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About Mike, Joe, John, Al, and Christiana

Vital stats for Michael Gene Hendrix:

B: 2.5.60, H: 6"0, W: 200, 210 or so - don't own a scale, don't much care Hair: still some left, but it's going fast and turning grey as it turns loose Eyes: 2, hazel

Occupation(s): Ex-truck driver, former bartender, former Harley mechanic, occasional professional musician, wannabe web designer
Interests: brown likker; vintage cars, motorcycles, clothing, music, guitars, furniture, and architecture; cooking and neat kitchen gadgets; wicked, soulless, oversexed heartstompers (but I ought to know better by now thank goodness that's over); live music performed in smelly dives by increasingly desperate future unemployables like myself; aviation, particularly military; MacIntosh computers; history and literature; lowbrow art
Married: Quite happily, thanks
Children: you mean, other than myself? You must be joking no, but stranger things have happened; no, really
Cats: 2
Dogs: 2
Cars: my driveway looks like a junkyard; Fords and Chevys may break the bank, but Chryslers can never hurt me One now, a 1991 5.0 T-Bird - mint and hot
Motorcycles: 1, custom (very) HD Sportster
Tools: preferably Snap-On, and you can never have enough
Tattoos: many
Piercings: three

I believe:

  • that that government governs best which governs least
  • that the important part of the 2nd Amendment is the part that says "...shall not be infringed," and that that statement is clear, concise, easily understood, and requires no interpretation whatever
  • that when a governments is faced with a choice between limiting its own power and scope or abridging the rights of its people, said government has a moral obligation to choose in favor of individual liberty whenever possible and/or practical
  • that this is almost never the way it works out
  • that some of the most illiberal people in the world today are those who casually refer to themselves as "liberals"
  • that traffic-light and speeding cameras and other low-grade surveillance devices currently in use all over the place are an abomination and a serious affront to the liberty and privacy of a free people
  • that the War on Terror is every bit as just, crucial, and winnable as WW2, and that making reflexive Vietnam comparisons to individual fronts in the WoT each and every time a new one is opened betray a lack of seriousness and/or clear thought on the part of those making them
  • that much of the blame for the fact that the Vietnam war became the mess it did can be laid squarely at the feet of those who complained the loudest and longest about what an unwinnable quagmire it was
  • that we'd damned well better not let their mutant ideological offspring get away with that this time, or ever again
  • that our current government has strayed shockingly far from the intent of the Founders, but it's still the best we've got, or are likely ever to get
  • that capitalism is the worst of all possible economic systems, except for all the others
  • that contrary to what socialism's supporters usually say, socialism and Marxism are in fact closely related (and horrendously flawed) ideologies
  • that both have clearly been miserable failures every time they've been tried, and that the European socialist democracies would long ago have been forced to acknowledge this were it not for the fact that the US has footed most of the bill for their defense for the past fifty years
  • that Marxism, far from being "beautiful in theory" as most wet-behind-the-ears undergrads and their propagandizing profs would have it, is in fact completely erroneous in its denial of certain basic traits in the human character, and that it has been the source of more human misery than any other belief system ever devised
  • that large corporations are not really the greatest evil in the modern world, but that that doesn't necessarily mean that they're always to be trusted either
  • that porn has its place, but that most of it is singularly unsexy dreck
  • that George W. Bush is not in fact Adolph Hitler, or even very much like him
  • that George W. Bush is not in fact very conservative at all
  • that those who regard Bush=Hitler to be a quite astute, witty, and penetrating statement of obvious political fact are wilfully engaging in a particularly noxious form of overstatement; do their cause more harm than good (thankfully); and are complete fools to boot
  • that this country very much needs a third political party primarily concerned with somehow engineering a return to limited constitutional government
  • that to make omelets you have to break a few eggs
  • that those who would trade liberty for security will lose both and deserve neither
  • that not all soldiers, firefighters, and cops are heroes, that a handful are in fact outright villains, but that most of them are at least capable on occasion of great heroism
  • that the UN is useful only as a debate club and a point of diplomatic contact between governments, is fatally flawed in a moral sense by the very fact of its blanket inclusiveness, and should never, ever be trusted or assumed capable of anything really important
  • that I don't buy that horoscope shit, but that the astrological personality profile for my sign (Aquarius) is so dead-on it could have been written specifically about me, which I find kind of disturbing in a small way
  • that he who seeks for the love of his life in a topless bar is usually going to get a lot more than he bargained for, and is probably not going to like it very much either
  • that Israel is engaged in an ongoing struggle for its very survival; that this fact is made clear by the plainly expressed wish of its adversaries that it be destroyed, which wish has been continually reiterated from 1948 up to the present; and that it has every right and even duty to be much more harsh and aggressive in its own defense than it has been to date
  • that the Palestinians, by virtue of their society's complete dysfunctionality, their continued terrorist attacks, and their unrelenting desire to kill Israelis and destroy Israel, long ago forfeited any right to or expectation of land, sovereignty, or sympathy
  • that the principle defining characteristic of the Muslim world has been its abject failure by the measure of almost every meaningful yardstick, and that acknowledgment of the reality of said failure is neither racist nor genocidal, but is instead the first step toward improving the lives of ordinary Muslims
  • that 9/11 was neither our fault nor in any way deserved
  • that affirmative action probably served a useful function years ago, athough it was always ethically and philosophically questionable, but that it is now merely anachronistic, destructive, and self-defeating
  • that the so-called War on Drugs has no place in a free society; that whatever substance an individual wants to use to alter his or her own consciousness is his or her own business and not the business of any government, just so long as said use doesn't impinge unreasonably on the rights of others; and that harboring this view in no way contradicts or undermines a decent respect for law and civil order
  • that both women and men looked way better in the 40s and 50s, both in terms of their dress and their median physiques
  • that most of what passes for "fashion" these days is impractical, laughable, and damn butt-ugly
  • that the same goes for automotive and motorcycle design too; they may be fast, but they sure ain't pretty
  • that I need to read more Shakespeare
  • that Larry Brown wouldn't know how to write a bad or uninteresting line if he worked at it 24/7
  • that Charles Bukowski is my personal Poet Laureate
  • that witty, independent, self-confident women with small big (!) tits, broad hips, long legs and hair, and glasses RULE; that these same women have been the source of more delight and misery in my own life than I ever could have imagined possible
  • that I could not possibly care less what any two people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, unless they send me pictures and video
  • that early-term abortion is none of my business either, and is more appropriately a matter between a woman and her doctor, and is far too complex, personal, and weighty an issue to be interfered with by government
  • that I am, however, willing to concede that late-term abortion could well be another matter entirely
  • that smoking ought to be a matter of personal choice as well - personally, my choice is Parodi Kings
  • that almost all statistics and opinion polls are easily-manipulated bunk, although they can be somewhat useful in certain situations as long as they're taken with a healthy dose of skepticism
  • that if you really want a good, well-rounded education, a state university or school is probably the last place you'd want to go to get one
  • that if you don't like the weather, move
  • that you're standing in my light, dammit
  • that she's looking through you to get to me
  • that this time things really will be different
  • that no matter how bad it is, it could always get worse - and just might
  • that there really is such a thing as dumb luck
  • that talent is no substitute for raw ambition
  • that of course I'd like another cocktail, thanks

Vital stats for Joe Lemyre:

Update pending

Vital stats for John "Akatsukame Braue:

I was born in 1955, in Glen Ridge, NJ. I made the mistake of surviving my childhood diseases, and still exhibit that same error. In 1966, I moved to Glastonbury, CT (well, my family moved here, and I perforce went with them), where, after a 12 ? year stint on the other side of the Connecticut River (evidence of my gypsy blood) I returned and lived until May 2004, when I moved yet again…this time to Bloomington, IL.  My wife (whom I refer to as wagimoko, Japanese for “my wife”, in my writings, as she doesn’t want her name spread all over the Internet) chose not to come along, so I’m now going slowly crazy trying to maintain two households.

I’ve been an IT consultant since 1977. In 1995 I showed the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis. In April 2002, it was decided by my managers and I that I was too badly handicapped to carry on (I have a paralyzed arm, a bad limp, and a speech impediment, all attributable to my MS; those are the things relevant to my job). I was on disability pay from April to October of that year, and was on unpaid disability for almost exactly one year.  In October 2003 I resigned my (by them purely nominal) job, but was re-hired in May 2004 (yes, in Bloomington…don’t ask).

The nickname "Akatsukami" comes from a couple of incidents at a client back in the early '90s. If you really want to read the story, I relate it here.

Oh, yes, did I mention that I'm a paranoid depressive, largely (although not entirely) due to the meds that I need to control my MS? No? Well, you've probably figured that out already.

Vital stats for Al Maviva:

Update pending

Vital stats for Christiana:

Age: Aging rapidly... ok, ok, born in '74. Taurus, Year of the Tiger, Month of the Horse. Gemini rising, Scorpio opposite. Anyone pitying Mike yet?

Height: 5'11 1/2" to be specific. Was 6' until that one riding accident in Vermont. Don't ever get run over by a horse. The horses are trying to kill me.

Weight: Who knows? We don't own a scale. See above.

Hair: Beaten into submission and weeping. Fake red and constantly changed. It was the perfect color for a month in 2004; I'm trying to get back to that.

Marital Status: Very happily married, thank you.

Kids: Of the four-legged variety only as of right now. Two horses, Cat and Chyna. Two dogs, Bert and Cookie. Two cats, Mr Kitty and Miss Butt. It's like an ark over here.

Cars: 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan, 2001 Explorer, 2004 Mustang. All Fords, all the time.

Occupation: Professional horseback rider, trainer, instructor. The horses are trying to kill me.

Origin: Escaped New Yorker. Not a moment too soon. Lord, I love our house. Rooms everywhere! And a two car garage. Heaven!

Interests: CARS. Old cars (1948 - 1958). I vastly prefer Fords. One of my big dreams is to tear down and rebuild (restore -- whatever) a '49 or '50 Ford right here in our own garage. Really, though, I'm an old car person. I love to see any old car out on the road. I have total respect for anyone who keeps any classic car running and rolling down the road, regardless of make or model. A '53 Chevy will get an adoring look from me. A mid- 50s Buick in all it's chromed spledor will also make me look. On the much older side, I also have a thing for Cords and Deusenbergs. I'd love a '53 - '55 Caddy some day. A 1960 Ford Fairlane Starliner will get under my year restrictions. If it's new, though, it has to be a Ford. Am currently suffering from a lust for a new F250 with a crew cab and an 8' bed. Have to pull those killer horses around with something... I will also admit to a sneaky love for a good Jaguar. Just for the record, motorcycles scare me. I'm trying to come around, and even willing to try and learn to ride one. But still, uh...they're scary. Mike and Joe -- both of you -- stop looking at me like that.

Interests aside from cars: 1940s and 1950s clothing and decor. I realize it's 2005, I'm not living in a dream world (no, Jen, I'm not rock-a-bully haa haa). However, I look much better in clothes from the 40s and 50s. I also love the look of the whole era. Have a late 40s formica table that I think just makes our kitchen / dining area. Mike isn't nearly as into it as I am, but he puts up with it nicely. Just as long as I don't make the house a museum, which I wouldn't. I'm too messy for that. Lucite purses, bakelite jewelry, 50s glassware and housewares. Music, obviously. Rockabilly, glam punk, punk, Doo Wop, old country, on and on. Needlepoint, I used to have a design house, but now I do it for fun. Horse shows, horsey stuff... I can't wait to start horse showing again. Hopefully, Chyna will play along next year and not be her usual overly opinionated self. The horses are trying to kill me.