresponding Islamacist threat-making mostly occurred late last spring. What revived this controversy, as MEMRI notes, was some Islamacist website rediscovering the original photos of the Apple Store being built, and then posting a call to Jihad on October 10th.]


One you can use, one you can’t

Brian has had plenty of fun with this guy already, and I don’t have much to add, really. But I will take note of one thing:

The new version of OS X is also impressive. After a recent tour, I found myself constantly asking, “When will Vista do that?”

…I’m still not sold on OS X as an alternative to Vista, but others are less hesitant. In fact, Apple has a significant opportunity to trump Vista as the desktop OS—if only it would stop insisting on being the sole hardware supplier for the operating system.

Umm, s’cuse me for being rude enough to notice, but: a hugely successful OS that’s well into its fourth major revision and gearing up for the fifth, versus one that STILL isn’t anything like ready for prime time several years past its original release date — and you’re still “not sold” on it as an “alternative”?

That’s a little like refusing to fly Delta and driving five hundred miles instead, because you’re holding out for those neat transporters on Star Trek, which will be so much more efficient than flying if we ever actually get, y’know, a useable version.

Sorry, but that says waaaay more about the guy who’s desperately clinging to his limiting and irrational prejudices than it does about OS X or Apple. And Vista was trumped all to hell and gone a long time ago; it’s purely playing catch-up ball at this point, and there’s simply no way around it.


Fair and balanced, that’s me — ahem

Okay, I guess it’s time for another fun-filled Friday Mac Vs. Windoze post:

So, after all this, do I have enough to judge Windows inherently more vulnerable to severe malware than OS X? I do.

I’ve been writing about these shortcomings for years, and it always traces back to Microsoft’s untenable policy of maintaining gaps in Windows security to avoid competing with 3rd party vendors and certified partners. Apple’s taking a different approach: What users need is in the box: Anti-virus, anti-spam, encryption, image backup and restore, offsite safe storage through .Mac, and launchd. Pretty soon any debate with Microsoft over security can be ended in one round when Apple stands up, says “launchd,” and sits back down.

But then again, there’s this:

From 1996 to 2002, I was fortunate enough to work under the best manager I had during my career at Apple.

Few people appreciate how much a good manager can make your job not only easier but a place to be successful. My manager did all of that and more. He had gambled on me when he brought me over the business team, but I turned in results for him. In fact I did so well that he helped me put together a presentation in 1998 or 1999 that eventually led to the re-creation of the Apple Federal team.

I believe it was in 2001 that the hand writing on the wall regarding his job became apparent to him. This also marks the point where Apple upper management went from being just incompetent to perhaps actively deranged on occasion.

Okay, discuss if you wish, y’all.

(Both via Tiemann)


Broken promises


Promises were made. Excitement was generated. None of it, as it turns out, was worth a damn. From a technical standpoint, the version of Windows Vista we will receive is a sad shell of its former self, a shadow. One might still call it a major Windows release. I will, for various reasons. The kernel was rewritten. The graphics subsystem is substantially improved, if a little obviously modeled after that in Mac OS X. Heck, half of the features of Windows Vista seem to have been lifted from Apple’s marketing materials.

Shame on you, Microsoft. Shame on you, but not just for not doing better. We expect you to copy Apple, just as Apple (and Linux) in its turn copies you. But we do not and should not expect to be promised the world, only to be given a warmed over copy of Mac OS X Tiger in return. Windows Vista is a disappointment. There is no way to sugarcoat that very real truth.

There’s a lot more, and it’s…well, kinda sad, really.

(Via Tiemann)



Tiemann links to this article on the top ten things all Windoze to Mac switchers should know, which in turn led me to this article on the top 30 mistakes made by new Mac users:

1. Closing an application window, thinking it has quit.

2. Downloading an app and running it from the disk image.

3. Creating endless untitled folders

4. Using Safari’s Google search to get to a website

5. Confusing the concept of wallpaper with screensaver

6. Double-clicking a window thinking it will maximise it, but instead sending it to the dock

7. Not understanding the usefulness of column view and leaving everything in icon view

8. Not using any keyboard shortcuts

9. Thinking that now they’ve got rid of Windows they won’t have problems of _any_ sort on their Mac

10. Renaming desktop icons to random characters because they don’t understand the difference between the enter and the return key on Mac. (Enter puts an icon into rename mode).

As somebody who’s not only piddled about a bit with both OS’s but has coached a couple of switchers through the inevitable confusion and angst, these seem right on target to me. Definitely a fun read for anybody interested in such things. And hey, who isn’t? Oh, and one more highly entertaining slice of Mac vs. Windoze serendipity:

All, right, I’m sick of people reporting that Mac OS X is ‘mostly’ virus-free. It is, as far has been proven, ENTIRELY virus-free. Macs are not magical, and one day there will be virus that infects them. However, I don’t think it’s happened yet, and I think it’s time we, the Mac community, started saying, “No, we don’t have any viruses.”

Seriously, if a reporter asked you, “Hey, do you have herpes?” and you replied, “Nope, I’ve been tested, no herpes, never,” and then they wrote an article with the headline, “Bob Smith: Mostly Herpes-Free,” you would, no doubt, flip (assuming your name was Bob Smith). You’d probably sue, even. But we put up with this crap every day, mainly because it’s nigh-impossible to prove the negative. We’d need to inspect every hard drive of every Mac owner in the world. So we settle with “mostly virus-free” even though, compared to Windows, we’re Mother Theresa and they’re Pamela Anderson.

The Mac-haters in the crowd (or the Reynolds haters, I guess) will get mad about it, but I’ve just gotta say it anyway: heh. The comments are interesting, too.


I still like it, myself

This is funny as hell:


A bedraggled figure stands at the front door of a nice house. It is BRUSHED METAL. He wipes his mouth, brushes various crumbs and bits of detritus from his chest and sleeves. He’s been out all night. He knocks on the door. A few seconds later, he knocks again.

The door opens, revealing SAFARI, looking comfortable in a robe and holding a mug of coffee. This is his home. He seems slightly surprised to see Brushed Metal, but he’s cheerful.

SAFARI: Hey. Brushed. What’s up?

BRUSHED METAL: Ah, you know. In the neighborhood, figured I’d stop by. Tried calling you, but kept getting your voicemail.

SAFARI: (bemused) It’s like eight in the morning.

BRUSHED METAL: Really? Wow, I thought it was like ten. (Holds left wrist out.) Lost my watch.

Silence for a few beats. There’s a tangible sense of Brushed Metal waiting for a “come inside” invitation that is quite obviously not forthcoming, the awkwardness of which neither acknowledges, which (the lack of acknowledgement of the awkwardness of the situation) is itself awkward. Safari sips his coffee.

BRUSHED METAL: So how about that fucking keynote? Fucking iLife, the whole goddamn suite, gone to that bastard theme from iTunes. You believe that shit?

SAFARI: Yeah, I saw that. That’s a tough break, man.

BRUSHED METAL: Whole goddamn suite.

SAFARI: Well, not GarageBand.

BRUSHED METAL: Yeah, that crazy fucker. You know that theme’s on meth, right?

SAFARI: Really?

BRUSHED METAL: Total nut job.

I’m itchin’, bay-bee.

(Via Tiemann)


What’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac?

What can I possibly say but: Heh.

Update! Dammit!

The iMac. Jobs recounts machine’s accolades from reviewers. Intel-inside new iMac. Same sizes: 17- and 20-inch. Same design. Same features. Same prices. What’s different: 2-3x faster with Intel Core Duo processor. Each processor is faster than the G5. 10.2 on iMac G5/32.6 on iMac Core Duo. 3.2x faster. FPU (13.0/27.1 for 2.1x). Every iMac now has dual processors.

My beloved G5 iMac now seems almost…dowdy in comparison.

(Via T-man)


Welcome to the wonderful world of malware

But….what about Sony?

Here’s what:

The entire experience was frustrating and irritating. Not only had Sony put software on my system that uses techniques commonly used by malware to mask its presence, the software is poorly written and provides no means for uninstall. Worse, most users that stumble across the cloaked files with a RKR scan will cripple their computer if they attempt the obvious step of deleting the cloaked files.

While I believe in the media industry’s right to use copy protection mechanisms to prevent illegal copying, I don’t think that we’ve found the right balance of fair use and copy protection, yet. This is a clear case of Sony taking DRM too far.

A commenter adds: “‘If you have a Mac computer you can copy the songs using your iTunes Player as you would normally do.’ (post here – ed) I am more and more happy to be on a MacIntosh…”

Yes indeedy. Evil Steevil may be a Lefty jackass, but so far, anyway, he seems happy enough to keep his grubby electronic paws off my computer — and to at least try to make sure that everyone else does, too.

(Via T-man)


Beam me up


Apple technology drives a new fully-autonomous vehicle developed for a major U.S. competition.

Team Banzai is one of just 40 teams (selected from 118 entrants) from around North America to have made it through to the semi-finals of the 2005 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge.

DARPA is the central research and development organization for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

The team has developed its Tiger-powered customized Touareg car (dubbed ?Ǩ?Dora?Ǩ?) using Mac OS X technologies for the entire development and race management for the attempt.

Power Mac G5?ǨѢs running OS X inside the car control electronic pistons and belts to control the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals, and gear shifter.

In order to navigate to a destination, Dora follows a series of GPS waypoints, while an array of sensors ?Ǩ radar, video cameras, sonars and lasers ?Ǩ check terrain and assess likely obstacles.

The 40 semi-finalists had to prove their self-controlled vehicles could navigate themselves through a narrow 200-meter course that included turns and randomly-place obstacles.

As I must’ve said a thousand times, usually in the middle of yet another ten hour band-van trip to Palookaville: I just hope somebody out there is working on those Star Trek-style transporters.



Whoa. Uhh, cool. PeeCee “innovation” continues at its usual torrid pace — about three to five months behind a certain someone else’s:

AOpen Inc. is showing off at the Computex trade show in Taipei a small desktop PC that closely resembles Apple Computer Inc.?ǨѢs Mac mini except for the use of Microsoft Corp.?ǨѢs Windows operating system and Intel?ǨѢs Pentium M processor.

The AOpen product, which is modeled on its XC Cube product line and is being shown at Intel Corp.?ǨѢs booth, is part of a larger effort backed by Intel to promote the use of the Pentium M processor in small PCs designed for living rooms and entertainment centers, an Intel spokeswoman said. The company is working with several PC manufacturers and vendors on similar PCs, which should be released later this year, she said.

AOpen?ǨѢs existing XC Cube PCs are larger than the Mac mini, but the company has been working on shrinking its Pentium M-based motherboards to enable smaller and smaller cube-sized PCs, AOpen executives said earlier this month.

Okay, now y’all Windoze victims can go ahead and yell at me in the comments. 😉

Update! Brian and Bill have plenty on today’s really big story. And Den Beste’s take can be seen at the top of his anime blog.




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