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Millenarian Lunacy

It used to be that people who went around predicting the end of the world were portrayed in the media as harmless lunatics at best, as insane religious freaks at worst.  The classic portrayal was the New Yorker cartoon – long haired crazy says something funny on the sandwich boards.

Even your average Baptist who believes that God is going to snatch him up imminently prior to letting Satan poke the rest of us in the ass with a pitchfork for a thousand years – a fairly harmless belief if you think about it – was mocked.  Any of you seen those bumper stickers, “In Case of Rapture… Can I Have Your Car?”

The media portrayals were often quite unfair, but they had some grounding in reality. Millenarian movements in the past had a history of being kooky, to downright deadly.  Even harmless ones are sort of looked at a bit askance by more mainstream co-religionists – hence the rapturists are looked at a little funny by a lot of Baptists, the Wahabbists and more literalist Shia are looked at as being a bit crazy by their more mainstream brethren, and so on.  Millenarianism has a history, y’know?

But you don’t have to know a lot of history to know that most millenarianism is just plain nutty.  Edumakated critics or not, either way, people who had a closet filled with sandwich boards stating “the world ends next week” got laughed at by most right thinking people, and most of the wrong thinking ones too.

But now that all the right thinking people believe that the world is going to end next week, can we still make fun of Jim Jones or some Baptists or Aum or bin Laden for believing the same thing? According to that ABC article,

Are we living in the last century of our civilization? Is it possible that all of our technology, knowledge and wealth cannot save us from ourselves? Could our society actually be heading towards collapse?

According to many of the world’s top scientists, the answer is yes, unless we take action now.

Naturally, what will save us is installing Al Gore as the monomaniacal, inhuman supercomputer/wonk that will tell us how to live our lives down to the finest detail.  (Other than giving him actual legal authority to do so, the plain is to basically let Al be Al).

ABC is apparently planning a big fat hysterical TV series for this fall, a series that is essentially a sandwich board that the Disney-owned media behemoth is going to wear, stating “The World Ends in 92 Years… Repent!”  Since sackcloth can be made from hemp, dude, part of the repentance should be easy, but there’s no word yet on where were going to get the ashes from – y’know, since burning things hurts mother earth and all.

This is being sold as Scientific Truth.

Thing is, I recognize the Olde Tymey snake handling religion when I sees it. Most people used to recognize millenarianism for what it is – a peculiar branch of of religion, a knee jerk reaction to social uncertainty. In an atheistic age, however, nobody remembers what religion looks like, much less eschatological cultism, otherwise they’d recognize this claptrap for what it is:  a revival tent packed with fainting adherents, secular humanist marxist version of faith healing – BE HEALED, GAIA!.

John Cole and the Kossacks and teh Gleeeeeenses will duly note this series when it airs, and remind us, “It’s Teh Science, Do Not Deny It!!!!!  There is no room for your apostasy skepticism.”

Yeah, you hear a lot of that these days – “X is scientific fact. It is unchangeable. You cannot deny it. Scientific fact cannot be challenged!”

The idea that scientific fact is eternal and everlasting is a misprision that The Truly Right Thinking People would have rejected outright just a few years ago, but now you’re accused of being a superstitious cannibal if you think facts must be falsifiable in order to be scientific truths. I don’t know about you, but the formulation that scientific fact is unchanging, permanent and inarguable sure sounds like religious dogma to me.

Which is really funny ‘cuz I’d only recently gotten used to the idea we are supposed to drive religion from public life.  Come to find out, we were only getting rid of Judeo-Christianity, which gave us empiricism, kept the flame of Aristotelian and Platonic thought alive, which eventually reconciled itself with science and rationalism.  In its place, we’re going back to worshiping the sun, the trees and the ocean, and instead of wondering how we are going to “love your neighbor as yourself,” we’re wondering how we’re going to appease the angry sky gods.

Call me un-perceptive, but I find this particular flavor of progressivism to be most regressive.


Polar Bears & Global Warming

I posted this in comments over at Volokhnation during a discussion on the effect of ruling polar bears to be endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.  The upshot is that at some point, envirobats are going to use the polar bear to try to stop global warming, in suits all over the place.  They won’t win, I don’t think – but ultimately they may tie up a lot of projects for 15-20 years in litigation, and that’s enough to destroy the economy, which is what the more radical enviros are hoping for.  Anyhow, enjoy my analysis of the polar bear’s significance to the enviros.   So have a little satire.  (And yes, the photo is being used for satirical purposes, but this is a non-profit-making website, and if you expect some coin, Arne, contact me and I’ll take it down. )

Model Charismatic Megafauna

Oh, I’m the very model of Charismatic Megafauna,
Stopping mother Gaia from a future global sauna,
I know chaps at Greenpeace and Ice/CO2 historical,
Paleolithic to the rock ‘n’ roll, in order categorical,
I’m very well acquainted with environmental nuisance suits,
Brought by Chevy Chasers in Land Rovers and their hiking boots;
About the global warming I’m swarming with a lot of news,
At its root the problem’s caused by Doug Feith and the f***in’ um… neo-cons.
I’m very much imperiled on the floating ice blocks brother,
After taking pictures I go swimming to my mother on another.
In short, for wonks like Leo, Ed, John and Goldie Hawn-a,
I am the very model of charismatic mega fauna.

[Greenpeace Chorus: He’s the very model of charismatic megafauna!]


News Release

Washington, DC

June 1, 2008

Nite-Shitley News Service

IN a stunning move aimed at unifying both sides of a bitter debate, Democrats agreed today to count Democrat voters in certain states as one half of a person, in the hopes of fending off an intra-party civil war.

Democrat Chairman Howard Dean told reporters early Sunday that this “Two-and-a-half Fifths Rule” had strong precedential support within the Constitution, with a similar rule having once been used by the framers to settle the slavery controversy.

According to Chairman Dean, some states believed that they should be voting early, while other states, who were clearly in the right on the issue, believed they should be voting in accordance with national primary schedules.

The disagreement had threatened to descend into civil war, with Florida warning the two would secede from the party and form “Dirtbikeastan.”

Threats of civil war were quelled with the compromise, and because “Youpers,” Democrats from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, insisted the new republic be named “Snowmobilia,” an unacceptable compromise for South Floridians, for whom a snowmobile is a late model subcompact used to ferry cocaine up the I-95 corridor to Manhattan.

Further disagreements about lack of contiguous land borders, fundamentally different economies, and the relative superiority of SEC football over Big Ten football (and whether the Big Ten should actually be the Big Eleven) contributed to the rift, and cooled the secessionist fervor.

Chairman Dean stated the Two-and-a-half Fifths Rule would also ease seating issues at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, since the delegates would be only half as fat-assed as normal party functionaries, permitting normal-sized chairs to be used, and allowing more people to fit into Soros-funded media sessions and various union and special interest cocktail parties. This along with organic dietary requirements, it is believed, will ease the stress on space, chair legs, and the pant seams of conventioneers.

In response to criticism that counting Florida and Michigan voters as one half of a person was analogous to the infamous “three-fifths compromise,” that discounted the vote of African-American slaves, Dean said, “Nonsense. It’s nothing like that. Slavery was imposed by unaccountable politicians on disenfranchised people who were powerless to speak up against the blatant, callous abuse, whereas this measure is imposed by the Party leadership on people from Florida and Michigan, who could speak up all they wanted to, as long as they stayed outside the conference room. *Totally* different situation. Besides, what are they going to do… vote Republican? Bwwwwaaaaa ahaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa. Pissants.”

Contacted for comment, the Republican Party’s answering machine indicated the Party was out of the office and quite busy trying to find its ass with its hands, and would return the call as soon as its ass is found, probably 2016 or so, but if it was an emergency to contact the McCain campaign. The McCain campaign indicated it didn’t have anything to say about the situation, and would see to it that anybody saying anything bad would be thrown out of the Republican Party, and that includes Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman.


Yeah, Whatever

InstaGlenn takes a cue from this article and makes a big deal out of Father’s Day greeting cards that make fathers look like lazy, worthless jackasses and bums.

The article itself goes on about negative portrayals of men, particularly fathers, in the mainstream media.

Okay, fine, it’s true, but if you’re a good father and a resolute, strong man, do you give a shit?

If you’re into being a man, husband and father for recognition, for thanks, for the gratitude of others, you’re in the wrong line of work.  Honestly.  It’s your job to provide that to others.  You should take satisfaction in a job well done.  But if you’re looking to them to emotionally validate you, no offense meant, but you’re a pussy and you probably ought to turn in your balls on your way out of the barber shop next time you go, or, God forbid, find a cigar shop or a saloon if you’re a beauty salon kind of guy.

Yep, it’s nice to be praised and recognized, and it’s proper to respond graciously to it.  But don’t go out there looking for it.  You aren’t going to find it very often for one thing, and for another, why should you get a Congressional Medal of Honor for just doing your job?  It’s immodest to seek praise for simply not being a wanker.

Yeah, the MSM and the shriller feminists are a bunch of assholes, and they pretty much dislike you no matter what you do.  They will think you are a buffoon regardless of how much of an all-around good human being you are.  If Mother Theresa was Father Ted, nobody would have given a shit about him.  So what… it wouldn’t have diminished his accomplishments any.

It’s not hard to pick up on the stereotypes in the news and entertainment media – if you’re black, you’re unnecessary to your family and absent, or oughtta be; or if you’re around you’re troubled and a little threatening; if you’re white, you’re a patriarchal lazy oppressive bastard, basically stupid, everybody laughs at you and the womyn in your life would be better off without you; if you’re Mexican, you’re hardworking but limited to being a gardener and being oppressed by the Man, and your poor wife is longsuffering; and if you’re Asian, you’re non-threatening and we suspect as oppressive and clueless as the white guys, but in a slightly-less-threatening way.

If you fall into any one of these categories, that’s what you’re pigeon-holed into by the MSM.  And so what?  It doesn’t matter to you or at least it shouldn’t.

The kind of people who hold those kinds of opinions really aren’t worth listening to.  It’s like some drunk moron at the end of the bar.  He can hold forth on his Unified Field Theory of Dallas Cowboys draft picks or whatever, and as long as he’s not picking up a cue stick to hit you, or vomiting on you, you don’t care because he’s irrelevant.  The MSM’s (and to be fair academia’s) opinions about you are just meritless and ought to be treated the same way.  Treating them seriously, as Glenn does, gives them more dignity than they deserve.  Whining about them, as some of the guys in the linked article do, gives the MSM’s opinions *way* more influence over your life than they deserve.  Seriously, fuck them.  Like the guy at the end of the bar, we all know what he’s about, and we’re not exactly impressed.

If you surround yourself with quality people – friends, business associates, wife, raise your kids right – they’ll know what kind of person you are.  Most importantly, you know what kind of a person you are, and if you don’t like it, start trying to identify what it is about you you need to fix, and fix it.  We aren’t on this earth to be love objects and the emoters.  We aren’t evolved that way.  We’re here to do stuff and to fix shit and build things and steer various ships, literal and metaphorical.  As long as you’re doing your mission, give yourself some quiet recognition and don’t worry about what others think, except maybe your respected peers and those close to you in your life.  You really shouldn’t trouble yourself with what some overly sentimental ass whistle who writes bad free verse for Hallmark or a some harridan from a D.C. astroturf feminist group think about you.  The only kind of man who truly gives a shit about that kind of thing, isn’t much of a man.  If you catch yourself caring about this, well, don’t.  You’re not supposed to care about what they think, any more than you’re supposed to be a lazy, dumb, oppressive, clueless, menacing, limited fool.  It ain’t your job, let them fools waste their time going on and on about who you are and the manifold ways they feel you fall short.

You know who you are; if you are comfortable with yourself, then waste not your days worrying about what they think.

I know it’s a little early, but Happy friggin’ father’s day, men.  This is my little gift to you.


Oh Lordy…

Jeebus Cripes, Superstah

This artist’s rendering of Obama, AKA Black Political Jesus, makes me want to break into song.

The Internationale, actually.  That, or the Horst Wessel.  Not sure which.  Guess it depends on whether I’m in the mood for Transnational Socialism or National Unity.

H/t Erica Barnett


Obama Update

Obama to quivering masses with tingly legs:


Enthralled, tingly crowd to Obama:


Okay, fine so I paraphrased it. But that’s what he said, basically. And how the crowd responded to Obama (Demagogue – IL).

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

He just told his core supporters that they’re fat dumb and happy, and that he’s going to do something about the fat and happy, and they cheered for him. The Federal power to control your diet and house temperature comes straight from the Grapefruit Diet Clause of the Constitution, which is in the 53rd Amendment, which also establishes the Right to Free Health Care and its companion piece (and some would say necessary precursor), the Right to Consequence-Free Sex.

It tells you something about the Obama supporters that he just promised to make them cold and hungry in order to win the approval of some vaporous guy known as “world opinion,” and they’re still orgasmic over the him, perhaps even moreso.

I suspect something in the U.S. has fundamentally changed for the worse. In an earlier day any presidential candidate promising to make the electorate suffer on behalf of the mystical national opinion of Germany, Japan, Guyana, Algeria and Indonesia (or whomever) would have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. On the other hand, I’m sure some leftist legal scholars can be found to point out that he’s just being a textualist, interpreting “and a decent respect to the opinions of Mankind” as “requiring the express approval of Zimbabwe and Iran, among others.”

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


Bush is Wrong, Obama is Right

We can sit down and negotiate with radicals and terrorist states. By talking to them, you may get them to change their minds, and we can have world peace, unlike the conflict that a belligerent warmonger like Bush spawns. At heart, everybody is a rational actor who can be reasoned with.

And as Senator Obama would point out, resorting to force and belligerence at the outset is silly – it’s always worth talking to the so-called radicals and terrorists. The worst thing that can happen is they don’t listen to us, they ignore our appeal to peace and reason, and maybe then we have to resort to force.

So we should negotiate with Hamas and Hezbollah and all these nations Bush has demonized. Hey, it’s just jaw-jaw… merely talking to them is no skin off our ass, right?
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Big Gay Marriage Comments

It’s not really a big comment. But the California Supreme Court’s imposition of gay marriage on California by judicial fiat is *exactly* why I have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the social conservatives (and more than a few liberals, including Black Political Jesus) in opposing it.

I don’t have any particular feelings about gays, not for or against, and I’m not opposed to extending rights to gay couples if a state feels like doing that. But for traditional conservative reasons, I oppose gay marriage. I believe that it will function as an abrasive agent to further erode traditional marriage, which is the fundamental building block of Western society, and the legal theorists behind the gay marriage movement admit as much. They are using gays as the shock troops of their cultural revolutionary efforts – and if Burke would view a thing the same way as Gramsci, you’d better believe it’s the right interpretation. That said, if the people of a state wish to vote to have gay marriage, either directly or through their elected representatives, I don’t have a problem with it. If the people change their mind, they can always undo it by the same mechanism.

Not so legal holdings. They are much more difficult to reverse because, just as they were implemented with a lack of democratic responsibility, they are defended in the absence of democratic accountability.

Fearless Prediction: The California ballot initiative to amend the California Constitution to define marriage as only permitting the union of one man and one woman will be tossed off the electoral slate by the California courts. The legal opinion justifying this travesty won’t be intellectually respectable, but will reflect the courts’ diligent efforts to find some procedural flaw in the ballot prior to election day and ultimately find something to keep the voters from expressing their will.


“No Mav, This is Not a Good Idea…”

McCain doesn’t quite get it.  He’s supposedly a principled maverick, an anti-torture, anti-totalitarian pro-American crusader, two of whose top aides had to be fired because the press found out that they had been lobbying for that torturing, totalitarian anti-American rat bastard Burmese government.  He’s been lauded in the press for years and has been a total media darling, but in all that time he didn’t figure out that he was a beloved figure only because he was a rod with which the NYT could flay the Republicans’ backs – so now he has a quizzical look on his face because the NYT is flaying him, now that he’s in a fight with a Dem.  He’s a champion of our constitution but gutted the 1st Amendment (to his own party’s great detriment), supports all sorts of police state measures in the U.S. but can’t stand to see even a hair on the head of a captured AQ terrorist harmed.  He touts the value of freedom and independence, but wants to make our corporations – the tools by which we exercise economic freedom, the right to the pursuit of happiness – he wants to make them wards of the state.  In simple terms, he’s a camera whoring dumbass who isn’t quite as smart as he thinks he is.  Continue reading ““No Mav, This is Not a Good Idea…””


Kos, Atrios, Jesse et al Were Right

For several years I’ve defended Bush’s basic adult human qualities. In spite of numerous fuckups, I’ve always thought that liberal and leftist criticism of him as a mental defective was off-base. “There’s no way he could score decently on the SAT’s, get fair grades in a couple Ivies in the semi-pre-grade inflation days, and do okay as a politician, and be as stupid as they say.”

That’s what I thought, anyhow.

In the wake of today’s announcement – Bush’s second straight combination corporate giveaway / abortion of an energy policy plan – I’m now pretty sure that I’ve been wrong all along.

Apparently, the disaster of the first energy bill – the one that favors ethanol, putting a gallon of it in your tank at a net cost of about $6.50, with $3 comprised of tax dollar subsidies – apparently that disaster has gone unnoticed in the White House. In case you hadn’t noticed, the proclivity of farmers to put their crops into energy production, where tax dollars basically double the value of a bushel of corn, was not surprising. Nor should the burgeoning World Wide Grain Shortage come as a surprise. World wide! Shit, we may have started the beginnings of a world-wide famine, so that Bush and the Dems can have a nice-sounding talking point for the election season.

The new ethanol craze is also leading to inflation in the food sector that is pushing a little under 1.5% per month. Look, I know that nobody likes math, but 1.5% per month, times 12 months, is an 18% annual inflation rate in the food sector. 18%! (It’s actually 1.33%, which still yields a Carter-era-esque 16%). That suffering that the rest of the world will feel, occurs so that Washington can mandate enormous giveaways to the big AgriCorps (really, isn’t a $3/gallon ethanol subsidy to Archer Daniels Midland just a bit much?) and so that they can exercise a bit more social control over us, and require us to use shitty-lighting flourescent bulbs that create a superfund site in your house if you accidentally drop the Buy-Two-Get-One-Free pack on the linoleum.

In case you missed it, we suddenly picked up an assload of momentum toward turning into a second rate socialist shithole over the last year or two. Couple this with the quietly building police powers that the government is accreting to itself – usually under the mantle of protecting you, or protecting your kids from child molesters – and you are looking at a really nice little broth comprised of anti-capitalist and anti-growth tax policies, pro-slacker social welfare policies, punitive regulatory policies, and a general federal police power that exists only to enforce the security agenda of whatever party happens to be in power at the moment, and to loot as much money as possible from you. For what it’s worth, the Dems controlling the relevant committees in Congress think that conservative political groups ought to be under surveillance as homegrown terrorist organizations – incipient terrorists, since any one of you could start blowing up abortion clinics at any time; while a fair number of Republicans in Congress want the Federal government to have much broader powers, but only for the purposes of really fucking the muslims with it. Neither party is smart enough to figure out that the power would be used to surpress anybody who disagreed with the Executive Branch, when it came right down to it.

It has to be this way because 49% of the country now pays 97% of the taxes. Get ready for it, people; you may want to keep a bucket of Vaseline handy. What Congress and the new Prez, whichever lukewarm, ardent, or flaming socialist it happens to be, are going to do some ugly things to you and to this place we used to recognize as our country, in the pre-government dependency era.

So there’s your country, folks. I hope you like it. The Dems are debased, immoral, and fundamentally anti-American, with an increasing love of police power as the tool by which they can control you, confiscate your wealth, and give it to their friends. The Republicans are swinish, immoral, and as a group if not anti-American in intent, are certainly objectively anti-American with their ever-increasing love of government as the tool by which they can confiscate your wealth and give it to their friends.

Last week, roughly seven days before Bush stepped out of the closet holding Greepeace’ hand and outing himself as a Tranzi, Trent Lott discussed life as a lobbyist and how tough it has been to become accustomed to the private sector. “I haven’t had to pay for lunch in 30 years,” he said.

And there you have it. The supposed dean of the Senate conservatives thinks he’s been getting a free lunch for 30 years. If that’s the heart of conservatism in this country today, and if Bush is the leader of that movement, then it is fucking dead. Finished.  And as for Lott – it’s not a free lunch, asshole.  You may be on an expense account, but you are payed to help your corporate clients use the government to loot money from the taxpayers.  It’s not fucking free at all.

I’m still a conservative. I still have pretty strong libertarian leanings. But anymore, I’m with the Kossacks and Eschitites and that whole pack of leftist lackwits on the question of Bush and the Republican Party. He is a moron, a bleeding heart paternalist jackass, a man utterly devoid of understanding of the consequences of his dim-bulbed actions, and his party is the equivalent of swine at the trough, with the exception of the fact that there are some acts so foul that even a swine won’t do them. “Wherever people are hurting, it’s the government’s job to help,” he tells us.  Well, here’s one for you, POTUS Minimus… my ass hurts because my right rear pocket, the one where I used to keep money, is getting less and less padded every day. Is the government going to help me there? Because that’s right where I’m hurting.

I feel truly sad for conservatives in politics and policy who are making an effort to make it work. Here they are stuck trying to pull the levers of the Republican Party, and every lever they pull, it only turns in the wrong direction. The stench coming off the Party machine must be overwhelming. And how depressing is it, that the Republicans are still far preferable to the Pelosi-Reid Democrats?

I feel brutalized.


Baseless Assertions

Frequent commenter TorrentPrime wants to know which left liberals are coming to Spitzer’s defense, after I made my baseless assertion that the left would circle the wagons around Spitzer.

Support for Baseless Assertion #1: The Gleening. Who else? It’s a politically motivated witchhunt, we’re told.

Support for Baseless Assertion #2: FireDogLake, Christy Hardin Smith. It’s a politically motivated witchhunt, it seems.

Support for Baseless Assertion #3: Harpers, Scott Horton. Apparently, it’s a politically motivated witchhunt.

Support for Baseless Assertion #4: HuffPost, Nora Ephron: He didn’t do anything wrong.

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Two Semi-Thoughts

The Wall Street Journal asks, “what is it with Liberals and Hugo Chavez?”  They can’t seem to understand why it is that liberals flock to support Hugo Chavez, who seems to be a big supporter of narco-terrorists FARC, possibly a middleman in FARC efforts to get hold of fissible nuclear material, and Chavez efforts to undermine the U.S. economy and spread communist strongman rule in Central and South America.  Well, I can tell you why it is.  It is because once you get past maybe the 50th percentile of liberals, moving left, the old axiom ‘scratch a liberal, find a commie’ holds true.  Well, perhaps not literally true.  But you find people like Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy who look at wild eyed communist tyrants with a longing look in their eyes, the way a lot of devout Christians look at some guy who gave up a lucrative career to go to the missions or to join a monastery… “if only I could be that devoted to the cause.”  The comparable thing on the right is people who actually believe we should be lopping programs off the government in order to shrink its size, influence and cost.  Which come to think of it, I’m one of them.

Part the second, on Elliot Spitzer… there is nothing more delicious than when a modern, Elmer Gantry-style moralist gets hoist on its own petard.  Given that Spitzer is not only a moralizing anti-business crusader (what Rand characterized as a “looter”), but also a former prosecutor who ranted and raved about the evils of prosecution, this is particularly delicious.  He had it coming.  Be prepared, however, for his inevitable resurgence, and for the Dems to roll out the Patented Clinton War Room Talking Points, Release 2.2, updated to reflect 2008 politics.  “Nobody gets prosecuted under the Mann Act.  The FBI are a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty.  At least nobody died in this exercise of prostitution, unlike Bush’s selling the country to Halliburton.  It’s just Republican panty sniffing.  It’s a completely personal matter, between him and his wife.” Continue reading “Two Semi-Thoughts”


Notes on the Dem’s Primaries

– Rich Lowry notes in the Corner that older white people appear to be immune to Obama’s charms. Racism? Perhaps. In the alternative, we’ve seen a lot of fast talking political preacher men, especially the black ones but our share of white ones too. Make no mistake, Obama’s style is a hybrid of straight up black baptist church blended with some tasty secular liberalism, from the soaring rhetoric right down to call and response, “Si Se Puede!” While we Ofayjihadeen tend to be real impressed with *actual* preachers who are *actually* in the ministry – y’know, like the pope, or the megachurch preachers, or our local padres, the ones who go into politics tend to leave less of a positive impression, and more residue of snake oil. Obama is a gifted speaker, and he co-opts a colorful and glorious rhetorical heritage to political advantage, but his doctrinaire left wing political stance combined with his rhetorical style puts him in the same league as a couple other famous black political preachers. What makes him different is he is much better educated, he is more discrete and tactful, more silent (more apologetic, pre-general election?) about his actual political positions, and his religion is secular humanism rather than Christianity. We’re less impressed with him because he’s a better version of the guys we roundly rejected back in the days of Carter, Mondale and Dukakis, and because he’s a potentially more effective version of Ted Kennedy, whose voting record he matches, step-for-step.

– The long drawn out Democratic primary is a good example of why we need to keep the electoral college, and why winner-take-all isn’t a terrible system for conducting primaries. The Democrats have had a fetish for direct democracy since the worldwide student uprising of the 68’ers. I don’t know if they clung to the notion because they thought it would be a good Gramscian technique to take down the social order, a voting booth-driven bum rush of the political system; or if the muddled second rate minds of their leadership conflated the ‘narrative of authenticity’ with some Jeffersonian notion of the yoeman marijuana farmer coming into town with his fellow communards to cast votes to smash the system.

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Is it Just Possible…

Is it possible, Francis, that what Cole and the Gleaning and their commenters display isn’t Bush Derangement Syndrome, but simple derangement?  I’m not saying that it’s a mainstream liberal problem, but it seems to be an internet leftist problem.  I can’t describe the abject dearth of reason they display any other way.

So, as I understand it and as Josh Micah Ezekiel Isaiah-begat-Hezekiah Obadiah Marshall and John Cole put it, if McCain tees off on people for race baiting / Muslim-baiting Barack Obama, it’s a contrived display and also proof of Republican racism.

Similarly,  if some big chunk of  shit floats by in the right-of-center sewer (H/t Tom McGuire for the metaphor) and McCain doesn’t denounce it, it’s proof of Republican racism and troglodytism.

Y’know, for journalism professors, rhetoric professors and self-proclaimed constitutional scholars, these people couldn’t recognize a tautology if it bit them in the ass, ate their fried catfish sandwich and called them Susan.

I suspect the Townhouse email bang list is up and running again in yet another attempt to We Controlz Yer Teh Narrative.

Why the left would chose this tactic is extremely baffling to me.  For one thing, McCain is already strong in the middle and capable of putting numerous blue states into play, while Obama is weak in the red states, along with McCain.  So McCain’s general election problem will likely be with the base.  Yet the NY Times found out when it ran the lobbyist innuendo story that there is no surer way to drive conservatives firmly into John McCain’s camp than to mount relentless, bullshit attacks on his character.  They don’t seem to understand that we’ll rally to things the vocal left dislikes, partially because they are so wrong so often that most conservatives assume that if the Times is against it, it must be good; and partly just to prove a fuckin’ point.

And don’t even get me started on this insane pre-emptive attempt to lay the groundwork for a McCain impeachment (or faithless elector scenario) by insisting that his birth on an American military base to an American officer and his American wife, makes him not a native-born American citizen.


WFB is Dead

William F. Buckley, an erudite spokesman for small-c conservatism and little-l libertarianism, as well as one of the architects of conservative philosophical ‘fusionism,’ the backbone of the modern conservative movement, is dead.  He died peacefully at his desk yesterday.

Buckley’s influence in organizing conservative thought and marshalling popular support for the better conservative themes floating around during the middle of the last century cannot be overstated, nor can the influence of The National Review, which became a forum for a wide range of conservative thought and debate.  Though few of those writing at NRO today are giants of the stature of Chambers or Buckley himself – I suspect only Steyn, Sullivan, and maybe Goldberg will stand the test of time faced by all of us – it carries on a proud tradition of explicating and debating what it means to be conservative.

As importantly, Buckley appears to have been a genuinely decent man, a man of high civility subject to only a few occasional lapses (whoops, guess he was human…) which he apologized for publicly, and seems to have been the kind of Man in Full that should serve as a role model.  Even those who hated him are celebrating his passing with The Two Minutes Hate, knowing they too are diminished by the loss of another great living conservative to use as a measuring/whoopin’ stick when applying diminutive adjectives to the current generation of conservatives, libertarians, or anybody else who doesn’t agree with them.   Bill Buckley, a man who believed that people could disagree with his politics without being subject to eternal damnation, will be missed.


Get The U.S. Out of Iraq, Now…

We need to hurry up and get Obama elected to get the U.S. out of Iraq immediately.  Look at the latest bad news:

 I spent the day with Petraeus, touring Jihad, a predominantly Shiite area in western Baghdad. This place was formerly ravaged by sectarian violence, and militiamen wreaked havoc on the streets. In the last year, U.S. and Iraqi troops moved into the neighborhood, set up joint security stations, earned the trust of local people, and found those men willing to put down their guns and work with them. The results of the last year can be seen on the streets. A soccer team practices on the local pitch. The stalls in the market buzz with customers. I stop to talk to local residents, and ask if they feel a difference. Overwhelmingly, the answer is a resounding yes. “The situation in Jihad is certainly better than before,” a mechanic named Ali said. “Work is constant, shops are reopening, and people are coming back to their homes.”

But wait, it gets worse:

 Within the last week the Iraqi parliament passed key laws having to do with provincial elections (the law devolves power to the local level in a decentralization system that is groundbreaking for the region), the distribution of resources, and amnesty. And those laws follow ones passed in recent months having to do with pensions, investment, and de-Ba’athification.  American Ambassador Ryan Crocker told Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard that “the whole motivating factor” beyond the legislation was “reconciliation, not retribution.” This is “remarkably different” from six months ago, according to the widely respected, straight-talking Crocker.

That’s right.  The situation is quite clear.  We need to move quickly, otherwise it’s looking increasingly likely that Iraq may turn into a peaceful, stable parliamentary democracy, with a growing tendency toward self governance and a capitalist economy – local habits of corruption and tribalism notwithstanding.

This cannot be allowed to happen, because if it does, several consequences will occur:

  • U.S. power in the region will be enhanced
  • The basis for respect of the U.S. will center on U.S. “hard power,” rather than the soft power of multiculturalism and peacefulness we’d prefer to project – they’ll respect us rather than like us, and we’d rather be liked
  • Oil production in Iraq may go way up and prices may drop, encouraging further use of cars and global warming
  • U.S. power worldwide will be enhanced, rather than undermined, and we can’t let the tentacles of the U.S. imperialist monster stretch even further – there’s no telling how success in Iraq might help the U.S. at the UN, in attempting to evade the treaties of Rome, International Law of the Sea, and others we feel are essential to hobbling the U.S. monster.

Worst of all, some – maybe even more than the dead ender 28 percenters – will view the Bush presidency as a success.

I urge you to Vote Obama in the coming weeks and months.  It’s not to late to act to win the war – the War on Bush – but we have to move fast and decisively, to hang in there against all odds and not lose our nerve.  Perhaps we need a surge – a surge of hope and changey-ness and national unity-ness to pull it off. But if that’s what it takes, let’s do it.

Please.  The only moral course is to cast Iraq to the wolves of Al Qaida and the Iranian government.  Begin Obama’s immediate withdrawal from the hopeless failure in Iraq immediately.  Make me proud of my country for the first time in my adult lifetime.*

Ps.  This post is satire so if you just punched a hole in your moniter, go hit yourself with a cluebat and come back when your sense of humor is feeling better.  Second, I’ve realized the Dems are basically the reverse of the jaws shark.  Just when you thought it would be safe to sit out the election…  The war in Iraq isn’t won but it’s clear that it can be.  Same thing in Afghanistan, which the hard left – which now apparently includes most of the Dems in Congress – seem to view as another optional, pretextual and imprudent U.S. imperialist war.


Plagiarism on the Obama Campaign

Insty notes that Obama is engaged in a plagiarism scandal of some sort.  He doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

I can  think of a few things to say about this, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been said already.


Why FISA Reform Failed

And why we just lost 2/3ds of our capability to monitor the communications of terrorists targeting the U.S. from overseas:

Big money is involved. Amanda Carpenter, a columnist, has prepared a spreadsheet showing that 66 trial lawyers representing plaintiffs in the telecommunications suits have contributed $1.5 million to Democratic senators and causes. Of the 29 Democratic senators who voted against the FISA bill last Tuesday, 24 took money from the trial lawyers (as did two absent senators, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Eric A. Isaacson of San Diego, one of the telecommunications plaintiffs’ lawyers, contributed to the recent unsuccessful presidential campaign of Sen. Chris Dodd, who led the Senate fight against the bill containing immunity.

Bob Novak has the whole story.


I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin’,

Glennsty points to this article that says Angry White Men may decide this election.

It’s a great article.  Go read it, see if it fits how you feel.   I know a lot of guys feel this way – blue collar, white collar.  I think when Obama’s message really sinks in – with it’s 40% tax rate and all the other grimness that goes with it – he is going to be sunk.

One of my favorite song lyrics sums it up pretty well:

I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin’

If I can’t get it on my own…

Oddly enough, I expect other people to try to live that way too.


I voted tonight…

The local races were easy to pick.  I know the cast of characters.  The presidential primary… not so much.

I stood there looking at the E-ballot and didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.  There’s always that moment of truth before you start tickling the view screen.  Or punching chad.  Or pulling levers.  It becomes clear to you exactly what you think.
So let’s see… John McCain pretty much screwed conservative causes with his campaign finance reform bill, voted for embryo farming, pushed bills relating to Gitmo that didn’t really solve the problem, just sort of punted it to the courts, argued against tax cuts, and against a couple of conservative judicial nominees I know to be decent candidates.

Plus his supporters have been telling me I’m deranged, crazy, petulant, insane, a crummy conservative, etc, for even thinking about voting for somebody else.  His pals at the Weekly Standard say I’ m a racist, a member of The Bund for supporting immigration reform.  His buddies at the Wall Street Journal says I’m a xenophobe for that, and a hopeless hick for believing in lost causes like the Right to Life.  His pals at the NY Times marvel at the fact he’s winning without conservative backing, and how this is the death knell of conservatism.

Okay, fine, if that’s the way it is, so be it.

There was only one  way to go:  protest vote.  Have fun with my vote, Mr. Huckster.  Just do me a favor and don’t go spending it all in one place, okay?

As for you, Senator Fuze, if you’re going to act like you don’t need my vote, I’m going to act like you don’t need it too.

I know a lot of people who feel that way.

Hope you like having to contest every primary right up to the convention, asshole.  I’m not ready to give my vote to a dem or stay home just yet, but I’m about two insulting, condescending Mark Helperin and Peggy Noonan essays mimicking your campaign’s talking points away from it.

Keep it up, Senator Fuze, keep it up.  We’ll get to test that theory your staffers have, that you can win without any conservative backing.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

"To put it simply, the Left is the stupid and the insane, led by the evil. You can’t persuade the stupid or the insane and you had damn well better fight the evil." - Skeptic

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine." - Joseph Goebbels

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