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John Hawkins lets fly:

I used to like and respect David Frum. Then, I guess he decided being a small fish in a big conservative pond wasn’t good enough for him. That’s when it appears to me that he made a business decision to trash conservatives for the amusement of the Left. Whatever his motives may be, that’s his decision.

But, if that’s what he wants to be known for, I’m certainly not going to do anything to help him stick a shiv deeper in the back of people who believe the things that I do. Maybe some people are willing to turn a blind eye because they know and like David personally, but I’m not his friend, I genuinely don’t consider him to be a conservative or even someone who’s friendly to the conservative movement, and I’m not willing to give him a pass for the way he behaves.

So, if you or David think it’s a “fascinating news story in its own right,” knock yourself out. Maybe David can write about it the next time he sneers at conservatives for Newsweek.

To hell with Weigel (he comes into it earlier in the post), and to hell with Frum. If they, along with Brooks and several others, want to go obsequiously crawling around the edges of the Leftymedia circle-jerk to vie for the pivot-man position, let them. John dishes out precisely the amount of respect and forbearance they merit: none whatsoever. He asks some pretty damned good questions towards the end, too.

Update! Weigel self-justifies:

I was talking, largely, to liberals who didn’t really know conservatives. So I assumed they thought Hugh Hewitt was “buffoonish.” I said Gingrich had a “screwed-up tenture” because Republicans I admired, like Sen. Tom Coburn (R, Ok.) and Dick Armey, had serious problems with how Gingrich ran the House.

But I was cocky, and I got worse. I treated the list like a dive bar, swaggering in and popping off about what was “really” happening out there, and snarking at conservatives. Why did I want these people to like me so much? Why did I assume that I needed to crack wise and rant about people who, usually for no more than five minutes were getting on my nerves? Because I was stupid and arrogant, and needlessly mean. Yes, I’d trash-talk liberals to Republicans sometimes. And I’d tell them which liberals “mattered,” who was a hack, who was coming after them. Did I suggest which strategies might and might not work for liberals, Democrats, and the president? Yes, although I do the same to conservatives — in February, for example, I told many of them that Scott Brown’s election hadn’t killed health care reform, and they needed to avoid dancing in the endzone, because I was aware of what liberals were saying about how to come back.

Still, this was hubris.

Well, maybe. Sounds more to me like sycophancy, weakness, and cowardice, saying whatever you think will ingratiate you to your audience at the time, pretending to hold conflicting beliefs for the purpose of career-advancement and general suck-uppery.

Earlier on, he mentions “reading conservatives out of the movement,” a popular meme among Frumians — and Weigelians. But they’re the ones who are constantly doing that; all the rest of us are doing is pointing out that “conservatives” like Frum and Weigel aren’t really conservatives at all.

With “friends” like them, who needs enemies? We already have those, in plenty. Like I said before, to hell with them. And if being “civil” or “nice” requires refusing to recognize who is and is not really conservative (or libertarian, whatever) and groveling to people who only respond with sneers, smears, and viciousness, well, to hell with civility, too.




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