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What’d I tell ya?

They will never stop. NEVER.

Ivanka Trump and her three children were harassed by a fellow passenger Thursday on a flight out of New York.

An “out-of-control passenger” was “verbally berating” the 35-year-old daughter of President-elect Donald Trump and “jeering” at her children, according to TMZ.

“Your father is ruining the country,” the JetBlue passenger said to Trump, the entertainment news site reports.

“Why is she on our flight? She should be riding private,” the man, who was apparently holding his own kid in his arms, then exclaimed.

Another passenger on the flight out of John F. Kennedy International Airport told the site that Trump “ignored the guy and tried distracting her kids with crayons” before the man was escorted off the flight. As he was removed, the man reportedly yelled, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?”

God damned right, you hysterical asshole. For some of us, politics isn’t our sole reason for being, and you have no more right to harass a private citizen—one who, if I remember correctly, is a big ol’ liberal herself, ironically enough—in an airport than anyone else does. Most especially because you gutless wonders have seen fit to surrender to the Mooselimbs, you just don’t fuck around like this in an airport anymore, or anywhere near one. Just another “benefit” of decades of idiotic Progressivist policies, and thanks a pantload for that, too.

JetBlue released a statement to TMZ that said the decision to remove a customer from a flight was never “taken lightly.”

“If the crew determines that a customer is causing conflict on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane, especially if the crew feels the situation runs the risk of escalation during flight.”

Shoulda waited to “deplane” his obnoxious ass until they were at cruising altitude.

A man, identified by TMZ as the husband of the passenger who was booted from the plane, wrote on Twitter:

Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them. #banalityofevil
— Matthew Lasner (@mattlasner) December 22, 2016

“Banality of evil”, is it? Dang, there’s that loud whizzing sound overhead, the one I mentioned the other day.

Tell me, have we reached peak “punch back twice as hard” yet? Because personally, I’m just about ready to start giving it right back to these crybullies, up close and personal, measure for exact fucking measure.

Unity? With these people? In a pig’s eye, and when Hell freezes. I sure hope like hell the Donald keeps right on employing his private security right alongside the Secret Service. He’s going to need every bit of protection from these frothing fascist losers he can get.

I heard on the radio earlier they put the two shitwits on the very next flight—instead of on a permanent no-fly list where they belong. Ah well, maybe next time…and there will certainly BE a next time, you can count on that.



Inmates, running the asylum.

It was an epochal moment for the military and perhaps for all of society. Screwing up her courage, Air Force First Lieutenant Kara-Ann McBee walked into her commander’s office on the D-Ring of the Pentagon and announced that she was a giant squid.

Kara was slender and tomboyish, with an upturned nose, freckles, and an attractive brush-cut hairdo. She could have been Tom Sawyer’s sister. She did not appear to be a giant squid.

“But I am, sir,” she said, rigidly at attention and clearly nervous. “I’ve known it since I was a little girl. I…sir, I am a squid trapped in a woman’s body. I’m trans-phylum, sir.”

The commander, Colonel R. Boyd Gittim, was stunned. He was a compact, graying man in his mid-fifties, a combat flier who had slipped through the screening process to high position in what insiders called the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel. He was not well suited to the complex personnel issues of the modern military.

Colonel Gittim sighed. He knew of course about LGBT, which he thought of as Lettuce, Bacon, and Tomato, and he knew there existed crucial military questions about whether boys could use the girls room. Squids were too much.

It wasn’t his Air Force any longer, he thought grayly. Wars were fought by remotely-controlled drones now, and the best pilots were probably fifteen-year-old gamers with no social life. They could do it from home by internet. He decided to retire and drink himself to death.

Dacowits needed something to do. Things were slow in the trenches of discrimination. Most victories had been won. A woman commanded the SEALs, who had been disarmed to prevent violence. The new main battle tanks had changing tables, and urinals had been outlawed throughout the services or converted to flower pots to preclude uncomfortable spaces. The warriors of social justice needed a Cause.

Virtual squids were just the thing.

An unenlightened Marine general said “the whole business is crazier than three monkeys in a bag. What is this freak show coming to?” The Washington Post ran an editorial comparing him to Hitler and saying that his attitude would lead to a second Holocaust. Of course, the Post thought that everything would lead to a second Holocaust.

In his last days in office, President Obama ordered that all federal buildings be equipped with litter boxes, saying, “A country as great as America was–is–that all the world wants to be like, and wishes it was, cannot seem to penalize citizens who think they are animals, even if they aren’t–though of course they are. Who are we to decide what kind of animals other people are? Praise Allah.”

This clarion call to probity and fairness echoed around the world and was adjudged to embody the clarity and internal coherence characteristic of Obama’s speeches.

Which, actually, it does.


The Hard (un)Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates

A perfect storm of bigoted lying-liberal idiocy.

Coates’s recent memoir, Between the World and Me, an instant No. 1 bestseller dubbed “immense” by Publishers Weekly and deemed “essential, like water or air,” by A.O. Scott, will not only win every prize in sight, they’ll have to invent some new prizes for it. Perhaps Coates will be tapped to be our first Public Intellectual Laureate. Not only is the book selling by the boatload, but as it is very angry, very left-wing, very topical, and very short, it also seems certain to be ushered into the exclusive club where the real money of publishing is: college and high-school reading syllabi. Between the World and Me stands ready to be a central influence in the way young people are taught to see race in America.

And that is disheartening. Coates’s book is bitter, and it is embittering. It’s angry about things we should be angry about—only the straw man Coates frequently invokes would claim the race problem is solved in America—but it also displays an inchoate generalized contempt for America, especially white America. Coates simply assumes that the country is as poisoned by race obsessions as he is. The book is 176 pages of question-begging.

Here’s a little news flash for Coates and other idiots: the race problem will NEVER be solved, in America or anywhere else. A preference for one’s own peer group is hard-wired into the human psyche; there always has been and always will be a tendency on the part of at least some of us to let that preference slip and slide down the greasy slope of xenophobia and fear into outright antipathy, whether open or not, towards those of a different tribe. Always. And no amount of smarmy lecturing, hectoring, or even legislation is going to change that.

Hey, it’s a mean old world. Deal with it. Or whine incessantly about it, as Coates and nearly every other “liberal” does–IT’S NOT FAIR!!!–and let it rob you of any chance for whatever happiness might be possible for you out there, and then blame everybody else for your self-inflicted misery. Your choice. You’ll no doubt be surprised at how little most of us care about which way you wind up jumping, and how little patience we’ll have for your self-righteous attempts to blame us for what is essentially and by definition your problem.

To Coates, history is a maze in which every path leads back to the dragon in the center, which is slavery. So blame the white racist superstructure even if a black cop working for a black county run by black politicians kills a black suspect—that would be Coates’s college acquaintance Prince Jones, who died when an undercover cop in Prince George’s County, Maryland, mistook the young man for another suspect and Jones responded by ramming his car at the officer, who shot him.

When Coates isn’t ignoring facts, as in the Martin and Brown cases, he shamelessly misrepresents them, as in the case of Jordan Davis, a black Florida youth who was fatally shot by a white man after a dispute over loud music. “The killer was convicted not of the boy’s murder,” Coates writes, “but of firing repeatedly as the boy’s friends tried to retreat. Destroying the black body was permissible—but it would be better to do it efficiently.” This is an outrageously false recounting. In no sense were the actions of Michael Dunn, the shooter, deemed “permissible.” A jury initially deadlocked on the most serious charge, but after a second trial, Dunn was indeed convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole, in addition to a 90-year-sentence for conviction at the first trial of three counts of attempted murder and firing into an occupied vehicle.

The case wrapped up last October, well before Coates’s book went into production. But Coates, purposefully vague, omits names when referring to the case on page 112, even though the details are clearly those of the Davis murder. By specifically mentioning Davis 18 pages later, he shows that this is the incident he was referring to. (Coates has been consistently irresponsible on the matter: He began a February 15, 2014, Atlantic piece, published after the first trial but before the second, “I wish I had something more to say about the fact that Michael Dunn was not convicted for killing a black boy.” The piece was grossly misleading at the time and remains uncorrected on the Atlantic’s website.)

Ordinary journalistic standards don’t apply to Coates. His aggrandizement is the predictable outcome when a self-flagellating elite class, having spent 30 years propagating notions of group rights and group guilt while dismissing individual agency, concludes that victim classes should be encouraged to bear witness to “my truth,” the better to advance an extreme vision. New York magazine detected no irony in titling its recent cover story “The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates.” Coates is both an effect and a cause of the cultural leadership’s resistance to the precise and the rigorous, the rational and the logical. The book won’t be questioned by the cultural mandarins—can’t be questioned, can’t be treated as anything less authoritative than holy writ—because they share Coates’s feelings, and that is the only reality that matters.

Coates’s detachment from fact is nothing compared with his moral detachment, however. He says, “my heart was cold” when he watched the Twin Towers burn and collapse. The cops present on September 11 deserved to die because they all shot Prince Jones; firefighters had to go because they are kind of like cops, though if Coates has any examples of firefighters killing black men, he does not supply them. Those office workers guilty of believing themselves to be white obviously had it coming to them. And everyone else who died? Black office workers? Foreigners? Shrug.

This is not a man possessed of hard truths, but rather a hard heart. To praise Coates is to condone mass hatred.

Yeah, well, to be a “liberal” is to be a hater, y’know. Their whole existence is organized around this kind of unreasoning narcissistic hostility–which is basically the hostility of the child towards the parent who won’t allow him to eat nothing but candy and ice cream for every meal. BECAUSE TEH INJUSTICE™!!

Read on for more examples of the kind of juvenile, dull-witted but self-satisfied “thinking” that is running the Western world now, and will in the end be the downfall of it.

Update! I just gotta include this, which amounts to the bottom line: “Does that sound like a man who holds the moral compass of America in the palm of his hand, or someone in urgent need of therapy?” And that reminds me of this great old Seinfeld scene:

Although in Coates’ case, I’m not sure even “a team” would be enough. Wretched neurosis as consuming as his might require a whole new field of study, with its own universities, research labs, and an entire body of literature dedicated to figuring it out and coping with it.

Or, alternatively, we could all shrug our shoulders, say “meh,” and leave him to go right on wallowing in it while we go out and have a beer or something. I can’t speak for all of y’all, but I know which way I’m leaning.


It’s baked into the cake

You can take the Muslim out of barbarian savagery, but you can’t take the barbarian savagery out of the Muslim.

Iraqi lawmakers are mulling a new measure that would open the doors for girls as young as 8 years old to be given in marriage — and that also mandates wives must give their husbands sex on demand.

The separate measures aren’t moving forward absent controversy.

“That law represents a crime against humanity and childhood,” said Iraqi human rights activist Hana Adwar, in The Daily Mail. “Married underage girls are subjected to physical and psychological suffering.”

Current law in the country sets the legal age for marriage at 18, or 15 if a guardian or parent approves. The new proposed laws are aimed at the majority Shiite population.

The measures don’t specifically say that the little girls can marry — but they do omit mentioning the lawful age of marriage while simultaneously allowing for men to divorce girls as young as 8 years, 8 months old, The Daily Mail reported. Critics say that part of the text is an underhanded, backdoor way of giving men in the country the lawful right to marry girls as young as 8.

All that American blood and treasure spent…to buy this. Which, we should have known what happens when you try to drag people kicking and screaming into liberal Western-style democracy who don’t want any part of it, and when your efforts to do so are hampered by politically-correct respect for a Neanderthal “religion” that doesn’t allow for it.

Those of us–yes, I was one of them–who sincerely expected the lamp of liberty and self-governance to bring light to even the darkest corners of the globe because of some assumed innate human desire to live free and in dignity, prosperity, and peace could not possibly have been more wrong. It was an expensive miscalculation, and we should resolve never to repeat it.


Racist, not racist

What a moron. But never forget: this is what your masters, and all liberal-fascists, think of you.

State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile, had an outlandish exchange via email with a Jefferson County man who asked him and other lawmakers not to pass any laws that would restrict gun ownership.

Eddie Maxwell sent a mass email to state legislators at 10:54 p.m. on Jan. 27, warning them that even attempting to introduce a gun control bill was, in his opinion, a violation of state law.

Mitchell responded from his public, email account at 11:59 p.m., telling Maxwell: “Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk.”

Typical liberal-fascist: ignorant, ass-backward, illiterate, arrogant, entitled, and very, very stupid. But wait, it gets better, if you can believe it:

From: Representative Joseph Mitchell
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 11:59 PM
To: Eddie Maxwell
cc: (all members)
Subject: Re: Gun Control and our Constitutions

Hey man. You have used the word ‘except’ when I think you mean somethin’ else.

Hey man. Your folk never used all this sheit to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed, imported criminal-minded kin folk. You can keep sending me stuff like you have however because it helps me explain to my constituents why they should protect that 2nd amendment thing AFTER we finish stocking up on spare parts, munitions and the like.

Bring it. As one of my friends in the Alabama Senate suggested – “BRING IT!!!!”

Bring it yourself, motherfucker. Hey man, come and take them.

One other thing to remember: gun-grabbing liberal-fascists scornfully suggest that to mistrust the good intentions of bitter, incoherent, hate-addled tools like Mitchell and fear what they might do with their excessive power over us is extremist paranoia. They’re all just as full of shit as he is.

(Via Ed and JWF)


The perfect Progressivist “New Man”

The balls on this “baby” make the bells of St Mary’s look like quail eggs. This is what the welfare state breeds.

File this under a sentence you never thought you would read: Republican Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has petitioned the Social Security Administration, urging them to launch an investigation into the disability benefits provided to “the adult baby.”

As if the prospect of a 30 year-old, morbidly obese man rolling around in a crib wearing triple X diapers was not unfortunate enough, Coburn has discovered that the man, who ostensibly is able to work, finances much of his lifestyle with taxpayer money.

“Given that Mr. Thornton is able to determine what is appropriate attire and actions in public, drive himself to complete errands, design and custom-make baby furniture to support a 350-pound adult and run an Internet support group, it is possible that he has been improperly collecting disability benefits for a period of time,” Coburn wrote in a letter in a letter to the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Administration Inspector General Patrick P. O’Carroll Jr.

The scumbag’s response:

Thornton has not reacted well to Coburn’s inquiry. The Washington Times contacted the adult baby – who gained prominence due to a National Geographic episode of “Taboo” which featured him and his “condition”- he threatened to kill himself if he stops getting government money.

“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food,” he said. “Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care. I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.”

Suits me, asshole. Don’t wait around any; go ahead and get it done, and remove your fat, grubby, disgusting hands from the pockets of better men and women than you’ll ever be.


It ain’t just the GOP, dipshit.

I’m a registered Independent, and I hope you fail, too.

I hope you fail to transform this, the greatest country that has ever existed, into the Socialist Hellhole you well meaning ninnies always end up with.

I hope you fail in your unending quest to turn us into the biggest pussies on earth.

I hope you fail so bad the Democrats are a minority party for the next 100 years.

I know you’re going to fail in your attempt to help your party of losers keep the House and the Senate this year, and it fills me with joy.

I hope you and Slow Joe Biden realize what utter failures you are and resign sometime in 2011, but I don’t think you’ve got the brains to manage it.

I hope some good (see minority party statement above) comes of it.

Lord knows the country could use some good news.


Born Too Late: Public Horse-Whipping Nostalgia


Via Pat Dollard:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The FBI arrested a northern California man Wednesday for allegedly making threatening phone calls to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over health care reform, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

What–no “root causes”? No “bad childhood”? No asking “Why do they hate us?”

Good. For Democrats, that’s progress. Now throw the book at him.


“Hell, Britannia!”


…so why not criminalize policy disagreements too?

Tony Blair is “on trial” for fighting the Iraq War…one of the few things he got right!

David Pryce-Jones:

Most nauseating are the confidential and secret letters some of these high-ups wrote to express reservations at the very time they were preparing the campaign. Evidently such letters were insurance policies, due to be produced if and when things went wrong and a public inquiry followed, as now. Actually there was one legal adviser who did resign, and she is now presented as a heroine.

What is revealed unmistakably is the poor quality of those running Britain. The government, indeed the whole administration, is in a process of deliquiscence, melting before our eyes into a blur of incompetence and self-serving opportunism. The overthrow of Saddam is accepted as a crime to be ashamed of, not as an action that destroyed a dangerous tyranny. The national interest is hurt.

This is a country that treats its own citizens as third-class subjects.

While Englishmen are subject to bigamy laws, foreigners are allowed to bring their 5 wives and put them on welfare. They may also choose between a sharia court or an English court, while the natives have no choice. You may criticize an Englishman all day and night, but the Multi-Cultural Left has essentially criminalized any criticism of Muslims–and any criticism of themselves for that decision.

But Blair may be tried for his decision?

This, by the way, is also Obama’s plan with civilian terrorist trials; to put Bush on trial by implication.

Unfortunately, some voters have turned to the creepy National Party out of desperation, because the major parties simply refuse to address the legitimate concerns of citizens. Watching England commit suicide is not painless, regardless of the song.


The Paranoid Style in the US Senate


Robert Stacy McCain has foreclosed on Sheldon’s Whitehouse, with video here.


“Far from appealing to the better angels of our nature, too many colleagues are embarked on a desperate no-holds-barred mission of propaganda, obstruction and fear. History cautions us of the excesses to which these malignant, vindictive passions can ultimately lead. Tumbrils have rolled through taunting crowds, broken glass has sparkled in darkened streets. Strange fruit has hung from Southern trees. Even this great institution of government that we share has cowered before a tail-gunner waving secret lists…”

Translation: “Tumbrels” were the carts used by French revolutionaries to haul victims to the guillotines. “broken glass” means Hitler’s “Kristollnacht” terrorism, and “strange fruit” means Klansmen lynching blacks. And they all teamed up with Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, 56% of the American people, Glenn Beck and the insurance companies to stop Hope and Change.

Whitehouse obviously doesn’t know his French tumbrel from his Scotch tumbler.

The Jacobins were the original Leftists, the Hitlerites were National Socialists and the Klansmen were all Democrats. Leftists, Socialists and Democrats. Sheldon has a much better claim to all of them than do American conservatives.

American Spectator:

If you oppose this bill, you’re a dangerous nut.

Such was the essence of Sunday’s floor speech in which the junior senator from Rhode Island quoted at length from Richard Hofstadter’s 1965 classic, The Paranoid Style in American Politics and offered it as a diagnosis of the health bill’s opponents. …

Certainly this should sound familiar to conservatives, as Hofstadter’s psycho-political theory — derived from the work of Theodor Adorno — was analyzed and dismissed by William F. Buckley Jr. a half-century ago. …

To denounce fearmongering while simultaneously likening one’s opponents to the murderous rabble of 1938 Germany is a neat trick, as was Senator Whitehouse’s effort to blame Senate Republicans for having “ruined” Christmas by delaying passage of the health-care bill. Of course, it is Democrats who have pushed the bill toward a projected Christmas Eve roll-call vote in order to give President Obama a major legislative accomplishment to tout in his State of the Union Address next month. …

Such is the state of affairs as we approach the first Christmas of the Hope and Change presidency. Democrats rush toward a vote on major legislation — more than 2,000 pages [now pushing 3,000-ed.], its cost to taxpayers estimated at more than $2 trillion — before its contents can be read or analyzed, even while insisting that it is not they, but their opponents, who are in the grip of madness.

Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style” has kept Liberals from processing two facts: a Commie killed JFK and the Venona Files largely vindicated “Tail-Gunner” Joe McCarthy.

For example, here’s ‘The Obama Haters–We still don’t understand how fringe conservatism went mainstream.’ By David Greenberg:

Over the next decade [after leaving the Communist Party–ed.], Hofstadter retained his interest in ultraconservatism. As the fury of McCarthyism gave way to the more quotidian conformity of the Ike Age (and the popular rejection of the cerebral Adlai Stevenson), Hofstadter trained his focus on the historical sources of America’s long-standing hostility toward the life of the mind, producing perhaps his most brilliant work, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life (1963). Just at that moment, however, right-wing extremism came roaring back. In 1964, the far right won the Republican presidential nomination for its own standard-bearer, Barry Goldwater. And the assassination of President Kennedy on a trip to seething, ultraconservative Dallas—where mobs had just verbally and physically harassed Stevenson and where a John Birch Society newspaper ad on Nov. 22 menacingly charged the president with communistic sympathies—made the extremists appear newly dangerous.

Hofstadter hints at the influence of the assassination on his thinking in “The Paranoid Style.” He recounts a congressional hearing, following Kennedy’s murder, on a gun-control measure that so exercised three Arizona men that they “drove 2,500 miles to Washington from Bagdad, Arizona, to testify against it … with what might be considered representative paranoid arguments, insisting that it was an ‘attempt by a subversive power to make us part of one world socialistic government. ‘ ” If nothing else, the assassination crystallized the worries about a resurgent right that led historians in the 1960s to look again at conspiracy-mindedness.

Did you see that? Lots of dark words around conservatives–but it was a Commie who pulled the trigger! Not that you would ever know it from that account.

Ed Driscoll:

“So how do you get, really, from this place in 1963, where Kennedy is shot by a communist, to ’68 where communists like Castro are heroes to the left?” Piereson believes this could have only happened due to the cultural disorientation caused by the airbrushing of Kennedy’s assassination and the attempt to “view it as a civil rights event, instead of a Cold War event.” …”The anti-Americanism and the conspiracy theorizing and the rough political language characterized by the left now enters into liberalism,” Piereson says.

As for “a tail-gunner waving secret lists”, he was right about this much:

Soviet espionage in America, Haynes said, is one area where many historians have been especially biased; in fact, the bulk of In Denial deals with this “lying about spying.” Haynes himself has found (in Soviet telegraphs decrypted as part of the Venona Project) overwhelming evidence that hundreds of influential Americans-including high-ranking government officials Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White-served as spies for the USSR.

Faced with such revelations, revisionists have gone from denying Soviet espionage to rationalizing or redefining it, Haynes reported. These American Communists were not spies, some of them insist, they were just internationally minded “progressives” who “exchanged information” with their friends from Russia. Some revisionists go so far as to claim that by helping to break the atomic monopoly and restrain American “aggression,” Soviet spies contributed to world peace and even helped the U.S. (If that was the case, Haynes quipped, maybe America should have joined the Soviets in awarding the spies medals.)

And then have a drink everytime a liberal cites Hofstadter.

It is the now one of the oldest, lamest tricks in the liberal playbook; conservatives are fascists, conservatives are stupid, conservatives are kooks. It’s the Soviet psychiatry weapon: “My opponents are mentally ill!”

Sheldon Whitehouse is so liberal, he once dated Miranda Warning. She had to get a restraining order.

But given that Democrats keep offering up such loosely-wrapped politicians as the Gothic Clintons, the Apocalypse Gore, Dennis Kucinich from Alpha Remulak-12, Joe Biden from whatever Welsh mining town Lord Kinnock grew up in, Escapee Grayson and B. Boyish Man, maybe ol’ Shel should take on conservative arguments based on the merits, instead of psychoanalyzing us.

Crazy, huh?


Do NOT Put Pink Flamingos on Your Lawn!


Have you heard the one about the Supreme Court and vast new powers for the EPA?

No; not the stupid Socialized Breathing CO2 verdict.

I mean the Rapanos ruling, where the Court correctly threw out with the bathwater the EPA’s claim that a farmer’s cornfield constitutes a “navigable waterway”.

To most people, “navigable” means you could put a canoe in it and travel. The word appears over 80 times in the original law.

But the EPA claimed mud-puddles and fog banks are “navigable waterways”. They lost that case, but Democrats have come back to amend the law properly–but only because they weren’t allowed to cheat.

Investigative reporter Richard Moore (who is a property rights advocate, yet relentlessly fair when reporting):

U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) has introduced and is promoting a Clean Water Restoration Act, legislation he says will re-establish federal protections for wetlands that were undermined by recent Supreme Court decisions, but his critics say the proposal represents an unprecedented expansion of federal regulatory power.

To Feingold, the bill would restore the intent of the 1972 Clean Water Act, which gave the federal government jurisdiction to regulate and protect the navigable waters of the United States, including connected water bodies and adjacent wetlands.

Two Supreme Court decisions narrowed the scope of what water bodies could be regulated under the Act, however. Feingold proposes fixing that by removing the word ‘navigable’ from the Clean Water Act, thereby giving the federal government jurisdiction over all waters of the United States.

Unfortunately, we’re probably past the point of arguing that Congress has no right to regulate here, but at least the Court said a cornfield is not a river.

Trying to temper critics, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee adopted, on a 12-7 vote, a compromise version of Feingold’s bill in June, which the senator endorsed.

The compromise both removed and added language specifying that the intent of the legislation was to return to the pre-Supreme Court rulings’ scope of jurisdiction, but that did not mollify critics, who pointed out the language still gives the federal government jurisdiction over all the waters of the United States, regardless of the stated intent.

“The superficial changes made to this bill don’t change its underlying intention and ultimate effect: to radically expand federal power over farms, ranches, and private property,” said Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican member on the committee. “We heard plenty of talk about a grand compromise to address concerns from rural America. Yet in the end, the revised bill, which passed on a party-line vote, still lacks support from a large swath of rural stakeholders. …The Democrats are moving a bill that amounts to the biggest bureaucratic power grab in a generation – and it’s directed right at America’s heartland.”

Actually, it’s the biggest bureaucratic power grab in about a week, but this is indeed the next battle; yet another gargantuan, job-killing federal power grab headed our way.

They seem to want our very bloodstreams declared “federal waterways”. If they get their way, we’re going to need boat registrations and maritime pilot’s licenses to operate our lawnmowers in the morning dew.

You may think it’s your property, but it would really belong to the feddle gimment; you’d just pay the taxes on it.

“Now it doesn’t require expropriation or confiscation of private property or business to impose socialism upon a people. What does it mean whether you hold the deed or the title to your business or property if the government holds the power of life and death over that business or property?”–Ronald Reagan, 1964

As a young man, Ronnie was a lifeguard who saved many people from drowning in the local river.

But he never once pulled someone out of a cornfield.

Got Wet Yet?




counterfeiting and extortion were crimes, and they locked you up if you thought you could control the weather. Just sayin’.

Christopher Booker:

Few people have even begun to take on board the astronomic scale of the sums involved – the International Energy Agency talks blithely of $45 trillion – because on this politicians and media have in recent days remained more than ever silent. …

The Western nations want everyone to sign up to crippling targets for reducing their CO2 emissions (China having already overtaken the US as the world’s biggest emitter). But the developing countries argue that, since the ‘CO2 problem’ is historically all our fault, as the countries which led the way to industrialisation, there is no way they can agree to any binding targets until they have been allowed to catch up economically with the West.

The best they can offer is that, in order to bribe them to make at least token gestures towards curbing their own carbon emissions, we in the developed countries should pay them hundreds of billions of dollars a year – at the very moment when we ourselves are accepting targets designed to make our own economies progressively very much less productive.

If we’re going to pay China billions, won’t we have to borrow it from them first? Tell you what, China–just keep the money in the first place and we’ll call it even. I’m just generous that way. I’m a giver.

Meanwhile, there’s been a revolt by the island nations. “Tuvaluvalu, where are you?”


Until now, negotiations of new global deals – whether on the environment, poverty and development, or trade – have boiled down to bargaining between developed and developing countries. But now both rich countries and rapidly industrialising nations, like China and India, are for the first time finding themselves on the same side, in the face of a growing revolt by the poor and vulnerable.

The seeds of the new line-up were sown at a special one-day climate summit called by President Obama alongside the G8 meeting in L’Aquila Italy this summer, when the major polluters agreed that global warming should be kept below two degrees centigrade.

They have proceeded to negotiate an agreement on that basis and were making good progress.

But the vulnerable became convinced that any increase above 1.5 degrees would be disastrous for them.

I just wrote my congressman. I told him that since politicians control the earth’s thermostat, I’d like my days set at about 77 degrees or so. Nights I’d prefer a little cooler, about 70–it helps me sleep.

As reported in the Telegraph yesterday, the feeling erupted when Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping, the Sudanese chief negotiator for the group of 77 (which represents developing countries), protested that two degrees would inundate island nations and mean “certain death” for Africa.

Hey, it worked for Massachusetts in the Supreme Court.

Low-lying Tuvalu, backed by similar island nations and some African ones, called for a new, tougher treaty. It was opposed by China and India and rich countries, and the talks had to be suspended while a resolution was sought. But, whatever is agreed, a new alignment has been born.

This isn’t about the weather…it’s all about World Welfare Payment$. No way. Although we do owe you for shutting down the talks. Tell you what–you can have 10% of the money we’re not going to pay China.

Don’t mention it. And turn the thermostat up a little, would ya?


We Have Always Been At War With EastAnglia


Well, the Supremes ruled for Massachusetts against the ocean’s tides. As a result, the EPA has outlawed air. And now they’re all in Copenhagen legislating against the sun.

Earth, Wind & Fire: not just a great ’70’s band–it’s also Interpol’s Ten Most Wanted!

This e-mail just in:


Did I say “hockey stick”?

‘Cos I meant “polo pony”.



The Decline Will Not Be Hid.


A Pair of ‘Noids, Styled: Hillary and Her Terrorist


Coming Soon to a Courthouse Near You!

The other day, Frank “Shovel-Ready” Rich accused Republicans of being “Stalinists” for “purging” Dede Scozzadomeafavor–you know, like Democrats did with their VP pick Joe Leiberman.

In support-hose of his thesis, Rich quoted historian Richard Hofstadter, who wrote a book called The Paranoid Style in American Politics back in 1964, shortly after all of you killed JFK.

Trouble is, Hofstadter was a real-life Stalinist, not one of Frank Rich’s phantom Reagan-Stalinists. He was a loyal party member throughout the ’30’s until Stalin gave the game away by signing the Hitler-Stalin Pact in 1940.

We might as well learn this stuff since the Desperate Beast is going to howl it even louder in the coming days. Hofstadter:

American politics has often been an arena for angry minds. In recent years we have seen angry minds at work mainly among extreme right-wingers, who have now demonstrated in the tea-bagger Goldwater movement how much political leverage can be got out of the animosities and passions of a small minority. But behind this I believe there is a style of mind that is far from new and that is not necessarily right-wing. I call it the paranoid style simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind.

It’s “not necessarily right-wing”–but Hofstadter could never think of any left-wing examples. Such as the Communist Party of which he was a member.

The paranoid spokesman sees the fate of conspiracy in apocalyptic terms — he traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds, whole political orders, whole systems of human values. He is always manning the barricades of civilization… he does not see social conflict as something to be mediated and compromised, in the manner of the working politician. Since what is at stake is always a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil, what is necessary is not compromise but the will to fight things out to a finish.

Most American conservatives aren’t against political compromise–we’re against the phony manufacturing of our consent by saying that every liberal policy preference is already contained in the Constitution.

It is hard to resist the conclusion that this enemy is on many counts the projection of the self; both the ideal and the unacceptable aspects of the self are attributed to him. The enemy may be the cosmopolitan intellectual, but the paranoid will outdo him in the apparatus of scholarship, even of pedantry. Secret organizations set up to combat secret organizations give the same flattery. The Ku Klux Klan imitated Catholicism to the point of donning priestly vestments, developing an elaborate ritual and an equally elaborate hierarchy. The John Birch Society emulates Communist cells and quasi-secret operation through “front” groups, and preaches a ruthless prosecution of the ideological war along lines very similar to those it finds in the Communist enemy. Spokesmen of the various fundamentalist anti-Communist “crusades” openly express their admiration for the dedication and discipline the Communist cause calls forth.

Ah; projection–thy name is Hillary.

Sec. of Statism Hillary Clinton recently had an interesting Charlie Rose interview. Charlie let her pretend she wasn’t a college communist propping up the Berlin Wall–but, then, so did Angela Merkel. She called the Iraq surge a “mid-course correction”, even though her boss called it a failure at the time. Her and Charlie both pretended Iran could be appeased by pretty words and that Mohammed Elbaradei was working to stop Iran instead of working to stop us. She also seemed to be impatient with Pres. Goldilock’s dithering, mentioning his indecisiveness many times.

But the most interesting part was this, from American Thinker:

Clinton: “[W]e do bear some of the responsibility, frankly, for helping to create the very terrorists that we’re now all threatened by.”

bin Laden: “We are sure of Allah’s victory and our victory against the Americans and the Jews as promised by the prophet peace be up on him…We are sure of our victory.

Islamist terrorists are not motivated by grievances, real or imagined, nor by old religious doctrines in and of themselves, but by the perception that their enemies are weak and that Allah — after many years — is again willing to grant victory to Muslim fighters.

In other words, America was created for terrorists to defeat…and America created terrorists to defeat!

That sounds exactly like Hofstadter’s “projection of the self” mirror-imaging. Hillary bin Clinton, meet Obama Rodham-Laden!

We all knew Hillary was a Goldwater Girl back in ’64…but she still is today!

At least, that’s my Conspiracy Theory. And I’m sticking to it.

Until the Bilderbergers prove me wrong.

UPDATE: That’s the spirit!

Reason’s “The Richard Hofstadter Drinking Game“:

“[T]he G.O.P. has been taken over by the people it used to exploit,” Paul Krugman warns today:

The state of mind visible at recent right-wing demonstrations is nothing new. Back in 1964 the historian Richard Hofstadter published an essay–



The First Terrorist Attack on America Since 9/11: Thanks, Doc Obama!


Our Miss Brooks gets one right between the bloomers:

A shroud of political correctness settled over the conversation. Hasan was portrayed as a victim of society, a poor soul who was pushed over the edge by prejudice and unhappiness.

There was a national rush to therapy. Hasan was a loner who had trouble finding a wife and socializing with his neighbors.

This response was understandable. It’s important to tamp down vengeful hatreds in moments of passion. But it was also patronizing. Public commentators assumed the air of kindergarten teachers who had to protect their children from thinking certain impermissible and intolerant thoughts. If public commentary wasn’t carefully policed, the assumption seemed to be, then the great mass of unwashed yahoos in Middle America would go off on a racist rampage.

Worse, it absolved Hasan — before the real evidence was in — of his responsibility. He didn’t have the choice to be lonely or unhappy. But he did have a choice over what story to build out of those circumstances. And evidence is now mounting to suggest he chose the extremist War on Islam narrative that so often leads to murderous results.

The conversation in the first few days after the massacre was well intentioned, but it suggested a willful flight from reality. It ignored the fact that the war narrative of the struggle against Islam is the central feature of American foreign policy. It ignored the fact that this narrative can be embraced by a self-radicalizing individual in the U.S. as much as by groups in Tehran, Gaza or Kandahar.

It denied, before the evidence was in, the possibility of evil. It sought to reduce a heinous act to social maladjustment. It wasn’t the reaction of a morally or politically serious nation.

And right on cue, Dr. Sigmund Hussein Fraud gives us His diagnosis:

“In a country of 300 million people, there are going to be acts of violence that are inexplicable. Even within the extraordinary military that we have — and I think everybody understands how outstanding the young men and women in uniform are under the most severe stress — there are going to be instances in which an individual cracks.”

If Hasan is “cracked”, then so is every other jihadist.

That means Khalid Sheik Mohammed should be confined at the State Mental Hospital until psychiatrists say he can safely integrate into American society; a process that usually takes, two, maybe three weeks.

Hey, Hasan’s a shrink–maybe he could evaluate KSM for us!

The point is, if this is mental illness, then we aren’t fighting terrorism–we’re in the War on Craziness. ALL of them are “cracked” by this standard.

Hasan isn’t “cracked”. He’s just as sane as all the other terrorists.

We let the Obama Administration order both the FBI and the Dept. of Defense to stand down on Hasan’s contacts with al Qaeda, and the final results are in: the First Terrorist Attack on America Since 9/11.

And now we’re letting him get away with it by calling it a mental episode. What Obama is really saying is that he’s going to continue giving a pass to jihadists. He’s going to do it again. He’s not gonna stop with the PC insanity. He’s doubling down on Dhimmitude.

Hasan isn’t crazy–we are.


Liberalism Gets People Killed


Ann Coulter has a great piece on The Real Willie Horton Story, the radical insanity of how the Massachusetts Supreme Court, Gov. Dukakis and Lt. Gov. Kerry let cold-blooded killers out on weekend party passes with predictable results. Because, you know, the state constitution John Adams wrote demanded it.

— Horton, who was later released under this program, was in prison for carving up a teenager at a gas station and then stuffing his body into a garbage can. (He had already been convicted of attempted murder in South Carolina — through no fault of his own, the victim survived.)

— Even after Horton used his Dukakis-granted furlough to rape and torture a Maryland couple in their home for 12 straight hours, the Greek homunculus issued a statement reaffirming his strong support for furloughing murderers.

Coulter only mentions it because, in hopes of bashing Obama critics, Matthews and Olbermann are running with it, regurgitating the tired, old lefty whine; it was unfair of Bush Sr. to mention the case because Horton was black.

Facts are racist things. Even back then, B.O. (I won’t even go into how Keef n’ Chrissy are showing doctored footage of the Horton ad. I think we should hold them to their own standard: we should assume their films are doctored, their quotes invented and their documents forged until proven otherwise.)

Nevermind the victims. Nevermind the astonishing lapse of judgement and moral retardation. Nevermind the raping. Nevermind the torture. Nevermind the murder and attempted murder. No, according to liberals, the problem with the Willie Horton case was…it was unfair to Mike Dukakis! Unfair? Yeah-the Massachsetts Supreme Court should have charged him as an accessory before the fact, and then gone to jail with him.

But now we’re facing Willie Horton Nation.

Prosecutor Andy McCarthy:

If Guantanamo Bay is closed, scores of trained jihadists, committed to killing Americans, will be released to dwell among us: It is that simple.

Pres. Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder contend that America’s civilian federal prisons are secure. Our “supermaxes,” they insist, are up to the task of confining the most lethal terrorists. Even if that were true (and history shows it is not), the argument is the most hollow of strawmen. These terrorists are not going to escape — they are going to walk right out the prison gates. They are going to be freed by a perverse new legal system, an ad hoc creation of progressive federal judges, assisted mightily by an Obama Justice Department rife with lawyers whose former firms and institutions spent the last eight years representing America’s enemies. […]

Because we still have Gitmo, at least Mutairi was outside the United States. When the judge voided his combatant status and the Justice Department declined to challenge the ruling, Kollar-Kotelly was in no position to force Mutairi’s release inside our country. He either had to go home to Kuwait or bide his time, like the Uighur detainees, until a country willing to take him was found.

Rest assured that this will not happen if the detainees are transferred to U.S. prisons, so that Gitmo can be shuttered. Once they are here, we will have the perfect storm: Federal judges, inherently hostile to detention without trial, running amok with no guidance from Congress, no political accountability, and no jury to check their excesses; combatant-designations judicially voided for scores of trained jihadists no trustworthy country is willing to take in; and a combatant-friendly Justice Department unwilling to challenge the judicial usurpation of the military’s war-fighting powers. Inexorably, the judges will order that the detainees be released in the United States. One judge already tried to do that with the Uighurs, even though they were outside the United States and had no legal right to enter.

For the judges, the hard part was wresting from the executive branch the power to decide who is an enemy combatant. With that accomplished, ordering their release will be easy. And once the Obama administration brings the combatants into the United States, it will be done — bank on it.

UPDATE: 1st Guantanamo detainee arrives in U.S.

Mr. Ghailani was indicted in 1998 for the al-Qaeda bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, attacks which killed more than 224 people, including 12 Americans. …After the Aug. 7, 1998, bombings at U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mr. Ghailani worked for al-Qaeda as a document forger, trainer at a terror camp and bodyguard to bin Laden, according to military prosecutors.

“Document forger”? Have you considered a job as a news anchor?

Weasle Zippers has more, including a RACIST!-photograph, which is to say, a photograph:

“You are authorized and directed not to seek the death penalty against Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani,” Mr. Holder wrote to Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Mr. Ghailani faces federal charges of conspiring in the 1998 bombings of the United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, attacks that were organized by Al Qaeda and killed 224 people and wounded thousands.

But he was “a victim of the cruel ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’” and was “never afforded the right to remain silent nor the right to have an attorney”, so let’s just call it a wash and move on, shall we?

If Keith Olbermann went off of his industrial-strength Viagra, lost the rest of his mind and went on a spree that wounded thousands of Africans and slaughtered hundreds more, in order to murder a dozen Americans including diplomats and Marines, wouldn’t he get the Death Penalty? Wouldn’t Chris want to take him to a James Bond movie?

I mean, after they finished watching “Astro Boy” together?

They’re already giving these killers more “rights” than Americans. And they’re just getting started. This could be the issue that finally kills the Democrat Party.

But if it did, liberals would demand that the issue be let out of prison on a weekend party pass.


Dick Cheney Was Right, Pt. 12,857. And Counting.


Sure–they’ve got Mr. “Fire Melts Steel?”, but we’ve got Michael Steele:

It is becoming increasingly clear that some in the Democratic Party need a serious history lesson. Slavery was racist, Jim Crow laws were racist, segregation was racist – opposing a radical political agenda is not.

More melted steel, via Ace’s:

The Denver man at the center of an alleged New York bomb plot, Najibullah Zazi, has admitted he has ties to al Qaeda and is in negotiations to plead guilty to a terror charge, a senior law enforcement official told ABC News.

The official said Zazi had received explosives training and his possible guilty plea would be part of a deal to cooperate with the government.

…Zazi has been under investigation for almost a year, according to law enforcement and intelligence officials. The CIA reportedly first learned of his alleged al Qaeda ties when Zazi visited Pakistan and officials said they later learned of “deeply troubling” conversations that were picked up on government intercepts.

In other words, George Bush and Dick Cheney were criminally “eavesdropping” on his phone calls a year ago and therefore prevented yet another attack. Thanks, Juntamen.

No wonder the administration is keeping kinda’ quiet about this.

You know what else this means, don’t you? This terror bust also means that we have successfully prevented Barack Obama and Joe Biden from placing explosive charges in buildings and flying their jets into skyscrapers! You know–like all the presidents do.

DrewM. continues:

A friend of mine emailed me asking how come the lefty blogs aren’t questioning the timing of these arrests which are obviously timed to distract from Obama’s health care failure.

He was kidding. I think.

I question the thinking. And the timing. And the timing of not questioning the timing.

Seriously: thanks to all officials who are doing their jobs despite Obama’s Self-Serve War on Intelligence. We appreciate it–no joke.




those heady days of yore, when checking out “Goodnight, Moon God” at your local library was to take your very life into your hands, a revolutionary act of defiance, a blow against the regime, to risk being hunted down by Dick Cheney’s paramilitary bands of roving literary critics and forced to confess your membership in Oprah’s Book Club?

Remember this?

Libraries provide a place to exercise intellectual freedom: a free and open exchange of knowledge and information where individuals may exercise freedom of inquiry as well as a right to privacy in regards to information sought. Privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, free thought, and free association; and, in a library, the subject of users’ interests should not be examined or scrutinized by others.

ALA considers that sections of the USA PATRIOT ACT are a present danger to the constitutional rights and privacy rights of library users. …March 7, 2006
The House of Representatives voted (280-138) to pass legislation reauthorizing the USA PATRIOT Act. In spite of years of work done by ALA members, our allies in the civil liberties arena, and dedicated Members of Congress, the legislation does not include most of the meaningful reforms we hoped would restore the privacy rights of America’s library users.

And this:

Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the A.C.L.U., said the demand for the Connecticut library records “shows that our supposed hysteria over the Patriot Act wasn’t so hysterical after all. This is a prime example of the government using its Patriot Act powers without any judicial oversight to get sensitive information on law-abiding Americans,” Mr. Romero said.

Yes–if by “law-abiding Americans”, you mean “law-breaking foreign nationals”.

Or this:

“We’re quiet rebels,” she said.

Czesak, like hundreds of her fellow librarians around the country, says the Patriot Act makes what people read and borrow from libraries fair game in the name of tracking terrorists. […]The FBI came to Czesak after Sept. 11 looking for information on two of the hijackers who reportedly had used library computers. The library complied with the federal subpoenas, but Czesak and some of her colleagues are now leery of the act.

FBI agents also seized two computers from a Delray Beach, Fla., library because they thought some of the Sept. 11 hijackers used public computers there to communicate.

“The Patriot Act definitely scares me because we see it being carried to the nth degree,” Czesak said.

Terrorists had just flattened the Trade Center, and tried to flatten the Pentagon and the White House–but its the FBI carrying out things “to the nth degree”? Whatever, lady.

Well, you can come out from under the covers now, boys and girls, because Obama has banished the big, bad Bush boogeymen who had nothing better to do than to monitor how many times you checked out “Tropic of Cancer” for the naughty parts.

…Oh–wait a minute…what’s this? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Obama has renewed the BushJunta’s Library & Sedition Acts!!! How can this be???

Andy McCarthy heroically dissents:

Two of the provisions are completely uncontroversial…The third provision was controversial only because the Left phonied up a controversy. It’s the “business records” provision. It is not meaningfully different from a federal prosecutor’s mundane power to issue grand-jury subpoenas in routine investigations, but the Left and the media called it the “library records” provision and stoked visions of John Ashcroft monitoring how many people checked Rules for Radicals out of their local library. Patriot, however, never targeted libraries any more than subpoenas do, the provision has never been used that way, and now its execution will be controlled by the Obama Justice Department. The new DOJ answers to the demagogues who created the library kerfuffle and they know it is more likely to use the business records authority to hassle businesses than libraries. […]

The [bi-partisan] group recommended that all the then-pending Patriot Act provisions should be authorized. Holder and Podesta co-signed our letter to Congress.

In light of that track record, there was no way, politically speaking, that the Obama administration, and especially its Justice Department, could have opposed the reauthorization of these three Patriot provisions. There was no upside in it for them and tons of potential downside. The money-move was to sign off, call as little attention to it as possible, and move on.

So you’re saying it was all an act? It was all phony? Ginned-up? It was pure demagoguery, a win-at-all-costs pack of lies and rank hyper-partisan hypocrisy? Oh, stop, palpitating heart! My world-view is shattered!

And liberals just can’t understand why Tea Partyers and Town Hallers are not inclined to give their guy the benefit of the doubt. There’s a price for winning dirty.

Ironically, unlike the library chimera, there are very real Federal privacy issues–with the health care bills, for example. Not to mention the “normal” ones, such as the Census. Yet the Left is blind to everyday intrusions on working people while worrying about the one that threatens only terrorists. Figures.

So, goodnight, brush. Goodnight, spoon, Goodnight, library card. And Goodnight, Moon-bat.


Honey, I Shrunk the Truth


“‘Government conspiracy’? They can’t even deliver our mail and it’s got our address on it and everything!”–P.J. O’Rourke

It’s an old saying in Washington that a gaffe is when a politician slips up and accidentally tells the truth.

Van Jones had to go because he was a walking gaffe, an 11 on the Joe Biden-scale. Joe, of course, plaigarized the scale from Richter when he, Richter and Neil Kinnock were all growing up in the coal mines of Wales.

Jones had to go because he told the truth–not about Bush, but about Democrats. Or at least the third of them who profess Trutherism. Now some of it is probably just blowing off steam to pollsters. And there was a large element of “any-stick-in-a-fight”-opportunism. Jones claims he was “smeared”, but Trutherism is One Giant Smear and that’s all it has ever been.

In hopes that no one [aka “Reagan”] would start a war, Sting once sang that he hoped the Russians loved their children too. Truthers maintain that terrorists love both their children and your children, but Bush started a war because he hates all children.

If Obama can quote himself as a source of unimpeachable truthiness, so can I. As I’ve said, from the 2006 archives:

Barking Mad

‘Truthers’…And Their Consequences

“(CNN) — Nearly 50 years since an alleged UFO was sighted at Roswell, New Mexico, a new CNN/Time poll released Sunday shows that 80 percent of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.

While nearly three-quarters of the 1,024 adults questioned for the poll said they had never seen or known anyone who saw a UFO, 54 percent believe intelligent life exists outside Earth.”

Now wait a damn minute–80% believe that the government is hiding information on space aliens–but only 54% believe that aliens even exist?

That means that a full 26% of Americans think that the government is hiding information on aliens–aliens that they believe don’t exist in the first place! That’s crazy.

Not as crazy as the “Truther” crowd, but still crazy.

These “Truthers” alone know The Truth: that George Bush took out the Twin Towers. The story goes something like this:

Bush had Col. Harlan Sanders removed from his cryogenic chamber in the limestone caves of Karl’sBad, Kentucky. After thawing him out, Bush recommissioned the Colonel and reactivated his 11 super-secret Chickenhawk Brigades to grease the unholy Skids of War.

George Bush also personally caused Hurricane Katrina with his 15 Megawatt coal-fired barbecue grill, shoplifted for him from Target by Claude Allen. Don Rumsfeld took all the Humvee armor from the troops in Iraq and put it on those schoolbuses so they wouldn’t float. In an evil scheme first concocted by Prescott Bush and Albert Speer at the Wolf’s Lair in 1943, Bush blew those levees. And he sent Flight 93 to destroy the Capitol Building so no one would be left to stand in his way.

Now that Ann Richards is deceased, it’s just a matter of time before someone “questions the timing” and we learn how Bush dispatched Dick Cheney “shoot her in the face” to “avenge Poppy”. The proof? A closed casket, of course.

Can’t you see?–she knew too much! WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!

According to these paranoids, the Pentagon was also in on it. By this “logic”, those Pentagon employees who died on Sept. 11th PLANNED THEIR OWN DEATHS! Yes! Such was their loyalty to the BushJunta!

One expects such insanity from terrorist sympathizers, who congratulate bin Laden for felling the Towers in one breath and blame Bush for it in the next. But for putatively civilized people to mimic them is beyond the bounds of any political discourse.

They’re quite mad, you know. Barking Mad.

Steyn has been tangling with these nut-jobs. And Jonah Goldberg put it well:

“There is a virulent form of unpatriotism festering in America today. Like an algae bloom that deprives life of oxygen, it starves democracy of the air of reason. It now thrives on what we call the far Left, but like a dead zone off the coast, it moves with the tides. I am referring to the seditious dementia of conspiracy theories, the death of faith not in some mere administration or Congress but in America itself.”

I lived through the assassinations of the ’60’s, Viet Nam, Watergate and Nixon, Hoover and the Weathermen, The Reagan Revolution…and I’ve never seen the Left as whacked-out, demented and looney as it is today.

The reason I say that is because even mainstream Democrats are becoming infected with the Conspiracy Virus. For example, I heard one liberal talk-show host–not a complete nut–take call after call from listeners who spouted conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. Instead of shooting them down and telling them they were hurting their party, all he could muster was “Well, you can’t put anything past this crowd.”

Yes, there are things you can put past “this crowd”.

Even some elected Democrats have mouthed these conspiracy theories, though usually with some disclaimer like “Some say…” or “We don’t know for sure, but…”, hoping to reap the support of the Moon-Bat Wing without being caught sleeping with them in the Bat-Cave.

When they’re not acting out their impeachment fantasies on Capitol Hill or filming their assassination fantasies for theatrical release, Lefties from politics, the academy, the arts and the media have all joined in the fun. Why?

It must partly be of the frustration that comes with the failure to win elections–a subject, naturally, with its own complete sub-set of conspiracy theories. Did you know, for example, that if Democrats fail to win the upcoming elections–THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE FREE ELECTIONS HELD IN THIS COUNTRY!?

The Monkey-Meat Media has some culpability as well. They have relentlessly lied, smeared, twisted, spun, distorted and even invented the record in order to “Get Bush!”. Ironically, the most committed Conspiracy Theorists are convinced that the Media are part of the Bush Cabal, simply because they don’t usually begin their evening broadcasts by burning him in effigy.

It also partly stems from Al Gore’s national temper tantrum, his honorless decision to retract his concession and selfishly poison the well if he couldn’t have his way.

No doubt some of it springs from the normal stresses of war. But part of it is just inexplicable and must simply be attributed to Bush Dementia Syndrome (BDS), a sort-of catch-all diagnosis that includes such related maladies as:

Sudden Onset Bush Dementia (S.O.B.-D.)
Chronic Halliburtosis (CH)
Bushfaulten-by-Proxy Syndrome (BPS)
Whooping Ashcroft (WA)
Post-Selection Stress Disorder (PSSD)
Seborrheic Kerrytosis (SK)
SIDS Blumenthalia (SB)
Rovian Typhoon Fever (RTF)
Aquired Immunity From Facts Syndrome (AIFFS)

…and a host of others, all of which lead inexorably to End-Stage Perpetually Pathological & Permanently Paranoid Bushophobia (ESPPPPB).

This is a condition in which George W. Bush is held to have personally planned and executed Every Bad Thing That Has Ever Happened Or Will Happen Since The Dawn of Recorded History (EBTTHEHOWHSTDRH).

I realize that for the truly ill, mocking their idiotic claims is only further proof that their claims are true. In fact, ridiculing this neurotic swill proves that I must be a member of The Conspiracy. Yes–its true! I own an Illuminati Decoder Ring! Whatever.

This kind of paranoid assininity is damaging to our country. It says that our political opponents are not just wrong, not even dangerously wrong. Nor even merely evil, for that matter–but James-Bond-villian-“I-Shall-Rule-the-World-BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”-evil.

Worse, it is done under the guise of “patriotism”. As it turns out, Samuel Johnson, the great British statesman, had these clowns pegged two and a half centuries ago (…and I “question the timing!”).

Mr. Johnson:

“It is the quality of patriotism to be jealous and watchful, to observe all secret machinations, and to see publick dangers at a distance. The true lover of his country is ready to communicate his fears, and to sound the alarm, whenever he perceives the approach of mischief. But he sounds no alarm, when there is no enemy; he never terrifies his countrymen till he is terrified himself. The patriotism, therefore, may be justly doubted of him, who professes to be disturbed by incredibilities.”–Samuel Johnson, ‘The Patriot’

Or to paraphrase the Army’s Attorney General Joseph Welch from 1954:

“Let us not assassinate this president further, Senators. You ‘Truthers’ have done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sirs? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

The Shame is Out There.

Find it.

Just don’t hire it. And then fire it in the middle of the night when it looks uncomfortably like the man in the mirror.


Top Ten Van Jones-Fun Fast Food Facts!

Mr. McBushBash Gets a Job!

First, I’d like to welcome Mr. Jones to the real world of fast-food employment, where supply meets demand, where customers needs are met through a free exchange between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

Yes, we know that the freedom will be a little disorienting for you at first–it’s a little bit different than the top-down command economy of government invented-jobs and mandated consumers, forced to purchase the Government Dog Food.

And there is very little North Vietnamese cuisine you’ve grown used to in Berkeley–but on the bright side, we think you’ll like your bright red uniform!

Oh, and Van–don’t be late. You’re not in Washington anymore. In the real world, people actually get fired for that–although, ironically, not for being a Communist. Which is also the reason they hired you. Again, irony. Still, don’t be late.

And now, our Top 10 Van Jones quotes, quips and zany interactions with customers:

10.) “The President told me if I played my cards right, I might one day succeed Mayor McCheese.”

9.) “Statehood for McDonaldland Now!”

8.) “I went from $30 Billion Dollars to ‘Over 30 Billion Sold’.”

7.) “Thank’s to Global Warming, our “Frosties” will now be known as “Melties”.”

6.) “New Product idea: the MarxMelt, made with real Government Cheese!”

5.) “Society made the Hamburglar do it!”

4.) “When I finally ban cars, this will be a Bike-Thru window.”

3.) “One day, it’s ‘Hope and Change’; the next day, it’s ‘Hope your change is correct.'”

2.) “I went ahead and put some 30 weight in the deep fryer–I believe we should be able to run this stuff in our cars. Say, do you people have any idea how much methane is released just to make one Triple Bacon-ator? No? Me either.”

And the Number One Van Jones-Fun Fast Food Fact:

“French Revolution Fries with that?”


Same old same old

And once again, we see how simply telling the truth about Lefty shitbags amounts to a “smear campaign” of “vicious lies, “distortions,” and “fabrications” — all of which happen to be accurate, factual, and inarguable:

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,” Jones, special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said in a statement announcing his resignation just after midnight Saturday. “They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

We didn’t have to do any such thing, you oxygen-thief piece of shit; the truth about you is quite damning enough, thanks. It always is with your disgusting ilk. But go ahead, whine and cry about how unfair it is that your history of anti-Americanism has finally caught up with you, and blame your hard-earned comeuppance on the people who dared to notice what a foul, rabble-rousing brigand you always have been.

Al that’s well and good and all, but Mike Pence is way off the mark here:

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) called on Jones to resign Friday, saying in a statement, “His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration or the public debate.”

“No place in this administration?” You must be joking. They’re the core, the very beating heart, of this radical regime. Remove the extremist views from the Obama ruling clique and there wouldn’t be enough people left in the White House to bother keeping the lights on.

Update! Treacher’s take:

If the mainstream media didn’t prove its own irrelevance during the Rielle Hunter scandal, this clinches it. An advisor to the President of the United States, a man in charge of tens of billions in taxpayer funds, is resigning because of a scandal that has not been covered by most news outlets. Now they have to do the same dance they did when John Edwards confessed to his affair: “Looks like we have no choice but to talk about this now. Let’s cover the story as if we’ve been covering it all along, while explaining it for the people who don’t know about it because we’re their only source of news.”

So long to the lying, racebaiting, communist Truther in the White House. Correction: So long to a lying, racebaiting, communist Truther in the White House.

A crucial correction indeed. It ain’t as if Jones is the first, the last, or the only.

Comedy GOLD update! Enjoy your new career manning the Wendy’s drive-thru window, you commie bastard.

Connecting the dots update! Dan puts the pieces together:

Van Jones was hand picked by Valerie Jarrett. Ms. Jarrett’s father was an ardent commie who probably knew Obama’s father figure, sex rebel Frank Marshall Davis. Ms. Jarrett was instrumental in getting Michelle Obama the U of Chicago hospitals PR position that paid her so well for diverting the financially undesirable to neighborhood clinics. Michelle’s dad was a Chicago ward boss. That Jones joins Rezko, Ayers and Wright under the bus is no accident. That Obama puts the screws on Honduras and sucks up to Cuba and Venezuela are no accidents. That the FBI is responsible for doing background checks, and Obama wants to give them sovereignty over the CIA is no accident. That Teddy Kennedy tried to cut a separate deal with the odious Yuri Andropov and then backed Obama is not really an accident.

Nope, it damned sure ain’t. But hey, it’s rude to notice, you crazy, paranoid, hysterical Wingnut™, you.

Too much fun update! Best headline so far has gotta be Dan’s: “Bus Overtakes Van As Jones Loses WH Parking Spot.”


Sniveling hatemonger thinks the rules he used against Palin shouldn’t apply to himself

Big surprise. Ooh, look, the widdle tough guy’s notified the ACLU!

Scurry, scurry away, little cockroach, back under your rock. Like I said, we’re done playing nice with vermin like you.

Update! More delicious reaping-what-you-sowed: Stacy sends an e-mail to the worthless shitbird, wherein he lets him have it, but good:

To start with Griffin, don’t lecture me about libel. Screw you, you miserable little pissant. I didn’t work my way up — starting with a $4.50-an-hour staff writer job at a 6,000-circulation weekly in 1986 — so some random loser could lecture me about libel law.

Perfect. I don’t know what’s coming next in this saga, but I hope they take Griffin’s sorry ass down — all the way down, and hard. Permanent unemployment and a life of beggarly misery couldn’t happen to a nicer asshole, as far as I’m concerned.


Portrait of “post-racial” Amerika

It’s an ugly one:

There is no doubt that this was one of the worst cases of voter intimidation the Department has seen in decades, but it was against militant black defendants, not white defendants. This is exactly the kind of situation that upsets the traditional civil rights community, which does not believe that federal voting rights laws should be used to protect white voters. The Department’s weak and belated explanation for the dismissal of this suit is frankly absurd.

The Department’s spokeswoman says that “the facts and the law did not support pursuing the claims.” Really? Then why is the Department refusing to allow the trial team who actually investigated the “facts and the law” or the chief of the Voting Section who supervised the investigation to brief members of Congress? We all know why – because those lawyers would dispute the spurious claim being made by their political superiors.

Justice even sent a letter to Cong. Lamar Smith claiming that one of the defendants was dismissed because he was a resident of the building in which the polling place was located, a “fact” that is completely false. The Department’s own pleadings publicly filed in court in Philadelphia, as well as a poll watcher certificate issued to the defendant by the Democratic Party, show that that this defendant did not live at the polling place (a senior living center). This basic factual error shows just how unimportant the real facts were to those dismissing the case. And that defendant, whose MySpace page lists one of his general interests as “Killing Crakkkas,” was dismissed just in time to be reappointed as a poll watcher for the May 19 primary in Philadelphia!

The message from the Justice Department with this dismissal is that if you are a member of a black hate group, you can intimidate, threaten, and hurl racial epithets at white voters and poll watchers and the Justice Department will give you a pass.

Just remember, Crakkkas: it ain’t racism when black people do it. That idiotic and hateful sentiment is now the official position of King Hussein’s Justice Department. Best bear it in mind, lest you be caught trying to vote the wrong way next election day.

(Via McCarthy)


Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out

They really are just plain nuts, you know:

After the President very publically swatted and then killed a fly during an interview with CNBC yesterday, the outspoken animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) said they wished Obama had served a better example.

“We support compassion for the even the smallest animals,” says Bruce Friedrich, VP for Policy at PETA. “We support giving insects the benefit of the doubt.”

Yeah, well, I personally support squashing every one of the vile buggers that might come within arm’s reach, and benefit of the doubt be damned.

And that goes for insects, too.

(Via JWF)


Trembling, unhinged hatemonger wrestles his personal demons

Wherein The Last True Conservative loses it completely, frothing that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are America’s versions of…wait for it…wait for it

Ahmadinejad’s bag of tricks is eerily like that of Karl Rove – the constant use of fear, the exploitation of religion, the demonization of liberals, the deployment of Potemkin symbolism like Sarah Palin…

Think of this regime as Cheney and Rove in a police state setting, and you see what’s been going on. (Of course, Rove and Cheney live within a democratic system utterly unlike Iran, and there’s no evidence they would violate democratic norms as Khamenei just did. But their demagoguery, abuse of the state, dedication to conflict abroad, co-optation of the armed forces, and manipulation of rural and religious voters all have parallels in Red State Iran.) We keep expecting to see some kind of shame or some attempt at rational dialogue. They have nothing but contempt for that kind of talk. If they’re going to lie, it’s gonna be a Big Lie. Like this sham of an election.

My God. “Red State Iran.” Reading this lunatic’s deranged swill is now tantamount to watching a slow-mo mental breakdown. There is simply no smear too outrageous — or absurd — for him to fling at his erstwhile heroes, no analogy too twisted for him to employ in demonizing the objects of his irrational hatred. Their perceived betrayal of him and the hobgoblin pet issues of his narcissistic little mind is more than politics, and more than personal, even; to such a one, their every move and machination can only be seen as premeditated acts of absolute evil, perpetrated against everything that is good, decent, and just, and therefore any comparison to actual, quantifiable evil — ie, evil that doesn’t really require lengthy explanation (or whackjob conspiracy theorizing) to understand as such — is germane, reasonable, and appropriate.

For progressivist psychotics like Sullivan, anything and everything can and shall be blamed on their unholy triumvirate of Rove, Cheney, and Bush — forever and ever, amen. Meanwhile, the person who truly did betray the spluttering buffoon gets a pass, presumably because he’s still, I dunno, a “person of good will” or something.

Update! This spot formerly contained a link to Totten’s latest update, which on reflection I saw no reason to sully by association with a post on Sullivan’s ravings, and so split off into its own post. I’ll replace it with this observation: when some Lefty nut gets around to attempting to assassinate any or all members of Sullivan’s Unholy Trinity, will his outrageous slanders be denounced as “incitement?” Just askin’.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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