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The Florida Line: Progressives vs. Progress and the First President to Moon America


President Space Ghost is heading for the Space Coast. Quick–hide your jobs!

But first, as we noted in January,

Obama then:

“Obama commits to moon mission” By Robert Block, Orlando Sentinel, August, 16 2008

Obama now:

“Obama aims to ax moon mission” By Robert Block, Orlando Sentinel, January 27, 2010

If, for whatever bizarre and inexplicable reason, you’ve decided to subject yourself to the SOTU speech tonight, think of these…and remember:

It’s Only Words.


CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — Near the launch pads where U.S. space voyages begin, President Barack Obama will try to reassure workers that America’s space adventures sail on despite the coming end of space shuttle flights.

And Obama on Thursday will also try to explain why he aborted his predecessor’s return-to-the moon plan in favor of a complicated system of public-and-private flights that would go elsewhere in space, with details still to be worked out.

It’s a tough sell.

Solution: A Canaveral Kickback! “Deem and Dream!”

Earlier this week, the administration said it would rescue a small part of the moon program: its Orion crew capsule. But instead of taking four astronauts to the moon, the not-yet-built Orion will be slimmed down and used as an emergency escape pod on the space station.

What a perfect metaphor for Obama’s vision of the country: from “To Boldly Go…!” to “Keep your head down, crawl into the escape pod and nobody will get hurt.”

“America–We Lead the World in Escape Pod Technology!”

Obama becomes the first sitting president in 12 years to visit Kennedy Space Center, but he won’t stay long. After a couple hours he’ll jet to Miami and spend more time in South Florida at two Democratic National Committee fundraisers.

First things first!

He’s heading to South Florida? Probably just wants be closer to Castro.

If that’s possible.

UPDATE: Allahpundit says we can’t afford a space program–but the first principle of security is to take the high ground. We can’t afford not to have a space program.


2 thoughts on “The Florida Line: Progressives vs. Progress and the First President to Moon America

  1. I don’t mind the government reducing their support of NASA, as long as they also get out of the way of the private sector space efforts.

  2. Cosmonaut Obama doesn’t know an asteroid from his hemorrhoids.

    I’m all for privatizing a lot of the program, but there are national security aspects that shouldn’t be allowed to rust away. There are Chinese generals who love Obama for abandoning the lunar high ground.

    He says we’ve already been to the moon; well, we’ve already been to Delaware, too, but we keep going back. And funding Joe Biden’s Personal Amtrak to the tune of zillions of dollars. Which reminds me…

    For Your Eyes Only: The Spy Who Revised and Extended Me

    “His Middle Name is “Danger”–and his Boss’s Middle Name is–well, We’re Not Allowed to Talk About That!”

    Here’s an excerpt from the newest book in the “Senators At War: The Delaware Destroyer” series, written by Lt. Sgt. Joe “Chesty Hairplug” Biden, Vector Victor Victoria, 101st Platoon Balloon Brigade. It’s entitled “The Hunt for Reds in Dover: Black Hair Down”:

    With my cocked .45 in one hand and my loaded New York Times in the other, I made my way to the cockpit. I knocked on the door. Nothing. So I kicked it open. Judging from the gash on his forehead, the pilot was unconscious from where the door had hit him. Poor bastard. How was I supposed to know he was coming to open the door?

    Settling into his seat, I pulled the stick back hard, hoping to gain some altitude. No such luck. Visibility was slipping away now, and the night was almost as thick an IRS addendum on the depreciation allowance tables for solar and renewable energy credits.

    I wondered if she would be waiting for me when this mission was over. I wondered if I should turn on the little “No Smoking” signs. I wondered ‘Ya know, why do we even have those signs–smoking has been like totally banned for 20 years?”–and then I realized “Hey-I don’t have to decide–that’s above my pay grade!”

    With darkness closing in on me like Bill Clinton’s Arkansas state troopers around a frightened cocktail waitress, I jerked the stick to starboard in a desperate attempt to get the craft to respond. Nothing. I jerked the stick back to port; still nothing. And then it hit me; “Hey–I don’t even know the difference between starboard and port!”

    Suddenly, I sensed danger. It was the same feeling I served in ‘Nam–okay, okay–when I was served in a Vietnamese restaurant. But still. The tingle of danger reminded me of the hot, burning truth: “Hey–I’m missing “Hardball”!”

    That’s when I heard the footsteps. I checked my .45. It was still cold, so I finished drinking it. The enemy was nearly here. I grabbed my parachute as the voices got closer…

    “Amtrak security, Senator–what are you doing in engineer’s cab, sir?”

    Starboard’s the one on the left, right?

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