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You keep using that word.

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Recently, a rather idiotic meme has begun to meander it’s way through the Leftwitosphere: Republicans are nihilists.

Click here for a definition of the word nihilism.

My first reaction to this over at Dennis the Peasant’s place (he reads Andrew Sullivan so you don’t have to!) was hysterical laughter.  This was followed by a pretty blunt statement that once again, as always, the Lefties are projecting.  You know.  Psychologically.  Psychological projection is the act of denying one’s own faults and then attributing those same faults to others.  In this particular case it’s the Left denying their love affair with non-existence followed by their utterly foolish claim that the Right, who bases most of their ideology* on a love of life, is nihilistic.

Think about this for a bit.  The Left, which stubbornly clings to their centuries old vision of Utopia Through Eugenics by supporting abortion at every possible turn, whose hatred for Sarah Palin is based mostly on her choice to have children early and often, who respects life so little they refuse to properly punish those who murderously take it, is claiming that it is their political opponents that are nihilists.


That’s some 99.9995 fine grade A clear flawless prime cut crazy right there.  If I may be allowed to mix several metaphors and similes up together and club you with them, which I obviously am, aren’t I?  You’re still sitting there reading, aren’t you?

What’s really got me irritated about all this is John Scalzi picking up on the meme and thinking he can get away with repeating it if he just tortures the logic enough.  I wouldn’t be bothered so much by this, but dammitall, an author of all people should be able to at least click a link or three for the proper definition of the word.  There’s no fucking excuse for getting this wrong, at least not for someone in his position.  My position?  Sure.  I’m just some no name hack with posting privileges.  But a published author?  No.

John, if you’re reading this, “Filibuster everything and let the entire mainstream media except Fox News do the rest” was what the Democrats did from ’94 until ’06, but try as I might I simply cannot find a single thing on your website about how this made them “goddamned nihilists”.  Perhaps you could clarify the point?

*When the Right can be said to have a unified, coherent ideology, which isn’t very damned often.  Usually it’s the social cons fighting the fiscal cons until the stupid cons take over.  Argh.  With any luck the Tea Party types will be wildly successful at taking over the Republican Party from the bottom up, the way they plan.  I always did prefer the fiscal cons to the rest of the bunch.  Every freedom worth having flows from economic freedom.


A Modest Proposal

Ok, the title’s a tease.  I certainly don’t have the chops of Mr. Swift.  But I do have a proposal.

I love this show.  Love it.  HD DVR type love.  Religiously watch every episode, and I don’t even care to watch most (well over 99.95%) of television type love.

While watching the latest episode I realized that the attraction was the demonstration of the amazing ingenuity of the people who build on human knowledge to refine current products and invent new ones.  It’s damned humbling.  What have I invented?  Zero, zip, nada.  In what material way has my fellow man benefit from my ingenuity?  Ditto.  Why, I realized quite painfully, I am no better than a politician!  Very humbling indeed.

And so, since humility is in such short supply amongst our ruling class, I propose that we ratify a Constitutional Amendment requiring every politician in the land to attentively watch, doing nothing else and under armed guard, at least 1 hour of How It’s Made every day of their term.  After each hour, a short essay test will be administered.  Failure to pass the test will result in watching the episode and taking the test again.  Any three failures in a 30 day period will result in automatic recall and a special election to fill their post.

Maybe, just maybe, such a requirement will result in more humility and fewer urges to poke their noses in where they are simply not needed.  If not, well, there’s always tar and feathers.


I’m starting to think Pol Pot was on to something…

Click here and see if it doesn’t make you want to send some academic types to the work camps your own self. The only words I have for this are the sort of words I’m trying to avoid using. At least, here on the front page. Dennis the Peasant found out my filters aren’t quite so strong in the comment section.

Hat tips to Dennis the Peasant and Ace.


Feeling the winter blues?

Maybe, maybe not. On the one hand, our nation is in the hands of the Infant Party, and it’s going to be several months before we have a chance to vote the crybabies out. On the other hand, the last couple of weeks have been pretty magnificent, politically speaking, and the Infant Party’s constant screwups show great potential for exploitation. On the third hand, it’s one of the coldest freaking winters on record, and that would bum anyone out.

Now I don’t know about you, but I like a good hot curry in the winter. Not just any curry. Thai curry. Spicy, decadently rich, sinful even. It just satisfies the way no mere bowl of beef stew ever could, and I make a beef stew that has been known to cause hard men fall to their knees and weep with joy. More than one person has tried my beef stew and then promptly smacked their Momma. Yes, it’s that good. So when I find Thai curry more satisfying than my beef stew, well, you might conclude that it means something serious. You might even go so far as to believe that no Dixie-Whistling is involved.

I’ve made plenty of Indian curry in the past. I’ve even combined my beef stew recipe with some Patak’s Curry Paste, for what has to be the ultimate culinary blasphemy. Think about it for a moment, you’ll get it.

But I’ve never made my own Thai curry. With so many really excellent Thai restaurants in Cincinnati (Thai Namtip and Bangkok Bistro, just to name two), I had always been quite comfortable outsourcing my need for curry in the winter to the local wok jockeys. And then some clown on the InnerNutz (Insty? Dunno, I forgot) has to go and put me some knowledge about how easy it is to make your very own Thai Curry.

So today I made that recipe, or as close to that recipe as I ever get to any recipe, which isn’t very. I don’t measure meat in cups for instance. Or ounces. Meat should be measured in pounds. I buy chicken broth (when I’m not making my own) by the quart. I never put less than 1 cup of dry rice in a pan, it’s just not worth the effort. What’s the point of putting half an onion in anything? Butch up or double your recipe, I always say. And once I’ve done all that, I might as well open a second can of Coconut Milk. No, it’s not the lowfat kind, you pansy. Just don’t tell my cardiologist, ok? Poor guy’s got enough to worry about, what with the government trying to enslave him and all.

A word about curries, before I conclude: Good curry is like good jazz, in that as long as you don’t muck up the basic underlying structure you can noodle around with the rest of elements to your heart’s content. In this case the underlying structure is the curry paste, fish sauce (no, it’s not optional in Thai cooking, don’t even start with me) and coconut milk. Heck, you can even tweak quantities of those if you want. But as long as those are there in more or less decent proportions you can play with everything else. Don’t like bell pepper? Substitute Napa Cabbage. My mother swears it’s delicious. Feeling a little French? Use leeks instead of onions, just be sure to follow all sensible cleaning precautions. No one likes a gritty curry. Think the traditional Thai sweet/salty balance is a bit bizarre? Reduce the brown sugar, I won’t tell. I promise. Want to go vegetarian and leave out the meat? Well now you’ve done crossed the line, you dirty hippie, and it’s going to have to be Malaysian Battle Spatula’s at twenty paces.

To conclude this long winded off topic blather, you should really try this recipe. If you get it right you’ll know it. The spice buzz will wrap around you like a warm blanket and suddenly the economy, the politics, hell, even the weather won’t be nearly the concern you thought they were but a short time ago. Such things are trivial before the might of a warm curry.


Thought of the day.

The problem with trying to live collectively is that you’ll never collect as much from those with more ability as you’ll pay to those with less, unless of course you are exactly the sort of worthless excuse for a human being that squanders everything you ever get, thus deserving nothing.

Which means that in our present society you’ll end up a politician much beloved by the press.



Stuff that never gets old.

This is slightly off topic, but an attempt to illustrate a broader point.

I supervise a 1 Hour Photo lab for a major retail chain location. Part of that is ensuring that we’re not selling prints that violate copyright. This means that when we see work that looks professional we ask for a copy of the copyright release.  Time and time again, the conversation goes something like this:

Me: Wow, those look really good. Did you take them?

Idiot Customer: No, I paid a whole lot of money to have a professional photographer take them, and they sold me the disk.

Me: Did they give you a copy of the copyright release with the disk? Giant Soulless Retail Corporation requires that I put a copy of that on file, to show that we’re respecting copyright law and the photographers it protects.

Idiot Customer: No, I just told you they sold me the disk.

Me: By law, ownership of the disk does not mean ownership of the rights to reproduce the images. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I do have to have the copyright release in writing before I sell you any prints. Can I assist you in contacting the photographer and arranging to have the release faxed or emailed to me so that I can put it on file?

Idiot Customer: I don’t see what the big deal is! I wouldn’t have the disk if I didn’t have the rights, and anyway, how would you know they were professional if I didn’t tell you?!

Me: The big deal is that if the photographer filed copyright they can bill me for up to $30,000.00 for violating their copyright of the event. I don’t have any money in the budget for breaking the law, so how about you stop yelling at the guy that’s trying to help you, and we move on to getting that copyright release on file here so you can get the prints you want?

Notice what’s going unsaid here: The customer is asking me to ignore the law, they are insulting my intelligence, competence and experience by claiming that I can’t recognize professional prints on my own (in all fairness they probably don’t know that well over half my business is professional) and they are insulting their own intelligence by admitting that they would pay professional prices for non-professional work. They are also ignoring what they are being told about copyright law, namely that it is perfectly logical that they have the images without having the right to reproduce them.

This is willful stupidity and ignorance on a number of levels, and it’s becoming more common every day. It’s as if our children are being trained their entire lives to believe only what they want to believe and ignore any aspect of reality that contradicts them, until they grow up to be the sort of willfully stupid and ignorant sorry-ass excuses for human beings that make me want to introduce them to Mr. Five Across The Eyes.

Now I wonder who could have taught them that, did it happen intentionally and who does it benefit?


What a fucking douchenozzle.

Good grief. Can someone make retirement for washed up old liberals mandatory? Right wingers get better with age, ripening in their maturity like fine wine.

Leftards?  Not so much.

Yeesh. Whoever coined the phrase “a face made for radio” must have had someone like Garrison Keillor in mind.

Hat tip Insty.

Takeaway questions: Why do Democrats hate the Jews so much? Aren’t the Jews one of their most consistent constituencies?


How the retards on the Left see us.

We’re apparently frothing lunatics for demanding proof.

What horrible creatures we be.

Pity. I used to like this clowns work. The Jay series, for instance, was fucking brilliant in places. But now? Well, I’m no doctor, obviously, so take this laymen’s diagnoses with a huge shaker of salt, but this is what the typical Leftard afflictions of retarded maturity and near-terminal psychological projection might look like if married to late-stage syphilitic dementia.


It’s about damned time!

Freezer Cash Jefferson (Corruptocrat, Louisiana), was finally convicted and sentenced to 13 years in the Greybar Hotel.

I’m somewhat ambivalent.

He should have gotten 30 years, and the entire Democrat Party (and a fair portions of the Republicans) should be right there with him. But I’ll take my victories as I can find them, these days.

Hat tip just about everydamnedbody, from Ace to Insty to Breitbart’s myriad operations.


Words fail.

Okay, not exactly. Polite words fail. The one’s I’m about to use?

Judge for yourself.

Obama, you are a disgrace to yourself and your office. That you would, on one of our darkest days, a day that any real American would consider a day of infamy, choose to spend your time in conference with a special interest group rather than flying to Ft. Hood to actually be the Commander In Chief we elected you to be, speaks very poorly of you as man and worse of you as a President.

That you would then choose to use your bully pulpit not to move immediately, seriously and with decorum to addressing those tragic events, but rather to giving a “shout out” to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow first, clearly shows you to be a calculating political monster of a stripe I had hoped never to witness holding the office you are currently disgracing.

That you would then mistake Dr. Joe Medicine Crow for a Medal of Honor recipient after you yourself hung the Medal of Freedom around his neck no more than 3 months prior is, to put it mildly, one of the biggest acts of dumbfuckery it has ever been my profound displeasure to witness.  Your immediate resignation would hardly begin to recompense the damage you’ve done today. Were you to give away all you own, renounce your citizenship and move to New Delhi to help the poor for the rest of your miserable misbegotten life you would barely begin to atone for this act of utter stupidity.

I shall never again call you President, for you have utterly disgraced yourself and the office.


Question of the day.

For 40 years the Federal Government has stolen about $1,000,000,000 a year from us and spent it on “fighting poverty”.

For 40 years the poverty rate has consistently hovered right around 14%.

How can anyone faced with that fact continue to say that government health care is the answer? The answer to what, pray tell?


Ok, now that we’re over the shock…

I think we can all agree that Barack Obama being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after nine days in office just might be the biggest PURE COMEDY GOLD! shipment sane Americans ever received. Seriously. We’re going to need more forklifts to unload this one.

I know I, for one, have been giggling like a schoolgirl all day.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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