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America’s last stand

I know this guy is being funny and all, but I swear, if they do it, I’ll move there like a shot. And for what it’s worth, I’ll be more than happy to do my part by walking a post on whatever barricade they’ll end up having to put up to keep out starving Blue Staters when their failed nation collapses under the weight of its own folly:

Dear Texas, despite all of your shortcomings, I am here to inform you:

You are the last best hope of mankind.

The collectivists now have the votes in the Senate to pass the Health Care Enslavement Act. Everything else is procedure. Therefore I must recognize that now, to my utter horror…

I no longer live in a free country.

I will be forced by the power of the State to pay for a stranger’s MRI. I will be forced to beg the government for permission to get a heart transplant.

I am a slave. The government now has complete power over everything that constitutes my humanity, for if they control my health and body, they control me.

It appears then that, since collectivists now control the United States and wish to enslave me and my family, I must consider other options. Shall I move? To where? Name a country that is not collectivist in one form or another, or under threat of imminent domination. Europe is under the crushing velvet glove of socialism, Russia is a madhouse, all else froth and insanity, corruption and tyranny.

I want my United States, but it is no longer the United States. It is gone and has been since at least the 1950’s, as Rome was no longer Rome after the madness of the twelve Caesars, but still trundled on under momentum and past glories.

…Which brings me to the most important thing I know about Texas.

Dear big beautiful Texas with all your gorgeous pageant women and crappy food: you are the only state that joined our Union with a treaty allowing for legal secession.

Here’s the “long story short,” your favorite phrase, Dear Texas:

You can get out now and no one will stop you.

And they damned well should, while the gettin’s good. Like I said, it’s a funny piece, but as the Democrat Socialist wreckers continue destroying America That Was and get the current liberal-fascist tyranny more irrevocably entrenched, it’s going to start looking one hell of a lot more serious.

Our despotic government is a disgraceful mockery of what the Founders intended. Soon there will be only three options for dealing with it: armed, organized insurrection; quiet subversion and sabotage on an individual level, in every small way that can be conceived of; or dropping off the grid and isolating yourself as much as humanly possible.

Nobody wants to think seriously about this sort of thing, but the liberal-fascists simply will not stop until all freedom-loving people have their backs against the wall. I expect that before long, a peaceful move by Texas to secede will stop being a radical, unthinkable idea, and start looking more and more reasonable with each passing Democrat Socialist depredation.


20 thoughts on “America’s last stand

  1. Dear big beautiful Texas with all your gorgeous pageant women and crappy food: you are the only state that joined our Union with a treaty allowing for legal secession.

    Sorry, Mike, but this is 100% Bullshit (propagated most frequently by ignorant Texans who also assert other nonsense about the Lone Star State.)

    Texas does have a provision to allow it to be divided into as many as 5 states but there is no provision for legal secession and there never has been.

    For that matter, Texas already tried to secede from the Union in the civil war and that didn’t work out too well for them.

  2. Dang it, Martin, there you go, spoling my fun again.
    Leave a comment

    Spoiling other people’s fun is my #1 hobby! 😛

  3. Q: Doesn’t the Texas Constitution reserve the right of Texas to secede?

    A: This heavily popularized bit of Texas folklore finds no corroboration where it counts: No such provision is found in the current Texas Constitution[1] (adopted in 1876) or the terms of annexation.[2] However, it does state (in Article 1, Section 1) that “Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States…” (note that it does not state “…subject to the President of the United States…” or “…subject to the Congress of the United States…” or “…subject to the collective will of one or more of the other States…”)

    Neither the Texas Constitution, nor the Constitution of the united States, explicitly or implicitly disallows the secession of Texas (or any other “free and independent State”) from the United States. Joining the “Union” was ever and always voluntary, rendering voluntary withdrawal an equally lawful and viable option (regardless of what any self-appointed academic, media, or government “experts”—including Abraham Lincoln himself—may have ever said).

    Both the original (1836) and the current (1876) Texas Constitutions also state that “All political power is inherent in the people … they have at all times the inalienable right to alter their government in such manner as they might think proper.”

    Likewise, each of the united States is “united” with the others explicitly on the principle that “governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed” and “whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [i.e., protecting life, liberty, and property], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government” and “when a long train of abuses and usurpations…evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” [3]

    It’s inherent in the US Constitution!. What the hell is DC going to do if we secede…bonb Austin?

  4. Why would you need the “Right” to secede?

    Just do it. Everyone else will have to decide if they’re willing to fight you for it.

    To put it another way, even if it was written out in the Texas Constitution that they had the right to secede, the Federal government could simply decide that Texas didn’t, and send in troops.

    Sometimes, it’s just words written on a piece of paper.

  5. Wasn’t this whole secession business was settled around 1865 or so?

    Like it or not, we’re all in this together now.

  6. “Sometimes, it’s just words written on a piece of paper.”

    And that right there is the whoooole problem, I think, nicely nutshelled.

  7. Hmmm. Diid the Magna Carta give 13 colonies the “right” to secede from the British Empire in the late 1700’s?. Yo pienso que no as Hugo would tell you.

  8. It is time to fight back – an armed march on Washington & physically remove the commies from our government. Like our forefathers, it must be done & we can & will do it. They are a bunch of hyprocrits that can’t stand on their own. Now is the time to take our coutry back!!!!!!!!! Make them afraid of us – the way it should be. Government by the people, for the people. All patriots come forward & do your duty!

  9. “Wasn’t this whole secession business was settled around 1865 or so?”

    So what you’re saying is that might makes right? That’s absurd. Ask George Washington or Thomas Jefferson what they thought about the right to secede. A free people have a right to separate.

    Basically Martin your opinion is that if an abusive husband has beaten his wife in the past for trying to leave, she should stay with him and not seek a divorce for fear of another beating. This is flawed logic. The same flawed logic used by those who praise Lincoln for “saving the union.” If I put a gun in my wife’s mouth and threaten to kill her if she leaves me, would you praise me for saving the marriage? Our union, like a marriage, is supposed to be a compact between equal parties. Apparently you think differently

    Besides, how many states would have joined the union had they known ahead of time that that their people would be bombed and killed if they ever tried to leave?

    Had the crown succeeded in subjugating the colonies, you would be one of the guys saying, “wasn’t that whole independence business settled around 1776 or so?”

    I don’t understand people like you Martin. People who would rather live under tyranny than ever consider fighting for freedom because you’re scared. People who hide behind witty sayings like, “wasn’t that settled around 1865 or so?” People who say, “forget what the Declaration and 10th amendment says! Forget Jefferson and Washington! Lincoln murdered 300,000 people which obviously proves that self determination and true freedom are effectively dead.”

    Well, I have news for you Martin. The human soul years to be free, and thankfully, most people aren’t like you. There will always be a group of people like the Founding Fathers who will stand up and say to tyranny that enough is enough!

    Is Texas secession likely to happen anytime soon? No. But I wish it would. It’s something to think about.

  10. Texas does have a provision to allow it to be divided into as many as 5 states but there is no provision for legal secession and there never has been.

    But the provision does not specify that all five states have to agree to annexation. Split off up to four states that refuse annexation and leave the liberal districts of Austin as the remaining part of Texas that does not secede.

  11. And I do believe that, should 30 States decide on a Constitutional Convention, this current federal government could be legally removed. And it’s beginning to look pretty good for many of that number to exist with all the violations of that pesky 10th Amendment and all.

    Now, realizing that the bulk of the type of people reading blogs such as this (sans trolls such as Martin) are the sort that find this decision appealing, and looking at the firearms sales since the D takeover first of the Congress and then of the Whitehouse, DC should really have been being very afraid for several years now. Unless, of course, they are simply too blinded in their corruption to see just how fed up “the peasants” are getting.

  12. My last political comments before Xmas

    “you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” Col. David Crockett, 1835

    “Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” Col. David Crockett, 1833

    Col. David Crockett died at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas on March 6th, 1836; a true libertarian.

    Merry Xmas from Central Texas.


  13. Successful succession would depend upon two things: military power, including air and nuclear forces, and an unhesitating willingness to use it. I don’t see a state whose people would unite behind such a policy.

  14. Brett said:

    “Successful succession would depend upon two things: military power, including air and nuclear forces, and an unhesitating willingness to use it. I don’t see a state whose people would unite behind such a policy.”

    I disagree. Countless states all over the world have peacefully seceded from their parent states since the dawn of the nuclear age, and have never had to nuke anybody. Most never even having to protect themselves from invasion.

    Texas already spends more on protection and has a larger armed forces than many old and respected first world nations. Look at the statistics. Texas beats out many well established nations in almost every category, including natural resources. Such as Australia for instance. No one would suggest that Australia, Spain, or Portugal couldn’t make it as independent nations.

    I think Texas would/will do just fine.

  15. The question is more of a political question. Does the current Texas state government have enough backing to attempt this? If they could get other southern and mid-western states to join them, would Washington pay attention?

    Brett’s comment about willingness to use power cuts both ways. Would NY, MA, NJ and CA be willing to send soldiers to subdue Texas? I find that highly unlikely.

    After the last election, Gov. Perry mentioned this. I thought at the time that this was the only development that could ever get me to move back to Texas. the current leadership in Texas would need to make a very compelling case for such an action. More likely is that Perry is positioning himself for a run at the White House.

    That’s my two cents..

  16. My point remains. The last time any states seceded, the Federal government invaded and conquered them. Perhaps contemporary politicians and voters would be too timid to follow that precedent under threat of bloody retaliation, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Secession cannot be made to stick without the threat and means of force. Even then, the smaller entity is unlikely to win. As for the citizens of the other states, there were plenty of copperheads in the north during the rebellion who were willing to let the seceding states go in the interests of peace and constitutional restraint. The Federal government ignored them, too.

    I’m as much on the side of individual liberty and anyone advocating secession. I simply want to point out that it is a very serious proposition, entertaining serious consequences that must not be lightly dismissed.

  17. Brett,

    Fair enough and well put. I would just add that threat of federal retaliation is no reason not to stand up for one’s rights. There are some things too important not to try and fight for. Win or lose, at least you try. I’ve always felt it better to try and lose than never to try at all.

  18. America isnt over yet especialy with the growing tea party movment thats happening

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