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We’re not that economically illiterate, you drooling fucking imbeciles.  Jesus H. Christ on a rocket powered pogo stick, but these fucktards deserve the beating they are about to get at the polls. Hat tip Ace.

Stuff that never gets old.

This is slightly off topic, but an attempt to illustrate a broader point. I supervise a 1 Hour Photo lab for a major retail chain location. Part of that is ensuring that we’re not selling prints that violate copyright. This means that when we see…


Oh my. Dying here, boss. Dying. Hat tip McGoo, my favorite crusty ol’ bastich that isn’t quite as nuts as Schlong. Steamboat McGoo is very rarely safe for work. Or home. Or polite company. Neither is Schlong.  But you’ll laugh.

Oh lord!

BWHAHAHAH! I dunno how many of you have any use for Dennis the Peasant, but the dude cracks me up on a weekly basis. Go, and be blessed with laughter.

Do you blame them?

I certainly don’t. I feel nothing for England any more but pity, and a soft quiet rage that I just can’t quite put into words. You poor old bugger of country, what could you have been?



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