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A project which needs to seek no approval, for obvious reasons.

I am baking the Manliest Bread EVARR!!!!!111elebenty!!!!!!1  Because real men bake their own damned bread.  Dammit.

Wrap your noggins around this concept: Bacon. Jalapeno. Cheesy. Beer. Bread.  The sheer awesomeness of the concept forced that punctuation, I swear.

On a related note, wimminfolk say the damnedest things.  “Why are we cooking bacon?”

Um, what?!?

  1. We aren’t cooking a damned thing.  You are playing some MMOWTF, I am cooking bacon.
  2. Because I am making the Manliest Bread EVAR!, and doing so requires bacon.
  3. Since when does bacon need a reason?  Bacon is it’s own damned reason.

Taste report to follow sometime tomorrow, if any of the partygoers are manly enough to eat a slice.


My problem with Libertarians.

One of Eric Scheie’s readers (as brought to us by Instapundit) nails it.

If the Libertarians were serious, they’d be doing what the Tea Party has done: Going to work for the Republicans at the lower levels, working at the precinct level, changing the beast from the ground up.  You don’t get to waltz in and take over an organization from the top down, you have to start at the bottom and pay your dues.  Unfortunately for the Libertarians, they think their ideas are so good and right and true that they don’t have work at it, if they just talk enough and craft their message just right, everyone will convert.

They really remind me of the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party.


Of course your base is barking mad!

As Ed Driscoll, in the course of bringing this delightful “hippie punching” event to our attention, points out, the Dims believe their base is barking mad.

Of course they are!  The Left has been insisting that insane people aren’t really crazy enough to lock up for almost 50 years.  As a result, they’ve got one of the craziest bases imaginable.  See the reaction of one Susan Madrak to all this attention for all the proof you’ll ever need.

If anyone were ever to actually show her the southern chivalry she’s attempting to excoriate RSM for not having, she’d throw a feminist fit, yet she’s attempting to use his supposed lack of southern chivalry against him!  Yet another example of the Left attempting to have it both ways in all things.  And that, my friends, is crazy.

Update! And now she’s attempting to paint everyone on the Right as false Christians.  Lovely.  I’m not even religious, and I can see that’s not a good idea.


My final thoughts on Christine O’Donnell

Until I have some more, anyway.  Since I’m not registered to vote in Delaware, I’m not likely to have any more, so get ’em while they’re hot.

As a dude who misses the days when witches were burned at the stake*, I say: Better by far a Wiccan than a Got-damned Commie.  Fuck Coons, and that RINO bastard Castle too.

*Really old Innernutz joke, dating to either ’04 or ’06.  I don’t really miss the days of witch burnings.  Much.


Poor sod.

Can you imagine one of our academics with this much courage?  I sure can’t.  They would have only the courage to desecrate the Bible, whose followers they know would not harm them.

It’s a pity he’s losing his job, though.

Hat tip Insty.


It ain’t just the GOP, dipshit.

I’m a registered Independent, and I hope you fail, too.

I hope you fail to transform this, the greatest country that has ever existed, into the Socialist Hellhole you well meaning ninnies always end up with.

I hope you fail in your unending quest to turn us into the biggest pussies on earth.

I hope you fail so bad the Democrats are a minority party for the next 100 years.

I know you’re going to fail in your attempt to help your party of losers keep the House and the Senate this year, and it fills me with joy.

I hope you and Slow Joe Biden realize what utter failures you are and resign sometime in 2011, but I don’t think you’ve got the brains to manage it.

I hope some good (see minority party statement above) comes of it.

Lord knows the country could use some good news.


You keep using that word.

I don’t think it means what you think it means.  “Progressive” should refer to people who actually like Progress.

85 years, and the God damned Commies still can’t stop ranting about saboteurs and wreckers.

Your economic policies are FAIL, have always been FAIL, will always be FAIL.  Until you can come up with something more intelligent than scapegoating, kindly have a tall glass of STFU.


Easy, Thunder.

I notice a trend around these parts to follow in the footsteps of those who predict the imminent implosion of dinosaur or zombie media.  True, newspaper after newspaper is folding, fewer and fewer people are getting their news from television and radio news sources and so forth.


Radio was going to kill the newspaper.  It didn’t.

Television was going to kill radio and the newspaper.  It didn’t.

The internet has been just about to kill radio, television and the newspaper for a few years now.  And (you guessed it!) it hasn’t.

Old technologies hardly ever go away completely.  There are still buggy whip manufacturers, for instance, although now most of their clientele is in San Fransisco, featured in a Zombie Time special, usually.  Despite the advent of digital video, you can still buy movie film, yes movie film, if you know where to look.  Despite the advent of digital still images that are finally almost as good as 35mm negative film (Don’t get me started on the superiority of slide film.  Just don’t.), Fuji, Kodak and Ilford are still being sold in reasonable quantities from Adorama and B&H.  Sure, you can no longer get them in the 20 pack as you once could, but the 5 pack is nearly as convenient.

There are even damned fools wasting their time learning how to knap flint spearheads and hunt boars the really old fashioned way.

I bet most of them vote Republican.


Harvard delenda est!

I often say (jokingly, of course) that Pol Pot had the right idea in his approach to academics.  I also like to point to Little Matty Yglesias as a prime reason to burn Harvard to the ground and salt the furrows.  Again, a jest.

I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to find the whole situation funny, what with this kind of bullshit going on.  If any Left-leaning institution is in trouble enough to make it to the NYT, you know that there’s a whole lot more shame to be discovered.  Anyone who doubts that academics rip off the rest of by sleazing up to the government teat, which we pay for with our tax dollars, only need read this article with a critical and jaundiced eye to finally get it.

Hat tip Insty.


Man up!

The one thing I absolutely despise about today’s American Left is their absolute shameless cowardice.  These people are deathly afraid of admitting that they are communists, now that 90 years of history has shown communism and it’s retarded little brother socialism to be utter failures as methods of government.  Ask any member of the House of Representatives if they are a socialist and in almost every case you’d get a firm “Hell No!”

But 70 of them are, according to the Socialist Party of America.

70 out of the 255 Democrats are actually Socialist.  Explains a lot, doesn’t it?


Immigration and Housing.

Not much to connect the two, is there?  Well, there wouldn’t be in a sane world.  But we live in Bizarro World, where someone who has yet to do anything of significance can become pResident with 52% of the popular vote.  Two years in, we’re still waiting for that numbskull to do anything significant that is also good.  I imagine we’ll be waiting for quite some time.

The latest immigration idiocy had me a bit flummoxed, I’ll admit.  There is no reason for a pResident to take such a wildly unpopular stance on the subject, to the point of bringing lawsuit against a state for enforcing Federal Law.  These actions have pretty much guaranteed that his party will lose both the House and the Senate, and there’s a good chance that any Governor that supports him will lose their next re-election bid as well.

So why?

That Dimocrats are economically illiterate is, by this point, simply beyond argument.  It is as self-evident as the Rights enumerated by our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Bear that in mind, when you’re trying to figure out why these power-mad morons are doing whatever it is they’re doing.

Deep down inside, Obumblefuck knows it too.  But he’s in a bind.  He can’t ask the Republicans for advice (not that the current crop in Washington would be much help), and he certainly can’t be seen to do nothing, as that is anathema to the average Dim.  So he’s trying to pump up the economy the same way Slick Willie and Greenspan did, by inflating the housing market.  The problem is, there isn’t enough demand for houses, and there won’t be, as there just aren’t enough Americans that need them.

So he’s up to his usual tricks of circumventing the law (legal immigration, in this case) to achieve his goals.  Damn the soaring crime rate, we need people who can purchase houses!   Damn the integrity of our country, we need home buyers!  Damn the meaning of citizenship, just give us another housing bubble!

Or so he thinks.  Eight Governors have already joined with Arizona’s Jan Brewer, and I don’t think that train is quite full yet.  If the FedGov doesn’t get on board with the States posthaste, we may see a whole lot less FedGov a whole lot sooner than we ever could have hoped and dreamed.

Edited: The second to last paragraph was unclear and obnoxious.  Some will still find it obnoxious, but at least they’ll be clear on the reasons why.


I know this may come as some surprise to our Leftarded friends.

But it must be said.

Our refusal to agree with you does not in any way, I assure you, stem from failure on our part to understand what you are conceited enough to call your ideas.  We understand these brain-leavings of yours just fine.  I daresay any child able to write the alphabet, nay, any child with a rudimentary grasp of the everyday language of their society, understands your immature blathering.  Pretending we don’t just demeans you and (mildly) annoys us.

Nor is it ignorance.  We are a well read lot, actually being in class while you fine folks were still struggling to roll your hungover asses out of bed.

You may now skip directly to calling us evil, since that’s all the Fundamentalist Mindset has left.



I keep feeling like I’m quoting someone.

Comes from being so widely read (oh, that it were well instead of widely!), I suppose.  Does the following sound familiar to anyone?  I said it recently, but as I did I kept feeling like I was quoting or paraphrasing someone.

“My friends are neither so dear nor so rare that I will tolerate their
impugning my integrity. Should you mistreat me, you shall be astonished
by the swiftness with which I replace you, oh false friend!”

Sounds almost classical like, don’t it?  And we all know I ain’t that lyrical!


A meme I’m damned tired of.

One of the main Conservative arguments against the idiotic social experiments of the Left is that government, once expanded, never again retracts.  It’s a valid point, but all too many are using it as an argument against trying for the repeal of the latest HRC monstrosity.

Prohibition was repealed, and so too can this be.

Now why don’t we all try manning up a bit and keep fighting this thing?


Thoughts inspired by an Ace of Spades post.

What are the Democrats going to do when the last white male in the party gets over the “white guilt” that inspired them to vote for Obama, and leaves the party?  Certainly they can’t go through life as The Party of Wymyn, though they’ve tried hard enough till now to prove their utter pussitude.



I tried my first Rye Whiskey tonight, Old Overholt.  If anyone knows some other good brands they like, put me some knowledge in the comments.  And don’t even bother with Ri.  I can fairly sense the pretentious nonsense rolling off those bottles in waves, and I’ll be damned if I pay $47.00 for 750ml just to look good.


An open letter to the leftwits.

The last Democrat Party candidate for President Of The United States Of America can’t even talk to sixth graders without the assistance of a teleprompter, and I’m supposed to get worked up over Sarah Palin scribbling four notes on her palm?

Really?  At what point did you helmet wearing short bus window licking morons lose your Goddamned minds?

Here’s a fucking clue for you, sugartits: Ronald Reagan used to use 3×5 cards, stacks of them, to deliver a speech.  And yet, somehow, everyone with a brain continues to admire the hell out of that champion of human liberty.  Palin delivered a real barn burner from four notes scribbled on her palm.  Looks like she knows the material, so would you morons mind fucking right off?


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