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New thing

John Hawkins, one of the hardest working guys in the blog biz, sends word of his new joint venture with the redoubtable Doug Ross: Trending Right. Give ’em a look; I ain’t much of a Twitter guy myself, but it’s bound to be good. And as a sort of clearinghouse of the most-linked conservative stories on Twitter each hour, it ought to be a good source for even an old stick-in-the-mud Twitteresistor like me.


Late to the party

I have been sorely remiss in not linking or blogrolling Nemo’s site, the Daily Cannibal, till now. My apologies. Go check it out; he’s doing good stuff over there. And Good stuff, too. A representative sample:

There’s a new trend in always-trendy New York City, and this one pits fussy diners against fussier chefs.  According to the New York Times, a number of eateries, from bagel shops to bastions of haute cuisine, have grown weary of “special requests” from their increasingly demanding clientele and have determined to put a stop to it. Some are understandable: one chef refuses to serve ketchup with the frites that accompany the coq au vin. Others are more puzzling:  the bagel shop refuses to toast its bagels. But most of the resistance is to people claiming to be “allergic” to ingredients they just don’t want.

But anyone who has suffered a fellow diner offering explicit and lengthy instructions on their food preparation may sympathize with the chefs. The poor devils spend their lives figuring out how to prepare unique dishes that can propel them to fame and fortune, and their reaction to “Sole, please, broiled, not poached, no fennel or butter, and chopped fresh arugla in the salad instead of the red onion” might mirror that of a chef I knew in the 70s:  when confronted by a request like this for the first time, he simply sent out a plate with the raw ingredients and a note requesting the diner to take it all home and cook it herself.

Why is this interesting to The Daily Cannibal? Well, ponder this:

The same people who rewrite restaurant recipes will swallow whole a political agenda of far many more ingredients simply because they are “Democrats” or “Republicans” or “liberals” or “conservatives.”  Want a smaller government? Then you must be anti-abortion. Want to control medical costs? Then you must vote for our health care bill.  Want better education?  Well, we have to spend twice as much money. And so on.

Menus and politicians have this in common: they all start out with the same optimistic descriptions, but it all ends up in a toilet bowl. Chefs tell what you get going in, and politicians try to feed you what you get coming out.

Heh. Good stuff, that.


Sneak preview

Of our friend Michael Totten’s new book, sure to be an excellent and informative read, right here. Mike is sending me an advance copy, and i’ll surely be posting about it once it’s in my hot little hands.


A project which needs to seek no approval, for obvious reasons.

I am baking the Manliest Bread EVARR!!!!!111elebenty!!!!!!1  Because real men bake their own damned bread.  Dammit.

Wrap your noggins around this concept: Bacon. Jalapeno. Cheesy. Beer. Bread.  The sheer awesomeness of the concept forced that punctuation, I swear.

On a related note, wimminfolk say the damnedest things.  “Why are we cooking bacon?”

Um, what?!?

  1. We aren’t cooking a damned thing.  You are playing some MMOWTF, I am cooking bacon.
  2. Because I am making the Manliest Bread EVAR!, and doing so requires bacon.
  3. Since when does bacon need a reason?  Bacon is it’s own damned reason.

Taste report to follow sometime tomorrow, if any of the partygoers are manly enough to eat a slice.


My problem with Libertarians.

One of Eric Scheie’s readers (as brought to us by Instapundit) nails it.

If the Libertarians were serious, they’d be doing what the Tea Party has done: Going to work for the Republicans at the lower levels, working at the precinct level, changing the beast from the ground up.  You don’t get to waltz in and take over an organization from the top down, you have to start at the bottom and pay your dues.  Unfortunately for the Libertarians, they think their ideas are so good and right and true that they don’t have work at it, if they just talk enough and craft their message just right, everyone will convert.

They really remind me of the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party.


Poor sod.

Can you imagine one of our academics with this much courage?  I sure can’t.  They would have only the courage to desecrate the Bible, whose followers they know would not harm them.

It’s a pity he’s losing his job, though.

Hat tip Insty.


Easy, Thunder.

I notice a trend around these parts to follow in the footsteps of those who predict the imminent implosion of dinosaur or zombie media.  True, newspaper after newspaper is folding, fewer and fewer people are getting their news from television and radio news sources and so forth.


Radio was going to kill the newspaper.  It didn’t.

Television was going to kill radio and the newspaper.  It didn’t.

The internet has been just about to kill radio, television and the newspaper for a few years now.  And (you guessed it!) it hasn’t.

Old technologies hardly ever go away completely.  There are still buggy whip manufacturers, for instance, although now most of their clientele is in San Fransisco, featured in a Zombie Time special, usually.  Despite the advent of digital video, you can still buy movie film, yes movie film, if you know where to look.  Despite the advent of digital still images that are finally almost as good as 35mm negative film (Don’t get me started on the superiority of slide film.  Just don’t.), Fuji, Kodak and Ilford are still being sold in reasonable quantities from Adorama and B&H.  Sure, you can no longer get them in the 20 pack as you once could, but the 5 pack is nearly as convenient.

There are even damned fools wasting their time learning how to knap flint spearheads and hunt boars the really old fashioned way.

I bet most of them vote Republican.


Harvard delenda est!

I often say (jokingly, of course) that Pol Pot had the right idea in his approach to academics.  I also like to point to Little Matty Yglesias as a prime reason to burn Harvard to the ground and salt the furrows.  Again, a jest.

I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to find the whole situation funny, what with this kind of bullshit going on.  If any Left-leaning institution is in trouble enough to make it to the NYT, you know that there’s a whole lot more shame to be discovered.  Anyone who doubts that academics rip off the rest of by sleazing up to the government teat, which we pay for with our tax dollars, only need read this article with a critical and jaundiced eye to finally get it.

Hat tip Insty.


Man up!

The one thing I absolutely despise about today’s American Left is their absolute shameless cowardice.  These people are deathly afraid of admitting that they are communists, now that 90 years of history has shown communism and it’s retarded little brother socialism to be utter failures as methods of government.  Ask any member of the House of Representatives if they are a socialist and in almost every case you’d get a firm “Hell No!”

But 70 of them are, according to the Socialist Party of America.

70 out of the 255 Democrats are actually Socialist.  Explains a lot, doesn’t it?


Immigration and Housing.

Not much to connect the two, is there?  Well, there wouldn’t be in a sane world.  But we live in Bizarro World, where someone who has yet to do anything of significance can become pResident with 52% of the popular vote.  Two years in, we’re still waiting for that numbskull to do anything significant that is also good.  I imagine we’ll be waiting for quite some time.

The latest immigration idiocy had me a bit flummoxed, I’ll admit.  There is no reason for a pResident to take such a wildly unpopular stance on the subject, to the point of bringing lawsuit against a state for enforcing Federal Law.  These actions have pretty much guaranteed that his party will lose both the House and the Senate, and there’s a good chance that any Governor that supports him will lose their next re-election bid as well.

So why?

That Dimocrats are economically illiterate is, by this point, simply beyond argument.  It is as self-evident as the Rights enumerated by our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Bear that in mind, when you’re trying to figure out why these power-mad morons are doing whatever it is they’re doing.

Deep down inside, Obumblefuck knows it too.  But he’s in a bind.  He can’t ask the Republicans for advice (not that the current crop in Washington would be much help), and he certainly can’t be seen to do nothing, as that is anathema to the average Dim.  So he’s trying to pump up the economy the same way Slick Willie and Greenspan did, by inflating the housing market.  The problem is, there isn’t enough demand for houses, and there won’t be, as there just aren’t enough Americans that need them.

So he’s up to his usual tricks of circumventing the law (legal immigration, in this case) to achieve his goals.  Damn the soaring crime rate, we need people who can purchase houses!   Damn the integrity of our country, we need home buyers!  Damn the meaning of citizenship, just give us another housing bubble!

Or so he thinks.  Eight Governors have already joined with Arizona’s Jan Brewer, and I don’t think that train is quite full yet.  If the FedGov doesn’t get on board with the States posthaste, we may see a whole lot less FedGov a whole lot sooner than we ever could have hoped and dreamed.

Edited: The second to last paragraph was unclear and obnoxious.  Some will still find it obnoxious, but at least they’ll be clear on the reasons why.


I know this may come as some surprise to our Leftarded friends.

But it must be said.

Our refusal to agree with you does not in any way, I assure you, stem from failure on our part to understand what you are conceited enough to call your ideas.  We understand these brain-leavings of yours just fine.  I daresay any child able to write the alphabet, nay, any child with a rudimentary grasp of the everyday language of their society, understands your immature blathering.  Pretending we don’t just demeans you and (mildly) annoys us.

Nor is it ignorance.  We are a well read lot, actually being in class while you fine folks were still struggling to roll your hungover asses out of bed.

You may now skip directly to calling us evil, since that’s all the Fundamentalist Mindset has left.



Why I am Not a Libertarian

Here is the article from Instapundit to Reason.   Go read it, then come back for my rant.

Now – do you know why the contract specifications are that long?  Do you?  It isn’t because some drone somewhere thought it would be fun to write the specifications for a contract to those exacting requirements – it is because every army – since before Hammurabi (my WAG) has been utterly screwed when receiving supplies and equipment from authorized contractors.

Boots that wouldn’t last a week; blades that were as brittle as glass; rotten meat, weevilly bread, cordage that fell apart faster than clothesline, tents that couldn’t keep out dew, gunpowder that wouldn’t light – the list goes on as long as there have been militaries.  If you want to get exactly what you have ordered, then that contract has to be as precise as can possibly be – because all of the contractors are friends (and donators) to people who can get the contract assigned and cover for any deficiencies when they arise.

It has nothing to do with ‘idiot stupid government wanting to regulate everything because it can’ and everything to do with the military being sick and tired of getting the worst clapped out crapped out whoreson rerfuse ever foisted off in this sector of the galaxy since the last millenium began.  Just because some ‘friend’ of some one higher up got a contract and read it one plausible way when common-sense would read it another.

Go back and read history; read historical fiction; and you will find tales of supplies that were deadlier than any foe.

And that is where I have my problem with Libertarians.  They see a contract with the requirements written that way and say ‘just another example of stupid government’ when the real answer is ‘another example of writing a contract to protect the government from thieves’.  If you think that Ford Motor Co. doesn’t write supply contracts with very strict specifications; that Burger King does not write contracts with very strict specifications – then you are living in a fantasy world.  If you want to have the free market take its place, bidding for contracts, then you have to endorse the idea of a very detailed  contract being set forth with the bid so that the contractor knows what he must do, and the government can know what it can expect to receive.

And if you do not accept the government offering such a detailed contract to be bid upon, then you are fine with substandard provisions and equipment being procured and sent to various military units, and if you are fine with permitting substandard contractors weasel-room, then you can go fuck yourself – because I don’t agree with that.

It is detailed.  It isn’t an accident.  There is a very good reason that the contract is so detailed (see the cold record of history.)

And if after this rant you still can’t understand why there is such detail, then shove your latest issue of ‘Reason’ so far up your nether regions that you get paper cuts on your cerebral cortex.


The Despair of Denethor

I was over at The Other McCain today and read a piece called ‘Fun, Lighthearted and Accesible is OK, but how About Winning Elections?’  The discussion was on a new website, Ricochet, and Dan Riehl’s reaction to it.  Of course, read the whole thing, but Dan is more concerned, and Stacy shares the concern – that conservatives are more concerned with creating vehicles to propel themselves forward, to ‘make stars’, then in actually winning elections.

I can say that I never identified the ‘make stars’ thing, but on reflection I can see that and the potential problem there – focussing solely on me, me, me isn’t going to get a conservative agenda going anywhere, and it certainly isn’t going to lead to the take-over of an electoral vehicle – a political party – that is necessary to electoral success.  (Of course, some people may not want electoral success because it is far more fun and far easier to be on the outside sniping and snarking than on the inside trying to make a policy work.)

Again – Dan and Stacy can discuss this better than I can.  What really struck my attention was in the comments.  Thrasymachus left this comment:  

Why should conservatives worry about winning elections? Conservatives have won plenty of elections and it hasn’t made any difference.

Conservative media figures do what they do as criticism of the system, without any real hope of changing it. Deep down I think conservatives are afraid of what would happen if they really did get control. What happened fronm 2001 to 2007 was seriously distorted by 9/11 and the war; but even so there is little reason to a conservative government would change anything. Too much power lies outside the control of government, in the judiciary, the media, and the educational establishment, to make much difference.

Stacy responded to this comment with his own:

If you believe that you can’t make a difference, that is a pretty good guarantee you won’t make a difference. Change begins with the belief that change is possible. As grim and discouraging as events may be, pessimism is never warranted, because pessimism is an argument for doing nothing.

This is something that I have seen on other sites – HotAir and Ace for examples.  There will be these commenters who are The True Conservative-servative-servative and are so rock-ribbed they bathe in battery acid and scrub their patriotic chests with steel wool.  And so many of them are so pessimistic I wonder why they just don’t go and suck start a .38 and get it all over with already.  I am sure you have read them – the Democrats will cheat and win; ACORN will steal the election; the media will lie and sheeple will believe it all; the Republicans will blow it as always; RINO’s will betray us; the teachers will poison our children against us; and so on forever and ever.  A litany of villains and evils assailing the ‘True Conservatives’ so that no conservative will ever be able to win an election – and even if a conservative does win an election that conservative is not sufficiently conservative.

These ‘True Conservatives’ are just like Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, they have worked themselves into such a despair that even if they are actually loyal and not a traitor of any kind they are having the same effect as a traitor.  Their pessimism and gloom drives down the spirits of others and makes it more difficult for any fight to be taken to the progreesive left, let alone to win that fight.  In my view these ‘True Conservative’ Denethor’s are more deadly than any ACORN or any biased MSNBC because they try and convince others to do nothing – and doing nothing is what the progressive left desires from the right.

More and more I am thinking that these pessimists, these Denethors need to be called out on their doom and gloom whenever and where ever encountered.  Because they certainly ain’t helping, and if you aren’t helping, then you are hurting, and if you are hurting, then you are an enemy.


Blast From The Past

Last Friday I was at a sports bar after work. Yes, I was drinking beer (PBR) and watching the big screens, and using the net because this place has wi-fi.  Then an infomercial went up for Time-Life Records.

Yes, it seems they are still in business.  Anyhow, as it was going on I started an e-mail to my little brother.  This is my rambling commentary while watching this infomercial:

I just saw a Time-Life record commercial for oldies but goodies.  For sixty-fifty year old music.  Complete with drive-in restaurant and 1950’s cars.
Good God in heaven – the young Elvis!  And Roy Obison had the goofy glasses even back then.  Did you know that Conway Twitty was young once?  And that all of them wore ties and jackets? And Jerry Lee Lewis isn’t in prison!  And not a Beatle in sight!  (Should have had NORAD drop that aircraft on approach, if you know what I mean and I think you do.  IYKWIMAITYD).
Total Populuxe!
(You realize that this – rebellious! – rock’n’roll is geezer music, and utterly innocent compared to what we have today?)
Oh, Lordy!  It is an infomercial!  (Yes, it is Friday and I am at the pub with wi-fi.)
“Sixteen candles – and now it is no longer a crime!”
Oh – and ‘The Big Bopper’.  No sign of a bamboo steamer yet.
Chuck Berry is pure energy anyway you cut it.
Fats Domino is having fun.
A lot of doo-wop.
Buddy Holly – a lot of nerd-look that somehow escaped D&D and Star Wars by dying young.  And wrong generation – but you know what I mean.
Oh. My. God.  The presenter is ‘Bowser’ from Sha-Na-Na – all made up and dyed (but not quite girdled correctly) to do this.  Dude must be what – 120?
I would like any – I say again – any of the cars in their ‘diner’ parking lot.
They have a clock with a neon ‘Rock Around The Clock’.
All of the original audience for this is the age of mom and dad.  Depressing.
The cars still look awesome, though.  Show more of the cars!  Why can’t cars look cool and exciting?  Why is every piece of fun squeezed out of society by student-council-secretary types who want everyone to suck on the same tart lemon they were suckled on?  Why can’t we have bat-wing tailfinned ’59 Impalas?  Why can’t we have pastel summers and green and red Christmases?
I want a two-toned refrigerator, dammit! 
The little bro’s response:

Here is the deal…. I know that I have said it….. you are the hippest SOB, you know the proper pop culture anchors from which to launch attacks.
Truth be told you are far “cooler” than you give credit….the flash in the pan hip-hop dsoesn’t count…..
My response right back to him!
 Hey – thanks!

Part of it – the biggest part, I think – it is to actually enjoy something without caring what some little lemon-suckled wet-blanket thinks.  Otherwise you are trying too hard and it looks strained, and unpleasant to experience.
Now that we have gotten past my mutual admiration society, I want to focus on the last response, the one I sent to the little bro’.  Beyond all of the socialism, beyond, all of the nanny-state-ism, is the sour, small, wet-blankets in perpetual ‘just don’t stand there – NAG your husband’ mode.  Each and everyone of them is moving (or has moved) beyond inspecting steamships to make sure that the equipment is in good shape and won’t explode to complete Mrs. Grundy.  (Look the reference up).
It has gone to the point that if it even looks like it is remotely enjoyable then it needs to be done ‘ironically’ so to escape banning by being under the heading of ‘art’.  Nag, nag, nag.  Their vision for the country is a perpetual high school, with those in power being the utter suck-ups, the rebels taking surreptious smokes outside of the machine shop, and the vast majority trying to evade the attention of authority and just get by.  And there won’t be a final bell or a graduation ceremony.  You are stuck with these people forever.
*shudder*  Need more alcohol.


Somalia Again

This post at HotAir caught my eye.  Read the whole thing.

Done?  Okay, just after thinking a few minutes I can see some tactical and strategic positives to these developments:

1)  Boots On The Ground:  They ain’t ours and ain’t NATO’s.  Various other African countries are providing the troops and good for them.  No coffins returning to the USA for the liberal bedwetters’ to wet themselves over in eager anticipation.  I am certain they will be disappointed they won’t have the bloody shirt (and the box it is in) to wave about.*

2) Somalians Fighting Somalians:  I cannot say that I am heartbroken.  Brigands fighting brigands, pirates fighting pirates – and each ratting the other out to various joint task forces for revenge-on-the-cheap?  I approve.  Heck – it isn’t like that hasn’t happened before in the world – darn near predictable here if you get the right stage set.

3) Concentrating Bad Guys:  Putting large numbers of them in a narrow place where both sea and air power can be used against them is always to our advantage.

That’s all I can think of right now.

*Obama may be President, but the ‘true believers’ are very disappointed because he is still blowing up foreigners in the name of the USA – and if they could find enough coffins to go all weepy over they would.


I keep feeling like I’m quoting someone.

Comes from being so widely read (oh, that it were well instead of widely!), I suppose.  Does the following sound familiar to anyone?  I said it recently, but as I did I kept feeling like I was quoting or paraphrasing someone.

“My friends are neither so dear nor so rare that I will tolerate their
impugning my integrity. Should you mistreat me, you shall be astonished
by the swiftness with which I replace you, oh false friend!”

Sounds almost classical like, don’t it?  And we all know I ain’t that lyrical!




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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