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Happy whatever!

I hate to be a wet blanket here, I really, truly do. But for a good few years now I’ve felt that our national day of celebration each July 4th ought to be something along the lines of a wake. Thankfully, I am not alone in that.

Patriotism, properly understood, is a loyalty to the citizens who came before you. The emotional draw is gratitude for what they bequeathed. That implies a duty to preserve it for the next generation. If citizenship is just a meaningless transaction, then those citizens who came before us are no more important than the next guy who wanders over the border. Put another way, according to our rulers, our ancestors are strangers and so are our decedents. What possible reason would anyone have to be loyal to strangers?

It’s actually worse than that. The reason America is descending into a transactional land of strangers is that our ancestors decided to piss it all away. Why should anyone feel loyalty to the people who pushed through the 1986 immigration act? Why should we want to preserve what they passed onto us? If anything, we should take this day to dig up their bones and smash them to bits on the capital mall. That sounds harsh, but is there anything more monstrous than denying your decedents a chance to live the life you lived?

There’s another side to patriotism. That’s the loyalty to the institutions. In a liberal democracy, the citizen respects the office, even if he does not respect the man holding the office. Look around at our institutions. They are just as corrupt as the men who are in charge of them. No rational person can look at what is happening with the FBI and not think the entire political class needs to meet Madame Guillotine. After the last chop, send in the bulldozers to flatten the place. Maybe salt the earth afterwards.

For most of my life, I was an easy mark, when it came to flag waving. I believed the stuff they taught us in school and preached to us in the media. Despite her flaws, I thought the ideal of America was worth defending. The trouble is, the people in charge had other ideas. Like a lot of people over the last dozen or so years, I’ve had a change of heart about a lot of things. One of them is patriotism. You can be loyal to people, but you cannot be loyal to ideas or institutions. That’s a sucker’s play and I’m not a sucker anymore.

ZMan is referring to patriotism generally, but my problem is more with the 4th specifically, and especially the reverentially sentimental drivel we get from teewee “journalists” both local and national about how “free” we are, how lucky we are to live in a country enjoying all this “freedom,” how our forefathers sacrificed their very all to establish the “freedom” we sometimes take for granted, and etc.

Naturally, these are all people—especially the local-yokels—who, if given a choice between lecturing us on “freedom” or “safety,” are going to pick “safety” six days a week, and twice on Sunday. And not one of them, local or national, would know real freedom if they saw it, and would lapse into abject, shivering terror if they ever did. As Jack Nicholson said in Easy Rider: “Oh, yeah, they’re gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em.”

Earlier today I was driving all over the place running errands, in the course of which I ran along Interstate 85 for a bit. In a twelve mile stretch, I saw no less than four State Troopers with folks pulled over, no doubt reminding them to celebrate their “freedom” later on. Here in NC, you’re free to celebrate “freedom” with fireworks exclusively on July 4th, and then only with the mildest of firecrackers, sparklers, and such-like. The rest of the year they’re banned and therefore unavailable, hence the tents and kiosks that sprout up like weeds in Wal Mart parking lots and other such places a few days before the Fourth. Tomorrow, they’ll all be tucked away until next year again.

Now, I know these all seem like trifling things, hardly worth bitching about. But add ’em all up—and throw in the other little things like seat belt laws, helmet laws, shower-head and toilet mandates, washing machines that no longer clean clothes because they aren’t allowed enough water to do the job, the ethanol currently ruining your car’s or lawn mower’s engine, and a bazillion other little things—and you end up with a pretty good-sized pile. Somewhere along the line, that ever-growing pile is the very thing that turns freedom into “freedom.”

None of which even touches on more significant encroachments like “hate speech” laws; over-regulation that very nearly strangled our economy beyond hope of resuscitation; all sorts of restrictions based on the climate-change hoax; the perversion of the language itself to comply with the lunatic demands of political correctness; licensing requirements, registration, taxes, inspections, and fees for businesses of every imaginable sort—these and a host of other intrusions add up to a very large pile indeed, and are stark reminders of just how far we’ve strayed from anything the Founders would recognize as real freedom.

To be sure, Trump has indeed made meaningful progress towards undoing the damage done to true freedom by the uncontested advance of Progressivism. But the job is too damned big for one man; one can only stand in awe at his audacity in being willing to take it on at all. Watching the slow, steady tide of “freedom” inundate America is enough to reduce one to despair; certainly, it’s made July 4th one hell of a lot more akin to a day of mourning than celebration for me these last few years. But then I run across a story like this:

A woman was escorted down from the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday after she scaled the bottom part of the national monument in protest of U.S. immigration policy, sparking a nearly four-hour standoff with authorities.

The person, who appeared to be sitting near the feet of Lady Liberty — roughly 25 feet above the monument’s observation point, was apprehended by police Wednesday, hours after she ascended the monument on Independence Day.

The park was shut down hours before closing time and was evacuated as a precaution, a National Park Service official told Fox News.

The woman had participated in an earlier protest Wednesday with New York-based activist group Rise and Resist, which organized the demonstration, which resulted in at least six arrests.

The group hung a banner emblazoned with a message about abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

Think of all the people who had their Ellis Island vacation trip ruined by this putz. Think of all the people watching the idiot’s stunt on the evening news shaking their heads in disgust. Think of the millions of Americans who are fed up with witless, disruptive “protests” like this one, and the millions more who know that a nation without borders is no nation at all, who have no wish to throw open the floodgates to grant entry to every unvetted malefactor on the planet.

Then think of the tiny, tiny handful of more-intelligent Democrat Socialist leaders who are now all a-tremble over how many votes this will cost them, many of them permanently.

The Left had almost a century in which to undo America That Was, and they came all too close to pulling it off. But now their day is nearly done. Reversing the effects of their malignance will be the work of generations; it will almost certainly require violence, and the end result of this monumental effort will without doubt be unlike anything we might anticipate. But it CAN be done, it is BEING done—and the work will continue, until the noxious weed of Leftist corruption is at last pulled out by its roots, flung onto the brush pile, and burned to ashes.

Happy Fourth, everybody.


Perry out, to endorse Gingrich

Know who this helps? Mitt Romney, that’s who. It’s INEVITABLE.

Not remotely true, of course. I just wanted to say it before shit-sandwich connoiseur Hugh Hewitt did, that’s all.

Too bad it worked out the way it did, and I wish Perry all the best. I’ll likely have more later, but right now I am required to go watch Nyan Cat vids another ten thousand times.


Great Unexpectations


…but then, it’s Greek to the Greeks, too!

Mark Steynophonopolous:

When you binge-spend at the Greek level in a democratic state, there aren’t many easy roads back. The government has introduced an austerity package to rein in spending. In response, Greek tax collectors have walked off the job.

Read that again slowly: To protest government cuts, striking tax collectors are refusing to collect taxes. In a sane world, this would be an hilarious TV comedy sketch. But most of the Western world is no longer sane. It’s tough enough to persuade the town drunk to sober up, but when everyone’s face down in the moonshine, maybe it’s best just to head for the hills. But where to flee? America is choosing to embrace Greece’s future when even the Greeks have figured out you can’t make it add up. … Maybe we can all be striking tax collectors. It seems a comfortable life.


The Greco-roamin’ Victor Davis Hanson:

I lived in Greece for more than two years, and one of my best memories is of a small hotelier at a seaside resort. He checked you in; he cooked; he did the landscaping at night; he did all the maintenance during the day. I asked him why he didn’t hire more help, since his hotel wasn’t all that small and he seemed to be going 24/7. What followed was a harangue about the cost of hiring a permanent worker in Greece, the difficulty of ever firing him if he proved worthless, and why he preferred to do everything himself rather than fill out all sorts of forms and hire unmotivated but tenured employees. Besides, he said, almost everyone was on some sort of pension, disability, or government benefit, and was unwilling to work, so his choices were either illegal immigrants or broke foreign students. Then he launched into a blast against socialism, and explained how he was forced to become an expert tax dodger, how he would barter for all the transactions he could, and why he hated the government.

Damned Thermopylaean Tea-baggers!

Wasn’t it the noted moral philosopher Joe Walsh who once said “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks”? No, it wasn’t. It was Henley and Frey with Buffett on background vocals. I just wanted to be the first person in the history of the world to use the phrase “the noted moral philosopher Joe Walsh”.

The Greeks indeed want no freaks–with the obvious exception of Zsa Zsa Huffington, who attracts freaks like Arnold Ziffel draws flies. Fresh Air!

Mike already covered the “Unsustainable” spending (as sung by Miss Natalie Cole), but there’s another intriguing word floating around out there:


As in

“The unemployment rate was unexpectedly worse this month, said economists. Just like last month. And the month before. And the month before that. And…”

When something does the same thing every month for a year, why is that “unexpected”? Sure, you hope it will get better–unless you’re a Cloward-Pivenist–but why the surprise if it doesn’t?

There’s a new wrinkle in Obama’s Grecian Economic Formula this month: the unemployment numbers were “unexpectedly” better–because thousands simply dropped out of the job search effort!

Perversely, if 5 million more Americans did that, the unemployment numbers would look really, really good.

Hit it, Nat:


That’s what you are


Can’t count that far

“Saved or Created” is so risible

Your job growth, it is invisible

I think you’ll be unemployed

Unexpectedly too-ooo!”

World-class macro-economist Joe Walsh couldn’t have said it any better.


Even Though Exhaling is Now Illegal, Apparently They’re Handing Out Nobel Prizes For It


Sir Prize has canceled lunch with the King of Norway to attend a Donna Summer concert.

That’s so when Donna sings “She Works Hard For the Money”, he can claim one job was saved or created.

In other Questionable Statistical News:

President Obama’s job approval rating has fallen to 47 percent in the latest Gallup poll, the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point in his term.

“If I was a heart patient and Gallup was my EKG, I’d visit my doctor,” Gibbs said in response to questions from Fox.

Unfortunately, elective EKGs for a man Gibbs age aren’t covered under the president’s FlatlineCare plan.

But if you take those flat EKG graphs and run them through East Anglia’s Climate Homogenizer(tm), they’ll be looking like a hockey stick in no time! All better now.

The Nobel Prize comes with $1.4 million award. Isn’t that, well, kinda chintzy? After all, speaking of Questionable Statistics, Hillary’s pollster was awarded $6 million:

RUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, the rumored negotiations between Hillary and Obama at the end of the primary campaign? It was said then that Hillary would support Obama if he would pay off her debts. And we were told that her campaign debts ranged from five to ten million that she owed Mark Penn. Well, shazam, look at what’s happened, Obama has paid off Hillary’s debt to Mark Penn, which was something like $6 million, $5.7 I think is the exact amount, of stimulus money, money designed to create jobs in the private sector. Burson-Marsteller is a giant worldwide PR firm, they don’t need a bailout, they don’t need any stimulus money but it was said, “Yeah, it was to preserve three jobs there.”

“In the end, even if there are a few unwise projects, it is only a handful out of the over 50,000 projects that have been approved to date,” said Liz Oxhorn, a White House spokeswoman answering the question, “What the hell, $5 million, $6 million to Mark Penn?” “Well, in the end, even if there are a few unwise projects it’s just a handful.” So they had to be discrete, they had to wait awhile before they actually made the payoff. And of course Obama would use the taxpayer’s money rather than his own or even that of his campaigns. He’s entitled. He’s a savior. He’s saving the country.

Look at the news that we have had today. The TSA security manual totally compromised, blown up all over the Internet. Continuing lies about global warming from Algore. He’s getting the temperature of the earth’s core wrong by millions of degrees. He’s an idiot. He’s an absolute doofus. He says the polar ice caps are melting. We had Reuters yesterday with a story about polar bears eating their own because of global warming, when everybody who knows polar bears knows that polar bears eat their young, for a variety of reasons, and they’re not the only animals that do that. And now we got Harry Reid out there saying, “Oh, yeah, we’re really close to a deal. In fact, we finally have the deal done,” when he’s nowhere near close to a deal. We have Dianne Feinstein saying it is perfectly moral for the taxes of pro-life Americans to pay for insurance policies that will provide abortion. And Obama is using your money, our money, taxpayer money to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt.

I say if it’s “our” money, it’s “our” Nobel Prize, too. Congratulations, fellow Nobel laureates; you deserve this award for all that you do.

Whatever that is.


Common Ground Hog Day


Don’t laugh; it’s Mo Do–yes, that Mo Do:

Havel, the 73-year-old former Czech president, who didn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize despite leading the Czechs and the Slovaks from communism to democracy, turned the tables and asked Smale a question about Obama, the latest winner of the peace prize.

Was it true that the president had refused to meet the Dalai Lama on his visit to Washington? …

Havel reached out to touch a glass dish given to him by Obama, inscribed with the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. “It is only a minor compromise,” he said. “But exactly with these minor compromises start the big and dangerous ones, the real problems.”

Our president would be well advised to listen. Havel is looking at this not only as a moral champion but as a playwright. Obama (who, as Robert Draper wrote, has read and reread Shakespeare’s tragedies) does not want his fatal flaw to be that he compromises so much that his ideals get blurred out of recognition.

As Leon Wieseltier writes in the upcoming New Republic: “The demotion of human rights by the common-ground presidency is absolutely incomprehensible. The common ground is not always the high ground. When it is without end, moreover, the search for common ground is bad for bargaining. It informs the other side that what you most desire is the deal — that you will never acknowledge the finality of the difference, and never be satisfied with the integrity of opposition. There is a reason that ‘uncompromising’ is a term of approbation.”

F.D.R. asked to be judged by the enemies he had made.

And Obama asks to be judged by how many enemies he has saved or created.

And he’ll do the the judging.


Democrats and Yellow Dawgs

Saturday evening, Markos, a.k.a The Chairman, dismayed at the tragic deaths of three police officers, squatted down like the yellow dog he is, and squeezed out this pile:

Today I celebrated my daughter’s second birthday, so it’s a particularly bad place for me to read the results of the latest right-wing outrage:

City officials this afternoon identified the officers as Stephen Mayhle, a two-year veteran of the force, Eric Kelly, on the job for 14 years, and Paul Sciullo III, also a two-year veteran.

Police said Officer Mayhle was married and had two daughters, ages 3 and 6; Officer Kelly was married and had three daughters, ages 11, 16 and 22; and Officer Sciullo was single and engaged to be married.

This appears to be an inevitable result of the bad economy, a conservative movement circling the drain, feeling betrayed, isolated, and defeated, and the rampant eliminationist talk from right-wing nutjobs on the radio and TV.

I know Barb blogged this below, but it’s important to see the aftermath of right-wing hysteria, because this is likely just the beginning. Unless the Becks (and Beck-wannabees) walk back from that ledge, they’ll be to blame for more atrocities of this sort.

Obama isn’t coming for anyone’s guns. The NRA won that battle years ago and the Democrats have long since moved on. Yet the eliminationists carry on, whipping their readers and listeners into a frenzy of panic and fear, and as a result, four little girls (and a young woman) don’t have dads tonight. And I fear today was just the beginning.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast leftist retards will blame a mass shooting on some right-wing crazy/NRA/Talk Radio…

What interested me here, was kostard’s use of the word Eliminationist. I remember hearing this word used by a leftist professor back in college, so I went to google and most of what I found referred to an author by the name of Daniel Goldhagen and his book Hitler’s Willing Executioners. In the book, Goldhagen uses the term eliminationist antisemitism.

Of course, this made perfect sense that kostard would use this type of phrasing…as most conservatives are fully aware of the success the left has had in associating conservatism with the nazis.

The problem here is that chairman kostard is correct. Eliminationism DID influence this gunman to go crazy and eventually murder three police officers…

…but not the elimination he imagined it was:

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A 911 call that brought two police officers to a home where they were ambushed, and where a third was also later killed during a four-hour siege, was precipitated by a fight between the gunman and his mother over a dog urinating in the house.

So…a damn dog pissing on the floor may have sparked this little incident? How interesting. I’m sure there were other deep-seated issues, but the fact that kostard used the word eliminationist and this shooting was set in motion by an elimination is too rich to ignore…

And lest any leftist cast the typical aspersions my direction, i’m not trying to make light of the situation. The death of three police officers, or anyone for that matter, is tragic. But using a tragedy such as this, sprinkled with references to daughters’ birthdays and orphaned children, to hammer at conservatives and promote your shallow, fecal-frosted agitprop is far worse than this gunman’s destructive results.

But the chairman’s comments do not surprise me…this climate of hope and change reminds me of the 1990’s all over again. Clinton gets elected and all of a sudden there was this leftist fear of “militia” groups popping up everywhere, ready to enslave womyn and wipe out folks with dark skin. And here we are, 16 years later, except this time it’s Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck leading the charge of the white brigade.

Same shit, different decade. Thankfully, the internet allows us to weed out counter this bullshit…but don’t expect the average sheeple to comprehend what’s going on…and don’t hold your breath waiting for chairman kostard and the MSM to clarify this little misunderstanding…


Noted Coward Calls You A Coward

Now, it takes some serious chutzpah for a guy who admits he lacked the balls to stand up to Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, to point out that the rest of us lack balls. But hey, that’s just a day’s work for Eric Holder.

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” said Holder, nation’s first black attorney general.

Let me boil it down for you, Eric. Every time America – and not just white America – has sought to have the conversation and, God forbid, pointed out something is wrong in the black community, it was branded as racist. Ask Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Ask Thomas Sowell. Ask Charles Murray. Go ahead.  Ask them, we’ll wait.

You get enough of that crap back in your face, you quit. Why? Because it’s not worth the drama. What the rest of America sees as not being worth the effort, Holder sees as cowardice. He’s welcome to that view because the only distinguishing characteristic I’ve been able to find in Obama cabinet nominees so far is that they’re always wrong. It’s amateur hour over there in case you haven’t noticed.

In my case, this dynamic of hearing “Racist!” screamed every time my interlocutor didn’t agree with my points fully explains how I went from being a Massachusetts-born and bred Ted Kennedy (shudder) Democrat to a Republican. I simply got tired of being told I was supposed to feel guilty for being a white guy.  Period.  It wasn’t a failure to “confront my own white privilege” it was that I was tired of people who couldn’t and wouldn’t argue in good faith. Logic and argument being a “white construct” and all that jazz. Look, when you have discussions with people about what you see as the problems with race relations in this county and the response you receive in return is to consistently be branded a racist, it’s not cowardice when you stop engaging – it’s sanity preservation.

Holder would have done a much greater service to the country if he had started this conversation in the black community. Then he would have had a bigger stick to use to prod white America into the conversation. Instead, what he has done here is just guarantee that white America isn’t going to listen.

There has been a tacit agreement this country. White America agrees to no longer mention the pathologies in the black community which hold it back – thereby contributing to a negative view of the black community among whites – and black America agrees to just keep ignoring its own issues. See? It’s a win-win. White America moves on and black America – with a few notable exceptions – promises to keep deluding itself. What could be better, right?

I think we know the answer to that rhetorical question though.

He told Justice Department employees they have a special responsibility to advance racial understanding.

What that means is, “”And I want the rest of you cowboys to know something, there’s a new sheriff in town…and his name is Reggie Hammonds Eric Holder.  Y’all be cool…right on.”

Four years of hectoring from this crowd? Puh-leeeze.

Via Hot Air


Stop Making Census


I was glad to see Judd Gregg go to Commerce, just as I was glad to see Bob Gates stay at Defense, where they both might act as moderating influences. But after Gregg accepted the job, Obama cut his legs out from under him by taking away the Census. That changed the terms and conditions of employment and Gregg had no choice but to leave.

The Census doesn’t belong to Republicans. If Obama didn’t trust Gregg, he shouldn’t have taken the Census away–he should have fired Gregg.

The Census doesn’t belong to Democrats either. By taking it into the White House, it is not Gregg, but Obama who is proving he wants to manipulate the census for political advantage. If Gregg had stayed, he would have been ratifying Obama’s blatantly partisan and frankly un-American power grab.

The Clintons used every office and program of government for personal and political gain. They tried to use “sampling”, i.e.; “guessing” during their census count. We’ve recently seen how Democrats count–no thanks. I had the audacity to hope this administration would be different, but sadly, this is still the Clintons’ party.

Gregg was right to first go and he was right to leave. He’s got a good record on spending so we need him in the Senate; spending is all they do.

Unlike many, at least the man can count.

UPDATE: One reason it’s so hard to get rid of Affirmative Action Discrimination is because legislators have made themselves recipients, crafting race-based districts. It’s the classic “politicians choosing the voters, not voters choosing their politicians”.

Mr. von Spakovsky explains the Census Game:

“…while the Census Bureau cannot directly gerrymander apportionment through sampling, it can functionally do it indirectly through other means. For example, statistical sampling could be used to determine the populations for state (as opposed to congressional) legislative redistricting as well as for federal funding purposes. This will allow state legislatures controlled by the Democratic party to draw districts based on imagined populations

…My experiences with the career staff at Justice for four years make it almost certain that they will use their enforcement power under the Voting Rights Act to attack any redistricting plans submitted to the Department for preclearance after 2010 drafted by Republican legislatures, and will allow Democratic plans (if approved by the Congressional Black Caucus) to sail through, no matter what the actual facts or the law. In combination with the Census, this will be a powerful weapon to marginalize the Republican party and make sure it never stages a political comeback, no matter how much support it has from the American public.

ps: heh.


It just means so much more to so much more…

I won’t claim to have my hand on the pulse of all that is hip and trendy.  I try to pay attention to what’s popular and what’s old news. I pride myself on have a decent eclectic knowledge of music, books,  and movies. When it comes to fashion, music, etc., I normally don’t judge 99% of the folks on their choices…different strokes for different folks I say…

…however, I do believe that if you are going to choose something that originates from a specific culture, demographic, etc., say, the inner city…you should have at least 1/32 of an ounce of authenticity…

Having said that, I make this humble observation:

No matter how much rap and hip hop you listen to–

No matter how many gold chains you wear–

No matter how expensive your sneakers–

No matter how baggy the clothes slipping past your skinny, pale ass

No matter how cool the sunglasses you’re wearing at night are–

If  you are a teenage white male from the suburbs driving a ford focus:

You are not a gangster…

You are not hard-assed…

You are not hardcore…

and most importantly:



That’s Hedley Lamarr…

Crittenden is right, this is a cluelessly ironic piece of drivel.

You should know that if you’re hunting beta-males then DC is the place to be. I live here, I know what I’m talking about. So it’s amusing to watch beta-male David Ignatius coach beta-male Barack Obama on how to deal with Republicans. He wants Obama to go all Eastwood on ‘dere ass.

But, most of all, Obama needs to tell GOP leaders what he expects, and make clear the political consequences of obstruction. In that sense, the tone of his Post op-ed today was off. The themes were there; what was missing was that Clint Eastwood snarl: Go ahead, Senator. Defy my stimulus program. Make my day!

Ignatius missed the point that machismo only works when two conditions apply: (a) you can back it up and (b) the other side is afraid of the alternative.

Neither applies here.

Obama has consistently demonstrated that he is a petulant four-year old when things don’t break his way. So there goes condition (a). Why be afraid? Don’t give him what he wants (because it is a manifestly bad idea) and let him whine and be shrill. From the Republican perspective – where’s the down side?

Obama also doesn’t have any bullets in the chamber. So there goes condtion (b). Republicans are (or ought to be) amenable to letting him have his way. Very few people, including the Congressional Budget Office, expect this thing to work.  In fact, they expect it to make things worse. Doing nothing would be better than this bill.

So Republicans should try to make this bill into something that works and when they’ve gone as far as they can then vote against it anyway and let Obama have his way. Since it’s not going to work (because Keynesian economics never has) Barry can take all the credit for it. But since Obama thinks it will work, why is he upset Republicans aren’t on board? After all, if it works he’ll get all the credit – right?

He’s upset because he needs the political cover.   So much so that he’s now given to apocalyptic imagery to make his point.  Hey!  I thought it was wrong to scare people into getting your way politically.  Isn’t that what the Dems said after 9/11?

To quote Al Gore, “He played on our fears!!!”

Ah yes, hypocrisy truly is the tribute which vice pays to virtue.

No, Barry can’t be Eastwood. But he does look remarkably like another character in a Hollywood western – Hedley Lamarr.

Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
Taggart:  God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

Well, that is how he got to the White House.

Krauthammer thinks the free ride is over:

After Obama’s miraculous 2008 presidential campaign, it was clear that at some point the magical mystery tour would have to end. The nation would rub its eyes and begin to emerge from its reverie. The hallucinatory Obama would give way to the mere mortal. The great ethical transformations promised would be seen as a fairy tale that all presidents tell — and that this president told better than anyone.

I thought the awakening would take six months. It took two and a half weeks.

The Republicans should let him stew in this bill to highlight the fact that the whole thing was the type of effort you get from a rookie – or dare I say – an affirmative action hire. There is no reason for Republicans to climb on board this train. Something needs to be done, but when the boat is sinking you don’t drill holes in the bottom to let the water out.


“For Your Stimulus Only”


from noted N.Y. Times-reading author Joe Biden, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Also Agent of D.E.A., F.B.I., C.T.U., S.E.C., N.O.A.A., C.B.O., D.O.T., R.S.V.P. …and the Bureau of Weights and Measures.

An excerpt:

It was a dark and stormy night. Except that it was sunny out. and clear. and about 2:30 in the afternoon. But other than that, it was a dark and stormy night.

The night smelled like danger. As it turns out, danger smells a lot like an old Amtrak seat cover. But I digress. I knew if I told her about my mission, I would have to kill her–or at a minimum, send her a strongly-worded letter. Hey–don’t kid yourself, pal; those things can hurt.

I hugged the compound wall as I made my way across the estate. Somewhere in there was “The Terrorist”, the organization’s shadowy Number Two man, a stone-cold killer known to shoot innocent men right in the face.

In hopes of blending in with the locals, I was in full Lawrence-of-Arabia attire. They weren’t going to make me in a million years…

“Hi, Joe! What are you doing in those sheets?” How many times had I asked Sen. Byrd that very same question?

Damn! There he was–“The Terrorist”, Dick Cheney! And he had penetrated my cover!

“Hey, Lynn; Joe Biden’s here! Bring us some of that special lemonade, would you, hon?” How many times had I heard Ted Kennedy ask that same question?

“Oh, hi, Joe,” said Mrs. Cheney. “What are you doing here? And why the burqua?” How many times had Larry Craig asked me that same question?

“So it’s going to be the old “Good Cop/Bad Cop”-routine,” I thought to myself, because it’s really hard to think to someone else. Beneath my robes, I reached into my pocket and felt the smooth, pearly handle of my Smith and Wesson .357 Derringer Thompson Sub-Machine Gun Walther Mitty Special. And then I remembered: I’d left my gun at home on the dresser.

I decided to play along and began chanting in Arabic: “Get out of Biden’s house! Get out of Biden’s house! Get out of…”

“Hah, that’s funny , Joe,” said Cheney “but the Inauguration isn’t for another month. Say, Joe, I’ve been wondering–you’ve pledged to be the most useless, uninvolved, non-productive vice-president in history; what are you going to do with all that spare time–besides your rich fantasy life, I mean?”

Cruel bastard. No wonder they called him “The Terrorist”.

“You need a hobby, Joe,” Cheney continued. “For instance, I make home movies. I’ve even got one of the entire Democrat leadership signing off on waterboarding and wiretapping. Would you like to see it, Joe?”

Suddenly, I felt myself getting red in the face and hot under the keffiyah. Mrs. Cheney must have put drugs in the lemonade! But there was no time to ask for seconds now. I made a break for it. Barely making it back to the safe house, I collapsed on the bed. The next thing I remember, a month had passed and I was standing there taking the oath of office.

I spied Terrorist in the crowd, his cruel eyes mocking me. He’d come to the event in a wheelchair, hoping that I would ask him to stand up. As I finished my remarks by Lord Kinnock, right then and there I made a solemn vow to myself: never again would I wear women’s clothing in public. on a weekday. in this country, anyway. And to write a screenplay for my new home movie.

Let’s see… “It was a dark and stormy night…”


Harder than that, even.

Via Steve, we see this.

God bless the NRA. I used to think they were extreme, but that was before I got to know the enemy. Extreme is the way to go. We have to push these pansy freaks back to the point where fighting them is like fighting terror in Afghanistan instead of letting it happen in America. We can’t retreat and concede until we find ourselves reduced to the nominal right to keep unloaded long guns in locked boxes under our beds, like the pathetic folks in DC. We have to keep pushing them back, nearly to the point where they have to mount lawsuits to prevent us from carrying on airplanes.

I disagree.

We need to push back so hard those MFCS’ing hoplophobes are suing for the right not to carry.

And then we need to tar, feather, and run out of town on a rail every single little pantywaist that does.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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