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Somalia Again

This post at HotAir caught my eye.  Read the whole thing. Done?  Okay, just after thinking a few minutes I can see some tactical and strategic positives to these developments: 1)  Boots On The Ground:  They ain’t ours and ain’t NATO’s.  Various other African countries…

As Gerard Says….

Vintage cool.  The benchmark. Seriously – go to American Digest and check this out. (And yes – the hat tip is to me.)

A Call To Glory

The current president is called a great speaker.  He is compared to, say, FDR. Bullocks.  Bull-Squash.  Horse Apples. Barack Obama is mimicking a master orator. Here is FDR’s speech from 1936, the ‘Rendezvous With Destiny’ speech.  It just falls below Lincolns Second Inaugural Address in…

The Witch of November

Go to Gerard’s, American Digest. Go down until you find the the entry “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Yes, I got the hat tip. Go see the video. It is worth everything he said it is. Go already!

Plastic Turkey

No, not George W. Bush and the Thanskgiving 2003 visit to soldiers in Iraq. President Barack Obama. He has now given *another* address on his health care reform plan with doctors in official White House doctor-style lab coats behind him.*And his plan will be whatever…

Semper Paratus

The Coast Guard held a drill today on the Potomac River. CNN reported the events of the drill as an actual event. Drills are held about every day of the calendar. I am in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and I have participated in drills and…

The Warrior and The Soldier

There is a discussion at Castle Argghhh! on the concept of the warrior versus the soldier. It starts with the text of an e-mail my brother sent around. The comments are good. Enjoy.

A Passing Idea

I can’t do this, but could someone come up with a bumpersticker that says NOT SHOVEL READY with the ‘O’ replaced by Obama O’s? Please? I think it would be pretty neat.

The It Girl

Sarah Palin is an It Girl. See Don Surber – And this drives the left crazy, because the It Girls are supposed to be on the left. All of the movies and novels say so. So why is this 45 year old mother-of-five sizzler…



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