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Self-beclownment nonpareil

If there’s an Olympic Gold Medal for incandescent stupidity, Palsied Pelousi just won it. Hands down, no contest.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put forth a new idea for border security, arguing that “mowing the grass” in some areas could be sufficient instead of building a wall.

In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she “is not the biggest advocate” for President Trump’s long-promised wall as part of a negotiation on a fix for Dreamers.

“Let’s talk about where a more serious structure might be necessary, where fencing will do or mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass,” she proposed, also mentioning adding levees, technology and personnel to enhance border security. 

Ace helpfully provides a few pictures of these areas, which are of course barren desert with not one blade higher than a toddler’s ankle in evidence. I ask you, isn’t it about time this blibbering, senile old coot was put away in some sort of home—by force, if necessary? For her own safety, if for no other reason.


Twitter titter

Yeah, like I wasn’t gonna click on THIS link the second I saw it.

Chidera Eggerue has learned to love her body – saggy boobs and all – and now she wants to help others to do the same.

The 23-year-old award-winning British blogger, better known as the Slumflower, is the driving force behind Saggy Boobs Matter, an online movement that challenges unrealistic expectations of what breasts should look like.

“A lack of representation of saggy-looking boobs when I used to go bra shopping in M&S [as a young teenager] made me realise that something is wrong with the way the world views women’s bodies,” Eggerue told BuzzFeed News.

“The packaging would always have a picture of a white woman with perky boobs, yet when I’d try on the same bra in my correct size, my boobs just wouldn’t look like the model pictured.”

Pretty soon she had developed a complex and started to resent her boobs. “It was so bad that at that age I had already decided that I’d get a boob job once I got my first job at 18,” Eggerue said.

“I reached 18 and didn’t get a job, let alone a boob job, so I continued self-loathing until I reached 19 and became tired of feeling like a stranger in my own body. I decided I’d had enough and made the choice to stop wearing a bra.”

I’d never claim to be a support-garment expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure that ain’t helping your situation any, my dear.

Before we go any further with this, I’d like to reiterate a position I’ve outlined here once or twice before: namely, the ass-backwardness of trite, feel-good assertions like “everyone is beautiful.” No, everyone is NOT. The value we place on beauty is directly because of its scarcity, its distinctness. Leaving aside both cultural and individual differences in taste, which span a VERY wide range, if “everybody is beautiful,” then nobody is; it renders the word devoid of any useful meaning.

To make things even more confusing, standards of beauty are remarkably malleable even within a single culture, and are constantly changing. The American ideal in what you might call the modern era went pretty quickly from Shelly Winters to Raquel Welch to the emaciated-junkie look we’ve been saddled with, who even knows why, for entirely too long now. When I lived in NYC back in the 90s I frequently had occasion to be in places where well-known fashion models were also likely to be disporting themselves, and I can tell you that most of the poor scrawny things were ugly as a mud fence up close and personal-like.

We already have words adequate for describing the majority of us without taxing “beauty” beyond repair: ordinary, average, mundane, common, nondescript. Doesn’t mean we aren’t attractive, mind, nor does it mean that there ain’t at least one half-blind sucker out there who might find us completely alluring against all odds.

All that said, though, I’d like to reassure this woman that there really aren’t all that many of us males who are terribly troubled by titties sporting less pop and more flop. In fact, I know for reals that there are huge numbers of us horndogs out there who greatly prefer ’em that way. As for boob jobs, umm, no. Seriously, just…NO. I know there’s absolutely no reason this woman should care about what I think, but if there was ever one thing guaranteed to get me pondering whether to throw rocks or head for the hills where a prospective romantic partner was concerned, it was unleashing those puppies only to be greeted by a set of store-boughts. That’s a deal-breaker for me every time, not that it ever has actually happened; I’ve always been pretty adept at spotting the horrible mutilations even before the giftwrap comes off. My God, I think I’d almost rather unzip the fly to find a dick than that.

Or, y’know, maybe not.

In any event, don’t agonize over your natural gifts, girl; relax, be of good cheer, and be happy with what you got. Trust me, there’s somebody worthwhile out there who will be thrilled to death with ’em, and will enjoy each and every opportunity you give him to see, admire, and touch them. There’s a reason we call ’em “fun bags,” a perfectly apt term that does not come with any qualifiers, disclaimers, or caveats attached. In the end, all they really gotta be is titties and most of us will be pleased as hell to stand up and cheer for ’em every time. If you run across some putz who seems unabashedly unhappy about yours—no matter what style, size, or shape they might be—just walk away and be glad you found out fairly early how incompatible you were without wasting a lot of time trying to convince yourself it might be otherwise.

Hey, how do you make five pounds of ugly, useless fat irresistible to men? Put a nipple on it.

I know, I know. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

(Via Sarah and the Post)


Chowing down

Klavan continues to come around, step by halting step.

Donald Trump — a political neophyte, a New York loudmouth who plays fast and loose with the truth, a massive egotist and a not altogether pleasant human being — has delivered conservatives one of the greatest years in living memory and has made our government more moral in the process. The left and many on the right didn’t see it coming because they hate the man. And because they didn’t see it coming, they won’t see that it’s come.

The first assertion is easily proven. After a year of Trump, the economy is in high gear, stocks are up, unemployment is down, energy production is up, business expansion is up and so on; ISIS — which took more than 23,000 square miles of territory after Obama left Iraq and refused to intervene in Syria — is now in control of a Port-o-San and a book of matches; 19 constitutionalist judges have been appointed and 40 more nominated; the biggest regulatory rollback in American history has been launched (boring but yugely important); the rule of law has been re-established at the border; we’re out of the absurd and costly Paris Accord; net neutrality, the most cleverly named government power grab ever, is gone; our foreign policy is righted and revitalized; and a mainstream news media that had become little more than the information arm of the Democratic Party is in self-destructive disarray. If the tax bill passes before Christmas, it will cap an unbelievable string of conservative successes.

Now you can tie yourself in knots explaining why none of this is Trump’s doing or how it’s all just a big accident or the result of cynical motives or whatever. Knock yourself out, cutes. For me, I’ll say this. I hated Trump. I thought he’d be a disaster or, at best, a mediocrity. I was wrong. He’s done an unbelievably great job so far.

Trump has made our government more moral by making less of it: fewer regulations, fewer judges who will write law instead of obeying the law, fewer bureaucrats seeking to expand the power of their agencies, less money for the government to spend on itself. He has made government treat us more fairly and equally by ceasing to use the IRS and Justice Department for political ends like silencing enemies and skewing elections.

This is what moral government looks like. And if every male senator in America is grabbing the buttocks of some unsuspecting female while, at the same time, voting for more limited and less corrupt government, the senators are immoral, yes, but the government is more moral. That is why we should never let the leftist press game us with scandal hysteria, but should keep focused on voting in those who will help fulfill government’s moral ends.

Trump has delivered conservatives an astoundingly successful year and made the government more moral in the process. You don’t have to like him, to salute him. I salute him. Well done.

He throws in the usual obligatory slams at Trump here and there in the post, of course. But this amounts to a heaping enough helping of crow for just about anybody, and Klavan swallows it right on down without a whole lot in the way of complaint. So what the heck, I’ll take it, and continue to monitor his progress with, umm, relish.

Yeah, I know. Sorry.



A good summary of Trump’s accomplishments to date.

This Thanksgiving, Americans in general — and free-market conservatives in particular — have plenty for which to be grateful. And much of it would be absent had the White House’s current occupant not become president on November 8, 2016.

The day after Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, Princeton University economist Paul Krugman called Trump’s victory “the mother of all adverse effects.” He predicted “very probably…a global recession, with no end in sight.”

Yeah, well, he was hardly the only one—a fact whose delicious pertinence I will reveal in just a minute. In the meantime, indulge me.

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 all hit record highs on Tuesday. The Wilshire 5000 Index calculates that some $3.4 trillion in new wealth has been created since President Trump’s inauguration and $5.4 trillion since his election. Fueled by the reality of deregulation, expectations of lower taxes, and a new tone in Washington that applauds free enterprise rather than excoriate it, the economy is on fire.
  • Atop the second quarter’s 3.1 percent increase in real GDP, and 3.0 in 3Q, the New York Federal Reserve Bank predicts that 4Q output will expand by 3.8 percent. This far outpaces the feeble average-annual GDP growth rate of 1.5 percent on President Obama’s watch. Meanwhile, the IMF expects global GDP to rise by 3.5 percent this year. So much for a Trump-inspired “global recession.”
  • Obama’s War on Coal is gone with the wind.
  • Trump wisely extricated America from the bogus Paris “global-warming” deal.
  • Obama’s “Clean Power Plan,” a $993 billion act of economic self-sabotage, now rots — with Communism — atop the ash heap of history.
  • For every new regulation that Trump has imposed, 16 have been erased.
  • The FCC has begun to dismantle Obama’s “Net Neutrality” takeover of the Internet, which functioned marvelously, thank you, before his needless e-power-grab.

There’s more—lots more, a veritable shit-ton more—at the link. But that isn’t the important part, nor is it my point in excerpting (and linking—most especially linking) this piece. The conclusion:

The Never Trump faction still claims that the president of the United States “is no conservative.” And yet, with rare deviations (such as free trade), he spends nearly every day implementing the conservative agenda. Ideas that center-Right activists have demanded for decades are becoming public policy, one after another — to the pleasant surprise of even some of Donald J. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters.

Ten months down. Thirty-eight to go. The best is yet to come.

Thank you, Mr. President!

Now just guess where all the above came from. Yes, all of it, right down to that last line.

Go on, guess.

I know, right?

If this doesn’t qualify as a jumbo-super-triple-scoop of WINNING!™ with whipped cream and a cherry on top, I sure don’t know what would. But I’ll refrain from making too much sport of them for now, so as not to scare them off just as the light finally looks like coming fully on at last. Bill Kristol, on the other hand—well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to see a good bit more groveling than this from him.

Best. Fucking. Presidency. EVER.


Confused, raddled, sickly, corrupt old soak seeing Russians under every bed


Ahhh, those sneaky Russkies. Is there NOTHING they can’t do? Or that Sick HILLARY!™ isn’t too embarrassed to try blaming them for?

And remember, but for Trump, she’d most likely be president right now. The NeverTrumptards couldn’t possibly look more foolish, idiotic, and irrelevant. They seem to be as oblivious to current reality as she is. Peas in a pod, I guess. Then again, if this is what they mean by “true conservatism,” you can count me right the hell out, thanks.


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And change. The REAL thing this time, not the insidious, purblind fantasy peddled all this time by the Current Occupant and his stumblebum henchmen.

As entertaining as the Obama administration was, the Trump administration promises to be even more so, albeit in an entirely different way.

Then, for a night cap, Trump proceeded to upset the entire press corps by going out to dinner with his family without inviting them as is apparently traditional. And received a standing ovation when he walked into the steak house.

The mainstream media think Trump is a madman and in disarray because they’ve never seen this level of competence in action before. One thing that is amazing about the God-Emperor Ascendant is the speed with which he acts once he decides that someone is not up to fulfilling their responsibilities to his liking. Never forget, this is a man who changed campaign managers THREE TIMES in the course of a campaign, and won. He didn’t win DESPITE changing them, he won BECAUSE he changed them.

Rogers was told that all team members picked by Christie were being ousted, The Journal reported, citing a source familiar with the situation.

Translation: settle down, everyone. Trump has no intention of letting the neocons or the GOPe interfere with his administration. That doesn’t mean there won’t be anyone from the status quo on his team; many individuals have legitimate and relevant experience that could be of genuine utility to him. But it’s pretty clear already that if they get out of line or attempt to exert any undue influence on him, they won’t be there long.

From his lips to the God-Emperor’s ears.


Fear, and loathing

Smells like…victory.

What explains the hysteria of the establishment?

In a word, fear.

The establishment is horrified at the Donald’s defiance because, deep within its soul, it fears that the people for whom Trump speaks no longer accept its political legitimacy or moral authority.

It may rule and run the country, and may rig the system through mass immigration and a mammoth welfare state so that Middle America is never again able to elect one of its own. But that establishment, disconnected from the people it rules, senses, rightly, that it is unloved and even detested.

Having fixed the future, the establishment finds half of the country looking upon it with the same sullen contempt that our Founding Fathers came to look upon the overlords Parliament sent to rule them.

Yet, some of us recall another time, when Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas wrote in “Points of Rebellion”:

“We must realize that today’s Establishment is the new George III. Whether it will continue to adhere to his tactics, we do not know. If it does, the redress, honored in tradition, is also revolution.”

Baby-boomer radicals loved it, raising their fists in defiance of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew.

But now that it is the populist-nationalist right that is moving beyond the niceties of liberal democracy to save the America they love, elitist enthusiasm for “revolution” seems more constrained.

What goes around comes around.

Indeed it does. And the lamentations and spluttering outrage of the Establishment malefactors is as music to my ears. Vox adds the coda:

Donald Trump is not the savior. Donald Trump is not the movement. Donald Trump is the warning. It makes very little difference if he is elected or not. Because, as Mike Cernovich points out in the bestselling MAGA MINDSET, Trump is merely the symbol of the moment. There will be more to come.

Precisely so. Play it, Sam.


Annnnd that ought to about wrap things up

In a sane world it would, anyway. Trump by a landslide, baby.

Pop star Madonna got raunchy while introducing comedian Amy Schumer at a performance in New York City Tuesday night, promising the crowd sexual favors in exchange for their support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK?” the 58-year-old Rebel Heart singer told an audience at New York’s Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. “I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”

And if THAT doesn’t cause #NeverTrumpTards to reconsider the exorbitant cost of their self-righteous folly, nothing will.


Uhh, yeah, no thanks, grandma. I’m more likely to take up giving blowjobs myself than I am to willingly submit to one from your raddled old ass. And I assure one and all that I am not even remotely likely to do that. Ain’t enough whiskey on the planet to make that hideous prospect, ummm, palatable.




So there’s a guy who lives near me who had one of those ordinary little “Trump/Pence 2016” signs in his yard. Just one, unobtrusive, nothing radical or in-your-face at all about it. An ordinary, perfectly polite expression of political opinion, the free expression of which is supposed to be what this country is all about.

Except for the Left, naturally. A denizen of which, naturally, took it upon his (or her) arrogant self to put a stop to such outrages against humanity and stole the damned thing.

This was his response, and it’s fucking beautiful.




If you strike me down, I will return stronger than you could ever imagine. Good on ya, neighbor.



Man, whoever took down PJMedia–three days now, and counting–must be damned good. Breitbart, too, has had some problems, and is up and down. The only question remaining is whether it was Leftists or Muslims behind it. But then, that seems to be the case with so many such things these days. The motivation would seem to be clear enough–suppression of impure and “problematic” thought–and it’s one they certainly share, in spades. We should probably consider it a preview of the shape of things to come, I suppose.


More dog bites man

Liberal “journalists” make up hit piece out of whole cloth.

Interestingly, after once declaring that Carson “fabricated” his story about West Point, Politico has edited that word from its headline, and the word appears nowhere in the current version of its story. But to a great degree, the damage has been done. The media is taking a hammer to a good man’s reputation, and casual observers may soon find themselves believing left-wing lies.

Mouthbreathing liberal idiots will believe every word of it, because it confirms their irrational, racist prejudices. Sensible people figured from the start the smear job at best bore only a glancing resemblance to the truth, and that the truth was going to come out eventually and would stand at variance with the lie–and that no matter what, those liberal idiots will still cling to the lie anyway, and insist that it’s the truth, and become apoplectic should anyone dare to present them with the facts.

You can’t really win arguments about words with people who routinely manufacture new meanings for them which are the direct opposite of the original definitions…like, say, the word “liberal,” just for starters. Right out of the gate, you know you’re not dealing with someone who’s arguing in good faith, rendering the whole process a total waste of time. More and more, I’m coming to believe that the best approach to debating with “liberals” is the same one Ignatz Mouse took with Krazy Kat.


Update! More:

Hovering over the feeding frenzy is the absurd media spectacle of mainstream reporters claiming they’re merely “doing their job” by diving into 50-year-old details of Ben Carson’s childhood. The same reporters who were not just incurious about the details of Barack Obama’s background in 2008 but actively hostile to those who asked reasonable questions about his relationship with admitted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his years of religious instruction from Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.

At the end of the day, what are we left with? An admirable though imperfect man who rose from abject poverty to the pinnacle of one of the most challenging professions in the nation — all while never forgetting his roots, maintaining grace and humility even as he earned riches and honors. In fact, his life story — and his character — would make him one of the most inspiring Americans ever to occupy the Oval Office. But he’s a direct threat not just to leftist narratives regarding race and class but also to the leftist stranglehold on the black vote. And for that reason alone he must be destroyed. A “high-tech lynching” is again underway, but if recent history is any guide, the Left’s attempt to strike down Carson will only make him stronger.

Or, as AP says: “So Ben Carson’s going to spend the next week or two running against the media. Think that’ll work in a GOP primary?” PLEASE don’t throw me in that briar patch, Br’er Fox.

Admission update! Toothsome, filling, and nutritious snark from Hemingway:

In a story published early on Friday, Politico’s Kyle Cheney authored a piece headlined “Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship” with a subhed “Carson’s campaign on Friday conceded that a central point in his inspirational personal story did not occur as he previously described.”

There were at least five major problems with the story:

  • The headline was completely false
  • The subhed was also completely false
  • The opening paragraph was false false false
  • The substance of the piece was missing key exonerating information
  • The article demonstrated confusion about service academy admissions and benefits

But other than that, A+++ work, Kyle Cheney and Politico.

Ahh, but it accomplished what they wanted: it gives “liberals” a fig leaf to cover their hatred of a black conservative candidate, in perpetuity. As I said before, they’ll cling to and believe it forever, repeating the lie again and again until, even if Carson wins election, libtard “journalists” will be expressing their “serious concerns” about his “questionable statements” about West Point years from now.

Read it, learn it, live it: we are not dealing with rational, reasonable, honest, fair-minded people here. We’re dealing with “liberals.” Expecting anything other than this sort of thing from them is foolish and self-defeating at best.


Of omelets, and eggs

Guess who’s the egg.

Everyone now is clamoring about Affordable Care Act winners and losers. I am one of the losers.

My grievance is not political; all my energies are directed to enjoying life and staying alive, and I have no time for politics.

Yeah, well, politics sure had time for you, though, now didn’t it? Ignoring politics is a luxury only a free and prosperous people can afford, and that not for very long.

For almost seven years I have fought and survived stage-4 gallbladder cancer, with a five-year survival rate of less than 2% after diagnosis. I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky. But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective Dec. 31.

My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the exchange (the quotes average 40% to 50% more) for the privilege of starting over with an unfamiliar insurance company and impaired benefits.

Just another of the Obamacare Parade O’ Lies: that it was ever in any way, shape, or form about “choice” on your part. As with any other collectivist, totalitarian system, the government retains the right to make your choices for you. That’s the whole point, the whole purpose. And lest anybody think for one moment that Der Kommissars in charge actually have the slightest regard for the suffering their arrogation of the power of choice to themselves inflicts, best think again–because here’s the official response from a top Barrackorrhoid:

Warning: the link included by the jackbooted Obama thug is to a wholly despicable ThinkProgress attempt at Mark 1-Mod-0 spin, a link you can peruse at your own peril. Or, y’know, not. The only thing missing is the usual malevolent sneering at the “whining” of this woman, who will most likely lose not just her insurance but her life to Obamacare (and she won’t be the last, of course). Although I’m sure there’s plenty of that good ol’ liberal-fascist “compassion” on display in the comments at TP; I didn’t have the stomach to look, frankly. Lord knows we’ve all seen enough of it by now, and a little of it always did go a long way anyhow.

The velvet glove is wearing away pretty quickly with this latest hamfisted lurch towards the completion of the Progressivist project, innit?


Bullshit lies

A distinction without a difference as far as Barky is concerned, if ever there was one. But Kyle Smith makes the case:

Bulls – – t is airy, meaningless drivel, the stuff that campaigns are made of. Or it’s a misleading oversimplification with hidden qualifiers. Not only do we forgive bulls – – t, we like it. Especially suckers who have far too high an opinion of the importance and efficacy of politicians, people who hope casting a ballot is a way to expunge sin or join a noble crusade. “We are the ones we have been waiting for”? Not a lie. Just bulls – – t.

Even when Obama made seemingly specific promises like, “I want to go line by line through every item in the federal budget and eliminate programs that don’t work,” he left himself wiggle room. He still wants to do that, no doubt. He’s just too busy filling out his March Madness brackets and golfing. Or maybe he just couldn’t find a program that fails by his standards.

This week was something new. It was the week Obama was revealed to be a stone-cold liar.

Those of us who were paying attention knew that a long, long time ago.

Obama and his minions are pretending they only said “the vast majority of Americans,” (nope), trying to deflect blame to insurance companies (won’t work, because of the “no one will take it away, no matter what” line) or to claim nonexistent caveats were there all along.

This week White House flack Jay Carney absurdly said Obama was “clear about a basic fact . . .” that you could keep your insurance “if it was available.” He sounded like a Publishers Clearinghouse letter saying “you just won 10 million dollars if you have the winning number.”

And it wasn’t what his boss said.

People can handle bulls – – t, but not dishonesty. We don’t like that. His approval rating touched an all-time low this week in the NBC/WSJ poll, and that was before his deception became the news of the week. Obama has rebranded himself as a liar, forever. He will carry this new label to his grave.

Well, if there’s any justice he will. We’ll see, I guess. Polls notwithstanding–that “all-time low” still hovers between forty and fifty percent–he still has one hundred percent of morons on his side. And as Mark Twain said, that’s usually a big enough majority in any town.


Despite best efforts of Obama socialists, capitalism continues to improve our lives

Note to Barky and the rest of the Klown Kar Kommiesars: want REAL transformation? REAL hope, REAL change?

Get your bloated, tyrannical government the hell out of the way, then. Of course, it’s the last thing they want, or would ever allow to happen.

The Frackers tells their story. It tells the story of George Mitchell, son of a Greek immigrant, who was convinced that hydraulic fracturing — fracking — could bring in vast amounts of natural gas from the Barnett Shale in north Texas.

It tells the story of Aubrey McClendon and Tom Ward, whose Chesapeake firm bought mineral leases atop vast shale deposits, becoming America’s No. 2 gas producer but overexpanding disastrously.

It tells the story of Harold Hamm, a sharecropper’s son who rose from picking cotton to a $12 billion fortune by prying oil out of the Bakken shale of North Dakota.

And it tells the story of Charif Souki, Lebanese immigrant and proprietor of the Los Angeles restaurant where Nicole Simpson ate and Ronald Goldman served their last meals, who charmed others into financing a liquid natural gas export terminal in Louisiana.

This is mostly a story of private enterprise in action. Government studies provided some early support for fracking, but government energy experts lagged far behind these wildcatters in appreciating the potential for extracting gas and oil from shale.

It’s also worth noting that these men were not motivated simply by greed. Mitchell had a vision that America could liberate itself from dependence on foreign energy, and had the satisfaction of seeing the nation on the road there when he died last summer at 94.

Their motivations matter less than the positive results they achieve for all of us…except to the squalling brats of the Left, whose own motivation consists mainly of juvenile envy and a desperate wish to blame their own failures on someone else, and whose motivation therefore remains for the most part unexamined. These are real, true American stories of struggle and success, of creativity and innovation and drive unleashed and unfettered–thus, ultimately, of freedom, and of the wondrous and unforeseen benefits it can create. No wonder Barky and his confederacy of dunces are so opposed to it.

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Somebody oughta start up a website just to catalog ’em all. It’d be a handy reference; of course, it’d also be a permanent, full-time job, one that you’d probably never really be done with.

Beyond “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” Obamacare was passed and implemented through a series of falsehoods.

Obama pushed the bill by pretending he was fighting against the special interests. When the Senate passed the bill in late 2009, Obama thanked them for “standing up to the special interests.” This bill was supported by the largest single-industry lobby group in the country – the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America — as well as the hospital lobby and the doctor lobby.

In a July 2009 Rose Garden speech, Obama specifically scolded the drug industry, which hurt the feelings of top drug lobbyists who were supporting the law. The White House afterwards assured these lobbyists that the mention was “an error” attributed to “a young speechwriter.”

The administration and its surrogates relied almost solely on misinformation to defend the law’s contraception mandate. The Obama campaign claimed that opponents of the mandate were trying to give employers the right to prohibit their employees from getting contraception. Obama surrogate Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said it was an “issue of whether or not to allow birth control.” This was a constant dishonest refrain of the Obama campaign.

Obama also claimed his bill would check the explosion in health care spending. The week the bill passed, the President humbly declared, “And everybody who’s looked at it says that every single good idea to bend the cost curve and start actually reducing health care costs are in this bill.”

In more candid moments, the bill’s authors sang a different tune. David Bowen, a former Senate staffer who helped craft the bill, explained in a 2010 briefing on K Street that under Romneycare, “There was a very conscious decision to do coverage first, knowing that that would bring on a cost battle second. … We certainly made the same decision. This is a coverage bill, not a cost-reduction bill.”

After signing the law, Obama continued to pretend it didn’t include any tax hikes for lower- and middle-class Americans. This was false. The bill curbed the use of tax-favored health savings accounts, shrunk the deductions for out-of-pocket health care costs, and created the individual mandate tax, the tanning tax and others.

Of course, this is merely the tip of a very large iceberg. But there’s a bigger and more important point to be made, involving this:

Honest Obamacare defenders say the president shouldn’t have promised to let Americans keep their insurance when he really meant that if Obama likes your health care plan, you can keep it.

“Vast swathes of policy are based on the correct presumption that people don’t know what’s best for them,” Barro wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, defending this approach.

And right there it is. People, it can’t be emphasized strongly enough: THIS IS WHAT PROGRESSIVISM IS. This is what they believe, this is the heart of their whole program, their whole ideology. This is why they believe what they believe, advocate what they advocate, and do what they do. It rests on twin pillars of presumption and arrogance: they are smarter than you, and they have the right to use the government to force you to do what they want, for your own “good.” Another prime example, as if any more were needed:

Before the Affordable Care Act, the worst of these plans routinely dropped thousands of Americans every single year. And on average, premiums for folks who stayed in their plans for more than a year shot up about 15 percent a year. This wasn’t just bad for those folks who had these policies, it was bad for all of us — because, again, when tragedy strikes and folks can’t pay their medical bills, everybody else picks up the tab.

Now, if you had one of these substandard plans before the Affordable Care Act became law and you really liked that plan, you’re able to keep it. That’s what I said when I was running for office. That was part of the promise we made. But ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you’ve got to replace them with quality, comprehensive coverage — because that, too, was a central premise of the Affordable Care Act from the very beginning.

So if you’re getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. That’s what it’s for. Because of the tax credits we’re offering, and the competition between insurers, most people are going to be able to get better, comprehensive health care plans for the same price or even cheaper than projected. You’re going to get a better deal.

It’s a lie, of course. Note also how he tries to blame the insurance companies for being forced by his own goddamned law to cancel these policies, a line of argument we’ll be seeing liberal-fascist scum try to get a lot more mileage out of in the days ahead. Hey, anybody remember how the “greedy banks” were blamed for the collapse of the housing-finance industry after being forced by law to grant mortgages to people who had no way in the world to pay ’em back? If not, you damned well ought to; the stratagem worked pretty well for them that time, and they’ll definitely be dusting it off and trying it out again.

The truth you’ll never get from any socialist would-be tyrant: if you think you don’t need the kind of comprehensive coverage we’re using all the might of a too-powerful central government to ram this poison pill down your throat, think again. WE decide what’s suitable coverage for you, and if we say, for instance, that men or women well past their child-bearing years must pay for maternity coverage so we can redistribute that wealth as WE see fit, then that is exactly what you’ll do. You WILL buy what we tell you to buy, whether you can afford it or not, whether you really need it or not. Because WE’RE running your lives for you now, and you will have as little say in making your decisions as we can possibly arrange.

Get it through your heads, and keep it foremost in mind: this kind of coercion, which relies on raw dishonesty and deception to accomplish its intended goal of bringing every last man, woman, and child on the planet under its sway, is what you’re voting for when you vote for Progressivists. No matter what lies they tell to get elected or to swindle gullible or ill-informed fools into supporting yet another fascist edict, this is what they are really all about. When you vote for Progressivists, you are inviting the deadliest and most voracious of vipers into the nest of liberty. You are holding the match for a compulsive arsonist as he splashes gasoline around the foundation of just and proper self-government. You are voting for liars, and rewarding them for their abject lack of integrity. You are selling your birthright of liberty and self-determination for a mess of unappetizing and even toxic pottage. You are undermining the Constitution. You are throwing your freedom away.

And, in the end, you will deserve every last measure of what you get. You won’t like it, but you will deserve it. Because you will have taken a lot of better men and women down with you in your folly, indolence, and ignorance, and their sympathy for you when you get what’s coming to you is going to be, shall we say, severely limited.

I don’t want to hear another damned word about any supposed “good intentions” on the part of these people; they are evil, the whole sorry lot of them, and that’s all there is to it.


Line up, pay up, shut up

How ya liking your Hope and Change bushwa now, suckers?

Before the October 1 rollout of, a key concern was whether the Affordable Care Act system would create a “death spiral” for insurers. That crisis could be precipitated by an unenthusiastic response from younger, healthier Americans. These are the people whose high premiums and low demand for services are necessary for the risk pools to assume the costs of covering pre-existing conditions at community-pricing rates, as well as buffering the premiums of older and needier Americans.

Which was the plan all along, and means the system is working exactly as intended: private insurance goes bust, clamor arises for another Big Government Solution, and bingo bango bongo: single payer, by manufactured popular acclaim. That piece was via Ed Driscoll, who delves a little deeper into the real motivations elsewhere, quoting Francis Spufford thus:

For much of the 80 years during which the USSR was a unique experiment in running a non-market economy, the experiment was a stupid experiment, a brute-force experiment. But during the Soviet moment there was a serious attempt to apply the intellectual resources of the educated country the Bolsheviks had kicked and bludgeoned into being. All of the perversities in the Soviet economy. . . are the classic consequences of running a system without the flow of information provided by market exchange; and it was clear at the beginning of the 60s that for the system to move on up to the plenty promised so insanely for 1980, there would have to be informational fixes for each deficiency. Hence the emphasis on cybernetics, which had gone in a handful of years from being condemned as a “bourgeois pseudo-science” to being an official panacea.

The USSR’s pioneering computer scientists were heavily involved, and so was the authentic genius Leonid Kantorovich, nearest Soviet counterpart to John Von Neumann and later to be the only ever Soviet winner of the Nobel prize for economics. Their thinking drew on the uncorrupted traditions of Soviet mathematics. While parts of it merely smuggled elements of rational pricing into the Soviet context, other parts were truly directed at outdoing market processes. The effort failed, of course, for reasons which are an irony-laminated comedy in themselves. The sumps of the command economy were dark and deep and not accessible to academics; Stalinist industrialisation had welded a set of incentives into place which clever software could not touch; the system was administered by rent-seeking gangsters; the mathematicians were relying (at two removes) on conventional neoclassical economics to characterise the market processes they were trying to simulate, and the neoclassicists may just be wrong about how capitalism works.

Which doesn’t mean that our present-day socialist morons are any more capable of learning from the past failures of their precious command-control-manipulate ideology than they ever have been. Because, y’know, this time will be diff’runt. As Kev Williamson notes:

Today, Khrushchev’s “cybernetic” approach has passed into disrepute—to the dust-bin of history—but faith in “scientific” and “rational” management of incomprehensibly complex economic systems remains a fixed fact of political life.

And that is because at the very heart of Progressivism is an intractable arrogance, and the kind of hubristic pride that always goeth before a pratfall of the truly epic proportions we’ve just witnessed with the Ogabecare vaudeville act. But fret not; all we really have to do is just lower our expectations a bit–quite a damned bit, in truth–and everything will automagically work out fine.

Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski tried to call the helpline and got an operator. That’s right: an operator! The call went through! MSNBC, the unofficial AV department of the Democratic party, had a scoop. The network tweeted out the big news along with a link to the video: “Mika called the Obamacare hotline and got through with no problems — right on air. WATCH.”

It’s a sure sign that the bar has been lowered to curb height when spinners are touting the exciting news that phone calls actually go through. Someone picked up the phone! Quick, hang that “Mission Accomplished” banner. Never mind that you simply cannot buy insurance from the exchanges over the phone. But the fact you can get someone on the line to tell you that is, I suppose, progress of a kind.

Still, the barely holding conventional wisdom on the right and left is that the website will get fixed eventually, the glitches will be de-glitched, and one day we’ll all look back and laugh at the fuss. That’s possible. But with every passing day it’s less likely.

Actually, it isn’t even remotely likely. The impending disaster is baked into the ideology, right from jump, every single time. Socialism, “liberalism,” fascism, whatever you want to call it, carries within itself the seeds of its own undoing–always and forever. It has never worked, and it never will work. That is neither accident nor coincidence. What it is, is inevitable. Jonah gets more specific:

That’s because insurance companies cannot survive Obamacare without the individual mandate. Under the law, they must offer insurance to anyone who needs it — often at an artificially low price at that. The only way they can make a profit is if the government upholds its promise to get millions of young, healthy people to sign up for more expensive insurance than they need. Take away the mandate — i.e., the penalty — and you make that virtually impossible. If the government tells insurance companies they still have to provide insurance to bad risks, it will be like the government telling Apple it has to sell iPhones at a loss. The insurance companies will sue. And as Dan McLaughlin of The Federalist notes, their lawyers will invoke the Obama administration’s arguments before the Supreme Court that the mandate was inseparable from the “must-issue” requirements under the law.

But even if, somehow, the insurance companies can be compensated for their losses on that front, the fact remains that the only people willing to put up with the North Korean–level customer service are people understandably desperate for health insurance. Those people aren’t likely to be young and healthy.

Which means that all you college-kid neohippie supergeniuses who lined up to vote for Ogabe–twice–need to dig deep and pay up, y’hear? And don’t even think about complaining about the mess you made of things in your ignorance, arrogance, and, yes, hubris. Just sit back and suck on it; Grandpa needs a new liver, and that money’s gotta come from somewhere. Just because you assumed it was going to be from someone else doesn’t mean it’s gonna work out that way.

See? Obamacare really isn’t all that bad after all. For those of us inclined to sit back and laugh at the sheep who will soon line up for the shearing of their young lives, parts of it are downright delicious.

Terrorists, seditionists, and arsonists oh my update! Via Glenn, more Democrat Socialists jump on the delay-and-defer bandwagon: “10 Senate Democrats sign Shaheen letter pushing for open enrollment extension.” Don’t let ’em do it. They had to pass it to find out what was in it; now that they are, keep their feet directly to the fire they lit under the former Constitutional Republic. In sum: Let. It. Burn. There’s no repairing their crumbling socialist edifice, and no reason for better men and women to even try.

Sheepish update! Also via Glenn: what the hell is she thinking?

Obamacare Fiasco Isn’t a Single-Payer Conspiracy
There’s a pretty popular conspiracy theory running around to the effect that this was the Barack Obama administration’s intent all along: Design this big Rube Goldberg apparatus that couldn’t possibly work, and when it fails, sweep in and “fix” things by enacting the single-payer scheme you wanted all along.

Perhaps they did want single payer all along, in their secret heart of hearts, but it’s ludicrous to think that they were capable of designing and pulling off a conspiracy of that magnitude.

Umm, Megan dear, you know I love ya and all, but, well, uhhh

In just about seven weeks, people will be able to start buying Obamacare-approved insurance plans through the new health care exchanges. But already, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is predicting those plans, and the whole system of distributing them, will eventually be moot.

“What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever,” Reid said. When then asked by panelist Steve Sebelius whether he meant ultimately the country would have to have a health care system that abandoned insurance as the means of accessing it, Reid said: “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

Reid cited the post-WWII auto industry labor negotiations that made employer-backed health insurance the norm, remarking that “we’ve never been able to work our way out of that” before predicting that Congress would someday end the insurance-based health care system.

Reid is hardly the only one to have admitted this, of course. But in the exalted circles of “serious” journalism, it isn’t politic to call a socialist by his proper name, much less to acknowledge the conspiratorial bent inherent in their ideological position…even when it’s more than adequately confirmed by their own words and nefarious works. Although I have to admit she’s probably right about their competence in pulling it off in the long run. Tracinski elaborates:

As my friend Jack Wakeland put it to me: “Obamacare can’t be fixed because it was designed to break.”

“Obamacare was designed to fail; to fail slowly and incrementally; to fail in a way that would convince people that private, for-profit health insurance companies are the reason why America’s catastrophically overpriced and malfunctioning health care system hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and will never work. The architects of the Affordable Care Act wanted to ‘prove’ that third-party private insurance should be scrapped entirely and replaced with a single-payer system: straight socialism.

“The ACA was supposed to fail slowly and painfully over the course of two or three or four presidential election cycles (which is why Obamacare’s namesake, Barack Obama, saw to it that it wouldn’t be implemented until the second half of his second term). When the backlash came, it was supposed to come on some other president’s—preferably a Republican president’s—watch.

“But instead of failing on schedule, four or eight or twelve years from now—it has failed instantly, upon contact with reality.”

Just like all other socialist machinations. Always have. Always will. Conservatives need to keep their mitts off of it, keep their distance, keep denouncing it for what it is, and let nature take its inevitable course.


“The prevailing political realities of the United States do not allow for any meaningful course correction”

Might as well get in the weekend’s Saturday Steyn while we’re catching up here.

The least dispiriting moment of another grim week in Washington was the sight of ornery veterans tearing down the Barrycades around the war memorials on the National Mall, dragging them up the street, and dumping them outside the White House. This was, as Kevin Williamson wrote at National Review, “as excellent a gesture of the American spirit as our increasingly docile nation has seen in years.” Indeed. The wounded vet with two artificial legs balancing the Barrycade on his Segway was especially impressive. It would have been even better had these disgruntled citizens neatly lined up the Barrycades across the front of the White House and round the sides, symbolically Barrycading him in as punishment for Barrycading them out. But, in a town where an unarmed woman can be left a bullet-riddled corpse merely for driving too near His Benign Majesty’s palace and nobody seems to care, one appreciates a certain caution.

By Wednesday, however, it was business as usual. Which is to say the usual last-minute deal just ahead of the usual make-or-break deadline to resume spending as usual. There was nothing surprising about this. Everyone knew the Republicans were going to fold. Folding is what Republicans do. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are so good at folding Obama should hire them as White House valets. So the only real question was when to fold. They could at least have left it for a day or two after the midnight chimes of October 17 had come and gone. It would have been useful to demonstrate that just as the sequester did not cause the sky to fall and the shutdown had zero impact on the life of the country so this latest phoney-baloney do-or-die date would not have led to the end of the world as we know it. If you’re going to place another trillion dollars of debt (or more than the entire national debts of Canada and Australia combined) on the backs of the American people in one grubby late-night deal, you might as well get a teachable moment out of it.

Ahh, but as who knows how many teachers out there could tell ya, it’s kinda tough to teach anything to people who aren’t paying attention in the first place. This bit ought to sting pretty badly, had the GOP any capacity at all for shame:

The GOP was concerned about polls showing their approval ratings somewhere between Bashar Assad and the ebola virus, but it’s hard to see why capitulation should command popularity: The late Osama bin Laden’s famous observation about the strong horse and the weak horse has some relevance to domestic politics, too. Republicans spent a lot of time whining that, if Obama was prepared to negotiate with the Iranians, the Syrians, and the Russians, why wouldn’t he negotiate with the GOP? Well, the obvious answer is Rouhani, Assad, and Putin don’t curl up in a fetal position at the first tut-tut from Bob Schieffer or Diane Sawyer.

Ouch. You’ll want to read the rest of it, of course, all of which adds up to incontrovertible confirmation of Steyn’s underlying thesis as quoted in my title up there.


Assistance sought

Times are tough out there, I know, and I think we all realize that they’re going to get a lot worse before they get better–which is by no means a given in a failing socialist shitrapy that has strayed as far from its moorings as this one has. Acknowledging all that, anybody in a position to do so ought to go over to Bill’s place and show him a little love. This blogging business is a costly one in more ways than just the distress and ennui I was talking about a week or so ago, and believe me, any help one can get with those costs is always deeply appreciated.


Happy birthday toooo yoouuuuu…

That would be Instapundit, without whom a lot of us couldn’t really function as bloggers, and would probably never have bothered trying in the first place anyway. Bill says it best:

Glenn has done spectacularly well over the years, and one of the biggest recommendations for advancing rejuvenation technology is to keep him happy, healthy, and blogging for the next thousand years or so. But for everything he’s done since, I don’t believe he’s ever topped his iconic performance on September 11, 2001.

If you’ve forgotten that monumental showing, click the link and refresh your memory. In those twenty four hours, Glenn more or less single-handedly created the modern political Blogosphere. And much of what he wrote back then holds up just as well today.

How many MSM commentators can say the same?

Not many that I can think of. Hats off to ya, Glenn, and…well, thanks. Many, many happy returns, buddy.




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