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Kettle, a-boiling

You really, really want to watch this. Trust me.

After enjoying that most satisfying vid, I’ll let Ace say it for me: “I need a cigarette.” He goes on from there to link this utter twaddle from NYT True Conservative nitwit David Brooks.

If it comes to Trump vs. Warren in a general election, the only plausible choice is to support Warren. Over the past month Donald Trump has given us fresh reminders of the unique and exceptional ways he corrupts American life. You’re either part of removing that corruption or you are not. When your nation’s political system is in danger, staying home and not voting is not a responsible option.

Politics is downstream from morality and culture. Warren represents a policy wrong turn, in my view, but policies can be argued about and reversed. Trump represents a much more important and fundamental threat — to the norms, values, standards and soul of this country.

Good LORD, what shivery tripe. Can this lily-livered fraud really himself believe any of what he just said? Or does he truly feel that Trump’s “unique and exceptional ways” of corrupting the country are worse than Drag Queen Story Hour, abortion as birth control, and the Democrat-Socialists’ secretive, fraudulent attempt at removing a duly-elected President from office without any enumerated just cause via a process kept entirely hidden from the voters whose ballots will be thus nullified?

Does the milksop Brooks actually understand “the norms, values, standards and soul of this country” to include violent suppression of freedom of speech by officially-approved and -protected “antiFa” goon squads? Or the death-by-fiat of the 2A by Blotto O’NotHispanic’s flat threats of gun confiscation? Where does Irish Blotto’s declaration of intent to punish churches for Badthink by removing the tax-exempt status of those who don’t “support” gay marriage, in direct contradiction of their faith, fit in with those traditional all-American “norms, values, and etc,” eh?

Might the oleaginous twerp likewise be referring to the rogue, out-of-control Deep State monolith—particularly the IC, DoJ, and Lois Lerner’s IRS—and its wide-ranging skullduggery, to include A) election-tampering; B) illegally spying on American citizens without warrant or cause; C) persecuting the sitting President without either just cause or due process; and D) collusion with nefarious foreign agents like Chris Steele and others in support of a nakedly partisan agenda as more of those “norms, values, and standards” he’s so fretful over? And what might the very existence of the Deep State as an unaccountable, unelected, and all-powerful shadow-government, in direct contradiction and defiance of our Constitution, have already done to “the soul of this country”?

Does the three-year long ordeal of Democrat-Socialist/Deep State refusal to accept and abide by the results of the 2016 election, and the ongoing coup attempt resulting from same, not pretty much define a far more real and grave “danger” to our “nation’s political system” than anything Trump has ever done or might yet do?

Meh, I suppose the NYT hired Brooks as their house “conservative” for a reason. They’re definitely getting their money’s worth out of him.


Rock and roll riders

Nothing exceeds like excess.

LOS ANGELES—It was David Lee Roth who ruined personal-appearance contracts for all time with his Brown M&M’s Clause in the ’80s. The story sounds apocryphal but it’s true: Any promoter hiring Van Halen for a concert was required to supply M&M’s in the band’s dressing room but “ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES.”

In later years Roth would claim that this was not an example of spoiled rock star entitlement but a way to make sure that concert promoters read the entire contract and took care of other, more important provisions. I was actually buying this—promoters can be forgetful and dense at all levels of the business—until the Smoking Gun website tracked down the famous M&M’s rider so that we could read the rest of it. In order to “present to your customers the finest in contemporary entertainment,” Van Halen also needed two dozen English muffins, but not just any English muffins—they had to be Thomas brand English muffins—plus two cases of beer delivered precisely at 6 p.m., two more cases (one Budweiser and one Heineken) delivered to the stage manager at 7 p.m., different food menus for even and odd days, and, just to keep you on your toes in the implements department, “all forks must have four prongs.” Backstage the band also needed one case of Budweiser, four cases of Schlitz Malt Liquor (really?), one half case of Tab (perhaps even more shocking than the malt liquor), three fifths of Jack Daniels Black Label, two fifths of Stolichnaya, one pint of Southern Comfort, two bottles of Blue Nun white wine (whoever that was should lose his rock-star cred forever), three packs of Marlboros (these riders are for one day—is that guy dead yet?), and—the mind boggles—“one large tube of KY Jelly.”

The rider ran to eleven pages and is, in fact, ridiculously demanding. (“Any caterer not providing adequate condiments, utensils or ice will be subject to a $100.00 fine.”)

Van Halen’s rider might legitimately be considered excessive, yes. But consider it in context: rock and roll itself is about excess, about outrageousness, about the flamboyant scorning of all things moderate and reasonable. Too, Van Halen’s bounteous bucketload of backstage booty wouldn’t have been provided just for the band alone; there would also be plenty of crew, stagehands, and various green-room guests partaking of the goodies too.

My friend Aaron in New Orleans spent twenty-odd years as stage manager for the Beach Boys, and he strongly insisted that my own band put a request for several packs of new socks in our own modest rider. He said that you couldn’t really appreciate the joy of a fresh pair of socks until you really, really needed them—like, say, after days or even weeks on the road without the opportunity to hit a local laundromat. I was the one who wrote up our rider in the first place, and don’t remember if I updated the thing to include them or not. But I’m sure the old road-dog was right.

Like I said, our rider was pretty modest; by the time we had clawed our way up from the lower rungs of the fame-and-success ladder, we were just so damned tickled that we might reasonably be expected to even have a rider at all that we were content to keep things simple. As I recall, aside from the standard provisions regarding stage setup and gear, we asked for: 1) clean hand towels (NOT bar rags); bottled water, assorted sodas, and beer on ice; a large deli tray; a half gallon of Evan Williams Black Label bourbon; and two (2) packs of Camel Light cigarettes.

Usually, we got ’em. But not always.

Once you’re operating above the level of small clubs and local restaurants and graduated to 500-1500 seat dedicated concert halls or theaters, contract riders become essential things, true necessities for surviving on the road. Many if not most venues have long since become used to the idea of accommodating the artists to whatever degree they can, having been trained to it by higher-level headliners who are often on their slow descent from years of coliseum- and stadium-tour glory. Those acts expect a certain level of comfort, and if they don’t get it their management is sure to make trouble.

It’s a truism in the music biz that if you don’t act as if you’re somebody, you’ll be treated as nobodies. A certain amount of confidence and self-respect is as essential for success as talent is. All too many people in show biz are constantly on the hunt for pushovers to grow fat on by abusing them, and can spot an easy mark a mile away. A solid, professional rider is one way to help fend such bloodsuckers off. In addition to the practical aspects, contract riders are a declaration of status, a demand for respect.

Contrary to what one might expect, there are a great many venue owners, managers, and staff out there who take great pride in making sure their artists are totally happy with the facility. Those people are the true angels of the band business; their places are always a pure joy to perform in. Not only do they pay close attention to the lights, the sound system, and the overall ambience of the place, they also tend to go the extra mile to make sure the concert experience is a good one for their patrons as well as the musicians. Happily, those places usually stay around a good long while, becoming beloved icons in their city. When they finally close down, it’s a very sad occasion for a whole bunch of people: bands, their crews, venue staff, and concert-goers alike.


Good riddance

Fox News, quickly being Fundamentally Transformed by new management into an all-Left-all-the-time outlet excepting Hannity and Tucker, accidentally does something right by driving off sensationalist putz Shep Smith.

Shepard Smith announced Friday that he will step down as Fox News Channel’s chief news anchor and managing editor of the network’s breaking news unit.

Smith’s final edition of his afternoon program “Shepard Smith Reporting” aired Friday and the network will use a rotating series of news anchors in the 3 p.m. ET timeslot on what will now be known as “Fox News Reporting.”

“Shep is one of the premier newscasters of his generation and his extraordinary body of work is among the finest journalism in the industry.”

More of an indictment of newscasters and journalism than praise for Smith, if you ask me.

“His integrity and outstanding reporting from the field helped put FOX News on the map and there is simply no better breaking news anchor who has the ability to transport a viewer to a place of conflict, tragedy, despair or elation through his masterful delivery,” Fox News president and executive editor Jay Wallace said in a statement.

Yeh, yeh, yeh. Take a hike, douchebag, and don’t let the door etc. Ace bitch-slaps Jake Tapper for waxing all indignant about somebody or other’s Twitter characterization of Smith as “left wing,” which is actually correct, before plunging the knife in himself:

Let’s remember Shep as he was: As a preening car-chase game-show host who mistook himself for a newsman.

Ouch. Yep, let’s. Too bad Chuck Barris is gone; he’d have been the perfect replacement, and would have lent an air of sober gravitas that would’ve made for a nice contrast with Shep’s weepy over-emoting and hysteria.


Justice served to Social Justice Warriors

Get “woke.” Go broke.

Do you ever wonder what happens to someone after they self-destruct on national television or social media? We always see the explosion, but rarely the tragic consequences of their poor decision.

Remember Adam Smith?

He was the CFO of Vante, Inc. who decided to record his visit to the Chick-Fil-A drive-through window for a free cup of water, during which he tried to shame the female employee serving him for “working for a horrible corporation with horrible values” because Chick-Fil-A’s owners, the Cathy family, are devout Christians who support traditional marriage. Smith openly admitted that the only reason he had visited the restaurant was because the business would incur an expense for serving him and he wanted to hurt the company because of a personal political stance.

How did that work out for him?

At last report, Smith claimed to be homeless and living on food stamps after he was fired from his job making $200k per year and lost a million dollars in stock options after massive public backlash threatened his employer’s revenue stream. Smith wanted to hurt Chick-Fil-A, but ended up hurting himself and his own family. He wrote a book about the experience titled Million Dollar Cup of Water. At his personal website, Smith divides the story of his life into a five-part series, with the infamous Chick-Fil-A protest and gay rights being the last two segments.

It would be easy to feel sorry for Smith, except for two reasons I’ll talk about in a moment. After all, in two minutes the guy literally destroyed his own life, as he had known it. Not only was Smith fired from his job at Vante, he was also terminated at his next job when that employer realized Smith was the infamous “star” of the Chick-Fil-A video. It seems roughly the equivalent of kicking a man when he’s already down.

Yeah, fuck that “sympathy” noise. The obnoxious douchebag got exactly what he deserved; he brought his troubles on himself, and he’d happily do the same and worse to each and every one of us who dared to disagree with him if he ever got the chance. He can damned well stay homeless until he starves or freezes to death for all me. And if that complete lack of sympathy amounts to kicking him when he’s down, well, I’d be happy to kick him as many times as it takes to ensure he doesn’t ever get up again.

Until sane people are willing to see to it that the unacceptable behavior of our supposedly more evolved and enlightened adversaries carries a hefty price tag, we’ll go right on being harrassed, hectored, lectured, threatened, beaten, and shot by them. Stupidity should be painful; liberal-fascism, on the other hand, MUST be.

Just another story that makes a fella want to go out and get himself some more of that good ol’ Hate Chicken™, don’t it?


Let’s don’t and say we did

They appear to be serious.

In just over a year, American citizens will have a chance to cast their ballot for the next president. Except for the 75 million Americans barred by state and local laws from registering to vote, that is.

Are there really that many American citizens legally barred from voting? The answer is yes: our kids.

Around the world, almost every country bars people under 18 from voting. The reasons vary — they won’t be informed enough, they don’t pay taxes yet, they can’t serve in the militaryyet, they tend too liberal, they tend too rebellious — but the rule persists, even in the face of a generation of passionate, smart, and informed teenage activists, and even as it becomes obvious that our current political system is failing our children.

In the last year, there’ve been encouraging signs that we might rethink this. Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has argued for a voting age of 16, and a bill proposing a voting age of 16 died in the US House in March with a majority of Democratic representatives supporting it.

Well, let’s do them one better: The United States should consider eradicating the voting age entirely and letting every American citizen who can successfully fill out a ballot be counted in our local, state, and national elections (and yes, this goes for felons too).

How about this instead: NO. Not just NO; HELL NO. Also: FUCK YOU, for good measure.

Truth is, our real problem isn’t that we don’t have enough people voting, but that we have way too many unqualified, ignorant, tuned-out mouthbreathers casting ballots already. Judging by the number of votes the Democrat-Socialist Party still somehow manages to garner, fully half the damned electorate is completely clueless about the most fundamental, elementary aspects of our faltering system: the Electoral College and its purpose; the fact that the US is NOT a democracy, and why that’s a very good thing; the crucial Constitutional distinction between the House (representatives of the people) and Senate (representatives of the sovereign states) and the wanton destruction of those mandated roles by the heinous 17th Amendment; and the very concepts of self-government, unalienable rights, and limited government themselves.

Once again, just when you think Leftards couldn’t possibly make themselves any more ridiculous, here they come with ludicrous codswallop like this to prove you wrong. How any reasonably intelligent human could consider granting power to these chowderheads by voting for them is way beyond me. Think I’m kidding, or exaggerating, about how patently absurd Lefty nutjobs are? Think again.

A new ad campaign to fight cervical cancer is dominated by a transgender person who is a biological male and has no cervix. Look at the absurdity of the ad under the caption “Transwomen and Cervical Cancer Screening.”

The site goes onto claim that the risk of cervical cancer for a person with no cervix is very low. “If you’re a trans woman, you may not have given much thought to Pap tests and cervical cancer. And if you haven’t, that makes a fair amount of sense. After all, in order to get cervical cancer, you need to have a cervix.” But don’t be fooled by the seeming clarity of this statement. They go on to talk themselves out of it.

In England, the public health department includes biological men who pretend to be women in their cervical cancer screenings too if they identify as female. And if females identify as male, they will not be invited to be screened for cervical cancer despite having working cervixes. The Sun reported in 2017,

Women’s campaigner Laura Perrins told the Mail On Sunday: “We’ve now got to the point where state collusion with this transgender agenda is endangering the health of women.

“It’s a ludicrous use of NHS resources to invite men for a cervical smear test, while it’s immoral and dangerous not to invite women.”

The world is truly insane.

Well, part of it certainly is, yeah. But how is this story related to Vox’s drivel demanding children of all ages be allowed to vote, you ask? Like this: it’s but another front of the Left’s ever-escalating war on common sense.

Examples of the war on common sense are now everywhere in public life. How about the denial of the plain fact that humans are either male or female?

Not long ago, a boy in a tutu and a tiara who claimed he was a girl would still be regarded as a boy. Today, academic and cultural elites, as well as government officials, insist that “gender identity” is more real than biology. They say there are many genders, and one website tells me there are 63. Elites tell us we had better get with the many-gender program, or else. And while we are at it, we had better get politically correct about marriage. We are told that marriage no longer means one thing, a union between a man and a woman. How long will it be until we have 63 varieties of marriage?

The war on moral common sense has reached new heights of absurdity. If we point out a need for common-sense steps to protect ourselves from Islamic terrorists, we are said to suffer a psychological condition called “Islamophobia.” But unlike other phobias, such as claustrophobia, this condition is said to make us victimizers rather than victims. Similarly, if we say that America needs to secure its borders, we are met by cries that “walls are immoral.” Evidently, the common-sense wisdom that good walls make good neighbors has been taken down by the masters of political correctness.

Political correctness is quite simply a war on common sense. It is a war by the elites on the common people and on the shared understanding of basic realities of life that has made it possible for us to rule ourselves under the Constitution. Once this common-sense understanding of reality has been vanquished, it is “mission accomplished” for the Americans who reject America.

A brief visit with the founding father of the philosophy of common sense will help us get our bearings as we explore the fascinating subject of common sense.

“If there are certain principles, as I think there are, which the constitution of our nature leads us to believe, and which we are under a necessity to take for granted in the common concerns of life, without being able to give a reason for them; these are what we call the principles of common sense; and what is manifestly contrary to them, is what we call absurd.”

So wrote Thomas Reid, a professor of moral philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He referred to his philosophical method as “common sense realism” and he published his greatest work, An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense, in 1764. It is difficult to overstate Reid’s importance to the American Founding. Arthur Herman emphasizes this point, writing that “Common Sense Realism was virtually the official creed of the American Republic.”

As you know, the American Founders claimed they were guided by self-evident truths. They relied on self-evident truths because their deliberations were deeply informed by the thinking of Thomas Reid. And Reid continued to be at the center of American thought for more than a century. Generations of American academics were common-sense realists, and until the Civil War, every major American collegiate intellectual was a common-sense realist.

Reid is all but forgotten in America today.

And voilå! We find ourselves beset on all sides by absurdity, nonsense, and unreality: cervical-cancer screenings for men without cervixes; children incapable of tying their own shoes granted the franchise; white people insisting they’re black; a Baskin-Robbins menu of genders, and etc. All these afflictions and imbecilic inanities bestowed on us by the preposterous, insane Left.

We really do need to find a way to see that they’re properly thanked for it someday.


Well, damn

ANOTHER one gone?

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the rock band The Cars, died Sunday in New York at age 75.

Police said they received a call around 4 p.m. for an unconscious male at a townhouse on East 19th Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Law enforcement sources confirmed the deceased was Ocasek.

Ocasek and his band were inducted into the Rock Hall in 2018. The institution described the band as “hook-savvy with the perfect combo of new wave and classic rock.”

As with Eddie Money, Ocasek and the Cars were never among my absolute faves. Which does NOT mean I don’t have the greatest respect and admiration for their achievements, mind. Ocasek in particular had a real knack for putting melodies, lyrics, and arrangements together that turned into real earwigs, sticking in your brain like peanut butter on the roof of a dog’s mouth. Doing that once or twice is rare; doing it over and over again—song after song, album after album—as the Cars did, is something entirely else. Throw in Ocasek’s odd, strangling warble and his gawky-space-alien physical appearance and his success is nothing short of remarkable.

All in all, Ric Ocasek had to be just about the unlikeliest rock and roll frontman of his era, especially when you consider that his era was dominated by male-model hair farmer types like, oh, Vince Neil; Stephen Pearcy; Tom Keifer; Bret Michaels; and the man who ruined Deep Purple, David Coverdale. In that rogue’s gallery of rock and roll pretty boys, Ocasek sticks out as the “one of these things is not like the others” Alpha and Omega, in terms of both his music and his looks. His 28-year marriage to gorgeous supermodel Paulina Porizkova is just the icing on the cake when it comes to being a bona fide outlier among his fellow rockers. He was surely one of a kind.

Rest in peace, Ric.


Plants ain’t meat

To corrupt my favorite old joke about tattoos: know what the difference is between vegans and meat-eaters? Meat-eaters don’t care if you don’t eat meat.

The latest “woke” take on vegan fast food, like the Impossible Whopper and Del Taco Beyond Meats tacos, is this: They’re not any healthier than the standard meat versions of those items. Outlets from NBC News to Fox Business to CNBC are all sounding the alarm that these menu items often contain roughly the same amount of calories than their beefy counterparts—and often pack in more sodium. But is health even the real reason customers are ordering these Impossible and Beyond options in the first place?

Maybe, maybe not. But the reason it’s being crammed down our throats via fact-free propaganda won’t surprise anybody:

The only one that might stick is the stated reason the founders of these companies have been telling us all along. They want to drive the livestock industry out of business and get rid of the cows to save the planet. And if they can make the sale to enough of this emerging fast-food market, we might be in trouble. But somehow I don’t think so. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I think people will tire of the novelty quickly enough and realize that they miss eating good old reliable beef, just as nature intended.

Also, I suspect that more information will eventually get out to the general public about the “heme” that’s used in the manufacturing process and the other substances they produce. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people eating these burgers are under the impression that “plant-based” just means it’s a new type of veggie burger. But that’s not what this is at all. These burgers are a mad scientist’s chemistry experiment running off the rails. And if all of you out there who are scarfing them down suddenly start growing tails in a couple of months, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

On the bright side, though, vegans tend not to live very long, with or without tails.

I’ve mentioned here before that I did the vegetarian thing myself for a year or so long ago, before deciding that life is way too short to spend one minute more of it than I had to foregoing fully-loaded cheeseburgers cooked on a Weber charcoal grill. And since the supergeniuses in charge of herding us into abiding by whatever their current idea of “healthy” food is seem prone to turning on a dime and completely reversing course with their fearmongering guidelines every twenty years or so, I intend to eat precisely whatever the hell I want, and to Perdition with the dietary “experts” and their “healthy” restrictions and recommendations.

The thing I find truly irritating about vegans/vegetarians—aside from their supercilious sanctimony, that is—is how they can’t seem to just eat their gloppy soy curds, tree bark, and lawn trimmings as they are without trying to make the stuff as close as possible to the horrible, horrible meat they’re far too moral to consume. I mean, come on: Not Dogs? Tofurkey? Bac’un? I’ve had all these products at one time or another, God knows why, and I’d rather gargle diarrhea than suffer that way again.

If you pasty, weak, sickly vegans crave bacon or a footlong Nathan’s, you should just go ahead and have some of the real deal. Because trust me: no matter how tightly close your eyes, hold your nose, and try to deceive yourself into believing otherwise, these fraudulent affronts to God His Own Self are NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

Nor are they good; in fact, they’re truly awful, and some of them are damned near inedible. When it comes to taste, texture, aroma, and appearance, these dubious triumphs of modern chem-lab experimentation and liberal self-deception fall far, far short of any civilized standard. Go check some of these pics out, and then come back and tell me you’d even consider putting such unappealing swill in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing it without a gun to your head.

In preference to a fat, sizzling ribeye or some grilled, marinated pork chops?

Yeah, gedoudda here with all that bushwa. Meanwhile, anybody want some sausage with them eggs? A little red-eye gravy over their grits and country ham, perhaps? Howzabout a nice bacon-wrapped filet for dinner, eh? Or a nice spaghetti Bolognese? Like the bumpersticker says: I love animals. They’re DELICIOUS.


2020: there will be blood?

Could be, could be.

Trump Wins
Those on the left will not allow a Trump victory, even should he win the popular vote and the Electoral College. They are used to getting what they want and like spoiled brats, have learned that tantrums work.

Should Donald Trump prevail in his bid for a second term, the left will go insane, deploying every “insurance policy” weapon at their disposal to negate four more years of the Orange Man.  What Obama, Comey, and Brennan et al. did to Trump in his first term will seem mild in comparison to what the left is planning should he win.

Antifa, the military arm of the Democratic Party, has not spent the last three years practicing and organizing merely to sit on the sidelines. They have used the interregnum to mobilize and learn tactics, while probing to find what government will allow, media will trumpet, and the public will endure.

The skirling “resistance” has morphed from pajama-boy blobs of perpetually offended little dictators and pussy-hat sporting shriekers into balaclava-wearing avengers who crave the opportunity to put deplorables in their place and give them the government they deserve good and hard. They will flood the streets after a Trump victory in their Antifa costumes looking to bust the heads of anyone near enough to become part of their 15 minutes of YouTube fame.

It will start in the cities — the Democrat-run cities, of course — where the political leadership will provide them a measure of protection against identification and arrest. Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Baltimore, among others, will become flashpoints of unrest. 

The riots will be portrayed by the media and the Democrats as a groundswell of support for deposing a racist president. They will bemoan the necessity of the violence, destruction, and loss of life, but remind Americans that “the people have spoken.” Some among the Antifa will be championed. In lockstep, both the New York Times and the Washington Post will run headlines calling them: “The New Founding Fathers.” People who fight back will quickly grow in number — even as the media label them “white supremacists.” Blood will be spilled.

And at that point, it probably ought to be. The next part is of more concern to me, honestly.

Trump Loses
The right will never believe the Democrats didn’t cheat their way to victory; in addition to understanding that a Democratic President will undemocratically implement policies by executive order that are inimical to their interests and desires.

Both their suspicions and their fears would be justified, too. Onwards.

Many on the right are weary of leaders who prioritize good press over good policy, and who prefer losing gracefully over winning ugly. They believe they did build that and that they have not yet made enough money and are fed up with being portrayed as ignorant and evil just because of political disagreements. Eight years of Obama and three years of watching his slow-motion coup have made them angry.

Tone-deaf to this silent majority and emboldened by victory, the new president will borrow Barry’s “pen and phone” and start issuing executive orders throwing open our borders, banning fossil fuels, and of course, implementing “common sense” gun control. Buoyed by media, the new president will start with universal background checks and a gun registry.

Eventually, the president will overreach, signing an order for gun confiscation, euphemistically called, “mandatory buybacks.”  Antifa and their ilk will flood the streets in support of seizing these “weapons of war.” Media will declare, “It’s the will of the people.”

And for the right, that will be the last straw (plastic or paper).

Ahhh, but there’s the rub: would it, really? I’ve long held that gun confiscation would indeed be the straw that finally breaks the American camel’s back; these days, though, I’m less certain of that than I once was. Already we’ve seen at least one gun owner killed by police in a red-flag-law confiscation attempt, without much more than a murmur from anyone. It will happen again; count on it. So what happens next time? The time after that? The time after that?

As I’ve said again and again: no sane, normal person wants to have to kill anybody, and will put up with one hell of a lot in order to avoid it. And the overwhelming majority of gun owners are more sane, normal, and above all responsible than most. Their perfectly justifiable reluctance to pull the trigger, especially on a cop, is one of the factors that make me doubt my previous blanket assumption that gun confiscation would amount to putting the match to the American powder keg.

I’m more inclined now to think that there’s actually but one thing capable of fanning the smoldering embers of Civil War 2.0 into full-on flame: hunger. Should hunger, for whatever currently-inconceivable cause, become a real problem in this country, violence must surely follow. No human being will just sit back and passively starve; even the most peaceful and law-abiding among us will be driven to extreme measures by hunger.

Worse, no man will tolerate seeing his children going hungry, not for very long. A man who would never dream of shooting a cop, even over a gun-confiscation raid, would be a lot less balked by the prospect of killing somebody, anybody, over food for a hungry young ‘un. A LOT. Should FedGovCo somehow come to be perceived as the cause of widespread hunger, FedGovCo will need to get its problem rectified, sharpish. Or else.

Most Americans long ago divorced themselves from high-minded Constitutional principle; liberty, self-determination, and such-like words are barely even a part of their vocabulary nowadays. Certainly tyranny is not something they have even the most rudimentary grasp of, and are not much bothered by it anyway. Not so with gun owners, of course. But I’m guessing as of now that, having seen the 2A rendered all but meaningless already by incremental encroachment, they’d probably be content to bury their arms in the backyard and bide their time for a while longer in preference to going all-out to defend the 2A. Not derogating them for it, mind. But if there’s really to be a Civil War 2.0, I no longer think it’s the 2A problem that will spark it.

Which puts a Democrat-Socialist theft of the 2020 election right out the window as a probable cause. I could be all wet, of course. But right now that’s how it all looks to me.

Update! Don’t think for a second that the Democrat-Socialists are NOT going to try to take them, either. Not for a single moment.

During the September 12, 2019, Democrat debate, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke confirmed his plans to take AR-15 and AK-47 rifles from Americans.

Beto O’Rourke was asked if he is ready to support confiscation, and he said, “I am if it’s a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield.”

He then elaborated on how certain bullets are meant to operate in military guns, but he never explained that an AR-15 is not a military weapon. It is a civilian, semiautomatic rifle that shoots one round each time the trigger is pulled. The military weapon, an M4, shoots semiautomatic or fully automatic and is designed to handle the heat and stress of being shot on a battlefield. An AR-15 is not.

After inaccurately describing  the AR-15, O’Rourke said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

As you would expect, Mayor Buttplug is, shall we say, all in.

In an interview with TMZ Live on Friday, Buttigieg was asked about the Twitter feud between former Congressman Beto O’Rourke and Texas Republican Representative Briscoe Cain.

After O’Rourke told gun owners that “Hell, yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15″ during the Democrat debate on Thursday, Cain dared Beto O’Rourke on Twitter to come and take his AR-15.

Buttigieg agreed with O’Rourke that Cain’s comment on Twitter was a “death threat,” and the South Bend mayor admonished Cain for failing to have a more intelligent conversation about gun issues.

Only if you try to come and take them, Buttplug. And lest you think Blotto and Buttplug are mere outliers:

After years of being told that we are paranoid for saying that the anti-gun Left wants to confiscate our weapons, the anti-gun Left is letting us know in no uncertain terms that they want to confiscate our weapons.

Last year, when the only constituency he was trying to woo consisted of residents of the great state of Texas, O’Rourke was still paying lip service to being a supporter of legal gun owners.

So much for that.

Kamala Harris got out in front of everything earlier in the year when she promised that she would almost immediately become an executive-action nightmare on gun control if Congress didn’t give her what she wanted.
While the Democrats keep referring to the AR-15 specifically, they also repeatedly use the phrase “weapons of war,” which puts the slippery in “slippery slope.”

“Weapons of war” is a catch-all that can also refer to sidearms, knives, and anything else ever used in a battle. They used to use rocks back in the catapult days, you know.

They naturally dismiss this idea as just more paranoia, even as they work to prove that none of us are actually paranoid.

Yep. The thing to remember about them—all of them, all of the time—is that they’re fucking liars. Well, that, and one other little thing:

The obvious takeaway from all of this is that we were right all along about the Democrats’ intentions, which provides a perfect example for future debates when they’re pretending to be anything other than what they truly are: Soviet-esque control-freak statists.

Annnnd bingo.

Bloody bloody update! Oddly, there’s no story beneath the Bee’s headline, just a picture. No matter, the headline says it all: “Beto: ‘Hell Yes I’m Going To Violate My Oath To Defend The Constitution.’” Ehhhh, big deal; every last one of them starts doing that about five minutes after being sworn in. Elsewhere, Insty chimes in in his usual concise, to-the-point manner:

THEY’RE UPSET BECAUSE ONLY LEFTISTS ARE SUPPOSED TO THREATEN VIOLENCE IF THEY DON’T GET THEIR WAY: New Republic: Conservatives: We’ll Spill Blood to Keep Our Guns. “‘There would be violence’ neatly elides what’s actually being claimed: Some gun-rights activists would murder government officials who try to enforce a duly passed law. This isn’t an extreme viewpoint among such gun enthusiasts. If anything, it’s one of their central tenets.”

What part of Molon Labe don’t you get? Well, probably all of it, given today’s dismal education system.

And a law that violates the Constitution — which gun confiscation absolutely would — isn’t a “duly passed law.” It’s a usurpation of authority. Funny that all these people who have been yammering about #Resistance and punching Nazis seem okay with the idea of laws that violate the Constitution, laws that are — of course — themselves enforced with guns and violence.

But should it come to that, which I doubt, I suspect it wouldn’t be the cops and troops enforcing this who would be targeted first.

Well, it shouldn’t be, in fact. The targets of right ought to be the Democrat-Socialist would-be tyrants responsible for it in the first place. “Okay with the idea of laws that violate the Constitution”? Of course they are. That’s their bread and butter, it’s what they’re all about—Progressivism distilled down to its purest essence. Once you recognize that, everything they do suddenly becomes crystal clear.


Not my dog, not my fight

The Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) fight, that is.

As I wrote earlier this week, the Democratic Party is accomplishing what the Republican Party—conservatives in particular—failed to do for more than two decades: Exposing the general public to the radical, authoritarian, and wholly unrealistic agenda lurking behind the facade of the climate change movement.

The Green New Deal betrayed the climate crusade’s outlandish demands in its starkest, darkest terms yet, and a seven-hour climate change “town hall” on CNN this month featured Democratic presidential hopefuls promising everything from abortion and plastic straw bans to government-ordered veganism as solutions to halt supposed climate change. Democratic candidates promise to become more dystopian on this issue as they head into the heart of the 2020 campaign season.

So, presented with this gift, it is no time for Republicans and conservatives to take the boot off the throat of the collective climate propaganda machine.

Julie, Julie, Julie; you know I love ya, babe, I truly do. But you’re proceeding from a seriously mistaken assumption here: that Republicans/official “conservatives” were EVER anything but fully in league with the Left on this issue—and plenty of others, too. “Take the boot off”? When, pray tell, was it ever ON?

Yes, young people consider protecting the environment an urgent matter. But as Steven Pinker carefully detailed in his book, Enlightenment Now, by every measure, including the environment, conditions are far better now than in the past. Conservatives should tell a more uplifting tale about how American innovation has made the planet better, not worse.

Oh, I think they should be doing a good bit more than just that: they should be telling nothing but the plain truth, which is that the whole Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) scam was never anything more than just that, a Lefty scam—cooked up from go for the dual but indivisible purposes of grabbing power and redistributing wealth. Nothing more, nothing less.

I concede, however, that this is a debate worth having. Buskirk appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Tuesday night and Carlson enthusiastically agreed with Buskirk, as I assume plenty of people on the Right do as well.

But Americans finally are getting a close look at what a future controlled by climate freaks would really look like—and they are justifiably alarmed. In my view, conservatives should focus only on drawing attention to the Left’s plans while telling the truth about the safety, health, and clean future of the planet. We might not get this chance again.

America’s part of the planet—the only one we actually have any say over—is the cleanest it’s been since the Industrial Revolution. Let the Third World, huge swathes of Asia, and others clean up after themselves. And let our own phonus-balonus Lefty Chicken Littles go take themselves a nice flying fuck at a plate-glass window. There’s no reason whatsoever to concede a single premise to them, nor grant them the unearned courtesy of pretending to take them seriously for one moment, and every reason not to.



Here comes the next thing we all must be OUTRAGED! about.

Why Pickup Trucks Keep Getting Bigger and Bigger
Is it a natural progression? Or are we compensating for something?

Okay, I’m gonna go waaaay out on a limb here before I’ve even read the damned article—which, come to think of it, I ain’t gonna—and guess that the author’s premise is that it HAS to be the latter. I’m basing that on the assumption that it’s a piece posted by a Mark-1 Mod-0 liberal outlet, and the author of it is a weedy little journo-excrescence who’s doing more than just a little “compensating” himself by attacking and insulting those cretinous Neantherdal throwbacks who, y’know, like pickup trucks. Which of course ought to be banned, every last one of ’em.

Next, I’m gonna go even further out on said limb by speculating that pickups are getting bigger because A) the pickup people like ’em that way and will therefore be more willing to consider buying one, and B) pickups, by their very nature, are more useful for the purpose they’re built for—ie, hauling objects, people, or critters from point A to point B—when they’re bigger, tougher, and more powerful.

Okay, I just scrolled down and read the last two paragraphs, which are an endorsement of “electric pickups” and the possibility that they might lead to more diminutive—and hopefully more emasculated—pickups some fine, frabjous day. So it would seem that the prescient wisdom of my snap decision to save myself some trifling irritation by not bothering to read all of this twipe has been confirmed, along with my assumptions about both outlet and author.


I hereby personally condemn whoever he or she might turn out to be

Oh, the courage of this courageously courageous woman! She’s a real hero all right, bless her honest heart. Her, and the forty or fifty other sad sacks and head cases the Demonrats no doubt already have lined up and fully briefed on their heartrending stories, ready to trot out for the usual confirmation shitshow.

This is incredibly difficult for me to do but I feel that it’s necessary to come forward and expose the type of person that Trump will select for the Supreme Court of the great country.

I was raped by whoever Trump selects to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Supreme Court.

It was in the 1990s and the details are a little fuzzy. We were at a party and I distinctly remember this person coming on to me and rubbing up against me.

I told this person I wasn’t interested but whoever it was persisted and when we were alone forced himself or herself on me, pulling off my clothes and penetrating me while I constantly said, “No!”

I haven’t come forward yet because I was ashamed and afraid. This person is clearly very powerful, but now that this person is being considered for the Supreme Court, I think it’s necessary to let people know who they’re dealing with, especially after Trump picked a literal serial killer last time.

And the Soros money doesn’t hurt.

No, it never does, does it? Via Glenn, who also professes himself mightily impressed with the bravery of this paragon of integrity and virtue.


Loose ends, tied

Dropping like flies, ain’t they?

The founder of a modeling agency, believed by authorities to possess key information about convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has now gone missing as law enforcement officials desperately search for his whereabouts.

“Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, has vanished as police seek to ask the Frenchman ‘urgent’ questions about the pedophile,” the Daily Mail reported. “Investigators are making inquiries in Brazil [and] the U.S., and European and French prosecutors are also pursuing claims relating to the financier, who died aged 66 before he could face the latest allegations.”

A reported source in Paris told the Daily Mirror that Brunel “is a ghost who has disappeared without a trace.”

Gee, how very odd and unexpected; must be a coincidence or something. But wait, it just keeps on getting better (via Bill).

MEDIA BLACKOUT! Detective Who Led Epstein Investigation Died After “Brief Illness” At 50
Again, another story that didn’t quite make it into the mainstream news’ narrative involving Jeffrey Epstein.  In June of last year, decorated former Palm Beach detective Joseph Recarey died after a “brief illness” at the age of 50, and that’s basically all we know, but do a search for him and you’ll barely see anything in the mainstream media, or even alternative media about his death.

No other information about the cause of death was released.

No, I bet not. Lots more hinky details from there in an article from December 2018 linked by the above one, including but not limited to this:

Reiter said his own trash was disappearing from his house, as his life was put under Epstein’s microscope. Private investigators hired by Epstein’s lawyers even tracked down Reiter’s grade school teachers, the former chief said. Questions were raised about donations that Epstein had made to the police department, even though Reiter had returned one of the donations shortly after the investigation began.

Recarey, meanwhile, said he began to take different routes to and from work, and even switched vehicles because he knew he was being tailed.

“At some point it became like a cat-and-mouse game. I would stop at a red light and go. I knew they were there, and they knew I knew they were there. I was concerned about my kids because I didn’t know if it was someone that they hired just out of prison that would hurt me or my family,” Recarey said.

Despite relentless political pressure, Reiter and Recarey soldiered on, and their determination yielded evidence that supported most of the girls’ allegations, they said. They had phone records that showed Epstein and his assistant, Kellen, had called many of the girls. Epstein’s flight logs showed that the calls were made when Epstein was in Palm Beach.

In May 2006, Recarey drew up probable cause affidavits, charging Epstein, two of his assistants and one recruiter with sex-related crimes. Instead, Krischer took what Recarey said was the unusual step of referring the case to a state grand jury. Epstein was indicted in state court on a minor charge of solicitation of prostitution.

…Rodriguez said he was given the job of paying the girls, telling Recarey that he was “a human ATM machine” because he was ordered by Epstein to keep $2,000 on him at all times. He was also assigned to buy the girls gifts. Rodriguez gave Recarey copies of pages from a book that Epstein and his staff kept with the names and phone numbers for many of the Palm Beach girls, Recarey said.

Rodriguez, however, held onto the bulk of Epstein’s “little black book,” and in November 2009 tried to sell it for $50,000 to an undercover FBI agent posing as a victim’s lawyer. He was arrested, and sentenced in 2012 to federal prison, and died three years later following an illness. The book — listing personal phone numbers for a cavalcade of Epstein’s powerful friends and celebrities — eventually became public as part of a civil lawsuit. It listed more than 100 female names and phone numbers under the headings “massage” in every city where Epstein had homes.

Bold mine, because…well, ummmm…okay, then. And with that, I suddenly feel the need for a long, hot shower.

This piece is a deep dive into a stinking, bubbling cauldron of purest evil; reading it requires a strong stomach indeed. The revolting Epstein saga enfilthens absolutely everything it touches, reaching into the highest levels of political power, the entertainment world, the wealthy famous and not-so-famous—nearly every stratum of the so-called “elite” across the entire planet. It taints them all to the last man Jack of them, which is what makes it so unlikely we’ll be hearing much more about it from now on. They want this thing buried, and it’s damned sure gonna be…no matter who or how many they have to kill to make sure that it is.

And THAT is the most revolting aspect to it of all.


Space Lawd, mutha mutha

I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.

If you look up at the moon tonight, understand that you are not looking at a primordial rock that has orbited above our heads, rearing its pale, pockmarked face every night, since the dawn of humanity. Instead, you are looking at a treasure trove of natural resources. As you stare up at the pale, dimpled, and ancient face of Earth’s only natural satellite, understand that there is a Chinese rover roaming the previously-unexplored dark side (the part that permanently faces away from Earth) of the lunar surface, testing the soil to determine whether or not China might be able to strip mine the moon. Should Beijing conclude that the moon is home to a bevy of abundant, untapped natural resources, then China’s space program will return to the moon, and exploitthose natural resources for China’s benefit before anyone else can.

Well, heck, maybe NASA can hitch a lift with them sometime instead of piggybacking on Russia.

In fact, as you will see throughout this piece, China’s space ambitions are expansive, compelling, and a direct (and enduring) threat to the United States. For, it is not only in the area of space mining that China envisions becoming the dominant player. China also seeks to acquire true military parity with the United States in orbit of Earth; by building the capability to damage or destroy vulnerable American satellites and by potentially placing weapon systems—disguised as civilian systems—in orbit.

Ahh, but the ChiComs are not hindered by the America’s two most crippling handicaps: 1) hordes of Progtard anklebiters whining and bitching incessantly about all those things, and 2) the will to steamroller right over them anyway—perhaps literally. China may indeed have such anklebiters, but said anklebiters know the consequences for them should they fail to keep their traps screwed tightly shut.

The Chinese view space quite differently from their American rivals. China’s space vision is a cold, clear-eyed, nationalist mission for space exploration and, inevitably, exploitation. As I’ve written recently, the Chinese leadership cares “little for the betterment of humanity.” They do not go into space possessed of the same airy, globalist notions that so many American policymakers have been imbued with. What’s more, the Chinese have a far more realistic—even cynical—view of space than most American leaders do. Theirs is a belief that nationalism will empower China’s rise in the strategic domain of space. And, once ensconced as the dominant force in the strategic high ground of space, the Chinese will be able to have control over the other terrestrial strategic domains of space (land, sea, air, and cyberspace).

The Chinese leadership fundamentally believes that space is an unpossessed resource waiting to be conquered by the nation (or group of nations) that have the gumption to take it before other states can. The cynicism of Chinese leaders when it comes to space is in their belief that China must do everything it can—including weaponizing space—to prevent China’s rivals (read, the United States) from denying space to them.

And they are correct to the Nth detail of that, too. Which is why, unless the US somehow pulls it head out of its ass, the Chinese are going to leave us bleating and choking in their dust. Historically, strength and will tend to conquer weakness and enervation every single time.

But that ain’t why I posted on this. The excuse it provided to insert this little musical interlude is.


A small victory

The usual routine: Left goes after Trump appointee, Trump caves, appointee either withdraws or is fired—lather, rinse, repeat. Thankfully, though, not this time around.

A senior policy adviser at the Department of Labor who was forced to resign last week after a Bloomberg Law reporter smeared him, was reinstated Wednesday night, the Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak reported in an exclusive.

According to a senior Labor Department official, Acting Secretary Patrick Pizzella “personally made this decision after carefully reviewing all the facts and circumstances.” The official added, “he concluded that a correction is much better than an injustice.”

More importantly, a victory over the Left—ANY victory, anytime, on any issue—is much better than a defeat, and is something to be celebrated.

Olson’s ouster was immediately criticized because the posts in question were quickly revealed to be an obvious attempt to mock the alt-right using sarcastic humor.

Rather than an exposé on a Trump administration official’s latent antisemitism, Penn’s “scoop” turned out to be more of an exposé on how low a liberal media operative will go to take out a political adversary.

Anybody who doesn’t understand by now that there is absolutley NO depth they won’t plumb, no sewer they won’t crawl through, in order to score a win is a damned fool. Next, Penn ought to be doxxed, he and his family hounded and terrorized to within an inch of their miserable lives, his Bloomberg bosses pressured to fire him, the possibility of his ever again being gainfully employed in the Enemedia industry utterly and forever destroyed. Although that appears likely to require a tremendous amount of pressure:

Bloomberg stood by Penn’s story, suggesting that Olson’s ouster was tantamount to an admission of guilt.

“We stand behind our reporting,” spokesman David Peikin told the Washington Post. “We contacted the White House and the Department of Labor asking for comment on Mr. Olson’s Facebook posts. Within four hours, the Department of Labor responded that Mr. Olson had resigned.”

Now that Olson has been reinstated, it would seem incumbent upon Bloomberg Law to retract Penn’s shoddy report, but that remains to be seen.

Oh, I think we can all pretty easily guess which way THAT wind’s a-gonna blow. No matter, though; we already knew what Bloomberg is, and a win is a win. Personally, I’m happy to take it.


Hold onto your hats

Better sit down for this one, folks. It’s bound to come as a profound shock, but…the NYT’s “1619 Project,” wherein they intend to tie absolutely everything under the sun to American slavery, is based entirely on lies.

I know, I know. You coulda knocked me over with a feather too.

A Cornell University scholar cited in a recent New York Times piece tying slavery to capitalism was previously found to have inflated statistics, invented facts, and altered quotes, according to fellow academics in his field.

In an October 2016 paper, scholars Alan Olmstead of the University of California Davis and Paul Rhode of the University of Michigan harshly criticized the research of Cornell’s Edward Baptist presented in Baptist’s 2014 book “The Half Has Never Been Told.” In the book, Baptist argues that modern capitalism still contains many of the remnants of slavery and America’s current economy is still influenced by the exploitation of slaves.

“What bothered me was when Ed Baptist dropped out of public debates about his work (methods and findings),” Rhode said.

Because of course he did. I mean, isn’t that what they all do? Loathsome climate -pseudoscience fraudster Michael Mann jumps immediately to mind as Exhibit A, but there are others.

Yet Baptist was quoted approvingly by Princeton Professor Matthew Desmond in a recent essay for the New York Times’ “1619” project, which is intended to reframe the nation’s history around the narrative of slavery. Desmond’s piece states that in “order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation,” and he then quotes Baptist saying that before the Civil War, Americans “lived in an economy whose bottom gear was torture.”

Baptist has also been cited by influential opinion journalists such as Ta-Nehisi Coates, who recently used the scholar’s figures to argue in favor of reparations for African-Americans.

Because of course he did. Chapter and verse follows, and then this:

Baptist did not respond to a request from The College Fix to comment.

Because of course he didn’t. He’s a liar, and since his lies are indefensible—his spurious contentions propped up entirely on a flimsy foundation of fraud, chicanery, sub rosa jiggery-pokery, and pure balls-out deceit—he doesn’t intend to be caught dead defending them.

The interesting thing is to see whether the NYT prefers to brazen this out and keep their despicable project going, or whether they decide to evade accountability by letting the whole thing quietly die the death and hope nobody notices. Which way they jump will reveal a lot about them, not that we don’t already know it full well anyway.


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Dirty Harry Reid thinks you should be Alarmed.

Time is running out to act on climate change

And it always is. And it always will be.

Today, the Nevada deserts — along with environments throughout the country and the world — are facing threats much greater than bulldozers, shovels and unscrupulous mining operations. That threat is climate change.

There’s no denying the disastrous effects climate change is having on every corner of Nevada, our country and our planet. Even the beautiful Joshua Tree forest 5 miles from my Searchlight home is in distress. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen record wildfires in the West, multiple 100-year floods and a drought that left Lake Mead 4 feet away from a federal water shortage.

OH NOES!!! A “federal water shortage?” Heaven help us. Not sure what exactly a “federal water shortage” might actually amount to, mind. But it’s bound to be horrible, and will surely kill us all.

I won’t be around to see the worst impacts of climate change, but my children, grandchildren and countless families around the world will be. They’ll suffer the brunt of this crisis. They’ll bear the burden of cleaning up my generation’s mess.

Aw gee, you won’t? So somehow we’ve gone from AlGore’s “only ten years left” “planetary emergency” alarum back in 2006, to AOC’s “only 12 years left” revision, to..what, three or four weeks, maybe? Actually, Democrat-Socialist knucklehead Andrew Yang insists that it’s “already too late,” and that we should all head for the hills already. Literally. Hey, give the guy props for having balls enough To Boldly Go where no lunatic has gone before, I guess.

Meh. I won’t bother with any more of Reid’s silly-assed twaddle; I mean, what’s the point, really? I just wanted to bask in the idea that he doesn’t expect to be around much longer for a bit here, and enjoy the delicious frisson of anticipation it brought me.


And now for a somewhat less depressing and/or infuriating post

Some secrets ain’t so bad.

The U.S. Air Force’s Boeing X-37B just broke the record for the most amount of time spent in Earth’s orbit by a spacecraft. Everything else about the spacecraft is still a mystery as information about the spacecraft is classified.

The mission is X-37Bs fifth mission, known as Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV-5) and recently, it completed 719 days in orbit. Previous record for the longest time spent in Earth’s Orbit was held by OTV-4 with 717 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes. The spacecraft was launched on September 7, 2017 and since then, the ‘mini space shuttle’ has been revolving around the Earth.

She’s still up there, too. Which is great and all; very cool stuff, to be sure. But…well…if you click over and look at the pic, see, it’s like…that is, I mean to say…

DAMN, but she’s an ugly booger. Not that it matters, of course. But still. We’re a long, LONG way from Buck Rogers yet, folks.

To boldly go update! Related.

The sixth branch of the United States military was launched in a Rose Garden ceremony yesterday when Donald Trump inaugurated SpaceCom — Space Command.

“This is a landmark day, one that recognizes the centrality of space to America’s security and defense,” Trump said in a White House ceremony.

Some critics have dismissed SpaceCom as a childish fantasy. Former Defense Secretary James Mattis opposed the formation of SpaceCom, believing it was redundant and would add unnecessary bureaucracy to the Pentagon.

But considering the money and personnel being poured into space by China and Russia, it seems a good idea to hedge our bets.

Plus, it’s just way cool, and inspiring as all getout too. Gives a new and deeper meaning to one of my all-time favorite poems:

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, 
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; 
Sunward I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds – 
and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of – 
wheeled and soared and swung high in the sunlit silence. 
Hovering there I’ve chased the shouting wind along 
and flung my eager craft through footless halls of air.

Up, up the long delirious burning blue
I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,
where never lark, or even eagle, flew;
and, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod
the high untrespassed sanctity of space,
put out my hand and touched the face of God.


(Via Larwyn)


Resist we much!

Mountain folk are different from you and I.

“You OK out there?” read the text message. “There is a guy with a rifle running around [redacted] mountain…”
When I pulled into the area, the local constabulary was staged. I had my EDC and typical vehicle load out already in place, which I didn’t even need to check. I had information from another local friend on where the guy was last seen. As I drove up the creek, the deputies were at the major lines of drift with radios. Most were in less than stellar physical shape and older in age.
The “man with a gun” was arrested several hours later.

The next day I heard several version of the same story, that involved a guy pulling a gun on another man.  He then pulled a rifle on another totally unrelated bystander shortly after. Someone at some point called the law as the bystander is a well-known harmless and upstanding man in the community. When law enforcement responded the assailant apparently brandished the rifle while executing a poorly conceived escape plan.

The local constabulary didn’t waste any time in trotting out the dogs and the Special Response Team. In reality the show of force was kind of reminiscent of the famous and hilarious third episode of The Andy Griffith Show, The Manhunt that detailed a bureaucratic over the top reaction to a situation that Andy solved with out much effort.

One thing was unanimous; the residents of the community didn’t want law enforcement there. “We don’t call the sheriff out here, we handle our own business” was a common refrain.  “Them deputies never waste a chance to show off do they?” said another. “Hell, that first guy might have deserved to have that gun pulled on him…”

In the Mountain South in particular, many disputes are settled even to this day in a private manner, if at all possible. The clannish nature of the residents, mostly descended from the Borderers of the English/Scottish border or of Germanic extraction, is still alive today in many ways.

Max Weber defines the state as has having a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence over a geographical area. To people historically and many still today in Occupied Appalachiastan, the state-only authority to dispense justice is a travesty of the highest proportions. Some do not want to outsource the dispensation of justice. Many do not want anyone mingling in the business of their community. Traditionally, the derbfine, the clan or even the community at large handled matters of justice. This goes back to lex talionis, which is the idea that if you are a righteous man and you are wronged, it is your duty to punish the offender, yourself.

A product of the clannish nature of the Southern Highlander is an unofficial intelligence network of sorts. News travels fast. Rural Appalachia has one of the most effective Underground’s in existence and it doesn’t even know it.  If you want to see how it operates, let an incident like above happen, or hang around the bear hunters in the southern mountains around mid October. They will tell you every single detail about the game warden, his habits down to what he eats for breakfast and what flavor toothpaste he uses.

Some years back, my brother lived up in the mountains in Boone, NC. He drove a truck for a local company that built log-cabin style houses, delivering the logs to remote home-construction sites up in the hills and down in the hollers. It was a stone bitch of a job, not least because of occasional warning shots fired across the hood of his truck from concealment in the piney woods, or blood-curdling threats and harrassment from jeering, musket-brandishing locals as he crept his way around the switchbacks.

Those backwoods mountaineers are, as Meyers’ article says, a highly reclusive and clannish lot. They did NOT much cotton to the sudden influx of Yankees, yuppies, and other interlopers into the hills they had regarded as their own for generations—raising living costs across the board; creating overcrowding and congestion; razing forests and perching ugly, obnoxious McMansions on mountaintops, thereby ruining the view; just generally squeezing them out of their place in the world, step by painful step. Now and then, a group of mountain men would even express their displeasure by sneaking down in the dead of the night and burning a half-completed house to the ground, along with any other construction materials they could get alight.

Meyers goes on from there to provide some interesting historical detail, a dissection of nationalism as opposed to patriotism, and a calculation of the odds of successful resistance to federal tyranny by quoting Buppert’s Law Of Military Topography: “Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated.” Knowing what I know of the mountain folk, their hardscrabble lifestyle, and just their overall dad-blamed cussedness, I don’t know as I’d bet against ’em myself.

(Via WRSA)


Pencil-neck gets primaried

What the hell, why not.

A drag queen is challenging Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff for his seat in Congress.

Maebe A. Girl became the first drag queen elected to local government, winning a seat in Silver Lake Neighborhood Council earlier this year.

Now the drag queen is attempting to win a seat in the House of Representatives and become the first congressional trans person and first drag queen, according to Route Fifty. Girl will face Schiff in an open primary. 

“While I appreciate his allyship, I think someone that is actually a part of the queer community, that understands the day-to-day struggles, would be a better representative than an ally,” Girl said of Schiff. “I want people to know that there are more progressive people on the ballot.”

The drag queen identifies as transgender and gender fluid, likening the name change to Lady Gaga and congressional struggles to that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cali could do worse, I guess. And has.


Sting ’em, Bee

Shit’s starting to get real up in here.

Last month, the satire site The Babylon Bee lawyered up after liberal fact-checker Snopes tried to deplatform it by calling it “fake news” and suggesting the Babylon Bee did not rise to the level of satire. The Babylon Bee’s lawyer sent a demand letter, and Snopes altered the offending article. But last week, Snopes unloaded two more attacks on the Bee, and the Bee vowed to keep fighting back.

“Snopes is at it again. We had hoped that a demand letter from our attorneys would prompt changes. And it seemed to. Snopes did go back and edit their defamatory fact-check, revising some of the language that suggested we were deliberately misleading people. However, they’ve subsequently published a new rating for satire called ‘Labeled Satire,'” the Bee said in an email to subscribers.

“Their explanation of this rating says the label ‘satire’ is often misapplied to content that doesn’t really qualify as satire — and Snopes has made it clear that they feel our content falls into that category,” the Bee continued. “From their view, we’re just pretenders, using the label ‘satire’ to our advantage so we can hoodwink the masses. It’s really extraordinary, especially since they’ve acknowledged in private communication with us that there is a ‘clear distinction’ between our satire and intentionally misleading fake news. For some reason, they refuse to acknowledge the clear distinction in their published articles.”

That’s all due to a multiplicity of reasons: A) they’re dishonest, cowardly partisan hacks; B) you’re living inside their heads, rent-free; C) liberals such as those running Snopes, being juiceless killjoys, have NO sense of humor and thus are incapable of recognizing it; and D) you’re winning.

The Babylon Bee also pointed to a survey conducted by Ohio State University “that suggests satire is causing too much confusion, posing ‘a problem for democracy.'”

Oh for crying out loud. I suppose we know now what the libtards are going to be demanding the government step in to regulate and/or ban “for our own good” next, don’t we?

In the survey, Snopes analyzed the most popular satire articles from The Babylon Bee and The Onion, and asked a random sample of 800 Americans “if they believed claims based on those trending stories.”

The survey did not include any context about the speaker making the claims, so claims from the Bee such as “Ilhan Omar said that being Jewish is an inherently hostile act, especially among those living in Israel” and claims from The Onion such as “National Security Advisor John Bolton said that an attack on two Saudi Arabian oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman is ‘an attack on all Americans'” misled Republicans and Democrats, respectively.

But this does not prove that readers were swayed by satire from The Babylon Bee or The Onion. Those in the survey may have rated a statement “absolutely true” if it merely seemed plausible to them, and they likely would have rated the statement false had they known the source or the style of the original satire article.

Or those rating it “absolutely true” might have just been trying to be funny themselves. With truly dangerous, manipulative propaganda being injected into the American bloodstream each and every day—from newspapers to movies to Enemedia Fake News broadcasts to “The Most Busted Name In News” on every airport concourse—while being misrepresented as honest reportage, who the hell gives a damn, anyway?

Happily, the Bee being the Bee and all, this increasingly enstupidating brouhaha only inspired them to put the pedal to the metal:

U.S.—As Snopes turns up the heat on The Babylon Bee, its writers were finally forced to admit that they are not real journalists.

In a statement issued Monday, Babylon Bee’s editorial team confessed they have been making up their stories this entire time.

“The headlines, the copy, the quotes—they’re all fake,” said the site’s editor in chief, hanging his head in shame. “It started a few years ago. We made up a few stories about church culture, some about politics, some about everyday life, just for fun.” But the EIC said that things quickly got out of hand, as their completely made-up stories started going viral.

“It all happened so fast,” he said. “We just wanted to have a little fun and make some jokes, and I guess it got out of hand.”

Sources confirmed The Babylon Bee even hired a professional Photoshop guy full time to fabricate images of events that did not actually occur, such as Joe Biden getting hit with a blue shell, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going on The Price is Right and guessing that everything is free, Ruth Bader Ginsburg coming back as a cyborg, and monkeys throwing poop at each other in the Senate’s chambers.”

The closing ‘graph is a real gem, so don’t miss it. And can it possibly be coinkydinkal that this repost from 2017 also turned up on the front page when I looked in?

U.S.—As part of a detailed review of prominent online news outlets, a large team of fact-checkers at unanimously voted The Babylon Bee as the world’s most accurate news source, Snopes editors revealed Friday.

After reviewing over 1,200 of the Bee’s articles, opinion pieces, and exclusive news stories published over the site’s eighteen months of existence, the Snopes team all agreed that the Bee was “far more accurate” than competing news sources.

“It’s not even close,” Snopes writer Kim LaCapria wrote as part of the announcement. “Whereas sites like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are constantly dropping the ball, The Babylon Bee has never gotten a single fact wrong.”

“They are the one true news source, the pinnacle of trustworthy journalism,” she added reverently.

“Their stories are just too good to be made-up. They’re excellent,” another Snopes writer said.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that several Bee writers had been shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize.

Heh. No wonder the vinegary Church Ladies at Snopes hate ’em so much. Mockery and derision are to the Left as garlic and sunlight are to vampires, or so it would seem. And OHHH, how they just hate seeing anybody having fun…particularly when the merriment comes at their expense. So yeah, y’all take it to ’em, Bee-bugs; let a buzzing swarm of lawyers show those Snopes dopes they shoulda left this hive the hell alone. In the immortal words of fellow happy-warrior Andrew Breitbart, a man who also well understood the effectiveness of humor as a weapon against the Left: Fuck you, WAR!


The Costanza Principle

“Remember: it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Two Democratic presidential candidates recently observed the fifth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. — a case that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement as well as days of unrest locally.

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., tweeted, “Michael Brown’s murder forever changed Ferguson and America.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., tweeted, “5 years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.”

Of course, being the reliably liberal propaganda outlet it is, Politi”fact” immediately gets to work weaving its rhetoricomagical smokescreen to obscure the hard truth:

After these tweets came out, PolitiFact heard from numerous readers who asked us to check whether Harris and Warren were correct in calling Brown’s death a “murder.”

There is no question that Wilson killed Brown, and there’s strong evidence that it was not accidental.

In discussing the case with legal experts, however, we found broad consensus that “murder” was the wrong word to use — a legal point likely familiar to Harris, a longtime prosecutor, and Warren, a law professor.

In fact, two other Democratic senators with law degrees now running for president — Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand — more accurately referred to it as a killing.

That said, experts who have studied police-related deaths and race relations said that focusing too much on the linguistics in controversial cases comes with its own set of problems.

It’s all just the usual mealy-mouthed bullshit, twisting and warping and dissembling in order to Keep Lefty Hope Alive. Just one problem (bold mine):

As discussed above, Darren Wilson has stated his intent in shooting Michael Brown was in response to a perceived deadly threat. The only possible basis for prosecuting Wilson under section 242 would therefore be if the government could prove that his account is not true – i.e., that Brown never assaulted Wilson at the SUV, never attempted to gain control of Wilson’s gun, and thereafter clearly surrendered in a way that no reasonable officer could have failed to perceive. Given that Wilson’s account is corroborated by physical evidence and that his perception of a threat posed by Brown is corroborated by other eyewitnesses, to include aspects of the testimony of Witness 101, there is no credible evidence that Wilson willfully shot Brown as he was attempting to surrender or was otherwise not posing a threat. Even if Wilson was mistaken in his interpretation of Brown’s conduct, the fact that others interpreted that conduct the same way as Wilson precludes a determination that he acted with a bad purpose to disobey the law. The same is true even if Wilson could be said to have acted with poor judgment in the manner in which he first interacted with Brown, or in pursuing Brown after the incident at the SUV. These are matters of policy and procedure that do not rise to the level of a Constitutional violation and thus cannot support a criminal prosecution.

Because Wilson did not act with the requisite criminal intent, it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt to a jury that he violated 18 U.S.C.§ 242 when he fired his weapon at Brown.


For the reasons set forth above, this matter lacks prosecutive merit and should be closed.

Should be, right enough—but won’t, not as long as scurrilous, Democrat-Socialist hacks think there’s still a skoche of political mileage to be wrung from it.

The above lancing of this boil of suppurating Leftist falsehood is from the official DoJ report on the matter (PDF link). That, mind you, would be the Obama junta’s own DoJ, under the control of one Eric Holder at the time. Which matters greatly because, given what we’ve all now seen of how deeply the rot and corruption sown by Obama in those parts goes, it’s clear they would NOT have balked at using even the flimsiest pretext to have Wilson brought up on murder charges if there had been one to be found. And it wasn’t just the Obama DoJ that could find no “there” there, either:

A Missouri grand jury also declined to indict the officer for the shooting. Normally when you have not one but two investigatory bodies, one of which had political reasons to be skeptical, nonetheless conclude that a homicide was justifiable then by definition it’s not properly described as “murder.” But if PolitiFact took that view, it would risk being seen as insensitive to police shootings by people whose opinion it values.

AP is being way too gentle with the scoundrels, as far as I’m concerned. Fact is, Politi”fact” is trying to help their Democrat-Socialist partners in crime perpetuate a useful lie—a particularly destructive and dangerous one, at that. There’s only one possible thing to be gained from continuing to burnish this tawdry deception, and that only for those who consider advancing the careers of Democrat-Socialist political hacks by fraudulent means any kind of “gain” in the first place. For the rest of us, we’ll have to reckon with the likelihood of being burned by the flame they’re stoking for purely partisan purposes.


Van life: NOT for pussies

I dunno, I loved it myself.

The ultimate road trip had been our goal since we’d met during our senior year of college, in 2012. We wanted to explore the country in an authentic way, meet its diverse people, see both its ugly places and its beautiful ones. Our idea was inspired by #vanlife, the faux-bohemian, four-wheeled lifestyle movement. Why tour the country in a regular old car, camping in national parks and rooming in hotels off highway exits, when we could buy a cheap van and make it our mobile home?

There was an important caveat. We decided to reject the cushiness of #vanlife and skip the saccharine Instagram posts. This was partly out of necessity—we didn’t have the budget for a $10,000 vintage van and a $10,000 overhaul. But we also feared the Instagramization of our lives, seeing the mountains through the lens of our camera phones. I rolled my eyes (though secretly a little jealous) at the shirtless #vanlife guys whose long captions detailed the importance of learning how to fix a timing belt with a shoelace. Rachel damn sure wasn’t going to sit naked on the roof of the van for a photo shoot every few sunrises.

Dude, you started off doing it wrong. There are rules for this sort of thing, you know.

From the beginning, my anxieties stemmed from the van itself. On a steamy day in July, we left triumphantly from Philly, striking out from the same old ugly, crowded highways, quickly moving north on I-87, up into the green mountainsides of the Catskills of New York. But I couldn’t enjoy the views. My eyes were glued on the temperature gauge, which read “Cold  N-O-R-M-A-L  Hot” in an arc. In the fall and winter, when I’d been driving Little Honey, the needle got stuck, as if lodged between the leg of the R and the M. Now, in the 92-degree heat, it meandered up through the M and, to my horror, occasionally cut into the A. Every millimeter it rose made new parts of my body clench. What if the temperature spiked and the van died the first week of the trip, or the first day?

You quit whining and wringing your hands and FIX the damned thing, that’s what. This serves to illustrate the big mistake that doomed this guy: if you’re going to be traveling great distances in a motor vehicle, you are essentially putting yourself completely at the mercy of said vehicle’s state of repair and reliability. It therefore behooves you to educate yourself to the greatest extent you possibly can about how the thing works, what components are most prone to sudden failure, and how to repair them yourself by the side of the road, with the at least minimal hand tools you were hopefully smart enough to bring along. Anything less is asking for trouble. And on the road, you really don’t have to ask; sooner or later, it’s going to find you on its own.

We rode on, but my nerves were shot. I couldn’t seem to shake the little voice in my head that kicked in every day when I unchocked the wheels and turned the keys in the starter: If this van breaks down, you’re fucked.

You most certainly are, buddy. And there just ain’t no feeling in the world quite as stomach-churning as the one you get when you find yourself broken down on the road: stranded far from home, family, friends, and any possible help. Much, much worse if it happens to you at around 2 in the morning, too.

I’d always wanted to be handy like my dad and uncles and cousins—the kind of men with the skill to take something apart and put it back together again, repaired. I thought that owning the van would make me handy and mechanical by necessity, and in some ways, it had: I could change a tire, no sweat, keep the simple things lubricated and topped off, even tighten the oil pan with a socket wrench to try to stop an incessant leak. But beyond that, I had failed.

You surely did—because those things you listed do not in any way, shape, or form qualify you to undertake such an adventure. They are no more than the absolute minimum that every driver should be able to do, whether on a road trip or close to home. Although I do know that even that barely-adequate skill set ain’t nearly as common as it once was, and ought to be.

I still didn’t know how to diagnose a cracked head gasket or how to fix anything serious.

No need to, really. You ain’t gonna be fixing a “cracked” head gasket by the side of the road anyway, I promise you. And head gaskets don’t really “crack,” by the by. They blow. Which generally refers to tearing, ripping, or burning through in sections. No biggie, just sayin’.

When something bad happened (and I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would), we’d be at the mercy of some wicked small-town mechanic. 

Another real problem for sure. To my own eternal disgust, there exists in this country an entire class of villainous scoundrels who make their living exclusively off of victimizing helpless sad sacks in trouble on the road, many if not most focusing on truckers. These “people” set up shop in seedy, rundown corrugated-metal shops right off of interstate off-ramps. There’s a reason for that. Think of them as trap-door spiders on two legs, waiting to ensnare any hapless soul with smoke coming from under the hood in their evil web. Hours later, your wallet will have been exsanguinated, your humiliation at having been suckered by these swine burning your self-esteem to cinders.

Even then, your car may or may not have been properly repaired. Many of these grifters are skilled enough mechanics to know how to cobble things together just enough to get you a few miles on the down road before your jerry-rigged strugglebuggy judders to a costly halt all over again. Should you ever find yourself reamed, steamed, and dry-cleaned in such fashion, you’ll readily understand why I’ve always maintained that drawing and quartering for such foul skullduggery isn’t nearly harsh enough punishment.

The mishaps, traumatizations, and ruination all go on from there, but in the end everything comes out more or less okay. Personally, I really miss my old free-wheeling, road-tripping, van-dwelling days. Which probably just confirms I’m nuts.


More “nothing to see here, folks, move along”

Nah, THIS doesn’t stink to high heaven. Not. At. ALL.

The New York City medical examiner’s office said Sunday that it had completed an autopsy of the financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein but that it needed more information before determining the cause of death.

Now, forgive my ignorance and stupidity and all; I’m by no means an expert on these matters, I freely admit that. But isn’t “more information” to determine the actual cause of a death that occurs under suspicious, unusual, or criminal circumstances sort of…uhhh, well…y’know…WHAT A FUCKING AUTOPSY IS FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?

Okay, sorry, my bad. But wait, it gets even better.

Multiple people briefed on the investigation told NBC News that suicide remains the presumed cause of death and that no sign of foul play has emerged in the day and a half since Epstein, 66, was found unresponsive in his federal jail cell in lower Manhattan on Saturday.

Emphasis mine, just to help y’all conspiracy-theorizing lunatics understand all this. See, “more information is needed.” But there’s absolutely no reason—NONE NO NO SRSLY YOU GUYS—to suspect foul play. Guess they had information enough to clear that up for us, thank goodness.

No, really. Trust us. I mean, why wouldn’t all Americans have complete faith in the integrity and trustworthiness of their governmental authorities and institutions, anyway?

In December 2011, after police in Springfield, Mass., had arrested Renaldo Penate for allegedly selling heroin, the drugs from that case were tested at a state drug lab by technician Sonja Farak. The same day that she did the tests, Farak wrote in a diary that she “tried to resist using [drugs] @ work but ended up failing.”

About two weeks later, Farak subsequently acknowledged, she spent the morning smoking crack in various bathrooms of her lab building, while also testing Penate’s drugs a second time. That same day, she found that police had submitted tablets of LSD. She took it, and “the sensation of colors in the wind left her unable to function for work,” court records show. Her actions would be discovered a year later, and Farak admitted she had been stealing and using drugs from the lab since 2004.

But when Penate’s lawyers asked for any information about Farak’s drug use during the time she was working in the lab, prosecutors with the Massachusetts attorney general’s office repeatedly refused to provide it. And so Penate was convicted and spent more than 5½ years in prison. A judge who investigated in 2016 called the prosecutors’ actions “intentional, repeated, prolonged and deceptive withholding of evidence from the defendants” and wrote that one of the prosecutors had a “lack of a moral compass.”

Gee, ya think? What can one really say to all this but: sheesh.

That’s from an old behind-the-paywall WaPo article, and I have no wish to send traffic over to the “Democracy In Dumbass” people anyway, so the link is to Insty’s excerpt.


Dullards and dimwits and dolts, oh my!

Oh, how I love this one.

A case out of South Carolina is highlighting the fact once again the drug-testing kits used by local police officers can be wildly inaccurate. On Thursday, drug charges were dropped against Shai Werts, Georgia Southern University’s starting quarterback, after he and his attorneys battled against accusations from Saluda County police earlier this summer that a white substance found on the hood of his car was cocaine.

Okay, everybody, wait for it…wait for it…WAIT FOR IT…

It turns out, it was bird crap. 

WHOOOAA, that’s good squishy! More details at the link, which lead me to conclude that the kid was probably lucky he didn’t get himself shot. But still: who on earth spends a wad of cash on blow, dumps it on the hood of his car, and then drives merrily on down the road that way? I mean really, people; cocaine is, y’know, a powder. You don’t foot the bill for that buzz and then just idly watch as the wind scatters your stash all over the friggin’ roadbed. Or not that I ever heard tell of, you don’t.

Again, though, there’s a more serious point to be made here about the incompetence and stupidity rampant amongst our authorities, wardens, and rulers. Which puts me in mind of an observation made in this Popehat Tweetstorm, via AP:

I remain convinced that Epstein’s alleged “suicide” was something far more sinister than just that, mind. But in most cases, it does indeed pay to bear Occam’s Razor closely in mind, along with the corollary adage about not attributing to malice things that can readily be explained by incompetence and stupidity.


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