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That denunciation enough for ya?

For those still whining about the Rev Hagee’s endorsement of McCain, and desperately trying to conflate that with Black Racist Jesus’s 20-year embrace of his mentor and spiritual guide the Right Odious Rev Wright and the Messiah’s flat but guileful refusal to categorically denounce same:

“It’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense. I don’t have anything additional to say. It’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, I don’t have anything more to say….it’s nonsense. I reject that categorically.”

It sure is — in every imaginable way. Goalposts will be moved in 5…4…3…2…1…

But before we all get too gushy over Juanny Mav, let’s not break our arms patting him on the back:

April 24 (Bloomberg) — John McCain toured a New Orleans neighborhood still reeling from Hurricane Katrina and issued a new and scathing critique of the “terrible and disgraceful” failure of the Bush administration’s response to the disaster.

McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said that had he been president he would have immediately visited the area after the storm hit in August 2005. While he’s been critical of the administration’s Katrina response before, the Arizona senator’s remarks today were some of the sharpest he’s used.

“Never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in this terrible and disgraceful manner,” McCain said after a walking tour of the Lower Ninth Ward, a predominantly black neighborhood that was devastated by Katrina. “History will judge this president,” he said. “This was an unacceptable scenario.”

And so the liberal meme of “disgraceful and incompetent” to describe the largest and fastest mobilization of federal disaster relief resources in history is further embedded in the consciousness of the ill-informed and/or dishonest — by a guy who misrepresents himself as “conservative.” Thanks a pantload, John.

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4 thoughts on “That denunciation enough for ya?

  1. It almost makes me wonder if this was the first time Johnboy actually visited New Orleans.  I know he has been to the devastation in Mississippi, but people in Mississippi love GWB. He wasn’t critical then. Hypocrite that he is.

  2. And also there NEW ORLEANS idiot mayor RAY NAGIN who ordered the city evacuated so the looters had free run unlike in florida after HURRICANE ANDREW they were posting signs reading YOU LOOT I SHOOT

  3. One of the things that pisses me off the most in the last few years, even over and above the dreadfull coverage of the GWOT, is the absolutely pathetic coverage of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.

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