This should be criminal in this day and age.


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America, Love it or get the hell out.

Posted 12/03/2021 By Cederq


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Do you know someone like that?

Posted 12/03/2021 By Cederq


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So don’t try my patience.

Posted 12/03/2021 By Cederq


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I realized this my second year of nursing and tried to call attention to it and was rebuked and was at one point told to stand down or lose my job and my license.


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All A cup though….

Posted 12/02/2021 By Cederq


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Nice Try

Posted 12/02/2021 By BusTed-Phil

I got a text a few minutes ago from my Ex, the mother of the kids I call my own.

She tried getting me to pressure the boy into getting the Clot Shot.

She was whining that the two girls were giving him hell about it and were going to cut him out of the holidays. They already did at Thanksgiving.

I have talked to the kid and we are on the same page so I replied to her that she was barking up the wrong tree, that I had done extensive research on the side effects of that shit and have come to the conclusion that it is poison.

I told her that not only was I not taking The Jab under any circumstances but that I would strongly advise anyone else not too.

And then it was on.

She does data transfer for some fucking hospital and she replied that she would rather trust the neurosurgeons where she works instead of some internet or QAnon bullshit.

She tells me she has already had 3 jabs and that she isn’t the one with the problem with the kid, it was his sisters.

I replied that I wasn’t arguing with anyone about it and if she didn’t have a problem with him then carve out some time to be with him.

A few minutes later here she comes rambling about

“one of the most common causes of retardation was mothers who got measles during pregnancy.

Thank good (sic) that pumpkin asshole wasn’t around then to poison everyone mind. A lot of minds were saved by mothers getting their shots”.

Of course because we were texting she was typing while I was typing and the replies overlap.

After that last thing she said I replied to her,

“As to your last statement I have one word for you.”


Apparently I scored a direct hit and sunk her Battleship because I haven’t seen a word since.

So after I waited fruitlessly for her come back for a few minutes I called the boy up and let him know what was going on .

Since the sisters had already excluded him from Thanksgiving over this bullshit I reminded him of the same thing I told him a few days before that.

He is always welcome at my place, Jab or No Jab.

I told him to stand up for himself and that I had his back.

It’s unfortunate that they have chugged the Kool Aid and that they have swallowed the propaganda but fuck that jab.

If that’s the way you want it, that’s the way you’ll get it.

It doesn’t mean I love them any less.

This is their decision.

Not mine.


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I knew some where I would fit in…

Posted 12/02/2021 By Cederq


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